Versus Characters? Which one's to buy?

  1. Which characters are worth buying? All it says is: versus character A, versus character B... You don't know who you are getting until you purchase them? Some are 7,000 exchange points, and go up to 50,000. I just don't want to spend 50,000 points on a character that has poor pre-selected weapons. Anyone have any advice? Which ones are worth buying? All I know is I went online with Sheva and Chris and got rocked by EVERYONE because all I played against was Wesker.

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    r6ruffrider - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Here you go, I made a list of each character and their inventory/weapons. Their inventories vary from Slayers to Survivors. I don't know what "letter" character they are, but you'll be able to tell by how many points they're worth (which I listed):

    Jill (BSAA) [5,000 points]
    Slayers-Px4 handgun, box of 50 handgun bullets, H&K MP5 MachineGun, Box of 150 MG ammo, 1 first aid spray
    Survivors- Px4, HG ammo, Flash Grenades, First Aid spray

    Sheva (Clubbin') [6,000 points]
    Slayers- AK-74 assault rifle, 100 MG ammo, JailBreaker shotgun, 20 Shotgun Ammo, S75 rifle
    Survivors- AK-74, MG Ammo, Hand Grenades, First Aid spray

    Jill (Battle Suit) [7,000 points]
    Slayers- VZ61 SubMachinegun, 150 MG ammo, H&K PSG1 Rifle, 30 Rifle Ammo, 3 Hand Grenades, 1 Herb (G+G)
    Survivors- VZ61 MG, MG Ammo, Hand Grenades, First Aid Spray

    Chris (Safari) [8,000 points]
    Slayers- SIG P226 Handgun, 30 HG Ammo, Rocket Launcher (x2), M3 Shotgun, 10 Shotgun Ammo
    Survivors- SIG P226 Handgun, Handgun Ammo, Flash Grenades, First Aid Spray

    Chris (STARS) [13,000 points]
    Slayers- SIG 556 Assault Rifle, 150 Machinegun Ammo, Smith&Wesson M29 Magnum, 6 Magnum Ammo, Grenade Launcher (with Electric Rounds)
    Survivors- SIG 556, MG ammo, Incendiary Grenades, First Aid Spray

    Sheva (Tribal) [15,000 points]
    Slayers- Longbow (unlimited arrows), Grenade Launcher (with Nitrogen Rounds), 3 Flash Grenades, 3 Incendiary Grenades, First Aid Spray
    Survivors- H&K MP5, MG ammo, Flash Grenades, First Aid Spray

    Wesker (Midnight) [30,000 points]
    Slayers- H&K P8 Handgun, 50 Handgun Ammo, Smith&Wesson M500 magnum, 6 Magnum ammo, 5 hand grenades, 5 Proximity Mines
    Survivors- H&K P8 Handgun, HG Ammo, Hand Grenades, Proximity Mines
    [Wesker can also dash/teleport like he does when you fight him in story mode but it drains his health. Press the right analog stick to perform the dash.]

    Wesker (STARS) [50,000 points]
    Slayers- Samurai Edge Handgun, 30 HG ammo, Lightning Hawk magnum, Hydra shotgun, 10 shotgun ammo
    Survivors- Samurai Edge, HG ammo, Hand Grenades, First Aid Spray
    [Wesker can also dash/teleport like he does when you fight him in story mode but it drains his health. Press the right analog stick to perform the dash.]


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Other Answers

  1. This may sound kinda stupid but exchanging 50,000 pts to get Wesker S.TA.R.S costume is the best to buy & Verus Character B is Safari Chris, he has 2 rpg's & Sheva's 3rd costume is her Tribal costume that has her longbow & Nitrogen Rounds in her Grenade Launcher & that's my opinion but some people says exchanging 50,000 pts is worth it & yes it is worth it.

    User Info: blackheart6270

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  2. Ah this is a good question. Wesker stars comes equipped with some amazing firepower including the samurai edge with a 400 fire power rating, the L hawk with 2,300 firepower and the best of he three: the hydra which can drop most bosses in 2 shots at close range! However, the 50,000 price tag is way out of reach for most players. While wesker stars has amazing weapons and super speed as well as the strongest melee attacks, it isn't like the other players suck. Even the base players Chris and Sheva have efficient weapons for the job. Chris's basic shotgun can put a character in full health in the dying state in only 2 shots at close range. Sheva's boss killer is the dragnov rifle that seems overpowered for it's class. Essentially, every character has a unique and efficient set of weapons for the job, but the most efficient characters are the ones with shotguns namely wesker. So bottom line, is he worth it? Yes, yes he is, however don't overlook the other characters. Every player has a character that is just for them and i can tell you that some of the top players use people like Jill, so experiment and find the one that is just right for you.

    User Info: slapper1

    slapper1 - 8 years ago 1 1
  3. I prefer Jill BSAA for surivors and Wesker S.T.A.R.S. or Tribal Sheva for slayers.

    User Info: beCool483

    beCool483 - 8 years ago 1 0
  4. I think your best bet would be to play mercs and unlock the characters if you haven't yet and get a feel for them and see which one's you like and which weapon sets you prefer. Then spend the exchange points on that character(I'm assuming they have the same equipment set up as on mercs)

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  5. Tribal Sheva without a doubt! I love her speed as well as the bow....unlimited and powerful!

    User Info: Cakesguy

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  6. Yea play merc mode that way u will get a feel for the charcters and which one right for u i already got 50.000 exchange points but in under 1 hour i may tell everyone on the board but then there will be weskers everywhere like one wasnt enough

    User Info: Sammy196

    Sammy196 - 8 years ago 1 0
  7. I say all of them depending on who you are going against. Wesker S.T.A.R.S ,maybe good but he can be beaten by chris safari. Chris S.T.A.R.S can beat sheva tribal. Answer nto your question all of them plus its a trophy

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  8. to get the exchange points quickly just farm mission 6-2 with an unlimited ammo rocket launcher on vet or prof. You can rip through it in about 3min and depending on the difficulty for the S ranking you can get 2000 or 2500 exchange points. Say you do it 15 times in an hour which is a fair estimate then yeah you got your 50000 points fairly quickly

    User Info: XavierKnight4d

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  9. If you are talking slayers, then yes, use wesker. Unfortunately, he seems to be so overpowered that anyone using him has an unfair advantage right off the bat. I believe his 2 costumes are priced 50,000 and 30,000 points. If you are talking survivors, wesker can still hold his own; however if you get into a gun fight and he is using his samurai edge, it is possible to beat him with a machine gun to the head. This means using clubbin' sheva, (character D) Tribal Sheva, Battlesuit Jill, Safari Chris etc.

    User Info: LuvBatenKaitos

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  10. well,put the pro's and contra's of each character against each other.
    as an example:
    pro's:good melee;good weapons;dashing ability
    contra's:takes some time to fully master;dashing takes health

    if you ask me,wesker is a great character.
    but that's just me

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  11. Buy the secong last one which is wesker stars. I think he is about 50, 000 points to get him.

    User Info: da_BOMB_1

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