The works (trophy)?

  1. How do u do the combos for this trophy?

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    oscar_m - 8 years ago

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  1. Originally posted by ResidentGear31:

    I have found a tremendously easy way to get one of the hardest trophies in the game, the max combo trophy. Here's what you need and how to do it:

    1. To start, you need a few Flash grenades, I took 5 in case, and a second controller. Thats it!

    2. Start a game on chapter 2-1 on Amateur. Press start on the second controller.

    3. Go outside the starting room and clear the area with Chris until you get to the part where you have to drop down off a container into the large area with a few dogs and the fat man majini. Stop with Chris and don't drop off the ledge yet.

    4. Pick up the second controller and run Sheva to where Chris is standing on the container. Make Sheva drop off the ledge and then back her into the corner right behind you and have her face towards the opening. Place the controller right near you within reach.

    5. Pick up the first controller and have Chris enter the area and start killing the dogs and everything else EXCEPT the fat man majini.

    6. When the fatman is alone lure him into the narrow alley where Sheva is standing while backing Chris near Sheva.

    7. As the fat man nears Chris and attempts an attack, run behind him and throw a flash grenade. Feel free to throw other flash grenades, too, to set yourself up properly. You want to get it where the fat man is between Chris and Sheva with them both facing him.

    8. As the fat man is stunned from the flash run up to him with Chris and press square to start the combo. Quickly pick up, or leave it on the couch next to you, the second controller for Sheva and press square for the second hit. Then press square on the first controller with Chris to finish the combo and get your trophy!

    - If you screwed up or messed up somehow just pause and restart. The check point is right before you drop down off the container so its very fast to reload and try again. You can do this on any difficulty but Amateur is obviously the easiest.

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  1. Heres an easier way.... add me. my psn is my username & u'll get that trophy in no time ...

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