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"Resident Evil 5, intense game of Cheers, or boring game of jeers?"

Welcome to the review of Resident Evil 5, before I get started, I would like to take the time to recap on the series to bring us up to speed on Capcom's success in what is said to be the greatest horror series ever created, which I strongly agree.

When the first Resident Evil came out in America along with its new genre, "Survival Horror", the game was an instant classic, even if the intro was B-Movie bad quality and the voice acting was hilariously atrocious. The cult phenomenon later released Resident Evil 2 and later,
Resident Evil 3 Nemesis, this trilogy, combined together, created an engrossing, intriguing and otherwise extremely entertaining storyline that made you feel like you were these characters trying to survive Umbrella's Horrible outbreak in Raccoon City. It was only a matter of time before they released another Resident Evil game for the Dreamcast, subtitled: Code Veronica, which was also a classic hit. Not only was the return of Claire Redfield from Resident Evil 2 extremely satisfying, but the introduction of the new characters, such as Steve Burnside, along with an adventure that would pave the way for further spectacular releases, made this game a worthy addition to the Resident Evil series. However, Sega's Dreamcast eventually died down and Code Veronica was only available for that system for a time, however, shortly after the time the Gamecube was released, Capcom decided it was time to return to their roots. Along with releasing their old Resident Evil games on the Gamecube and re-releasing Code Veronica onto the PS2, re-subtitling it, Code Veronica X, Capcom also created a SPECTACULAR remake of the original Resident Evil. Replacing the B-Movie Live Action intro with a more cinematic 3D version, along with updated graphics and highly superior voice-acting, gave this version a much darker, eerie and otherwise, uneasy vibe throughout the game, turning this game into a frightfest funhouse.

It was only slightly later that Capcom soon released Resident Evil 0, a prequel to the original Resident Evil, which explained how the Tyrant-Virus (T-Virus for short)came to be what soon became the Raccoon City outbreak, along with information about a new virus named "Progenitor", little was known about Progenitor at the time, only the fact that it was the foundation for the T-Virus, in which case, if used in further research, could result in catastrophic breakthroughs.

Very little explained what the virus was after that, even the later released Resident Evil 4, said to be the best in the series, didn't explain it much, passed the point that it was used as a basis for the ancient parasites, known as Las Plagas, in order for Asmund Saddler to be able to control them and the hosts they leech off of.

Finally, after a long wait of 3 years, we finally see the release of the highly anticipated
Resident Evil 5, and oh what a thrill it brings with it. Not only will the confusion about Progenitor be finally put at ease, but the storyline is also significantly improved since Resident Evil 4, which is saying a lot considering RE4 also had a superb storyline.

As long as I mentioned the story, why don't we start with that for the review? Chris Redfield, one of the most well known characters in the entire series, since he was one of the playable characters in the original RE, is now a member the Bio-Terrorism Security Assessment Agency, A.K.A. the B.S.A.A.. Taking place 4 years after Resident Evil 4, making a total of 10 years since Raccoon City, Umbrella's Biological weapons have fallen into the hands of terrorists all around the world, creating an era of biological warfare, and an age of terror. receiving reports that bio-terrorism was detected in the county of Kijuju, located in Southern Africa, the B.S.A.A. send over several squads of soldiers to assess and contain the situation, hanging around for the ride is none other than Chris himself, immediately greeted by a beautiful woman named Sheva Alomar, the two of them stick with each throughout the game like bread and butter. After realizing that the locals have become super zombies, they are forced to fight off an entire village in order to just survive, from there on, the entire story goes off into typical but awesome Resident Evil fashion and, the rest is history, as I will NOT spoil the storyline.

Okay, next up is the very reason why we play some games and some games we don't play, Gameplay is largely the same from Resident Evil 4 and if you're like my sister, this is an instant turn off. But for others, it's still a welcome feature than anyone can easily love if they gave it a chance. The person you play as, whether it be Chris or Sheva, all have something that every other character from the previous don't, the ability to go sideways, as long as you're walking and not running, you're no longer a tank, making movement more natural to go through, however, the old RE4 style is also there if you liked the old style and wish a bit of more challenge. The biggest draw this time around is that this time around, you are always accompanied by your partner, unlike in RE4, where your "partner" would occasionally get abducted and then later rescued. Resident Evil 0 did a partner system as well, however, the system this time around is a lot better this time around, considering there's no weaknesses between the two in which case Chris would overshadow Sheva in terms of strength and Chris would be slower than Sheva, they are both completely capable equally, which is a good thing, since the fact that not only are they always watching out for each other throughout the game, but a 2nd player can actually take control of Sheva! That's right, I am not kidding on this one, Resident Evil 5 has 2-player co-op, not just split-screen either, this is not a gimmick, Capcom made sure that this multiplayer was not "just there", there WILL be times when you hope somebody will walk into the room just so that you can shove a controller in his/her hand so that you know that there's a real person protecting you and not a computer. I'm not saying that Sheva has bad A.I. when nobody is pulling her strings, it's just that it just feels right to be playing with a real person, this game is like Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles or Legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventures, you can play it alone, but it's a LOT more fun to play with another person.

Ok, I've said enough plenty about gameplay and quite frankly, I need to move on, up next is Sound and Graphics. Resident Evil 5 is the most beautiful game I have ever seen on a Next-Gen Console, and I saw Metal Gear Solid 4. The game looks spectacular! Capcom made sure that every little detail, down to the smallest little splinters on wood was perfected to created a world so real, you could swear you're taking a virtual tour of a real place in Africa. The characters are equally just as awesome, they have great hair/facial hair if they have any, nobody looks the same, not even the zombies! Everyone has a different set of clothing on as well, be it a different color, a different shirt, a different style or a different outfit altogether. There is always something different to look at with the characters and I am extremely impressed. The cutscenes also look fantastic, in order to make these scenes as realistic as possible, they even did motion capture for fight scenes, making the fights look realistic, without breaking the fiction of it all, making the cutscenes truly a sight to behold. Sound is equally fabulous, be it ambiance in the background while navigating a narrow cave or the sound of the crows in the town as you pass through rotting corpses with flies swarming around them, making a buzzing noise. Guns sound like each gun should sound like, voice acting is top notch, in fact, it safe to say that it is the best voice-acting in the entire series. Also, hearing the head of a Zombie explode, later seeing it fall to the ground, is soooo satisfying. Bosses and enemies sound equally terrifying, even if the bosses are much bigger most of the time, sometimes, you'd rather be fighting some of the bosses than most of the common enemies in the game, one that comes to mind would be a dog turned completely B.O.W. , creating a heinous yet, awesome new take on the classic "Licker" monsters.

Replayability, let's face it, no matter how fun a game is, if you've got no reason to come back to it, you're rarely going to put that game in to the disk port anytime soon. Maybe you will after 2 years for the sake of nostalgia, but otherwise, you need replayability to keep the longevity going, thankfully, just like RE4, RE5 has plenty to do once you finish the main storyline and start doing another playthrough! Not only is the "Mercenaries" mode back with full co-op support, but there's also trophies you can purchase with points that you earn after every chapter. There's also a special "Infinite Ammo" mode for guns that you've completely upgraded after you've completed the game, making every gun into a possible Infinite Launcher/Chicago Typewriter/Handcannon.

Bottom Line, if you don't like horror games, well structured storylines, lovable and memorable characters, awesome and epic fight scenes, kick butt graphics and sound, entertainingly nerve wracking gameplay, basically if you don't like having a good time, then stay away from this game, because otherwise, you WILL have fun, and if that's not your style (Yes I'm talking to YOU Ebeneser Scrooge), stay away from this game, thank you and good night.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/17/09

Game Release: Resident Evil 5 (US, 03/13/09)

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