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"Action Shooter with a hint of Survival Horror"

Fans of the old Resident Evil series may be disappointed being that RE has always placed the Survival Horror elements above anything else. However, this took a sharp turn in RE4, where shooting mechanics were more heavily emphasized than anything else. Resident Evil 5 takes this action emphasis even further, basically overshadowing the Survival Horror elements with more emphasis on different types of guns and action moves. Don't fret fans, because Resident Evil 5 is really good. Even if you're disappointed about the lack of "horror," you'll be amazed at everything else.

Gameplay (10/10)

The Gameplay is simply awesome. Fans of action games will love this, although this may be more frustrating than the average shooting game.

Sure, you can't move while you aim , but that's pretty much the only flaw it has. It takes a bit getting used to, but after a few tries, you'll be an expert in no time. This isn't exactly a "shooter" per se, because you have to conserve as much ammo as you can. People used to shooters will probably unload there bullets on every enemy. This isn't the best scenario. What you have to do is stun the enemy by shooting them in the head, leg, or arm, and then run up to them and melee them. In RE4, the best strategy was to shoot them in the face, run up to them and kick, then knife them when they're down. RE5 is the same way, but now you don't have to knife them when they're down, there's now the "stomp" action that allows you to.... well.... stomp them. Pretty much the gameplay feels exactly the same as in RE4, so fans should know what to expect.

The Coop they added is a really nice feature, and I don't think anyone will disagree. HOWEVER, if you're not playing with a buddy, the AI isn't that smart. It's hard for her to combine things, and she'll heal you even if you're not that hurt, thus wasting first aid sprays that could be used at a later time. Often time, she just stands around and doesn't help you shoot anything. Some say that the best technique is for A.I. Sheva is to just give her a sniper rifle (she's really good with the rifle) just bad at everything else. Also don't give her any health items.

I previously complained about less puzzles in RE4, in RE5, there really aren't that many either, maybe even less. There's one level where you have to move light beam blocks around, but pretty much all you have to do is shoot hordes enemies to find keys and flip switches with your partner.

The bosses are still as big and bad as the ones in RE4, but I feel RE5 doesn't have as many memorable ones. Anyone remember the symbiote from Spider-Man? The bosses are pretty much that, to varying sizes. There are some large bugs you have to kill, but that's about it.

More details + comparison to Resident Evil 4:

First off, I just want to say that as great as RE5 is, I feel that Resident Evil 4 is overall the better game. If you haven't played RE4 yet and you love this game, trust me, you'll love RE4. Yes, I gave it a point lower than RE5, but this is because RE5 removed some frustrating elements from RE4 as well as adding a really neat coop mode.

Resident Evil 5 brought some new things to the table, and took out some new things. In RE4, there were suitcases of different sizes that you could purchase to carry all your stuff. This time, there's just a measly preset backpack that can only fit 9 items in 3 x 3 squares during combat. However, one good thing is that shotguns, handguns, rifles, etc. only take up one square this time! Also, what I like about this new system is that you can keep all your stuff that you find in the game, so no more throwing away your health sprays, herbs, and grenades since it somehow holds everything for you in the beginning of the game.

They've added a lot more weapons this time, and added the "critical hit +" under upgrades. Also, there's many different types of ammo you can now buy for your grenade launcher - acid rounds, flash rounds, and flash rounds. It's not a significant improvement like in MGS4 where you get seventy plus weapons, but it's something to be appreciated.

What I like about Resident Evil 5 over Resident Evil 4 is that perfection isn't absolutely necessary. In RE4 where you had to get multiple saves, and if you run out of ammo you pretty much have to start over. In RE5, you can just about revisit about any level and collect ammo as much as necessary, and if you're stuck on something, you can just have a friend jump in with you. Resident Evil fans complained about the option to "restart" the level in RE4; if you're the one that complained about that, you're probably going to be disappointed in this one.

Graphics 10/10:

Yes, the spaces are really cramped like RE4. Yes, there's still not much interactivity. But YES, the graphics look incredible and photorealistic. Everything from the different environments - from the Temples to the slums, you'll be very impressed. Looking at the HUGE bosses is also a huge treat; these bosses are big enough to fill your entire screen.

The character models are very amazing, with the lipsynching being very accurate along with facial animations and movements during cutscenes.

Not the greatest graphics ever on the PS3, but if you're looking to show off something on your new HDTV or just looking for eye candy, look no further, RE5 is probably the best looking multiplatform game out there.

Story 5/10:

Nothing too memorable. They're doing testing in Africa turning them into "zombies" and people of all shapes and colors start to attack you. You later find out that Chris is there to find Jill, who supposedly died after the events of RE3. The story's just there, and it serves its purpose.


If you liked the music in RE4, you'll like this. Remember that melancholy music in RE4 during certain moments? They make a return here. The music during fights is intense, and the sound effects are pretty much recycled from RE4 (explosions, gunshots, etc).

Great gameplay
Coop is awesome
Awesome graphics
Love the melancholy music
More weapons
Less perfection needed
Chris' punch/uppercut is awesome!
Mercenaries mode is addictive!

The really cool Merchant dude from RE4 doesn't return :(
A.I. partner not too smart
Not as long as RE4
Few horror elements if any

Rent or buy?

Buy. This game could probably be beat in a rent, but there's tons of content and replayabilty in coop mode, unlockables, infinity ammo after you beat the game, and mercenaries. Mercenaries to me is really addictive, especially with playing with a partner. The goal is to kill as many enemies as you can in a specific time. Pretty much if you loved the action part in singleplayer, you'll love this.

There's also a versus mode coming up for DLC too, so be sure to take that into account.

This game is fully worth the price. Buy it, you won't regret it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/06/09

Game Release: Resident Evil 5 (US, 03/13/09)

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