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"Resident Evil Evolved"

Resident Evil 5 evolved the idea of Survival Horror, zombies are cool, but they are just too slow, easy targets, RE5 give us the opportunity to fight "real" enemies, fast, strong, and intelligent beings infected with the new virus that first appear in RE4, known as "Las Plagas".

Graphics - 9/10

Graphics in this game are really amazing, the shadows, the clothes, the environment, all details are precise, the skin of the characters, their eyes, all is pretty awesome, the developers should be very proud in the aspect, cause they really evolved since RE4, just some little details they miss for the perfect score.

Gameplay - 8/10

Gameplay is good, but could be better, because there is still one problem every RE fan would liked to be fixed, you can't still move and shoot at the same times. This takes some points of the score of this aspect, if almost the only problem that need to be fixed. Also, you still fell liked if you were caged, the controls doesn't let you have many freedom. Gameplay is the only aspect developers should really care more about, and make it better; gameplay is mostly the main part of a game.

Plot - 10/10

Plot could only be define with one word, PERFECT. The plot makes the game, it is really worth playing this game, the plot reveals some secrets about the past, especially the principal antagonist past, the plot change the way people saw RE, zombies are the past, "Plagas" is the present, the "new" virus in this game is the future. You really understand every part of the game, no mysteries, all questions are solve, the development of the history during the game couldn't be better, the story first generates more questions without answers, but as you advanced in the game, the answers began appearing, you start understanding all, at the end of this awesome game, all mysteries and questions are solve, in an interesting way. This makes the game pretty cool for everyone, cause it really traps you, the plot would became one with you, you will not want to leave the game incomplete, the first time you play the game, you will not stop until the end.

Replayability 10/10

Some games are make to play them once, RE5 doesn't. You can play RE5 thousands of times, you will never get bored, you will still have some assignments to complete, like getting all Trophies, discovering all hidden treasures in the game ( this makes almost all replayability, cause they are 50 trophies, some are really hard to find), and you will have to get the BSAA emblems to unlock all.

Maybe you still have one question, should I buy this game?

The answer is YES. This game will get you inside it, you will not stop playing, you will not want to, you will complete it the 100%, this game will control your emotions, especially fear, this game is a must have game for PS3.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/15/09

Game Release: Resident Evil 5 (US, 03/13/09)

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