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"Does Resident Evil Still Have It?"

A little over two years ago, I reviewed Resident Evil 4. I gave it a 9/10, with the only real weak points being the ridiculous plot and the pointless villains Capcom made up. Well, after the four year wait, Resident Evil 5 is here. Every day seemed like an eternity as I waited for this game to come out. I'm a huge fan of the series, and this game was extremely hard to review, mainly because 4 and 5 are so much alike, yet different from 0-3.

Graphics - 10/10

I absolutely love the graphics in this game. I was surprised that they were able to pull off some of the boss fights, especially those in the second half of the game. Resident Evil 4 looked amazing on gamecube, and this game looks amazing on both the 360 and the ps3. I can't think of any reason NOT to give the graphics score a perfect 10. (Note: The explosions and the fire in this game look amazing. You can easily tell that capcom likes em too, cause they're all over the game from start to finish)

Sound - 10/10

The sound is awesome. Some gamers dislike some of the voice actors in this, but I thought they all did a great job. As for the voice of Wesker which seems to be everyone's biggest complaint, I liked it alot. You can't expect him to have the same exact voice as past Wesker voice actors, but he does a great job and fits the character well. The gunshots, explosions, screams, everything sounds amazing. Yeah, great graphics and great sound. But does that make a great game?

Story - 6/10

I didn't think the story was very strong in this game. If you played 4, you'd know that in the ending, Ada gives Wesker a 'fake' las plagas sample, and then the game ends. This isn't even mentioned anywhere in 5. You're playing as Chris, the main protagonist of the series, and you're sent to Africa to investigate some sort of weapons deal with a man named Ricardo Irving. A woman named Sheva Alomar partners up with you to help you out, since tensions are running high in the area, and the locals don't seem to take to kindly to our pal Chris. All hell breaks loose (of course), and the two of you must survive the chaos and help each other out along the way. Capcom did a really bad job by spoiling TOO MUCH of the game in the trailers. Can't do anything about that, though.

Core Gameplay - 8/10

The core gameplay is basically the same as Resident Evil 4. You can buy weapons, upgrade weapons, buy aid sprays, sell jewels and treasures, use melee attacks on staggering enemies, etc. There's no merchant this time around. Instead, you'll have to take care of your business between It's almost sad how similar the core gameplay is to 4. If you played 4, you can pick this game right up. Just use Control Type A, as it was designed to be the same setup as 4. I do have to mention that there are too many animations that are extremely similar to 4, as if the developers were just flat out lazy.

Co-op Gameplay with AI - 7/10

This was pretty tough to score, since the AI is iffy. I was able to beat almost everything in the game on every difficulty with the AI partner. The only problem is that playing on pro, sometimes the AI won't heal you, even if they're standing right next to you doing nothing. It's bad enough that when you're in dying status on pro, you have about 2 seconds to be saved, but to have the AI not even make an attempt is just so frustrating that you NEED to play the game with someone else to get through certain parts on pro.

Co-op Gameplay with a HUMAN! - 9/10

It's great. I was a pretty big fan of the outbreak series because you could go through with up to 3 other people to survive the missions. This is basically the same thing, sharing ammo with each other, coming up with game plans to get through certain parts.. it's an absolute blast to play this online, but try not to get too mad at your friends when they screw up, cause it WILL happen! The game throws alot at you on vet and pro, so expect to lose sometimes.

Mercenaries mode - 9/10

Mercenaries mode in this game rocks. You can play as four different characters. (So far, DLC characters are rumored. lets hope!!!) Chris and Sheva each have 3 costumes (the same 3 that you can unlock for story mode) and the other 2 (no spoilers) characters each have 2. It's kind of like having 10 different characters since each costume comes equipped with a different weapon set. There are 8 stages to play as well, which is twice as many as there were in 4. You can either play this mode ALONE (Yes! No AI partner required!) or with a friend on split screen or online. While mercenaries mode is alot of fun, it can also become frustrating. Most of the boards are multitiered, so sometimes you'll be fighting and all of a sudden a grenade will explode right next to you and you won't even see it coming. Pretty unfair, considering sometimes you're overwhelmed with enemies and the last thing you need is for something to explode next to you out of nowhere and screw you over. Also, be warned that some of the stages have enemies from story mode that have a one hit kill attack, and they'll sometimes come out of nowhere JUST when you think you might get a high score. Yay!

Replayability - 10/10

Once you've completed the game, you'll have plenty more to do. You've got mercs, which can keep you busy for a looooooong time. You can play the game through on 4 difficulties with whoever you want, you can pick what chapter you want to play, you can unlock infinite ammo for whatever weapons you want, there are 4 or 5 unlockable guns you can get, and there are a few unlockable graphic filters. I'm a pretty big fan of the black and white classic horror filter! Capcom is supposed to be putting out some downloadable content as well, with a couple new multiplayer modes to play. Hopefully they'll release a couple more character to play as in mercs too.

Bottom line -

If you're a big fan of the RE series, I'd suggest picking the game up. It's not the greatest game ever, but playing with friends is fun, the graphics and sound are amazing (play with surround sound blasting!), and Wesker's in it! You'll have alot of fun with the game. If you liked 4, there's no reason at all not to pick this one up as well. If you're planning on playing with a friend, I'd suggest playing online. The split screen can be a distraction, since the two screens are on a diagonal, not to mention that the graphics are so good, you'll want your whole screen to yourself.


-Epic Boss Battles
-Fire and Explosions are VERY well done...


-AI is sometimes a mess
-Lack of development with Excella and Irving
-Too many animations similar to those from RE4
-Voice acting is just silly and forced at times.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/17/09

Game Release: Resident Evil 5 (US, 03/13/09)

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