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"A Colossal Lie. Fear You Can't Forget because there isn't any."

Let's just start this out by saying that, NO Resident Evil 4 wasn't my first Resident Evil game. I have played RE, RE2, RE4, and now RE5. Resident Evil 5 is a sham. A complete marketing lie to us all with things such as "Fear you won't forget". The game is nothing more than a 3rd person action game.

While I loved Resident Evil 4, I didn't want to see it basically copied in every way as another installment with minor tweaks to gameplay and a cop out co-op play added in. Resident Evil 5 turned itself into the game that you play with your little brother because you have to share a console with him.

For a MATURE rated game you have to wonder what kind of people of adult age still enjoy playing co-op. I certainly don't know anyone my age that is interested in it. So...why would a MATURE rated game force you to play a game that is supposed to be "survival horror" as a co-op game?

While we all saw significant changes come down in Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5 took it to another level. Not only do you have to suffer with a co-op character that has ZERO background story other than "Has a dark past", you now don't even worry too much about anything. You can play any chapter after you have beaten it over and over again to gain RE money so you can upgrade your weapons by spamming treasures in easy levels.

Most disturbing of all is that you aren't allowed to make your own save slots. are confined to ONE save slot. Gone are the days of playing a couple different playthroughs at once. Gone are the days of being able to easily back up your saves. You break your PS3? Good luck with RE5 saves.

The story is the most ridiculous, and pitiful display in a video game to come out on this generation of consoles. It is an enormous disappointment to say the least. First off we have a new character in Sheva Alomar introduced. She will be your co-op partner that you are forced to work with. Her story is irrelevant. Other than the quip in the manual about her having a "dark past" the game gives little to no exploration of who she is, and her dialog is laughable at best. She is the Penelo of the Resident Evil series. Irrelevant to the story.

Resident Evil 5 is set up to close the stories of a lot of the main characters of the series. As an RE fan this should be something very exciting. It is not. The story is nothing more than another in a long line of pathetic attempts to retell the same story again. Outbreak, Oh noes the disease has changed, oh noes it changes again, oh noes that guy didn't really die, blah blah blah.

Cheesy lines are still there as the running gag, and complete inability of the writers to come up with anything clever of course. They are just worse in this.

Mercs is back, and if you enjoy that it has been improved to some degree. You can also play it online in co-op like you can the story if you choose to do so and are a tweener who can't even buy the game yet.

The DLC for this game is lulzworthy. Another Capcom scam that offers DLC they should just have in the game. Some joke vs. 4 player games, Survivor, etc. It's better than SFIV costumes, but come on Capcom. Make a real effort here. Quit jacking people with your pathetic DLC.

Final Score: 5/10. Mega-disappointment for fans of the series IMO. People who haven't played the series will probably like the game if they are into generic 3rd person shooters. IF you want RE4 with a terrible story, no typewriters, no Separate Ways, and a roided out Chris Redfield this is the game for you.

Buy, or Rent: RENT! I would not recommend this game to any long-time fans other than the fact that you might want to see what happens. What happens is forgettable.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 07/17/09

Game Release: Resident Evil 5 (US, 03/13/09)

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