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"My Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition (Move Edition) Review"

I have played a lot of Resident Evil 5, so much that I have 1000/1000 both the 360 and PC versions, as well as platinum'd the PS3 version. It's safe to say that I'm a Resident Evil 5 expert. I can also say that I am a Resident Evil 4 expert, playing the GameCube, PS2, PC and Wii version.

Now I have moved on to Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition (Move Edition). I picked it up Sunday morning at Best Buy for $30. Not a bad deal, since I never got around to playing the DLC, plus the addition of motion controls. On the surface, the game is the same, same visuals, same menu and item system. One difference, and that's the controls.

Right off the bat, I was wondering where the cursor was when pointing at the screen. RE4 on the wii showed the players cursor on screen, even before readying the aim. That is not here in RE5, and that's a huge drawback, in my opinion. In RE4 on the Wii, it is key to lining up your shot, before looking down the barrel of the gun. In RE5 Move, your aiming reticule only shows up when you ready your weapon. Not the best way of doing this, especially when the wii version already had a great way of handling it. You aim with the trigger and shoot with the Move button.

You can waggle the Move remote to act as a knife, which is nice. Not to mention, aiming + waggle will reload your weapon. The QTE are still there. They'll take some time to learning the button layouts. One thing I have to strongly suggest is changing the controls so that the run button becomes the L1 button. Making it the X button with the move controller is beyond weird. It plays so much smoother with the L1 as the run button. That's about the only change you can make too.

Still a great game to play. I would say $30 is a great price for this game if you never purchased the RE5 to begin with. I only rented the PS3 version and never played the the DLC, so the $30 price tag was just fine for this RE5 fanboy. The only bad thing is that the PS3 version of RE5 is the worst version, with bad AA and has less crisp picture, as if it's resolution isn't as good as the 360 and definitely nowhere near as good as the PC version.

If the game had the aiming cursor on the screen while running around, I would give the game an extra point, but as it is, it's an 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/22/10

Game Release: Resident Evil 5 (US, 03/13/09)

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