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"Don't listen to the haters...coming from a die hard Resident Evil fan"

Ok, first of all, as mentioned in the title, I am a die hard Resident Evil fan. I don't mean the kind of fan who started with Resident Evil 4, I mean the kind that started with Resident Evil 1. That being said, when I heard about how Resident Evil 4 would not include Zombies, would have a different control scheme, and would be pretty much an action game rather than a survival horror game, I was appalled. I stubbornly refused to play it for a very long time...but I eventually caved. And I thought it was great, although it did have some problems. These problems were all fixed in the next installment. Every one of them. Anyway, enough introduction, on to the review.

Graphics: Without a doubt, this game has some of the most realistic graphics I've seen so far. Might not be as pretty as, say, God of War III or something, but it looks REAL. The people look real (well, Chris looks like a real person who has shot up some steroids at least). The environments looks real. A very nice looking game that would be difficult to improve on.

Sound: Well, even though I gave this game a 10, doesn't mean every aspect is far as the voice acting goes, it's pretty terrible all the way around (especially Chris, some of his lines are just painful to listen to)...but it doesn't hurt the game any, because I don't care about the story or the voice acting in a game like this....I care about the

Gameplay: Top notch. 100%. All of you people who are complaining that it's not like Resident Evil but still loved RE4 make no sense, as this is a natural progression from that game. And really, since that game did so incredibly well, the company would have had to be really stupid to not go in this direction. I don't understand how anyone could possibly say RE4 is better than this. For one, RE4 was an action game, yet for some unknown reason they decided to include the limited ammo aspect from past RE games which worked great in those, but not so good in RE4. This problem has been done away with in, there's not so much that you can use nothing but your shotgun to blast through the entire first playthrough or anything, but you aren't going to be hurting. It's just short enough to where it requires you to use different weapons in different situations, which just makes it that much more fun. Which leads to what I thought was the biggest flaw in RE4: The item management. It was absolutely awful having to stop the pace and pause the game every time I wanted to switch weapons or use an item, and this is also completely fixed. Not only can you access your item screen on the fly without pausing the game (and it's a million times easier than RE4's incredibly annoying inventory screen), but you can also assign each of the four directional items to a different weapon or item and switch on the fly. After using this feature, I just can't imagine ever wanting to go back to RE4. You only have 9 slots in your inventory (although really you have 18 since your partner also has 9), but you have a stash you can access at the end of the level (or by restarting from any checkpoint). This means that you don't have to choose just one gun of each type to keep, you can keep them all (which is another thing impossible in RE4 in which you could only keep what you carried with you). You can also buy and upgrade weapons at any checkpoint, which adds convenience. A major aspect of this game, which a lot of people worried about was the co-op play (myself included). It ends up not hurting the game at all though, because if you prefer to kill all the bad guys yourself, just don't give your partner any weapons and use her as a walking inventory. But if you want help for whatever reason, feel free to load her up. What is nice about it is that it gives you the option of playing through with a friend, an option that is very scarce these days (either online or split screen). This added multiplayer option definitely adds to the game, which is already excellent. I hate to see all the negative reviews from people who want this game to be something else. I might have wanted that before I played it too, but I didn't let it bias my experience, and I must say this is one of the most fun games I have ever played (and I have played a LOT).

Replayability: Lots. I'm not really proud of it, but I've spent well over 500 hours playing the various modes in this game (yeah, the game keeps track, so this is no exaggeration). Not to mention the countless times I played through Desperate Escape (one of the add-ons) trying to get a higher score on the leaderboards. Speaking of the options, this game has four difficulty modes (and you can carry your weapons over between them), a mercenaries mode, and some extra online modes that come as DLC (unless you have the Gold edition). Other DLC is the aforementioned Desperate Escape and another additional episode which tries to recreate the feel of the old RE games called Lost in Nightmares. Lost in NIghtmares was ok, although I thought if they were really trying to recreate the old feel, they should have included zombies...or at least a few more enemies (there are really very few to be found). It was ok I guess. Desperate Escape on the other hand was great, with hundreds of enemies and a leaderboard based on points which actually tested your skill at the game...rather than how fast you could beat it (like the main games leaderboard). Lots of fun to play for a high score (my highest point was 15 out of over 50,000 on Veteran mode, not that you care, I just wanted to brag for a second). So, yeah, if you enjoy the game, there's plenty to do...

Story: Just including this as an afterthought really...I don't know, some people may care more about this sort of thing than I do, but I could care less in a game like this. It's not an RPG (or MGS), it's an action game, so the story doesn't really matter. I found it pretty lame, but that's not why I play.

Anyway, all of the above being said, this game is absolutely excellent, despite what a lot of haters are saying about it. Don't take their word for it, buy it and decide for yourself.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/24/11

Game Release: Resident Evil 5 (US, 03/13/09)

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