Review by AranBlack

Reviewed: 03/21/11

A good game but in the wrong franchise

Let's face it, if you are a long run fan of Resident Evil Series, you probably like it because of the survival horror atmosphere, so what are you looking for is this when you buy/rent a resident evil game? If you are in this case you will be frustrate.

If you start to play in Resident Evil 4 maybe you don't like the horror factor so much, and so this game will make you remember the first time you play resident evil and maybe this make the game amazing to you or just not as good as its predecessor.

Maybe you are a first person shooter fan, or love games like "Arm of Two", "Gear of War" and desire a game like that, if the game is resident evil or anything else make little difference you just want the gameplay, sorry you will not find it here you will be frustrated with the controllers, thinking why this guy can move and shoot? Why he just doesn’t crouch?

So this game is good? If you forget is a resident evil game and see it like a new game, have someone to play with you, don't be a hardcore of shooting games, yes could be.

It's a nice game to introduce people to shooting games, it’s not so hard, the controls are simples and force you to do what all who not is good in shooting games like to do, keep stand and still when are trying to shoot something, and with a red dot to help you see where you will hit.

If you are a horror survival game fan, you will never be even a little scary, this game is not of terror, horror or even little scary. You are a strong man or really acrobatic woman with lots of ammo and guns fighting a great number of enemies. Don't matter the size, strength or endurance of your enemy you just can kill then all.

This game could be maybe a Rambo game if he has a sidekick or a partner or just a random girl who like to shoot people. You can see as a shooter for dummies and this is something necessary too, after all thanks for that now my wife plays Call of Duty with me and loves.

She learns the really basic with this game, so I don't complaint about it, and we really have fun playing the mercenaries minigame.

My final score is a 6.5/10. I liked the game, but I don't fill it as a Resident Evil game.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Resident Evil 5 (US, 03/13/09)

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