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Reviewed: 09/29/11

So This is The Next Generation of Resident Evil....

Okay, starting off, for those of you that have read my other reviews, you know what kind of games I like. Survival horror. That means Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Clock Tower...okay you get it. When I say survival horror, I mean a game that's SCARY. A game you are trying like hell to survive, while its scaring the crap out of you. But is this game, Resident Evil 5 or Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition (depends on which copy you have) really survival horror? Well, I suppose that is a matter of opinion. Loading up the game, you see Chris "I've had way too much steroids" Redfield and his new partner, Sheva. Instantly, you are wondering who this Sheva character is and where the hell is Jill Valentine or someone you are familar with. Okay, we will let that slide, after all, sometimes new is good and sometimes better. The controls are just like Resident Evil 4, which I hated. I hated Resident Evil 4 for 3 reasons, right off the top of my head. I hate Leon Kennedy. I hate 3rd person over the shoulder view. And I hated the ridiculous enemies. What is Resident Evil famous for? Zombies. There are no zombies in this game. What you fight are mind controlled belligerent fools, speaking gibberish and carrying garden tools to whack you with. Somehow, no matter how hard you try to evade them and run around them, they lock on to you and still manage to whack you with their shovels, rakes or whatever else they are carrying. Lame. What else bothers me? No BOWs. Thats right, no Nemesis, no Tyrant, nothing of the sort. I admit the Oroborus bosses are pretty awesome looking and its challenging and fun to kill them, but this isn't Resident Evil anymore. The developers try their best in this game to glorify their heroes into God-like status and they even try to do so with certain enemies as well. I am not gonna spoil it but Mr. Supreme Badass himself, the main boss, he needs to quit stealing Matrix moves. I swear they repackaged The Matrix and used Neo and Agent Smith's movesets. Utter rip-off, even the way he talks, really slow and boring, using big words, just like Agent Smith.

Now that I got what I don't like about the game and what disappointed me, I will be fair and talk about what was good and what I did enjoy. I first have to note that the graphics are beautiful. They are some of the best graphics I have seen on the PS3. The character design, the levels, everything is beautiful. I have to give the graphics a 10. They are appealing, appropriate and just beautiful. The sounds I have to also say, are wonderful. Everything is just so fitting and perfect, from the voice acting, the sounds of weapons, background sounds, it really sets the mood of the game and draws you in and keeps you there. The challenge is just right. Its not "throw your controller across the room" kind of challenging, yet its not a cake-walk either. I know some people that are true veterans at this game. They can practically beat the game easily and blindfolded. They have 100% completion of the game, gold everything and yet they still play the game regularly. I have serious difficulty beating the Desperate Escape mini game. The controls, apart from the dreaded over the shoulder view, are not really too bad. I prefer Uncharted and Uncharted 2 style controls and gameplay. If the game had this, I would have liked it a whole lot better. But so many people now have grown accustomed to this and its second nature to them. I still don't like it and have a hard time aiming with the damn laser sights. I end up wasting a clip and missing the enemy entirely. Now, is this game fun? Oh yeah. It leaves a lot of replay value and there is so much to do in this game. Apart from regular story mode, which is fun enough on its own, there are mini games and versus modes. The min games are Lost in Nightmares, which is my favorite, where you play as Chris and Jill and you are looking for Spencer in his mansion. Yeah thats right, nostalgia. This is the part of the game I love the most, where you are the Resident Evil originals. I feel this game is the true Resident Evil remake and they should have made Resident Evil 5 just this. Desperate Escape is a bit different. You play as Jill and this guy named Josh who the both of you are trying to, yeah, escape from the majini (thats next gen "zombies") and get out alive and meet up with Chris and Sheva, after Jill is freed from her mind control. Both of these games are included in the Gold Edition and not the regular Resident Evil 5 release. The versus mode is outstanding. You and a friend or you by yourself can play regular Versus, which is you vs 3 other players, fight to the death. Then you can play Team Versus, which is you and your partner versus 2 other players, teamed up. You can kill each other or take out the majini and other enemies. Survivors is basically point based killing human players, whereas Versus, you get points for killing enemies as well. Then there is Team Survivors, you and a friend have to seek out and kill the other team to gain points. Pretty simple concept but its really fun and you can play this for hours, even days without getting bored.

So what really is the final verdict? Is this game worth getting. Of course it is. But if you are looking for a continuation of the original Resident Evil games, from 1-3, you are gonna be disappointed like I was and still am. Its a really good game indeed and worth having in your collection, whether a fan of survival horror or not, or just someone that likes a game with a good story and graphics, or someone that wants a great multiplayer game where you can play co-op missions like Lost in Nightmares or Desperate Escape...or just shoot the heck out of each other in Versus or Survivors. So much to do, so many options and it will give you hours of entertainment. Honestly, its a must-have.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Resident Evil 5 (Collector's Edition) (US, 03/13/09)

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