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"Sonic the Hedgehog: A Painful Rendition"

Well, by looking over the title and the score you can see that I don't think too much of this game. Of course, you'd be right. Still, it's always best to know the 'why' behind the statement.



Yes, you're reading right. This game can be as bad as a one, or a fun as a nine. Unfortunately, it usually falls somewhere in between, and you'll rarely find truly high quality game play. Still, some levels are genuinely designed very cleverly, but unfortunately Sonic himself only experiences ONE such level at most. The other two Characters (Shadow and Silver) are a bit higher quality than the games namesake, but even they grow thin.

This requires its own subset. There is a simple reason why. When you think sonic you think speed right? WRONG! Sonic isn't moving nearly as fast as he used to, and the other characters move even slower. Only in one level in the game have I been able to stay consistently running and still win. Most sonic games allow every level to be a roller coaster ride of speed so long as you're skilled enough. This one is not one of them. Not only is are Sonic & friends slower than ever, the levels are built too poorly to even use what little speed you have most of the time.



Alright, they aren't TOO bad. I actually rate these higher than the 360 version for the sole fact that the PS3 hasn't shown off as much power yet, so by comparison they are a little bit better. The game looks allot like the last generation, but it's clearly not. Unfortunately there are allot of graphical flaws and slow down, but the graphics themselves are OK.


SOUND: 8.0

Alright, I don't like many tracks, but I can value the quality. One thing Sonic Team has done consistently is provide good music, and they don't disappoint here. I personally wish they had some more work done by Crush 40 (just one song!), but that's just my preference. Imp trying to be objective.



Huh? Imp giving a section a ten for this game? AWSOME!! Oh wait its called flaws... Alright. I try to avoid games with many flaws so I probably haven't seen the worst flaws ever, BUT THIS! This takes the cake for me. Never have a Played a game with so many glitches, such bad load times, and such an unrefined feel! You hit a wall you get stuck on it; you CLIMB a wall you get stuck on it, and sometimes... You'll just go THROUGH the wall. Seriously Sega, What were you thinking?



There is an almost sickening amount of trinkets to collect. Hopefully they will do something in this version. They didn't in the 360 game... This would be a ten, but I doubt many people will ever get everything because of the unrefined design...


STORY: 9 (for a sonic game mind you!)

Wonderful. I swear, in some of the really awful parts of the game seeing the story was all they kept me coming back. It's a bit convoluted, but it's told wonderfully and has its fair share of surprises. Unfortunately sonic himself kind of ends up with a cheesy story, but the other two hedgehogs will keep you on the edge of your seat.


PS3 VS 360:

Alright, I have been lucky enough (or unlucky enough...) to play through the entire 360 version, and most of the PS3 version excluding a small portion. This part has been added to inform the readers about the REAL differences. There really are not any! At some times the PS3 version seems to load a BIT faster, but it also seems to have a tad worse quality when it comes to graphics. Yes, I have compared the two games side by side (error, room by room, you want me to move a 20 inch TV just cause?), and they are nearly identical. I suppose Id give the edge to the 360 version, but it's a tiny, tiny difference.


TOTAL: 5 (not an average)

The game has graphics and sound, and even story (which is rare for Sonic), but its hit hard where it counts. The game play, and the over-riding unfinished and glitch design. If you ARE a hug Sonic fan then Id say ad a couple of points to my score, but otherwise rent this, or leave it on the shelves...

Reviewer's Score: 5/10, Originally Posted: 02/07/07

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 02/07/07, Updated 02/21/07

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