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"Sonics best game for PS3 and 360"

Sonic the hedgehog is a new Sonic game for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. In the game you will experience high speed gameplay, brand new levels, and see new characters. It has been a long time eversince it was announced and today this game wasthe best! Here are some aspects you will see and hear in the game!

Story: In the story of the game Sonic will encounter new enemies and new friends. And Sonic will have a romantic relationship with a princess named Elise from the city named Soleanna keeping her out of trouble from Dr.Eggman! A new character will also appear and stop Sonic. And his name is Silver the hedgehog who thinks that Sonic is the iblis trigger. Also there are some returning characters like Shadow, amy, Blaze, tails, knuckles, and omega. And there is also a new enemy named mephiles who kinda looks like shadow. Anyway during the game there will also be epic and emotional cutscenes so I will rate the story a 10/10.

Music: Now get ready for awesome catchy music because in the Sonic series the music was a hit! You will hear music everywhere in this game like stages, cutscenes, and alot of places in the game! So I will rate the music a 10/10!

Gameplay: Now about the gameplay. Different characters will have different gameplay so I'll talk about the 3 hedgehogs Sonic silver and shadow. First of all the famouse Sonic the hedgehog has his original high speed gameplay and in most of his stages you will start running at super speed all the way to the finish. He also has his homing attack and instead of always attacking downwards he can also attack upwards! Like if there is an enemy that is to high for you to attack do a homing attack and he will boost upwards and destroy the enemy. And when you destroy something the pieces just don't fall through the ground but they start falling realisticaly and you can interact with them! And if you remember Sonic adventure for the SEGA Dreamcast the adventure fields return and they are more bigger and more freedom! But in Sonic the hedgehog they are called town stages! there is a castle town, forest, and a city! ANd in each Town stage you can buy these upgrades for SOnic like a super boost, slow down time, and other cool things! And luckily you can use those upgrades for as long as you like because they don't run out of power. Now for Shadow. Shadow is not really that fast but he is a little fast but his powers are very great! One is the chaos spear which is one of his special attacks! And the chaos blast which was first used in Shadow the hedgehog for Gamecube, Xbox, and Playstation 2 is another one of his special attacks also but doesn't have a longer range. Apparently you have to make the action gauge fill up to use chaos blast but chaos spear is unlimited like Sonics upgrades! And after you do a homing attack with shadow you can do super kicks on a strong enemy! And shadows homing attack has a longer range than Sonic. Now about Silver he has a new type of Sonic gameplay. Even though he runs slow than SOnic and Shadow he is powerful with his telekinesis powers. He can throw enemies if they are in his way, float above large gaps, and can interact with other objects to throw at different foes! Plus during most of the stages you will have to automatically switch to different characters because the other characters will help Sonic, Silver, or Shadow to get through stages! Which is okay! So I will rate the gameplay 10/10!

Overall: With great graphics, awesome story, super gameplay, and amazing music I rate this game 10/10!!!!! Thank you SEGA for a great SOnic game!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/15/07

Game Release: Sonic the Hedgehog (US, 01/30/07)

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