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"The game isn't as bad as everyone thinks, you just gotta give it a chance."

Sonic The Hedgehog, Next-Gen. The game could have been much better if it weren't for the fact that it was released before it was even finished. I "heard" that Sega had to release it due to very high demand. So I'm sure they didn't want to release it the way it was. And everyone bashes the game, even though the game isn't as bad even if it wasn't finished.

The game isn't nearly as fun as Sonic Adventure Battle 2, but its still fun. The gameplay is a bit slower than past Sonic games, but its still good. The 3 main playable characters are Sonic, Shadow, and Silver. Silver is the newest characters in the series, and I won't spoil anything about him. Sonics style of play is the same as its always been in past games, though a little slower and he has some new moves as well as old ones. (Bounce Bracelet, Light Shoes". Shadow has a similar style as Sonic, but has a whole new set of moves. He now has attacks like Chaos Spear, and some actual Combat moves, he also has vehicles to ride in most of his levels. they range from Motorcycle to Airship. Silver has Mind Powers, also known as Telekinesis (Spelling?), he can make items float in mid-air and shoot them at enemies. He also has the power to Fly, and other moves. The only thing most people can't stand about Silver, is that he's half as fast as Sonic and Shadow. Their are also a bunch of other minor characters to play as, but they aren't as good as the main three characters.

The story line of the game is pretty decent, though its nothing special, its way better than the story line of past games like Sonic Heroes. I actually pay attention to the story line this time around. Though I won't be spoiling anything.

Music is one of the greater things in Sonic Next-Gen. The music in this game is very good, especially the character themes. I have to say that you won't be dissapointed with the themes but some of the levels in the game don't have much good music.

Glitches are one of the problems of the game, well at least for most people. I find the glitches rather humerous. Since theirs so many of them. Though they can be humerous, they can also be very irritating, as in one level I was having a real hard time with, I got to the super speed part of the level, and I ran through all the walls without being hurt, and it was very odd, but right when I saw the checkpoint, I was gonna try to get it, but I somehow end up going through an invisible force field and die. (~_~) But if your like me, and you like to find funny, cool glitches, then these will only be a minor nuisance at most.

Loading Screens (Ugh) are probably my biggest problem with the game, they appear so often and last a long time. If the loading screen wasn't so much of a nuisance, I would have given this game a higher score than I did. These aren't much a problem through the story line, its the side missions that drive me nuts! Especially oif your trying to S rank all of them, you have to go 2 loading screens before the mission even starts, one before you get details about the mission, and one before the mission starts. And if you fail the mission, you have to go through 4 loading screens to start again.

This game could have been better if Sega didn't have to release it, but its not as bad as everyone thinks, just give it a chance

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/15/08

Game Release: Sonic the Hedgehog (US, 01/30/07)

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