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"My least favorite Sonic game"

November 14th, 2006, was the worst day in Sonic's history. As I said when I reviewed Sonic Genesis, that game was the first reason. This game is the second reason. It is an absolute mess of a game that should never have been released. This review will tell you why this is.

With a new age of video game consoles on the way, this game was going to bring Sonic into the next generation. It was meant to be a big, awesome game, but failed miserably after release. One noticeable flaw is the graphics, which look okay, but the humans have terrible models, not looking perfected. The animal characters look decent, but, they never show any emotion of expressions on their faces. The graphics are also meant give the feeling that Sonic is in the real world. They do the job, but that is not a good job to do, because Sonic is not supposed to be in the real world. He is meant to be in a wacky, cartoon-like world, not the world we live in. It is simply too realistic for a Sonic game.

This game has many playable characters, but Sonic, Shadow, and a new character, Silver the Hedgehog, are the main trio. Sonic's levels are faster, being the speed-themed levels of the game. In these levels, Sonic does not move fast enough, he can't jump into enemies, his homing attack often fails to hit the right target, and he continuously falls over after hitting walls. So many glitches can be found in these levels, which practically make it unplayable. There are many other methods of gameplay for Sonic, like carrying princess Elise of mach speed sections. These both have their problems that will frustrate you, but the worst mode of gameplay is the snowboard. That is just plain terrible, as the controls do not work for it, and you will often find yourself not moving in the direction you want to go in.

Shadow is another playable character. While his levels are more playable than Sonic's, they are more boring and I don't enjoy playing through them. The reason they are boring is because you don't move that fast, and you must often stop to kill waves of enemies, which is boring as you are usually just tapping one button to deplete their health bars. Silver's gameplay is even more boring, as he moves the slowest of all, and you must use psychic powers to kill enemies. This means having to take time to stun enemies and then throwing them, or throwing objects lying around at them, which is not fun to keep having to do. Also, you will again have to fight waves of enemies to get through areas, which I don't find fun. There are other characters to play as, called Amigos characters, but they are also badly programmed. Most of them move too slow, have ways of attacking that makes you miss the opponent, and should not have been in this game. Other things that should not have been in this game include side missions, where you do stupid things like solving math problems and finding people, and a multiplayer, where you can either race or team up with an opponent to beat a level. The multiplayer is not fun, and the other player can easily cheat if they know how the character works.

The storyline is another terrible aspect of this game, and it is possibly the worst story of any Sonic game ever. Dr. Eggman has kidnapped a princess named Elise and now Sonic is out to save her. Eggman wishes to use her to revive an ancient god to conquer the world, ruling over time. All you do in most of Sonic's story is rescue the princess over and over, which is just repetitive, giving very little backstory. The backstory is given mostly in Shadow and Silver's story, where Shadow must figure out who his new opponent, Mephiles the Dark is, and Silver must destroy Iblis, the fire god who rules his future, by seeking the knowledge of how he was released. The storyline is full of plot holes and thing that make no sense at all. It involves a romance between Sonic and Elise which is painful to watch. While story is not the most important aspect about a game, this one is simply unacceptable and needed more work, like everything else about this game.

The soundtrack in this game is one thing that I will say did not turn out that bad. I enjoyed most of the songs in this game, as they were well performed, and I find myself enjoying the soundtrack as I play through the game. The music does not make up for all of the other problems with this game, though. This game is absolutely terrible, and I think it is overall the worst game in the Sonic series. I rate it a 1/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 06/26/13

Game Release: Sonic the Hedgehog (US, 01/30/07)

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