Where can I find Golden Eggs?

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  1. Like the answer before this said, you can buy Golden Eggs from the Takatane Village shop for 6000 yen each on every day that is a multiple of 5 (i.e. day 5, day 10, day 15, and so on). You get two from reuniting the two Dojimas (one from each of them).

    You can also get one from knocking out the Sensei in the Dojo at the Guard Gate, although this appears to be a one time thing.

    I've also found a few killing random villagers. The best way to do that is to get the "Kill 100 people" job from Omiki town. That way you can kill 100 villagers without getting villain points.

    Another way is to get the mission where you have to fight a job broker. To get the mission, first you have to do jobs for them to the point where you start getting 600 yen per completion. Then, after Nobunaga invades, sleep for a day, then find whichever broker you've been doing jobs for, and they'll give you a job to meet them at night. Meet them at night, kill them, and they drop a golden egg (with their unique swords).

    I've heard that if you knock out the Samurai Hunter and then find him the next night, he'll give you a golden egg, however I've never managed to find him the next night. I usually just kill him, since there are easier ways of getting the eggs.

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  1. I saw them for sell at the store in Takatane Village. They were 6000 yon and I was in day 5 so they are available at least then.

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  2. Golden eggs can be found in a variety of ways. The Takatane Village shop is, unless the legendary trader carries it on certain days and I am not aware of it, the only place you can buy them at 6000 a piece on days that are multiples of 5. I haven't double-checked to see if this is on days 5 to 9 as well like some mulitple of five items are.

    Additionally you can receive one as a reward for reuniting the blacksmith brothers. Essentially you need to show concern without being tough (just go make amends) or a jerk (screw him!) until you deliver some letters and they thank you. Finally killing certain characters, namely important ones and the Takatane shop keeper, can yield an egg as well on the occasion, especially if its an unscheduled fight (IE not part of the storyline, more of a random act of murder).

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  3. i think the best way is get 43.000 yens, have yuzu mother for get discount on takatane shop, for money the fastest way is kill genjuro, be the boss and ask money from Joji u can get 1k per day but u need select the option "im joking" and at second try u select "just dish out". After u bought the golden eggs kill the merchant take your money back.

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  4. Best way to get the eggs (when u got $$) is play on instant kill difficulties and proceed back to home immediately after the game starts, rest till day 10, shop at the Takatane village shop. The old man would be selling GOlden Eggs at $6K each, buy as many as your resource allows and then kill the guy and his bouncer to get your funds back. : ) I recommend you go to the Board for more info. : )

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