Can you play as a girl?

  1. Or are the main characters playable only male? (if no do they refer to the character as a male like the 2nd way of the samurai game?)

    User Info: Shii7

    Shii7 - 8 years ago

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  1. You CAN play as a girl, but it's not so easy. Basically you have to unlock the "Play as an NPC" option in the character creation section and use any of the NPCs you've stunned instead of killed. I have about 12 female characters now, but playing as them has their disadvantages, they are on average much slower (with a few exceptions) unless you have your weapon out and everybody still refers to you as male.
    Also when playaing as one of the main NPC girls such as Osei or Otsue you both have the same body and face which can get really confusing during cutscenes (although it IS hilarious :-D)

    User Info: Haruno_hyuuga

    Haruno_hyuuga - 8 years ago 3 1

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