Review by xcaliz0rz

Reviewed: 11/20/07

There's room for improvement, but its still a solid game.

You take the role of Altair, a top ranked master assassin in the brotherhood. After the opening scenes, Altair is stripped of his rank and is almost killed for disgracing the Assassin's Creed and bringing harm to his fellow brothers, but he is given another chance by his master. Now, he must redeem himself and earn his honor back as an assassin.

Overall, its a fun game to play, but it will get repetitive. You are assigned a target to assassinate in a city, where you must first gather information by means of pickpocketing, eavesdropping, interrogation, or doing errands or assassinations for informer assassins. After gathering the amount of needed information, the location of the target is revealed where you do away with him, and after the deed is done you make your grand escape and return to your master for a few answers and words of wisdom, gain a rank, ability, and piece of equipment back. Then you repeat the process till you beat the game.

You'd think playing as an assassin that you would need to employ subtlety and stealth in order to progress through the game, but that isn't the case with this game. You can Rambo your way through most of the game, and the only time when you need to exert any type of caution is when doing assassinations for informer assassins. Taking on 10 to 20 guards isn't a problem once you learn how combat works, and when you need to escape the guards simply can't keep up.

Combat at first may seem hard, but its very easy to pick up. If you expect to be able to hack and slash your way through, expect to eat pavement. A lot. Combat in this game is slowpaced. You let your enemies come at you and then counter or dodge accordingly. When you thin their numbers, then you can hack and shove your way through.

Getting away from pursuers can be an important part of the game if direct combat isn't your style. This can be done by first breaking the line of sight between you and your pursuers where you can then hide in a haystack, a roof garden, or by blending in with scholars, and even by simply sitting on a bench.

The citizens also play an important part in the game. Everything you do reflects upon how they see you. Murdering guards in high-profile will cause the citizens to call for more guards, which will get you outnumbered very quickly. Climbing walls , bumping and knocking people over, and running will cause suspicion and increases the chance of guards discovering you. There are also citizens in distress that you can save from soldiers, which in turn will get you aid from vigilantes and scholars.

It has room for improvement, but it gets the job done. Climbing buildings, for the most part, is as easy as moving regularly through the city, though when you need to jump from one ledge to another or from pole to pole it can get frustrating if your aim is slightly off, which will lead to falling off the building and even death.

Combat control definitely needs improvement. Switching to and getting out of the combat stance can be annoying when you want to run away or stand and defend yourself. When facing 3 to 4 guards it really isn't an issue, but as you progress through the game you start to take on more and more.The lock-on system automatically switches targets when you knock someone down, even if they aren't dead. You can go in for the kill when severely outnumbered, but it will leave you vulnerable to attack.

The worst part of the game. While the cities and environment are beautifully done, the effects are terrible. The blood effects are laughable at best, smoke and dust are pathetic, the shadows are polygonal, and the people are average at best. These are things I'd expect on last-gen systems, not a next-gen system.

Can't really complain about this area. The metal sling when assassinating people never gets old, the music when being chased is very fitting, but the one thing that needs improvement is the lines of the citizens. It needs more variety. They cycle through the same 3 or 4 lines throughout the WHOLE game, and it will get old quick.

This game presents a good story. At first it may seem just a simple 'kill the bad guys and we'll get peace', but it evolves in to something much more. As with what you would expect of assassins, there is manipulation and deceit at every corner.

It has the bang for your buck. It'll give you 10 to 15 hours of playtime but it doesn't have much replay value. If stealth and subtlety is your thing, definitely pick up this game. If patience isn't one of your virtues, then steer clear of this game.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Assassin's Creed (US, 11/13/07)

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