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"Brilliant And Original But Let Down By Repetition, Ultimately Feeling Rushed At Times"

Assassins Creed was one of the most hyped early PS3 titles, and with the publisher keeping their cards close to their chest in the run up to release, the anticipation and hype grew to an enormous level. In reality, the game has many floors which sadly drag down what could have been an amazing and genre defining experience.

Firstly, the game has many positive points, none more so than the impressive game engine which owes thanks to the heightened capabilities of the next generation hardware. Being able to climb practically every building within the huge, sprawling cities creates a real sense of scale and masculinity, especially when taking a leap of faith from a tower hundreds of feet in the air.

The combat, although limited in terms of weaponry (an area I'm sure will be addressed in future releases), is both engaging and enjoyable in the most part, in terms of assassination kills using a hidden blade and in terms of the general day to day sword fighting.

Not bringing or attracting unwanted attention from guards is an integral part of the game, and this can be done through subtlety, as well as blending in with the crowd. Wherewith, lays a slight loophole you're to ignore (I guess?). Whilst blending Altier walks very slowly with his hands raised in prayer, imitating preachers who are also cloaked in white. Only difference is that Altier has a sword and numerous throwing knives hanging from his person… hardly subtle.

As for the negative… the mission structure is far, far too repetitive (and surly the guys who made the game realised this too and thus the lack of information before the games release?). Basically there is one scenario which is recycled nine times over, with the only difference being the final assassination. Each of the nine missions involves visiting town, finding view points, and then interrogations, pick pocketing, eavesdropping, the saving of villagers… and the final assassination.

This repetition, as well as a confusing and at times, basic and predictable storyline really rip out the heart of the game and in doing so, leave a whole which cannot be filled. There are several other similar annoyances, such as very limited villager dialogue which gets repeated over and over… hardly next generation. Also, each of the thugs and many of the annoying madmen, pot carries and crate carriers are all the same character models which is again unforgivable. This is a great shame when considering the impressive character models and voice acting of the main characters.

The end result is a game which sets the foundation for a fantastic sequel but as for itself, a game which is very over hyped by people who no doubt have only scratched the surface in terms of game play. The game feels rushed in many ways, a prime example being flag collection side quests which are a complete waste of time bearing in mind the player gets no reward what so ever. All of this, summed up with a very disappointing and unsatisfying ending will no doubt leave hardened gamers wanting.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/06/08

Game Release: Assassin's Creed (EU, 11/16/07)

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