Review by VirusPunk24

Reviewed: 03/27/08

Not worth it

Story - 3/10
The story in this game is terrible. As soon as the game starts you have no idea what is even going on. Scientists are basically trying to gather information from your brain to gain knowledge about your ancient ancestors, you are placed inside of a machine and begin the game in a training simulation-type virtual reality zone where you learn the basic control mechanics of the game, after this the story seems to drift away into a cloud of nothingness. The story starts off pretty interesting, but gradually you soon find out that the story starts fading away and you're just left killing off random targets without even knowing the reason behind your actions. Very dull story, pretty predictable plot twists, and just down-right boring.

Game play - 3/10
To put it quite simple, the game play in this game is extremely repetitive and boring. You spend the entire time leaping up onto buildings, and while you're on the ground you must use the walk feature to avoid any suspicion from the guards surrounding the city, which gets really annoying after about 5 minutes. All you basically do in this game is try to sneak around and avoid from looking suspicious from guards, then once you complete missions in a certain city, you must travel by horseback for hours just to reach your destination. After traveling for about 20 minutes, you begin to realize that this game isn't worth your time.

Graphics - 7/10
Watching the opening video will have you possibly stunned at the amazing visuals, but the in-game graphics are far from being great. The graphics in this game are equivalent to a late PS2 game, which is nothing short from being unspectacular. Graphics do not make a game great, but they help bring a better experience to life in your games, but in this case you won't get any new life out of these mediocre graphics.

Overall - 3/10
I gave this game a 3/10, because it is utter crap. This game was a major disappointment, and nothing to be excited about. If you want an assassin game, you're better off picking up The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and joining the Dark Brotherhood Assassin's Guild. Rent or buy? I would say do not do either, you're better off just asking a friend to loan it to you. Other reviewers might say differently, but it all really depends on the player. On a completely other note, this game also causes your PS3 to freeze. Mine froze over 3 times while playing this horrible game, it isn't worth ruining a $600 master-piece for a terrible game. Good luck.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Product Release: Assassin's Creed (US, 11/13/07)

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