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Reviewed: 08/04/08

Assassins Creed- the ultimate marmite game

It took me a long time to figure out how to begin this review. I really didn’t know how to start it which is different to my previous reviews. My other two reviews were games based on franchises which have been around for a while. Assassins Creed is a new game. Nothing came before it but at this point in time it looks to have a few sequels in its belt.

Plot: Desmond is a barkeeper. Well that’s what he says. Really he’s an Assassin. As was his ancestor, Altair. Desmond is kidnapped by a scientist and put into a machine called the Animus. It does something cool with your DNA and can extract memories from your ancestors. Altair was an assassin in the 12th century so they can’t exactly ask what he did. Desmond keeps watching assassinations until he comes across secrets which will change Altair’s life forever…

Gameplay: For the first 2 hours you feel like you’re in the greatest game ever. You’re an assassinator, you kill people for a living with a hidden blade and you can jump from rooftop to rooftop. You can climb buildings like Spider-Man and run away from guards in a hay bail. After 2 hours you think to yourself ‘So is this all I do?’. Answer: Yes. Every time you go to a new district, you climb 9 tall buildings and look around. Then you go to the bureau where you’ll get 6 investigations to go on. They include eavesdropping, pick pocketing, interrogation and doing a certain task for someone who will give you information. Report back to the bureau and then make your way to kill your target. Kill your target then run back to the bureau. Sounds like fun at first but by the time you get to your third assassination, you’ll realise this is all you’ll be doing.

Graphics: The graphics are fantastic. Ubisoft Montreal have made a game which is full of little details. When Altair climbs buildings, there is not one point where you grab onto thin air. Window panes have been made; little stones have been created for guards to chuck at you. Ubisoft did make sure to make this as realistic as possible on the buildings. Also, when you get to a view point (A tall building where you look upon the city), everything is stunning. You can see for miles on end. When you’re on the ground, nearly every single character is different.

Sound: There isn’t really much to say about the sound in the game. There are a lot of conversations between certain characters and their lines seem to be ok, they don’t sound fake or anything like that. There’s the occasional grunt from Altair when he’s hit but sound isn’t really something that’s important in the game. There are a load of odd sounds when you get a flag though. There’s a tinkling sound which doesn’t suit the game but I’ll let that past.

Replayability: Once you’ve finished the main story there is a lot to go back for. There are missions such as to save citizens, get view points and objectives you might of missed during your first play through. The main replayability is collecting flags and killing Templar’s. There are over 300 flags to collect on the way and it will take you a while to get them. Templar’s are guards with just big helmets who are harder to kill then most guards. There are 60 in total but they are spread out all over the game. The main story mission is going to take you a while. 8-16 hours is my guess. If you’re branching out for flags then 20-38 hours is most probably how long you’re going to be on the game for. You can replay all your missions and assassinations you’ve done if you didn’t quite like your first performance. For Xbox 360 gamers, there are quite a few achievements but most of them can be done during gameplay.

Final Words: Assassins Creed is the ultimate marmite game. Some hate it and some love it. I’m on the fence though veering more towards the love side. The flags are really annoying to collect and can be a real pain to get as the cities are huge. The assassinations are fun but missions preceding them are the main downfall of the game. Their repetitiveness and the fact that they can get boring after a while drags the fun down but still, the game is well worth a rent.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Assassin's Creed (EU, 11/16/07)

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