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"Great. If you like doing the same things over and over."

"Great. If you like doing the same things over and over."
Assassin's Creed Review
From JAck!

Plot/Concept: (What the game looked like on paper.) 10/10

Assassin's Creed is a game that sets you back in time via the use of advanced modern technology that allows you to relive "genetic memories" or memories that are only carried in your cells. When you use this technology, the modern character is put into a trance like state and you play as Altair, an assassin for an organization call the "Brotherhood." I personally like the idea, but it was implemented poorly which brings us to...

Game Play (How well the concept is actually implemented in the game.) 5/10

When not playing as you ancestor, the assassin Altair, you're really made to do nothing but get up, talk to two people, go to bed, get up, talk to two people, enter your memories. Once in your memories you will have to "investigate" nine people the brotherhood wants you to kill. This sounds great again, but the investigations are all pretty much the exact same thing. Pick-pocket, Interrogate (Which is nothing more than follow and beat the living day lights out of someone who isn't even armed with a rock.), use an informant, (Which is just collect the flag along a path within a time limit OR assassinate everyone targeted in a time limit.), or eavesdropping, which is pretty self explanatory.

That looks like a lot to keep you busy, but with a minimum of three investigations per target (excluding the first two or three that only need one), that leaves doing this over and over (24 times minimum) while doing other menial tasks, such as saving civilians and scaling towers a real pain in the... Saving civilians will either get friends to block a few guards if you run by while being chased, or unlock a few scholars, who you can hide between. Which brings me to the guards chase and hide system.

Guards... ugh. It's not that they aren't done correctly; it was the utter sensitivity of even walking by them too fast that is so frustrating. You can either run from them, which is hard as they seem just as agile as you, a trained assassin, or kill hoards of them for five minutes until they quit coming, then quickly hide anyways, as more will show, asking what happened. If you choose run, you have to break the line of sight (something done correctly) and then hide in a haystack or with scholars while you cool down. You can do this by running atop the buildings quickly and effectively. Not falling. Falling is bad.

Now for the map tasks. Oh yes, there's more work. In order to see all the civilians that need help, or easily find investigative missions, you must scale towers around the unlocked parts of the city, each city having three parts and quite a few towers. This takes time, and though isn't challenging, per se, it's extremely repetitive, and even the cool “leaps of faith" (where you plummet from your perch, ALWAYS into a haystack) loose their 'wow' effect after the tenth time, which can happen before the first city.

Finally the main assassination target. After you do you investigation, you have to kill someone else. This usually is rather challenging. Sneaking up on them to do a stealth kill (more later) is always hard, some run, and they always alert the entire city of you. However, after all the work, the short words you have with them as they die does not ever make you feel satisfied. In fact after all this, it needs an update to not freeze or come up with a disc error

Combat (I give each genre of game a rating based on its supposed forte) 6/10

This is Assassin's Creed. You are a trained killer. So needless to say, you do this. A lot. Now the difference between assassination and murder is for you to decide, but you do a lot of both actually. When the guards chase you, you pretty much have to go full blown killer and take em out right in the open. However it happens so often it becomes easier to just button mash towards a guard until you land a hit, rather than take time and style, which is really how you should do it, but it really does not matter because chances are you will want to be doing an investigation they have already interrupted.

The weapons you get are nice and each has their own characteristics.

The sword is longer and heavier, making it great for one on one or two matches. You can hold down the sword's button to swing it harder, but it takes time in which you will either be hit, or the guards will stand there and die.

The short blade is for when fifteen guards are standing around you. It is quicker, has little (I did not see any) power attack offered for holding down the button, but is great for countering, which gives instant kills or a knock back. On the same button is throwing knifes. These are my favorite as they have the 'haha' effect when you're behind an archer who never saw it coming. These are limited though, and need stolen from specific town folk.

Fists. They uh... Well curl all your fingers. Now push your hand forward really fast. Yeah. The only thing to say about fist fighting is that it does not attract guards. Standing close to them however, will get you killed.

Finally, the hidden blade, the weapon shown so often in the trailers. When this is selected and you walk behind someone, you do a stealth kill. They drop after a few seconds, giving you time to escape. If you run towards and use it, you will jump on them, leaving them defenseless and dead. Using it in a brawl though, is highly not recommended.

Graphics (Was it pretty?:)) 7/10

The graphics were… good. That's about it. Nothing that pushed my PS3's limits by any means, and I have probably seen better on PS2. However for the scope of the game to have a decent texture and skin tones, shadows, all those bells and whistles, it did nicely, bumping its score slightly. But it was not next gen.

Sound (~tweet tweet~) 7/10

It had sound, and some music, but nothing took my breath away as to how cool it sounded. I don't know whether to give it a 10 for doing everything right, or a 7 for being mediocre. I'll give it a 7. You don't get rewards for doing it right.

I rented it. I took it back a few days early after just being so bored I couldn't force myself to play it when I could even play Galaga and feel like something was done better than this game. (Which I did for an hour, hoping to regain interest.) No I didn't finish the game, just to be clear. If it couldn't sustain my interest to finish it, then I don't think its rating should be based on the ending. I do hope to re rent in a few weeks and see what happens, but really it's not worth buying unless you fall in love with the rental.

Overall Score:

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/18/08

Game Release: Assassin's Creed (US, 11/13/07)

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