Review by SniperBread

Reviewed: 09/12/08

Thought to be successful, but came out a bit worst than many people thought...

How should I say this...Assassin's Creed is one of those games that has a huge HD trailer making everything look so awesome and cool. Once you bought it and played it, it was a bit worst than you imagined. I guess this is what they called "getting people to buy your game".

Story: 9/10
In the time of the crusades, being an assassin of a brotherhood. You, Altair, receives orders to assassinate certain people that were "causing" the next crusade. Later on, Altair starts to question that if he's assassinating the good people or the bad people, and starts to lose loyalty. Aside from that part, the "real" time is in 2012. You're also Desmond Miles, a descendant of Altair, kidnapped and put into the "Animus" to look back into memory of what Altair did that might be able to change the modern way of thinking and life.

So you're basically playing inside a memory. Some people say, "What's the point with the Animus stuff? Without it, the game could be much better and more simple." That may be true. Without the animus, the story won't be as complicated. Although I thought the story was fantastic. Very creative and dramatic like it's own little book or movie.

Graphics: 9/10
One of the best I've seen. Very realistic, everything has it down to the smallest detail. I also like the artwork of Altair. The costume of the character, of the assassin, it just makes everything looks cool. Especially when you go up the viewpoints, the view is all about the graphics. Well done with the graphics.

Gameplay: 8/10
There are bad things about this and good things. The good things makes the game more fun and cool-like but the bad things really drags it down a whole lot.

I like the fact of how you can basically climb on anything. And Altair makes it look really cool and awesome like he's some kind of Superman. It is a bit exaggerated when you think about a guy doing those tricks in real life, BUT that's the cool part about this game. Another cool thing is that, the game is interactive. If you push civilians, they get scared and call the guards. If you do something that's "un-normal", you'll scare the crap out of everyone that sees you doing that and makes the guards think you're an enemy. For example, jumping off buildings, climbing on buildings, dangling from windows, jumping from building to building, pulling out your blade, etc. Although I like scaring the civilians, it's funny. I also like assassinating random civilians in secret with my hidden blade. =)

Some of the goods I mentioned can backfire as bads. The fact that you have to be "normal" around the whole city, you have to blend in with all the rest of the civilians. This slows down the game A LOT. Especially when the icon thing starts flashing, you panic and immediately blend in. My friend is always scared to be caught, so he plays the game slowly which is no fun at all. Otherwise you can do it my way, jumping on buildings killing every guard that suspects you as an enemy. Trust me, you'll get bored after a few assassinations. Then you'll start doing high profile kills, killing every guard that comes at you. And when you die, you get pissed. In fighting mode, if you don't attack your enemies, you'll spend more than half of your time standing around with your blade out in battle position. If you stand around a lot, backup comes. So you're always gonna be out numbered every time you battle. I'd rather run not because I'm scared to die, but I just like climbing on buildings and stuff. =)

Final Words:
I can say this game is "okay". Even though it might not be as good as you imagined it, but it's worth it. After completing it, you'll most likely find yourself abandoning the game. The good thing is, I didn't buy the game, I borrowed it from a friend.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Assassin's Creed (US, 11/13/07)

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