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"This game could be better..."

Hi gamers and thank you for reading my review. I purchased this game almost a year ago and sadly with the huge anticipation over this game, I was left in disappointment. I will review this game based on four categories.

The graphics: 9/10
It looks awesome. I was stunned by the graphics especially the background. Its just plain perfect and mesmerizing. The buildings and the characters looked alive. The developers did a great job by putting everything in detail. This is just right for the next-gen console. Of course we wouldn't want any cheap graphics in our PS3 right?

The AI: 8/10
Artifical Intelligent (AI) is worth mentioning here because in Assasin's Creed you will be amazed with the AI that the game offers. There are many new faces in the crowd and you will never be bored with how the AI will react to Altair's actions throughout the game. You will determine whether the crowd will be your allies or your enemies. Its cool to see them help you to escape from the guards or how they blocked you and led to your arrests. Ubisoft did a great job. Thumbs up!

The sound: 9/10
Wow! I just can't see any flaws in the voice acting. It was done well and so alive. Its hard to find game with good and realistic voice acting as if you are actually inside the game. The rest of the sound effect as well as the music in the game are something to be point out.

The gameplay: 3/10
The story evolves around a character named Altair and you will be stripped from your weapons and status when you commit a huge mistake during the first few minutes of the game. As you progresses throughout the game, there is where it hurts a lot. I have been playing it for the first 4 hours and it was just fine but later on it turned out to be a major disaster for this game. I had high hope before but after playing it for quite sometime, I just eject the disc and place the game on the shelf. From the first day that game was on the shelf I never play it ever again. Why? Because it's just plain boring doing the same thing again and again. I will be honest, along the game you will notice that you are doing the same thing again and again. It doesn't sound bad right. Well, how about completing the missions in repetitive ways. You scout higher grounds to cover more lands, pick pocketing people and eavesdrop to find information almost in every mission. I really love to play as Altair but doing the same thing again and again with the same way again and again is kind of boring. The freedom to complete your mission whenever you want and how you want to do it is classic but eventually you will have to go through the repetitive process again. In the end you will be crying while holding the game asking yourself , 'Why I bought this game in the first place?'

Maybe you were thinking why I gave this game a 6/10 when the major flaw was solely in the gameplay? Every game that is worth to play and have a longer life spam is a game that will not make you feel bored and entertained you in every way it can. Due to the major downfall in its gameplay, I think 6/10 is more than enough. I Hope Ubisoft will make a sequel to this game and a better game for all gamers.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/11/08

Game Release: Assassin's Creed (JP, 01/31/08)

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