Review by redsoxfanx8

Reviewed: 01/25/10

Staring at a wall is more fun than this game.


Assassins Creed looked to be a very promising game. Unfortunately it is very tedious and boring.

Story: 8/10

You are a man that is kidnapped by scientists. These scientists want to find something in this man’s ancestors past. His ancestor's name is Altair. Altair was an assassin. Now the scientists are forcing you to be him in his past. They do this by sending you some DNA time machine memory thing. Altair is an assassin for some clan of assassins. He did something wrong though and the leader of the clan demoted his high status to a nothing. Now Altair is to make his way back up the ranks.

Game play: 4/10

The game play is what is really boring and tedious. You will have to scope out the best way to kill your target before killing him. This usually means doing the same tasks over and over again. I wouldn't mind the tediousness if these tasks were actually fun. Like I said in the title, Staring at a wall is more fun than this game. Then you get to the assassinations. You might be thinking "This sounds like it will be a fun part in this game!” Well trust me, it is not fun. All you do in an assassination is walk up to them and kill them. Once you are about to kill them they might say something to Altair. Unfortunately all the assassinations are like this. When you complete a "new" one you will be thinking "didn't I just do this a few minutes ago?” The "fun" does not stop there! Then you get to climb! Climbing is even more boring than assassinations. The controls are so weird for climbing that I want to chuck my controller at whoever made this game. Also if you are an impatient person you will have fun watching Altair move as fast as a snail. So, if you read this whole section game play you will see it is not that great.

Controls: 5/10

The controls are terrible in this game. Like I said earlier I want to throw the controller at whoever made this game. The controls are so weird only because of the speed that Altair moves. I thought assassins were supposed to be fast. But for some strange reasons Ubisoft thinks the complete opposite. You do have the option to move Altair faster, but as soon as you start running people will scream out "Assassin!” And there is not many times where you are not near any people. The running is not even that much faster than the walking though. The only good thing is that even though Altair moves as fast as a sloth, weapons are still easy to use. Usually if you get in to a fight with some guards you can kill them all easily.

Sounds: 8/10

The sounds are pretty average. Not much to say about the music. The voice acting is not that great.

Graphics: 9/10

The graphics and story are only things that I thought were pretty good in this game. The graphics were good. The environment is great. It seems that you are somewhere in the Middle East. Also the people look like they belong in that setting. Overall the graphics are pretty good.

Pros and Cons

-Story is O.K.
-Altair is a cool character.
-Assassination idea was a pretty good idea.
-Graphics are good.
-You can camouflage Altair in to the environment.
- Environment is good.

-Altair move really slow.
-Tasks are tedious.
-All the assassinations are almost the same.
-Controls are not good.
-Climbing is not fun at all.
-This whole game is just really boring.


This game is not good. I really do not recommend buying it. If you really want to try it then rent it. It also has no replay value at all.



Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Assassin's Creed (US, 11/13/07)

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