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"Nice try for the first game, but not good enough for a revisit"

Before I start this review, I would like to say that I actually played this game long ago when it first came out, but because I recently bought AC4: Black Flag, I thought maybe I'll revisit this game to recall my memories of how this series got started. But sadly, it seems I should have left this game alone, or better yet, sell or just give this to someone else because it is not something that I want in my game library. I'll explain why in my review below:

This game offers good looking graphics, even to this day, however, since the game is about a virtual world, a lot of the things are surrounded by a virtual fog that constantly remind you this it is a virtual world. Not exactly something anyone would want, especially when the buildings and cities are all made to look realistic. There are also times when certain parts of the world are blocked off by a virtual wall, telling you that this part is not yet finished. That said however, it's still nicely done in the graphics department.

The story begins with Altair in the year 1911, who, as the title suggests, is an assassin during that time, and after the opening cinematics, the game lets you walk around as Altair while the world and people around him becomes unstable and glitchy, then it brings you to present day where Desmond Miles, a bartender, has been kidnapped by Abstergo Industries, a company that plans to use Desmond as a test subject in the Animus, the device that uses Desmond's DNA to simulate the virtual world of Altair, Desmond's ancestor.

This is the only saving grace of the story, this entire concept of using Desmond's DNA to go back to Altair's time and re-living Altair's life as an assassin is so new and refreshing that it drew many people in to play just to see how both sides' stories unfold.

Sadly, the story doesn't unfold in this game, and it ends before you know it. I'll talk about it more in the next section: gameplay.

What makes the story short is the gameplay, which can be finished in as short as around 10 hours or so. As if to add insults to injury, there are only 3 types of missions:

1. Listen in to a conversation
2. Pickpocket something from someone
3. Assassinate someone

That's it.

Those hoping for a more variety is at a loss here, as you'll be repeating the same missions over and over, and once you've assassinated all your targets, the game ends.

The fighting system is also nothing special, just one button to attack, added a counter option later on, but even when you counter it only means you'll press one more button. The enemies also don't get much tougher, they just increase more in numbers, so if you time your attacks right, and as you gain more health bars, you'll make quick kills more easily.

As if to add insults to injury, this game was made before the PS3 trophy support, which means you do not get any trophies for playing this game, which does not offer anything for those completionists.

The only collectable in this game is collecting flags.... But because there are no trophy, you'll only complete a DNA memory block in this game, and that does not really motivates anyone to collect them all.

Final verdict: 5/10
Don't let the low score fool you, a 5/10 for gamefaqs means the game is "playable - nothing special about it". So while you'll be drawn in from the beginning of the game, and you'll play 3 different types of missions throughout the game, there's nothing really special that will keep you playing or make you want to finish the game, and the fact that the game is so short just makes it worse.

I loved the series overall, and I really hoped I would have fun revisiting the first game, but with such a short game, and no variety to the missions, I was really disappointed replaying this game. Looking back at this game just make me feel like they planned on making many sequels for this series from the start. But anyway, this game does draw you in from the beginning, too bad the story is over before you know it, and even after finishing the game you'll not get to know much about the characters nor the story.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 02/28/14

Game Release: Assassin's Creed (Greatest Hits) (US, 07/28/08)

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