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    DLC Quest FAQ by FF Obliviator

    Version: 0.71 | Updated: 03/17/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    -------------[Folklore Downloadable Content (DLC)/DLC Quests FAQ]--------------
    -----------------[by Gordon Tan aka. FF_Oblivion/FF Obliviator]----------------
    -----------------------------[PSN ID: Gmanweapon]------------------------------
    --------------------------------[Version 0.71]---------------------------------
    ---------------------------[Playstation 3 Exclusive]---------------------------
    -------------------[Possible Spoilers of Game Features/Plot]-------------------
    -----------------------------[For use on GameFAQs]-----------------------------
    "The portal to the Netherworld lies beyond here. Go, and see for yourself..."
    Copyright Notice
    Copyright (c) 2008 Gordon Tan.
    Any usage of this article in any form is free for personal uses provided it is
    unaltered. No distributions outside of GameFAQs without permission from me, the
    All trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective trademark and
    copyright holders.
    01. Introduction
    02. General Q and A
    03. Download/Installation and Costume change instructions
    04. How to share DLC 
    05. DLC Folk Info
    06. Single free folk downloads
    07. DLC Quest Info and Strategies
    08. Revision History
    09. Credits and Acknowledgements
    01. Introduction
    Hello, Gordon Tan here. This is my first FAQ for the Playstation 3 exclusive 
    Action Adventure game Folklore. This FAQ is intended to clarify the many issues
    involved with the general usage of downloadable content and to give references,
    gameplay advice and strategies for the things included in them. Basically all
    things related to the game in terms of downloaded content will be addressed 
    in this FAQ.
    Folklore is a big game, but these expansions definitely make it even better and
    yeah, there is a lot! The downloaded content is either free or low priced on 
    the PSN store. 
    I had wrote an FAQ on the GameFAQs board to reduce the many questions of 
    players but I have decided to move all the info I have compiled into this one 
    handy dandy guide. This also is a strategy guide for some specific hard and
    tricky quests that the packs offer. I'm active on the Folklore boards to answer
    the many queries that players have. 
    As more DLC is to be added, keep an eye out for more additions. Make use of 
    ctrl+F function to find what you want. Otherwise enjoy!
    02. General Q and A
    There is usually a lot of confusion surrounding how DLC works and how to
    utilise them in both technical and gameplay manners. Here are some commonly
    encountered queries regarding them.
    ~What's DLC?
    DLC just short for downloadable content for Folklore. They add extra quests and 
    costumes and are dowloaded from the PSN stores.
    ~Where can I start these extra quests?
    Talk to the Pub Landlord during the day or Ganconer during the night and select 
    downloaded quests.
    ~Why I can't I start "insert DLC quest here" yet?
    Some quests require that the character you're playing as has reached the right 
    chapter. For example you can't start any Undersea City quests till you have 
    reached a certain point in Chapter 3 or beyond.
    ~What happens if I downloaded a DLC pack with quests involving a realm from a 
    past chapter, can i still do them?
    DLC quest availability aren't affected even if you're say at the end of the 
    game. Just like everything else in the game, NOTHING is missable so if you've 
    missed anything you can always go back and get them.
    ~Where do I capture these new folk? I can't find them.
    The folk aren't actually captured, they usually come as rewards from the 
    downloaded quests. Maximillian and Pigly are obtained automatically. All DLC 
    folks go under the Extra section of the Folk menu.
    ~Help my Maximilian, Automata etc. needs a karma releasing item but I can't 
    find them anywhere!!! The FAQs don't help either.
    Some folk like Automata need Purple Stones and they don't drop from any folk as 
    Keats, they can be found however from the other quests that come with the pack 
    so try them all. For Automata, you get him in Roots of Fear, the stone can be 
    obtained from Faery Photo (2). 
    ~How many packs are there?
    As of writing this, for EU/AUS/NZ there are 6 packs that need payment, 4 free 
    packs (Xmas, and Quasarilli (US), Malion and Pigly (both EU) packs). I estimate 
    it will probably end at 10, since Ellen only needs 3 more alternate cloak 
    ~I downloaded a US pack for my EU/JAP/HK version game, will it work?
    No, if you have a US version you can only get US packs. Keeping to your region 
    is the best even if you want the other unreleased packs available in other 
    regions. If you really want say EU or JAP packs then you'll have to get those 
    versions of the game.
    ~I can't use credit card payment, is there any other way to get them?
    Well since PSN have very limited ways to add funds, credit is the only way to 
    go for now. The PSN in Japan have prepaid cards that will allow them to add 
    funds via inputting a code. An alternative is to ask someone who does have them 
    to lend their account so you can download them from their download history (up 
    to 5 times). This method is best done in real life situations.
    There are also certain groups on the internet that have set up trading forums 
    where you trade DLC. For information on how to trade or how to safely share DLC 
    to another player please refer to the sharing DLC section.
    Do get the free packs though, as they're still good.
    ~Are they worth it? Do they add a lot to the game?
    Why yes, they're cheap and the quests can add to the gameplay time a bit. For 
    people who love the story of Folklore, the background quests can provide a bit 
    of insight and add a bit more magic. The quests aren't pushovers either. So if 
    you ever thought about getting the DLC, then please do! It's one of the few 
    games with so many downloadable extras.
    03. Download/Installation and Costume change instructions
    Find the pack you want and go through the normal payment procedures. Start the 
    download, files are usually around 70-90 megabytes in size so it won't really 
    dent the HDD. Once downloaded the file will be put in the games XMB section. 
    Press X or triangle to install. 
    When you load the game it will quickly write to the game and there you go! 
    You may use the costumes right away except for the cloaks which require the 
    original to be obtained before you can use it. To change costumes simply go 
    the costume menu, select the outfit you wish to change with X to open the list
    containing the original and alternates (labeled Special #) and another X to
    confirm your choice. 
    Costume changes will bring up a quick write to the disc and is stored in the 
    game utility file meaning that the 2 unlocked costumes obtained in-game can be
    worn even on other user accounts unconditionally. This also means that all 
    changes to costumes are universal across all users since it's tied to the game
    utility data rather than individual save files.
    04. How to share DLC 
    Okay, some players while browsing the PSN store might have noticed on the 
    download screens something regarding sharing for up to 5 different PS3s. The 
    Folklore DLC can also be shared. But many are in the dark about what to do 
    exactly regarding this. Here's the general procedure for any downloaded 
    For the "sender":
    1. Purchase and download the appropriate piece of shareable content from the
    Playstation Store.
    2. Go to account management for the account and delete the billing information 
    from your personal information because the PS3 can save your credit card 
    3. Change your PSN password temporarily for safety.
    4. Give the login info (email address and password) to the receiver.
    5. When the shared download is completed change your password back.
    For the "receiver":
    1. In the PS3 XMB menu, add a new user account on your PS3 and sign in to it.
    2. You then need to create an existing PSN account.
    3. When prompted for the existing account's details provide the email address
    and password from the sender.
    4. Login into the account and enter the Playstation Store.
    5. Click on "Download List" on the upper right near the person's user ID and 
    select the piece of content and download.
    6. After game is downloaded, notify the sender that the download is complete 
    so they can change the password to the account.
    7. Enjoy! 
    Important Note: The receiver must do steps 1 to 3. You can't log into other 
    PSN accounts on an existing PS3 user. Best to create a new account to share 
    things with other players.
    05. DLC Folk Info
    If you couldn't care less about the costumes/want to save money and are only in 
    it for the folk then get Automata and Radian as they rock, Scarab isn't bad 
    Obtained automatically in Pack 1, The Kidnapped Folk. For Keats, a machine type 
    which deals destroy element attacks in a frontal area (10 to 2 o'clock 
    positions). Release karma to increase the charge level to enable side damage as 
    well. By charging the sides (3 and 9 o'clock are dealt first, the the front) 
    you can damage large groups of enemies effectively.
    Obtained in the quest Lost Thoughts 2 (requires Lost Thoughts 1 in Pack 1 to be 
    completed) in Pack 2, Bottom of the Sea. For Ellen, a weird bird type thing 
    that's set as a stationary trap similar to Ambush. It needs to be attacked 
    first, which then causes it to inflate and burst like a water balloon creating 
    a big water area attack. Release karma to allow the summoning of two at once 
    and to increase area effect. Only really good in group situations, great 
    against Mabinogion.
    Obtained in the quest Alchemy Assistant in Pack 3, The Alchemist. For Keats, an 
    experiment which resulted in this peculiar and agile folk. Deals rapid area 
    multi-slash attacks, charging forward in a flash. Release karma to increase the 
    area effect.
    Obtained in the quest Noises in the Night in Pack 4, The Origin of Belgae. For 
    Ellen, a weird looking folk who looks like it belongs in the space circus. 
    Deals spinning destroy element attacks while charging forward steadily. Release 
    karma to extend the charge distance. Probably her only fast multi-attack 
    destroy type, good against Gladiolus in combination with Degasser and Skrikers!
    Obtained in the quest Roots of Fear in Pack 5, Fear in the Night. For Keats, a 
    very strange robotic folk who was freed from paralysis. The most overpowered 
    fire type folk of all. It fires a wide roasting beam in front, starting low 
    aiming at the ground then sweeping upwards. Releasing it's karma will yield an 
    increased area effect. He has some of the steepest conditions yet (defeat 70 
    folk and 99 purple dusts for example) however both those problems can be solved 
    in the same quest you acquire him in.
    Obtained in the quest Labyrinthine Woes in Pack 6, Visions of the Tower. For 
    Ellen, a beautiful faery looking folk hiding a femme fatale persona. A non-
    elemental trap type folk, it lures enemies in with it's charm then delivers a 
    big area blow. Release karma to allow an extra one to be summoned.
    [Grab Bag]:
    Free as part of the Xmas pack. Obtained in the quest Holy Night Visitor 
    (Keats). For both Ellen and Keats it deals slash damage. Automatic short 
    charging combo ending with a fountain flurry of slash presents for Ellen, melee 
    combo with a shorter flurry finish for Keats. Release karma to increase 
    consecutive use for Keats and ammo count for Ellen.
    Please note: As stated in the first post all rare karma releasing items not 
    available to Ellen or Keats normally will be rewards in the other quests of the 
    same pack respective of the folk you got it in. Eg. Honeypot needs an Emerald 
    only obtainable in the same pack quest: Tale of the Faery Lord. Also make sure 
    you're far enough into the story and to check night or day to unlock and do 
    these quests otherwise they'll be unselectable from the downloaded quests menu.
    06. Single free folk downloads
    Free downloaded folk from the US PSN store. Winning design of the US Design-A-
    Folk competition. Only available to US region game owners. For both Ellen and 
    Keats, it deals forward wind charges for Ellen, close range combo earth attacks 
    for Keats. Release karma to increase use of whirlwinds or consecutive hits.
    Free downloaded folk from the EU and AUS store. Only available to EU/AUS/NZ 
    region game owners. For Ellen, deals non-elemental charges. Release karma to up 
    the number summoned at once.
    Free download folk from the EU and AUS store. Only available to EU/AUS/NZ 
    region game owners. Winning design of the EU Design-A-Folk competition. For 
    both Ellen and Keats, jumps forward for an area sleep attack with Ellen and 
    circular tail slashes with Keats. Release karma to increase sleep effect area 
    or attack power.
    The Japanese DLC folk shall not be covered here. Images of them can be found on 
    Volume's FAQ.
    07. DLC Quest Info and Strategies
    This is a rough run-down on all the quests available thus far. Not all 
    information may be available but it's not entirely important though. 
    Strategies are provided for some particularly tricky quests. 
    [Pack 1 - Kidnapped Folk]
    Netherworld Walk - Scarecrow/Belgae has created a battle training ground.
    -Available to Ellen/Keats.
    -Available at night.
    -Reward Pulse Tree Nut x 2(per battle win), Yellow Stone x 3(Ellen)/Ruby x 3
    -Repeatable Reward: Pulse Tree Nut x 2 (per battle win), Yellow Stone x 1 
    (Ellen)/Ruby x 1 (Keats).
    Lost Thoughts (1) - Solve the mystery of the haunted flame on the cape at 
    -Available to Ellen.
    -Available at day.
    -Reward: Yellow Dust x 15.
    -Repeatable Reward: Yellow Dust x 6.
    Weapon Destruction - Ally with Brummbear to destroy Gargantua in Warcadia.
    -Available to Keats.
    -Available at night.
    -Reward: Yellow Stone x 1.
    -Repeatable Reward: Pulse Tree Nut x 2, Cold Tree Nut x 2, Warm Tree Nute x 2.
    [Pack 2 - Bottom of the Sea]
    Mystery Messenger - Pass the test and venture deep within the Undersea City.
    -Available to Ellen.
    -Available at day.
    -Reward: Red Liquid x 1 (maximum reward for highest performance)
    -Repeatable Reward: Golden Ore x 30, Pulse Tree Nut x 6, Warm Tree Nut x 6, 
    Cold Tree Nut x 6 (once Red Liquid is obtained you start getting this instead).
    The goal is to reach the Swamp of Oblivion by using only folk at a time from
    the ones available in the quest, you start off with Pouke and then any folk
    you absorb will replace it and so on. It is recommended to have all the folk 
    that appear in this quest to be maxed out in karma release. As you're 
    restricted to using one of each folk at a time make sure to systematically 
    absorb them in a certain order. If you mess up you can leave an area and come
    back to respawn them. 
    At the palace entrance the faery will give you an update on your performance of
    absorbing the Ids. Getting them all will net you the maximum reward. There are
    18 Ids in total in all the available sections in thequest. There are 9 before 
    the Faery and 9 after. If you're not sure of how many you've absorbed go back
    to him to check.
    Lost Thoughts (2) - Rescue Shefro from its faery kidnapper.
    -Available to Ellen.
    -Available at night.
    -Reward: Rare folk [Phutcampus], Emerald x 1? (Not so sure about this one).
    -Repeatable Reward: Cold Tree Nut x 6.
    You're basically going through the Endless Corridor till the Habetrot junction
    area. Each section will have you facing various waves of folk, staightforward
    but make sure you don't take too long otherwise the kidnapper and Shefro get
    too far ahead. The timeframe is very reasonable so you shouldn't really have
    a problem. You'll know you're doing fine for when you reach the next area a
    cutscene will show Shefro and kidnapper moving forward with different folk
    escorting them.
    Undersea Request - Find the Ephemeral Tree Nut deep within the Undersea City.
    -Available to Keats.
    -Available at night.
    -Reward: ????
    -Repeatable Reward: Cold Tree Nut x 6.
    Make your way battling through the sections of the Undersea City until you're
    at the end of the Palace. The last section is the trickiest as you have Annwn
    with you to protect from the masses of Bug-a-boos and the one Bargest. Wide 
    ranged fire attacks are your best bet. You may be able to get Annwn stuck in 
    the corners to keep it out of danger. Transcension fire area attacks or a 
    powered up Automata should make quick work of them.
    Distant Daughter - Meet Ellen's mother in the Netherworld.
    -Available to Keats.
    -Available at day.
    -Reward: Yellow Liquid x 1.
    -Repeatable Reward: Green Dust x 10.
    [Pack 3 - The Alchemist]
    Penance for Wilde - Help Wilde explain his strange experience.
    -Available to Ellen.
    -Available at day.
    -Reward: Warm Tree Nut x 15.
    -Repeatable Reward: Warm Tree Nut x 10.
    Tower of Sin - Quell the gang which is terrorizing HellRealm.
    -Available to Ellen.
    -Available at night.
    -Reward: Purple Dust x 15. 
    -Repeatable Reward: Purple Dust x 10.
    Possibly one of the annoying quests in that the last section involves the 
    defeating of 2 Morallta/Beagalltas while many Wrynecks are trying to interrupt
    your absorbing. What's worse is that you can't absorb or defeat the Wryneck
    otherwise the health of the Morallta/Beagallta is restored to full. So how to
    go about this? Well make sure you have maxed out your Habetrot and preferred
    charm folk ready, I use Coblynau for them personally. The Wryneck can 
    thankfully be put to sleep or charmed and that is also needed for Morallta/
    Beagallta. But what is really tricky is when the first one is gone the 
    Wryneck multiply from about 2 to 6 making the last one very hard to absorb.
    There is a way around this annoying and time consuming situation. The quest
    never did state any specifics on whether to absorb or defeat the leaders. Most
    would just assume that you must absorb them resulting in a lot of frustration.
    So that's where the beauty of this solution lies, you can just defeat them
    outright through sheer brute strength and you'll complete the quest like 
    normal! So go and inflict the statuses on the Wryneck and go charm the two
    Morallta/Beagalltas so that they turn black. Then go spam Ga-Boi on them! You
    can also just use any other valid attacks on them as well if you don't prefer 
    charming when they switch back to white occasionally.
    Alchemy Assistant - Collect stones for alchemy in HellRealm.
    -Available to Keats.
    -Available at night.
    -Reward: Rare folk [Scarab].
    -Repeatable Reward: Green Quartz x 10.
    Tangled Corridor - Solve the riddle of the troubled Endless Corridor
    -Available to Keats.
    -Available at day.
    -Reward: ????
    -Repeatable Reward: Yellow Dust x 6.
    For the Gargantua only task you break a grid of memory stones, line yourself
    up and touch the closest memory stones. Fire straight ahead and this should
    destroy the mid and back stones. Do this for each column leaving you with just
    the front three. The rest just requires simple aiming.
    The folk in the clock adjustment task all have set time values with them. Learn 
    how far the hand moves with each folk absorb/defeat alone and then you shall
    have the puzzles solved in no time.
    [Pack 4 - The Origin of Belgae]
    Faery Photo (1) - Find out about Fiona and the secret of her faery photo.
    -Available to Ellen.
    -Available at day.
    -Reward: Ruby x 1.
    -Repeatable Reward: Pulse Tree Nut x 10.
    This is one of the more annoying quests simply for the fact that you have to
    special absorb the big folk while the minor ones are bothering you. Luckily 
    the minor folk are usually weak to sleep/bond/charm so make sure to inflict 
    them all with statuses before absorbing the big folk's Id. You can also defeat
    the minor folk but beware that they respawn quickly. For absorbing Agapanthus,
    you can try hiding on the edges of the area as to avoid the range of all the
    Fachans therefore reducing potential for absoprtion interruptions. Recommended
    to have maxed out folk and a decent rank, at least 10.
    Noises in the Night - Determine the source of the noise disturbing the Faery 
    -Available to Ellen.
    -Available at night.
    -Reward: Rare folk [Radian].
    -Repeatable Reward: Green Dust x 10.
    Ancient Test - Belgae will guide you through a test designed by the ancients.
    -Available to Keats.
    -Available at night.
    -Reward: Green Ore x15, Golden Ore x 50 (this the maximum reward for highest 
    battle performance).
    -Repeatable Reward: Green Ore x 15 (maximum).
    To get the maximum reward and face Livane as the final fight you must have at
    least 3 minutes remaining after the 4 battles. The doors that I used and work
    quite well in order are: Faery, Faery, Endless Corridor 2, and Undersea. Then
    face Livane, transcend for an even quicker fight and claim your max reward! 
    Death of a Warrior - Find out why Belgae, the eldest of the halflives, was 
    -Available to Keats.
    -Available at night.
    -Reward: Warm Tree Nut x 15.
    -Repeatable Reward : Warm Tree Nut x 10.
    [Pack 5 - Fear in the Night]
    Dozing Darling - Head to the Undersea City with Keats to save Charlotte.
    -Available to Ellen.
    -Available at day.
    -Reward: Green Ore x 15.
    -Repeatable Reward: Green Ore x 10.
    Unique Utopia - Explore Livane's memory to explain her actions.
    -Available to Ellen.
    -Available at night.
    -Reward: Yellow Dust x 15.
    -Repeatable Reward: Yellow Dust x 10.
    Roots of Fear - Find the cause of O'Connell's nightmares in Hell Realm.
    -Available to Keats.
    -Available at day.
    -Reward: Rare folk [Automata].
    -Repeatable Reward: Purple Dust x 50.
    Ignore the endless folk if you want. But I think it affects how the repeated
    reward works in giving you the 50 Purple Dust. The Killmoulis endless wave is
    the best place to train to max rank by using a maxed out Fomoire. Your goal is
    to beat Incubus by absorbing/defeating the three Fomoires it can possess. As a 
    group, Incubus' power is split so when you defeat the first one the remaining
    two get stronger till the last is the strongest and can easily two hit you. To
    avoid getting thrashed by the last one it is a good idea to use Fomoire combos
    and evenly distribute hits on them making all three Fomoires have red Ids out.
    Then quickly finish them all off.
    Faery Photo (2) - Find Crula, the Faery pictured in Fiona's mysterious photo.
    -Available to Keats.
    -Available at night.
    -Reward: Purple Stone x 1.
    -Repeatable Reward: Yellow Dust x 10.
    Luckily, unlike the previous quest this one is toned down a lot more. You get
    to use both Keats and Ellen in this quest. Similar to before in that you absorb 
    and this time you can defeat as well for the skeleton general folk. They 
    start off with lots of stamina and attack power but are weakened in both areas
    by absorbing the minor lacky folk - dramatically if you absorb simulataneously.
    Make your way through with Keats using powerful folk like Fomoire, Kraken or
    Automata. Once you reach the KB territory you switch to Ellen so she can take
    down a Baolwind and two Baolbolcs. Then you switch back to Keats for the final
    battle against the twin Amaryllis leaders at Fort Avalon. Automata makes quick
    work of them both. The Gargantua is a dud in the background and doesn't pose 
    much of a threat as with the Protta since you can finish this battle quickly.
    [Pack 6 - Visions of the Tower]
    Labyrinthine Woes - The Netherworld is tangled in a maze. Find the cause.
    -Available to Ellen.
    -Available at night.
    -Reward: Rare folk [Honeypot].
    -Repeatable Reward: Green Quartz x 10.
    The trick to progressing in this warped maze is to notice the amount of memory
    stones that you break. Once broken a variety of folk appear, the connection is
    that the stones hint at which folk to absorb/defeat to progress while the other
    folk will have you going in circles. For example, there are three stones, you
    break them and a set of folks appear. Find the folk variety that appears as a
    group of three and take them out. Keep repeating this and you'll soon be at 
    the end.
    Tales of the Faery Lord - Why did the Faery Lord try to sever all corporeal 
    world links?
    -Available to Ellen.
    -Available at night.
    -Reward: Emerald x 1.
    -Repeatable Reward: Cold Tree Nut x 10.
    The hint here is to take out folk that shouldn't exist. It did sound vague to
    a lot of people including me. But then I realised that it meant folk that 
    aren't meant to exist in that realm. The first battle consists of Pouke and
    Wryneck in the Faery Realm. Take out only the Wryneck because they are not
    native in that realm. Do this for all subsequent battles taking out all the
    non-native folk. Don't worry about messing up, as they'll just keep respawning
    for you to try again. The first battle is a great place for Ellen to max out
    her rank as the folk will infinitely respawn.
    Near-death Illusion - What explains the illusion that the pub landlord saw?
    -Available to Keats.
    -Available at day.
    -Reward: Golden Ore x 15.
    -Repeatable Reward: Golden Ore x 10.
    The Love Letter - The mischievous pub Halflives know what's best for Keats.
    -Available to Keats.
    -Available at night.
    -Reward: Cold Tree Nut x 15.
    -Repeatable Reward: Cold Tree Nut x 10.
    [Holiday Add-on]
    Holy Night Visitor - Ganconer wants you to give the village girl a present.
    -Available to Keats.
    -Available at night.
    -Reward: Rare folk [Grab-bag] (both Ellen and Keats will receive this folk).
    -Repeatable Reward: Golden Ore x 10, Green Ore x 3, Green Quartz x 3.
    08. Revision History
    Version 0.7: Initial version.
    Version 0.71: Added Tower of Sin, Lost Thoughts (2), Faery Photo (2) and 
    updated Faery Photo (1) quest strategies. Expanded on costume change mechanics.
    Fixed minor spelling and FAQ errors. 
    09. Credits and Acknowledgements
    Sony Computer Entertainment, Japan Studio and Game Republic for making this 
    awesome game. Keep the DLC coming!
    GameFAQs Folklore board members, special mention to brokencandle for providing 
    some quest info for packs 1, 2, 5 and 6.
    Turbo Man of the PSN game sharing forums who cleared up confusions with DLC
    sharing mechanics.
    Kouli and Volume's guides for giving me inspiration to write this thing.
    This is not a complete guide until all DLC is released, information is subject
    to change. Any queries, errors or missing information may be addressed to me
    by email: gtan@xtra.co.nz or through posting on the Folklore Message Board.

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