How do I beat the big lizard/snake?

  1. Giant serpent in do you beat it? Its deep in the ground whats the trick? Ammo doesn't work!!!!! Ive used everything ive got

    User Info: ddamnn

    ddamnn - 8 years ago


  1. Have you tried running back and forth between the gas things on the floor? (you have to use the fire gun to ignite an explosion from the gas coming out of the it and you should be able to see it) the gas things will start from the closest to you and will move forward and back between 3 of which is located on the battle stage. You will be battling the same snake but with 3 different characteristics 1 of these characteristics is the head attacking snake, this particular snake i believe is the key to beating this monster because when the snake gets up and close to strike an attack with its head this is when you'll have the closest contact to the beast and the best chances of beating it, i use the napalms when it gets really close but you'll run out of it and eventually be resolved to the gas deposits expelling from the floor igniting it with the fire gun and using it as the snake comes in for an attack with the head but BE CAREFUL because YOU HAVE TO ANTICIPATE WHEN THE HEAD WILL STRIKE AND USE THE GAS COMING OUT OF THE FLOOR AND USE YOUR FIRE GUN TO CAUSE AN EXPLOSION AS CLOSE AS YOU CAN BUT YOU CANT WAIT TOO LONG TO STRIKE BECAUSE HES QUICKER, as the snake gets hurt it will retrieve into the water changing between the 2 other characteristics which is (the whipping snake) and (he rock throwing snake), these are the 2 that really kill me because you have to dodge the whips and rocks which is really difficult but not impossible to do you will rotate these snake as it will be the head striking snake first then rotating between the 2 other one's, and will turn back into the head striking one only after surviving an attack from either the whipping or the rock throwing snake by dodging his attacks with x. I have been on this level for about a hour and was looking for the answer too but i guess that you guys were having complications too. This is what i been trying and i think i got really close to beating him a couple of times but this is a game of luck because you can die from just about any attacks the snake can do. So Good Luck and I hope this will help

    User Info: xbluexpugx

    xbluexpugx - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. When the head comes in 2 strike, use the flamethrower 2 ignite an explosion off the gas coming out of the ground. do it quick though. the the thing will try 2 hit u with its tentacles. u can dodge it by hiding behind the big rocks on the back wall but when they all break u will have 2 jump over the tentacles. then when u burn it again, it will throw the stalagmites off the ceiling at u. it is very hard 2 dodge so b careful. then when it comes in 4 the kill, burn it again and it will die.

    User Info: blackninja16

    blackninja16 - 8 years ago 0 0

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