New Game + and trophies?

  1. Well, basically, I recently finished the game for the first time and was wondering about a few things mainly regarding trophies.
    1. Is it true that you can't get any of the trophies when playing on New Game+?
    2. Does the Research pHD trophy count across all your saves, or do you have to max out all possible research in one playthrough?
    3. Same with Tonic Collector - do you have to get them all on one playthrough? Also, if so, is there any particularly effective way of getting them all in one game?
    4. Lastly, when doing Survivor without Vita-chambers to get Seriously Good at This, Brass Balls, A Man Chooses and I Chose the Impossible all at once, do you have to have vita-chambers actually turned OFF using the DLC or do you just have to never die and use one?

    User Info: Tokyo_Noir

    Tokyo_Noir - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. 1. Yes
    2/3. Research and tonics are exclusive with the exception of NG+, where everything is carried over. The best way to get them all in one play through is save all the Little Sisters and don't buy extra spots for plasmids and tonics. Also, don't worry about Plasmids, as they do not cout towards Tonic Collector.
    4. It's easier to turn off the vita-chambers, but if you are on Survivor and never die, you will unlock them.

    User Info: NarakuOni

    NarakuOni - 8 years ago 0 0

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