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"One of the best games ever."

BioShock is One of the greatest games of all time. its atmosphere is amazing and makes you fell like your actually there. You are a guy that is flying over a plane in the Atlantic ocean. your plane crashes and you swim to a mysterious tower. Once you are inside the tower you find something that is like an elevator and slowly descend in to the underwater city of Rapture.

Graphics 9/10

The Graphics are average in this game. What makes up for the Average graphics is the world of rapture. Everything is very detailed. Every place you go in Rapture has its own special details. Such as the art theme of Fort Frolic or the port theme of Neptune's Bounty. Another thing that adds to this game is the 60s atmosphere. Many of the cloths types were that time period's style. The world of rapture and the 60s atmosphere makes the graphics great.

Sound 10/10

The sound is great. All the voice acting was done great especially for your enemies, splicers and little sisters. The environment noises are very realistic. It also has a great soundtrack.

Story 10/10

The story in this game is one of my favorites of all time. It is about a mans failed utopia and an outsider that has intruded it. When the main protagonist's (jack) plane crashes in the mid Atlantic he swims out to a mysterious tower. He descends down to a city called Rapture only to find many things wrong. When he arrives mutilated creatures attack him. He soon learns of the city founder named Andrew Ryan. Andrew Ryan wants to kill him for some reason. That was just the intro to a long, good story that has many twists. BioShock's story is fantastic.

Game play 10/10

The game play in this game is awesome. The guns are cool and each of them are important for different fights. For example the shotgun is great for taking down the huge, armored big daddies and the machine gun is good for raking down tons of splicers at once. Another good thing is each guns have different types of ammo that are good for different times. Each gun can be upgraded also. There is plenty of normal ammo but the rarer more powerful ammo has to be invented, which makes it much more difficult to get.

Plasmids and tonics are a great thing about this game. They come out of your left hand and can be used if you have enough EVA. Each plasmid is effective in different situations. There are a huge variety of them. A few of them are lightning bolt, incinerate, Bees coming out of your wrist to attack your opponents, hypnotize big daddy, telekinesis and many more. Each of these help in different situations. Tonics also help. They can help you hack machines, get better at battle, etc. To buy these things you will need ADAM. Unfortunately the only way to get ADAM is to capture little sisters. To capture little sisters you will having to get past there bodyguards. There bodyguards are Hulking, armored, strong things named Big Daddies. There are two types of Big Daddies. One type if called Rosie's. Rosie's are armed with something called a rivet gun That shoots very powerful trajectory's at you. The other kind are Bouncers. Bouncers are equipped with a huge drill that they charge you with.

One other interesting feature of this game is hacking. Hacking lets you get stuff from vending machines for less money, enter locked safes with lots of valuable items and if you hack a inventing machines you can invent items with less materials. You hack things by entering a mini game where you have to connect pipes from one end to another without letting the liquid fall. If you fail you can get hurt badly from a shock the machine gives. Later in the game there are more obstacles such as bigger shock from failing, alarm sounding and skinnier pipes that make the liquid travel faster. This was a very fun unique part of the game. Overall this game's game play is great.

Replay Value 9/10

This game has good replay value. It is trophy supported so if you miss some your first time you may want to go back and get them. Each play trough is unique. Also you can change the difficult levels. There is also new Down loadable Content from the PlayStation Store that has three new unique challenge maps and new trophies.

Overall 10/10

Great sound effects
Great voice acting
Variety of guns
Variety of ammo
Good Bosses
Great Story
Big Daddies are cool
Variety of Plasmids
Variety of tonics
Unique features.
Good graphics
Pretty good replay value
Awesome game play

Some Frame rate issues
Vita Chambers make the game a little to easy

this game is great. It is definitely worth buying or renting

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/16/09

Game Release: BioShock (US, 10/21/08)

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