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    Intel Transcript by ladytanaka

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    F.E.A.R. 2 Project Origin
    Intel Transcript
    FAQ Created: 22-FEB-2009
    FAQ modified: 06-MAR-2009
    Version: 1.0
    Author: Ladytanaka
    Table of contents
    1: Version History
    2: Contact Info
    3: Disclaimer and Legal Information
    4: Warnings
    5: Introduction
    6: Mission Intel Listing
    7: Datanet Intel Listing
    8: Intel Transcript
    9: FAQs
    10: Credits
    1: Version History
    Version 0.5 (20-FEB-2009) - rough draft release
    Version 1.0 (06-MAR-2009) - correction of various typographical errors
    2: Contact Info
    If you have any comments, suggestions, or corrections, email me at ladytanaka
    (at) aol (dot) com.  
    Make sure that you include the subject "FEAR 2 Intel"!
    3: Disclaimer and Legal Information
    This transcript is for informational purposes only.  This may be not be
    reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not
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    Copyright 2009 Ladytanaka
    4: Warnings
    This transcript contains massive SPOILERS for the entire story of F.E.A.R. 2
    Project Origin.
    5: Introduction
    This mini-faq is simply a transcript of all 76 intel items to be found in the
    F.E.A.R. 2 game, their general location, and where they can be found in the
    Player's PDA.
    NOTE: At the moment, this FAQ does not contain the Datanet entries for the
    "Arsenal Items" and "Tutorials" because they do not count as intel items (76
    6. Mission Intel Listing
    Mission 01 - Sanctuary
    - 1 - Security concern
    - 2 - I.M. transcript #1
    - 3 - Bad news
    - 4 - Good luck
    - 5 - Termination notice
    - 6 - To-Do list
    - 7 - Info: Sgt. Becket
    - 8 - Info: Sgt. Keegan
    Mission 02 - Awakening
    - 1 - Memo: M. Becket
    - 2 - Info: 1SG Griffin
    - 3 - Info: SGT Jankowski
    - 4 - Surgical notes
    - 5 - Check the news
    - 6 - Urgent warning
    - 7 - Info: 1LT Stokes
    - 8 - Diode implants
    - 9 - Admitting patients
    - 10 - Evaluation report
    - 11 - T.A.C. overview
    Mission 03 - Discovery
    - 1 - Demolition plan
    - 2 - I.M. Transcript #3
    - 3 - I.M. Transcript #2
    - 4 - Op guidelines
    Mission 04 - Withdrawal
    - 1 - Info: SGT Fox
    - 2 - Info: SGT Morales
    - 3 - Harbinger Failures
    - 4 - Schedule change
    - 5 - Info: P. Fettel
    Mission 05 - Replica
    - 1 - Replica upgrades
    - 2 - Testing reminder
    - 3 - Combat training
    - 4 - Threat report
    - 5 - Lift problems
    Mission 06 - Ruin
    - 1 - Replica activity
    - 2 - Threat report
    - 3 - Powered armor
    Mission 07 - Top
    - 1 - EPA Manual #1
    - 2 - EPA Manual #2
    Mission 08 - Elementary
    - 1 - Conference request
    - 2 - School attendance
    - 3 - Status report
    - 4 - Event flyer
    Mission 09 - Nurse's Office
    - 1 - Updated schedule
    - 2 - Student essay
    - 3 - Supplements
    - 4 - Updated orders
    - 5 - Ladybugs info
    - 6 - Bluebirds info
    - 7 - Dress code
    - 8 - Strange nightmares
    - 9 - Treefrog info
    - 10 - PARAGON manual
    Mission 10 - Snake Fist
    - 1 - Elevator checklist
    - 2 - Cancellation notice
    - 3 - Supplemental notes
    - 4 - PARAGON findings
    - 5 - Recommendations
    - 6 - Test Results
    - 7 - I.M. Transcript #4
    Mission 11 - Keegan
    - 1 - Auburn woes
    - 2 - Electrical hazard
    - 3 - Line extension
    - 4 - Supply report
    - 5 - Laser manual
    Mission 12 - Epicenter
    Mission 13 - Approach
    - 1 - Replica brochure 1
    - 2 - STS guidelines
    - 3 - Transfer notice
    - 4 - Replica brochure 2
    - 5 - Project roster
    - 6 - Replica brochure 3
    - 7 - Replica brochure 4
    Mission 14 - Climax
    - 1 - Containing Alma
    - 2 - Situation update
    - 3 - Power flow
    - 4 - Music box
    - 5 - Emergency shutdown
    7. Datanet Intel Listing
    - Arsenal Items
    -- Assault Rifle
    -- Automatic Shotgun
    -- Combat Shotgun
    -- Frag Grenade
    -- Hammerhead
    -- Incendiary Grenade
    -- Laser
    -- Missile Launcher
    -- Pistol
    -- Proximity Mine
    -- Pulse Weapon
    -- Shock Grenade
    -- Sniper Rifle
    -- Submachine Gun
    - Alma Wade
    -- Music box 
    -- Transfer notice
    - Armacham
    -- Civilian threat
    -- Demolition plan
    -- Op guidelines
    -- Project roster
    -- STS guidelines
    -- Schedule change
    -- Status report
    -- Supply report
    -- Threat report
    -- Updated orders
    -- Urgent warning
    - Genevieve Aristide
    -- I.M. transcript #1
    -- I.M. transcript #2
    -- I.M. transcript #3
    -- I.M. transcript #4
    -- Security concern
    -- Situation update
    -- Termination notice
    -- To-Do list
    - Hospital
    -- Admitting patients
    -- Check the news
    -- Diode implants
    -- Memo: M. Becket
    -- Surgical notes
    -- T.A.C. overview
    - Laser
    -- Laser manual
    - Metro Subway
    -- Electrical hazard
    -- Line extension
    - Outer Shell
    -- Outer Shell
    -- Combat training
    -- Lift problems
    -- Testing reminder
    - Paragon Program
    -- Elevator checklist
    -- Info: Bluebirds
    -- Info: Ladybugs
    -- Info: Treefrogs
    -- PARAGON findings
    -- PARAGON manual
    -- Supplemental notes
    - Project Harbinger
    -- Emergency shutdown
    -- Good luck
    -- Harbinger failures
    -- Info: 1LT Stokes
    -- Info: 2SG Griffin
    -- Info: SFC Keegan
    -- Info: SGT Becket
    -- Info: SGT Fox
    -- Info: SGT Jankowski
    -- Info: SGT Morales
    -- Power flow
    - Project Origin
    -- Auburn woes
    -- Bad news
    -- Cancellation
    -- Containing Alma
    -- Evaluation report
    -- Info: P. Fettel
    -- Recommendations
    -- Test results
    - Replica Forces
    -- EPA manual #1
    -- EPA manual #2
    -- Powered Armor
    -- Replica Activity
    -- Replica brochure 1
    -- Replica brochure 2
    -- Replica brochure 3
    -- Replica brochure 4
    -- Replica upgrades
    - Tutorials
    -- Access PDA
    -- Activate Terminal
    -- Armor Vest
    -- Arsenal Selection
    -- Crouch
    -- Elite Powered Armor
    -- Fire Mode Selection
    -- Flashlight
    -- Lifting Objects
    -- Medical Injector
    -- Medkit
    -- Melee
    -- Next Grenade Type
    -- Padlocks
    -- Reflex Injector
    -- SlowMo
    -- Sprint
    -- Swap Weapons
    -- Throw Grenade
    - Wade Elementary
    -- Conference request
    -- Dress code
    -- Event flyer
    -- School attendance
    -- Strange nightmares
    -- Student essay
    -- Supplements
    -- Updated schedule
    8. Intel Transcript
    The intels are present in the order they appear in the Datanet of the player's
    (m#-#) - the first # identifies the mission number; the second # identifies the
    approximate order that the intel is found during gameplay
    Alma Wade -> Music box (m14-4)
    Hey Dave,
    You know that music box that was in Harlan Wade's old office at the Still
    Island facility?  Ms. Aristide wants it if it's still there.  I told her it
    used to belong to Alma, but she didn't seem to mind.  Guess the melody's been
    stuck in her head ever since she first heard it.
    Alma Wade -> Transfer notice (m13-3)
    Attention: All STS Supervisors
    Alma Wade is scheduled to be transferred from Still Island to the Vault in
    Auburn on August 24, 1987 for permanent storage.  The subject will be secured
    in a shielded telesthetic suppression container and transferred via the
    Subterranean Transport System.
    Armacham -> Civilian threat (m06-2)
    We have lost contact with several teams moments after they reported seeing
    civilians behaving strangely.
    Colonel Vanek advises that all units avoid contact with civilians and do not
    let them approach you.
    Armacham -> Demolition plan (m03-1)
    Do no place or arm explosive charges without consulting the Demolition Plan and
    Schedule.  This is VERY IMPORTANT.  Proper positioning of each charge is
    necessary to guarantee the collapse of the primary support structure. 
    Likewise, timer delays have been carefully calculated to minimize air
    overpressure and increase debris fragmentation.  Any team found to have
    deviated from the plan will be subject to termination.
    Armacham -> Op guidelines (m03-4)
    1. Records & documents
    Stack & burn.  Highly sensitive documents (e.g. Level 3 and above) should be
    shredded first.
    2. Computers
    Disk drives should be burned and then smashed with a sledgehammer.
    3. Medical samples
    All biological materials should be destroyed by means of white phosphorous or
    sulfuric acid.
    4. Staff
    When disposing of personnel, use the untraceable equipment that has been
    provided to you.  Any personnel neutralized by non-standard methods (e.g.,
    strangulation) should be disposed of according to guidelines for medical
    Armacham -> Project roster (m13-5)
    Project Roster Overview
    Security Clearance: Orange
    We've received numerous requests from managers and directors for an overview of
    the Biotechnology Division's project roster, as there seems to be some
    confusion about which code name applies to which program.
    Name: ICARUS
    Objective: Explore bioengineering solutions to address long term health issues
    related to microgravity environments, such as loss of bone density and muscle
    Status: Canceled; supplanted by Perseus project
    Name: PERSEUS
    Objective: Apply proprietary bioengineering methods to develop artificial but
    highly effective "replica" soldiers that are inexpensive to mass produce, easy
    to control, and trivial to replace.
    Status: Active
    Name: ORIGIN
    Objective: Develop commanders capable of directing Replica Soldiers
    telepathically.  Only two prototypes were created and only one of those, Paxton
    Fettel, was ever placed in active training.  The prototypes are both clones of
    a classified female test subject..  They were carried to term by the subject to
    increase the probability that her telesthetic potential would be inherited.
    Status: Suspended pending review
    Objective: Provide a more stable and sustainable means of producing Telesthetic
    Commanders (compared to clone prototypes, which take years to develop and are
    highly unstable) by started with experienced, mature candidates with innate
    telesthetic potential and applying gene therapy and telesthetic attunement and
    amplification techniques.
    Status: Active; scheduled to supplant Origin project
    Name: PARAGON
    Objective: Identify potential Harbinger Candidates at a young age and cultivate
    them through medication, schooling, subliminal manipulation, and various
    minimally-invasive medical procedures.
    Status: Active
    Objective: Develop a "smart pill" to improve a subject's mathematical aptitude.
     The program relies on gene therapy (using a viral vector delivered in a
    sugarcoated pill) to correct genetic deficiencies that affect a person's math
    Status: Active
    Armacham -> STS guidelines (m13-2)
    The recommended procedure to operate the Armacham Subterranean Transport System
    manually is not to operate the system manually.  Tram cars have been
    preprogrammed with detailed route information to ensure that they automatically
    change configuration to conform to the layout of each tunnel section.  If cars
    are not properly aligned, a collision is probable, resulting in needless cost
    incurrence as well as hideous personal injury or loss of life.  Anyone
    determined to be at fault for a manual operation accident may face salary
    reduction, wage garnishment, termination, or cancellation of life insurance
    benefits (in the event that the individual did not survive).
    Armacham -> Schedule change (m04-4)
    Due to a security concern in the Outer Shell Testing Area, the detonation
    schedule has been accelerated.  Evacuate the facility immediately.
    Armacham -> Status report (m08-3)
    CONFIDENTIAL: ATCU Mission Status Report
    1. Residence of Genevieve Aristide, President, ATC
      A. Purge records & computers - INCOMPLETE
      B. Detain or eliminate G. Aristide - INCOMPLETE
    2. Harbinger Medical Facility and Outer Shell Testing Area
      A. Purge records, samples, equipment & staff - COMPLETE
      B. Destroy Replica soldiers & Harbinger specimens - COMPLETE 
      C. Eliminate Harbinger candidates - INCOMPLETE
      D. Demolish facilities - COMPLETE
    3: Wade Elementary & Paragon Facility
      A. Purge records , blood samples, students & staff - IN PROGRESS*
      B. Demolish facilities - IN PROGRESS
    * Students & staff appear to have perished in Vault explosion
    Armacham -> Supply report (m11-4)
    Underground Transport System Supply Delivery Schedule
    Order #3248
    Destination: Still Island Facility
    Number of containers: 3
    Contents: Plastic storage containers, waterproof document folders, garbage
    bags, mothballs, inventory forms.
    Order #8462
    Destination: Harbinger Facility
    Number of containers: 18
    Contents: Epidural trays, body bags, spill kits, pillows, laboratory protective
    wear, nasal specula, assorted surgical instruments, and an unspecified machine.
    Armacham -> Threat report (m05-4)
    xxx[incoming transmission]xxx
    CONFIDENTIAL: ATCU Mission Status Update
    Section Leader R. Tucker to all units:
    We just dug up specs on Replica Powered Armor systems deployed in the city. 
    These suckers are gonna be a serious problem.  All technical coordinators
    should review the docs and come up with some workable countermeasures.
    [Attachment: ATC_Product_Spec_PA.doc]
    xxx[end transmission]xxx
    Armacham -> Updated orders (m09-4)
    Squads A, B, and C:
    Establish fire perimeter around Admin building. We have reports of additional
    hostiles converging on this location from all over the city, so expect a
    sustained fight.
    Squad D:
    Attempt to relive fireteams pinned down near cafeteria.  Recover any available
    munitions from the temporary supply depot and whatever you can scavenge from
    the dead.  We need all the ammo we can scrounge up.
    Fall back to Admin to assist in defending once these objectives are complete.
    Squad E & Demolition Team:
    Rendezvous with Col. Vanek's team at Nurse's Office.
    Armacham -> Urgent warning (m02-6)
    Attention All Staff:
    This facility has just come under attack by black ops teams under the direct
    command of Col. Richard Vanek, who is acting on the orders of the ATC Board of
    Directors.  Their objective is to eliminate evidence, which encompasses this
    entire facility and everything and everyone in it.
    Only the main entrance is compromised at this point, so evacuate through any of
    the emergency escape routes.  I suggest barricading corridors leading toward
    any of the main lobbies to buy yourselves time.  Do not attempt to surrender or
    you will probably be shot.
    Genevieve Aristide
    President, Armacham Technology Corporation
    Genevieve Aristide -> I.M. transcript #1 (m01-2)
    Mme_ATC says: Hello?
    Mme_ATC says: Are you there? You'd damn well better be.
    SnakeFist says: Dammit, I said stop bugging me.  I'm working as fast as I can. 
    I've been here all frickin' weekend without A/C and eating out of the damn
    vending machine.  Can't exactly order a pizza from here.
    Mme_ATC says: Wade's lost his mind.  The Harbinger candidates will be here
    SnakeFist says: WTF!? You said this was theoretical!
    Mme_ATC says: It was.
    SnakeFist says: Are you insane!? Oh wait, of course you are!
    Mme_ATC says: Don't argue with me Terry.
    SnakeFist says: Who's Terry?  I don't know anybody named Terry.  And what kind
    of idiot would think about using someone's real name in an unsecured chat?
    Mme_ATC says: Calm down.
    SnakeFist says: I don't know you.  Stop spamming me. k thx bye!
    [SnakeFist appears to be Offline.]
    Genevieve Aristide -> I.M. transcript #2 (m03-3)
    SnakeFist says: Hey
    SnakeFist says: Dammit, quit pretending you aren't there.  I can see you on the
    video feed.  I hacked the security system.
    SnakeFist says: Did you read the report I sent?
    Mme_ATC says: I'm busy, Terry.
    SnakeFist says: I don't know this Terry person you speak of.  Anyway, did you
    see my conclusions?  You know, the part where it says PROBILITY OF SUCCESS: 3%
    [Your status is now set to Away.]
    SnakeFist says: Bitch
    SnakeFist says: BitchBitchBitchBitchBitchBitch
    Genevieve Aristide -> I.M. transcript #3 (m03-2)
    Mme_ATC says: Terry, I was able to complete the attunement process on Michael
    Becket.  I'm sending over his data.  I need you to recalculate his correction
    SnakeFist says: Oh, hello GENEVIEVE ARISTIDE. Like I said, this isn't Terry,
    but I'm sure he'd tell you you're wasting your time AND his.  Alma is way out
    of control.  I just finished a comparison against the final readings I pulled
    from the Vault before Wade let her out.  The growth rate is exponential.
    Mme_ATC says: So make adjustments.
    SnakeFist says: I CAN'T ADJUST FOR THIS. The containment plan WILL NOT WORK,
    it's just going to make it worse.
    Mme_ATC says: You have three hours.  Have it ready.
    [Your status is now set to Appear Offline.]
    Genevieve Aristide -> I.M. transcript #4 (m10-7)
    Mme_ATC says: Are you there?
    SnakeFist says: No.
    Mme_ATC says: I trust you've got the correction offsets.
    SnakeFist says: I already said what I have to say about that.
    Mme_ATC says: Let me make this as simple as I can.  We are in very deep shit. 
    The Board sent people to kill us.   Our only chance of coming out of this alive
    and one our feet is if we have something to bargain with.  If we can contain
    SnakeFist says: Which we can't...
    Mme_ATC says: DON'T INTERRUPT ME.  If we can contain her, the Board will have
    to negotiate.
    SnakeFist says: But we can't contain her.
    Mme_ATC says: You said there's a 3% chance that we can.  All I'm asking is that
    you run the numbers again and see if you can improve our odds.
    SnakeFist says: I'll think about it.
    Mme_ATC says: You'd better think fast.  I'm on my way there.
    SnakeFist says: WHAT!?!?!?!?
    [Mme_ATC appears to be Offline.]
    Genevieve Aristide -> Security concerns (m01-1)
    To the Building Management Team:
    I am simply appalled at the lack of proper security protocol that occurs in
    this building.  Armacham Technology Corporation has provided you with
    state-of-the art surveillance equipment and security measures, yet as I entered
    the building yesterday some pathetic mongrel pizza delivery boy was buzzed in
    right past the front desk with nary a glance.  I want the individual on duty
    yesterday at 10:30PM dismissed ASAP - with prejudice - and the rest of the
    staff should be re-educated about security policy immediately.  I'll be
    forwarding my full thoughts on your retraining requirements shortly..
    Ms. G. Aristide
    Genevieve Aristide -> Situation update (m14-2)
    I just wanted to update you on the situation here.  I was able to get one of
    the Harbinger candidates into the T.A.C., which has made him a beacon for Alma.
     I believe that if I can get him to the containment facility, I can lure Alma
    there and trap her.
    I understand why you're upset about this unfortunate incident, but there's
    still hope of a satisfactory resolution.  I accept that I must take some
    responsibility for everything that has happened, but I assure you I've always
    acted with Armacham's best interests in mind.  If you feel that I no longer
    have any value to the corporation, I will humbly resign, but we can discuss
    alternatives further once Alma is in my control.
    Genevieve Aristide
    Genevieve Aristide -> Termination notice (m01-5)
    The Board of Directors has reviewed your report on this morning's massacre at
    the Perseus Compound and the crisis unfolding at our Fairport HQ.  Frankly,
    it's exactly the sort of transparent finger-pointing we've come to expect from
    you ever since you went behind our backs and reopened the Vault.
    The cost of your monumental stupidity and arrogance can't be calculated at this
    juncture.  It's the Board's view that the entirety of our Fairport operations
    is a total loss and that you're solely responsible.  Your excuses and
    scapegoating do nothing to change the fact that you personally instigated this
    disastrous course of action.
    Expect your official notice of your termination shortly.
    Carson Salyers
    Chairman of the Board
    Armacham Technology Corporation
    Genevieve Aristide -> To-Do list (m01-6)
    To Do:
    - Call Senator about accelerating Harbinger schedule.
    - Get lab results from Terry.
    - Page Dr. York for operations.
    - Go to bank - remove necessities from safety deposit box.
    - Pack overnight bag.  Don't forget contact lens case!
    - Place EMS helicopter on standby. Just in case.
    Hospital -> Admitting patients (m02-9)
    Internal Memorandum
    For all Admit Staff:
    When admitting a new patient, ensure that all forms are completely filled out
    and that a copy of the patient's most recent PMT (physical/mental/telesthetic)
    evaluation report has been provided.  Scan the packet and distribute copies as
    1) to the patient's assigned surgeon
    2) to the patient's assigned caretaker
    3) to the Document Management center.
    Keep the originals in the labeled archival file folder.
    Please limit discussion of individual procedures with the patients to the
    script provided.  If a patient has persistent questions, please flag their file
    and request the assistance of a RN.
    Thank you for your cooperation!
    Mr. E. Grafstrom, PhD, MA
    Director of Administration and Operations
    Hospital -> Check the news (m02-5)
    From: Jim Howard
    To: Kelly Saperstein
    Subject: check the news...
    Kelly - If you don't have any patients in the lobby, turn the TV to 22-News. 
    Explains the shaking we felt earlier.  Guess we won't be going home any time
    I wonder if we'll be seeing any fallout from this... probably shouldn't talk
    over email - want to get dinner in the cafeteria on break?  Page me when you're
    - Jim
    Hospital -> Diode implants (m2-8)
    Dr. York:
    Diode implants still sending current at too high a frequency.  Patient
    immediately seized.  We don't seem to be able to tune the amps finely enough to
    gain sensitivity without incurring cellular damage.  I think we need to look at
    increasing the viscosity of the medium.  Also, what about additional hormones
    and supplements?
    Hospital -> Memo: M. Becket (m02-1)
    RE: M. Becket, Recovery Room 102
    Patient M. Becket recovering from surgery at unprecedented rate.  Vitals are
    nearly back to normal.  Dr. York has been paged and should be here as soon as
    he's done with the final Activation surgery.
    If patient wakes up in the meantime, explain that he was medevaced from blast
    Hospital -> Surgical notes (m02-4)
    Transcription - Dr. Samuel York - Surgical Notes
    The first three Activation surgeries appear to have been a resounding success. 
    The fourth patient, Redd Jankowski, is still in pre-op, but the others are
    recovering in separate wings to minimize pre-conscious telepathic interference
    with each other.  Once they're fully awake and stable, we'll begin the
    Attunement process.
    Michael Becket in particular is proving uncommonly resilient; we were sure we'd
    lost him twice on the table, but then he stabilized - through no action of
    ours, I'm sure.
    Hospital -> T.A.C. overview (m02-11)
    The Telesthetic Attunement Chamber (T.A.C.) is an integral part of the
    HARBINGER conversion process.  By means of diodes implanted during the
    Activation process, the T.A.C. can modulate a subject's telesthetic signal to
    attune it to a specified target frequency.  The correction offsets are also
    used in the telesthetic signal amplification process, which extends the
    subject's telepathic range and intensity.
    Laser -> Laser manual (m11-5)
    Symptom: Beam is dim and fails to cut through soft targets.
    Probable Cause: Low batter power.
    Solutions: Recharge or replace batteries.
    Symptom: Beam is split or scattered.
    Probable Cause: Emitter is dirty.
    Solutions: Wipe the emitter with a soft, dry cloth.  (Note: Be sure to power
    off the weapon before cleaning!)
    Symptom: Overheat light is flashing.
    Probable Cause: Cooling system failure.
    Solutions: Shut off the device immediately! If the warning light doesn't switch
    off in 15-30 seconds, seek cover as the weapon may explode.
    Metro Subway -> Electrical hazard (m11-2)
    Attention All Metro Staff:
    Until the city sends someone to repair the sewer leak near the Madison Park
    station, be extremely careful not to step in puddles on the tracks.  Aside from
    the obvious disadvantages of wading around in raw sewage, you can also be
    If you need to access the tracks, shut off the breaker switch, Also make sure
    no one is on the tracks before turning the power back on.
    Metro Subway -> Line extension (m11-3)
    ATTN: Metro staff
    The extension of Orange Line through SoDo and eastern Auburn has been
    cancelled.  From what we've been able to gather, there's already a tunnel
    system intersecting that area.  Apparently, it's some kind of classified
    government operation, but that's as much as anyone will say.
    If you are asked about the extension by the public, the official line is that
    the project was cancelled due to geological concerns and that the city council
    is investigating the economical benefits of running the line above ground.
    Bailey Carver
    Fairport Metro Transit Authority
    Outer Shell -> Combat testing (m05-3)
    Reminder that live ammunition test are starting today, so the Arena will be
    closed to all personnel below a Level 2 Security Clearance.  Those of you who
    have been watching movies on the Arena monitor screens during your lunch break
    can use the Board Room instead, but please be sure to clean up after yourselves
    in case we get a surprise visit.
    Outer Shell -> Lift problems (m05-5)
    THe maintenance department is aware of the intermittent issues with the
    hydraulic lifts and has replacement parts on border that should fix the problem
    for good. Unfortunately, we need to get these Variant 6 Replica soldiers out of
    here right away, so we can't afford to wait.  If the lift you're using craps
    out, you'll have to restore pressure manually using the override valves.
    Outer Shell -> Testing reminder (m05-2)
    We're scheduled to run test battery 62 on specimens C-5000 through C-5050 next
    week.  Make sure the drugs are requisitioned from Lab 12 ahead of time and that
    the military A/V is the latest version.
    Important, Specimens must be properly restrained in transit.  Handlers should
    wear proper protective clothing to prevent bites.
    Paragon Program -> Elevator checklist (m10-1)
    Regarding the Nurse's Office Elevator:
    -Prior to scheduled arrivals, ensure all necessary equipment is ready for
    immediate access.
    -Full behavioral analysis sessions must be transferred to the classroom lab
    within five minutes.
    -All students brought in for testing must be fully sedated prior to descent. 
    Lab assistants should accompany transferring students at all times with an
    E-kit complete with extra sedative and benzo stick.
    -Basic lab testing where the student does not awaken from sedation prior to
    ascent requires no further action.
    -All students who awaken in the lab areas prematurely must be treated with a
    benzo stick (BZp3 or BZp4) to induce short-term amnesia.
    -Upon reentry to the main level, students should be awakened, given a treat and
    escorted back to class by the desk assistant.
    Paragon Program -> Info: Bluebirds (m09-6)
    Students in the Bluebirds test group have been treated with a placebo
    supplement (N).
    Behavioral expectations: standard intelligent child development, with some
    false positives for psychic potential.
    Phase II Results: As expected, with variants within tolerance.
    Paragon Program -> Info: Ladybugs (m09-5)
    Students in the Ladybugs test group have been treated with compound PN5a (R13),
    a variant on the most recent and most aggressive of the psychogenetic mutagens.
    Behavioral expectations: Higher cognitive response times, increased psychic
    awareness, improved psychic control.
    Phase II Results: Spikes in psychic ability noted, but control is extremely
    Paragon Program -> Info: Treefrogs (m09-9)
    Students in the Treefrogs test group have been treated with compound PN5b (R8),
    a variant on the most recent and most aggressive of the psychogenetic mutagens.
    Behavioral expectations: Higher cognitive response times, increased psychic
    awareness, improved psychic control.
    Phase II Results: Results mixed.  Control satisfactory, but overall ability
    remains unremarkable.
    Paragon Program -> PARAGON findings (m10-4)
    PARAGON testing Stage 4:
    Tests so far look promising for the engineered subjects.  Relationship between
    specified genetic markers and psychic development is proven.  Proof of
    relationship between induced protein alterations and control of psychic
    manifestations is still pending.
    NOTE: Some non-engineered subjects also show signs of improved development
    under the regimen and should be scheduled for genetic-level evaluation (see
    Paragon Program -> PARAGON MANUAL (m09-10)
    by Dr. Harlan Wade, PhD
    Armacham Technology Corporation Military Cooperation Program
    (c) 1997. All Rights Reserved.
    -- Prologue --
    Observed across many generations, evolution is a wondrous process that weeds
    out infirmity and weakness and promotes diversity and adaptability, but it is
    also slow, unpredictable, and prone to dead ends.  Those of us seeking to
    advance human potential in a shorter timeframe must take matters into our own
    The purpose of the Paragon Program is to identify and cultivate shining
    examples of the human species that we can propel forward to become superior
    life forms by means of the Harbinger Project.  Put simply, we are seeing
    paragons of evolution who can lead us into a brighter and better future with
    the strength of their bodies, the flexibility of their minds, the singularity
    of their purpose, and the sheer force of their wills.
    Paragon Program -> Supplemental notes (m10-3)
    Fifth version of PN supplement appears to be having marked effects on both
    enhanced and non-enhanced test subjects., without the severe side effects of
    PN4.  The more gradual adjustments to cellular protein structures are still
    swift enough to allow relatively rapid turnaround in test groups.  PN6 is
    currently in development based on these findings.
    Project Harbinger -> Emergency shutdown (m14-5)
    The shutdown will activate a dampening field and contain the subject in the
    telesthetic suppression chamber until either the system resyncronizes or the
    subject expires.
    The suppression chamber is rated to contain up to Type 4 telesthetic
    emanations, so it is not recommended to use the device for Type 5 or higher
    Project Harbinger -> Good luck (m01-4)
    From: mr_x@anonymail.net
    To: Genevieve Aristide
    Subject: RE: Your phone call
    I was able to divert the Harbinger candidates to pick up up as you requested. 
    But I've also been notified that your Board of Directors dispatched a black ops
    team to your address 30 minutes ago.  Your survival depends on who gets to you
    I wish there were more I could do, but I've stuck my neck out as far as I'm
    willing to.  Good luck.
    P.S. Assuming you survive, I expect a full report on the First Prototype.
    Project Harbinger -> Harbinger failures (m04-3)
    TEST RESULTS: HARBINGER Conversion HPLx24-e12
    Actualization Process Report
    Subject D-8106, approved Harbinger candidate
    Week 1: Subject displaying minor enhancement to reflexes and signs of
    compatibility with target telepathic frequencies.
    Week 2: Reflex and telepathic enhancement continues.  Subject displaying mild
    indications of psychosis, including paranoia and hallucinations.
    Week 4: Subject experienced severe reaction to treatment session.  Sent for
    emergency recombinant procedures.
    Week 5: Scans indicate damage to cerebral cortex, impairing logical functions
    and regressing subject partially to animalistic state.  Extreme physical side
    effects noted.
    Subject will be moved to program X-51450 for continued data analysis.
    Project Harbinger -> Info: 1LT Stokes (m02-7)
    Subject Name: Keira Stokes
    Rank: Lieutenant (1LT)
    Submitted by: R. Garrison, MD
    PARAGON Review scores:
    - Physical condition: N/A
    - Mental Stability: N/A
    - Telesthetic Potential: N/A
    Subject is not a Harbinger candidate.  Military records indicate she is a
    communications liaison attached to the unit prior to current mission and has
    worked with the team on multiple occasions previously.  G. Aristide has
    requested we keep her sedated until we can decide what to do with her.
    Harbinger Status: N/A
    Project Harbinger -> Info: 1SG Griffin (m02-2)
    Archival File: PROJECT: HARBINGER
    Subject Name: Cedric Griffin
    Rank: First Sergeant (1SG)
    Submitted by: S. York, MD
    PARAGON Review scores:
    - Physical condition: Outstanding
    - Mental Stability: Excellent
    - Telesthetic Potential: Above Average
    Exemplary academic and military service record. Based on mental fortitude,
    subject has a reasonable chance (I'd estimate a 20-25% probability) of enduring
    the actualization process without severe cognitive regression noted in failed
    Harbinger Status: APPROVED
    Project Harbinger -> Info: SFC Keegan (m01-8)
    PERSONNEL RECORD: Harold Keegan
    Rank: Sergeant First Class (SFC)
    Submitted by: S. York, MD
    PARAGON Review scores:
    - Physical condition: Outstanding
    - Mental Stability: Average
    - Telesthetic Potential: Excellent
    Subject has excellent academic and military service record.  Telesthetic
    potential is well above average, but his mental stability is a concern. 
    Recommend four month evaluation schedule as opposed to the usual nine months.
    Special Note:
    Subject's telesthetic signature is already 83% synchronized with Alma's. 
    Further attunement may not be required.
    Harbinger Status: APPROVED
    Project Harbinger -> Info: SGT Becket (m01-7)
    PERSONNEL RECORD: Michael Becket
    Rank: Sergeant (SGT)
    Submitted by: S. York, MD
    PARAGON Review scores:
    - Physical condition: Outstanding
    - Mental Stability: Outstanding
    - Telesthetic Potential: Outstanding
    Subject struggled in school but has excelled in the military.  Furthermore, his
    Paragon scores are the best I've ever seen aside from the Origin Prototypes. 
    With telesthetic amplification, he might even surpass Paxton Fettel.
    - Harbinger Status: APPROVED
    Project Harbinger -> Info: SGT Fox (m04-1)
    Archival File: PROJECT: HARBINGER
    Subject Name: James Fox
    Rank: Sergeant (SGT)
    Submitted by: S. York, MD
    PARAGON Review scores:
    - Physical condition: Excellent
    - Mental Stability: Above Average
    - Telesthetic Potential: Above Average
    Subject has average academic history and distinguished military service record.
     Married, with one daughter, age 7.
    Harbinger Status: APPROVED
    Project Harbinger -> Info: SGT Jankowski (m02-3)
    Archival File: PROJECT: HARBINGER
    Subject Name: Redd Jankowski
    Rank: Sergeant (SGT)
    Submitted by: S. York, MD
    PARAGON Review scores:
    - Physical condition: Outstanding
    - Mental Stability: Average
    - Telesthetic Potential: Above Average
    Poor academic record and competent military career marred by occasional
    reprimands. Subject was first identified as potential Harbinger candidate after
    elder brother, Spencer, was recruited for First Encounter Assault Recon active
    duty.  I don't expect that he'll be a viable Telesthetic Commander, but he
    could be useful in a research capacity.
    Harbinger Status: RESERVE
    Project Harbinger -> Info: SGT Morales (m04-2)
    Archival File: PROJECT: HARBINGER
    Subject Name: Manuel Morales
    Rank: Sergeant (SGT)
    Submitted by: S. York, MD
    PARAGON Review scores:
    - Physical condition: Outstanding
    - Mental Stability: Outstanding
    - Telesthetic Potential: Average
    Due to subject's marginal telesthetic potency and high intelligence, I expect
    that he'll be difficult to control and offer only moderate benefit to the
    program.  Recommend keeping him in unit as a potential research candidate.
    Harbinger Status: RESERVE
    Project Harbinger -> Power flow (m14-3)
    Because the Still Island Telesthetic Amplifier unit can magnify a telesthetic
    signal by up to 11.6 times as much as the smaller units at our other
    facilities, extra precautions must be taken to minimize workplace mishaps.
    Make sure the device is fully charged before engaging the Halford Limiter, as
    even minor fluctuations in power flow during the initiation sequence may
    trigger the spontaneous discharge of undirected telesthetic energy from the
    subject, causing injury or even death to anyone within the test chamber.
    Project Origin -> Auburn woes (m11-1)
    Auburn District's Woes Linked to Military Contractor Malfeasance
    Improper disposal of hazardous materials at a classified facility beneath the
    Auburn district caused a variety of symptoms reported by area residents over
    the past 20 years, according to an anonymous source who proved extensive
    documentation to support his allegations..  The source claims that Armacham
    Technology Corporation suspended operations at the facility almost two decades
    ago without removing potential contaminants.  The facility was briefly reopened
    earlier this year before being promptly shut down again due to an industrial
    Project Origin -> Bad news (m01-3)
    From Norton Mapes [mailto: nmapes@armacham-corp.com]
    To: Genevieve Aristide
    Am at the Vault now.  Bad news, I think Harlan is planning to release Alma.  Am
    carrying out Plan B as you requested.  Get ready for a big boom.
    - N.
    [Sent from my Palmato 2.51 - upgrade yours today!]
    Project Origin -> Cancellation (m10-2)
    Archival File: PROJECT: ORIGIN
    Subject Name: Alma Wade
    Subject Age: 8 years old
    Phase VI testing evaluation: See attachment C - 2.  Lab and personnel destroyed
    by spontaneously generated fire that appears to have been generated by subject.
     Further testing on hold, subject isolated in induced coma.
    Phase VII testing cancelled per Harlan Wade.  Subject deemed too dangerous and
    unstable to proceed.
    Recommendation: Containment.
    Project Origin -> Containing Alma (m14-1)
    The field generator is not going to have the effect we are hoping for, given
    the latest (INSANE!) data from the Vault.... We can't contain her anymore, but
    we might be able to destroy her under the right conditions...
    Project Origin -> Evaluation report (m02-10)
    Archival File: PROJECT: ORIGIN
    Subject Name: Alma Wade
    Subject Age: 7 years old
    Submitted by: Charles Habegger PhD
    Since last October, subject has progressed from frequent nightmares to periodic
    hallucinations and debilitating empathic episodes.  She is extremely sensitive
    to emotional fluctuations in those around here and becomes nearly catatonic
    with fear in the presence of extreme anger, particularly her father's.
    Of special note is that her psychic potential has more than quadrupled since
    her last evaluation.  During the test sequence, attending staff reported
    auditory and physical hallucinations.  The latter ranged from mild nausea to
    extreme burning sensations in the extremities.
    Subject is deteriorating mentally at the same time she's demonstrating
    exponential increases in telesthetic potency.  I recommend that we increase
    frequency of evaluations to every two weeks instead of every six.
    Project Origin -> Info: P. Fettel (m04-5)
    Archival File: PROJECT: ORIGIN
    Subject Name: Evaluation Report for Paxton Fettel
    Subject Age: 10
    Follow-Up Evaluation Report:
    Subject has no conscious memory of the synchronicity event, although he has
    reported seven instances in the past three years of nightmares involving
    violence against people matching the general description of research staff
    killed by Fettel or Replica soldiers under his direct command during the
    incident.  When questioned, he attributes these images to something he
    witnessed on television or in training videos.  He does not experience these
    nightmares in the first person with one notable exception: Two months ago, he
    dreamed of devouring a man to "Learn his secrets".  But he has no recollection
    of the actual incident.
    There is currently no reason to fear a recurrence, particularly now that the
    Origin project and Alma Wade have been terminated.  Recommend another follow-up
    evaluation in 24 months.
    Project Origin -> Recommendations (m10-5)
    Project Origin Report #124-6
    Submitted by: Harlan Wade
    Findings: Samples taken from prototypes grown in vitro display significantly
    greater psychic capacity than vat-grown specimens.
    Hypothesis: While psychic potential clearly has a genetic component, evidence
    suggests that some amount of additional potency is passed down during
    Conclusion: To ensure highest probability of psychic inheritance, prototypes
    should be carried to term by subject: Alma Wade (age 14).
    Project Origin -> Test results (m10-6)
    Archival File: PROJECT: ORIGIN
    Subject Name: Alma Wade
    Subject Age: 5 years old
    Phase II testing evaluations: Subject's test scores have dipped dramatically. 
    Possible that subject is attempting to disguise her abilities (See attachment
    A-2 for full test results).
    Phase III testing evaluation: Strange side effects have been occurring during
    subject's testing sessions. Other personnel in the room with her are reporting
    severe headaches.  She also seems to be manifesting telekinetic abilities (See
    attachment B-2 for full test results).
    Replica Forces -> EPA manual #1 (m07-1)
    CONFIDENTIAL: Armacham Technology Corp.
    Product Specifications
    In an aerial targeted-drop scenario, secure the drop container's secondary
    power connections (Cables E and F) to the main reflux nexus with the quick
    release clamps found on the anterior connection nodes (see figure 21c).  The
    protective interference field will shield the unit from crushing impact an
    strip away the drop container in addition to readying the unit for immediate
    combat.  As a safety precaution, the pilot should refrain from eating for
    several hours prior to airdrop.
    Replica Forces -> EPA manual #2 (m07-2)
    CONFIDENTIAL: Elite Powered Armor Product Specifications
    One of the Elite Powered Armor's most powerful features is a failsafe
    self-repair mechanism, designed to allow for minor repairs during combat and
    major repairs when the machine is in lockdown mode.  PIlot will be ejected
    during lockdown to prevent injury during repair sequence.
    NOTE: The Elite Powered Armor unit is designed for the use of Replica soldiers
    and Class B or higher exoskeleton pilots only.  Use by untrained military
    personnel, civilians, or children is not recommended or supported by Armacham
    Technology Corporation.
    Replica Forces -> Powered Armor (m06-3)
    We've identified a potential weakness in the Replica Powered Armor units that
    have been deployed through the downtown area.  According to the specifications,
    the prototype models have inadequate shielding around the power core, making
    them susceptible to electrical disruptions.  If you don't have any XS Shock
    Grenades, try shooting electrical transformers while Powered Armor units are
    passing underneath.
    Replica Forces -> Replica activity (m06-1)
    We are getting numerous reports of Replica activity throughout the city.  We
    are trying to figure out why they're activating to see if we can shut them down
    remotely, but in the meantime, do not hesitate: Kill them on sight.
    Due to the insane amount of interference from the explosion, we're still unable
    to get through to the Board about reinforcements and equipment drops, so don't
    sit around expecting to be rescued.  Just do what you were trained to do and
    we'll get out of this okay.
    Replica Forces -> Replica brochure 1 (m13-1)
    The Replica Soldier is the ultimate warrior: Incredibly fast, incomparably
    strong, impeccably trained, and utterly devoid of conscience.  No history, no
    hang-ups, and no purpose but to serve.  Unquestioning loyalty and unshakable
    discipline at standard PMC prices.
    Variant 7 Replica soldiers accept voice-keyed verbal orders (standard soldiers
    recognize 12 unique voices, but 24 or 32 voice extended capacity is available)
    and are preconfigured to obey telepathic orders once the Harbinger Telesthetic
    Commander series becomes available (release date pending).
    Replica Forces -> Replica brochure 2 (m13-4)
    Replica soldiers are engineered, programmed and trained in several distinct
    The Ground Combat program includes regular infantry, heavy weapons, and sniper
    training and emphasizes small unit tactics, hostage rescue, and search and
    destroy operations. 
    The Reconnaissance program produces infiltration and assassination specialists.
    The Mechanized Combat program produces a range of powered armor specialists.
    Replica Forces -> Replica brochure 3 (m13-6)
    It takes a Replica soldier two years to mature and two more years to complete
    programming and tactical training.  Within the next decade, Armacham expects to
    reduce this time even further with improvements in genetic imprinting and
    breakthroughs in direct neural data transmission.
    Replica Forces -> Replica brochure 4 (m13-7)
    A Replica soldier can be stored in its QuickDeploy stasis pod indefinitely
    provided that the pod is properly serviced and maintained.  To ensure maximum
    soldier viability, refill nutrient dispensers and clean waste filters every 30
    days. .
    Stackable "fourpack" and "sixpack" frames are available to facilitate rapid
    transportation of multiple stasis pods by ship, train, or cargo plane.
    Replica Forces -> Replica upgrades (m05-1)
    ATTN: All personnel
    We'll be starting combat tests on the Variant 7 Replica soldiers this week. 
    Maintenance is in the process of swapping out the Variant 6 stasis pods and
    getting them ready to transport to Still Island.
    As with any new Replica version, avoid supply them with live ammunition until
    we've finished the telesthetic signal interference analysis, which we're hoping
    to have done by Tuesday morning at the latest.  Dr. Aldon or myself will send
    out an All Clear once the analysis is complete.
    Wade Elementary --> Conference request (m08-1)
    Dear Mr. and Mrs. Preson, 
    We are concerned with your son Max's attendance records and progress in class. 
    Max has been absent several times over the last two weeks, and when he is at
    school he is not participating in required class activities.  Specific issues
    include: refusal to nap at the prescribed time; refusal to eat the class snack;
    reluctance to be creative during arts and crafts time; deviant behaviors such
    as attempting to lift girls' skirts and urinating in the cafeteria.  The
    principal would like to schedule a conference with you, along with the school
    counselor, to discuss options that will encourage Max to behave more
    Please reply by Monday afternoon.  Thank you for your time.
    Ms. Janice A. Pots
    Executive Administrator, Attendance and Records
    Wade Elementary - A Good Place for Kids
    Wade Elementary --> Dress code (m09-7)
    To: Principal Saunders
    Despite repeated remonstrations, Dr. A. Mendez continues to parade around the
    school grounds in thoroughly inappropriate attire.  Children and parents are
    bound to start asking questions if they see the P.E. teacher in a lab coat. 
    Disciplinary measures should be taken ASAP.
    Wade Elementary --> Event flyer (m08-4)
    MEMO: Monday AM - please inform students during roll call
    Special Event: Thursday afternoon, 3 PM
    Speaker: Dr. Marshall Disler
    Dr. Disler will speak to students about life in the scientific world, what
    scientific researchers do, and what career avenues are open to those who
    display interest and aptitude in the sciences. This mandatory special event is
    produced in conjunction with the Fairport Regional Science Fair.  Dr. Disler
    and other affiliates of Armacham Technology Corporation will be on hand for an
    hour after the talk to answer questions regarding specific projects and collect
    blood samples.
    Wade Elementary --> School attendance (m08-2)
    Mike Andressen (XXXXX)
    Kelly Branch (X-XXX)
    Leon Brune (XXX-X)
    Brian Franc (XXXXX)
    March Franc (XXX-X)
    Zoe Hasle (X-XX-)
    Jennifer Lange (XXXXX)
    Soo-Hyun Li (-XX-X)
    B. J. Nobbs (XX-XX)
    Max Preston (--XX-)
    Marcus Redford (XXXXX)
    Takeshi Yoshida (XXXXX)
    ALl students missing more than two days in a week must report to the nurse's
    office immediately upon their return for catch-up supplements.
    Wade Elementary --> Strange nightmares (m09-8)
    Dear Principal Saunders,
    I have a concern about my son Zack and Daughter Marlene and would be grateful
    for your insight since I know you used to be a psychiatrist.  Both of them are
    experiencing recurring nightmares that involve being locked in a dark place,
    prodded with needles, and shown violent images.  At first I thought they were
    conspiring together as a prank, but they seem genuinely affected by these
    dreams.  They can't recall seeing this kind of scenario on TV and have
    obviously never experienced anything at all like this, so I'm not sure where
    it's coming from or what to do about it.
    Any advice would be appreciated,
    Daryl and Janelle Masterson
    Wade Elementary --> Student essay (m09-2)
    Assignment: We are all special in some way. Write down how you feel you are
    special.  What makes you different from everyone else?
    What Makes Me Different
    by Jennifer Lange
    Sometimes I know what other people are thinking.  Like if I ask my brother
    where he hid my Lazy Suzy doll, he acts all innocent but I know it's buried in
    the kitty litter box.  Except one time he hid it in a cake.
    Wade Elementary --> Supplements (m09-3)
    1. Do not add supplements to foods until cooled to avoid premature breakdown of
    active ingredients.
    2. Supplements are best added to foods with a strong taste.
    3. If student begins to hyperventilate or projectile vomit after ingesting
    supplements, decrease dosage.
    Primary: PN5a (Ladybugs); PN5b (Treefrogs); PN5p (Bluebirds) - 10 mg per
    Secondary/Filler: Standard Vitamin/Mineral compounds - 100 mg per serving.
    Wade Elementary --> Updated schedule (m09-1)
    This week's schedule adjustments:
    M, T 1pm - Creative Association instead of History
    M, Th 9am - Core Competencies instead of Reading
    T, F 2pm - Free lab hour
    M-F 9am-3pm Speed Synthesis
    (Sorry, Treefrogs, no lunch break this week! Please eat a big breakfast!)
    9: FAQs
    nothing yet
    10: Credits
    Monolith Productions for developing this game.
    Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. for publishing this game.
    GAMEFAQS for hosting this FAQ.

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