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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ivilkee

    Version: 0.5 | Updated: 02/22/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Story Mode Walkthrough and General FAQ
    Intended for the XBOX 360
    Version 0.5  (February 22, 2007)
    Written by Michael 'ivilkee' Remollino
    Questions, comments, corrections and additions can be E-mailed to:
    'ivilkee at hotmail dot com'
    with the subject title of: "Rainbow 6 Vegas" or "r6vegas" or anything similar.
    If you have a question about something not included, PLEASE BE SPECIFIC, so I
    can help you as much as possible.
    Table of Contents
    Voice Commands.........................[VCOM]
    Tips, Tricks, and Basic Strategy.......[TTBS]
    Scene 1: Mexican Border................[MEXI]
    Scene 2: Calypso Casino................[CALY]
             The Strip.....................[S201]
             Prime Time....................[S203]
             Dr. Smythe....................[S204]
    Scene 3: Downtown Vegas................[DOWN]
             Exclusive Gone Wrong..........[S301]
             *** Easter Egg................[EEGG]
             Mafia House...................[S303]
    Scene 4: Vertigo Spire.................[VERT]
             Tower Assault.................[S401]
             Tower Bar.....................[S402]
    Scene 5: Dante's Casino................[DANT]
             Hell's Gate...................[S501]
             Data Hub......................[S504]
    Scene 6: Nevada Dam....................[NEVA]
             Tourist Center................[S601]
             The Dam.......................[S602]
             The Doctors...................[S605]
             Top of the Dam................[S607]
    Multiplayer Information:
             Frequently Asked Questions....[MFAQ]
             Ranks, Experience & Unlocks...[MEXP]
    Credits & Legal Notices................[CRED]
    Introduction                           [INTR]
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is intended for use on the NORMAL difficulty setting in
    the single player campaign. However, most of the strategies should be
    adaptable for REALISTIC difficulty and/or for COOP mode.
    There is a significant amount of random placement of enemies, so always be
    cautious, even if I say a room should be empty, or if I say that enemies
    should be in a particular spot of a room and they aren't there.
    WARNING: This is NOT a spoiler-free FAQ. At times I may mention something that
    will happen later to help make certain encounters easier.
    Controls                               [CTRL]
    Default Controls:
    Left Trigger  = (Hold) Take Cover
    Left Bumper   = Switch Rules of Engagement
    Right Trigger = Fire
    Right Bumper  = (Click) Toggle Goggles
                    (Hold) Toggle Goggle Modes
    Left Stick    = Strafe/Run/Walk
                    (Click) Crouch
    Right Stick   = Aim
                    (Click) Zoom
    D-Pad         = Issue Team Orders
    Back          = (Click) Issue Target Priority
                    (Hold) Map
    Start         = Pause/Menu
    X             = (Click) Reload
                    (Hold) Toggle Weapon RoF/Attachments
    Y             = (Click) Quick Weapon Swap
                    (Hold) Weapon Selection
    B             = Throw Grenade
    A             = Issue Team Move Order
                    (Context Sensitive) Interact
    Contextual Controls:
    When hiding behind cover:
    - Use the left stick to choose which direction you want to peek out of.
    When on a ladder:
    - Press A to slide down the ladder.
    When on a rappel:
    - Press A to push off the wall and rappel downwards faster.
    - Press the crouch button to invert yourself to give you a better angle to
    shoot from. (Note: you can't push off the wall when inverted)
    When on a rappel near a window:
    - Press A to break the window and breach the room.
    When next to a closed door:
    - Aim at the bottom of the door and press A to use the 'snake cam'.
    When a teammate is downed:
    - Move close to him and press A to revive him.
    - Press UP on the D-Pad to order your other teammate to heal him (if possible)
    When aiming at a special device/location (Server/Bomb/Demolitions point)
    - Press A to order your team to perform the proper action: Hack, Defuse, or
      Set Explosives.
    Voice Commands                         [VCOM]
    You can use the 360 headset to issue voice commands directly to your team.
    Here is a list of commands the game understands:
    Move To
    Tips, Tricks, and Basic Strategy       [TTBS]
    Cover, cover, COVER: Almost any inanimate object large enough can be used as
    cover, including, but not limited to: cars, slot machines, doors, desks,
    crates, and even pieces of particle board laying around.
    BOOM! HEADSHOT!: This game is all about headshots. No matter how much armor an
    enemy is wearing, or how smart they act, or how much firepower they are
    packing, they WILL drop like an anvil if you put 1-3 bullets in their noggin.
    Et Tu, Brut?: The next best thing to a headshot is shooting someone in the
    OMG, That guy HAX!: You WILL get randomly killed from out of nowhere due to
    headshots. Please bring plenty of patience, and some ice for your pride.
    Tactical Reload vs Speed Reload: This game will always save unused rounds in a
    magazine, so reload whenever you get the chance, even if you still have plenty
    of ammo in the mag. Speed reloading also has the side-effect that you get a
    full mag plus an extra round in the chamber. It's also much faster than a full
    Red vs Blue: Your thermal vision mode is very handy when you are either having
    trouble identifying nearby targets, or when you need a reflex advantage in
    CQB. You can use it with the snake cam, too. Just be sure not to confuse your
    teammates with enemies. Also note that it DOESN'T see through ANY walls or
    doors. In most low-light situations, thermals will let you see farther than
    night vision mode.
    Silent, but deadly: Your team always carries a suppressed SMG for infiltrate
    mode. However, you can force them to use their SMGs in assault mode by using
    a suppressed weapon yourself. This includes your pistol.
    Did you hear that? Must be the wind...: Know when to equip suppressors and
    when not to. Suppressors will easily drop your damage by 25-33%. If you are
    using it for body or limb shots, you are wasting ammo. If you take the time to
    sneak around enemies, you should also take the time to line up headshots,
    otherwise you may end up with a full blown firefight on your hands and have to
    waste time to switch weapons/attachments.
    I don't want to know your name, I just want BANG, BANG, BANG!: Learn which
    weapons handle best with what rate of fire. All of the SMGs and the FAMAS can
    be used in full-auto, while assault rifles like the MTAR21 or SCAR-H CQC
    should be switched to semi-auto for easier handling.
    Are we there yet?: The alternate paths in this game are not provided for your
    sight seeing delight. Alternate paths provide plenty of opportunity to scout
    around before committing to an action, and they allow you to flank around
    when a firefight gets really, really messy (and they will get messy).
    X-fire: Each enemy can only effectively engage one target at a time. While he
    is busy shooting at your teammate, he is leaving himself open for you to shoot
    him. Therefore, always have your team attack from a different angle, so that
    your enemies have to split their focus on multiple directions.
    She likes it in both entries at the same time: When given the chance to enter
    a room from different doors, take your time to plan entry. The fastest and
    easiest way to take down an entire room of enemies is to have your team breach
    one door with explosives, while you breach through another door ready to pop
    the nearest guy. Don't forget to set up target priorities on anyone that you
    don't expect to drop from the initial breaching charge.
    You are not playing Gears of War: Even on insane difficulty, you can still
    take more bullets to the face in Gears of War than you can in R6Vegas on
    normal difficulty. Don't be too reckless, especially when leaning out.
    You are not playing Gears of War (Part 2): Blind fire is VERY inefficient.
    Only use blind fire as a desperate attempt to suppress your enemy, or if an
    enemy is so close to you that you are itching to rev up your chainsaw (which
    you won't have in this game). It's a waste of ammo otherwise. Although, blind
    firing a sniper rifle can bring some unexpected (and funny) results.
    Peek-a-noob, I see YOU: Never peek out of a corner when you are under enemy
    suppressive fire from that corner. You WILL eventually get nailed in the face
    no matter how fast you think you are. Peek out a different direction, or move
    to different cover altogether.
    Tag, You're IT: You can use the Target Priority/Tag command even when you
    aren't using the snake cam. Put your team in infiltrate mode and sneak the
    team into position to get the most out of this trick. Then switch them to
    assault mode when you're ready to watch 2-4 guys drop in half a second.
    SPAM, it's what's for dinner: If you are having difficulty identifying targets
    through the snake cam, you can try spamming the Tag button to see if you
    really are looking at an enemy or not.
    The Art of Hack, by Jung Park: 3 things are GUARANTEED whenever Jung has to 
    hack something:
    1. You will get assaulted by a dozen or two tangos from every direction.
    2. They will, and CAN shoot the computer to destroy it (failing the mission).
    3, Jung will NEVER finish hacking until most or all enemies are eliminated.
    Murphy's Law is in effect: If you see a tango 100m in front of you, he has his
    back turned to you and doesn't see or hear you, and you have both teammates
    and plenty of cover between you and him, you STILL will get nailed in the face
    by his Raging Bull/Desert Eagle.
    Murphy's Law is in effect (Part 2): When you think you've cleared a room, two
    dozen tangos will spawn from every direction.
    Murphy's Law is in effect (Part 3): When you're aiming at a guys head and see
    blood spurt all over the place, don't assume he is dead. You probably just
    shot the ketchup bottle he was wearing under his hat/helmet.
    Murphy played Rainbow 6 Vegas. (I suppose he has a time-machine or something.)
    Marcello killed Murphy. No mercy for Marcello. I'm pretty sure that b1tch
    owed him money too. =)
    Characters                             [CHRS]
    (Some descriptions are taken directly from the manual)
    Logan Keller - Team Leader
    You play Logan Keller, leader of Team Rainbow and the man in the thick of the
    Alpha Team:
    Gabriel Nowak - Electronics and Recon Specialist
    Smart-mouthed and passionate, Gabriel is your go-to man for electronics and
    Kan Akahashi - Heavy Weapons and Demolitions Expert
    The old man of the team, Kan is the voice of reason and the person to call
    when you need to punch big holes in doors.
    Bravo Team:
    Jung Park - Electronics and Recon Specialist
    Respectful and reserved, Jung is an expert in securing critical information
    and keeping you in the know.
    Michael Walter - Heavy Weapons and Demolitions Expert
    Mike is the team's jovial voice and your weapon to suppress the enemy -
    and to blow them sky high.
    Support Staff:
    Joanna Torres - Information Officer
    Although Joanna stays in the chopper, she's crucial to the operation's
    success and feeds you the information you need to keep moving.
    Brody Lukin - Chopper Pilot
    Helicopter pilot Brody drops you into hotspots without breaking a sweat, and
    he's known to crack the occasional joke.
    Irena Morales
    Little is known about Irena except that she seems to be the terrorist leader
    and has all the information about the plan. What her true goal is and who she
    serves, if anyone, are a complete mystery.
    Even less is known about Marcello except that he is part of the Mexican group
    you encounter in the first scene. He's with Irena when you first catch up to 
    her and is subsequently killed by you and your team as you assault the room.
    He is apparently well liked among the terrorist and mercenary group, and news
    of his death brings both dismay and rage to his fellow comrades. Marcello
    himself is of little threat.
    Doctor Smythe & Doctor Williams
    The doctors are both with the NATO advanced weapons research and development
    team working on a project called the Micro-Pulse bomb. They are taken hostage
    and held in Vegas under heavy guard. They are important to the terrorists
    plans and must be rescued at all costs.
    Trish Gracie
    A Vegas reporter seeking to interview one of the terrorist groups at the
    Chinese restaurant near Fremont Street. She is suddenly taken hostage after
    inadvertently overhearing a conversation between terrorists that divulged top-
    secret information about the plan. She must be rescued as part of Rainbow's
    secondary objective of keeping civilian casualties to a minimum.
    Scene 1: Mexican Border                [MEXI]
    Scene Notes:
    -Enemies in this scene wear zero armor, so body shots will be fine for now as
    you get used to aiming.
    -Enemies will have: (Common) AK47, G3KA4, 21E, 870MCS
                        (Uncommon) MAC11, 92FS, MP5N, SV-98
    Inbound                                [S101]
    You start alone with the default load out of an MP5N, 552 Commando, MK.23,
    frags and smoke grenades.
    *** NEW OBJECTIVE: Regroup with Team ***
    Your first target is up the street. He'll be walking perpendicular to you and
    probably won't see you. Easy kill. Move around the corner and hug the wall
    on your right. When you get to the corner with the first car, two guys will
    run out of the side alley. If you can, try to blast them as they run out. As
    soon as they both go down, two or three more guys further down the street will
    run out from the right. Again, try to blast them as they run out, before they
    find cover. Use one of the side alleys to flank if you have to.
    Move up the street and turn right. Find a house on your left with an open
    door. Before you enter the house, equip any of your weapons with a suppressor,
    and sneak over to the lone tango with his back turned to you. Pop him in the
    head for the silent kill and then move over to the door. Use the snake cam to
    identify where the two targets in the room are. If you want to, you can use
    the door on the other corner to line up both targets as you open the door.
    When you're done, go up the stairs and find the room with a ladder than leads
    to the roof. Go up the ladder and eliminate the single tango with his back
    to you. Move over to the rappel at the edge of the roof and proceed downwards.
    You probably noticed there are about 4 guys down here, but they won't notice
    you until you start shooting. Take your time to find cover and adjust your
    aim. Snipe whoever you can, then when it is clear, check the alley to your
    left. If you need to flank, you can use this alley.
    At the end of the street take cover against the truck, then identify the
    tango on the balcony. Take him out ASAP, then anyone on ground level. Wait for
    the last guy to run out of the alley for the easy kill.
    Proceed around the railing and over to the alley. Take cover at the corner,
    identify the tango on the balcony, and the tango on the ground who is about
    to hop over the broken fence. Eliminate the target on the balcony first, then
    try to nail the tango just as he hops over the fence. When it is clear, hop
    over that fence and head towards the church.
    Just as you see the church, you will get a video message that your team has
    landed on the church roof. Get over to the corner and peek out to eliminate
    the 3-5 tangos on the ground. If they don't see or hear you at first, they
    will be looking upwards to the roof. This is the perfect chance to take a few
    down before the others notice you're there. Take them all out, or wait for
    your team to deploy smoke grenades. Use your goggles to see through the smoke
    if you need to.
    When you get into the church, head to the roof to rejoin your team. At this
    point, you will get tangos over the rooftops of adjacent buildings. There is
    plenty of cover on the roof so hide wherever you want, but don't forget to
    tell your team to move to some cover. Eliminate everyone you see on the roof,
    and don't forget the two guys sniping from the roof behind you.
    With your team in tow, head back downstairs towards the other side of the
    church. The double doors will open and spew out dozen or so guys. Again, there
    is plenty of cover between the altar, pews in the middle, and the pillars on
    the sides. Also be sure to check the windows on the right side for another
    dozen or so enemies who will break in through the windows.
    *** OBJECTIVE UPDATED: Reach the Train-Yard ***
    Head outside, aim at the large double doors and press A to order your team to
    set up explosives on the door. Take cover behind the bed of the truck near
    these doors and get ready to snipe. Provide cover for your team as they enter
    and when the area is clear, move in with them towards the alley on the right.
    You will come up to a small building with doors on two sides. Snake them both
    and choose a door to enter from. Tell your team to enter from the other door.
    Breach with C4 and eliminate the 3 targets inside.
    Exit the building and move into the courtyard. The next building will your
    first large firefight. Send your team over to the bottom door, while you run
    up the stairs to the top door. Order your team to frag and clear, and at the
    same time, open your door and blast the guy standing behind it. Move inside
    when it is clear enough and take cover by the railing. Your team should take
    out anyone on the bottom, so work your magic on the guys at the top.
    When everything looks clear, regroup and move to the other end. Be careful
    when you move past the crates because there is sometimes one more guy hiding
    behind there. You should find a fast rope at the end. Send your team down or
    climb down yourself.
    Trainyard                              [S102]
    Your first equipment crate is in this starting room. Pick whatever you want,
    but be sure to bring a long range weapon like an assault rifle with either the
    ACOG scope or the rifle scope. Then bring any other weapon for close range
    work like an SMG or shotgun. You may also want to consider bringing
    flashbangs for later, but your team can handle that.
    You should notice your team has been put into infiltrate mode. Keep them like
    this for now until you get into a serious firefight. You may want to equip
    suppressors yourself if you keep them in infiltrate mode.
    *** NEW OBJECTIVE: Rescue Civilian Hostages ***
    When you move outside, you have a very large area with lots of train cars.
    Slowly move forward and you will eventually see two guys on the ground, one
    guy through a window on the 2nd floor of the building in front of you, and a
    sniper patrolling the bridge. Start with the guys on the ground, then wait for
    anyone who might come out of the building through the front door. Move towards
    the building and up the stairs. There may be a guy here peeking around the
    other corner, oblivious to you. From this point you may also see the sniper
    up on the bridge if you haven't dealt with him already. Go down the ladder on
    the other side and run through the crates. In front of you will be a MG that
    you will want to flank around through the left side, along with about a half
    dozen other enemies scattered in this area.
    At the end of the area you will see two ladders going up. Be on the lookout
    for one more guy hiding behind a flat train car. Climb the ladders when you're
    ready. Go through two empty building rooms until you start hearing people
    talking. Snake cam this room to set up priorities. Switch to Infiltrate, get
    your team stacked up on a door, then order flashbang and clear. When you move
    in, make sure you don't shoot any hostages, or worse, throw a frag grenade
    *** NEW OBJECTIVE: Capture Irena Alive in the Mines ***
    Outside of this room you'll find another equipment crate. There really isn't
    any reason to change weapons unless you want to try different guns, but you
    should at least hit it up for more ammo. If you brought a sniper rifle
    earlier, now is the time to ditch it for something more close-medium range.
    You should also bring a pistol you are comfortable with because you will need
    to use it later.
    Head down the ladder or fast rope. Sneak around the corner to blast a guy
    hiding on the other side. From here you have another big firefight with tangos
    scattered around. The safest route would be to go the long way around
    the train cars and flank around the left side. From this point you should see
    a building. You can enter either through the front door or go around the side
    and down the stairs. You will have 2-3 targets on the ground floor. There may
    or may not also be one guy hiding near the door if you enter in from the
    front. Head down to the ground on the fast ropes.
    Another large firefight will begin as you make your way down to the end of the
    train tracks. The first tango you can engage will be on the left side hiding
    by the corner. Be sure to kill him first or else you'll end up in a crossfire.
    Take cover at the concrete slab at the end of the tracks and engage anyone
    that runs into view. Flank around the left while you send your team around the
    right. You will have two large openings into a room, with a fence that splits
    the room. You will also have a few guys underneath the trains, so watch the
    ladders at the far end. If you want to flank the guys on the other side of the
    fence, you can go down the ladders under the train, and take the other ladder.
    When the dust settles, find the two large elevator shafts that go down. Order
    your team to mount onto the rappel of one side, while you mount on the
    other side. From here, you will have an opportunity to shoot at guys while you
    go down the rappel. You may equip suppressors if you want to be sneakier, and
    don't forget to invert if you are having trouble aiming at them. After three
    floors, you will find a gap you can breach into.
    Mines                                  [S103]
    *** OBJECTIVE: Capture Irena Alive in the Mines ***
    The mines will be clear up until you find the large room where Irena is giving
    out orders. You can go upstairs, but there is no door to breach, just a large
    opening. Alternatively, you can do downstairs which has two doors that can be
    breached. Irena will be inside, and while she will run away at first sight of
    you, try not to kill her or you will fail the mission. Inside this large room
    is the infamous Marcello, though they don't really make it clear on which one
    he is. There will be 4 guys on the ground with Irena, and 2 guys at the top
    patrolling. I recommend setting your team to infiltrate, if they aren't
    already, and clearing with flashbangs, so you don't inadvertently kill Irena.
    Irena will run off and seal double doors behind her. Target these doors and
    order explosives on it.
    *** NEW OBJECTIVE: Locate Teammates ***
    After the short scene, you will find yourself alone, minus your goggles, 
    primary weapons, and grenades. All you have for now is your pistol. This is a
    good time to get acquainted with it, because you usually don't have to use
    your pistol. If you have a weapon that can be equipped with a suppressor,
    equip it now.
    The double doors your team blew up just moments ago are miraculously sealed
    now, so go the other way through the tunnels. As you come up to a hole in a
    wall, start sneaking and look through the hole for a guy with his back turned
    to you. Easy headshot. He'll drop a shotgun for you that you can't pick up
    just yet. Moving down a bit further you will get attacked by a guy on the
    other set of stairs. He will also have a shotgun, so try to take him out fast
    before he makes swiss cheese out of you.
    As a warning, the next several enemies will all have shotguns, so try to keep
    your distance with them, and wait for them to reload before you rush them. Be
    sure to pick up one of their shotguns, because there will be lots of very
    close combat. This is also a good excuse to try out the shotguns which are
    very good in this game, even at medium ranges.
    Clear out the tunnels until you get to a small room. This is a trouble spot
    because there will be tangos on both sides, they will all have shotguns, you
    will not have any grenades to flush them out, and there are no alternate
    routes to take. Go slowly and peek around corners to limit your visibility.
    Expect 3-4 tangos, with AT LEAST one on the left side, and two on the right
    side. Hug the wall on the left and inch your way until you see the first one
    on the right hiding by the crates/sandbags. Stop before you get to the corner.
    Then back up a bit, move over to hug the right wall, and repeat until you see
    the first tango on the left. He should be hiding near a corner of a wall, but
    he may be deeper to the left. When you've bagged at least one tango on each
    side, you'll probably have one more hiding RIGHT around the corner on the
    right side. The last guy in this room likes to hide deeper on the right taking
    cover behind a tall set of crates/sandbags. If you can't see him when you turn
    the right corner, continue hugging the right wall until you flank him. He
    likes to peek out of the left side to cover the exit.
    Exit through the door on the right when finished.
    Escape                                  [S104]
    *** OBJECTIVE: Locate Teammates ***
    Head towards the elevator shaft and find the rope. Climb up. Once at the top,
    silently take out the guy at the top with his back to you. Find and eliminate
    the other 2 tangos walking around. You should be able to pick up a G3KA4 and
    an SV-98 here.
    When you find the room where Kan and Gabe were just at, head right through the
    double doors. In this large room you'll get into a medium-sized firefight.
    Camp the corner for a few idiots to run into your shotgun, then cautiously
    head around the corner. Be on the look out for guys just below you, guys
    climbing up the ladder to your left, and guys walking up the ladder on your
    right. A few stubborn tangos will remain on the ground floor to ambush you as
    you come down. Take the stairs at the far end of the right side, but be sure
    to check the sides and back of the stairs as you walk down.
    From the foot of the stairs, turn left, and head towards the light. The light
    is over a double door that leads to the exit. However, a MG overlooks that
    position, so instead we'll take the alternate path of stairs that head up.
    From the top you'll have a better vantage point, and you can flank the MG.
    There should be only one tango at the top with his back to you, so deal with
    him as you please. Turn your attention to the dozens of enemies below you,
    and pick them off at your own pace. Don't forget the machine gunner at the
    other end. Walk down the catwalk on the left towards the stairs to flank him.
    If you want, you can use this recently liberated machine gun to finish off
    the remaining tangos. Head down the stairs but focus on the large opening to
    your left. There will be one last guy down here either on the left or on the
    right hiding behind the sandbags. As soon as the area is clear, wait for the
    heli to land and hitch a ride.
    Be sure to change your equipment while you listen to the briefing, before you
    land in Vegas.
    Scene 2: Calypso Casino                [CALY]
    Scene Notes:
    - Enemies will start off with a mix of zero or light armor, but they will
    all eventually have light armor. Now is the time to get used to pulling off
    constant headshots, but body shots with any of the bigger guns will be fine.
    - Enemies are armed with: (Common) AUG A3, MAC 11, SPAS 12, 21E, P90
                              (Uncommon) Glock 18, SV-98, Desert Eagle, MP5N
    - You can find the` first shield near a dead SWAT officer just after you meet
    your new team.
    The Strip                              [S201]
    *** OBJECTIVE UPDATED: Breach into the Casino ***
    Welcome to Sin City. You'll begin alone, but you'll join your new team at the
    landing zone. For this mission, I suggest a load out of some serious automatic
    firepower. LMGs and ARs or SMGs with scopes if you prefer. Smoke grenades and
    frags will do nicely.
    This is one of my favorite missions because it's one intense firefight after
    another. The level is fairly straight forward with almost no alternate routes.
    Expect a force of about 50 or more. Some of them will be packing sniper rifles
    so be on the look out. All targets will be on ground level, so don't worry
    about snipers on high ground. Cars make interesting cover because you can peek
    out and shoot through the windows. Be sure to keep your head down by crouching
    since most of the cover on this level won't be standing height.
    When you've met your new team, move out towards the black truck in the middle.
    You should be able to see two tangos chatting behind the car past the two
    taxis in the middle. Snipe who you can and send your team over behind those
    two taxis. You will get half a dozen or more enemies coming out at the end of
    the road blockade from the right. If you wish to flank, your alternate routes
    are around the right side of the bus to the right sidewalk, or across the
    center divider passage on your left to the other street.
    If you pass through the center divider, be careful with the first car on your
    left, as one tango likes to camp behind the car. There will also be another
    tango behind the bus in front of you.
    The route around the right of the bus on the sidewalk will let you come up on
    several guys at the same time, allowing your to clear this section fairly
    fast. If you take this path, you can take cover near the over turned black
    There are plenty of cars for cover, but if you find yourself getting shot as
    you move between cars, drop a smoke grenade. Just don't drop a smoke grenade
    on an area that is getting suppressive fire because you might get nailed by
    the crossfire.
    Clear up to the first road blockade and move through the center over to the
    left side if you haven't already. This section of road will be very similar
    to the first, except tango reinforcements will run out from the right side,
    and there will be a machine gun propped up at the end of the road blockade.
    Don't forget to regroup with your team if they are lagging behind you. Try to
    keep your team in the middle of the road behind cars so that they can provide
    covering fire AND take the brunt of incoming fire while you flank around the
    left sidewalk. Continue flanking until you hit the next blockade but watch the
    very end behind the palm tree just before the broken white trailer van. Also
    watch your right for anyone hiding behind cars. They should be concentrating
    their fire on your team in the middle, providing you ample opportunity to give
    them brass ear plugs. If not, drop another smoke grenade to mask your
    approach. Once at the end of the blockade, finish off anyone hiding behind
    cars, and don't forget to clear that machine gun emplacement if it isn't
    Regroup and head through the middle passage with another bus at the end. Flank
    around behind the bus and peek around the back to engage the first group of
    tangos down the street. Continue flanking towards the right sidewalk when you
    think it is safe and head down towards the last blockade.
    You may notice the news helicopter gets shot out of the sky by an RPG. Don't
    panic, they won't use it on you. Again, keep your team in the middle of the
    road behind cars or trucks to trade suppressing fire.
    If you need to resupply, there is an equipment crate behind a trailer van near
    the right side of the road.
    Watch out for snipers in this area. When you've cleared up to the next road
    blockade, move through the group of vehicles in the center path. This will be
    a particularly messy fight because tangos with LMGs will come spewing out of
    the front of the casino. Avoid going through the middle path due to enemy
    crossfire. Expect a few enemies with a sniper in the group to the left side.
    If you remember that MG emplacement you passed up in the middle, they will be
    in that area. The safest path is to flank to the right and move on the
    outside. Smoke grenades will be very useful for this area. If you need more
    smoke grenades, take the time to go back to the last supply crate. You don't
    want to die here and have to start at the beginning again. A good spot to camp
    is near the gray pickup truck, and when you've cleared a bit, the last taxi.
    It may be hard to see through the smoke, but there is a MG turret set up at
    the very back on top of a severely damaged pickup truck.
    When it is clear, move up to the marked objective wall and order your team set
    demolition charges. Move inside this hole to find yourself in a small office.
    The first hall will be clear up to the well-lit double doors. Stack your team
    up and snake the door for target priorities. One tango is patrolling this
    hall. This is a good opportunity to equip suppressors and/or move in
    infiltrate mode, but it's not necessary.
    The last room has three different entries. One on the left, in the middle, and
    on the right. The right entry has no door, but the other two do. Snake, tag
    targets, then move in through whatever two entries with your team. Remember
    to crouch if you take cover behind the cubicle walls. Also, be cautious when
    moving up on cubicles as enemies tend to hide inside them and wait to ambush
    you. Move through the office to the door at the end to continue.
    Security                               [S202]
    *** OBJECTIVE UPDATED: Hack Security Network to Find Smythe's Location ***
    Finally inside the casino, you start in a maintenance hall. The next room will
    be a fairly large slot machine area split into two sections. You have two
    doors to enter from. First, head to the door on the right, snake it, and tag
    the first two tangos just on the other side. Stack your team on the door, and
    head back to the door on the left. Snake this door, and note the two tangos
    conversing on the very left, and the single tango patrolling the area. If you
    can time it properly, try to down the patrol, if not, just be sure to bag him
    after these first two pairs fall, before moving deeper into the room. Time
    your attack in tandem with your team. Order them to clear with frags, while
    you open your door, peek out to the left and take care of business on your
    side. When it's clear, move your team inside to watch the right side, while
    you hug the left wall.
    This next part will be sure to infuriate you the first few times.
    Assuming you are still hugging the wall on the left, the door in front of you
    will open with 2-3 tangos armed with the notorious SPAS 12. The quickest
    approach is to rush straight up there and unload as they run out the door.
    While you are dealing with these guys, your team should be busy in the middle
    with guys coming from the second room of slot machines on your right. Flank
    around the outside wall and move your team up to the pillars.
    There may be one or two tangos hiding behind the slot machines, but in this
    room, your main focus will be dealing with half a dozen tangos that come out
    of the cashier room. This is pretty easy if you do it like this: Stand to the
    left of the first group of 4 slot machines on the left. You should have a good
    angle on the cashier window. If you stand here and aim through the window, you
    should be able to blast most, if not all, of the tangos that come into that
    room. Take your time, but watch your left side for flankers. Clean up the rest
    of the bunch by flanking on the left or right walls. Be careful when entering
    the cashier room because one or two guys may sit behind the counter and try to
    take potshots out the window.
    From the cashier room, head out the hallways, then rappel down the elevator
    shaft. Wait for your team to come down, and switch into infiltrate mode. It's
    up to you if you want to use a suppressor yourself. Sneak your way into the
    large vent and peek into the vault door room. Prioritize the first two tangos
    you see on the right, then tell your team to hold position near that opened
    vent. Sneak your way to the left side. At the very next vent (closed) you
    should see another pair of tangos. Time your attack with your team and clear
    the room when ready. Move into the room and stop before the large vault door.
    Near the vault door you may have one or two tangos already waiting inside. If
    you can take them out without going through the door, go ahead, but otherwise
    you can wait to trigger a large firefight in that room. When it is safe, 
    quickly run through to the opposite side of the vault door, then run back the
    same way and find cover. This triggers the spawning of several enemies who
    will come out of those double doors. If you can time it properly, you may also
    want to chuck a frag down to those double doors just before you run back.
    Shoot anyone that comes out of those double doors. If there are any survivors
    in the middle, clear them out with frags or send your team to clear it. When
    you move inside, be sure to check your right side for tangos on the balcony or
    hiding in the staircase. Head through either door on the bottom level (they
    are connected) and watch for the lone tango that will charge you from down the
    At the end of this hallway, you have two paths into a large, two-level room.
    You can take the staircase on your left to go up top, or take the double
    doors to your right which lead to the bottom floor. I suggest sending your
    team through the bottom and clearing the top yourself. Your targets consist of
    a pair of tangos at the bottom, and another pair of tangos in one of the rooms
    After clearing, follow the objective marker to the office with the computer
    Jung needs to hack. As soon as Jung starts hacking, find a place to camp on
    either the left of right doorways from the office. You can send Michael to
    cover the other side if you want to, or let him sit near the window and cover
    Jung. Tangos will appear in four spots. From the left or right staircases,
    and from the two double doors at the bottom. Engage at will, making use of
    crossfire and grenades when appropriate. If you are confident and want to
    speed this fight up, you can all sit by the window in the office which gives
    you little cover, but a good vantage point on all of the entrances.
    *** OBJECTIVE UPDATED: Rescue VIP: Dr. Smythe ***
    Head downstairs and find the other double doors marked as an objective. Moving
    down the hall, you will hear some tangos talking. They are in a small office
    to the right. You have two doors to enter from. Snake and tag, clear at will.
    Go through the next two doors into a hallway that ends with double doors.
    Snake the door, and watch the right side for two tangos patrolling. Tag them
    both, stack your team and order explosives at the right moment. OR, you can
    wait for them to pass the door and pop out when they aren't looking. Move in
    through the halls, and up the stairs to another set of double doors.
    Prime Time                             [S203]
    *** NEW OBJECTIVE: Save the Hostages From Being Executed on TV ***
    There is an equipment crate in this room. My suggested load out is the shield
    and Desert Eagle (if you have them). Otherwise, bring a shotgun or SMG. A
    sniper rifle or assault rifle with scope will also come in handy for the
    coming battle. Smoke grenades will also be very helpful, but keep in mind you
    can't throw grenades with the shield in your hands, and putting away the
    shield for a moment to toss a grenade takes time you may not have.
    Stack your team up on the doors, snake and tag the guy at the other end of the
    room and anyone else you can see behind the counter. Switch to infiltrate and
    order smoke and clear. Move in with the smoke and rush the guys behind the 
    counter. They'll have shotguns so you may throw frags over the counter if you
    want to play it safe.
    You see those stairs/escalators that lead several floors up to the top? Guess
    what, you have to climb each and every one of those flights, fighting your way
    through tons of tangos on EVERY floor. To make things worse, there are a few
    MG turrets. Furthermore, there is very little cover and only a few rooms to
    hide in.
    First things first: You start at the bottom of the staircase. When you move
    toward the small fountain, you'll trigger about 4 guys who fast rope down from
    the ceiling. These are easy kills as you can drop them before they even hit
    the ground, and even if they do get to the ground alive, they won't be in
    cover for a second or two as they dismount. However, you should watch out for
    the first MG turret above the aquarium. It can be hard to shoot this guy from
    your position, but don't move up until he is down.
    From here on, things are going to get very messy. If you have the shield, that
    should make things a lot easier, otherwise, you're going to have to run from
    cover to cover, always double checking for flankers. On one side of every
    floor is a staircase, and on the other side are escalators. One or the other
    will be broken on each floor, so you'll have to go back and forth to climb to
    the top. You'll have to contend with about 2-3 dozen tangos who will attack
    your from either your current floor, the floor above you, or both. The second
    MG turret will be on the 4th floor.
    Finally at the top, you'll find an equipment crate. Equip anything you want,
    but be sure to bring something OTHER than a shotgun because you'll have to
    fight around hostages in the very next room. An SMG is preferred.
    Both speed and caution will be required for the next room. You have less than
    a minute to set up and clear before the tangos start blasting hostages. Inside
    are 3 tangos, and 4 hostages. The hostages will be next to each other on the
    stage and will be crouching down. Two tangos will be up on the stage behind
    the hostages, and the last one will be on the ground.
    You should have enough time to snake and tag two terrorists, but you don't
    have to. Switch to infiltrate mode, stack your team on the first door, then
    move to the other. Order flash and clear, then take out the first tango you
    see as you open your door. QUICKLY head down the stage and look out to the
    glass double doors on the other end of the room. 3 more tangos will spawn in
    and try to come through the door. Drop them as they pop out. Don't worry about
    the hostages, they will run off on their own. You won't have to escort them.
    *** OBJECTIVE UPDATED: Rescue VIP: Dr. Smythe ***
    If you care to, you can run back to the equipment box before proceeding.
    Dr. Smythe                             [S204]
    Sneak down the hall and equip suppressors. Watch for a guy on the right side
    patrolling nearby. Eliminate him, then move to the left side and snipe the guy
    patrolling the far end. From the railings, you may be able to see tangos on 
    the bottom floor. Snipe them if you can, otherwise move around the right side.
    In the middle of the right side is a door into a small room. Eliminate the two
    inside (if they didn't already come out) then exit and continue down towards
    the stairs. At this point, tangos MAY fast rope down from the roof. If they
    do, take them out now. If they don't, that means they will come down later as
    you descend into the main slot machine room.
    The stairs at the end are your only way down, but depending on how many you
    were able to take out before getting to the stairs it may or may not be a
    death trap of crossfire. If it seems safe, head down and take cover by the
    slot machines or by the pillars. If it is still crawling with tangos. Head up
    the stairs to the other side and try to pick them off over the railings. Drop
    smoke as needed.
    When you manage to move past the stairs, you'll be greeted by two groups of
    tangos, one on each side. Some of them will rush you, and some of them will
    take cover at the end of the room by more slot machines. If you weren't
    attacked by tangos fast roping from the ceiling earlier, they should come down
    now. Cover one side yourself and move your team to cover the opposite side.
    Continue down opposite walls to flank the remaining enemies.
    At the end of this room you'll see a small door to your right and two large
    openings in front. Inside the room to your right will be an equipment crate.
    Send your team down the stairs to the door in this room. There should be two
    tangos right on the other side of the door. Stack, breach with C4 and clear.
    While they do their thing, head back out to the two large openings that lead
    out of the slot machine room. Take cover behind the middle pillar and watch
    for tangos coming out of the left.
    Exit out one of the several doors to the left. Take care as you go through the
    doors, as sometimes a small group of tangos will still be behind the next wall
    and will suddenly pop out and rush you.
    The map will load but you are still technically in the same scene.
    You have finally caught up with Dr. Smythe and his abductors. He will be in a
    bar below you surrounded by about 10 tangos. You have two main paths here. You
    can take the stairs down to the front door of the bar. The are glass windows
    but they won't see you through the windows as long as you are quiet. Your
    alternate path is by rappelling or fast roping off the roof. The roof has
    multiple rappel and fast rope points. Some will be right near Dr. Smythe, some
    will drop you right into the middle of the room, and some at the end will let
    you get to the back of the bar.
    I recommend going in through the front door or rappelling from the sides. You
    probably shouldn't use the fast rope in the middle of the roof. From the roof,
    you may be able to snipe a few through the windows. If you decide to rappel,
    you should send your team through the front door or through the other rappel,
    because you will attract too much attention breaking through the window.
    When the room is clear, move close to the doctor and press A to get him to
    follow you. He will follow fairly close to you, so if you need to him to stop
    and find some place to hide, press A on him again.
    Extraction                             [S205]
    *** OBJECTIVE UPDATED: Escort VIP to Extraction Point ***
    Exit out the backdoor of the bar. Moving through the hall you may see or hear
    a tango. He's taking cover around the corner with a SPAS 12 ready to splatter
    you over the wall. Don't let him do that. Splatter HIM all over the wall with
    a frag. Or just rush him if he doesn't want to come out.
    At the next door, stack up, move and clear. If you were noisy dealing with the
    shotgun guy, they might be hiding in the cubicles. Frag and clear if so. There
    is another equipment crate in the middle of the room. At the next visible
    door, there is one guy hiding on the other side. He may come out if you were
    noisy. Otherwise, move up to the door and take care of him quietly before he
    becomes a problem or warns the others in the next room.
    The next area is a large gambling hall. You can go down the stairs, or up the
    escalator. Alternatively, you can go back into the room with the equipment
    crate and head down the stairs and into a cashier room. Stealth will make this
    encounter easier. Stay in assault mode but equip a suppressed weapon. Snipe as
    many as you can before a full firefight breaks out. Tangos will reinforce from
    the stairs/escalators on the other end of the room.
    Head to the opposite side of the room when it is clear. To the left is a hall
    with 4 more tangos. Throw frags to finish this quickly. Go through the doors
    to end up in the garage. There will be some friendly SWAT wearing heavy armor.
    They won't shoot you, so don't confuse them with tangos. At the end will be
    a communications van with two FBI agents. Bring the doctor over to them.
    Get to the heli to end the mission.
    Scene 3: Downtown Vegas                [DOWN]
    Scene Notes:
    - Enemies are wearing medium armor, but some will still have light armor.
    - Enemies are packing: (Common) MG36, 552 Commando, SPAS 12, P90
                           (Uncommon) SV-98, Desert Eagle, Raging Bull
    - Enemies in the maintenance tunnel of Fremont Street like to throw incendiary
    Exclusive Gone Wrong                   [S301]
    *** OBJECTIVE UPDATED: Rescue News Reporter ***
    Upon landing on the roof, equip suppressor and confirm your team is still in
    infiltration. Sneak over to the skylight and scope out the terrorists from all
    angles. Identify all tangos visible from the roof, then tag two for your team.
    Position your team over to the window where they have a firing angle on those
    tags, then find a target or two for yourself. There are 5 terrorists inside,
    two on ground floor towards the middle, two on the elevated path at the back,
    and one more on the right hiding by the top of the stairs. Depending on how
    much noise you make, you may get one more tango incoming from the hallway
    behind this room.
    Your two entries are fast roping through the roof skylight, or rappelling
    over the roof into either side windows.
    Inside, head up the stairs to the right and snake the double doors if they
    aren't already open. There may be one patrolling this hall. Tag him and clear
    silently if possible. The rest of the hall should be clear for you to scout
    out the next large room. All of the doors lead into this same room.
    This next fight will be big, so take your time snaking each door and locating
    Alternate route is back at the lobby and down through the door in the middle.
    This hall should also be clear, and like the hall upstairs, has several doors
    that lead into the same room. This path leads to the bottom floor of the large
    room indicated above.
    The bottom floor has much more cover than the top and will only have half a
    dozen threats while the top floor is highly defended by more than a dozen
    tangos. Also note the small opening in the center of the room that allows
    engagement between floors and has fast rope mounts.
    You should develop your own strategy based on your play style, but here are a
    few strategies you may want to try:
    1. Ignore the bottom floor and engage only at the top floor with your team.
    This allows you to be near your team if they get downed, and gives you the
    opportunity to clear 4-5 tangos positioned near the doors. Also, as the fight
    drags on, the tangos at the bottom floor will conveniently move upstairs to
    reinforce. The downside of this plan is that there will be very little cover
    to utilize, and the fight may take a long time to finish.
    2. Stack your team at the top floor but have them wait. Head down and clear
    the bottom floor silently by yourself. As you flank up the stairs at the back,
    order your team to frag or smoke and clear while the enemy is distracted on
    you. You can take cover by the top of the stairs, but you will have to split
    focus on both the top floor and reinforcements coming in from the bottom
    floor. The downside of this plan is that you will be alone at the bottom, you
    will be very split off from your team, and you may get overrun by enemy
    reinforcements coming from the back rooms on both floors. Grenades will be
    especially helpful when trying to deal with enemies on both floors.
    3. Ignore the top floor and engage only at the bottom floor with your team.
    The opposite of plan one allows you to clear the room with more cover. Enemies
    at the top will fast rope down to you and reinforce the room. The downside of
    this plan is that it may be difficult to get upstairs from the bottom, and you
    will be getting shot at from higher ground.
    When you've cleared both floors, move onto the next hall for yet another big
    firefight. This next room will also be split by top and bottom floors, but it
    will have a very large open center unlike the last room. There will also be
    an MG turret up high on the left side, and a sniper hiding in a room at the
    First thing you should do is quietly take out the sniper since he is alone.
    Use one of the strategies I mentioned above, but keep in mind there will be
    far more fire exchanged between floors, plus the MG turret. Reinforcements
    will only come in from the top floor, but they can fast rope down. Also, note
    that the top floor will be clear on your side of the room.
    I suggest clearing the bottom floor with your team through the right door to
    avoid the MG turret. Tag the guy patrolling the center and order frags or
    smokes on clear. As soon as you pass the door, order your team to regroup and
    head towards the right, hugging the wall. Stay crouching to use the tables as
    cover. Clear this back area and camp here for several minutes. Allow the
    enemy reinforcements to come down to you so you can bag them one by one. When
    the remaining tangos refuse to come down, carefully head up the stairs and
    eliminate the rest.
    Head through the back to find fast ropes. Head down to continue.
    *** OBJECTIVE UPDATED: Rescue News Reporter ***
    You'll find yourself in a corridor similar to the past few halls, but the
    left side opens into the room where the reporter is being held hostage. Your
    Alternate paths are through the front doors, or through the side door from an
    empty room on the right side. You can also take the stairs on the right up to
    another door. This door leads to a dining room with a balcony that overlooks
    the hostage position.
    To rescue the reported as quickly as possible, I recommend going through the
    empty side room on the right. This room will lead you to a position right
    behind them. The hostage may be partly in the way of a tango, but when you
    attack, she will hit the ground leaving him open to you. Be sure to nail the
    tango right next to the reporter first to prevent him from executing her.
    Your immediate threats are three on the ground by the hostage, with two or
    three more above you on the stairs and balcony.
    As you enter the room, watch the stairs and the balcony ahead of you on the
    right for tangos coming down. Camp by the reporter and wait for a few more
    tangos to run out. You will know it is clear when the reporter stands up and
    talks to you. She will run out to safety by herself. You don't need to escort
    *** OBJECTIVE UPDATED: Locate and Hack the Transmitter in the Van ***
    Proceed to the end of the room to engage another group of tangos. Camp out
    until they stop coming down the stairs, but be aware of one or two stragglers
    that may be hiding in the back. Find a spot with a clear line of sight to the
    stairs and you should be able to wipe them out before they even make it down.
    Move up through the passage they came out of to continue.
    Fremont                                [S302]
    You start in a small room with slot machines and two open doorways leading to
    the Fremont Street. As soon as you move to the doors, you'll get attacked by
    three tangos shooting at you past a family. They won't actively try to kill
    the civilians, but you should be careful with your own shots. When you clear
    them out, the family will reunite.
    Send your team down the middle over to cover, then look to the left for a
    ladder that leads up to the neon lights that spell, "DOUBLOONS". From up here
    you will have a good sniping spot to attack several groups of incoming tangos,
    while your team at the bottom takes the brunt of attacks. Take cover by one of
    the last neon lights and aim out to the right. Look for the SIROCCO sign and
    the car on display. Several enemies will run out from this street ready for
    you to pick off. Stay there for several minutes until the reinforcements stop.
    When you've cleared the majority of enemies, run around the corner to the back
    to find another ladder heading down. 
    Easter Egg                             [EEGG]
    At the bottom of the ladder, you will find a small black bottle of AXE. It's
    sitting on top of a ledge near the first tall palm tree you see on the left.
    Shoot it once to trigger an easter egg in the game. Enjoy the short video.
    Flank the remaining tangos hiding on this side. When you come up to the cross
    street, you will find a MG turret on the left, all the way in the back. If you
    prefer, you can snipe him and head down the street. Otherwise, your alternate
    route is to run past him to the right side and find the small alley at the
    If you snipe the MG turret and head down this street, you will encounter 3-4
    tangos coming out of an alley on your right side.
    If you want to flank the MG turret by running past him, you will encounter
    3-4 tangos coming out of an alley on your left side. Inside the alley will
    be 2-3 more.
    Whichever street you take, head into the nearby alley and find the stairs
    going down. Enter the door and take the fast ropes down to continue.
    After the map loads, you'll be in a maintenance tunnel.
    *** OBJECTIVE UPDATED: Locate and Hack the Transmitter in the Van ***
    Running through, you will find a shield resting on the wall underneath some
    graffiti. I suggest you pick it up to make this area easier. You will need
    short-medium range weaponry, so dump your long-ranged weapon for the shield.
    In any case, I'll continue this area assuming you DIDN'T bring a shield.
    Passing the shield, turn two corners for the first engagement. There will be
    two tangos in the immediate area with another half dozen tangos reinforcing
    from a passage on the right. One tango will be at the end of the concrete
    pillars, and another will be behind a crate at the far end near a locked gate.
    Eliminate the nearest threat, and rush to take cover behind the first pillar.
    Peek out to the right and pick off the reinforcements as they come out. If
    you don't kill them right away, watch out for incendiary grenades they like
    to throw.
    The next room will have two double doors. It'll be dark inside so be ready to
    switch on your goggles. I recommend thermal over night vision. Stack your
    team up to the furthest door so they can nail the tango on the other side of
    the door with C4. Enter from the first door in tandem and clear the room.
    Fairly simple fight as long as you keep your thermal vision on. 3-4 tangos in
    the immediate area with 3 more reinforcements coming in through the back.
    Run down the corridors to find an equipment crate. If you didn't bring a
    shield and you had trouble with the last section, here is your last chance to
    pick one up. You will need a medium-long range weapon for the end of this
    This next fight will be troublesome, but not particularly big. Switch to
    infiltration mode.
    Sneak through the next door and over to the window with your team. Tag the two
    nearest threats, one of which is patrolling the catwalk. Look across to a
    room on your left with another window. You should be able to barely identify
    a third tango. You want to eliminate him ASAP because he will be sniping you
    with a raging bull. Let your team handle the closest two targets.
    With the top floor secure, direct your attention to the ground floor. Several
    tangos will be hiding behind machinery, so take your time picking them off
    before you descend. Use the catwalk for cover and turn on your thermal vision
    to aid you in identifying targets. There are about 4-6 tangos down there.
    Your routes for descending are the fast rope mounts on the catwalk, and stairs
    from the control room.
    Once on the bottom floor, you will encounter another 2-4 tangos coming out of
    a passage on the left. Head to the back to trigger yet another 3-4 tangos who
    will rush out on the catwalk behind you to flank. Watch for them trying to
    fast rope and blast the ones that do. Snipe anyone left trying to hide on the
    catwalk. Continue towards the corridor, but stop at the corner. Turn on your
    thermals to help you see the tango trying to ambush you at the end. Next,
    look for the tango trying to ambush you from above the pipes on your right
    side. Run to the corner of the end of this corridor and peek out to engage
    1-2 tangos hiding behind some barrels. Push on to the next corner and shoot
    the last tango hiding around the corner on the right.
    Continue through the passage and up the stairs. Find the ladder at the end and
    climb up.
    Mafia House                            [S303]
    Switch to infiltrate and equip suppressors, then move out the first door to
    exit the maintenance area and enter the Mafia House. Quickly stack up on the
    first door you see and wait for a tango to open the door. Drop him and then
    order flash and clear. Inside the room, look to the right for an open door
    and kill anyone that tries to come in. Move out through this door and clear
    the hall, then clear the room on the right. On the left side will be a storage
    or freezer room with two tangos conversing behind a transparent curtain. Clean
    them out.
    You now have two routes to enter into the dining room. You can go through the
    storage room and up the stairs into the kitchen, or, you can go back into the
    hall and find the stairs that lead into another hall with two bathrooms.
    I suggest taking the stairs up to the bathrooms. There shouldn't be anyone
    inside the bathrooms but it doesn't hurt to snake them to be sure. When you
    are ready, snake the double doors on the right. You should only see one tango.
    He'll be patrolling, so wait for him to turn his back, then open the door and
    give him a surprise. Enter into the dining room and take cover anywhere you
    can. Fight across the room and stop at the corner where the room opens up on
    the right. You can take cover behind corner with the plant on top. Move up to
    the next corner until you see the some double doors to your left. Wait for
    1-2 more tangos or chuck a grenade inside.
    You'll enter a hall with stairs going down. Send your team to the double doors
    at the bottom of the stairs, then head back up to the single door with the
    sign that says, "Employees Only, Entry forbidden". Sneak inside to find an
    equipment crate. Be sure to take a medium-long range weapon like a LMG or a
    rifle. Creep up to the window. You'll see a sniper outside walking on the
    second floor of an apartment/motel. Pop his head along with anyone else you
    can see through the window. Order your team to frag/smoke/flash and clear,
    then join them downstairs. Watch for a tango hiding behind the communications
    van trying to snipe you with a raging bull. DO NOT THROW A GRENADE AT HIM, or
    you risk blowing up the communications van early and failing the objective.
    Send Jung over to hack rear of the van. While you do that, find a spot to take
    defensive position in front of the van. I recommend camping behind the white
    pickup on the right, and position Michael over on the left side behind the
    concrete bricks. Get ready for a frontal assault. As soon as you see smoke,
    start unloading relentlessly into the smoke. Also be on the lookout for a
    sniper trying to climb onto a scaffolding on your far left. If you can't see
    him, but you are sure he is there, try to shoot the explosive barrel on top
    of the scaffolding for an easy kill.
    Jung will finish after you've killed them all.
    *** OBJECTIVE UPDATED: Destroy the Van ***
    Order Michael to set up explosives on the van.
    *** OBJECTIVE UPDATED: Extract to Chopper ***
    Wait for the heli to land, then board. Next stop is Vertigo Tower, which you
    can clearly see behind you.
    Scene 4: Vertigo Tower                 [VERT]
    Scene Notes:
    - Enemies wear: Medium or Heavy Body Armor
    - Enemies carry: (Common) 870MCS, P90, 552 Commando, UMP45, MG36, G36C
                     (Uncommon) 92FS
    Tower Assault                          [S401]
    *** OBJECTIVE UPDATED: Assault the Tower and Make Your Way Down ***
    You begin on the roof of the vertigo tower with several entry points. Your
    choices include: Door to stairs with fast rope, two separate skylights with
    fast ropes, and finally two separate rappels off the roof.
    My recommendation: send your team to the roof stairs while you rappel from the
    furthest mount. Attach your pistol suppressor and invert. Immediately you
    should notice 4 tangos through the window in a dining room. For your own
    convenience, tag two of the farther tangos so you can keep track of their
    locations. Pop the nearest tango just below you, then proceed to pick-off
    anyone else in the room. One of the tangos may hide behind the bar. If you
    can't get an angle on him, climb back onto the roof and look through the
    skylight. Regroup with your team and proceed downwards.
    At the bottom, send your team to stack on the left door. Snake and tag the guy
    in front, and the second guy hiding over to the very right. Sneak yourself
    over to the other door. Two tangos are conversing behind this door. They will
    be distracted enough for you to quickly peek out of the corner and blast them
    both. Use a grenade if necessary. Now, order your team to room clear however
    you want. Noise won't be a factor if you eliminated everyone else on this
    Swing over through the lounge you should have cleared at the beginning and go
    down the stairs. Head down the stairs as quickly as possible because you'll be
    forced into a firefight as you come down. Throw smokes if necessary. There is
    cover just at the foot of the stairs. Stay crouched to make use of the low
    ledges. Eliminate the 5+ terrorists here.
    Go down the stairs quietly and switch to suppressed weapons. At the bottom of
    these stairs you have doors for two bathrooms, a double door for a bar, and an
    opening to a dark room labeled as a Terrace. Stack your team on the bar door,
    then sneak into the terrace and turn on your goggles to find two tangos
    looking away. Dispose of them quietly, then head to the door of the women's
    bathroom. Snake this door to identify the lone tango. Quickly open the door
    and pop him before he even realizes it. Retreat back to your team to snake the
    door to the lounge and tag two tangos. There are 4-5 tangos inside the bar. 2
    in the front, 2 at the back. Switch back to assault and clear at will.
    At the other end, you'll find an exit. Stack and snake to find 3 tangos
    behind the door. Tag two, breach/frag/flash and clear. Once outside, position
    your team behind some of the trees and prepare for a counterattack. After,
    move between the couches on the right and eliminate 3-4 more tangos. Now
    check the opposite side for any remnants.
    Find the rappel mount between the two pools and climb down.
    *** OBJECTIVE UPDATED: Rescue Dr. Williams ***
    From the roof, you can take the door on the left to go down stairs, or you can
    rappel off the roof near the neon lights. Equip pistol suppressor and take the
    rappel down. As you get to the window, invert and wait for two tangos and a
    civilian to rush out. I don't think you can save this civilian, but you can
    sure avenge him. After the murder they'll stand around for a bit to talk. Take
    this opportunity to send 'em to hell. Be swift and discreet to not alert the
    baddies in the next room.
    Two double doors lead into the next room with 7 tangos standing fairly close
    together. Stack your team on the first door and get yourself ready on the
    second door. Simultaneously order breach and clear while you open your door.
    Try to take out the tangos deeper in the room to the left and right. Don't
    forget the tangos hiding behind the bar counter. Throwing a frag yourself will
    work too. If done correctly, all 7 tangos will drop in less than 2 seconds.
    Very fun.
    Exit out the metal double doors and watch the opening on your right for an
    attack. Drop 3 tangos here and proceed to the next door. If you snake, you'll
    notice Dr. Williams standing on the balcony with a tango ready to execute him.
    Tag this tango and someone else. Breach or flash and clear. You don't really
    need to, but there is a second door on the left if you want to set up a
    crossfire. Eliminate the three tangos and walk over to Dr. Williams to find
    out what's up. Enjoy the fireworks show taking place in the other tower.
    *** OBJECTIVE UPDATED: Defuse the Bomb Located in the Bar of the Tower ***
    You don't have to rush down to defuse the bomb, so take your time. Head out
    through the door that says "Employees Only".
    Tower Bar                              [S402]
    In this room you'll find an equipment crate. You don't need anything special.
    Resupply if necessary then move on.
    The next room is quite large, featuring two sections separated by stairs. One
    section will be raised. The bottom section has two double doors on the same
    side, while the raised section will have one entrance. Position your team on
    the furthest door on the bottom, then head upstairs.
    Snake the door and look to your left. You should see two or more tangos aiming
    at the bottom door. You'll want to handle them swiftly before you order your
    team to clear inside. There should be another 2 at the top but you won't be
    able to see them from this position. Clear what you can and head inside. Order
    your team inside as well. While your team is busy downstairs. head all the way
    to the back to find a small change cart near the railing. From this spot you
    will be able to snipe reinforcements coming out of a door below you. Your
    thermal goggles will be handy for spotting threats through the railing. Drop
    smoke on yourself if you need extra cover. Kill about 8-10 terrorists on the 
    bottom floor then regroup with your team below.
    Move through the door at the end and stack up at the next door where you hear
    terrorists chatting. Snake and tag both. Clear through then watch the stairs
    for two or three more tangos patrolling the stairway. Climb all the way down
    the stairs to engage two more terrorists at the very bottom. Order your team
    to stack on the first double doors near the piano. Snake and tag two in the
    back. Back up and run outside through the opening on the left. Sneak past the
    window and identify any terrorists you didn't tag. Order a room clear and bag
    someone at the same time. Watch for two tangos up on the balcony to your
    right. I count 4 tangos on the bottom floor near the bomb.
    When it is clear, order Michael to defuse the bomb.
    *** OBJECTIVE UPDATED: Extract to Chopper ***
    Double back to the top of those stairs you came down earlier. At the top, a
    door previously locked will bust open for a single tango. Eliminate and
    continue inside. It's clear from here to the heli. Go on up the stairs to the
    roof. Take the short rappel down and board the heli.
    Scene 5: Dante's Casino                [DANT]
    Scene Notes:
    - Enemies carry: (Common) MP5N, UMP45, FAMAS, XM-26 LSS
                     (Uncommon) USP40, AUG A3
    - Be especially wary of enemies with the XM-26 LSS. They like to go full-auto
      with it.
    Hell's Gate                            [S501]
    *** OBJECTIVE UPDATED: Locate Gabriel and Kan ***
    As soon as you land you'll walk into an ambush. Your paths down are the stairs
    on the right, and a fast rope on the left side. Make note of the balcony ahead
    of you as you can use it to engage the terrorists down below. You can either
    send your team over to the balcony while you head down, or you can cover your
    team from the balcony yourself and send your team up ahead. Also, be aware of
    a few red canisters scattered around the area that will blow up when shot. The
    first encounter consists of 8-10 terrorists.
    If you choose to stay up and provide cover, watch for the tango on the turret
    at the far end. Send your team down to the right and have them secure the
    right side. Take your time moving them up and helping them clear because
    you'll be forced to go down there early to save them if things get messy. The
    fast rope on the left side is the quickest way down.
    If you choose to go down, send your team over to the balcony then take the
    stairs on your right. Watch for two tangos running for cover right in front of
    you. At the foot of the stairs, watch your left. Stay away from the center
    path as you'll get chewed out by the turret as well as by crossfire from all
    sides. When you think it is safe, run over to the left side and get behind the
    large crate. Check up ahead for tangos behind the pile of wood and move up on
    the left side to the next crate when ready. Again, keep an eye on the left
    side for two or more tangos hiding behind the large crates. You can use the
    canisters here to blow them up.
    When the ambush zone is clear, take your team and climb up the ladder at the
    end of the right side. At the top, take cover behind the stacks of concrete
    blocks. Your only path inside is through the center, so make use of smoke or
    snipe everyone you can before heading inside. You may notice the large silver
    bell hanging inside. If you look to the left of it, you should see some red
    canisters. Shoot them to blow up the bell and anyone nearby. Be careful when
    moving inside as you'll most likely have tangos on both sides as you walk up.
    When moving in, take cover behind first two stacks of sandbags then cautiously
    approach the right side.
    Switch to infiltrate mode and rappel down with your team. Equip suppressor if
    you want to, but be quiet while rappelling down. When you get to the tall
    glass windows you can break into, invert to get a good angle on the three
    tangos and take them out quickly. Breach into the window and head around the
    center. At this point, the bell will break and smash down into lower levels.
    I'm pretty sure you can't get killed by the bell falling on top of you, but I
    wouldn't test it.
    The left side goes around the center to some stairs, while the right side has
    a ladder down to the same level. The ladder is the quickest way down, but it
    doesn't matter since there are no enemies in this immediate area.
    When you see the next set of stairs down, take cover behind the stack of
    bricks and look down below at the two tall wooden crates. Eliminate the two
    that pop out from behind these crates, and continue downwards. Look towards
    the center for the first fast rope mount. Turn on your thermals and look below
    to snipe one or two tangos before moving down. You can either take this fast
    rope mount or head to the end of the room for two more fast rope mounts. The
    first mount will take you to the first flight of stairs, while the second
    mount will take you directly to the second flight of stairs. Both are safe
    spots to rope down to in any case.
    From here on down, until you reach the basement area, it will be pitch black
    dark except for the super bright fire in the center area. I recommend using
    thermals for this area instead of night vision, as the fire gives off too much
    light to use night vision effectively. On the other hand, the fire will hide
    body heat from the thermals if you try to look through the center. Also, some
    people just hate the way thermal vision looks. Use which ever you are most
    comfortable with, as you'll have to use one or the other for several minutes.
    Follow the spiral staircase down going counter-clockwise, being especially
    cautious at the top of each staircase and at the bottom, particularly behind
    each staircase. Use the multitude of crates on each floor for cover, and creep
    your way down every flight. After 3 floors there won't be any more stairs, and
    you'll finally be at the basement where you can turn off your goggles.
    Gabe                                   [S502]
    *** OBJECTIVE UPDATED: Rescue Gabriel in the Arcade ***
    Sneak over to the hall with two doors. Snake and tag from both doors, then do
    a dual entry with your team. Order breaching charges on the double doors to
    eliminate the first two tangos instantly, then watch for the third guy
    patrolling the area. Exit out the double doors at the end and switch to a
    suppressed weapon. Send your team over to the double doors on your right but
    have them wait until you clear out the next room. At the door in front of you,
    snake and tag the lone terrorist, then when he has his back turned to the door
    pop out and kill him silently. Crouch over to the window or the door to tag
    a few tangos but remain hidden. Wait for the guy patrolling near the door to
    get near the door, then order a breach to nail him. Clear the remaining 3-4
    tangos and proceed out the side door.
    In this hall, you'll see a door ahead and a path with windows looking into the
    next room. Send your team to the door and crouch over to the window. Be sure
    to stay hidden for the moment. Wait until there are two tangos behind the door
    before you order your team to breach with explosives, then simultaneously pop
    up and blast the third guy at the far end standing behind a barrel.
    There is an equipment crate in this next hallway near the wooden door.
    This next room will trigger an ambush when you walk inside. First of all, move
    to the door on the left and snake/tag the first two tangos you see. Wait for
    them to turn their back, then bag them. Now, when you move inside, send your
    team over to some cover somewhere near the back. Quickly run up to the large
    center statue and run back to cover. Smoke may also help provide decent
    concealment. You'll have to engage 12 or so tangos coming in from the left and
    right openings. You may also get some fast roping through the skylight. Stay
    towards the rear so you don't get flanked. Don't forget to throw grenades
    towards the back if they bunch up as they come out.
    If you are having a lot of trouble with this fight, you can glitch the game by
    running straight into the left opening and over to the next room. This causes
    the game to save at this checkpoint and skips the triggered ambush.
    You have two paths, doors on the left and right. The next area will look very
    familiar if you have played Dante's Casino in multiplayer. There are some
    minor difference, but you'll have cover in the same areas. You can start by
    sneaking over to the left and clearing the two tangos talking to each other
    on the other side of the window. Then, double back and head to the right door
    and climb up the stairs. Have your team cover the doorway in front of you
    while you snipe who you can from the window. There should be 1-2 tangos
    in the room up ahead. When you're ready to move on, walk into the room, then
    take the stairs down. Exit out the door and head up the short stairs to your
    WARNING: You will encounter enemies with the XM-26 LSS at this point.
    Engage the 4-8 tangos hiding around the slot machines, and watch out for
    a tango shooting at your from the window above you. Move through either the
    double doors in front or the side door on your right which lead to the same
    area. At the next metal door you'll hear tangos talking. Equip suppressors,
    snake and tag, then eliminate the 2-3 nearby quietly. If you make a lot of
    noise in this room, you'll attract half a dozen to a dozen more enemies, so
    you should try to sneak through this area. Take the stairs on either side and
    engage the last few tangos upstairs.
    There is an equipment crate up here by the window.
    As you enter the next hall with the broken arcade games in the middle, you'll
    encounter two more tangos. Enter through any door and head through the arcade
    over to Gabe. After a short conversation, prepare for a large ambush. Take
    defensive positions around the pillars and arcade games up here. Use smoke on
    yourself as necessary. Don't forget to move around to different cover if you
    take too much fire. All of the cover in this area is thin, so be careful with
    your angles and when leaning out. Enemies will be entering from every single
    door, stairway and window in the room, but they will all assault you from the
    front if you stay in the back with Gabe. Also, make sure Gabe doesn't take any
    damage or you'll fail the mission. Be especially careful of tangos who run up
    the stairs to your right and try to flank you.
    After you eliminate 12-14 enemies, head downstairs with Gabe. He'll start
    working on an electronic lock, but you can leave him alone now. Take your team
    over to the double doors in the center, but be cautious of a single tango who
    may try to bust through the door as you get near it.
    This next room is a big mess. The main force will be at the other end of the
    room. They'll have a MG turret with them. In addition, there will be a few
    tangos above you on both sides. Smoke and other grenades will be very useful
    here. Concentrate on the group at the end of the room. If you get pinned down
    in this room you'll be in big trouble. If you absolutely have to take cover in
    the center of the room, keep checking the left and right catwalks. Other than
    that, wait for enemy fire to die down a bit before you retaliate. If you try
    to lean out for a shot while you're getting suppressed, you'll take bullets in
    the face. Try to take out the LMG turret first. Also, keep your team behind
    the corner wall so you can easily recover them if they go down. Don't send
    your team into the middle.
    Proceed down the room into the hallway to move on.
    Kan                                    [S503]
    *** OBJECTIVE UPDATED: Reach Kan in the Construction Site ***
    Walkthrough to be continued...
    Data Hub                               [S504]
    Scene 6: Nevada Dam                    [NEVA]
    Scene Notes:
    Tourist Center                         [S601]
    The Dam                                [S602]
    Spillway                               [S603]
    Facility                               [S604]
    The Doctors                            [S605]
    Irena                                  [S606]
    Top of the Dam                         [S607]
    End of Walkthrough.
    Multiplayer Information
    Multiplayer FAQ                        [MFAQ]
    Q.) Is there split screen multiplayer in this game? If so, how many players?
    A.) Yes, but only offline multiplayer, and only two people. It doesn't matter
        if you can sign on multiple profiles.
    Q.) How many people can I play with online on XBOX Live?
    A.) 4 for COOP story or terrorist hunt. 14 in adversial mode on an UNdedicated
        server. 16 maximum in adversial mode on a dedicated server. These are
        maximum limits built into the game. The actually number of slots
        available will still be limited by what the server host chooses.
    Q.) I only have one 360 console, how can I play with 4 people *OFF*LINE?
    A.) You can't. You can only play with two people per console offline.
    Q.) I only have one 360 console, how can I play with 2-4 people *ON*LINE?
    A.) You can only play one person per console online. You'll need one extra
        console per person to play online, even if you are all at the same house,
        on the same network.
    Q.) How do I set up a server with 16 players maximum?
    A.) You need to set up a dedicated server. You won't be able to play in your
        own server unless you have another 360 and another copy of the game. To
        set up a dedicated server, goto "CREATE MATCH" in the XBOX LIVE menu,
        select "DEDICATED SERVER" and switch to YES. Now you can change the "MAX
        PLAYERS" setting to 16.
    Q.) How do I set up a dedicated server?
    A.) (See above)
    Q.) How do I earn the "Master of Ceremonies" achievement when I can only host
        a 14 player server?
    A.) (See above)
    Q.) How do I reset my character appearance?
    A.) Go to the XBOX LIVE menu, then go to 'PLAYER INFO' then 'SERVICE RECORD'
        then select 'CHANGE APPEARANCE'.
    Q.) I don't like how my custom face turned out, how do I redo it?
    A.) (See above)
    Q.) Do I lose my rank, experience, or unlocks when I reset my character?
    A.) No, you keep EVERYTHING except your character appearance and your preset
        equipment templates.
    Q.) How do I check how much experience I have?
    A.) Go to the XBOX LIVE menu, then go to 'PLAYER INFO' then 'SERVICE RECORD'
        to see how much experience you have in bars. There is no way to see how
        much experience you have in numeric form.
    Q.) I filled up my five experience bars but I haven't ranked up! What gives?
    A.) You technically need to fill up 6 bars. If you go to your service record
        you will see a long bar at the bottom that doesn't show up at the end of
        game rounds.
    Q.) What is the best, quickest, and/or easiest way to earn experience?
    A.) Coop Terrorist Hunt set to realistic and high density on either Dante's
        Casino or LVU campus nets you 600 XP for about 3-6 minutes work,
        depending on how good your team is, and assuming you win every time.
    Q.) What are all of the ranks and how much experience does it take?
    A.) (See Next Section)
        Remember that experience is CUMULATIVE. This means that you don't reset to
        zero after every rank. You keep all of the points from each previous rank.
        The only thing that resets to zero are the experience indicator bars.
    Q.) How do I get that sweet looking face mask everyone else has?
    A.) It's called a balaclava. You unlock it at Private 1st Class.
    Q.) OMGWTFBBQ! PINK CAMO!? How do I get pink camo???
    A.) You need to be a 2nd Lt.
    Q.) How do I get the Veteran or Elite Hunter Medal when it says I have to play
        split screen?
    A.) This is a bug. You do NOT have to play it in split screen. You need to
        play terrorist hunt in SINGLE PLAYER mode by yourself.
    Q.) Can I get the Tour of Duty medal and the Veteran/Elite Hunter medals at
        the same time?
    A.) No, Tour of Duty is for multiplayer, Veteran/Elite Hunter is for single.
    Q.) I've been using a shield and pistol for awhile but haven't earned the
        Pistoleer badge. What's wrong?
    A.) You need to use a pistol by itself to get credit for pistol kills. The
        game will count shield+pistol kills as shield kills (even though you can't
        really kill anyone with the shield itself).
    Q.) Do I really have to be in a Ranked Match to get the Sniper Achievement?
    A.) Actually, no, you don't. The Sniper Achievement can be earned in a player
    Q.) Why do sniper rifles suck?
    A.) Because Ubisoft doesn't know how to balance weapons properly.
    Q.) Why do SMGs pwnz0r, particularly the MP7A1 and MP9?
    A.) (See above)
    Q.) How can a shotgun randomly kill me with one shot from across the map?
    A.) (See above)
    Q.) What gun is the best?
    A.) For the most part, the answer is dependent on your play style and personal
        preference. However, the most POPULAR weapons seem to be:
        MP7A1, MP9, UMP45, AK47, MTAR21, FAMAS, M8, SPAS 12, Raging Bull,
        Desert Eagle.
    Q.) Does the laser sight actually improve accuracy of the guns?
    A.) No, all it does is point out where the center of the screen is so you can
        run and gun without crosshairs or sights. Fairly useless, plus it tells
        enemies where you are.
    *** Mat Stribling sent me an E-Mail about the laser telling me this:
        "Actually, this morning I was curious about the benefits of the laser
        sight and tried it out with a friend. Pay attention to the size of the
        reticule before and after you equip it. The cross hairs widen considerably
        for most guns when you turn it on thus increasing weapon accuracy."
    *** Author note: I eventually tested this out for myself and it's true.
        Turning the laser on EVER SO SLIGHTLY increases the auto-aim circle
        reticule. So, I suppose it's not as useless as I initially thought it was.
    Q.) Does the silencer (suppressor) do anything other than make your gunshots
    A.) Yes, it reduces damage by 25% or more, but it also decreases recoil by a
        small amount. Enough to be noticeable.
    Q.) What scope/sight should I use?
    A.) It's completely up to you. The difference between scopes/sights are in the
        style of crosshairs and how much magnification is provided. Rifle scopes
        seem to be the most popular (even on shotguns for some reason) followed by
        the reflex scope which is more useful for closer range shoot outs.
    Q.) Will C4 blow up if I shoot it?
    A.) Yes, in fact, if you are really good, you can shoot the C4 mid-air to
        detonate it immediately.
    Q.) If I drop C4 somewhere and an enemy shoots it when my teammate is nearby,
        will I get a teamkill?
    A.) No, anyone who blows up a C4 by shooting it gets credit for anyone the C4
        kills. It basically becomes their C4 as far as the game is concerned.
    Q.) I saw someone with a fully automatic pistol! WTF!?
    A.) That's the Glock 18. Anyone can get it, but it is severely limited by it's
        10(+1) round magazine, and it doesn't get an extended magazine option.
    Q.) Does the breathing mask in the clothing > face section actually count as a
        gas mask?
    A.) No, it is purely cosmetic. You need to equip one of the actual gas masks
        as a gadget.
    Q.) How do I equip a gas mask?
    A.) You automatically use a gas mask simply by having one in your inventory
    Q.) Is there a difference between the two gas masks?
    A.) No, the differences are purely cosmetic.
    Q.) How do I use tear gas in single player or terrorist hunt?
    A.) You can't. Tear gas can only be used in adversial modes online, and then
        only if the host allows it.
    Q.) What does adversial mode mean? It's not in the dictionary!
    A.) It refers to any game mode that pits player versus player rather than
        player versus AI/bots.
    Q.) I notice the server host always kicks ass and/or is invincible. Why?
    A.) It's called Host Advantage. Because the server is running on his console,
        the host gets zero lag or delay. There is nothing you can do about it.
        The best you can hope for is the host has a very good connection to you
        so that you don't notice the lag/delay as much. The worst you can expect
        is the host has a horrible connection to you, and while you are lagging
        and skipping around the map, the host is merrily blasting away everyone
        before they even realize it on their side.
    Q.) I heard you can make your own armor! Is this true?
    A.) No, you can only custom make your own camo. You pick a pattern out of 4-5
        different patterns, then choose 3 colors for it. That's it. You can't add
        anything else like letters, numbers, or pictures. You need to be Elite
        rank to do this.
    Q.) Are the unlocked armors from higher ranks better than starter armor?
    A.) No, the unlockable armor simply looks different. They provide the same
        armor ratings in protection and mobility as their respective class armor.
    Q.) Is there a melee attack in this game?
    A.) No. Go play Double Agent, CoD3, Halo 2, or Gears of War if you want to
    Q.) OMG I FOUND A BUG! I have infinite ammo for my pistol! Where's my cookie?
    A.) It's supposed to be like that. Everyone gets infinite ammo for their
        pistol. And if you still want a cookie, you can have this Oreo cookie I
        already licked all the cream off of.
    Q.) I saw this guy who looked like he was running in place and he was
        impossible to kill. Is there something wrong with my game?
    A.) This is a glitch in the game. I will not tell you how to do it, but most
        likely the guy did it on purpose. If you are the host, ban him. If you are
        not the host, ask the host to ban that player. If the host himself is the
        one doing the glitch, leave the server. There is no reason to have to put
        up with cheaters.
    Q.) What is this 'boosting' I keep hearing about? How do I do it?
    A.) Boosting is a method in which players abuse the ranking system by allowing
        their game to run idle and collect XP without having to do anything. I
        will not explain how to do it, but it is very simple to do if you have at
        least one other person. While I tend not to care about people that choose
        to boost, I still consider it an exploit and will not discuss it further.
    Q.) I have a question that wasn't asked here. Can I ask you?
    A.) You may email me at the address listed at the top of this FAQ with your
        question, and if it is a good question, I will put it on this FAQ and give
        you credit.
    Ranks, Experience & Unlocks            [MEXP]
    Rank              Total Exp   Unlocks
    Private 2nd Class         0   Starter Gear
    Private 1st Class     3,000   Tactical Helmet, Balaclava
    Specialist            8,400   MP7A1, 552 Commando, USP40
    Corporal             14,500   Desert, Urban, Russian, Guerrilla, Fall, Desert2
    Sergeant             23,500   Raven, Vulture, Falcon Armor
    Staff Sergeant       38,500   Ski Mask, Baseball Cap, Breathing Mask
    Sergeant 1st Class   56,500   Flecktarn, Orange, Swedish, War2K5, Alpen, White
    Master Sergeant      82,500   AK47, Raging Bull, SV-98
    First Sergeant      109,500   Boonie Hat, Beret, Tinted Goggles
    Sergeant Major      139,000   Typhoon, Cyclone, Hurricane Armor
    2nd Lieutenant      172,000   Pink, Blue, Woodland, Wasp, Sand, Crimson
    1st Lieutenant      214,000   Half Face Mask, Reinforced Helm, Tact. Goggles
    Captain             264,000   MG36, SPAS 12, Desert Eagle
    Major               330,000   Viper, Diamondback, Anacoda Armor
    Lt. Colonel         425,000   Yellow, Red Urban, Tiger, Rust, Urban 2, Gray
    Colonel             535,000   Ballistic Face Mask, Riot Helm, NV Goggles
    Elite               675,000   Custom Camo 1, 2 & 3
    Weapons                                [MGUN]
    Author Notes:
    The values below are taken directly from the game. The information is provided
    solely for reference. DO NOT BE FOOLED by the stats, especially when comparing
    them between weapons. Each weapon will handle differently between different
    players. Don't choose a weapon simply because it has better stats than another
    weapon. Try them all out for yourself before deciding.
    DMG = Damage Rating
    RNG = Range Rating
    ACC = Accuracy Rating
    Ammo = # of rounds in a full magazine
    Submachine guns:    DMG RNG ACC Ammo
    MP5N               | 5 | 2 | 8 | 30
    MP7A1              | 4 | 3 | 8 | 40
    UMP45              | 5 | 3 | 9 | 25
    P90                | 4 | 2 | 7 | 50
    MP9                | 5 | 2 | 9 | 30
    MAC11              | 4 | 2 | 6 | 30
    Light MGs:          DMG RNG ACC Ammo
    MK46               | 7 | 4 | 4 | 100
    21E                | 6 | 3 | 6 | 100
    MG36               | 7 | 4 | 4 | 100
    M249 SPW           | 8 | 4 | 4 | 100
    Assault Rifles:     DMG RNG ACC Ammo
    552 Commando       | 8 | 7 | 4 | 30
    AK47               | 7 | 5 | 4 | 30
    AUG A3             | 7 | 2 | 5 | 30
    FAMAS              | 7 | 6 | 4 | 25
    G36C               | 7 | 6 | 5 | 30
    G3KA4              | 7 | 8 | 5 | 30
    M8                 | 7 | 6 | 4 | 30
    MTAR21             | 8 | 6 | 4 | 30
    SCAR-H CQC         | 7 | 8 | 5 | 30
    Sniper Rifles:      DMG  RNG  ACC Ammo
    M40A1              | 10 | 9 | 10 | 5
    SV-98              | 10 | 9 | 10 | 5
    PSG-1              |  8 | 9 | 10 | 5
    Scout Tactical     | 10 | 9 | 10 | 5
    Shotguns:           DMG RNG ACC Ammo
    M3                 | 8 | 2 | 3 | 8
    SPAS 12            | 9 | 2 | 3 | 8
    870 MCS            | 9 | 2 | 3 | 8
    XM-26 LSS          | 7 | 1 | 4 | 5
    Handguns:           DMG RNG ACC Ammo
    MK.23              | 5 | 3 | 6 | 12
    USP40              | 4 | 3 | 5 | 13
    GLOCK 18           | 3 | 5 | 4 | 10
    92FS               | 4 | 6 | 6 | 15
    Raging Bull        | 9 | 5 | 5 | 6
    Desert Eagle       | 8 | 6 | 6 | 7
    Gadgets                                [MGAD]
    GPS Device
    Scans the area to temporarily reveal the location of enemies on the map.
    # of Charges: 10
    Notes: Each use lasts about 10-15 seconds. Can be countered with the jammer.
    Radar Jammer
    Disrupts enemy radar and GPS in your area.
    # of Charges: 10
    Notes: Each use lasts about 10-15 seconds, also scrabbles your own radar.
    Motion Sensor
    Deploy this laser tripwire to alert you of enemy movement in that area.
    # of Charges: 2-3
    Notes: Laser can be seen by enemies and the sensor can be shot and destroyed.
    An explosive that you remote-trigger from a distance to kill enemies.
    # of Charges: 2-3
    Notes: Can be shot to detonate immediately.
    Breaching Charge
    An explosive that breaks doors open and wounds nearby enemies.
    # of Charges: 2-3
    Notes: Stuns AI enemies on the other side with flashbang effect and kills
    anyone near the door. Can only be placed on closed doors. Has a much smaller
    explosion radius than C4.
    Frag Grenade
    This grenade fills an area with high-velocity shrapnel.
    # of Charges: 2-3
    Notes: Large explosion radius, takes longer to detonate than incendiary.
    This weapon temporarily stuns and blinds enemies.
    # of Charges: 2-3
    Notes: Stuns and immobilizes AI terrorists, but only blinds players. Players
    can still move and fire during effect.
    Smoke Grenade
    This canister rapidly fills an area with smoke to cover your movement.
    # of Charges: 2-3
    Notes: Can be countered at short range with IR goggles. Works very well on
    unsuspecting AI terrorists.
    Incendiary Grenade
    This devastating weapon fills the area with burning white phosphorous.
    # of Charges: 2-3
    Notes: Smaller explosion radius, detonates very fast (compared to frags).
    Tear Gas
    Riot-control agent that causes irritation to eyes and throat.
    # of Charges: 2-3
    Notes: Produces results similar to flashbang, but with a blurring effect
    instead of a blinding effect. Lasts longer than flashbang effect, but can be
    countered with a gas mask.
    XM50 Gas Mask
    This mask protects against airborne chemical and biological agents, and is
    used by all US military.
    # of Charges: Always equipped if it is in inventory.
    Notes: No differences compared to SF10. Does not restrict field of vision.
    SF10 Gas Mask
    Full-face gas mask with bug-eyed lenses.
    # of Charges: Always equipped if it is in inventory.
    Notes: No differences compared to XM50. Does not restrict field of vision.
    Credits & Legal Notices                [CRED]
    Thanks to Ubisoft for making this great game.
    NO thanks to Microsoft for making such a shoddy console that kept giving me
    Disc Unreadable errors while I wrote this FAQ/Walkthrough.
    This document may be legally published on the following sites:
    Copyright 2007 by Michael Remollino
    All other trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    This article may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
    any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
    and a violation of copyright.
    End of document.

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