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    Weapon/Item Guide by PieingDutchman

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 11/06/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    =Ratchet and Clank (Future): Tools of Destruction=
    =Weapons, Items, Gadgets and Devices Guide=
    =Copyright 2008 Tim van der Meij=
      $M                                                                      MQM  
      #M8                                                                    IM M. 
      M@M                                                                    MY M: 
      MvAM                                                                  vM  MY 
      M; M7                                                                 MX  MC 
      Mv iM                                                                IM7  @U 
      M;  MM                                                              :M@M. #8 
      Mv :MMZ                                                            ;MZvMY EQ 
      Mi tMYM1                                                          AM8cYM$ A$ 
      M7 0McoM1                                                        QMWB7cMM zM 
      M1 $Mc7tMW                                                      MM, M#;MM 8M 
      @Q @MYcUMMM.                                                   MMMM  M1@M 6M 
      tM BM;oM0 :MQ                                                :MBcYMz EMMM #M 
       M.nMvMM  cMMMo                                             ZMM#vY@M ,MMS M@ 
       @@ MXMc .MoYt@M0                                         1MW iM0;0M  MM  M: 
       .M,MWM. 8M7c6MMAQ#:                                    ZM@MM  @MYAM  #Y #M  
        M@9MM  @@iBMn  AMMM6.                             .oMMMtYtMC ,MtEM ..  MU  
         MiMM. M#SMY  XMn71@MM#8:    .:XXtCtXt7tY;.    .n@Mb.EMn7YMM  ME@$ .. .M:  
         8M Y  @M$M   M@YC7MM .C#MM#MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM@0Mbt.    M@Yc$M  M@Mi... MM   
          M7 . IMM@  .MWc7zM7v71MMMM@BE00WW#W#$$QQ0@MMMMYXXY. 1Mc70M  MM$ .. MM    
          XM....MM# ..MEt#@Ev;;;vi7EMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM@I77172E@B@MtvQM  MM. ..MM     
           MW . XM# . MMM:           iMM. .. .  tMS           7MMvMM .v,  :MW      
           .M,.. cY.. M@ ,MMM@         AM  ..  0M               QMMc ..  CMC       
            MM ..... #M  0MMMM          6M....WM                 bM  . .@M.        
             M@ ..,.:M    :7i            Mo .,M                   Mv  tMW          
              MM....YM                   #W  tM                   Q8.MM:           
               zMW: :M                   M0 .cM             i7Y   MMMt             
                 6M@iMc                  M,...Mc           $MMMM  M,               
                   i$MM.                Mo..,.vM:          XMMM6 M;                
                      MMQ.            AM7 .... ;M0             .MM                 
                      MMM@#7.     .;Z@E   ....   zMA;       :CQMMM                 
                    .M@v  ,zbW0EZb6E$B oWB0000E8v W@ZZ80Q$W#EX .AM8:               
                   ;MY  ..Y:,,i;S8@M#:.0M@M@MMM@#..BMBo:.     ..  nM1              
                   M9 .,.i0@MMMM@EY.   MMMMMMMMMMC  .I$MMM@M@M;... vM              
                   Mb ..:.. .          .:  i;  ::        .::i::.,. iM              
                   YMc ..,.,.. :11X1t1Xc:::,,i:::iivi;i;i: ...... iM;              
                    .#@;  ..,..MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM7 ... .QM.               
                      ;MMc    .MMWB$B$W$W#W$W#B$W$B#B#B##Mv   .8MM                 
                        ,MM2:  MM0WQBQ$W#$#B#B#$#B$WBW$W$MX o@MM@M                 
                         0M0M. MM@@##WW00E0E0E0E00WQ$$@@MMb   zMQM.                
                         @M@M  @Mb80E00Q0Q0W0Q0W0W0QE0800Mc   YMMM                 
                        AMMMM  @MEQ0W0Q0W0WQWQWQW0WQW0W0WMi  YM0$MM,               
                        MY  0M @MQ0W0W0W0W0W0W0W0WQWQW0WQM   zM   MX               
                        M.  vM vMQQQWQWQWQWQW0W0WQWQWQW0@M   0M   Mi               
                        M@,:#M  MM0W0W0WQW0W0WQWQWQWQW0WMB   MMBB#M.               
                        o$#0o   .M#0WQW0W0W0WQW0WQW0W0Q@M      ,::.                
    =Version History=
    =1/9/08= (Version 0.1)
    Typed up the beginnings of the guide. Basic info copy/pasted from the Demo
    =1/29/08= (Version 0.5)
    Completed the Gadgets section, much of the Inventory, and other things. Weapons
    section is coming along nicely.
    =6/2/08= (Version 1.0)
    Finished!! Finally got all the Power Levels of the Omega Weapons. This took a
    while as I consistently forgot to mark them down so I had to load up a backup
    save from the start of Challenge Mode, but I got it done!
    =7/11/09= (Version 1.01)
    Updated the Allowed Sites list.
    Welcome, welcome, to my third FAQ. Some of you may remember me writing a guide
    for the demo for Tools of Destruction (ToD for short). I decided to roll with
    it and do a full guide, however I also decided to do a guide for the equippable
    things in the game too. If you want info on the Skill Points in the game,
    either go to my full Guide or use the guide by 
    If there's anything you feel is missing from the Guide or something that you
    feel would need changing, feel free to contact me at timv@paradise.net.nz.
    Given the amount of free time I currently have I'll be sure to reply to you in
    a jiffy (that is, usually a day or two).
    NOTE: This Guide is based upon the PAL version of Tools of Destruction. As a
    result, there may be small inconsistencies that may show up. The game is also
    just called Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction, but I think the inclusion
    of Future makes it better.
    =Legal Bits=
    This guide is copyright of me, Tim van der Meij. Thus far, the only websites
    allowed to host this Guide are the following:
    = GameFAQs.com
    = Supercheats.com
    = MyPS3.com.au
    = CheatCodesCentral.com (Cheatcc.com)
    = Supercheats.com
    = Gamershell.com
    = Neoseeker.com
    However, if you would like to host it on your site, drop me an email and I'll
    allow you to use it if I consider it appropriate. Keep in mind that I primarily
    use GameFAQs to upload the latest version of my Guide(s).
    Any part of this Guide that is listed in the Contents, in full or in part, may
    be printed for personal, non-profit use only. Anything and everything else may
    not be copied for aforementioned use, profit or not.
    The first paragraph of the description of a Weapon, Gadget, Item, Amrout or
    Combat Device is the description of the weapon given in the game. The rest is
    purely by me.
    Here is a list for you to jump to where you need to be. Each section is given
    a code. Press Ctrl+F to open the search box, and copy the code into the search
    box. Hit Enter until you get to the desired section! I've also included
    codes for the cutscenes during the main guide for added convenience.
    Combat Devices....................................#CBD
    =Weapons   #WPN=
    All the weapons (aside from the Omniwrench 3000) have some extensive
    information and statistics given for them, so here's a guide as to how the
    layout works:
    =[Weapon's Name]=
    Price: [The price of the weapon]
    Ammo: [The ammo of the weapon when you first buy it]
    Total Ammo: [The ammo of the weapon with Ammo Mods. This will not be displayed
    if ammo Mods cannot be purchased for the weapon]
    Ammo Price: [The price of 1 shot from the Vendor]
    Ammo per Crate: [The amount of ammo the Help Desk tells you you got (in
    reality, the ammo collected is a decimal, so, say, instead of 3 it may be 3.2)]
    Power: [The power of the weapon when you first buy it]
    Total Power: [The power of the weapon after you have upgraded it to V5 and
    purchased all of the Power mods]
    Available from: [Where you can buy/find the weapon]
    [Game desription of the weapon]
    [My additional comments and tips about the weapon]
    [V2, 3 and 4 Power levels of the weapon (Oh yeah? well my power level is over
    a million. Wataah!!). This is without Mod influence]
    V5: [Weapon's V5 name]
    Power: [Weapon's V5 Power (again without Mod influence]
    [Game description of V5 Weapon]
    =[Omega Weapon's Name]=
    Cost: [The Cost of the Weapon
    [V6-X Power Levels here. This is without Mod Influence]
      [V6-VX Ammo Amounts here]
    Total Power: [Power of the VX Weapon with Mod Influence]
    Total Ammo: [Total Ammo of the VX Weapon with Mod Influence]
    [Mod upgrades are listed here]: [Mod cost is here]
       [Ammo and Power Mods have a calculation here]
    -Unique Mod: [Unique Mod Name]: [Cost of Unique Mod]
    [Game description of Unique Mod]
    Note that Unique Mod descriptions describe the mod well, so no comments are
    =Omega Weapons=
    Omega Weapons are a series of weapons only availible in Challenge Mode. These
    weapons are easpecially designed and modified to take on the Challenge Mode
    enemies. As a result, the cost a bunch, the cheapest one being 3,000,000 bolts.
    Fortunately, you have the Bolt Multiplier to help out. To unlock an Omega
    Weapon, you must upgrade a weapon to it's V5 form. Purchasing an Omega Weapon
    will upgrade it to V6, and it will keep all previous Mods you have purchased
    for it so far. Omega Weapons do acquire more Ammo Capacity per level, but will
    never get any functionality upgrade. Finally, the last level of an Omega Weapon
    is VX.
    =Omniwrench 3000=
    Power: Varies, but takes about 3-4 hits for a medium-sized enemy.
    This is Ratchet's standard weapon, and doubles as an effective mantinence
    tool. You can swing a 3-Hit Combo with it by pressing Square 3 times. You can
    also perform a Hyper-Stike by jumping and presing Square, which deals more
    damage the higher up in the air you are (so if you come off a Grind Rail and
    are falling towards enemies, a Hyper Strike just when you get off can deal 3
    hits worth of damage.
    The final move is the Comet-Strike. Crouch with R2 and press Square to have
    Ratchet throw his wrench. This is handy when a line of small, weak enemies is
    chasing you. Ratchet can also walk off while he is without his Wrench. This can
    effectively extend it's range if used properly.
    The Wrench is the reccomended weapon for smashing boxes, as it consumes no
    ammo, in addition to smaller enemies such as Drophyds (when out of their
    armour), Tesla Drones and Civ-Bots. This weapon also does not upgrade, aside
    from power as you progress through the game. Interesingly, in previous games
    it was called the Omniwrench 8000. This older model may explain why Ratchet
    cannot perform a Comet-Stike while in Over-the-Shoulder mode.
    Price: Free
    Ammo: 100
    Ammo Price: 1 bolt
    Ammo per Crate: 15
    Power: 36
    Total Power: 82
    Available from: The start of the game
    Blast your opponents into oblivion with high-velocity plasma balls!
    This weapon fires out small fireballs towards targeted enemies, and is
    effectively the games's machine gun.
    V2 Power: +11=47
    V3 Power: +5=52
    V4 Power: +10=62
    V5: Magma Combustor
    Power: +9=71
    The Magma Combustor nanotech auto-upgrade gives the weilder control of three
    barrels of radioactive superheated Plasma destruction. Perfect for reselvong
    minor automotive disputes, lighting barbeques or spreading democracy to third
    world galaxies (GrummelNet is not legally responsible for providing an exit
    strategy for said conflicts).
    =Omega Magma Combustor=
    Cost: 5,500,000 bolts
    V6 Power: +262=333
    V7 Power: +104=437
    V8 Power: +134=571
    V9 Power: +175=746
    VX Power: +228=974
    Total Power: 986
    -More Power x3: 100 Raritanium
       +4 Power (Total 12, 300 Raritanium)
    -Longer Range x3: 50 Raritanium
    -Faster Shooting x2: 100 Raritanim
    -Big Faster Shooting: 200 Raritanium
    -More Raritanium x3: 50 Raritanium
    -Big More Raritanium: 75 Raritanium
    -Unique Mod: Pyrocidic Precipitation: 300 Raritanium
    With this upgrade, each molten hot shot from your weapon will rain down
    steaming pyrocidic goo onto the ground. Your foes will have nowhere to run as
    the very ground itself becomes your ally in battle.
    =Fusion Grenades=
    Price: Free
    Ammo: 8
    Total Ammo: 10
    Ammo Price: 50 bolts
    Ammo per Crate: 3
    Power: 150
    Total Power: 301
    Available from: The start of the game
    Nothing ruins an enemy's day like a thermonuclear hand grenade!
    A sort of combination of the Bomb Glove from Ratchet and Clank 1 and the
    Bomb-lobbing gun series from the other games, this glove throws a grenade which
    explodes with tremendous force, dishing out a powerful amount of damage. It has
    a limited amount of ammo however, but due to the frequency of ammo crates in
    the game, using it often shouldn't be much of a problem.
    This weapon is great for taking out groups of enemies or some of the larger
    ones, as the charge explodes when it gets NEAR enemies, not when it hits them.
    -V2 Power: +23=73
    -V3 Power: +25=198
    -V4 Power: +30=228
    V5: Fusion Bomb
    Power: +34=262
    The Fusion Bomb contains a cluster of GrummelNet's patented "Intelli-Seeking
    Pyrocidic Nitroballs". These devastating Nitroballs will bounce toward your
    foes and deliver a resounding and unmitigated form of justice.
    =Omega Fusion Bomb=
    Cost: 6,500,000 bolts
    V6 Power: +2,286=2,548
    V7 Power: +777=3,325
    V8 Power: +1,009=4,334
    V9 Power: +1,311=5,645
    VX Power: +1,706=7,351
    Total Power: 7,390
    -More Power x3: 200 Raritanium
       +13 Power (Total 39, 600 Raritanium)
    -Bigger Area x2: 400 Raritanium
    -More Ammo x2: 100 Raritanium
       +1 Ammo (Total 2, 200 Raritanium
    -More Bolts x2: 250 Raritanium
    Unique Mod: Concussion Detonators: 300 Raritanium
    Each missile becomes equipped with a plutonium ion concssion detonator. These
    detonators are extremely effective at knocking your enemies down, thus giving
    you a strategic tactical advantage.
    =Shock Ravager=
    Price: Free
    Ammo: 30
    Total Ammo: 36
    Ammo Price: 2 bolts
    Ammo per Crate: 15
    Power: 138
    Total Power: 278
    Available from: Stratus City, Planet Kortog
    Sheilded enemies will think twice about attacking after feeling the wrath of
    an electrified energy whip!
    The Shock Ravager is a decendant of the Plasma Whip from Up Your Arsenal.
    Pressing the Fire Button will have Ratchet whip the Ravager ahead of him,
    causing a shockwave. Any enemies caught in the shockwave are electrocuted, and
    any other enemies nearby them are also shocked as the electricity sparks over
    to them. Great for sheilded enemies, but is ineffective against electrified
    -V2 Power: +21=159
    -V3 Power: +24=183
    -V4 Power: +23=206
    V5: Lightning Ravager
    Power: +36=242
    GrummelNet's coveted Lightning Ravager is the only weapon in the galaxy to
    harness the mysterious power of quantum lightning. The "quantum chaining"
    feature is greatly improved in this upgrade to the Shock Ravager, as searing
    bolts of lightning intelligently seek out and strike other foes over a greater
    distance each time an enemy is hit, Originally conceived as a bath time toy,
    the technology was repurposed by GrmmulNet's weapons division on the advice of
    their legal department.
    =Omega Lightning Ravager=
    Cost: 4,000,000 bolts
    V6 Power: +1,102=1,344
    V7 Power: +414=1,758
    V8 Power: +538=2,296
    V9 Power: +699=2,995
    VX Power: +910=3,905
    Total Power: 3,941
    -More Raritanium x2: 100 Raritanium
    -Big More Raritanium: 200 Raritanium
    -More Ammo x3: 150 Raritanium
       +4 Ammo (Total 12, 450 Raritanium)
    -More Power x1: 800 Raritanium
       +36 Power
    -More Bolts x5: 150 Raritanium
    -Unique Mod: Voltage Multiplier: 400 Raritanium
    The Voltage Multiplier increases the range of this weapon's electrical
    shockwave. This greatly inproves the weapon's usefulness in dense,
    close-quarter combat.
    =Tornado Launcher=
    Price: 40,000 bolts
    Ammo: 5
    Ammo Price: 100 bolts
    Ammo per Crate: 2
    Power: 373
    Total Power: 929
    Available from: Cobalia Spaceport, Planet Cobalia
    Create and control your own cataclismic tornadoes! Trailer Park sold
    The Tornado Launcher is possibly the most unique weapon in the RaC series so
    far. It shoots a disk that creates a tornado, and you control the disk by
    tilting the controller. Using this, you can sweep the tornado over enemies
    while dodging fire, or ever swtiching over to another weapon and using that.
    It takes a bit of getting used to though, and is strictly an advanced or expert
    weapon. But mastering it gives you a great aid in battle.
    -V2 Power: +75=448
    -V3 Power: +84=532
    -V4 Power: +113=645
    V5: Tempest Launcher
    Power: +129=774
    The Tempest Launcher's devastating storms have been rated up to F6 on the
    Fujita scale. Lightning Bolts streak out of each tornado, smiting your foes
    with 900 gigavolts of untamed static electric fury.
    =Omega Tempest Launcher=
    Cost: 5,000,000 bolts
    V6 Power: +1,830=2,604
    V7 Power: +777=3,381
    V8 Power: +1,054=4,435
    V9 Power: +1,368=5,803
    VX Power: +1,779=7,582
    Total Power: 7,711
    -More Raritanium x1: 200 Raritanium
    -Big More Raritanium x1: 400 Raritanium
    -More Bolts x1: 300 Raritanium
    -Big More Bolts x1: 600 Raritanium
    -More Power x3: 350 Raritanium
       +32 Power (Total 96, 1,050 Raritanium)
    -More Power x1: 300 Raritanium
       +33 Power
    -Bigger Area: 700 Raritanium
    Unique Mod: Gyro-Turbine: 1,200 Raritanium
    An advanced Gyro-Turbine device harnesses and boosts the energy of the raging
    tempest, allowing it to last longer than ever before.
    =Buzz Blades=
    Price: 40,000 bolts
    Ammo: 200
    Total Ammo: 260
    Ammo Price: 8 bolts
    Ammo per Crate: 24
    Power: 45
    Total Power: 112
    Available from: Pirate Base, Planet Ardolis
    Expels high-velocity rounds of lethal blades designed to ricochet off any
    The Buzz Blades are similar in function to Megacorp's Chopper and Gadgetron's
    Disk Blade Gun. The steel flower-shaped blades cut through enemies. While the
    inividual disks don't deal a lot of damage, the rate of fire makes up for it.
    -V2 Power: +10=55
    -V3 Power: +9=64
    -V4 Power: +14=78
    V5: Doom Blades
    Power: +18=96
    The Doom Blades are the most highly advanced form of GrummelNet's "Smirking
    Ninja" weapon line. Each blade is soaked in a high molarity,
    rartianium-piercing hydro-chloric-biocidic acid that will continue damaging
    your foes long after the blade has found its mark.
    =Omega Doom Blades=
    Cost: 8,000,000 bolts
    V6 Power: +161=257
    V7 Power: +82=339
    V8 Power: +104=443
    V9 Power: +137=580
    VX Power: +179=759
    Total Power: 772
    -More Ammo x3: 350 Raritanium
       +20 Ammo (Total 60, 1,050 Raritanium)
    -More Richochets x3: 500 Raritanium
    -More Power x2: 500 Raritanium
       +2 Power (Total 4, 1,000 Raritanium)
    -Big More Power x1: 1,000 Raritanium
       +9 Power (13)
    -More Bolts x2: 400 Raritanium
    -Big More Bolts x1: 800 Raritanium
    Unique Mod: Cesium Blade Edges: 1200 Raritanium
    This upgrade adds a highly combustible cescium coating to the edge of each
    blade. The blades will explode shortly after affixing themselves to any wall or
    =Predator Launcher=
    Price: 25,000 bolts
    Ammo: 25
    Total Ammo: 30
    Ammo Price: 8
    Ammo per Crate: 6
    Power: 144
    Total Power: 290
    Available from: Cobalia Spaceport, Planet Cobalia
    Enemies can run, but they can't hide from this launcher's new and improved
    laser guided lock-on system!
    This weapon, when the Fire Button is held, releases several missile charges
    around Ratchet, which lock on to enemies on screen (however, once locked on,
    the rockets will track the targets even if the go off screen). Upon releasing
    R1, the charges fire to the locked on enemies! This is great if you need to
    wait a bit before striking a foe. Note that each charge can only lock on to a
    seperate target, you won't see more than one rocket lock on to a target.
    However, the larger enemies often have multiple targets on them spread over
    their limbs and body.
    NOTE: Predator Rockets are unable to target onto Drophyd's when they are out of
    their Mech Suits.
    -V2 Power: +22=166 (+1 Rocket Spawn)
    -V3 Power: +24=190 (+1 Rocket Spawn)
    -V4 Power: +18=219
    V5: Raptor Launcher
    Power: +37=252
    Raptor Rockets are GrummelNet's answer to the age old question: "Why can't I
    shoot seeker ammo and drop incendiary goo at the same time?" Thanks to the
    latest breakthroughs in nanotech auto-upgrades, Raptor Rockets now provide you
    with the seeking missiles you've grown to love plus an extra splash of hot,
    stick napalm in every shot!
    =Omega Raptor Launcher=
    Cost: 7,000,000 bolts
    V6 Power: +1,434=1,686
    V7 Power: +517=2,203
    V8 Power: +673=2,876
    V9 Power: +875=3,751
    VX Power: +1,137=4,888
    Total Power: 4,927
    -More Power x3: 200 Raritanium
       +13 Power (Total 39, 600 Raritanium)
    -More Ammo x5: 125 Raritanium
       +1 Ammo (Total 5, 625 Raritanium)
    -More Missiles x3: 250 Raritanium
       +1 Missile (Total 3, 750 Raritanium)
    -Faster Shooting: 200 Raritanium
       +1.25 charges per second
    -Big Faster Shooting: 400 Raritanium
    Unique Mod: Dual Target Detectors: 500 Raritanium
    This powerful laser-guidance upgrade allows two rockets to lock on to each
    This effectively doubles the amount of missile charges released and
    thus, double the damage dealt to enemies.
    =Alpha Disruptor=
    Price: Free
    Ammo: 4
    Total Ammo: 5
    Ammo Price: 250 bolts
    Ammo per Crate: 2
    Power: 4,300
    Total Power: 10,699
    Availible From: Outpost L51, Planet Sargasso
    This Lombax-engineered weapon fires a quantum burst of isokinetic energy
    capable of destroying almost any unfriendly vessel!
    Until you get the R.Y.N.O. IV, this weapon makes a perfect substitute when it
    comes to power.
    -V2 Power: +710=5,160
    -V3 Power: +1,032=6,192
    -V4 Power: +1,238=7,430
    V5: Alpha Cannon
    Power: 8,916
    The Alpha Cannon is so powerful it was once thought to be the lost "Lombax
    Secret". It improves upon the Alpha Disruptor's already fearsome firepower by
    creating a massive explosive impact with every enemy it hits. If there are any
    foes withing 12 cubits of the blast radius, rest assured you won't be seeing
    them in the sequel.
    =Omega Alpha Cannon=
    Cost: 8,500,000 bolts
    V6 Power: +9,084=18,000
    V7 Power: +4,368=22,368
    V8 Power: +6,840=29,208
    V9 Power: +9,306=38,514
    VX Power: +11,864=50,378
    Total Power: 51,410
    -Faster Shooting x3: 1,400 Raritanium
    -More Power x2: 2,000 Raritanium
       +516 Power (Total 1032, 4,000 Raritanium)
    -More Ammo x1: 1,800 Raritanium
       +1 Ammo
    -More Bolts x3: 1,000 Raritanium
    Unique Mod: Anit-Matter Transfluxor: 2,000 Raritanium
    The Anti-Matter Transfluxor dynamically reconfigures the molecular structure of
    any target hit by the weapon, allowing the beam to pass directly through the
    target and hit additional foes.
    =Pyro Blaster=
    Price: 100,000 bolts
    Ammo: 30
    Total Ammo: 40
    Ammo Price: 100 bolts
    Ammo per Crate: 8
    Power: 516
    Total Power: 1230
    Availible from: IRIS Supercomputer, Kreeli Comet.
    This Kerchu-engineered flamethrower offers your enemies two choices: regular or
    extra crispy!
    -V2 Power: +103=619
    -V3 Power: +124=743
    -V4 Power: +149=892
    V5: Incinerator
    Power: +178=1070
    The Incinerator boasts twin intertwining streams of schorching hot plasma.
    GrummelNet smore kit sold seperately.
    =Omega Incinerator=
    Cost: 4,500,000 bolts
    V6 Power: +496=1,566
    V7 Power: +517=2,083
    V8 Power: +673=2,756
    V9 Power: +875=3,631
    VX Power: +1,137=4,768
    Total Power: 4,927
    -More Ammo x5: 500 Raritanium
       +2 Ammo (Total 10, 2,500 Raritanium)
    -Longer Range x3: 600 Raritanium
    -More Power x3: 700 Raritanium
       +53 Power (Total 159, 2,100 Raritanium)
    -More Raritanium x2: 1,000 Raritanium
    Unique Mod: Superheated Fuel Injector: 1,500 Raritanium
    This upgrade injects an extra stream of superheated fuel at the nozzle of the
    weapon. The result is a wider stream of fire that gives you a significant
    advantage in any close combat battle.
    =Plasma Beasts=
    Price: 15,000 bolts
    Ammo: 8
    Total Ammo: 10
    Ammo Price: 75 bolts
    Ammo per Crate: 3
    Power: 240
    Total Power: 483
    Available from: Cobalia Spaceport, Planet Cobalia
    These synthetic bodyguards will lay dormant until their enemy moves in, then
    they strike with lethal efficiency!
    Once they strike, they fall apart and spread this toxic goo all over the
    enemies. This can get behind sheilds and really deal some damage to a group.
    You can only have 8 of these out at any time.
    -V2 Power: +36=276
    -V3 Power: +41=317
    -V4 Power: +52=365
    V5: Plasma Stalker
    Power: +55=420
    GrummelNet's Plasma Stalkers are a highly evolved form of the popular Plasma
    Beasts line. The Stalkers have the unique ability to burrow into the ground and
    reappear next to you wherever you go. Perfect for the intergalactic commando on
    the go!
    =Omega Plasma Stalkers=
    Cost: 3,000,000 bolts
    V6 Power: +2,967=3,387
    V7 Power: +1,035=4,422
    V8 Power: +1,345=5,767
    V9 Power: +1,750=7,517
    VX Power: +2,273=9,790
    Total Power: 9,853
    -More Power x3: 100 Raritanium
       +21 Power (Total 63, 300 Raritanium)
    -More Ammo x2: 75 Raritanium
       +1 Ammo (Total 2, 150 Raritanium)
    -Bigger Area x2: 250 Raritanium
    -More Raritanium x2: 100 Raritanium
    -Unique Mod: Proximity Sensors: 350 Raritanium
    These sonar-equipped proximity sensors allow the Plasma Beasts to detect and
    attack enemies from further away.
    =Shard Reaper=
    Price: 35,000 bolts
    Ammo: 30
    Total Ammo: 40
    Ammo Price: 40 bolts
    Ammo per Crate: 8
    Power: 166
    Total Power: 413
    Available from: Imperial Fight Festival, Planet Mukow
    Peforate your foes with high-velocity spikes of Trillium Ore!
    The Shard Reaper is ToD's Shotgun, a follower of the Blitz Gun, Shock Gun, and
    Magma Gun from previous games. The shards of Trillium Ore fired from this
    weapon deal more damage the closer the enemy is.
    Trillium is the material used in the Final Armour you can buy.
    -V2 Power: +33=199
    -V3 Power: +40=239
    -V4 Power: +48=287
    V5: Nitro Reaper
    Power: +57=344
    The Nitro Reaper extends the functionality of the ever popular Shard Reaper by
    injecting highly compressed liquid Nitrogen in each shard. Freeze your enemies
    stiff, and then laugh at them mercilessly! Cragmite popsicle kit sold
    =Omega Nitro Reaper=
    Cost: 7,500,000 bolts
    V6 Power: +1,028=1,372
    V7 Power: +432=1,804
    V8 Power: +562=2,366
    V9 Power: +729=3,095
    VX Power: +949=4,044
    Total Power: 4112
    -More Ammo x2: 200 Raritanium
       +5 Ammo (Total 10, 400 Raritanium)
    -More Power x4: 250 Raritanium
       +17 Power (Total 68, 1,000 Raritanium)
    -Wider Shot x2: 500 Raritanium
    -Faster Shooting x4: 250 Raritanium
    Unique Mod: Pyrocidic Nano-Clusters: 800 Raritanium
    This upgrade adds tiny Pyrocidic Nano-Clusters into the shards of the weapon.
    After imbeddng themselves in a target, the Nano-Clusters will trigger an
    explosive reaction that further damages your foe.
    Price: 100,000 bolts
    Ammo: 12
    Total Ammo: 15
    Ammo Price: 150 bolts
    Ammo per Crate: 2
    Power: 1,548
    Total Power: 3,852
    Availible from: Zordoom Prison, Planet Viceron
    Blow your opponents to smithereens with the final word in rocket-propelled
    incediary devices!
    -V2 Power: +310=1858
    -V3 Power: +371=2229
    -V4 Power: +446=2675
    V5: Judicator
    Power: +535=3210
    A favourite with Teamsters, the Judicator is a triple barreled version of
    GrummelNet's high-end Negotiator. Firing three rockets at one time, the
    Judicator is perfect for invading small galaxies of enforcing picket lines.
    =Omega Judicator=
    Cost: 9,500,000 bolts
    V6 Power: +648=3,858
    V7 Power: +1,350=5,208
    V8 Power: +1,756=6,964
    V9 Power: +2,281=9,245
    VX Power: +2,965=12,210
    Total Power: 12,865
    -More Power x4: 1,000 Raritanium
       +160 Power (Total 642, 4,000 Raritanium)
    -Faster Shooting x1: 4,000 Raritanium
    -More Ammo x3: 1,400 Raritanium
       +1 Ammo (Total 4, 5,200 Raritanium)
    -Bigger Area x2: 1,500 Raritanium
    Unique Mod: Napalm Cells: 2,500 Raritanium
    Each rocket is affixed with higly compressed Napalm Cells. Upon detonation, the
    cells are released and spread sweet-smelling napalm acros the area. Your foes
    will have nowhwere to run!
    Price: 65,000 bolts
    Ammo: 4
    Total Ammo: 6
    Ammo Price: 150 bolts
    Ammo per Crate: 2
    Power: 143
    Total Power: 356
    Availible from: Pirate Base, Planet Ardolis
    A single hive deploys dozens of nanosects that attack your enemies with
    pyrocidic stingers!
    The Hive Tower deployed by the Nano-Swarmer Glove has a targeting laser. When
    it hits an enemy, the nanosects attack the targeted enemy!
    -V2 Power: +31=172
    -V3 Power: +34=206
    -V4 Power: +42=248
    V5: Toxic Swarmers
    Power: 297
    Toxic Swarmers improve on the already formidible nanocects, by giving each one
    a toxic injection of Zanifarian death weasel venom.
    =Omega Toxic Swarmers=
    Cost: 9,000,000 bolts
    V6 Power: +378=675
    V7 Power: +216=891
    V8 Power: +281=1,172
    V9 Power: +365=1,537
    VX Power: +475=2,012
    Total Power: 2,057
    -More Power x2: 900 Raritanium
       +15 Power (Total 30, 1,800 Raritanium)
    -Big More Power x1: 1800 Raritanium
       +30 Power (45)
    -Wider Area x4: 650 Raritanium
    -More Ammo x2: 700 Raritanium
       +1 Ammo (Total 2, 1,400 Raritanium)
    -More Bolts x3: 600 Raritanium
    -Big More Bolts x1: 1200 Raritanium
    Unique Mod: Zero-Kelvin Laser Diode
    This upgrade uses GrummelNets patented Zero-Kelvin Laser technology on the
    weapon's targeting laser. Enemies will be frozen stiff whenever the laser
    contacts them.
    =Mag-Net Launcher=
    Price: 250,000 bolts
    Ammo: 12
    Total Ammo: 16
    Ammo Price: 250 bolts
    Ammo per Crate: 3
    Power: 892
    Total Power: 2,219
    Availible from: Slag's Fleet, Ublik Passage
    Uses polarized raritanium pellets to cast an electromagnetic mesh over your
    The Mag-Net Launcher is a Raritanium Farmers dream, as it has the most
    Raritanium mods of ANY weapon!
    V2 Power: +178=1070
    V3 Power: +214=1284
    V4 Power: +247=1541
    V5: Mag-Net Cannon
    Power: +308=1849
    The Mag-Net Cannon creates super-voltaic Meg-Nets that not only imprison your
    foes, but also explode! If this unprecedented combination of electric shock and
    combustible awe doesn't finish off your enemies, you should seriously consider
    changing sides.
    =Omega Mag-Net Cannon=
    Cost: 6,000,000 bolts
    V6 Power: +179=2,028
    V7 Power: +756=2,784
    V8 Power: +983=3,767
    V9 Power: +1,278=5,045
    VX Power: +1,661=6,706
    Total Power: 7,198
    -More Raritanium x6: 1,000 Raritanium
    -Big More Raritanium: 2,000 Raritanium
    -Faster Shooting x2: 1,400 Raritanium
    -Big Faster Shooting: 2,500 Raritanium
    -More Ammo x1: 2,000 Raritanium
       +4 Ammo
    -More Power x2: 1,600 Raritanium
       +123 Power (Total 246, 3,200 Raritanium)
    -Big More Power: 3,000 Raritanium
       +246 Power
    Unique Mod: Inductor Coils: 3,500 Raritanium
    This upgrade adds a powerful electrical inductor coil to each Mag-Net,
    resulting in a more stable magnetic field that improsons foes for longer than
    ever before.
    =Razor Claws=
    Price: 125,000 bolts
    Ammo: 30
    Total Ammo: 50
    Ammo Price: 25 bolts
    Ammo per Crate: 8
    Power: 892
    Total Power: 2,219
    Availible from: Kerchu City, Planet Jasindu
    Lacerate your enemies in style using wrist-mounted laser splitters!
    The Razor Claws have the unique ability to gain power as they strike enemies.
    This can greatly increase their efficiency in combat. The blades also go from
    Yellow to Orange to Red! The power resets when you are hit.
    -V2 Power: +178=1070
    -V3 Power: +212=1284
    -V4 Power: +257=1541
    V5: Shredder Claws
    Power: +308=1849
    While many at GrummelNet argues that the Razor Claws were far too dangerous to
    be made upgradeable, we ultimately decided to let the customer be the judge.
    The Shredder Claws release a powerful Floomis Enerygy shockwave on their third
    strike, sending your enemies shattering and scattering with a flick of your
    =Omega Shredder Claws=
    Cost: 3,500,000 bolts
    V6 Power: -187=1,662 (<- don't ask me why the power level is DEcreased)
    V7 Power: +702=2,364
    V8 Power: +913=3,277
    V9 Power: +1,186=4,463
    VX Power: +1,542=6,005
    Total Power: 6,683
    -More Ammo x3: 1,000 Raritanium
       +5 Ammo (Total 15, 3,000 Raritanium)
    -More Power x3: 1,500 Raritanium
       +226 (Total 678, 3,500 Raritanium)
    -More Raritanium x1: 2,500 Raritanium
    -More Bolts x1: 3,000 Raritanium
    Unique Mod: Fission Accelerator
    The Fission Accelerator increases the speed at which the claws gain power
    during a combo attack. Continue hitting enemies without taking damage, and your
    claws will rapidly gain power and deal increased damage.
    =R.Y.N.O. IV=
    Price: Free (sort of, you need to find all the Holo-Plans)
    Ammo: 300
    Total Ammo: 450
    Ammo Price: 20 bolts
    Ammo per Crate: 71
    Power: 678
    Total Power: 1687
    Availible from: The Smuggler (who can be found on the latest planet you met him
    on, which is either Cobalia, the Nundac Asteroid Ring, Rykan V or Sargasso)
    A weapon so dangerous and illegal that its schematics were destroyed and its
    designers locked up in a maximum security asylm on planet Pokitaru.
    The R.Y.N.O. IV is the latest in the R.Y.N.O. series. It fires a multitude of
    high-power laser shots that will incinerate ANYTHING that gets in it's way. If
    you don't like weapons that alter the balance of gameplay, DO NOT BUY THIS
    -V2 Power: +135=813
    -V3 Power: +163=976
    -V4 Power: +195=1,171
    V5: RYNO IV Xtreme (Also called the R.Y.N.O. 4-Ever)
    Power: +235=1,406
    The R.Y.N.O. 4-Ever has been declared a myth by the Galactic Society of
    Implausible Weapon Designs. Rumours have persisted on the Holo-Web that this
    upgrade to the R.Y.N.O. IV is theoretically possible, but the subject is so
    controvesial that merely mentioning it has been grounds for six months in an
    intergalactic penitentiary. If you should hear any information about the
    R.Y.N.O. 4-Ever, letalone encounter the actual weapon itself, you are advised
    to cover your eyes and ears and loudly hum show tunes of choice. This weapon,
    should it even exist, is far too dangerous, illegal, and downright gameplay
    destabilizing to ever be used. Ever. We mean it.
    =Omega RYNO IV Xtreme (or Omega R.Y.N.O. 4-Ever)=
    Cost: 50,000,000 bolts
    V6 Power: +349=1,800
     V6 Ammo: +450=750
    V7 Power: +280=2,060
    V8 Power: +702=2,762
    V9 Power: +913=3,675
    VX Power: +1,186=4,861 (oddly, it's at VX is it called R.Y.N.O. 4-Ever outisde
    the weapon description)
    Total Power: 5,141
    Total Ammo: 900
    -Faster Priming x2: 2,500 Raritanium
    -More Ammo x5: 2,000 Raritanium
       +30 Ammo, (Total 150, 10,000 Raritanium)
    -More Bolts x2: 2,500 Raritanium
    -Big More Bolts: 5,000 Raritanium
    -More Power x4: 3,000 Raritanium
       +70 Power (Total 280, 12,000 Raritanium)
    =Items   #ITM=
    Items are special little tid-bits you find periodically throughout the game.
    Most often they are equipped automatically, some are just temporary. In any
    case, you will need them to complete a level, certainly the game.
    =O2 Mask=
    Acquired from: The start of the game
    Never let a lack of oxygen keep you from saving the galaxy! This incredible
    mask will actually synthesize and recycle oxygen while you explore underwater
    areas and outer space!
    Note: You will never use the O2 Mask for outer space use.
    Acquired from: Apogee Space Station, Nundac Asteroid Ring
    The Geo-Laser allows Clank to cut through cracked, weakened walls. Use the
    light over Ratchet's head as a guide and press Triangle when it's solid green.
    Once this is done, tilt the controller to guide the laser over the weak points,
    marked with targets. A target must be hit within 5 seconds or the wall will
    cool, meaning you have to start over. If you are using a Dualshock 3 the
    controller with vibrate when you've successfully passed over a target.
    =3 3/4 Centicubit Hexagonal Washer=
    Acquired from: Outpost L51, Planet Sargasso
    An unsual gift from The Plumber, this looks like an ordinary washer used to fix
    leaking pipes and oversized hydraulic toilets (otherwise known as
    interplanetary transportation gizmos).
    Acquired from: Imperial Fight Festival, Planet Mukow (NOTE: This is for both
    visits, however only the first Infobot is damaged)
    Although the optical relay has been damaged, the message contained inside
    appears to be intact. Perhaps your ship has the necessary equipment to unlock
    its message!
    Infobots are also spread throughout the galaxy as Tools of Production
    Availible from: Outpost L51, Planet Sargasso (for 3 Leviathan Souls)
    A favoured gadget amongst theives, criminals, and hackers, the Decryptor allows
    its user to bypass any security protocol to gain access to restricted areas and
    launch pads. It also plays MP3s, snaps pictures, and does your homework while
    you sleep.
    The Decryptor works by sending a charge through the security motherboard. Tilt
    the SIXAXIS to move a metal ball to make the charge jump to another circut by
    getting near two circuit end points. Hold down X to hold the ball between the
    end points. When a charge has enetered all the Finish Diodes, the security will
    be unlocked and the device/door will be active.
    Disabling SIXAXIS will have the control moved to the Left Analog Stick.
    Availible from: Lava Refineries, Planet Rykan V (for 5,000 bolts)
    Originally developed by the Centre for Lombax Research, this single-seat
    transportation device has been modified with a terrathruster to rocket its user
    to their final destination!
    =Treasure Mapper=
    Acquired from: Slag's Fleet, Ublik Passage
    Gold Bolts will have nowhere to hide with this handy device! Their exact
    locations will be revealed on your map, taking the guesswork out of treasure
    hunting once and for all!
    =Box Basher 2000=
    Acquired from: Kerchu City, Planet Jasindu
    Allows you to smash crates with greater efficiency using patent-pending air
    blast technology!
    Perform a Hyperstrike (X then Square) to Box Bash!
    =Armour Magnetiser=
    Availible from: Pirate Base, Planet Ardolis
    This modification polarizes your armour to attract bolts from great distances.
    =Tachyon Statues=
    Available from: Planet Mukow, Imperial Fight Festival
    These gruesome little figurines bear an uncanny resemblance to Emporer Tachyon.
    Collect all six!
    These statues, once all are found, allow you to (try and) traverse Emperor
    Tacyon's Trail of Turning Terror.
    =Lombax Flight Components=
    Acquired from: Lombax Ruins, Planet Fastoon (First Visit)
    Despite numerous attempts by GrummelNet to reverse-engineer their technology,
    Lombax-engineered flight components remain the most advanced in the galaxy. The
    absence of the Lombaxes makes their technology extremely hard to come by, much
    to the chagrin of backwater racing gangs. Recently, Slim Cognito servered
    eighteen months in a Zanifarian Labor Camp for fraudently selling fake Lombax
    components to the Desert Riders.
    NOTE: This item disappears from the Items Menu once you repair Aphelion,
    leaving the empty slot in the Items menu.
    =Gadgets  #GTS=
    Available from: The start of the game
    The Swingshot is one of the most popular and essential gadgets in any
    adventurer's inventory. Manufactured exclsively by Gadgetron, the Swingshot is
    compatible with a broad range of Versa-Targets across ninteen galaxies. Just
    leap toward any target, press Circle and your trusty Swingshot will
    automatically latch on, propelling you gracefully out of the path of danger.
    There are two kinds of Versa Targets in the game: Blue and Green. Blue Targets
    are most often found at the end of Green target paths, and pull Ratchet to the
    target. Green Targets, found on some vehicles, pull Ratchet a short way before
    stopping, where Ratchet hitches a graceful ride. They can also be found in
    paths, making you swing like a vine.
    Available from: Imperial Fight Festival, Planet Mukow
    GrummelNet's patented Heli-pods are a safe and convenient method for lifting
    massive weights or hazardous objects. Just shoot out a Heli-Pod at any object
    affice with a self adhesive Heli-Target, and let the surprisingly strong
    whirring propeller work it's magic!
    Available from: Cobalia Space Port, Cobalia
    The Gelenator is a GrummelNet utility gadget sold exclusively to the Gelatonium
    Mining Workers Union and their liscensed signatories. This Gadget allows the
    operator to drain of fill any G4-MW isobaric gelatonium pump in the Polaris
    The Gelenator, when full, can fire cubes of gel onto the ground or in
    Gelatonium rivers, where they ca be used to ascend to great heights. You can
    make a Cube bigger by shooting up to two more cubes at it, where it will be
    able to bounce you up slightly higher. The cubes can also be used to encase
    enemies. Gel cubes fall apart after 15 seconds, or when completely eaten by
    Gel-bots. You can also do thisby shooting it or whacking it with your
    =Holo-Pirate Disguise=
    Availible from: Imperial Fight Festival, Planet Mukow (Second Visit)
    This pint-sized holo-morphic disguise was created by Percival Tachyon himself.
    Tachyon inteded to use the disguise to spy on Slag's pirate crew in case they
    were plotting against him. But Tachyon's plan was thwarted when his lack of
    rythym prevented him from getting past pirate security doors. Tachyon later
    offered the disguise as a prize in his Imperial Fight Festival, hoping ot lure
    Captain Slag to his death in the Imperial Arena.
    But of course, you get it first. You move slowly in the disguise, but you are
    able to walk right past pirates providing they haven't spotted you earlier.
    This is handy for sneak attacks and taking down certain enemies that cause
    trouble. You can also get through doors. Beat the Emporer in dancing by using
    the SIXAXIS to dance yer panties off. Pull to the Left, Pull to the Right, Push
    up the the Sky, and Shake your booty enter and discover hidden pirate secrets.
    You'll need to do this on Ardolis for two Gold Bolts. You can also press O to
    give the pirates a friendly ol' salute!
    Available from: The start of the game
    The Heli-Pack allows you to perform a High Jump by jumping from a crouched
    position. To perform a Long Jump, run and crouch then immediately jump. To
    Glide, simply hold X while in the air.
    Acquired from the first Ratchet and Clank game from Al, this allows you to
    perform the above functions to aid Ratchet. The first and most frequently used
    is the Stretch-Jump. This is handy for crossing long areas a bit faster.
    You can also pull into a Hyper-Srike while using this move.
    The next most used move is Glide. This is useful when you don't know if there's
    a platform underneath you to land on. The final move, the High-Jump, is handy
    for getting up to higher ledges. You can also pull a 'Level 3' Hyperstrike by
    pressing Square at the top of the jump.
    =Thruster Pack=
    Available from: The start of the game
    The Thruster Pack upgrade has High Jump, Long Jump and Glide features just like
    the Heli-Pack.
    However it is more powerful and, in my opinion at least, cooler looking.
    Available from: Stratus City, Plaet Kortog
    These powerful robotic wings, when charged, will allow their owner to fly. The
    wings are constructed from a a very unusual zapotech upgrade technology that is
    far more advanced that the nanotech upgrades used throughout most galaxies.
    Despite their strangely advanced technological origins, these wings are
    designed to be compatible with the gelatonium-fuled Launch Pads found
    throughout the Polaris Galaxy.
    When you find a Launch Pad, press Triangle to jump into the air and fly. Unlike
    Megacorp's Glider, you are able to stay in the air indefinetly until you touch
    down. Use the SIXAXIS controllet to guide Ratchet around. Press X to flap the
    wings to get extra height, or Triangle again to deactivate them. You can also
    equip the wings outside of flight, however they will be compressed a bit.
    Oddly, they have the same functionaliy, right down to the smoke trails, as the
    Thruster Pack.
    =Hydro Pack=
    Available from: The start of the game
    The Hydro-Pack upgrade is a black market offereting. This Upgrade significantly
    increases swim speed and will even let you swim against currents. Fortunately,
    Clank comes equipped with this upgrade thanks to your previous adventures.
    You don't actually come across and currents to swim against, however the added
    speed is a BIG help when swimming. You cannot use the Hydro-Pack at the surface
    of the water.
    Available from: The start of the game
    Ahh, your old trusty Grindboots. Use this device to slide along specially
    designed rails in a frantic fight for your own life. Its an extreme sport, but
    you love it!
    Ratchet acquired these in the first game from an inve-Gadget Engineer, and
    allow him to slide along thin rails. Here, he can only use his Omniwrench to
    attack. Ratchet can also jump to adjacent rails by leaning over to the rail
    with the Left Analog Stick and Jumping over to it, as well as jumping and using
    the Swingshot.
    =Gravity Boots=
    Available from: The start of the game
    The Gravity Boots magnetically lock to special metallic surfaces, allowing
    Ratchet to run up walls and across the ceiling.
    These functions an only be used on special Gravity strips. The Gravity Boots
    are manufactured by Gadgetron, however these are the 2.00 versions of the old
    Magneboots, and as such have features from Megacorp's original Gravity Boots,
    such as increased manuverability and the ability to jump.
    =Charge Boots=
    Available from: Imperial Fight Festival, Planet Mukow
    The Charge Boots contain rocket boosters that can be fired by double tapping
    The Charge Boots, originally developed by Megacorp, are handy devices that
    allow you to do short bursts of high speed to cross large amounts of ground
    much faster than using the Thruster Pack, and certainly walking. Unlike the
    Megacorp Model, however, these boots do not allow for continious bursts. They
    are also grey-blue instead of the red colour of Megacorp Charge Boots.
    Beware, as Charge Boots do not deactivate should you head off a cliff...
    =Combat Devices   #CBD=
    Combat Devices are special, powerful items that can change the course of a
    firefight, but not in terms of power. Instead, they are tacticully powerful,
    affecting the battlefeild greatly. They can only be bought from special
    vendors and found in Raritanium Chests (if you have ammo to fill).
    =Death Springs=
    Availible from: Meridian City, Planet Igliak
    Ammo: 3
    Ammo Cost: 15,000 bolts
    These mortal coils pack a nasty isokinetic punch! Releasing one cluster will
    send them gravitating towards enemies, where they will explode on impact!
    Available from: Cobalia Spaceport, Planet Cobalia
    Ammo: 3
    Ammo Cost: 500 bolts
    Mesmerize your enemies with this dance-inducing disco ball!
    This could be seen as an advanced version of the Decoy Glove from RaC1. Ratchet
    will throw a Groovitron Orb (a Disco ball), and the lights will turn on, music
    will play and the enemies will get down and funky!! Each enemy has their own
    unique dance, and whilst they're strutting their stuff, you can attack them
    with whatever weapon you choose, and they won't snap out of it! It lasts for
    about 10 seconds, and is very handy when you want some enemies to just stay
    There is also the =Golden Groovitron=. This is available in Challenge Mode and
    is just the same as the normal Groovitron, except that it has unlimited Ammo.
    It is reccomended you get this version before you attempt the Skill Point
    Everybody Dance Now. It costs a whopping 2,000,000 (that's TWO MILLION)
    Raritanium to get, but is well worth it.
    =Leech Bomb=
    Availible from: Cobalia Spaceport, Planet Cobalia
    Ammo: 2
    Ammo Cost: 1,000 bolts
    Weary from battle? Low on nanotech? Throw one of these, and absorb the health
    of your enemies!
    =Mega Leech Bomb=
    Availible from: Zordoom Prison, Planet Viceron
    Ammo: 1
    Ammo Cost: 6,000 bolts
    Packing twice the power of a regular leech bomb, the Mega-Leech is the absolute
    latest in health transferral technology!
    Availible from: Kerchu City, Planet Jasindu
    Ammo: 3
    Ammo Cost: 8,000 bolts
    Transform your enemies into loveable penguins with the latest in molecular
    This weapon continues the trend of Morph weapons in RaC. You get a total of
    five different penguin styles upon morphing, all randomly chosen: Scrafed (in
    Pink, Yellow and Green), Top Hat and Monicle, and Qwark Hat. You need to make
    all six of these different penguins dance for the Everybody Dance Now Skill
    Point. Also, enemies revert back to normal after 30 seconds.
    Availible from: Zordoom Prison, Planet Viceron
    Ammo: 3
    Ammo Cost: 10,000 bolts
    This radio-controlled assault weapon allows you to take out your enemies across
    moderate distances. A favourite of lazy adventurers across the galaxy.
    Tilt the SIXAXIS to move the Visicoper around, press Square to lower and Xe to
    rise. Press X to fire missiles and O to detonate the Visi-Copter. If you are
    hit while using the device, the Copter will detonate so you can defend
    =Mr. Zurkon=
    Availible from: Lava Refineries, Planet Rykan V
    Ammo: 4
    Ammo Cost: 5,000 bolts
    This humble yet eloquent synthenoid has been manufactured with only one
    directive: protect it's master!
    This guy also loves to smash-talk your foes thanks to it's unique personality
    =Confuzzler Gas=
    Availible from: Apogee Space Station, Nundac Asteroid Ring
    Ammo: 2
    Ammo Cost: 1,500 bolts
    Derived from the seeds of the Cobalian Werm Plant, this psychotropic
    hallucinogen temporarily causes your opponents to fight each other instead of
    =Armour   #AMR=
    Armour is an important aspect to survival in ToD, and so you will want to buy
    it as soon as possible, because new armour usually means tougher enemies are
    on the way in the next or current level. Ratchet starts off in his usual
    garments, however right from the first returnable level he is required to buy
    some proper protection.
    =Blackstar Armour=
    Available from: Cobalia Spaceprt, Planet Cobalia
    Cost: 30,000 bolts
    Designed by the mutiny-fearing Captain Blackstar himself, this amazing armour
    uses biostatic nanomytes to absorb up to 25% of all damage. The finest in
    affordable anti-mutiny defence wear!
    =Helios Armour=
    Available from: Lava Refineries, Planet Rykan V
    Cost: 100,000 bolts
    Engineered by the Kerchu Phalanxes of Planet Jasindu, this powerful armour
    boasts three layers of cyrofoam and duraplate omniguards for added protection.
    Absorbs up to 40% of all damage!
    =Terraflux Armour=
    Availible from: Cragmite Ruins, Planet Reepor
    Cost: 300,000 bolts
    Used by the Elite Cragmite Assasins during the Great War, this historical
    armour contains a triple-stitched Werthog scales plated with durable
    raritanium! Absorbing up to 55% of all damage, Terraflux is a must-have for
    experienced warriors looking to conquer the universe!
    =Trillium Armour=
    Availible from: Cobalia Spaceport, Planet Cobalia (Challenge Mode)
    Cost: 10,000,000
    Engineered at the Centre for Advanced Lombax Research, this revolutionary
    armour contains a bionic endoskeleton galvanised with trillium ore! The most
    effective armour the galaxy has ever seen, it will absorb an amazing 65% of all
    =Credits   #CDR=
    Big thanks to Insomniac for making the weapons upgrade somewhat faster than in
    the older games! My sis also helped me remember to write down some of the
    upgrade power levels.

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