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    Sarah Bryant by Sanctuary Remix

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    Virtua Fighter 5 (Sarah Bryant)
    By: Alex "Joker" Hall
    Started on: April 30, 2007
    Completed on: September 9, 2007
    E-Mail: Sanctuary_Remix@yahoo.com
    -  Well I'll put it simply....I've been working on getting a Virtua Fighter 5
       walkthrough up as a means of my "coming out of retirement" kinda deal.  Well
       I'm still hard at work with it, but I figured as much that I should at least
       put out there some character walkthroughs as well.  I was planning on doing
       this in the first place once I got the full walkthrough up, but I figured
       what the hell....lets do it now.  So with that being said I'm here to give
       you all this guide on Sarah.
    -  As with every other guide that I've wrote, this guide is my own property!  I
       happily made this for all to enjoy and to use, and all that I ask is that if
       you are planning on using this for your site, then just ask me for permission
       ok.  I'm really easy to get along with and generally don't mind it so long as
       you ask for my permission first.  Don't go thinking "Oh he'll never say ok,
       lets just rip the guide and post it anyways" because that's a flawed way of
       thinking.  Just give it a shot sometime and you may be surprised!  My e-mail
       box is always open!
    -  A big reminder to everyone out there....if you're looking for updates to this
       guide, then head on over to www.gamefaqs.com.  I write for that site and that
       site only.....or at least, that's where the guide's origins are.  Any update
       that I do will hit there.  I don't really plan on keeping up with how many
       other hundreds of sites have my guides up for their use and have to go and
       update it on their site as well, so save yourself some trouble and headache
       and check my guide out at GameFAQs ok.  I really don't want to deal with a
       million e-mails asking me about updates and info and such when I'm telling
       you now what to do.
    * Sarah Bryant *
      = Backstory and Stats
      = Move Set
      = Costumes and Clothes Sets
      = Personal Opinion
    (User Created Tactics)
    *** Sarah Bryant ***
    .......................:.....  ..,+$:Z$$$$$$$$$$$$8888O?8D88OOOO8888888888888$~:
    .......................:.... ...::I77I7Z$$ZZZZZZO8888OO=888888O8888888888888O$::
    .......................:.. ....:::IOOO8~ZZZZZZZ888888OI888888888888888888888Z:::
    .......................:... ..,,,:?OO88ODO8$ZZD88888OD+D8DD8888888888888888O=:::
    .................,. ...:... ..,,,,?ZO8888888,IDD88OO8?O8DD8D888888888888888Z::~~
    ................... ...:.....,,,,,:I$88888Z8D.O78ZO8D+DD888888888888888888O$~~~~
    ................,. ....:.....::,::~~+$88888DOODOO88DDD88888888888888888888O?~~~~
    .........,.,.,,,,.....,,.. ..I+====+==~=I7O8DDDDND$DMDD8DDDD8D888888888888O~~~~~
    -  Backstory  -
    -  Sarah had entered the Fourth World Fighting Tournament in the hopes that
       surpassing her brother would allow her to put her past behind her.  But while
       she was able to push Jacky to the edge, she was unable to defeat him.  In
       addition, Sarah was faced with the sudden disappearance of Vanessa, who had
       been protecting her.  Then one day, Sarah heard that Jacky had resumed his
       training in order to destroy J6 itself.  Sarah decided that if she could
       destroy J6 first, she could both surpass her brother and prevent anyone else
       from becoming a victim of the evil organization.  But Sarah knew too little
       of the power of J6.  Her efforts to infiltrate J6 play neatly into their
       hands, and danger threatens her once again...
    -  Stats  -
       Nationality - American
       Birthday - 7/04/1973
       Hobby - Sky Diving
       Height - 173 cm (5'8)
       Weight - 55 kg
       Measurements - 90/57/90
       Blood Type - AB
       Occupation - College Student
       Fighting Style - Martial Arts
       Voice Actor - N/A
       First Game - Virtua Fighter
    -  Move Set -
    -  Now it's time to learn how to use Sarah properly.  Remember, you can always
       go into Dojo and use Command Training to perfect using these moves properly.
       * Legend *
       P = Punch
       K = Kick
       G = Guard
       => = Forward
       <= = Back
       \ = Forward/Down
       / = Backward/Down
       ^ = Up
       | = Down
       Hold = Hold certain direction and/or button for at least one sec before
       HCF = Half Circle Forward starting from Back
       HCB = Half Circle Back starting from Forward
       UF = Up/Forward
       UB = Up/Back
       FCFC = Full Circle Foward Clockwise
       FCFCC = Full Circle Foward Counter Clockwise
       FCBC = Full Circle Backwards Clockwise
       FCBCC = Full Circle Backwards Counter Clockwise
       * Normal Moves *
       Straight Lead - P
       Jab Straight - P,P
       Flash Piston Punch (A) - P,P,P
       Combo Rising Knee - P,P,P,K
       Combo Somersault Kick - P,P,P,<=(or UB) K
       Combo Scarecrow - P,P,P,^,K
       Flash Piston Punch (B) - P,P,<=,P
       Combo Somersault Kick - P,P,<=(or UB) P,K
       Flash Piston Punch (C) - P,P,^,P
       Combo Somersault Kick - P,P,^,P,K
       Combo Back Spin Kick - P,P,K
       Combo Reverse High Kick - P,P,K,K
       Serpent Tail - P,P,|,K
       Serpent Bite - P,P,|,K, then K just before hit
       Punch High Kick - P,K
       Punch Knee Kick - P,<=,K
       Rising Elbow - =>,P
       Elbow Side Chop - =>,P,P
       Double Joint Butt - =>,P,K
       Elbow Hook Kick =>,P,<=,K
       Elbow Hook Kick~Step - =>,P,<=,K,P+K+G
       Back Knuckle - <=,P
       Serpent Rage - <=,P,K
       Serpent Frenzy - <=,P,K, then K during hit or guard
       Tail Sweep - <=,P,K,K+G
       Serpent Claw - <=,P,K,<=,K
       Back Knuckle Turn - <=,<=,P
       Squat Straight - |,P
       Snap Side Chop - \,P
       Setup Combination - \,P,K
       Setup Combination~Step - \,P,K,P+K+G
       Vertical Hook Kick - K
       High Kick Straight - K,P
       Double Thrust Kick - K,K
       Knee Kick - =>,K
       Dash Knee - =>,=>,K
       Switch Kick - <=,K
       Sharpsword - <=,<=,K
       Sharpsword Combo - <=,<=,K,K
       Sharpsword Combo Cancel - <=,<=,K,K,G
       Quick Knee - <=,=>,K
       Jackknife Kick - |,K
       Jackknife Middle Kick - |,K,K
       Low Kick - Hold |(or /) K
       Spin Turn Kick - Hold |,<=,K
       Double Spin Kick - Hold |,<=,K,K
       Middle Kick - \,K
       Mirage Kick - \,K,K
       Dragon Smash Cannon - \,\,K
       Feather Scarecrow - ^,K
       Full Spin Heel Kick - UF,K
       Heel Kick Moonsault - UF,K,P+K+G
       Somersault Kick - UB,K
       Hide Side Kick (deflect) - P+K
       Breeze Shot - =>,P+K
       Wind Knuckle - =>,P+K,P
       Storm Combination - =>,P+K,P,K
       Storm Combination Cancel - =>,P+K,P,K,G
       Rising Upper - =>,P+K,\,P
       Blizzard Kick - =>,P+K,\,P,K
       Blizzard Kick Cancel - =>,P+K,\,P,K,G
       Double Rise Kick - <=,P+K
       Serpent Toe Kick - |,P+K
       Serpent Smash Cannon - |,P+K,K
       Spinning Scarecrow - K+G
       Spinning Scarecrow~Step - K+G,P+K+G
       Crush Tornado - (while rising from a crouch) K+G (can be charged)
       Heel Slash - =>,K+G
       Shadow Slash - =>,K+G,K
       Spear Kick - =>,=>,K+G
       Spear Kick Combo - =>,=>,K+G,K
       Spear Kick Combo Cancel - =>,=>,K+G,K,G
       Crescent Heel - <=,K+G
       Crescent Hell Cancel - <=,K+G,G
       Leg Slicer - |,K+G
       Rising Knee - Hold |,=>,K+G
       Rising Knee Double - Hold |,=>,K+G,K
       Rising Knee Combo - Hold |,=>,K+G, then K (delayed)
       Round Kick - ^,K+G
       Low Spin Kick - \,K+G
       Valkyrie Low - /,K+G
       Valkyrie Sword - /,K+G,K
       Valkyrie Sword~Step - /,K+G,K,P+K+G
       Valkyrie Flight - UF,K+G
       Valkyrie Jab - UF,K+G,P
       Valkyrie Straight - UF,K+G,P,P
       Valkyrie Strike - UF,K+G,P,P,K
       Sword Slash - UF,K+G,K
       Sword Rush Combo - UF,K+G,K,K
       Sword Rush Combo Cancel - UF,K+G,K,K,G
       Moonsault - UF,P+G+K
       Running Knee - Hold =>,K (while running)
       Sidestep Kick - P+K (during Defensive Move)
       Sidestep Slash - P (during Offensive Move)
       Sidestep Knee - K (during Offensive Move)
       * Moves from Flamingo *
       Step-In Menace - From Flamingo: =>
       Cut-In Punch - From Flamingo: P
       Cut-In Chop - From Flamingo: \,P
       Rapid Kick - From Flamingo: K
       Step Kick Combination - From Flamingo: K,K
       High Kick Shift Combination - From Flamingo: K,=>,K
       Low Cut Combination - From Flamingo: K,|,K
       Cannon Combination - From Flamingo: K,K+G
       Guard Crush Sword - From Flamingo: =>,K
       Valkyrie Lancer - From Flamingo: <=,K
       Crush Low - From Flamingo: |,K
       Hand Hold Neck Cut - From Flamingo: |,K, then P+G during hit
       Somersault Kick - From Flamingo: ^(or UB) K
       Cut-In Middle - From Flamingo: \,K
       Switch Low - From Flamingo: /,K
       Fake - From Flamingo: P+K
       Back Knuckle - From Flamingo: =>,P+K
       Back Knuckle Side Kick - From Flamingo: =>,P+K,K
       Back Knuckle Low Kick - From Flamingo: =>,P+K,|,K
       Edge Kick Combo Double - From Flamingo: =>,P+K,|,K, then K during hit
       Edge Kick Combo Triple - From Flamingo: =>,P+K,|,K, then K,K during hit
       Side Neck Cut Sword - From Flamingo: |(or ^) P+K
       Side Neck Cut Sword Cancel - From Flamingo: |(or ^) P+K,G
       Back Spin Kick - From Flamingo: K+G
       Mirage Step - From Flamingo: K+G,|(or ^)
       Reverse High Kick - From Flamingo: K+G,K
       Heel Sword Slash - From Flamingo: =>,K+G
       Low Spin Kick - From Flamingo: |,K+G
       Heel Sword - From Flamingo: \,K+G
       Neck Cut Slash - From Flamingo: \,K+G, then P+G during guard or hit
       Leg Hook Throw - From Flamingo: P+G
       Gatling Kick Beat - From Flamingo: FCFC(or FCFCC) P+G
       Back Roll Escape - From Flamingo: <=,P+K+G
       Moonsault - From Flamingo: UF,P+K+G
       Turn Knuckle - (opponent behind) From Flamingo: P
       Turn Low Straight - (opponent behind) From Flamingo: |,P
       Turn Kick - (opponent behind) From Flamingo: K
       Turn Low Spin Kick - (opponent behind) From Flamingo: |,K
       * Moves From Step *
       Step - From Flamingo: P+K+G
       Step~Cross Straight - From Step: P
       Cross Straight~Hook Kick - From Step: P,K
       Cross Straight~Hook Kick~Step - From Step: P,K,P+K+G
       Step~Toe Kick - From Step: K
       Step~Toe Kick Cancel - From Step: K,G
       Toe Kick~Back Spin Kick - From Step: K,K
       Toe Kick Combination - From Step: K,K,K
       Toe Kick Combination Cancel - From Step: K,K,K,G
       Step~Low Kick - From Step: |,K
       Step~Edge Kick Combo Double - From Step: |,K, then K during hit
       Step~Edge Kick Combo Triple - From Step: |,K, then K,K during hit
       Step~Fake - From Step: P+K
       Step~Round Spin Kick - From Step: K+G
       Tornado Spin Kick - From Step: K+G,K
       Step~Serpent Tail - From Step: |,K+G
       Step~Serpent Bite - From Step: |,K+G, then K just before hit
       * Throws *
       Valkyrie Rage - P+G
       Requiem - =>,P+G
       Requiem~Mirage Step Kick - =>,P+G,|(or ^)
       Neckbreaker Drop - =>,=>,P+G
       Leg Hold Throw - <=,=>,P+G
       Sweet Pain - FCFC(or FCFCC) P+G
       Mermaid Phalanx - <=,P+G
       Front Suplex - =>,<=,P+G
       Falling Angel Throw - =>,/,P+G
       Rolling Face Crush - UF,P+G
       Lighting Knee Smash - (wall behind opponent) <=,P+G
       Shell Break Elbow - (on opponent's left or right) P+G
       Backdrop - (opponent facing away) P+G
       * Down Attacks *
       Soccerball Kick - (opponent down) \,K
       Jumping Knee Stamp - (opponent down) ^,P
       * Back Attacks *
       Turn Knuckle - (opponent behind) P
       Turn Low Straight - (opponent behind) |,P
       Turn Kick - (opponent behind) K
       Dragon Kick - (opponent behind) <=,K
       Turn Low Spin Kick - (opponent behind) |,K
       Turn Rising Kick - (opponent behind) /,K
       Turn Hook Kick - (opponent behind) K+G
       Turn Hook Kick~Step - (opponent behind) K+G,P+K+G
       Moonsault - (opponent behind) P+K+G
       * Jump Attacks *
       Elbow - (while rising) P
       Step Straight - (in midair) P
       Step Hook Kick - (in midair) K
       Step Heel Kick - (before landing) K
       * Wall Moves *
       React Round Kick - (wall in front) <=,P+K+G
       Wall Back Roll - (wall in front) UB,P+K+G
    -  Costumes and Clothes Set  -
    -  All Costume Items that can be bought and the costume types that they can be
       used with:
       Purple Star Earrings = 4000G   Use: ABCD
       Leopard Hat = 15000G   Use: ABCD
       Brown Ponytail = 1000G   Use: ABCD
       Parted Red Hair = 9000G   Use: ABCD
       Curled Red Hair = 9000G   Use: ABCD
       Slicked Black Hair = 5000G   Use: ABCD
       Black Slmagee Ponytail = 10000G   Use: ABCD
       Shaggy Black Hair = 5000G   Use: ABCD
       Amber Star Earrings = 10000G   Use: ABCD
       Wild Makeup = 5000G   Use: ABCD
       Eyepatch = 10000G   Use: ABCD
       Gradation Sunglasses = 1000G   Use: ABCD
       Slim Sunglasses = 1000G   Use: ABCD
       Beauty Mark = 10000G   Use: ABCD
       Blue Sunglasses = 1000G   Use: ABCD
       Red Contacts = 10000G   Use: ABCD
       *Upper Body*
       Magic Staff = 5000G   Use: ABCD
       Silver Star Necklace = 1000G   Use: ABCD
       Red Bodysuit = 3000G   Use: A
       Red Camisole = 3000G   Use: C
       Brown Party Dress = 5000G   Use: B
       Black Casual Shirt = 10000G   Use: C
       Pink Casual Shirt = 10000G   Use: C
       Green Bodysuit = 3000G   Use: A
       Blue Floral Shirt = 15000G   Use: C
       White Camisole = 3000G   Use: C
       Black Long Coat = 23000G   Use: D
       Green Long Coat = 15000G   Use: D
       White Long Coat = 15000G   Use: D
       Black Bodysuit = 5000G   Use: A
       Pink Bodysuit = 5000G   Use: A
       Lacy Pink Dress = 8000G   Use: B
       Brown Floral Shirt = 15000G   Use: C
       Yellow Camisole = 3000G   Use: C
       Orange Long Coat = 23000G   Use: D
       Orange Bodysuit = 8000G   Use: A
       Blue Party Dress = 8000G   Use: B
       Maroon Casual Dress = 23000G   Use: C
       Light Blue Camisole = 8000G   Use: C
       Brown Long Coat = 23000G   Use: D
       Light Blue Bodysuit = 8000G   Use: A
       Lacy Orange Dress = 5000G   Use: B
       Beige Floral Shirt = 23000G   Use: C
       Black Camisole = 8000G   Use: C
       Blue Long Coat = 23000G   Use: D
       Gothic Bangle = 1000G   Use: ABCD
       Black Armwarmers = 9000G   Use: AB
       White Gloves = 1000G   Use: ABCD
       *Lower Body*
       Green Light Plate = 10000G   Use: ABCD
       Leg Holster = 4000G   Use: ABC
       Zebra Leg Warmers = 5000G   Use: ABCD
       Red Fire Long Boots = 15000G   Use: ABCD
       Red Leather Pants = 7000G   Use: A
       Black Jeans = 7000G   Use: C
       Light Blue Jeans = 7000G   Use: C
       White Long Boots = 1000G   Use: ABCD
       Casual Inner Wear = 15000G   Use: B
       Gold Trim Boots = 6000G   Use: ABCD
       Beige Studded Belt = 1000G   Use: C
       Gray Jeans = 7000G   Use: C
       Purple Enamel Shorts = 10000G   Use: D
       Gray Leather Belt = 1000G   Use: A
       Green Enamel Shorts = 10000G   Use: D
       White Enamel Shorts = 10000G   Use: D
       Black Leather Pants = 10000G   Use: A
       Pink Leather Pants = 10000G   Use: A
       Beige Party Boots = 10000G   Use: ABCD
       Pink Studded Belt = 1000G   Use: C
       Brown Jeans = 7000G   Use: C
       Brown Studded Belt = 1000G   Use: C
       Red Enamel Shorts = 10000G   Use: D
       Red Straight Boots = 1000G   Use: ABCD
       Beige Leather Belt = 1000G   Use: A
       Orange Leather Pants = 15000G   Use: A
       Blue Leather Sash = 1000G   Use: B
       Blue Studded Belt = 1000G   Use: C
       Olive Jeans = 15000G   Use: C
       Orange Enamel Shorts = 15000G   Use: D
       Light Blue Pants = 15000G   Use: A
       Orange Leather Sash = 1000G   Use: B
       White Jeans = 15000G    Use: C
       Pink Enamel Shorts = 15000G   Use: D
       Blue Fire Long Boots = 15000G   Use: ABCD
    -  Personal Opinion -
    -  Ok....here's basically my take on Sarah:
       Well first off other than being a blonde bombshell, Sarah's got a fighting
       style that any beginner can easily take to.  I'm really surprised at how
       simplistic her style is, while still being strong and damaging.  I find that
       hard to believe that she hasn't placed high in the previous game tournaments,
       let alone be able to beat her brother.  Her fighting style does remind me
       alot of Hwoarang's from the Tekken series.  Some Tekken players that use
       him like crazy will find a somewhat familiar ground with Sarah.  Her combos
       are simplistic and with little practice, easily learned.  She is a huge combo
       fighter, so you have to learn head on to use her combos in order to win
       matches.  She does have a few big strikes that can be used to knock around
       opponents, but don't become reliant on them.  A good majority of her big
       strikes are somewhat telegraphed and easily seen ahead of time by alot of the
       veterans and experts in the game.  So take your time learning her mix up game
       properly to keep launching offensives against your opponents.  I find that
       using Sarah as an offensive pressure character is the best way to go.  Sarah
       is strictly a "basics" character you could say.  She doesn't have a huge
       glaring fighting game that distinguishes her, nor does she have any kind of
       "speciality" to her name either.  As I said before, stick to offense with
       only defense in the case that someone starts putting too much pressure for
       you to handle.  She has another stance that she can go into to expand upon
       and mix up with her combo game.  That's her big ticket to winning matches.
       The biggest downside to Sarah I'd say is that because she doesn't have any
       big offensive skills or defensive skills like others, that makes you have to
       resort to using Sarah in a manner that is relatively "basic".  This is to say
       that it just doesn't seem glamourous or worthwhile that you may lose faith
       in the fact that Sarah can dish out quite a bit of pain.  That also means
       once a person becomes a veteran or a pro at this game, then they'll easily
       be able to recognize Sarah's style without hassle and develop a much simple
       and easy gameplan to destroying even a pro with Sarah.  She falls victim easy
       enough to people that use an effective counter game due to her offensive
       nature, and also to other people that are able to put up an even more
       devestating offensive game than her, causing her to shrink back into a very
       limited defensive game of hers.  Sarah though is a truely acceptable
       character to use as a beginner and learn the ropes of this game in no time
       with relative ease and comfort.  For a person to become an expert with Sarah
       would require alot of patience and time to say the least.  You have to learn
       how to keep an offensive game going at all times regardless of who it is and
       what they bring to the table to fight you with.  All in all though...Sarah
       is a great character to hit things off with and learn the ropes with.  A
       dedicated Sarah fan will become an expert with her in no time and figure out
       ways around other characters' fighting styles.  It's not impossible to be
       able to use Sarah in a manner to see through the cracks of another's fighting
       style and break it wide open if you know what you're doing with her.  Besides
       she's so damn gorgeous that at least you'll have something pretty to look at
       while getting your ass kicked or doing the ass kicking!
    (User Character Tactics)
       Ahhhh....the final chapter of this glorious guide of mine....to think I
       finally made it this far.  This part though isn't written entirely by me...
       This part is written by all of you!  That's right....no matter what I say or
       do to tell you things about characters or explaining their ins and outs,
       everyone has their own style and their own way doing things with each
       character.  In that respect I give to all of you this section.  E-mail in
       your tips, tricks, and fighting techs that you find to be useful for the
       given character in the given situation you're in.  The only way this
       section can get bigger, is by all of you, so flood my e-mail box ok!  I know
       it's at the top, but for convienence my e-mail is:
       I will give full credit to you that send in your tips and tricks, so be a pal
       and help out those around you by contributing to this guide!
       * Sarah *
    -  First and foremost I give credit to Sega for coming out with one kick ass
       fighter.  I've never been so jaw dropped before by a fighting game with all
       that it shows off.  I'm still going strong with it, so I think I'm now
       turning into a Virtua Fighter fan!  Way to go Sega, by making an addictive
       game like this!
    -  Secondly I'd like to give creds to all of those out there that asked for me
       to come back and make more walkthroughs.  You have no clue how much I missed
       doing these, and just because I'm in the Marines, doesn't mean I have to 
       retire from walkthrough writing!  Thank you for all the support and e-mails
       that all of you have sent telling me how good my past walkthroughs were and
       that you all wanted to see more.  Without the support, I think the drive and
       the love for walkthrough writing would of left me a long time ago.
    -  If there's anything that you wish to add or correct in my walkthrough, then
       by all means, shoot me an e-mail at sanctuary_remix@yahoo.com.  I'll take
       your comments and concerns seriously and get back to you as fast as I can.
       You will be given the proper credit as well for contributing to my guide.
       Thanks again, and I'll sees yas all later!
       Alex "Joker" Hall
       Sanctuary Remix

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