How do you get an update from PSN?

  1. I want to use the cheats but it says this has to be done first. "These cheats require the October 26th update from PSN to work." I just got my PS3 and not sure on where to go.

    User Info: LoneWolf_Page

    LoneWolf_Page - 8 years ago

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  1. Hi there, you'll need to sign up for a PSN account to get updates (which is free unlike some *other* next gen online services *wink wink*). Just go to Settings > System Update on the XMB (what you see when you start your PS3) and choose 'Update via Internet'. If there is an update available, install it by following the directions on screen, if not, we can go right to the next step.
    On the XMB, go to the second icon from the right, PlayStation Network. From here, choose the top icon, 'Sign Up for PlayStation Network'. Choose 'Create a New Account', then Continue, and from here, fill out the forms as described on screen.
    Once you have signed up, you should be returned to the XMB and it should say that you've been signed in (though you might have to do this yourself) and you can finally proceed with the final step.
    Go start Mercenaries 2, and your PS3 should inform you that an update is available. Download the update and it will be automatically installed, and when it finishes, start the game again and you can now cheat. Yay! Have fun. :)

    User Info: josephcaligari

    josephcaligari - 8 years ago 2 0

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