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An infusion of mediocrity and repetition in a very pretty package10/09/09MaesterMagus
LAWLZ, its Gears Of Dude Raider! lololo-*gets dropkicked in the face*11/28/07CrimsonGear80
Digging For Fun and Striking Gold06/22/0921cDigitalBoy
It's more charted than you would think.06/01/11AK_the_Twilight
Drake's Fortune is the perfect showcase for what the PS3 is capable of.02/27/12Archmonk Iga
The Evolution of Action-Adventure08/15/11BloodGod65
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune beats the crap out of games like Tomb Raider, and then takes their wallets and cell phones02/09/09bluej33
Uncharted-a system seller!12/25/07bruiserbrody
Superb production-values and excellent writing make Uncharted a thrilling, memorable archeological adventure08/23/11c_rake
A reason to own the PS3?06/06/08Crofty
Finally, a spiritual successor to... Shadow of the Colossus?06/29/12DDJ
Sure as the dust that floats high in June, when movin' through Kashmir...11/07/11discoinferno84
PS3 owners now have something to hold over the head of 360 owners.04/16/08druchrist
Brilliant Start, but the 7th Generation of Games Claims Another Victim08/21/09etai79
Sony's Playstation 3 Enters Uncharted Territory with Naughty Dog's Masterpiece!12/13/07Fallen Horseman
Meet Nathan Drake05/12/17FantasyMayDie
Confessions of a Puzzle and Jumping Hater02/03/09FeralBerserker
A Great Start to a Great Franchise, While Allowing for Room to Grow06/02/16HeroofThyme15
International Treasure11/22/10horror_spooky
Uncharted FORM, well mapped FUNCTION!05/05/08johnathanblade
Drake's Misfortune.08/24/17Kashell Triumph
Funny how issues from the Playstation era still plague games today06/16/10Menji
As An Aggregate Of Its Many Parts, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Provides A Shoot In The Arm For The PS307/06/09Senor_T_Dub
Truly a system seller05/05/16SneakTheSnake
The Path Looks Awfully Well Worn For This to Be Uncharted11/24/10Suprak the Stud
A well-crafted guilty pleasure10/03/08TheDerpMeister
Naughty Dog has made me a believer.08/03/11UPRC
I would rather have seen a Jak 4, but heh this isn't half bad.05/24/12Zylo the wolf

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Not the 9 out of 10 I heard about04/07/08Buck_Swaggler
...Adventure has a great new icon... Well, back in '07 anyway...01/06/12Agent_Carver
Alleged classic01/20/15Akheon
Jumpin' Shootin' Fun10/09/09belenbaa
This is how a cinematic game should play05/26/15Bonglorio
Michael Bay eat your heart out08/13/08bratt100
A great mixture of two genres, with excellent visuals and an effective sound design, particularly the voice acting.03/24/10bruno_fmenedes
Great Story, Not So Great Gameplay01/02/14CDubM84
Find this treasure immediately03/17/08ChrissieXII
Most fun I've had since Mega Man 212/10/07Crazylegs1976
Absolutely explosive.01/04/08CrimsonSeven
The birth of a serial killer.07/17/17Exhuminator
A visually beautiful game with some flaws01/04/12FastoMadness
Don't believe the hype! It's not as good as everyone says01/07/14Freedom888
A hidden treasure?05/24/10Galactus21
One man, one game, one hell of a gaming experience.01/18/08humbucker273
An Excellent All Round Action Adventure Story01/14/08jamesbevis2
What a treasure hunting game should be02/02/10Jeff_Sparx
Pirates, treasure, and adventure... What more could we want?11/11/08Kunlun
Best PS3 exclusive yet!06/02/08metalgear-solid
A commendable start to a beloved series that is hindered by a formulaic story and repetitive combat.06/02/16Modranto
An awesome experience? Well, history can be wrong, you know...02/02/17OldRabbit
Naughty Dog made a masterpeice05/10/10redsoxfanx8
A "Classic" for the PS303/09/09snypr318
Uncharted: PS3's Fortune07/28/09The_Joker_Lives
The New Indiana Jones01/29/08titortizjr
This game is sleek and sexy but just way too short for my liking06/01/09Turismo202
Must Buy game for the PS306/17/08Warhawk_
Solid gold for the PS301/04/08wolverinefan

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