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"The best game on the PS3 to date!"

When you first hear the word "Uncharted", what do you think? Action? Mystery? Danger? Gunfights? Running through the jungle? Naughty Dog Inc.'s premiere PS3 outing brings all that and more to the table, creating an awesome game that is so close to being perfect, it is by far the best game on the PS3 since it's release. Great graphics, awesome gameplay, incredible story, and beautiful cutscenes bring this game together to create an atmosphere that is one of a kind when it comes to video games.

Story - 10/10

I'll try not to give away too much here. The basic storyline is that Nathan Drake, the game's main protagonist, finds a clue that leads him to the coffin of Sir Francis Drake, where he finds a diary. That diary contains information about the lost treasure of El Dorado, which instantly hooks Nate into investigating further into the matter. The story from there is very engrossing, as the game delves into the island and what it contains. The depth of the plot is incredible, and the last quarter of the game is so very suspenseful, that you'll be hooked until you finish the game.

Gameplay/Controls - 9.75/10

If the gameplay was any more realistic, you'd swear you were actually climbing that 200 ft high wall above the ocean or punching that bad guy in the face. It's THAT good. The animations of Nate moving are very fluid; there are no glitches in the movement. Need to roll across the line of fire to get that ammo nearby? Simply move and press circle. It's that easy. There are times, though, that you thought you were behind enough cover and that sniper gets you in the head. That's because some of the cover will degenerate, so you just can't stay in one spot and fire away. Also, the ammo limit is rather low, so again, you've got to move around to eliminate the bad guys if you run out of ammo. Something that's nice, though, is that you don't have to use guns to always take out the enemies. Run up to a bad guy and press a couple buttons in a timely fashion, and he'll go down quicker than you can say "See ya!' The melee and weapon controls are very fluid, so you can go back and forth between each fighting option.

Graphics - 9.75/10

This is the first PS3 game that fully shows off what the Cell processor and the RSX are capable of. The enviornments are perfectly rendered, and shadows drift off the characters and objects realistically. In the cutscenes, the characters act and move realistically. That is due to motion capture, and it is used perfectly well in this game. It actually makes everyone in the game look and feel real. The transition from gameplay to cutscene is perfect; it's like there's no difference between the two. The quality of the game is unparalleled . I've been playing this on a standard SDTV, but the picture looks amazing as it is. Hook the PS3 up to a HDTV with the right cables, and it'll feel like you are IN the jungle along with Drake. My only gripe with this is while in the dark areas, it's rather difficult to see where to go unless the characters have some method of light. Other than that, the graphics are the best of a PS3 game, and quite possibly any console game, to date.

Sound - 10/10

This game plays like a movie, looks like a movie, so it should sound like one, right? Uncharted does not disappoint, with great sounds and a nice music soundtrack. In one area where you are near the ocean, you can hear the sound of the water hitting the rocks below, and you can also hear some animals in the jungle. The sound just could not get any better.

Replay Value - 10/10

Early in production, ND released a statement listing plans to include an achievement system, not unlike the system incorporated by Microsoft for their games, but not too similar at the same time. ND does not disappoint. You are actually driven to collect all the treasures and earn all the medals, because you actually unlock new things for the game. You can unlock new character skins, render modes, even the ability to select different weapons on the go without finding them in the game. You also unlock movies that explain how certain elements of the game were created, and it's quite cool to learn how Uncharted was made.

Overall - 10/10

I've said it once, and I'll say it again. This is BY FAR the best game on the PS3 this holiday season. Awesome story, great graphics, quality sound, and high replay value create a game that will keep you entertained for hours if not days. If you've got a PS3 and 60 bucks, I highly recommend buying it. It will be well worth the money spent.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/21/07

Game Release: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (US, 11/16/07)

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