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"Most fun I've had since Mega Man 2"

Hello Gaming Public and welcome to my first review for the PS3. Indeed my first work on period. I hope it is helpful if you are thinking of purchasing the game in question.

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. = Wow
Thats all I can really say. But even such a great game is not without its flaws.

Graphics: Graphically this game is the top of the heap as far as the PS3 power house... simply the best presentation to date on the PS3. Everything in the game from the seamless cut scenes to the animations of Drake stumbling through the jungle are wonderful. I can count on one hand how many glitches I found and even the camera work, (which is usually a problem even now a days in these types of games), was executed perfectly.

Sound: Not wanting to leave anything short the folks at Naughty Dog put just as much effort into the sound as they did the visuals for the game. The use of the odd instruments in the musical score was wonderful and really set the mood for each locale that you visit. Even the sound of ricocheting bullets as they zing past your head is in there. And the trash talking from the baddies as they taunt you during a fight? Too fun. The dialog is very well written and with great performances from the actors it really drives the story. One word of caution though: The dialog and cut scenes and the game itself was developed to give you the closest thing to an interactive movie experience that the programmers could give you. The dialog is no exception. Expect to hear mild language at different points and while its inclusion in the game did not bother me at all nor does it distract you from the over all enjoyment of the game, there are some of us who my be offended so be warned. All in all... when all elements are considered, the sound is top notch and perfectly compliments the masterful work on the visuals.

Controls / Playability: The PS3 controller is put to good use in Uncharted: Drakes fortune. The button configuration is easy to grasp and the controls are smooth as silk. Gone are the days of wonky controls for those of us who enjoy robbing graves and exploring caves. The SIXAXIS control portion of the game is well done although I did find it rather limited. Perhaps though some would think that less is more in this respect. All in all the control is kept relatively simple and easy to grasp for the casual gamer to come along and pick up in a short time.

Replay Value: Uncharted is not a long game by any means but it is very involved. From exploring every nook and cranny of lush environments looking for treasure, to trying not to get your head ventilated by a bullet from your adversaries you will be on your toes. The replay value of this great title comes from the fact that as you work your way through the story line you have different side objectives. The is a multitude of treasures to find that are hidden throughout the game as well as achievements to accomplish such as "100 head shot kills" or "30 Kills with a Brutal combo". Each of these tasks net you a certain number of points and as you earn points you unlock various things such as behind the scenes film clips, concept art or even cheats.

Bottom Line: Uncharted is a great game with a challenging adventure, engaging story, great visuals, and even greater sounds. A possibility of 4 difficulties and a plethora of hidden things to find and plenty of goodies to unlock, it will keep you coming back over and over. Definitely a title to buy as opposed to rent in this gamers opinion.

Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, is in my opinion the best game available on the PS3 to date.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/10/07

Game Release: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (US, 11/16/07)

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