Review by jamesbevis2

Reviewed: 01/14/08

An Excellent All Round Action Adventure Story

I was always a little dubious about Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, but after I was able to download the demo my mind was made up, and it has proven to be a wise move. Where Assassins Creed failed, Uncharted follows through in terms of diverse gameplay, combining exploration with platforming, hide and seek combat and superb sound effects, voice acting and storyline. The graphics are also highly impressive, as is the animation, something which the developers were keen to get across.

In terms of gameplay, the player steps into the shoes of Drake, a distant relative of Sir Francis Drake, who sets out to find Sir Francis’s long lost treasure. Along the way he’ll hook up with a gorgeous news reporter and be involved in all manor of chaos in what is en exciting storyline. In fact, there was only really one level I really disliked ‘Uninvited Guests’ but this aside, there are plenty of side goals, fire fights and the occasional puzzle to keep one entertained.

Graphics: 8 – Fantastic visual presentation, and with the exception from the occasional weird looking plant this is one of the most impressive titles to date. Character models are good, and Drake’s cloths even become wet after having been in water.

Gameplay: 8 – The hide and shoot mechanism works extremely well, and there are enough weapons (including grenades) in the game to keep interest up. A selection of melee attacks and combos are possible too, as well as there being a number of hidden treasures to find in game. The platforming makes for a nice inclusion to add diversity to the gameplay, and while some areas are a little restrictive, the game is entertaining throughout.

Sound: 8 – Voice acting is superb along with impressive and suitable musical accompaniment throughout. On a side note, one of the most noticeable things about High-Def is the sound clarity which is now being put to good use by developers.

Longevity: 7 – Not the longest of games but it’s the quality that counts. As mentioned there is an element of treasure hunting as well as a list of side objectives which are rewarded with bonus behind the scenes video footage

Overall: 8 – One of the current highlights for the PS3, and a real bonus as it is an exclusive title, which has a sequel currently under development. Uncharted manages to cover several bases and does a good job of it; perhaps the game could have been a little less based on fire fights and included a little more on the exploration and puzzle side, but overall this is an exciting title. Roll on number two.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (EU, 12/07/07)

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