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Reviewed: 01/18/08

One man, one game, one hell of a gaming experience.

Uncharted is one of the best games I have ever played, not only on the Playstation 3. It has everything, beautiful graphics, incredible story with a great twist, amazing gameplay, and funny characters you'll love to hear argue and fight throughout this action packed adventure.

One of the most important things to a game is gameplay, and when it comes to Uncharted, you're gonna love it. One of the most remarkable things about Uncharted is that it isn't like other action adventure games with takes everything the makes the genre classic and adds so much more to it. Shooting a gun isn't limited to the usual aim and shoot. You can shoot while running, shoot over your back while running away from hordes of enemies, shoot from cover, while hanging off a ledge etc. There are many guns to choose from as well, from slow but accurate pistols to highly destructive grenade launchers to machine guns with round after round of ammo.

The main way of getting around in Uncharted is none other than climbing. You'll have to climb innumerable amounts of walls, rocks, ledges, towers, jumping from ledge to ledge to vine to another broken ledge that you have to jump off of before it gives way and sends you plummeting to the pits of a seemingly endless chasm. Not to mention the amazing views you get while scaling such places.

One thing I must say Uncharted has to take a medal for is it's enemy AI. For once in a game, the enemies are actually smart. They take cover, look before shooting from cover, change cover, surround you, sneak up on you, throw grenades in just the right spot to get you out of cover and into the open...The enemies are never in the same spot. Once I remember I was shooting at an enemy who was hiding behind a pillar. First he came out on the left, shot at me and went back. Confident in my ability to read enemy AI, I carefully aimed at the left where he would normally have come out. To my surprise, he came out on the other side and started shooting at me. Likewise, I once caught a glance at a shotgunner sneaking up on me, going from cover to cover and looking before moving to the next place. They don't simply run and shoot. They move, silently and smartly until they're right behind you, and then they go for the kill.

The health system in Uncharted is another thing that's new. Instead of a classic health bar, as you get shot the screen will start losing color. The more you get shot, the more unsaturated it gets, black and white meaning you're probably one shot away from getting bagged and tagged. You have to take cover until the color comes back, then you're back at full health.

The graphics in Uncharted are simply beautiful. Never have I seen a game look so crisp, so colorful, so incredibly real. The jungle really looks like a jungle, the trees are so incredibly green and the ground and rocks very lifelike. The facial expressions and the body movements are very close to human. If you run in water, you even see Drake's pants get wet up until the point where the water was. They gradually dry as you run. Likewise if you swim.

That brings me to the water. The water in Uncharted is unreal. Simply gorgeous, so lifelike it really looks like the ocean. The sheer amount of detail, not only in the way it looks but in the way it acts really is the same as real water. Probably one of the most fascinating aspects of the game.

The music in Uncharted is very cool. During firefights it really adds to the tension, during your jungle adventures the ethnic sounds complement the jungle surroundings, and the eerie soundtrack when you're in a ruin or some place really creeps you out.

Uncharted took me about 8 hours and 30 minutes to beat on Normal (first time through). I consider myself to be a good gamer, and that time probably wouldn't be the same for people who aren't as used to games (for instance, my dad's been playing it for about 20 hours and is just about to reach the end). So I'd probably give it about 10-12 hours for the average player. Replayability is average, since the story is one of the biggest driving forces that push you to play, once you know it the replay value goes down, but I still wouldn't say to playing it all over again.

I'd definitely recommend anyone with a PS3 to buy this game, a definite must have. Period. Go get it now.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (US, 11/16/07)

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