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"Find this treasure immediately"

STORY 9/10

Drake's Fortune leads you on a quest with Nathan Drake whom goes on a long trek to discover what might be the treasure of Sir Francis Drake, a believed-to-be descendant of Nathan. He tags along his old time partner Victor Sullivan and a Documentary Reporter, Elena Fisher. His exploration leads him to beautiful locales of an uncharted island in search of El Dorado. With the arch enemy Gabriel Roman and others after the treasure, Drake's quest will be brutal and long. Uncharted's story is both innovative and evocative and delivers well through its beautiful cut-scenes. As the game proceeds you will connect with the characters and see how much they change through their journey.


The design of Uncharted Drakes Fortune is stunning and crisp. The environments are jam-packed with high rising palms, crystal clear rivers and lakes, alien artifacts and items and stunning sites, which are all as far as the eye can see. You feel as if you are part of the game and have disconnected from home to join Drake and his team on his quest for El Dorado. The character and acting motion is fantastic as you can see sharp details and emotional features that change according to the characters personality. Through the game more details will appear on the characters skin, such as bruises and cuts which is a good touch and makes a difference from brutal fights and gunshots that still leave characters in some games with clear, beautiful skin. In the air, on the ground or underground, the accuracy to detail is impressive and the Naughty Dog team have gone all out for the design.


In Uncharted you control Nathan Drake for the entirety of the game. He can walk, run, jump and roll. These skills are put to the test during action portions that lead you scaling walls, jumping over waterfalls, descending down cliffs and tiptoeing across logs. These parts of the game are fairly easy, but are fun none the less. Once passing these tests you are usually rewarded with combat fights between mercenaries pursuing the treasure. These fights are very demanding and require time and skill as the enemies AI is dramatically intelligent. It does seem unrealistic that unprotected mercenaries can survive around 10-12 bullets before finally dying, however this ups the challenge of Drakes Fortune and makes it more exciting. Aside from action and battles between mercenaries, there are some puzzle sections that require some skill, but anyone will figure them out very quickly. Drake can wield an arsenal of weapons which will usually become more deadlier as you progress through the game. Extras involve a search for 60 hidden treasures and essentially performing hidden tasks to earn points. You can then unlock rewards which include extra costumes, behind-the-scenes footage, slow motion, obtaining weapons early on in the game and much more. Despite its linear progression, there is a major gameplay element in Uncharted.

MUSIC 9/10

The music has such a dramatic impact on the game, including realistic sound effects when in the jungle, near the sea and the sound of swooping birds above. A great orchestral score will play during the story and will add to the gameplay and overall story to the game. The voice acting is very well performed and delivered. Uncharted doesn't fail to deliver with its beautiful sound.


Uncharted Drakes Fortune is a vast and epic adventure for one mans dream and with a vast array of characters and great gameplay, this game definitely is one of the best adventure titles so far on the PS3. Watch out for minor glitches and very hard battle fights. Aside from that this is game gets much better as it continues and watch out for a nasty surprise enemy later on in the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/17/08

Game Release: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (EU, 12/07/07)

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