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"Not the 9 out of 10 I heard about"

Introduction -

You are Nathan Drake, a descendant of Sir Francis Drake and now a modern-day treasure hunter. You've just yanked the coffin of your ancient ancestor from the ocean to find what clues or treasures lie within, when things get a little rough.

Graphics - 9

The graphics are wonderful. You spend most of your time in jungle ruins. Encompassing sights such as stone structures and carvings with vines growing over them along side waterfalls spilling into glistening pools. The are also caverns as well as the depths of ruins. Walls lined with etchings, narrow stone passageways, and underground facilities. The environments are lush and worth staring at. I'm not even sure how much of my game time I actually spent just looking at walls. The characters look good. The faces and expressions are fantastic. The clothes look a little stiff, but the way his feet contour to surfaces is pretty impressive.

Sound - 8

The sound is well done. Nothing sounds wrong, or annoying. The voice acting is perfect in my opinion. I do wish, however, that there were more ambient noises happening. The music is good, it usually fits the moment pretty well.

Gameplay - 4

This game feels like it should have enough going for it. But, it's just not that fun. Its ball-and-chain linear and it's mostly endless running around, or jumping from rock to rock, or more likely, hiding behind something shooting at waves of hired guns, all without much reason. The fighting is very similar to Dead to Rights, but doesn't feel as versatile. You can carry 2 guns; 1 pistol and 1 rifle.You can take cover, aim from cover, blind fire and do a simple roll. All of which regular enemies can do better than you. The AI doesn't have much of a random factor and is almost completely scripted. This leads to most fights being much like Time Crisis, except without the gun controller. Usually, all the guys go to their spot and jump in and out from cover to shoot at you, while you do the same thing. There are a decent choice of guns in the game but unfortunately the physics are broken. Attacks are based in intervals, so that a stream of shots and a shot are the same thing. The pistols can and will always be more effective than other guns. Enemies are boundless and come in endless hordes until the point of irritation. So much so the creators knew and had Nate (main char.) even voice his complaints. And for the most part it felt like I was fighting the same fight over and over. My biggest complaint would be the last boss fight. It was absolutely the worst last boss fight in any game I've ever beaten. It deserves an award for being so bad. To end positively there were moments that were very fun, specifically the jeep sequence near the middle of the game.

Story - 5

Good enough for most of its duration. It gets pretty exciting, but it also gets pretty goofy. It definitely has its moments. Its basically a typical action movie about a treasure hunter. No plot twists you can't really see coming, no real character development. Its on par with a Mario storyline, but it works.

Final Recommendation - 6.5 - Rent it.

I can't understand how everyone gave this game such high ratings. Another friend played the copy I had and disliked the game more than me. He didn't care to even finish the game. But, other friends loved it. Magazines and reviewers loved it. I contemplated that the specific copy I rented was mis-coded in some fashion. This game was not as good as I expected at all. And the last boss fight was the worst in any game I've played. There were times when it was fun, and there were definitely times when it was not. Its most likely something you've already played somewhere else, except with better graphics, and Nathan Drake.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 04/07/08

Game Release: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (US, 11/16/07)

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