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"Michael Bay eat your heart out"

Oh the wonders you will see. The tombs to be raided and not to mention those mountainous breasts....Whats say this isn't Tomb Raider. Who would have thought that if you take a Michael Bay movie a little Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider. Place them all in a blender and you get Uncharted:Drakes Fortune. Now on to the review.

Visuals- This game is one of the few that make your jaw drop in awe. It looks next gen....or current gen depending on how you look at it. Either way it looks fantastic. I spent 10 minutes looking at the water and how it reacts to your clothing. If you go into the water you get wet but only up to the point that it makes contact with you, the rest is dry as a bone. Another neat feature is another small touch. at the beginning your shirt is clean and white but as the game progresses so does the dirt on your clothing. Now something that they have yet to perfect and that's fire. No exceptions here the fire is more or less colored smoke but when you shoot a barrel you get a neat mini-nuke look. They seemed to understand the limits and worked with them. They make the explosions look like a cartoon but it's going with the Michael Bay look I like to think.

Sound-Not a whole lot to say here. The music is passable but the sound effects are quite something. If you happen to have surround sound you get the feeling that you are under assault from all sides which is a nice touch. The voice acting however is the real standout. All the acting is spot on. almost like they actually got real actors to do the scene. I'm more than happy about that.

Story-A more or less basic story but it's one that would be at home in the next Indiana Jones movie. The story is told thru character interaction and it's there to highlight the intense action. You are Drake a decendant of sir Francis Drake who was searching for El Dorado. That's the bases of the story. In the end it involves death,betrayal even mystisism. If you enjoy Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider you won't have any complaints here.

Gameplay-Now the most important aspect how does it all come together gamplay wise....well.
The gunplay is very intense almost gears of war like. There is alot of run and gun but even more stop and pop. You'll spend alot of your time hiding behind pillars and walls and popping out for a few shots. You also get a few melee combos which give you a nice cinimatic feel when pulled off right. Then theres the adventure aspect of the game...think Tomb Raider meets Prince of Persia and it works really well. At no point was I upset at the game if I fell to my death that was my own fault. You do everything from swinging on vines to jumping from falling pillars onto a tiny ledge. It all flows very well. There are also a few vehicle centric areas which work very well in the context of the game. My favorite happens to be going up a river on a jet-ski while avoiding red barrels(yes I know the explosive kind)

Overall-I loved it from start to finish from the gunplay to the story. I was invested in these characters aswell as enveloped in the world that was created for us. at no point did something seem out of place the puzzles made sense and it was all very gorgous to boot. If you can get your hands on it do so now. For $40 you can't go wrong.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/13/08

Game Release: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (AU, 12/06/07)

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