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"This game is sleek and sexy but just way too short for my liking"

So this game is well... pretty darn good. Well, it would be if it wasn't for the fact that it is only 6 or so hours long. Maybe I'm being a little overbearing and harsh on the game, but here's the deal. The game is so fun to play and looks too good, that it being so short it such a crime.

First the graphic. Mama Mia these are a beautiful stuff. It has the best graphics for a 2007 PS3 game, or any console for that matter. The environments are lush and very detailed. But the best thing about this game is the water. You run through the stuff and any part that gets wet, gets wet. Seems sort of stupid to say but I have never seen this before in a game. Even Drake's hair seems to glisten when wet. Just awesome! At the fortress the reflection of some of those white building will literally blind you, it's so damn realistic.

This is a third person action adventure game. Everyone's played hundreds of these by now, but what sets this one apart from the pack? Simple answer is the cover system. To most games the cover system is just a add on to keep you safe in tense situations. But from time to time a game comes around that uses the system to it's full advantage and that is Uncharted. Any object, except for like breakable jars, can be used as cover. From this position you can blind fire or aim and fill your not so friends full of lead.

Now for the weapons what I hate is the fact that you can only hold 2 weapons at a time. Many occasions you need more than two guns, so you have to keep swapping with the ones laying on the ground. You would think Nate would pick the third up and put it in his pocket, but no, the two gun system has to prevail. And you can only carry a side arm and a heavy weapon, which sucks. Sometimes you want to wield two shotguns or assault rifles and it blows that you can't. Especially in the water room near chapter 5, if you played this game on crushing then you know this part. It's where most people start cussing and thinking evil thoughts for the first time.

The enemies in this game get a special shout out for being the cheapest men in history. They can literally dodge any bullet at any time. Seemingly weaving between the shots as you try and take them down. Now if you land some shots anywhere besides the head, it takes like a full clip of ammo to drop them. And the big fat pirates can even withstand a direct shotgun blast, no freaking way. It's oh so satisfying when you get the sniper rifle and can pop these suckers away from a distance, ultra payback.

Drake himself is a pretty cool guy. After finding Sir Francis Drake (someone he's supposedly related to's) journal. He sets out to find what Francis was really after. The adventure is in abundance of some of the most fun you will have with your PS3. From riding a jetski trough raging rapids to escaping in a jeep while being chased through the jungle, this game delivers in the gameplay department, big time. The ending is a bit of a twist and I guarantee you will not see it coming.

The controls are very slick and responsive. With a little practice you can get the stop, clear the room of badguys, then move on pace down to a science. Also don't waste grenades, they can kill multiple people at a time and in some instances this is vital to survival, especially on crushing.

Overall this game was fairly decent. Like I said before the length kills this otherwise masterpiece. There is no online or coop and trophies are the same as the in game award system, the medals. And what the hell, they aren't retroactive? What belonie! I ain't beating that again on crushing, forget about it. This review's kinda late so I would rent this one if you're thinking about it. Bargain bin or bundle are the only reasons to buy this now.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/01/09

Game Release: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (US, 11/16/07)

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