Review by Jeff_Sparx

"What a treasure hunting game should be"

Ever wanted a good treasure hunting game? Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is your best bet here. I was a bit skeptic when I first saw this, I never thought this would be as great as it is.

Graphics - 9/10 - I'll go ahead and start off by saying, this game looks amazing. I've played this game on both an HDTV and a SD TV and the quality difference is noticeable. I find it hard to give this section a bad score. The only thing I can find that is bad is that the Screen Tearing is somewhat noticeable to me. This isn't a game breaking thing, but I can't help but point out the amount of screen tearing when it pulls up. 90% - 95% of the people playing this will not notice the screen tearing, so this doesn't matter much. I never expected this from a Naughty Dog game and I was literally blown away when I hear this was from them. This is basically a good, no great, looking game.

Sound - 10/10 - This is pretty easy to grade. This game has realistic sounds. Nothing is out of sync. The voice acting is great and very real. The language you hear will be what people actually would say in those situations. Keep in mind this is a T rated game, so the kiddies have to sit this one out.

Controls - 9/10 - This one was the easiest to grade. The controls work fine. This game uses the standard L1 R1 controls commonly used in FPS. This is not a FPS though. You will be aiming your weapon from an Over the Shoulder perspective the entire time. I do have one complaint for this. ND thought it would be a good idea to put the dodge and hug action on the same button. Now this isn't too much of a problem on paper, but I can't tell you the amount of times where I've died trying to roll out of the way of bullets fired at me or that I've tried to hug a wall only to roll and get killed. Other than this, The controls work fine. The game's hints will tell you(very early) what button does what. It seems pretty simple to know what does what though. If you've ever played a "Jak" game prior to playing this, it will be easy for some actions.

Replay Value - 8/10 - This one really depends on the person. The game has medals that all equal up to 100 points. Every time you get a certain amount of points, you unlock an extra. It ranges from Tweaks like slow motion and Black and White worlds to costumes that you can use to "making of" movies. Every medal corresponds to a trophy if you have a PSN account. There are also treasures scattered about the world. If you're a completionist, you're going to love this game It will give you plenty of extras that will take up a good amount of time.

Experience - 9/10 -This game is a true treasure hunting experience. It has likable characters, a good story backing it, and excellent gameplay. This game will keep you busy, and it's worth the $30 they want for it. You won't be disappointed with Uncharted Drake's Fortune.

Verdict - 9/10 - This game is definitely a buy. Look for it, you will honestly love this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/02/10

Game Release: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (Greatest Hits) (US, 08/16/09)

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