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"Great Subject, Great Game"

There was a lot of effort put into this game. With graphics like this, a story like this, and great game play like this, I'm glad that they decided to make this game based on a subject that I have a lot of interest in. That being said, this may also be a disclaimer of sorts, but I have a feeling that this is a game that anyone can enjoy. Like I just alluded to, there's great graphics, a great story, and just the overall game play is great. However, of course I won't do this review without really getting into what this game is.

The basis of the story, the stuff that you can know without there being anything that's going to spoil the game is that you're an explorer looking to find El Dorado. It's not the actual city of gold that you're looking for here (which is made clear at the very start of the game and is general knowledge to anyone who looks for a plot analysis of the game), but it's still considered to be a treasure with value that cannot be matched. Anyway, as the game begins you're on your way looking for it. As you go on you meet pirates and other opponents. Near the end of the game things get a little bit silly, and I must say that by the end it was a touch comical when you really sit back and think about it, but at the same time the story progresses very well with some great plot twists throughout.

The general genre of this game is a mix of a shooter, adventure game, and a platformer. The game is somewhat linear for an adventure game, but there are a lot of things that can be found by further exploration at the places you wind up, or along the way. Usually there's a shooting scene at every main point that you stop at, if not multiple gunfight situations. The platforming is really what drew me to this game though. It's not quite Prince of Persia, but it's still very well done, and fairly realistic when it comes to the actual jumping. I still have a feeling though that if someone jumped from a ledge 10 feet away that they'd have a really tough time grabbing a small rock sticking out from the wall. Still though, there's jumping, climbing, sidling, and plenty in between. This helps to create some great points in the game where you actually have to analyze each next move before you make it.

Moving on though, the graphics for this game are incredible. The first time I saw the landscapes that would be created by this game I was blown away. They were absolutely beautiful. Even now, 4 years later they're absolutely beautiful. The actual characters during the game could use some improvement, but that's really nitpicking on my part. As a whole they stand up to just about any game out there. They do a great job in really helping to create an atmosphere that you can immerse yourself in. This only helps to make a great story with a great plot even better, as tends to happen with games you can immerse yourself in.

The music to the game is rather subtle. It doesn't make a huge difference as far as giving you that catchy music like so many other games, rather the music is somewhat memorable, but does much more to add to the atmosphere of the game. As a whole I really enjoy it, for the purpose that it serves it does a great job. It also fits along great with the theme of the game.

Probably the only problem that I had with the game were the controls in a couple of situations. The first one is with ducking down when in shooting situations. When doing that there are often times where I would like to just get up, but instead I would find myself ducking behind something else nearby, or maybe Nate would duck down behind the wrong thing, or I would be trying to move to something else and would instead stand up only to be gunned down and have to start that same shooting part all over again. Another control I didn't like was the controls for using grenades. In Uncharted 2 this was fixed, which is awesome, but for the first one, which I am reviewing, it wasn't the best. The only other problem I'd have with the controls would be when I'd be running to a cliff to do a jump and then suddenly the camera would start to cut to the side and cause me to jump off to the side. This only happened a handful of times throughout the game, but when it did happen it would be very frustrating. Outside of that I would notice a few occasions when they could have been done better, but as a whole there wasn't a whole lot that I would change.

As a whole there really wasn't much for me to complain about. Solid music, great graphics, a great general plot, a story that would keep me into the game the entire time, and really just a great overall game. I am glad I decided to go after this series. If you're looking for a game with a rich atmosphere, good adventure, and just an overall good experience, this is where to go.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/03/11

Game Release: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (US, 11/16/07)

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