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    FAQ by ChaosDemon

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                                   NBA Live 07 FAQ (PC)
                       Written by ChaosDemon (chaosdemon007@yahoo.ca)
                                      Version 1.10
                             Last updated on February 9, 2007
                  Latest revisions of this document may always be located at:
    =Table of Contents=
    I   - Introduction.....................................[0001]
    II  - Version History..................................[000V]
    III - Game Modes.......................................[0002]
            a]Play Now
            c]Dynasty Mode
            e]NBA All-Star Weekend
            h]Slam Dunk School
    IV - Game Basics.......................................[0003]
            a]Default Controls
            b]What's New
    V -  Dynasty Mode......................................[0004]
            a]The Draft
            b]Staff Hirings
            c]Training Camp
            d]Regular Season
            e]NBA Playoffs
    VI - All-Star Weekend..................................[0005]
            a]Rookie Challenge
            b]3 Point Shootout
            c]Slam Dunk Contest
            d]All-Star Game
    VII - Offensive Strategy...............................[0006]
            a]Get Inside the Paint EARLY
            b]Get a "kick-out" of each possession
            c]Free Throws Win Championships
            d]Pass With Care
            e]Shot Selection is Key
            f]Capitalize on the Offensive Rebounds
            g]Look to the Fast-Break
            h]Utilize your Freestyle Superstars
            i]Abuse the Pick
    VIII - Defensive Strategy..............................[0007]
            a]Stay In Front of the Offense
            b]Double Team Often
            c]Do NOT Abuse the Steal Button
            d]Contest Every Single Shot
            e]Don't Give up 2nd Shot Opportunities
            f]Don't be Afraid to Bring the Zone
    VIV - Team Rosters.....................................[0008]
    VV  - My NBA Live......................................[0009]
            a]Task List
            b]EA Store
            c]NBA Codes
    VVI  - Credits.........................................[0010]
    VVII - Legal Disclaimer................................[0011]
    -> To find what you're looking for quickly, press CTRL+F (Find) and type in the 
    set of numbers on the right of your desired destination.  To go directly to an 
    offensive or defensive strategy, press CTRL+F and the Copy (CTRL+C) and Paste 
    (CTRL+V) the name from the table of contents.  If you're looking to skip 
    directly to a team in the team roster section, just press CTRL+F and type in 
    the city of the team.
                                      Introduction                           [0001]
    Hello again all, I'm ChaosDemon, and this is the first FAQ I've written 
    in three years!  Time surely passes at the blink of an eye.  I want to 
    apologize because I got into the FAQ writing business a long time ago, and the 
    layout of this FAQ might not be as up to date as some others.  
    EA Sports is back again with an all new edition of NBA Live.  What's 
    new this year is the Freestyle Control feature, and it requires a Logitech 
    Wingman to operate.  It's basically a way for a player to do a fancy pass, 
    dunk or lay-up.  Another new feature in 07 is the Freestyle Superstars.  This 
    time, your upper tier players are separated into "Freestyle Stars" and 
    "Freestyle Superstars".  Stars are obviously the guys that are pretty good, and 
    the Superstars are the elite of the NBA.    
    Now in the actual FAQ of NBA Live 07 by EA Sports, we're going to be 
    looking at the gameplay basics, the Game Modes NBA Live 07 has to offer, 
    and some comprehensive offensive and defensive strategy (which will 
    undoubtedly is the meat of the FAQ).  There will also be a team listing section 
    and some handy information listed there, like key players, team strengths, and 
    team weaknesses.  Along with that you'll find coverage on All-Star Weekend and 
                                    Version History                          [000V]
    1.15 - 02/09/2007 - Completed roster section with all players listed.  The 
    starters are listed with their respected overalls.
    1.10 - 02/08/2007 - Updated formatting.
    1.00 - 01/31/2007 - First version of FAQ.  Offensive and defensive strategy 
    finished, Dynasty Mode and All-Star Weekend sections completed.  All 30 teams 
    in the NBA are featured in the rosters section with their respective Freestyle 
    Superstars listed.  Complete rosters will be added on a later update.
                                      Game Modes                             [0002]
    Play Now
    This mode is pretty self explanatory, this is the easiest way to get right into 
    the action and get a good feel of the game.  It's also a good way to log some 
    minutes before starting a Season Mode to avoid a 0-5 starting record.  It's an 
    exhibition game so it has no proceeding impact.  The default teams for "Play 
    Now" are the Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat.  The default teams are always 
    the ones competing in the previous year's NBA Finals.  
    This is basically a watered down version of Dynasty.  You can play through one 
    full season at either 29, 58 or 82 games. Season mode takes you from the 
    exhibition games all the way to the NBA Finals.  There are many features you 
    can play with, like mixing up the league with a Fantasy Draft, move teams 
    around in divisions.
    Dynasty Mode
    undoubtedly the biggest part about NBA Live, the Dynasty Mode.  This is 
    basically the Season Mode but it lasts for many, many seasons, the exact number 
    I'm not sure.  It gives you the opportunity to mould your franchise into the 
    early 90s Bulls or the late 90s Lakers.  The Dynasty Mode will be covered in 
    detail later in the FAQ.  
    If you're looking to take a run at the NBA Championship but not interested in 
    grinding through an 82 game season, then this is definitely the mode for you.  
    You can again customize a lot of things, like which teams play.  Playoff 
    length, and even a Fantasy Draft.
    NBA All-Star Weekend
    This is obviously to emulate the All-Star Weekend of the NBA.  There are four 
    things to play through: Rookie Challenge, 3 Point Shootout, Dunk Contest, and 
    of course, the All-Star game.  All-Star Weekend will be covered in detail later 
    in the FAQ.
    1 on 1
    You ever wonder who would win between Shaq and Kobe Bryant 1 on 1?  Well this 
    is your chance to find out.  Pick any two players in the NBA and put them up 1 
    on 1.  When the game starts, the Home Player gets to shoot for possession.
    This is not a game, not a game, we talkin' about practice.  Not a game, not a 
    game, we're talking about practice, man.  What are we talking about, practice?  
    You can pick any player in the NBA and practice alone in an empty gym for as 
    long as you like.  This is a great place to start if you're not too familiar 
    with the controls.  
    Slam Dunk School
    Slam Dunk school is a series of three lessons for you to prefect dunking.  It 
    is absolutely crucial you spend some time in the Slam Dunk School before 
    attempting the Slam Dunk Competition because it is by far one of the most 
    difficult things to do well in NBA Live 07.   
                                        Game Basics                          [0003]
    Default Controls: Keyboard
    Pass: X
    Shoot: D
    Dunk: E
    Lay-Up: S
    Turbo: Left Shift
    Direct Pass: Left Ctrl
    Superstar Trigger: C
    Alley-oop: A
    Call Timeout: Q
    Pause: Esc
    Crossover/Spin Move: Space
    Off-Ball R
    Switch Player: X
    Take Charge: D
    Rebound/Block: E
    Steal: S
    Turbo: Left Shift
    Direct Pass: Left Ctrl
    Superstar Trigger: C
    Alley-oop: A
    Call Timeout: Q
    Pause: Esc
    Quick Plays
    Post-Up: Keyboard 1 (above the Q)
    Isolation: Keyboard 2
    Pick and Pop: Keyboard 3
    Pick and Roll: Keyboard 4
    What's New
    Freestyle Superstars 07
    Freestyle Superstars are divided into two tiers.  "Superstars", and "Stars".  
    Freestyle Stars are players that are good at either Inside Scoring, Outside 
    Scoring, 3 point shooting, Dunking (High-Flyer) or Playmaking.  These players 
    have an arsenal of moves that he can use by pressing the Left Trigger and the 
    Right Analog stick.  If you have the High-Flyer icon selected, you can do an 
    impressive dunk, or if you have the Playmaker icon selected, you can do some 
    no-look passes and stuff like that.  The "Superstars" tier has all the moves 
    that the "Stars" have, and then some.  Check the Team Roster section for which 
    players are your "Freestyle Superstars" of 07. 
    Total Freestyle Control
    This is a rather innovative addition to this year's NBA Live.  It basically 
    gives your Superstars and Stars the ability to pull off some fancy moves with a 
    combination of the Left Trigger and the Right Analog stick.  There are not only 
    crossovers, but a combination of Dunks and Fancy passes too.  Whether you make 
    a dunk or a behind the back pass depends on the Freestyle Superstar Icon your 
    player is currently in.  For example, if he's currently in "Playmaker" mode, 
    then he's going to do a fancy pass if you use the Left Trigger and Right Analog 
    stick.  To do some awesome dunks, your superstar should be in "High-Flyer" 
    ***Performing Freestyle Control with Keyboard***
    Freestyle Control on the Keyboard is slightly easier.  You can perform the 
    freestyle control by holding on to the "Superstar Trigger" (Default "C" Button 
    on the Keyboard), and then by pressing one of the following buttons:
    Pass Button
    Dunk Button
    Shoot Button
    Lay-Up Button
    The variety of moves available depend on which Freestyle Superstar Type your 
    player is currently in.  For example, someone in "Playmaker" mode will be able 
    to do a no look pass by holding the Superstar Trigger and then pressing 
    the Pass Button.  Power guys and High Flyers would be able to do some crazy 
    dunks by performing this method.  Play around with it in Practice Mode to find 
    some neat combinations.  
    The X-Factor
    The X-Factor is a random player on each team, who can unlock his "X" by being 
    involved on the offensive side of the ball.  When unlocked, X-factor players 
    can change the momentum of the game by draining a ridiculous amount of shots.  
    However, don't get the impression that just because your player has X-Factor 
    unlocked he can drain it from anywhere.  He still needs to be relatively open, 
    just not as open as he normally has to be.
    Basic Jumpshots
    Jumpshots are crucial to your NBA Live experience, so it's best that we go over 
    this first.  Jumpshots are all about room and timing.  If you have both of 
    those on a jumpshot attempt, chances are it's going to drain.  To perform a 
    jumpshot, press and hold the "Shoot" button to begin your jump, and when you're 
    in mid-air and the ball is above your head, release the "Shoot" button.  On the 
    "catch and shoot", it is very important that you first get set, and are facing 
    the basket.  
    There are several ways to create room in Live, the most standard is the Pick 
    and Roll.  The pick and roll is where you have a larger player, usually a 
    Center or Power Forward move to your area on the court, stand there, and 
    attempt to "pick" your defender by having him run into your pick.  Another way 
    is to drive the basket with an inside scorer and then pass it out to one of the 
    shooters on the perimeter when the defense is drawn in.  There will be more on 
    this later.  If you're using a player with a decent crossover, then you can try 
    and use it to set up an easy pull-up jumper as well.  To do that, simply move 
    to an area on the court, stand still, press the Crossover button, and then fire 
    up an attempt.  This method has a mediocre success rate and probably shouldn't 
    be tried very often.
    Fadeways are a pretty effective way to score with outside shooters if you pull 
    it out occasionally.  It's not a recommended shot by any means on a regular 
    basis, though.  To perform a fadeaway, pull-up for a jumper (as seen above), 
    and move the shooter in a direction away from the defender at the same time.  
    Fadeaways should be used preferably off crossovers, or when your player is 
    facing a double-team with the shot clock counting down.  There are plenty of 
    other ways to score in Live, so you should evaluate your options.  
    Free Throws
    Free Throws are an important part of Live, and you should always be looking to 
    capitalize.  To shoot a free throw, first let your player finish his dribbling 
    animation.  Then, don't press anything and let your player get set.  After 
    that, press and hold the shoot button, and release it when the ball is just 
    above his head.   
    Dunking and Lay-Ups
    As a new feature in this year's edition of NBA Live, there are now three 
    different buttons to score a basket.  The first one is obviously "shoot", which 
    can be used for mid ranged jumpers and 3-pointers.  The second is a "lay-up", 
    which is a way for smaller guys, usually guards to get the deuce in close-
    range.  Someone like Allen Iverson really utilizes the lay-up because he is 
    undersized, but still has explosiveness and speed.  The third way to score is 
    dunk, which is obviously where the player you're controlling goes close to the 
    rim, jumps up, and throws the ball, thus "posterizing" the opponent.  
    When using someone smaller (6'2" and under), it's usually not a good idea on 
    the higher difficulties to drive to the rim and try a dunk on Yao Ming.   
    Instead, go to "lay-up" for a much more high percentage shot.  It's a bit of an 
    easier shot, and you might also draw a foul in the process.  If you're using a 
    fast player, and is facing full court pressure (when the defender meets you at 
    mid-court), you can score a lot of easy points by blowing right past him with 
    the Turbo button and then dunking or laying it up in the paint.  
    Quick Plays Explained 
    By default, you can press either 1, 2, 3, or 4 on the Keyboard.  1 for Post-Up, 
    2 for Isolation, 3 for Pick and Pop, 4 for Pick and Roll.  The Post-Up is where 
    the players clear up the area directly under the bucket, so your "big man" 
    (usually Center or Power Forward), will have some room to go one-on-one with 
    his check (unless the defense brings the double team, which is a huge 
    possibility).  The Post-Up is usually the easiest way to score, it will be 
    discussed in depth at a bit later.But basically, you can back into the defender 
    and either go for a dunk or a lay-up.  You can alternatively kick it back out 
    if your post-up draws a double team.  
    The Isolation quickplay is designed to take advantage of mismatches, like if 
    after a rebound, a Center ends up defending your Point Guard.  If 
    that's the case, then call for the Isolation and go to work with the Freestyle 
    Crossovers and such.  Dance your way towards the bucket and get the easy lay-
    up/dunk.  It should be noted that in such a big mismatch situation, it is very 
    probable that your opponent will call for the double team.  If this is the 
    case, then continue to drive towards the bucket (while protecting the ball, you 
    can do that by driving without Turbo), then identify who the defender left, and 
    pass it to him for the easy bucket.     
    Lastly we have the Pick and Pop vs. the Pick and Roll.  The only difference 
    between these two plays is that in Pick and Pop, the play is designed for the 
    ball handler to dish it back to the player who set the pick for a jumpshot.  
    And on the Pick and Roll the ball handler is supposed to drive all the way to 
    the hoop for a lay-up or dunk.  These two are effective ways to get open, and 
    is just another offensive play at your disposal.  Mix them up a higher success 
    Rebounding on the defensive end of the court is crucial to the success of any 
    basketball team.  Any team that gives up an amplitude of offensive boards won't 
    be winning many games.  To perform a rebound, take control of someone with 
    size, preferably a Center, and wait under the basket as the the ball is shot.  
    When it appears that it won't be falling down, position yourself under the 
    basket and press the "rebound" button.  Keep in mind your timing is very 
    important here, so make sure you don't erratically press the button hoping to 
    grab the board.
    It should also be noted that on some occasions the CPU is just going to go 
    crazy and come flying out of no where with five different players to grab the 
    offensive rebound.  On those situations, there's really nothing you can do 
    about it so instead of getting agitated, think about how you're going to score 
    on the other end.
    Stealing is made much harder this year, but you can still "wing" a few steals 
    here and there.  You can do that by sort of "turbo-ing" towards the _ball_ and 
    pressing the steal button when you're about to make contact.  This is a decent 
    way of forcing a teal, but most steals are going to be as a result of a double 
    team.  When a player is surrounded by a double team with no where to put the 
    ball, he's going to lose possession of it and the play will be going the other 
    Defending the Post
    The majority of the points are going to be scored in the post in NBA Live 07, 
    so it is very important you know how to defend it and clog the lanes.  When you 
    see a player committing to the drive, press "1" to call for the "Double Team" 
    quick play.  This will bring another defender to help you defend the drive, and 
    if you call it at just the right time: when the offense is in so deep he pretty 
    much _wants_ to put up a shot, it is often going to an erratic and 
    unsuccessfula ttempt.  
    In-depth defensive strategy will be discussed later in the FAQ.    
                                       Dynasty Mode                          [0004]
    Ahh... yes, Dynasty Mode.  This is where the meat of the game is, and probably 
    where you'd be spending the majority of your time (that's if you can find a way 
    to get off Slam Dunk Contest).  Anyhow, this section of FAQ is basically a 
    walkthrough of the Dynasty Mode, and some tips on how to maximize your success.
    So let's begin, shall we?
    The Draft
    After selecting your team and setting your options for your Dynasty Mode, it 
    will take you right to the 2006 NBA Entry Draft.  After seeing an ESPN Mock 
    Draft, the CPU proceeds with the picks.  At this point, a good idea is to skip 
    the CPU picks, because quite frankly, who cares, right?  After skipping the CPU 
    Picks, it'll take you to your Draft Central Screen.  So anyway, once the CPU 
    Picks have been skipped or seen, it's your turn.  At the top of the screen 
    you'll find three team weaknesses and three players you can draft to try and 
    correct them.  On the bottom, you'll see an ESPN Scouting Report for each 
    player, which will outline a couple of strength and weakness points of a 
    particular player.  
    The weaknesses at the top are fairly accurate for the most part, so you should 
    address them accordingly.  It should be noted that you are not limited to just 
    the three players that are in your Draft Central Screen.  By pressing the right 
    arrow on the bottom of the screen, it'll take you to the rest of the players 
    available.  Try looking around here to see if you can find any players that 
    would help your situation that the CPU has overlooked.  One of things is of 
    course drafting for size.  In NBA Live, most of the points are scored in the 
    paint, so if you can get a dominate Center or Power Forward, then don't 
    overlook the opportunity.  The Draft is over after 3 picks or so.
    Staff Hirings
    After the draft, you are taken to your GM schedule.  Start by pressing the 
    envelope on the top right to check out some messages.  It's important you check 
    this frequently, because there are often important messages from the Owner and 
    some coaches answering your contract offers. You should receive a message from 
    your Team Owner on the first day. He talks about the budget he's allocated
    for the Staff, and your job of course is to stay within that budget.
    Click on the first day (October 7th) and pick "Hire Staff". When hiring your 
    Staff, it is important to hire coaches that suit your team needs, rather than 
    just an "A" grade Coach.  "A" grade Coaches carry a very hefty price tag, and 
    if their specialty is "none", it might not help you out very much.  It is very 
    important you recognize your team needs, so you know how to divide the money 
    up.  For example, if your team suffers from a severely lack of strength, but 
    needs a bit of help in the paint, it is important to spend more money on an 
    "Athletic" based Assistant than it is for a "Big-Man" Assistant.  When making 
    your offers, there is some wiggle room for salary, but not a whole lot.  It 
    should be noted that if you have the money, it might be a good idea to hire 
    more than one Assistant to improve your team's chances in Training Camp.  After 
    you've made all your offers click on the next day and press "Hire Staff", then 
    "Simulate up to and including this day." 
    After simulating, you will receive a little ring, telling you have new 
    message.  You can now check if the coaches have accepted offer.  If not, go 
    back and make another offer.  If they have, then simulate the rest of the 
    remaining days and enter Training Camp.
    Training Camp
    Training Camp is the opportunity to make those coaches you hired earlier earn 
    their pay checks.  You have the option to simulate Training Camp, but it is not 
    recommended.  To begin, click on the closest day with the NBA logo, and select 
    "Enter Training Camp."  This screen allows you to divide up your Assistant's 
    time.  The three categories are Offensive, Defensive and of course Athleticism.
    This is basically another opportunity to address your team's needs.  If your 
    team needs some offensive help, then devote about 45% of your Assistant's time 
    to offense, and so on.  You should also utilize your Assistant's strengths, if 
    he's not much of a defensive guy, there's really no point in spending a lot of 
    time that area.  After you're satisfied with your results, press the forward 
    arrow to complete Training Camp and enter the Regular Season.
    Regular Season
    Switch the month to November and view your Team Schedule.  Before playing or 
    simulating any games there are some things that needs to be taken care of 
    throughout Dynasty Mode:
    - Event Scheduling -
    This is done by your Assistant Head Coach.  To get to the event Schedule 
    Screen, click on the right arrow, then GM's Desk, then Team Staff, then Event 
    Scheduling.  This screen allows you to divide how your team is going to spend 
    their time for a set number of weeks.  It is recommended to do your scheduling 
    on a 3-4 week basis, because you never know what might come up that will 
    require you to address.  For example, maybe your team is suddenly hit with a 
    bad case of fatigue, then you'd need to up the Days off.  Which brings me to my 
    next point, and which each event is for:
    Team Event: This will increase communication, aka awareness, and give a boost 
    to team passing and defensive awareness ratings. 
    Time: 4 Weeks
    ->Recommended: 10%
    Press Event: Improve dunk and free throw ratings.
    ->Recommended: 10%
    Team Practice: Improves team overall, but also decreases Fatigue and Hardiness 
    (means your players are more fatigued).
    ->Recommended: 30%
    Days off: Increases Fatigue and Hardiness ratings.
    ->Recommended: 50%
    This Schedule gets a good amount of practices in there, but also enough days-
    off to recuperate from them and team events.
    - Team Chemistry -
    Keep an eye on this because it tells you how each player are feeling.  
    Remember, it is pretty hard to keep every single player on the team happy, so 
    all we can ask for is to keep our key players happy.  To raise or maintain a 
    high level of happiness from a player, make sure he's getting a solid amount of 
    playing time, first and foremost.  A way to keep up the general team chemistry 
    is to make sure the team is winning ball games.  Also, players that are 
    generally involved in the game by putting up good numbers are also more likely 
    to be happy.         
    Player to player chemistry is developed for the most part by winning ball 
    games.  Animosity between players are developed through unequal distribution of 
    the ball, where one player takes more shots than the other player feels he 
    should.  Team Chemistry is most important in simulated games, but tend not to 
    play as much of a factor in a gamed played.  Also, putting players on the 
    trading block will lower overall team chemistry, unless it's already really 
    low, which means he is seeking a trade.  But you'll know that by checking your 
    - ESPN Rumor Central -
    Rumor Central is located in the Assistant Head Coach screen under Team Staff 
    and GM's Desk.  You can tell your Assistant Head Coach to research any rumor 
    reported by ESPN.  The reason you want to do that is to of course, check the 
    validity of each rumor.  For example, if the rumor says "Kevin Garnett on the 
    trading block?" this is of huge interest to any team, so naturally you'd want 
    to follow up on it.  You can do that by pressing "Research" on the bottom of 
    the screen.  Depending on your Assistant Head Coach's Rumor Research grade, you 
    will get varying results.  Someone who is A+ at rumor control will not only 
    confirm if the rumor or not, he'll also find out what the other team is 
    seeking.  However, I believe Rumor snoops are overrated, because they can't 
    really do much to help out your team. 
    - Assistants, Trainers and Scouts -
    These are the more important screens in the GM's Desk section of Dynasty Mode.  
    Assistants are by far the most important of the three, because you can 
    (depending on how many you have) assign an Assistant to work with any player on 
    your team.  The most progress is usually made on Rookies.  You can spread the 
    areas that the Assistants work on by either increasing or decreasing the 
    percent of "Offense", "Defense", or "Athletic".  Athletic is a focus on 
    physical aspects of the game, things like Speed and Strength.  You can have an 
    Assistant work on players for a time period of 1-4 weeks.  Also, it should be 
    noted that some Assistants have Specialties, along with Areas they have a high 
    expertise in.  For example, some   
    Trainers can be used to help speed up recovery times for injured players.  The 
    effectiveness of trainers of course depend on their grade.  I won't go into 
    much detail here, because it's fairly straight forward.
    You can access the Scouting screen through the GM's Desk.  Once in, you have 
    two options: either to scout your next opponent or scout the next draft class.  
    Scouting your next opponent really doesn't have much of an effect if you're 
    looking to simulate, but if you're playing the game then it's pretty much worth 
    looking at.  Scouting a player in the upcoming draft class can provide more 
    accurate information and better projections.  It's definitely worth doing, so 
    remember to check back at Scouting regularly, especially if you're looking to 
    run several seasons with your Dynasty.  
    - Roster Management -
    The first thing to note is the "Player Rotation" screen.  It should be noted 
    that all changes made in this screen is for simulation games only, and they do 
    not apply to games you play.  For example, to actually put someone into the 
    Starting Lineup, it has to be done from the "Play Game" screen: where you get 
    mess around with the Jerseys, Game Settings, and all that.  If you're 
    simulating through, your star players with Stamina of 90 and better can pretty 
    much play 80% of the game, that's roughly 38.4 minutes a game at 12 minute 
    The Inactive List is basically a way to keep players on your team, but they 
    won't be "dressed" for the game, so to speak.  One would do this obviously to 
    make room for another player.  Doing this to any player is sure to damage Team 
    Chemistry, and depending on who it is, he might even demand a trade out of your 
    team.  Which brings us smoothly to our next point.  
    That's the Trade Players screen.  This is the place where you obviously trade 
    players, either by making an offer to a team or by placing a player on the 
    Trading Block.  Which is a way of telling other teams that you're looking to 
    deal a particular player so they will make offers to you.  Putting a player on 
    the Trading Block will lower their Team Chemistry with the team, unless it's 
    already low and they have demanded a trade out of your franchise.
    The Free Agents screen is a place for you to sign some Free Agents.  There 
    probably isn't anyone on here who can change your team in a drastic kind of 
    way, as the highest overall player is an aging Gary Payton at 73 OVR.  The Free 
    Agent pool should really just be considered when you suffer an injury to a 
    position where you have no depth.
    - All-Star Weekend and Trade Deadline -
    I decided to slap these two together because they're around roughly the same 
    time.  For Year One in Dynasty, the All-Star Weekend kicks off on February 16, 
    2007 with the Rookie vs. Sophomore game.  After that you have the 3 point 
    Shootout and the Slam Dunk Competition.  Capping off All-Star Weekend is of 
    course the NBA All-Star Game.  You can choose to take part in these activities, 
    and check out the All-Star Weekend section of this FAQ for more in-depth 
    Trade Deadline is on the 22nd of February in Year 1 of the Dynasty.  The Trade 
    Deadline is the last day where you can make trades, so after that your team is 
    pretty much set for the homestretch to the post-season.  This is a good time to 
    head over to ESPN Rumor Central and have your Assistant Head Coach research on 
    some possible trades.  You never know if you can pull off a blockbuster deal 
    that might not cost you very much (IE a star player wants out of a franchise).
    NBA Playoffs
    If your team was good enough to finish in the top 8 of your conference, then 
    you will be legible for the NBA Playoffs.  The path to the NBA Finals begin 
    here.  To begin the playoffs, click on the "NBA Playoffs" icon on the Calendar 
    and Simulate up to and including that day.  Then, press the right arrow and 
    click "Begin Playoffs".  In this screen you can see the playoff picture, and 
    see the potential teams you can play on your way to the NBA Finals.  Once 
    you've taken a good gander at the bracket, press "Simulate" until it reaches 
    your game.  At this point, you'd of course want to "Play".  The default format 
    for the NBA Playoffs is a best-out-of-7 series.  You can pretty much use any 
    strategy in this FAQ to succeed in the playoffs, or check the individual team 
    strategy in the "Team Roster" section of the FAQ.  Good luck.
    After the Playoffs are done, it's time to continue with the Off-Season.  You 
    can take a look at the Finals MVP and all that, and then continue on with your 
    business.  The Off-Season is basically time to tie up loose ends in your 
    Dynasty.  Things like re-signing players and coaches rank among the more 
    important tasks.  The very first thing to do in the Off-Season though is taking 
    on the Rookies in an optional 1-on-1 game with an automatically selected player 
    from your team.  This isn't really required, and you should just do it if 
    you're looking to kill some time.  Otherwise, advance to resigning your 
    When re-signing your players, you should first evaluate how long you're 
    thinking about how much longer you're going to be playing.  If the answer is 
    for a much longer time, then be sure you manage your money correctly and don't 
    sign many players to lucrative contracts.  If the answer is, "I'm almost 
    done," then it might be OK just to sign as many high-profile players you can.  
    Also, it is especially important that you don't resign your whole team during 
    the Re-signing period.  Be sure to lock up your key players like the Iversons 
    and Bryants first though.  Let the middle-tier players go first.  The reason 
    for that is, you might be resigning someone on your team who might not be as 
    good or even as cheap (money wise) as some free agent.  If there are no better 
    options, then you can still try and bid for the player you let go, so it's 
    rather risk free.   
    The NBA Draft is pretty much the same as the first time around, and signing 
    free agents has already been addressed, so this takes us to the end of the 
    Dynasty portion of the FAQ.  I hope you enjoyed it.
                                    All-Star Weekend                         [0005]
    Rookie Challenge
    The Rookie Challenge is the part of the All-Star Weekend where the NBA Rookies 
    try their luck against the NBA Sophomore team.  Which in lame men's terms is 
    the first year players against the 2nd year players.  There's really nothing 
    special about the Rookie Challenge, it's just a regular game.  Here are the 
    team starting line-ups anyway, though:
    NBA Rookies (78 OVR)
     C - L. Aldridge - 71 OVR
    PF - A. Bargnani - 74 OVR
    SF - A. Morrison - 74 OVR
    SG - B. Roy - 72 OVR
    PG - R. Foye
    NBA Sophomores (86 OVR)
     C - A. Bogut - 76 OVR
    PF - C. Frye - 76 OVR
    SF - C. Villanueva - 78 OVR
    SG - R. Felton - 74 OVR
    PG - C. Paul - C. Paul
    3 Point Shootout
    The 3 Point Shootout is one of the bigger attractions at All-Star Weekend.  
    It's basically in a format where all the players get a chance to shoot 5 racks 
    of 6 racks of 6 basketballs with one "money ball"  The money ball is worth 2 
    points, the rest worth 1 point.  Top two after the first round will advance to 
    the championship round.  You can use any shooter in the NBA. 
    Turbo - Pick up ball from rack
    Shoot - Shoot the ball 
    Default Shooters
    D. Nowitzki - Dallas Mavericks - 84 3PT Rating
    R. Allen - Seattle Supersonics - 90 3PT Rating
    G. Arenas - Washington Wizards - 80 3PT Rating
    C. Billups - Detroit Pistons - 81 3PT Rating
    J. Terry - Dallas Mavericsk - 80 3PT Rating
    Q. Richardson - New York Knicks - 79 3PT Rating
    S. Nash - Phoenix Suns - 87 3PT Rating
    P. Stojakovic - New Orleans Hornets - 85 3PT Rating 
    The key to having success in the 3 Point Shootout is to develop a quick rhythm.
    Your instinct might be to get set line up the bucket and then put it up, but 
    this strategy isn't going to work here.  You first have to figure out where 
    your shooter's best release point is, and try to repeat it every time.  I find 
    I get the best results when I release the ball _right_ before my shooter 
    reaches his highest point of his jump.  To keep up a quick pace, you should be 
    repeatedly pressing the Turbo Button right after you release each shot to pick 
    up the ball and then let it go.  Your first few times through the 3 Point 
    Shootout might be frustrating, but just keep working at it.  There really 
    aren't many other tips for this except to develop a quick rhythm and keep it 
    up.  You'll find the default list of shooters usually put up some ridiculous 
    numbers like 26 or 27, but it's definitely doable.
    Slam Dunk Contest
    The Slam Dunk Contest is perhaps the most enjoyable and addicting part of NBA 
    Live 07, but the learning curve is heavy.  There are over a thousand dunks you 
    can create, so listing them in this FAQ would be impossible.  Before heading 
    over to the Slam Dunk Contest, it is absolutely crucial that you go to the 
    "Slam Dunk School" under Game Modes.  They can teach you how to do it 
    effectively a lot better than I can, but I'll try and explain the process:
    There are about two or three steps in each dunk, depending if you choose to do 
    a throw.  Then, there's the gather and finally the dunk.  The gather is 
    basically the "setup" to each dunk or the "jog" the bucket.  First and foremost 
    move to the spot on the floor where you want to begin.  Then, move towards the 
    hoop and press a gather button. As soon as the gather animation finishes (it 
    will be quick) press and hold the dunk button you're looking for, along with 
    any modifiers.  Don't hold the dunk button for too long, or you'll abort it, 
    let go if it too quickly and you're going to abort it too.  The game will now 
    be in slow motion, and when it looks like you're player is ready to throw down 
    the ball, let go of the dunk button.  Here's a list of gathers and dunks on the 
    default controls:
    S: 1 foot gather
    D: 2 foot gather
    X: 180 gather 
    E: 180 gather
    S: Tomahawk 
    E: Windmill 
    X: Clutch (under the leg)
    D: One Hand
    Here's an example to pull off a fairly basic but beautiful and high scoring 
    180 Clutch (under the leg) Dunk
    (I used Lebron James, FYI)
    * Start beyond the 3 point line anywhere on the court
    * Move towards the bucket and press "E" to begin the gather
    * As soon as you see your dunker hold the ball with one hand above his head, 
    press and hold "X" to jump and pass the ball under your leg while spinning 180 
    * As soon as you see the ball is about to touch your other hand, let go of "X"
    To get a high score for this (or any) Dunk, you need to get lots of hang time, 
    and fluency.  Hangtime is directly related to the amount of space you have to 
    work with.
    That was just one dunk you can pull off, spend some time in the Slam Dunk 
    School to hone your skills and let the posterizing begin. 
    All-Star Game
    The All-Star game is of course where the fans select the top players (in their 
    view) to play in one big spectacle.  Here are the starting lineups.
    Eastern Conference
     C - S. O'Neal - 89 OVR
    PF - V. Carter - 87 OVR
    SF - L. James - 97 OVR
    SG - D. Wade - 93 OVR
    PG - A. Iverson - 90 OVR
    Western Conference
     C - Y. Ming - 88 OVR
    PF - T. Duncan - 91 OVR
    SF - T. McGrady 93 OVR
    SG - K. Braynt - 97 OVR
    PG - S. Nash
                                    Offensive Strategy                       [0006]
    Go Inside the Paint EARLY
    On the opening possessions you're going to find that both teams are going to 
    miss a lot of jumpshots.  This is just a factoid of basketball, because the 
    players do not have a good feel of the game yet.  So take note of this and work 
    the ball inside early in the game get some momentum on your side.  Put the ball 
    in the hands of your Center or Power Forward and let them back into the 
    defender (with the Freestyle Control, Power Move) for some easy buckets.  Early 
    in the game you're going to find that the opponent won't bring the double team 
    very often, so there are a lot of points to be scored there.     
    Get "a kick out" of each possession
    One of the most effective ways to score in NBA Live 07 is to establish a drive 
    to the bucket, draw a double-team and kick it out to a 3-point ace waiting on 
    the perimeter.  This strategy is usually done by using an explosive player like
    Kobe Bryant, and calling for Quick Play #1 - Isolation, then drive towards the 
    hoop and draw the double team.  At this point instead of going for the bucket 
    yourself, which would be an extremely tough shot, look for the man who the 
    doubling defender just left and kick it out to him and fire away.  Even if the 
    player on the receiving end of the pass doesn't have a 3 point icon, chances 
    are he'd still drain the shot, granted it's not Shaquille O'Neal you're kicking 
    it out too.  You can also draw double teams with Pick and Rolls as well.
    Free Throws win championships
    Being a good free-throwing team doesn't always guarantee a victory, but it's 
    not a stretch by any means to say the better free throwing team wins about 90% 
    of the games.  The best way to draw a foul is to drive aggressively towards the 
    hoop with "Turbo" and attempt a lay-up.  The importance of free-throws really 
    doesn't lie on drawing an excessive amount, but more on making the most out of 
    the opportunities presented.  Free throws can be consistently made simply with 
    good shooting mechanics.  Gone are the annoying, and on higher difficulties, 
    often impossible "touch two dots in the centre" days.  The key to making free 
    throws in 07 is developing a rhythm for each player and releasing the ball 
    right as it reaches his head. 
    Pass With Care
    Passing is always a good thing to do in theory, but in NBA Live 07 it can be 
    quite a hardship trying to distribute the ball around, especially into the 
    post.  The key is to not be predictable when passing, and don't always do the 
    pass from PG to C as soon as you're running your half-court offense. Instead, 
    try and do something to throw the defender off, like pull up for a jumper and 
    then press "pass" as you're in the air.  This is a good way to keep the defense 
    honest.  Alternatively, you can try and lock on your target and try a direct 
    pass.  This is just a way to make sure the ball is going exactly where you want 
    it to, because sometimes it might be difficult to aim the arrows precisely.  
    Shot Selection is Key
    If you're someone who loves to bring the ball down, do a bit of a crossover, 
    and then pull up for a jumper, this game isn't going to be a lot of fun.  
    Shot selection is one of the most important keys to a victory, and it's no 
    different in NBA Live 07.  So why not try something like PG takes the ball 
    down, dishes it over to the SG, then to the SF in the right pocket, and then 
    into the C for a post-up deuce.  If you find that you can't get open by passing 
    the ball around and driving, then it's time to call a quick play.  
    Capitalize on the Offensive Rebounds
    When you are able to get a second shot opportunity following an offensive 
    board, it is very important you capitalize.  The obvious reaction after getting 
    a board is to try and throw it down for the easy deuce.  This however will not 
    work a lot of the time, because of the number of defenders surrounding the 
    rebounder.  Because of this, it would be an extremely good decision to pass the 
    ball to one of the shooters waiting on the perimeter for the trifecta.  If 
    that's not an option, just kick it out to one of the guards and reset your 
    offense and call some quickplays (Pick and Roll, Isolation, etc).
    Utilize the Freestyle Control
    One of my favourite features of all Live games is the freestyle control.  As 
    mentioned earlier, it is useful on Isolation plays because it allows you to 
    dance around the opponent and create some room for a pull-up jumper as well.  
    The best part about the Freestyle control this year is you don't even need the 
    Logitech Dual Analog controller to use it.  All you need to do is hold down 
    Crossover and press any of the movement buttons to perform an And1 like move or 
    spin.  On a Logitech Dual Analog controller, all you have to do is mess around 
    with the Right Analog stick.
    Look to the Fast-Break 
    After you've made a good defensive stand and have the rebound after a miss, 
    look for the outlet pass to start a fast break opportunity.  The fast break is 
    one of the easier ways to score on NBA Live, because it's usually an odd-man 
    rush (2-on-1, 3-on-1, etc).  When on the fast-break, it is crucial to pass the 
    ball back and forth, and force the defense to commit to a player.  As soon as 
    that happens pass it to the other player and get the easy deuce via dunk or 
    lay-up.  You can also try to a pick and roll from about the key (area where the 
    free throws are shot), and get a bucket that way.  That way, even if the pick 
    isn't successful the player who set the pick will be wide open for a pass back 
    and easy "J".
    Utilize your Freestyle Superstars
    Inside Scorer (Ball w/ Bucket)
    Power (Fist)
    Outside Scorer (Fireball)
    High Flyer (Wing)
    3 Point Specialist (3)
    Playmaker (rotating arrows)
    Certain players are good at certain things, and they have icons to indicate 
    that.  The above is a list of offensive specialist types with their 
    corresponding icons in brackets.  It is very important to utilize your 
    freestyle stars and superstars.  For example, it's ideal for 3 point 
    specialists and outside-scorers to call for picks often to get just a moment of 
    separation to swish the jumper.  Conversely, if your 3 point specialist is PF 
    or C like Antoine Walker or Dirk Nowitzki, then it might be a good idea to 
    utilize the pick and pop.  Call for the pick from Walker or Nowitzki and draw 
    the defense onto the ball carrier then kick it back to one of those guys for an 
    easy drain.  
    It should also be noted that you certain players have more than one ability 
    their good at, like Allen Iverson, who's a Playmaker, Outside Scorer and an 
    Outside Defender (more on that later).  If you have a Dual Analog Controller, 
    you can alter between each icon depending on the situation by holding the Left 
    Trigger and pressing down on the Right Analog stick.  For example, if you're 
    Allen Iverson and you're setting up a Pick and Pop, and you're looking to draw 
    the defense to you and then kick it out for the "Pop", you'd want to have the 
    Playmaker icon selected.  So press and hold the Left Trigger and press the 
    Right Analog stick until you see the rotating arrows selected.  This is really 
    more of an annoying feature if anything.  
    Abuse the Pick
    The Pick and Roll is one of the most effective ways of scoring in NBA Live 07.  
    I'm not sure what the reason is, but after you call for a Pick and Roll and use 
    it to drive to the bucket, the lay-ups and dunks just have a higher success 
    rate, even if your ball handler doesn't get a lot of separation from the 
    defense.  Also, the pick and roll often draws a double team or even a bad 
    switch (C on G).  If your pick draws a double team, the obvious thing to do is 
    to pass it back to the player who set the pick and fire away.  If it's a bad 
    switch, call for the Isolation quick play and goto work with your Freestyle 
                                   Defensive Strategy                        [0007]
    Stay In Front of the Offense
    Scoring is made rather difficult in NBA Live 07, so use it to your advantage on 
    the defensive end of the court.  With any defender, stay concentrated on the 
    offense looks like he's doing.  Not only does your player in NBA Live have to 
    be quick to keep up with quick players, you have to be too.  As soon as you see 
    the offense go to the right, you have to be going in that direction with your 
    controller just as quick.  If the offense drives, be sure to use the Turbo 
    button to keep up.  If you don't, the opponent is just going to blow right past 
    you.  If they pull-up for the jumpshot you absolutely _have_ to get your hand 
    up just as quickly, if you're slower by even half a second it'll turn out to be 
    an easy deuce.
    Double Team Often
    The Double Team should be utilized on every second possession, if not every 
    possession.  Be sure you have the proper personnel to do it, though.  For 
    example an ideal player to bring the double team with is someone quick like 
    Allen Iverson.  Even if the player you're double teaming finds a way to get it 
    back to his Point Guard, Iverson has the speed to get back in time and still 
    contest the shot.  Double Teams are a great way to force erratic passes, if you 
    manage to cut off the right lane, and often turnovers.  Just be sure to do it 
    with someone quick so you don't get caught out of position.
    Do NOT Abuse the Steal Button
    Defensive Fouls are no longer a rarity in NBA Live this year, and the Steal 
    button's success rate has fallen considerably as well.  It might work once 
    every 10 attempts, if that.  Abusing the steal button in years past has allowed 
    you to force easy turnovers without having to worry about defensive fouls, but 
    all that has changed this year.  Instead of mashing the Steal Button, focus on 
    contesting shots, bringing double-teams, and of course staying with the 
    Contest Every Single Shot
    This might seem like quick an obvious thing to do, and it is, except on some 
    occasions where it appears the shooter is wide open.  Once you see that, it is 
    very easy to give up and just let them take the shot.  However, getting a hand 
    up, even if you're almost an arm's length away will still make the shot 
    considerably more difficult, and you're going to find that the other team might 
    miss quite a few "wide open shots".
    Don't Give Up 2nd Shot Opportunities
    2nd Shot opportunities can really hurt a team, and is quite often frustrating 
    when they are given up.  The worst part is they can easily be avoided by simply 
    good positioning and good timing.  On every rebound, the defense has the 
    advantage, don't forget that.  Quite often when rebounds are missed by the 
    defense is because of excessive jumping, and mistimed jumping.  All it takes to 
    bring down a board is to press your "pass" button to take control of the 
    nearest defender to the ball and time your jump so you'll meet the ball before 
    anyone else can in mid-air.    
    Don't Be Afraid to Bring the Zone
    When you find that one player on offense is simply dominating one of yours, or 
    that you're giving up too second shot opportunities, then it's time to call the
    for the zone defense.  The zone defense is the style of D where each player 
    occupies a certain area on the court, and is responsible for anyone who comes 
    into their area.  As mentioned before, if any particular player on the opposing 
    team is creating a lot of trouble for you because of speed, strength, or 
    whatever, then a switch up to the zone might be a good idea.  Using the zone 
    defense also clogs up the lane, so this will take away points in the paint 
    One disadvantage of the Zone defense is it really gives more room for perimeter 
    shooting, so it might not be the best idea if the other team has some great 
    outside shooters.  You should avoid using the zone D when you're behind.  
    Because of the smaller amount of pressure on the offense, they can often use up 
    a lot of the clock on each possession.  
                                       Team Rosters                          [0008]
    I: Inside Scorer (Ball w/ Bucket)
    O: Outside Scorer (Fireball)
    F: High Flyer (Wing)
    3: 3 Point Specialist (3)
    Y: Playmaker (Rotating Arrows)
    P: Power (Fist)
    -Defense (Lower-Case)- 
    o: Outside Stopper (Lock)
    i: Inside Stopper (Hand)
                                     Atlanta Hawks                         [78 OVR]
    - S t a r t i n g   R o s t e r - 
     C - Zaza Pachulia - 69 OVR
    PF - Shelden Williams - 67 OVR
    SF - Josh Smith - 78 OVR
    SG - Joe Johnson - 83 OVR
    PG - Tyronn Lue - 70 OVR
    - B e n c h -
    SG - Josh Childress
    SF - Marvin Williams
     C - Lorenzen Wright
    SG - Salim Stoudamire
    PG - Speedy Claxton
    PF - Esteban Batista
    PG - Royal Ivey
    - F r e e s t y l e  S u p e r s t a r s -
    J. Johnson - 85 OVR (O)(Y)(3)
    J. Smith - 78 OVR (F)(i)
    - A n a l y s i s -
    The Hawks really aren't headed anywhere anytime soon, one would think.  Their 
    best player is Joe Johnson, but aside from him there really aren't many bright 
    spots on this team, with the exception of Josh Smith.  A good move would 
    probably be to sit down Josh Childress for Josh Smith in the starting lineup.  
    Even though Childress is a slightly better shooter, Smith is much more 
    dangerous in close on the offensive end of the floor and a good shot blocker on 
    his end.  If you're looking to start a Dynasty with the Hawks, you're going to 
    have to make some big moves.  The Hawks need help at nearly every position, but 
    the first issue that needs to be addressed is probably the Center.  The 
    Center/Power Forward position in NBA Live is extremely crucial because of how 
    easily the big men can dominate the game in the paint.
                                     Boston Celtics                        [80 OVR]
    - S t a r t i n g   R o s t e r - 
     C - Kendrick Perkisn - 66 OVR
    PF - Al Jefferson - 76 OVR
    SF - Paul Pierce - 89 OVR
    SG - Wally Szczerbiak - 73 OVR
    PG - Delonte West - 73 OVR
    - B e n c h -
    SF - Ryan Gomes
    PG - Sebastian Telfair
    SG - Tony Allen
    C  - Theo Ratliff
    PF - Brian Scalabrine
    PG - Rajon Rondo
    SG - Gerald Green
    PF - Brian Grant
    - F r e e s t y l e  S u p e r s t a r s -
    P. Pierce - 89 OVR (I)(F)(3)
    W. Szczerbiak - 73 OVR (3)
    - A n a l y s i s -
    The Celtics are another team on the decline.  They still have Paul Pierce who 
    has been the face of the franchise for as long as I can remember, but because 
    of a mediocre supporting cast, especially at the Center position, Boston won't 
    be competition for many championships in the near future.  The best chance to 
    win with this team is to set a lot of picks for Pierce to drive to the bucket 
    and put up some mid-ranged jumpers.  When Pierce draws the double team, look to 
    kick it out to Szcerbiak for some 3 pointers.  On the defensive side of the 
    ball, your goal should be to force some turnovers with Pierce and your fairly 
    quick guards.    
                                    Charlotte Bobcats                      [76 OVR]
    - S t a r t i n g   R o s t e r - 
     C - Primoz Brezec - 69 OVR
    PF - Emeka Okafor - 78 OVR
    SF - Adam Morrison -75 OVR
    SG - Gerald Wallace - 78 OVR
    PG - Ramon Felton - 75 OVR
    - B e n c h -
    PG - Brevin Knight
    SG - Bernard Robinson
    PF - Sean May
    SG - Matt Carroll
    PF - Othella Harrington
    PF - Melvin Ely
     C - Jake Voskul
    - F r e e s t y l e  S u p e r s t a r s -
    E. Okafor - 78 OVR (P)(i)
    G. Wallace - 78 OVR (H)(i)(o)
    B. Knight - 68 OVR (Y)(o)
    - A n a l y s i s -
    The Charlotte Bobcats are a decent team with a young backcourt.  We all know 
    about Emeka Okafor, the 2nd Overall Pick out of Connecticut in the 2006 NBA 
    Draft.  He's a solid player on both ends of the floor, but has no range 
    whatsoever.  It wouldn't be a long shot to say all his points are going to come 
    in the post.  The biggest offensive threats on this team are at the Forward 
    positions, with Wallace and Okafor, both of whom who are only effective in the 
    paint.  Morrison, the 3rd Overall pick in the 06 Draft poses as a minor outside 
    threat, but he can still drain a few.  The Bobcats are a young team that is 
    only going to get better.  If you're looking to start a Dynasty with the 
    Bobcats, the first thing to do would probably be to get a proven offensive 
    Point Guard to work with Morrison on the outside.     
                                      Chicago Bulls                        [92 OVR]
    - S t a r t i n g   R o s t e r - 
     C - Ben Wallace - 84 OVR
    PF - P.J. Brown - 74 OVR
    SF - Andres Nocioni - 76 OVR
    SG - Ben Gordon - 79 OVR
    PG - Kirk Hinrich - 81 OVR
    - B e n c h -
    SF - Luol Deng
    PF - Tyrus Thomas
    PG - Chris Duhon
    SG - Thabo Sefolosha
    PF - Michael Sweetney
    SF - Adrian Griffin
    PG - Howard Eisley
    SF - Viktor Khryapa
    PF - Malik Allen
    - F r e e s t y l e  S u p e r s t a r s -
    B. Wallace - 84 OVR (P)(i)
    B. Gordon - 78 OVR (O)(3)
    K. Hinrich - 81 OVR (O)(Y)(3)
    - A n a l y s i s -
    The Bulls are a team that made it to the Post-Season for the first time in 
    nearly a decade last year.  They have a young and talented team with a 
    backcourt that might evolve into one of the best in the NBA one day.  Gordon 
    and Hinrich are already excellent offensively, and they are only going to get 
    better.  The Bulls also managed to add Ben Wallace in the off-season, who 
    signed the lucrative contract to go to Chicago.  If you're looking to rebuild 
    the Bulls of the early 90s, this team might be able to do it in the 3 years or 
    so.  Off the court, look to add a proven scorer at one of the Forward 
    positions, because the Bulls aren't really strong offensively up front.  If 
    you're playing with the Bulls on the court, look to set a lot of Picks for your 
    two guards, and look to Ben Wallace to try and pull-down some Offensive Boards, 
    then reset it back to the Guards.  Even though we don't talk about Wallace on 
    the offensive end that much, he's still a decent dunker and powerful, so don't 
    hesitate to try some points in the paint with him.  
    On the defensive end, do your best to stay with the offense and force some 
    tough shots because they aren't going to get many second shot opportunities 
    with Wallace patrolling the rim.
                                   Cleveland Cavaliers                     [89 OVR]
    - S t a r t i n g   R o s t e r - 
     C - Zydrunas Ilgauskas - 76 OVR
    PF - Drew Gooden - 73 OVR
    SF - Lebron James - 97 OVR
    SG - Larry Hughes - 84 OVR
    PG - Eric Snow - 70 OVR
    - B e n c h -
    PF - Donyell Marshall
    PG - Daniel Gibson
    PF - Anderson Varejao
    SG - Shannon Brown
     C - Scot Pollard
    SG - Ira Newble
    SG - Aleksandar Pavlovic
    PG - Damon Jones
    SF - Like Jackson
    - F r e e s t y l e  S u p e r s t a r s -
    Z. Ilgauskas - 76 OVR (I)(i)
    L. James - 97 OVR (F)(I)(O)(Y)(P)(o)
    L. Hughes - 84 OVR (o)
    - A n a l y s i s -
    The Cleveland Cavaliers are one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference, 
    and one of the most exciting too.  Lebron James is one of the best players in 
    NBA Live 07, and just 21 years of age, too.  In Dynasty Mode, it is ideal that 
    you lock up James for as long as you play, because he is the guy to build this 
    franchise around.  I'm not sold on Eric Snow being the man to quarterback this 
    offensive.  He is aging, and no longer the defensive or offensive player he 
    once was.  It wouldn't be a bad idea to trade someone like Larry Hughes for a 
    proven scorer.  Because of Marshall's 3 point range, it is probably a good idea 
    to start him in front of Dwight Gooden.  In game, just play Lebron James in 
    every situation possible (just look at his Freestyle Superstar Icons).  He is 
    capable of scoring from any spot on the court, but he is most dangerous when 
    his explosiveness and speed are utilized, so attack the rim with everything 
    you've got.  Set Pick and Rolls, and when the double teams come, look to kick 
    out to Donyell Marshall for some 3 balls.  Larry Hughes is also a solid player 
    on both ends of the court.  
    On the defensive end of the court, look to try and force some steals with 
    James.  See if you can anticipate some passes and Turbo towards them with 
    Lebron.  He's also a solid defender on the outside along with Larry Hughes, so 
    use them and stay with the offense to force some tough shots.        
                                     Dallas Mavericks                      [94 OVR]
    - S t a r t i n g   R o s t e r - 
     C - Erick Dampier - 70 OVR
    PF - Dirk Nowitzki - 91 OVR
    SF - Josh Howard - 85 OVR
    SG - Jason Terry - 81 OVR
    PG - Devin Harris - 78 OVR
    - B e n c h -
    SG - Jerry Stackhouse
     C - DeSagana Diop
    PG - Anthony Johnson
    PF - Austin Croshere
    SG - Greg Buckner
    SF - Devean George
    SG - Maurice Ager
     C - DJ Mbenga
    SF - Ndudi Ebi
    - F r e e s t y l e  S u p e r s t a r s -
    D. Nowitzki - 91 OVR (I)(O)(3)
    J. Howard - 85 OVR (O)(o)
    J. Terry - 81 OVR (O)(3)(o)
    - A n a l y s i s -
    The Dallas Mavericks are coming off an NBA Championship season, so the only way 
    to have a better season is to of course take down the NBA title.  The Mavericks 
    got to the big dance with a high-octane offense, because their defense is for 
    the most part non-existent.  They obviously have Dirk Nowitzki, undoubtedly 
    the most versatile big-man in the NBA today.  He's literally able to score from 
    any spot on the court, whether it'd be from beyond the arc or with a power move 
    inside the paint.  The key to scoring with the Mavericks is setting a lot of 
    picks and rolls/pops with Nowitzki, Howard or Terry.  Setting the pick with 
    Nowitzki gives you a lot of options.  For example if you're Jason Terry calling 
    for the pick by Nowitzki, you can either use the pick and put up a mid-ranged 
    jumper, or you can pass it back to Dirk for an easy deuce.  
    On the defensive end of the court, don't hesitate to bring the double team a 
    lot with Howard or Terry to help out the mediocre defensive in the paint.  They 
    are quick enough to get back to the outside if the offense chooses to kick it 
    out, so you shouldn't worry about that too much.  You should be more concerned 
    with the fact that any decent Center or PF can expose Nowitzki and Diop's 
    mediocre D.  
    From a GM standpoint, it'd probably be worth it to pick up a decent shot-
    blocking Center.  You can get a serviceable one by dealing Jerry Stackhouse and 
    a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick.  In fact, one of the main reasons the Mavs lost 
    in the finals was because they didn't have an answer for Shaquille O'Neal.
                                      Denver Nuggets                       [85 OVR]
    - S t a r t i n g   R o s t e r - 
     C - Marcus Camby - 78 OVR
    PF - Kenyon Martin - 84 OVR
    SF - Carmelo Anthony - 86 OVR
    SG - J.R. Smith - 73 OVR
    PG - Andre Miller - 74 OVR
    - B e n c h -
    PG - Earl Boykins
    SF - Eduardo Najera
    PF - Joe Smith
    SF - Linas Klieza
    SG - Julius Hodge
    PF - Reggie Evans
    - F r e e s t y l e  S u p e r s t a r s -
    M. Camby - 78 OVR (i)
    K. Martin - 84 OVR (P)
    C. Anthony - 86 OVR (I)(O)
    J. Smith - 73 OVR (F)
    A. Miller 74 OVR (Y)
    - A n a l y s i s -
    The Nuggets are one of the more overrated teams in the NBA, in my opinion.  
    Carmelo Anthony is a solid player, especially in NBA Live 07.  In real life he 
    suffers from a poor shot selection, but luckily in Live, you have total control 
    about the types of shots he takes.  Melo is an inside threat and outside 
    threat, so you should of course be setting a lot of picks for him.  Inside the 
    paint should be where you goto Kenyon Martin, the ex-Net.  Have him post-up a 
    lot and Freestyle Control your way to the hoop and throw it down.  
    Unfortunately, he doesn't have any jump shot to speak of, and he's a poor Free 
    Thrower.  That puts the Nuggets at huge disadvantage because the team can foul 
    him and about 30% of the time take away 2 points away from the team.  Another 
    problem with the Nuggets is they don't have any outside threats on this team, 
    besides Carmelo Anthony.  Which is something you should definitely look at it.
    As for some offensive strategy, the key is to move the ball around, drive and 
    then kick it out.  Unfortunately this team doesn't have any outside threats, so 
    the majority of the kickouts will have to Anthony, which takes away a driving 
    threat.  Smith is still a decent dunker, so you can drive the ball with him if 
    need be.
    On the defensive end of the ball, it's kind of unfortunate when the Nuggets' 
    best defender is an aging Marcus Camby.  Defense is a huge thorn on the Nuggets 
    side, and that's a huge reason for their inconsistency.  Marcus Camby is still 
    a decent shot blocker though, but he is a bit undersized.  
    If you're looking to play with the Nuggets on GM Mode, a good idea is to 
    perhaps trade away Martin for a decent Outside shooter and defender.  The 
    franchise player is of course Carmelo Anthony, who can keep getting better, so 
    focus on building a team of defense and shooters around him.
                                      Detroit Pistons                      [84 OVR]
    - S t a r t i n g   R o s t e r - 
     C - Dale Davis - 68 OVR
    PF - Rasheed Wallace - 84 OVR
    SF - Tayshaun Prince - 80 OVR
    SG - Richard Hamilton - 82 OVR
    PG - Chauncey Billups - 84 OVR
    - B e n c h -
    - F r e e s t y l e  S u p e r s t a r s -
    R. Wallace - 84 OVR (I)(P)(i)
    T. Prince - 80 OVR (i)
    R. Hamilton - 82 OVR (O)
    C. Billups - 84 OVR (O)(Y)(3)(o)
    - A n a l y s i s -
    Despite losing Ben Wallace, the Pistons are still one of the best teams in the 
    NBA.  They do it by having a group of 4 unselfish players in Rasheed Wallace, 
    Tayshaun Prince, Rip Hamilton and Chaucey Billups.  The key to success with 
    this team is to utilize all the offensive threats available to you.  The beauty 
    of the Piston offense is literally any single one of those 4 players can put 
    the shot up.  Because of this, you need to utilize ball movement and lots of 
    picks.  Call for the pick and roll and drive with Rip, only to kick it out to a 
    waiting Billups on the perimeter for the tray.  
    The only noticeable flaw to the Pistons this year is they really haven't found 
    a suitable replacement for Ben Wallace.  Their team is a bit undersized this 
    year because of it.  And we all know in Live, without good defense in the 
    paint, the other team will just eat you alive.  So because of the Pistons' lack 
    of a strong defensive center, you _have_ to bring the double team as soon as it 
    looks like the offense is about to get an easy deuce inside.     
                                   Golden Sate Warriors                    [82 OVR] 
    - S t a r t i n g   R o s t e r - 
     C - Adonal Foyle - 63 OVR
    PF - Troy Murphy - 75 OVR
    SF - Mike Dunleavy - 74 OVR
    SG - Jason Richardson - 85 OVR
    PG - Baron Davis - 87 OVR
    - B e n c h -
    SG - Mickael Pietrus
    SG - Monta Ellis
     C - Ike Diogu
    PG - Keith McLeod
    PF - Andris Perkins
     C - Patrick O'Bryant
    SG - Devin Brown
    PF - Zarko Cabarkapa
    PF - Chris Taft
    - F r e e s t y l e  S u p e r s t a r s -
    A. Foyle - 63 OVR (i)
    J. Richardson - 85 OVR (F)(O)
    B. Davis - 87 OVR (F)(O)(Y)(o)
    - A n a l y s i s -
    With the addition of Baron Davis in the second half of the 05 season along with 
    some nice off-season acquisitions, seem to put the Warriors in a potential 
    playoff run for 06.  That didn't happen though.  Nevertheless, the Warriors are 
    still a solid team to ball with in NBA Live 07.  With the aforementioned Baron 
    Davis quarterbacking this squad, it really opens up a lot of options on the 
    offensive side.  He is obviously one of the most versatile players in the game, 
    posing as a significant threat inside and out.  Use his playmaking abilities to 
    set up Mike Dunleavy and Jason Richardson.  Speaking of Richardson, he is of 
    course a huge inside threat with his dunking ability.  Use Richardson to draw 
    the double teams and kick it out to Dunleavy and Davis on the outside for some 
    easy deuces. 
    The one area where the Warriors need help in is defense.  Aside from Baron 
    Davis, there really aren't any good defenders on this team.  Richardson is 
    serviceable, but Shooting Guard is one of the most talented positions in the 
    NBA, and I just don't see him being able to shutdown guys like Kobe Bryant or 
    Tracy McGrady.  With that being said, don't be afraid to bring the double team 
    Baron Davis to any position that needs it.  He's quick enough to get back to 
    his defender if the offense picks up the double.
                                      Houston Rockets                      [87 OVR]
    - S t a r t i n g   R o s t e r - 
     C - Yao Ming - 84 OVR
    PF - Juwan Howard - 73 OVR
    SF - Shane Battier - 77 OVR
    SG - Tracy McGrady - 98 OVR 
    PG - Rafer Alston - 74 OVR
    - B e n c h -
    PG - Luther Head
    SG - Kirk Snyder
     C - Dikembe Mutombo
    SF - Ryan Bowen
    PF - Maciej Lampe
    PG - Bob Sura
    SG - David Wesley
    - F r e e s t y l e  S u p e r s t a r s -
    Y. Ming - 84 OVR  (I)(i)
    T. McGrady - 98 OVR (F)(I)(O)(Y)(3)(o)
    S. Battier - 77 OVR (o)
    R. Alston - 74 OVR (Y)
    D. Mutumbo - 68 OVR (i)
    - A n a l y s i s -
    With the team that the Rockets have put together, they are primed for a run 
    deep into the NBA Playoffs in NBA Live 07.  Coverboy Tracy McGrady is by far 
    the best overall player in Live 07.  He just has the ability to score from any 
    spot on the court and also free up a lot room for his team-mates because of all 
    the double teams he draws.  Yao Ming is a solid player on both ends of the 
    court and his a great free throw shooter for a big man.  The addition of Rafer 
    Alston brings a proven ball distributor to the Rockets.  He had questionable 
    shot selection when he was playing with the Raptors, but he shouldn't have that 
    problem here playing with McGrady and Yao.  On offense, call for a lot of picks 
    and isolation plays for McGrady to create scoring opportunities via kickout.  
    Yao Ming is a solid option inside, so set up a lot of post-up plays for him.  
    On the defensive end of the court, all you really have to do is stick with the 
    defense, because for the most part you have a good defensive team here.  Just 
    force some tough shots by staying in front of the offense, and bringing the 
    occasional double team to keep the opponent honest.  
                                      Indiana Pacers                       [81 OVR] 
    - S t a r t i n g   R o s t e r - 
     C - Jermaine O'Neal - 86 OVR
    PF - Al Harington - 80 OVR
    SF - Danny Granger - 77 OVR
    SG - Stephen Jackson - 74 OVR
    PG - Jamal Tinsley - 75 OVR
    - B e n c h -
    SG - Marquis Daniels
    PG - Saruna Jasikevicius
     C - Jeff Foster
    PG - Darrell Armstrong
    SF - Shawne Williams
     C - David Harrison
     C - John Edwards
    - F r e e s t y l e  S u p e r s t a r s -
    J. O'Neal - 86 OVR (I)(P)(i)
    D. Armstrong - 69 OVR (o)
    - A n a l y s i s -
    Ironically enough, after the retirement of Reggie Miller, this team seems to be 
    steadily on the decline.  Don't take it wrong though, they are probably still a 
    playoff team, it's just they aren't going to be contending for any 
    championships in the near future.  On the offensive end of things, focus on 
    working the ball inside with Jermaine O'Neal and Al Harington.  Stephen Jackson 
    is still a potent offensive threat from the outside, so kick it out to him 
    often.  He's also got the talent to create some shots on his own, so don't 
    hesitate to do so.
    On the defensive side of the ball, bring the double team from Darrel Armstrong 
    often.  He's a solid defender in his own right, but he can help out a mediocre 
    defender like Stephen Jackson.  
                                    Los Angeles Clippers                   [91 OVR]
    - S t a r t i n g   R o s t e r - 
     C - Chris Kaman - 74 OVR
    PF - Elton Brand - 90 OVR
    SF - Quinton Ross - 67 OVR
    SG - Cutitino Mobley - 78 OVR
    PG - Sam Cassell - 73 OVR
    - B e n c h -
    SF - Corey Maggette
    PG - Shaun Livingston
    SF - James Singleton
     C - Zeljko Rebraca
    SF - Yaroslav Korolev
     C - Aaron Williams
    - F r e e s t y l e  S u p e r s t a r s -
    C. Kaman - 74 OVR (i)
    E. Brand - 90 OVR (I)(P)(i)
    C. Maggette - 82 OVR (F)(O)
    C. Mobley - 78 OVR (3)
    S. Livingston - 76 OVR (Y)
    - A n a l y s i s -
    The Clippers are really one of the more exciting teams in the NBA.  They use to 
    be one of the laughing stocks of the NBA, but with the emergence of Elton Brand 
    as one of the game's top forwards and the continued exciting play by Corey 
    Maggette, they are finally out of the basement.  Someone would say they are 
    even in contention for a Western Conference title, but I think they're still a 
    little far from that.  Nevertheless, on the offensive end of the court, work 
    the ball inside with Elton Brand.  He's a powerful man, so it'll be pretty hard 
    to stop him.  He's got a decent stroke from the outside, but don't expect many 
    pull up jumpers to be landing for him.  The addition of Cutino Mobley really 
    gives the Clippers a proven and dangerous threat from the outside.  So once the
    defense brings the double team on Elton Brand, kick it out to Mobley for some 3 
    On the defensive end of the court, you have two good inside defenders in Brand 
    and Kaman, so the issue is probably on the outside with Mobley.  He's an aging 
    Shooting Guard, one of the most talented positions in the NBA.  If you can, 
    bring the double team from Livingston if Mobley starts getting in trouble.  
                                    Los Angeles Lakers                     [93 OVR]
    - S t a r t i n g   R o s t e r - 
     C - Chris Mihm - 66 OVR
    PF - Vladamir Radmanovic - 71 OVR
    SF - Lamar Odom - 84 OVR
    SG - Kobe Bryant - 97 OVR
    PG - Smush Parker - 73 OVR
    - B e n c h -
    PF - Kwame Brown
    PG - Jordan Farmar
    SG - Maurice Evans
    PF - Brian Cook
    SF - Luke Walton
     C - Andrew Bynum
    PG - Sasha Vijacic
    SG - Aaron McKie
    - F r e e s t y l e  S u p e r s t a r s -
    L. Odom - 84 OVR (I)
    V. Radmanovic - 71 OVR (3)
    K. Bryant - 97 OVR (F)(I)(O)(Y)(3)(o)
    - A n a l y s i s -
    After the departure of Shaquille O'Neal, the Lakers were undoubtedly Kobe 
    Bryant's team.  Kobe Bryant has put up some magnificent numbers since Shaq 
    left, but there has been a decrease in wins with "Kobe's team." Nevertheless, 
    Kobe is right up there in terms of scoring, and he is without a doubt the best 
    clutch player in the NBA has seen since Jordan.  When the game is on the line, 
    you want the ball in Bryant's hands.  Throughout the game, move the ball around 
    with Bryant and create some scoring opportunities.  Kick it out to Radamovic, a 
    potent threat from the outside.  Lamar Odom is very hard to stop inside the 
    paint, his best shot is probably the 5 foot jumper.  The reason the Lakers 
    haven't been that successful because of their lack of team defense.  Kobe is 
    still a good defender, but the rest of the team is a mediocre at best.  They 
    really don't have much team speed either.           
                                    Memphis Grizzlies                      [80 OVR]
    - S t a r t i n g   R o s t e r - 
     C - Jake Tskalidis - 61 OVR
    PF - Pau Gasol - 86 OVR
    SF - Rudy Gay - 71 OVR
    SG - Eddie Jones - 75 OVR
    PG - Damon Stoudamire - 78 OVR
    - B e n c h -
    SG - Mike Miller
    PF - Stromile Swift
    PF - Chucky Atkins
    SG - Dahntay Jones
    PF - Hakim Warrick
    SF - Brian Cardinal
    PG - Kyle Lowry
    - F r e e s t y l e  S u p e r s t a r s -
    P. Gasol - 86 OVR (I)(i)
    M. Miller - 73 OVR (3)
    - A n a l y s i s -
    The Grizzles surprised the basketball world a few years ago by exploding into 
    the playoffs.  However, since then they have been swept out of the 
    quarterfinals for two years in a roll.  Back when the Grizzlies were still in 
    Vancouver, they were plagued by horrible drafting, but the best pick in 
    franchise history probably has to be Pau Gasol.  He's a good defender, scorer 
    and an unselfish player.  He's extremely hard to stop inside the paint with his 
    short-jumper.  Aside from gasol though, the Grizzlies are really an aging team, 
    with the likes of Eddie Jones and journeyman Damon Stoudamire in the starting 
    lineup.  The Grizzlies aren't very good defensively, and they don't have many 
    scoring options, either.  The Spurs really exposed them a couple years ago, and 
    until you can find some secondary help for Pau Gasol, this team probably isn't 
    going anywhere near the Semi-finals, or even back in the playoffs it seems.  On 
    the offensive end of the court, Eddie Jones is still a great shooter from the 
    outside though, along with Mike Miller.  When the defense starts doubling up on 
    Gasol in the inside, look to kick it out to E-J and Miller for a good chance 
    for some buckets.  
                                       Miami Heat                          [94 OVR]
    - S t a r t i n g   R o s t e r - 
     C - Shaquille O'Neal - 89 OVR
    PF - Udonis Haslem - 72 OVR
    SF - Antoine Walker - 79 OVR
    SG - Dwayne Wade - 94 OVR
    PF - Jason Williams - 76 OVR
    - B e n c h -
    SF - James Posey 
    PG - Gary Payton
     C - Alonzo Mourning
    SG - Derek Anderson
    PF - Wayne Simien
     C - Michael Doleac
    SF - Jason Kapono
    SF - Dorell Wright
     C - Earl Barron
    SG - Mike Gansley
    - F r e e s t y l e  S u p e r s t a r s -
    S. O'Neal - 89 OVR (P)(i)
    D. Wade - 94 OVR (F)(I)(O)(Y)(o)
    J. Williams - 76 OVR (Y)
    A. Mourning - 76 OVR (i)
    - A n a l y s i s -
    We have arrived at the defending NBA Champions.  The Heat were able to help 
    Mourning realize his dream in 06, and capture his first NBA Championship.  That 
    was in large part to the most dominant big-man in the game today though, 
    Shaquille O'Neal.  His size and power just makes him such a hard assignment for 
    anyone.  You should of course utilize his dominance in-game, and set-up 
    multiple post-up plays per game for Shaq.  Dwayne Wade has developed into one 
    of the best players in the game, and according to Shaq, the best player he's 
    ever played with (ouch).  Wade has an excellent dunking ability, so drive the 
    ball with him often to set up some perimeter shots.  He's also got great 
    defense, so you don't have to worry about him keeping up with the "O".  Jason 
    Williams is great playmaker at PG, so have him quarterback the offense.  
                                     Milwaukee Bucks                       [75 OVR]
    - S t a r t i n g   R o s t e r - 
     C - Andrew Bogut - 73 OVR
    PF - Charlie Villanueva - 78 OVR
    SF - Bobby Simmons - 78 OVR
    SG - Michael Redd - 85 OVR
    PG - Maurice Williams - 72 OVR
    - B e n c h -
    SF - Ruben Patterson
    SG - Charlie Bell
    PG - Steve Blake
     C - Brian Skinner
     C - Dan Gadzuric
    SF - Ersan Ilyasova
     C - Ha Seung-Jin
    - F r e e s t y l e  S u p e r s t a r s -
    A. Bogut - 73 OVR (i)
    M. Redd - 85 OVR (O)(3)
    - A n a l y s i s -
    The Bucks are really a below .500 team, and I don't seem them going anywhere 
    soon.  They were able to acquire Charlie Vilanaueva though, a solid player at 
    the Power Forward position.  There are just too many holes in this team to be 
    considered a threat in the Eastern Conference (and that's saying a lot).  They 
    have Micheal Redd, who's going to be able to put up his usual number of points.
    But defensively, this team is very shabby, probably one of the very worst in 
    the NBA.  They aren't going anywhere until they get a good Center, and better 
    defense.  If you find yourselves playing with the Bucks, work the ball around 
    with Redd and see if you can put up some points with some Picks and Isolations.
    He's pretty much their only chance of scoring.
                                  Minnesota Timberwolves                   [87 OVR]
    - S t a r t i n g   R o s t e r - 
     C - Mark Blount - 68 OVR
    PF - Kevin Garnett - 93 OVR
    SF - Ricky Davis - 78 OVR
    SG - Randy Foye - 75 OVR
    PG - Mike James - 76 OVR
    - B e n c h -
    SG - Trenton Hassell
    PG - Marko Jaric
    PF - Eddie Griffin
    SF - Justin Reed
    SG - Rashad McCants
    PF - Mark Madsen
    PG - Tony Hudsen
    - F r e e s t y l e  S u p e r s t a r s -
    K. Garnett - 93 OVR (I)(P)(i)
    R. Davis - 78 OVR (F)
    M. James - 76 OVR (O)
    - A n a l y s i s -
    The T-Wolves has always been a good team in the Regular Season, but that hasn't 
    translated to any success in post-season.  Unfortunately, the addition of Mike 
    James probably isn't going to change that for them.  However, in Live this team 
    has a pretty good chance of going deep into the playoffs if Garnett can produce 
    like he always does.  The T-Wolves have Ricky Davis, the ex-Celtic, and he's a 
    threat inside with his dunking ability.  He really doesn't have much of a 
    jumpshot to speak of though.  Mike James had a solid year with the Ratpors last 
    year, and I don't see any reason why it won't continue here.  On offense, the 
    best way to score is work the ball inside with KG and draw some doublet eams.  
    Once you do, kick it out to James to hit some Jumpers.
                                     New Jersey Nets                       [86 OVR]
    - S t a r t i n g   R o s t e r - 
     C - Nenad Kristic - 70 OVR
    PF - Cliff Robinson - 70 OVR
    SF - Richard Jefferson - 83 OVR
    SG - Vince Carter - 89 OVR
    PG - Jason Kidd - 85 OVR
    - B e n c h -
    PG - Marcus Williams
    SF - Bostjan Nachbar
    SG - Antoine Wright
    SG - Eddie House
     C - Mikki Moore
    PF - Josh Boone
    PG - Jeff McInnis
    - F r e e s t y l e  S u p e r s t a r s -
    R. Jefferson - 83 OVR (F)(O)(o)
    V. Carter - 89 OVR (F)(I)(O)
    J. Kidd - 85 OVR (O)(Y)(O)
    - A n a l y s i s -
    On paper, this team has the potential to go deep into the NBA Playoffs.  They 
    have three proven scorers in Jefferson, Carter and Kidd.  A small problem might 
    be the fact that they don't have a Power guy for post-ups, though.  And their 
    team defense is mediocre, at best.  On offense, utilize all the threats that 
    you have with Jefferson, Carter and Kidd.  Move the ball around a lot and 
    spread the ball around so the defense never knows who's going to be taking the 
    shot.  Utilize Isolations to take advantage of the mismatches you're bound to 
    find.  Pick and Rolls are a great way to get these good shooters open, and for 
    Carter to drive the ball inside.  If the other team starts doubling Carter, 
    just kick it out for some easy Js from Jefferson and Kidd.    
                                  New Orleans Hornets                      [82 OVR] 
    - S t a r t i n g   R o s t e r -  
     C - Tyson Chandler - 76 OVR
    PF - David West - 74 OVR
    SF - Peja Stojakovic - 83 OVR
    SG - Desmond Mason - 77 OVR
    PG - Chris Paul - 85 OVR
    - B e n c h -
    SF - Rasual Butler
    PF - Marc Jackson
     C - Hilton Armstrong
    PG - Bobby Jackson
    PF - Brandon Bass
    PF - Cedric Simmons
    PG - Jannero Pargo
    SF - Marcus Fizer
    - F r e e s t y l e  S u p e r s t a r s -
    T. Chandler - 76 OVR (O)
    P. Stojakovic - 83 OVR (3)
    D. Mason - 77 OVR (F)
    C. Paul - 85 OVR (O)(Y)(o)
    - A n a l y s i s -
    The Hornets recently acquired Peja Stojakovic from Sacramento.  He's a great 
    shooter from the perimeter, but he hasn't always had playoff success, and not 
    much of a clutch guy.  I'm not sure you can call him the franchise player, at 
    all.  However, in a few years maybe a guy like Chris Paul can really take 
    control of this franchise and take it to the next level.  On paper, this team 
    isn't bad, but unfortunately they need lots of help around the forward and 
    center positions, because the Hornets do not have any inside threats.  When 
    that happens to a team that's filled with good shooters, the shooters can't 
    really be utilized as effectively.  However, you can still try the pick and 
    roll to see if you can get enough room for guys like Chandler and Stojakovic to 
    drain some shots.  
                                    New York Knicks                        [90 OVR]
    - S t a r t i n g   L i n e u p - 
     C - Eddy Curry - 74 OVR
    PF - Channing Frye - 76 OVR
    SF - Jamal Crawford - 75 OVR
    SG - Steve Francais - 81 OVR
    PG - Stephon Marbury - 83 OVR
    - B e n c h -
    SF - Jalen Rose
    SG - Jared Jeffries
    SF - Quentin Richardson
    PF - David Lee
    PF - Malik Rose
    PG - Nate Robinson
    SF - Renaldo Balkman
     C - Jerome James
    PF - Maurice Taylor
    - F r e e s t y l e  S u p e r s t a r s -
    E. Curry - 74 OVR (i)
    S. Marbury - 83 OVR (O)(Y)(o)
    S. Francis - 81 OVR (F)(O)
    - A n a l y s i s -
    The Knicks have been the laughing stocks of the NBA for the last few years now.
    They just seem to bring together a lot of selfish players on a team, and end up 
    losing year after year.  On paper, they don't really have a bad team, with of 
    course two of the most overrated players in the NBA "Starbury" and Stevie 
    "Franchise" leading the way at the guard position.  If you're taking control of 
    the Knicks for a franchise, you should be able to make a run for the playoffs 
    if you play enough games.  The problem is though, with the amount of selfish 
    players on this team you can't really simulate many games.  The Knicks just 
    seem like a place for players to go as they head on the decline and slowly 
    disappear from the mainstream.  If you can, try dealing either Marbury or 
    Francis for an inside threat, because the Knicks are filled with "Shooter" type 
    guys like Quentin Richardson and Jalen Rose.
                                      Orlando Magic                        [77 OVR]
    - S t a r t i n g  L i n e u p -
     C - Darko Milicic - 63 OVR 
    PF - Dwight Howard - 84 OVR
    SF - Grant Hill - 77 OVR
    SG - J.J. Redick - 68 OVR
    PG - Jameer Nelson - 79 OVR
    - B e n c h -
    SF - Hedo Turkoglu
    PG - Keyon Dooling
    SF - Trevor Ariza
    PF - Pat Garrity
    SG - Keith Bogans
    PG - Carlos Arroyo
    PF - Bo Outlaw
    PG - Travis Diener
    - F r e e s t y l e  S u p e r s t a r s -
    D. Howard - (P)(i)
    G. Hill - (o)
    - A n a l y s i s -
    The Magic are really one of the basement teams in the Eastern Conference.  They 
    don't have many scoring threats at all, and their starting lineup is filled 
    with guys that would be on the bench on most other teams.  Grant Hill can still 
    drain a few shots, so don't overlook him.  Dwight Howard is billed as the 
    future of this franchise, but he really isn't big as a scoring threat as Tracy 
    McGrady was.  He hasn't really developed a jumpshot yet, so in Dynasty Mode 
    that's the thing you have to work with him.  He's a powerful young man, so 
    that leaves a lot of doors open for dunking in the future.  The Magic have a 
    lot of holes on their team, and you need to address them, especially 
                                    Philadelphia 76ers                     [82 OVR]
    - S t a r t i n g  L i n e u p -
     C - Samuel Dalembert - 72 OVR
    PF - Chris Webber - 81 OVR
    SF - Andre Iguodala - 80 OVR
    SG - Kyle Korver - 68 OVR
    PG - Allen Iverson - 90 OVR
    - B e n c h -
    PG - Kevin Ollie
     C - Steven Hunter
    PF - Randolph Shavlik
    SF - Rodney Carney
    SG - Willie Green
    PG - Louis Williams
    PF - Michael Bradley
    - F r e e s t y l e  S u p e r s t a r s -
    S. Dalembert - 72 OVR (i)
    C. Webber - 81 OVR (I)
    A. Iguodala - 80 OVR (F)(i)(o)
    K. Korver - 68 OVR (3)
    A. Iverson - 90 OVR (O)(Y)(o)
    - A n a l y s i s - 
    Allen Iverson is undoubtedly the man who makes this team run.  He literally 
    took the Sixers on his back in 2001 and took them to the NBA Finals, and he is 
    still capable of doing that in Live, but he shouldn't have to because of the 
    strong supporting cast.  On paper, this team can go deep into the Playoffs, no 
    question.  Dalembert is young and in Dynasty the Assistants can really improve 
    him offensively.  Chris Webber is a solid second option on this team, and is 
    pretty dangerous with the inside jumper.  Iguodala is a good defender and a 
    threat to posterize anyone in the NBA.  Kyle Korver rounds off this strong 
    eastern conference team with excellent 3 point shooting.  The key to scoring 
    with the Sixers is driving with Iverson and kicking it out to Webber and Korver 
    for some easy buckets.  Iverson also has the ability to take it all the way 
    himself on any possession.
                                       Phoenix Suns                        [95 OVR]
    - S t a r t i n g   L i n e u p -
     C - Amare Stoudemire - 89 OVR
    PF - Boris Diaw - 72 OVR
    SF - Shawn Marion - 89 OVR
    SG - Raja Bell - 76 OVR
    PG - Steve Nash - 91 OVR
    - B e n c h -
    PG - Leandro Barbosa
     C - Kurt Thomas
    SF - James Jones
    PG - Marcus Banks
    PF - Pat Burke
    SF - Eric Piatkowski
     C - Sean Marks
    SG - Dijon Thompson
    - F r e e s t y l e  S u p e r s t a r s -
    A. Stoudemire - 89 OVR(F)(I)(P)(i)
    S. Marion - 89 OVR(F)(I)(i)(o)
    R. Bell - 76 OVR(o)
    S. Nash - 91 OVR (O)(Y)(3)
    - A n a l y s i s - 
    The Suns are one of the most exciting teams in the NBA because of their high-
    octane offense.  The reigning two-time MVP Steve Nash makes everybody around 
    him better.  He has such a great shot that you have to utilize the picks.  Use 
    it to get a little room and then launch it from any spot on the floor.  Nash 
    can also use his great passing abilities to dominate teams with the Pick and 
    Pop.  Shawn Marion is a threat from the inside and out.  Stoudemire can be a 
    nightmare inside because he's so strong and athletic, so be sure to set up a 
    lot of post-ups for him.  If it's anything the Suns needs help on, it's 
    defense.  The best player on this team Steve Nash is a mediocre defender 
    himself, and the best is by far Raja Bell.  
                                    Portland Trailblazers                  [83 OVR]
    - S t a r t i n g  L i n e u p -
     C - Jamaal Magloire - 75 OVR
    PF - Zach Randolph - 79 OVR
    SF - Darius Miles - 79 OVR
    SG - Brandon Roy - 76 OVR
    PG - Jarrett Jack - 66 OVR
    - B e n c h -
    PF - LaMarcus Aldridge
    SG - Juan Dixon
    SG - Martell Webster
     C - Joel Przybilla
    PG - Dan Dickau
    SF - Travis Outlaw
    PF - Raef LaFretnz
    - F r e e s t y l e  S u p e r s t a r s -
    J. Przybilla - 65 OVR (i)
    Z. Randolph - 79 OVR(I)
    D. Miles - 79 OVR (F)
    J. Magloire 75 OVR (o)
    - A n a l y s i s - 
    The Trailblazers are a decent team that are missing that extra push to get into 
    the post-season.  Zach Randolph is their best player, and he's a potent threat 
    inside.  The problem with the Trailblazers though is they don't have any 
    outside scoring.  The addition of Magloire really doesn't help that situation, 
    but it does improve the team.  Miles is a great dunker, but he doesn't have a 
    jumpshot to speak of.  In order to become as good as he think he is, he'll need 
    to develop one, and he's steadily approaching his 30s.  Your best chance to 
    score with the Trailblazers is to work the ball in the post and create some 
    wide open shots for your guys.
                                     Sacrmento Kings                       [88 OVR]
    - S t a r t i n g   L i n e u p -
     C - Brad Miller - 77 OVR
    PF - Shareef Abdur-Rahim - 78 OVR
    SF - Ron Artest - 87 OVR
    SG - Francisco Garcia - 61 OVR
    PG - Mike Bibby - 83 OVR
    - B e n c h -
    PF Kenny Thomas
    SG John Salmons
    C Loren Woods
    SG Quincy Douby
    SF Corliss Williamson
    SF Sergei Monia
    C Vitaly Potapenko
    - F r e e s t y l e  S u p e r s t a r s -
    R. Artest - 87 OVR (I)(o)
    M. Bibby - 83 OVR (O)(Y)(3)
    - A n a l y s i s - 
    The Kings has been beaten by the Lakers a lot in the past, but they have bigger 
    worries now.  They have a good enough team to win in Live, but a problem might 
    be at the Center position.  I don't believe Brad Miller has what it takes to be 
    a legitimate offensive threat day in and day out.  Shareef Abdur-Rahim is a 
    decent player, and should be serviceable.  The Kings brought in Ron Artest to 
    help out with their lacklustre defense, and he is a great defender.  Aside from 
    Artest though, they really aren't that much better defensively.  On offense, 
    have Bibby quarterback.  Use him to spread the ball around with great passing 
    and he can shoot the 3 ball effectively as well.
                                   San Antonio Spurs                       [92 OVR]
    - S t a r t i n g   L i n e u p -
     C - Francisco Elson - 65 OVR
    PF - Tim Duncan - 89 OVR
    SF - Bruce Bowen - 72 OVR
    SG - Manu Ginobili - 86 OVR 
    PG - Tony Parker - 84 OVR
    - B e n c h -
    SG - Michael Finley
    SG - Brent Barry
    PF - Robert Horry
    SF - Eric Williams
    PG - Beno Udrih
    PF - Fabricio Oberto
    PG - Jacque Vaughn
    - F r e e s t y l e  S u p e r s t a r s -
    T. Duncan - 89 OVR (I)(P)(i)
    B. Bowen - 72 OVR (o)
    M. Ginobili - 86 OVR (I)(O)(Y)
    T. Parker - 84 OVR (O)(Y)
    - A n a l y s i s - 
    The Spurs contend for the championship year in and year out.  Their franchise 
    player, Tim Duncan is one of the best players in the game.  He is just such a 
    force on both ends of the court.  The Spurs has been as good for as long they 
    have because of good team defense.  A guy like Bruce Bowen might be regarded as 
    cheap artist around the league, but he's still one hell of a defender.  Put him 
    on the opponent's best guard.  Ginobili is the biggest offensive threat, in my 
    opinion, because of his ability to drive and also put up a shot from any spot 
    on the court.  Parker is one of the most accurate shooters in the league, so 
    utilize his mid-ranged jumper.
                                  Seattle Supersonics                      [79 OVR]
    - S t a r t i n g  L i n e u p -
     C - Robert Swift - 69 OVR
    PF - Chris Wilcoz - 77 OVR
    SF - Rashard Lewis - 84 OVR
    SG - Ray Allen - 86 OVR
    PG - Luke Ridnour - 75 OVR
    - B e n c h - 
    PF Earl Watson
    PF Nick Collison
    C Saer Sene
    SF Damien Wilkins
    PF Danny Fortson
    C Johan Petroo
    PG Mike Wilks
    - F r e e s t y l e  S u p e r s t a r s -
    R. Lewis - 84 OVR (I)(O)(3)
    R. Allen - 86 OVR (O)(3)
    L. Ridnour - 75 OVR (Y)
    - A n a l y s i s - 
    The Sonics are one of the best offensive teams in the NBA, but their defense is 
    also one of the worst.  In the NBA, it's just hard to win a championship 
    without a good defense.  The Sonics need a lot of help upfront.  They have 
    Rashard Lewis, and he's a threat from any spot on the court, but he's not 
    powerful enough to match up with centers.  Ray Allen is one of the best pure 
    shooters I have ever seen, so utilize a lot of pick and rolls.  The Sonics 
    aren't going to do very good until they get some depth and defense.  
                                    Toronto Raptors                        [78 OVR]
    - S t a r t i n g   L i n e up -
     C - Rasho Nesterovic - 64 OVR
    PF - Chris Bosh - 87 OVR
    SF - Andrea Bargnani - 73 OVR
    SG - Morris Peterson - 77 OVR
    PG - T.J. Ford - 79 OVR
    - F r e e s t y l e  S u p e r s t a r s -
    C. Bosh - 87 OVR (I)(i)
    F. Jones - 70 OVR (F)
    T. Ford - 79 OVR (Y)
    - A n a l y s i s - 
    The Raptors seemed primed to be in the NBA's basement for many years, but Mike 
    CoAngelo has done good for this team.  The Raptors are looking to build around 
    Chris Bosh.  Bosh is a great player, but he's not physically strong enough to 
    go up against some of the league's premier Power Forwards.  The Raptors are 
    going to need a strong supporting cast if they are looking to re-enter the 
    post-season for the first time since 2001.  You might want to start by 
    acquiring a young guard who can provide an outside scouring threat.
                                       Utah Jazz                           [75 OVR]
    - S t a r t i n g   L i n e u p -
     C - Carlos Boozer - 77 OVR
    PF - Mehmet Okur - 72 OVR
    SF - Andrei Kirilenko - 89 OVR
    SG - Gordan Giricek - 69 OVR
    PG - Deron Williams - 71 OVR
    - B e n c h -
    SF Matt Harpring
    PG Derek Fisher
    SG Ronnie BRewer
    C Jarron Collins
    C Rafael Araujo
    SG C.J. Miles
    PG Milt Palacio
    - F r e e s t y l e  S u p e r s t a r s -
    M. Okur - 72 OVR (I)
    A. Kirilenko - 89 OVR (I)(i)(o)
    - A n a l y s i s -  
    The Jazz are an average looking team with a great player, one of my personal 
    favourites.  Andrei "AK-47" Kirilenko is one of the most versatile players on 
    the NBA.  Think of him as a less offensively potent Dirk Nowitzki, but much 
    stronger defensively.  He can also spread the ball around, but unfortunately 
    there aren't many offensive threats on the Jazz.  Your best chance to score is 
    probably to mess around in the post with Kirilenko and try and create some open 
    shots.  The problem with the Jazz is they don't have many outside threats at 
    all.  In my opinion, signing Carlos Boozer to the lucrative contract was a huge 
    mistake.  Try and deal him if you can, for someone who can shoot decently from 
    the outside.  Matt Harpring can shoot too, so he's an option to be on the 
    receiving end of a kickout.
                                       My NBA Live                           [0009]
    Task List
    Most team points can be earned easily on 12 quarters or 5 minute quarters if 
    you're good.  You can use points to buy stuff from the EA Store.  Here's the 
    task list.  I realize that it is in the game, but it is not viewable in an 
    actual game, so having this list here is handy.
    Player Tasks
    Score 10 pts in a qtr                                  5 pts
    Score 25 pts in a half                                10 pts
    Score 20 points                                        5 pts
    Score 30 points                                       15 pts
    Score 40 points                                       30 pts
    Score 50 points                                       40 pts
    Grab 6 rebounds in a qtr                               5 pts
    Grab 2 off.rebounds in a qtr                           5 pts
    Grab 4 def.rebounds in a qtr                           5 pts
    Grab 8 rebounds in a half                             10 pts
    Grab 4 off.rebounds in a half                         10 pts
    Grab 8 def. rebounds in a half                        10 pts
    Grab 15 rebounds in a game                            25 pts
    Grab 8 off.rebounds in a game                         25 pts
    Grab 12 def. rebounds in a game                       25 pts
    Record 4 assists in a qtr                              5 pts
    Record 7 assists in a half                            10 pts
    Record 10 assists in a game                           25 pts
    Record 3 blocks in a qtr                               5 pts
    Record 5 blocks in a half                             10 pts
    Record 7 blocks in a game                             25 pts
    Record 2 steals in a qtr                               5 pts
    Record 4 steals in a half                             10 pts
    Record 7 steals in a game                             25 pts
    Score 3 three pointers in a qtr                        5 pts
    Score 4 three pointers in a half                      10 pts
    Score 6 three pointers in a game                      25 pts
    Achieve a Double Double                               20 pts
    Achieve a Triple Double                               75 pts
    Achieve a Qaudruple Double                           250 pts
    Every player scores in the game                      250 pts
    Team Tasks
    Score 40 points in a qtr                               5 pts
    Score 70 points in a half                             10 pts
    Score 100 pts in a game                               30 pts
    Grab 15 rebounds in a qtr                              5 pts
    Grab 5 off rebounds in a qtr                           5 pts
    Grab 9 def rebounds in a qtr                           5 pts
    Grab 30 rebounds in a half                            10 pts
    Grab 10 off.rebounds in a half                        10 pts
    Grab 15 def.rebounds in a half                        10 pts
    Grab 50 rebounds in a game                            25 pts
    Grab 17 rebounds in a game                            25 pts
    Grab 25 def rebounds in a game                        25 pts
    Record 10 assists in a qtr                             5 pts
    Record 25 assists in a game                           25 pts
    Record 5 blocks in a qtr                               5 pts
    Record 8 blocks in a half                             10 pts
    Record 13 blocks in a game                            25 pts
    Record 6 steals in a qtr                               5 pts
    Record 10 steals in a half                            10 pts
    Record 15 steals in a game                            15 pts
    Score 5 three pointers in a qtr                        5 pts
    Score 8 three pointers in a half                      10 pts
    Score 12 three pointers in a game                     25 pts
    Win by 10 points                                      10 pts
    Win by 20 points                                      30 pts
    Win by 30 points                                      40 pts
    Win by 40 points                                      75 pts
    Win by 50 points                                     100 pts
    Shot 100% in a quarter (Min. 5 shots)                 50 pts
    Season Tasks
    Players Score 1700 points in a season                200 pts
    Player has 820 rebounds in a season                  200 pts
    Player has 650 assists in a season                   200 pts
    Player has 150 blocks in a season                    200 pts
    Player has 100 steals in a season                    200 pts
    Player avg a Double/Double in a season               100 pts
    Player leads the league in scoring                   300 pts
    Player leads the league in assists                   300 pts
    Player leads the league in rebounding                300 pts
    Player leads the league in blocks                    300 pts
    Player leads the league in steals                    300 pts
    Player wins Player of the Month                      200 pts
    Player wins Rookie of the Year                       300 pts
    Player wins Most Improved Player                     300 pts
    Player wins Sixthman of the Year                     300 pts
    Player wins Defensive Player of the year             300 pts
    Player makes the All-Defensive Team                  100 pts
    Player makes the All-NBA First Team                  100 pts
    Player makes the All-NBA Second Team                 100 pts
    Player makes the All-Star Team                       100 pts
    Player wins season MVP                               300 pts
    Player wins Finals MVP                               300 pts
    Player finishes season with 30 PPG                   500 pts
    Player finishes season with 40 PGG                   750 pts
    Team makes the playoffs                              250 pts
    Finish First in your Division                        100 pts
    Finish First in your Conference                      300 pts
    Advance past 1st round of playoffs                   500 pts
    Advance past 2nd round of playoffs                   500 pts
    Advance past 3rd round of playoffs                   500 pts
    Win NBA Championship                                 500 pts
    Team Scores 8200 points in a season                  200 pts
    Team gets 3100 rebounds in a season                  200 pts
    Team gets 1800 assists in a season                   200 pts
    Team gets 400 blocks in a season                     200 pts
    Team gets 650 steals in a season                     200 pts
    Win Coach of the Year                               1000 pts
    Player wins Rookie Challenge MVP                     250 pts
    Player wins All-Star Game MVP                        250 pts
    Player wins Slam Dunk Contest                        500 pts
    Player wins 3 point shootout                         500 pts 
    EA Store
    This is the place where you can use the points you earn by playing in 
    Exhibition games, and also Season and Dynasty modes.  The many ways to earn 
    points are listed at the bottom of this section, under "Task List."  In EA 
    Store, you can buy shoes from Jordan and Reebok, Menu Skins, Tattoos and more. 
    Shoes and Tattoos are used on your created players. Here are all the items you 
    can buy and their cost: 
    Jordan Melo M3 - 300 pts
    Jordan V White & Red Morpheus - 350 pts
    Jordan V Black & Grey - 350 pts
    Jordan V White & Grey - 350 pts
    Jordan V Black, Grey & White - 350 pts
    Jordan V White, Red & Black - 350 pts
    Pump Omnlite - 50 pts
    Answer X - 250 pts
    S. Carter IV BB Mid - 200 pts 
    S. Carter IV BB Mid Black - 200 pts
    Answer X White & Blue - 250 pts 
    Answer X DMX - 50 pts
    Answer X Black & Red - 250 pts
    RBK Lift - 200 pts
    S. Carter - 50 pts
    Main Menu Skins
    Highflyer Legends - 200 pts
    Tracy McGrady - 100 pts
    Tim Duncan - 100 pts
    Playmaker Legends - 200 pts
    Gilbert Arenas - 100 pts
    Kevin Garnett - 100 pts
    Scorer Legends - 200 pts
    Chaucey Billups - 100 pts
    Music Tracks
    10 Days Till... - 400 pts
    Dragon 2 - 50 pts
    Fireball - 50 pts
    Spider - 50 pts
    Basket 2 - 50 pts
    Pattern 2 - 50 pts
    NBA Codes
    This is a screen for you to enter codes.  For a database of useful codes, check 
    out the Codes and Secrets section of GameFAQs.
                                         Credits                             [0010]
    GameFAQs: For being a great free site and having one of the best Message Boards 
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