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    Muscle Class Walkthrough by BandGeekofFW

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 12/06/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Need For Speed Carbon
    Muscle Car Walkthrough
    By T.J.  (BandGeekOfFW)
    Table of Contents
    1.  Version History
    2.  Game Controls (Nintendo Gamecube)
    3.  Defining the Muscle Car
    4.  Muscle Cars in Certain Race Types
    5.  Story Walkthrough
    	5a.  Kempton (21st Street Crew)
    	5b.  Fortuna (T.F.K.)
    	5c.  Downtown Palmont (Bushido)
    	5d.  Silverton (Stacked Deck)
    	5e.  During and After Career Mode (Minor Crews)
    6.  Muscle Car Index
    7.  Playing Tag with the Cops in a Muscle Car
    8.  Frequently Asked Questions about Muscle Cars
    9.  Copyright Info
    Oh, and while I'm at it...
    Feel free to put this guide up on your site or use it at your will.  I don't
    care if you do it or not.  However, if you do use this guide on your site, then
    PLEASE give credit where credit is due.  If you claim this guide as your own on
    your site, I WILL FIND OUT and take appropriate action.
    Now, on with the guide.
    1. Version History
    Version 1.2- After about ten emails about the Vauxhall Monaro, I've decided to
    update Section 6.
    Version 1.1 - Added a tip given to me by Stewart Pike on drifting.
    Version 1.0 - First version.  Submit update ideas if you want some changes to
    the email address above.
    2. Game Controls (Nintendo Gamecube)
    If you're a Gamecube player who's new at the game, then you may find this
    useful.  If you're playing any other system, then, sorry, I can't help you (not
    to say that Xbox, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PS2, or PS3 are bad systems, I just
    own only the Gamecube version.)
    R Button - Accelerate
    Makes your car go (duh).  It is pressure sensitive, so the harder you press,
    the more you accelerate.
    L Button - Brake/Reverse
    For all stopping power, or for backing up in case of a mistake, press the L
    Button.  Like the R Button, this button is also pressure sensitive.
    A Button - Handbrake
    So what's the difference between the regular brake and this?  Well, you'll want
    to use this when you want to slide better (as if you won't in a Muscle Car.)
    In my opinion, you're better off sticking with the regular brakes.
    B Button - Nitrous
    If you bought a nitrous upgrade, then you can use this to accelerate your car
    faster, and to higher speeds in short stretches.  It won't, however, increase
    your top speed (trust me, I tried it in a Corvette ZO6.)
    X Button - Speedbreaker
    Ever want to pull off a fast hairpin?  Tired of hitting spike strips all the
    time?  Use the speedbreaker to slow time to make quick, sensitive moves in your
    Y Button - Crew Member Activation
    If you have a Blocker or a Drafter, use this button to activate them when the
    bar at the top left corner of your screen is green.  I won't explain what each
    kind of crew member does, you'll learn it after you choose your first car in a
    tutorial run.
    C Stick - Shifting
    Ooh, look at you, you drive a Manual.  What's that you say, you don't know how
    to shift?  Simple solution.  C Stick up to shift up, and C Stick down to shift
    D Pad - Action
    Press up on this to enter races that you're on the icon for, or to bring up the
    world map outside such an icon.  There are other actions, too, but this is all
    you really need to play the game effectively.
    Control Stick - Steering
    Turns your car.  Pretty simple.
    Start Button - Pause
    Pause whether in Free Roam or in a race, and choose any option you want.
    3. Defining the Muscle Car
    Muscle Cars, for the most part, are all American makes, with the exception of
    the Vauxhall Monaro (Tier 2).  They have the best acceleration of all the
    classes, which makes them fun to drive because you can pretty much go from 0 to
    70 in about two or three seconds.
    The Muscle Cars also reach a decent top speed, making them competitive.
    On the downside, however, is that Muscle Cars have poor handling and slide
    often, making them a somewhat advanced level car to drive.  It takes some touch
    to master the steering, but it's really not all that tough to drive, once you
    get the feel for it.  This also makes drifting somewhat tough, too, especially
    4. Muscle Cars in Certain Race Types
    This is assuming that you know about all of the race types already.
    Canyon Duel- If you are looking to pass your opponent for the win, this is the
    car class to do it with.  The superb acceleration of the car lets you approach
    other cars with ease from the get-go.  However, if you know you can't pass your
    opponent, and have to complete the Duel, then your time may get a little hairy
    due to the awkward turning of the Muscle Car.  But it's not completely
    impossible, because the acceleration of the Muscle Cars allow them to pick up
    speed quick off the corner.
    Circuits, Sprints, and Canyon Sprints- Not too hard at all, in general.  Just
    be aware of the turns and make them with as much accuracy as possible.
    Checkpoints and Canyon Checkpoints- Once again, not bad if you are aware of the
    turns.  If you mess up, you can usually accelerate out of it, use NOS, and
    still make all of your checkpoints.
    Speedtraps- You'd think this would be an Exotic-dominated event.  After all,
    they get the highest top speed.  But because of the location of some speedtraps
    after corners, the quick Muscle Car acceleration makes the Muscle Car a great
    choice for speedtrap races.  NOS helps here, too, to get more speed as you
    approach the speedtrap.
    Drifts and Canyon Drifts- This could get hairy.  The way that Muscle Cars slide
    makes this event difficult, but the acceleration does help for the speed bonus
    of points, if you can achieve good steering around the corners.  I'll admit
    that I'm not successful at drift races, having won very few, and none of them
    Canyon drifts, but it takes practice with any car class to do.
    Here's a tip provided by Stewart Pike on drifting:
    "One secret I'm sure other users might know though is when using muscle cars
    and are on a drift or canyon race, if there back end slids to far and looks
    like its gonna hit the wall, punch the NOS button and the car should pull away
    from the wall with ease."
    5. Story Walkthrough
    You'll start with a race against Cross down a canyon.  This car is a BMW M3 GTR
    (Exotic), so drive it like one.  Hug the corners and do whatever it takes to
    stay ahead of Cross.  This car has MAD speed, and, admittedly, is probably the
    best car in the game, if Exotics are your driving style.
    Then a cutscene will appear, and you'll be able to pick a car class after that.
    The Muscle Car representative is the Chevrolet Camaro SS, so pick that if you
    want to go Muscle.
    You'll get to do a test race to see if that's the car you want, and then learn
    the basics about teamwork in the game in a tutorial race.  Then, you're off to
    Free Roam.
    Then you'll end up pursued by the cops as you begin.  It shouldn't be too hard.
    If you have difficulty, refer to section 7 "Playing Tag with the Cops in a
    Muscle Car"
    After you escape, you'll earn Neville as a crew member.  He's a blocker and a
    fixer who uses the same types of car as you do.  If you chose Muscle, his car
    is a Chrysler 300C.
    5a. Kempton (21st Street Crew)
    Check out the world map when you first get away from the cops and arrive at the
    safehouse.  Your first area to start will be in the south end of the city, in
    Kempton.  Kempton is broken down into five areas:  Morgan Beach to the west,
    The Projects just northeast of Morgan Beach, Kempton Holdings south of The
    Projects, Eskuri Plaza east of The Projects, and Newport Industrial Park to the
    far east.  Each area also has a heat level, which tells you how often the cops
    will break in during the races.
    Notice that there are only 2 races in Kempton Holdings.  I'll specify the
    reason later.
    You'll start off with only three races in Morgan Beach.  Pick whichever one you
    want and win it.  No matter what, it will be against a minor crew, which is
    covered in section 5e.  When you do, you'll meet Angie, the 21st Street Crew
    Boss, and you'll be able to race against 21st Street in addition to the other
    minor crews.  21st Street uses all Muscle Cars, by the way.
    Keep in mind that you'll own a territory by taking 2 of its 3 races, with the
    exception of Kempton Holdings, in which you need to take both tracks to earn
    the territory.  In this way, you have some liberty as to what tracks you like
    to race.
    The two canyon drifts are somewhat tough to do, so, if you decide to do them,
    be advised that it may take a while to complete.
    For all other races, I recommend you find whatever will max out your Camaro SS
    the quickest.  NOS is a great help for checkpoints and speedtraps, and a good
    support for all other races.
    Ignore the Ford Mustang GT when you unlock it.  It is a Tier 2 car, compared
    with your Tier 1 Camaro, but it's pretty poor for a Tier 2 and its current lack
    of add-on performance parts means that your Camaro is the best thing to stay
    with right now.
    As you go through Kempton, you'll run into a cutscene where you'll meet a new
    potential crew member.  His name is Sal, and he's a Scout.  If you're new at
    the game and don't know where all the alleys are in the game, then take Sal and
    he'll show them all to you in midrace.  Sal is also a fabricator, meaning you
    can now autosculpt certain elements of your car for a more personalized look.
    Once you've conquered every area in Kempton, Angie will come looking for you,
    and challenge you to a race in Kempton Holdings.  She's rather tough in her
    Tier 2 Dodge Charger R/T, but your best bet is to stick with the Camaro for
    now.  Use nitrous, speedbreaker, and every shortcut you can find to beat Angie
    around the track.  Sometimes she'll wreck and lose several seconds on you,
    which is convenient, but don't count on it.
    After you've beaten her in the streets, she'll challenge you to a canyon duel.
    You'll get a short cutscene about the rules of a canyon duel.  Pay attention,
    because I'm not going to put it here.
    This is the only boss that I have not been able to pass while on the Duel.
    Instead, I had to finish both legs and win by shear distance.  Your Camaro is
    the best you have right now, but it's not much good without NOS, which is taken
    away from you for the duel.  Just put your best effort into it, it shouldn't
    take too much to do.
    Once you win, 21st Street will be eliminated.  You can then draw 2 bonus
    markers from Angie.  Try to get her pink slip, if you can.  Her Dodge Charger
    R/T is one of the best Tier 2 cars available, and it costs $80,000 to get it if
    you miss it.
    After you beat Angie, you'll be called over to Footy's Diner.  There you will
    meet Samson, a blocker and former member of the 21st Street Crew.  He'll join
    with your crew and also share a bit of information relevant to the plot line,
    but I will not spoil that for you.  Oh, and by the way, in my opinion, he's a
    better blocker than Neville.
    Kempton is now yours!
    5b. Fortuna (T.F.K.)
    Now you'll have a choice on whether to proceed to Fortuna or Downtown Palmont.
    In Fortuna, you'll find the exotic-loving T.F.K., while Downtown Palmont has
    the tuner cars of Bushido.  In my opinion, it's easier to get started in
    Fortuna.  I've done it both ways now, and starting in Downtown makes it tough
    because the Muscle Car's handling just can't keep up in the very sharp turns of
    Downtown unless it has substantial upgrades.  Fortuna is just a little easier,
    though it looks more difficult
    Fortuna is divided into five areas: Fortuna Heights, South Fortuna, Hills
    Borough, Palmont University, and Ocean View.  Your first races will be in
    Fortuna Heights, just across the interstate from your first safehouse.
    After beating the first race, whatever you choose, you'll run into Wolf, the
    big boss of T.F.K.  T.F.K. is all-exotic, so keep that in mind when you race
    them, and what their strengths are.
    Chances are when you race cars against T.F.K. that your acceleration in your
    car will dominate over the acceleration of the exotics, and given that Fortuna
    doesn't have many straight sections, that gives you an advantage.
    As you beat through the areas of Fortuna, you'll earn the Vauxhall Monaro,
    another Tier 2 Muscle car.  In all honesty, this car is pretty weak for a
    Muscle, and you're better off sticking to a Dodge Charger R/T, or, if you
    didn't get the pink slip, your old Camaro SS.
    Still, at some point, you'll want to get the Dodge Charger R/T while in Fortuna
    for its raw power.
    You should also hit another cutscene just as you are about to take your seventh
    overall territory, relevant to the storyline that I will not spoil.  There will
    be another one just a bit later, too.
    Fortuna is also where you'll run into your first regular Drift race at the City
    Courthouse in Palmont University.  This kind of Drift race is easier than the
    Canyon Drifts, and, while it may be a little difficult with your Charger or
    Camaro, it will be very easy once you get a Tier 3 Muscle or a Tuner if you
    really can't wait that long.
    This is also where you'll hit your first Canyon Sprint at Lofty Heights
    Downhill in the Hills Borough Area.  It's you against 3 others, but it's not
    that hard at all, because you have NOS and speedbreaker to help you out.
    Okay, now if you take all five areas, Wolf will seek you out and challenge you
    to a race.  For this race, Wolf will drive an Aston Martin, kinda like a
    typical James Bond car.  It is also Tier 2.  Wolf's not that hard to outrace,
    but be aware that he will take just about every shortcut on the track, so keep
    your eyes out and take them yourself, and whatever you do, DO NOT miss the
    shortcut through the park!  It is incredible for shaving off time and Wolf
    usually takes that cut.
    The canyon duel is probably the easiest of any one that you will do.  In fact,
    all you really have to do is take Wolf in the first left-hand corner and hold
    the lead.  Sound easy? It is.  Your car will out-accelerate Wolf's and be able
    to take him fast!  It may take two or three tries, but it's that easy.
    After you beat Wolf, take two cards from him.  At this point, it doesn't matter
    if you get his car or not, but if you REALLY want it, then go ahead and draw
    for it.  There's not a disadvantage in drawing for it.
    You'll then be called up to show up at the university, where you'll meet Colin,
    the former member of T.F.K., who also has an interesting bit of information to
    give you before joining your crew.  He is your first Drafter of the game, which
    you learned about in the tutorial race.  He's also a fabricator that can
    fabricate everything that Sal can't.  Just remember that Colin can't fabricate
    everything, and it does take Sal to do some stuff.
    You now own Fortuna!
    5c. Downtown Palmont (Bushido)
    If you beat all of Fortuna before going to Downtown Palmont, you will see that
    you already have every race in Downtown unlocked.  At this rate, you can pick a
    race and go for it.  But, after you beat the first one, you'll be introduced to
    Kenji and the Tuner Brigade (just kidding.)  Actually, his crew is called
    The five areas in downtown are Historic Chinatown, Old Quarter, Billings
    District, Kings Park, and Mason District.
    Downtown has some seriously sharp corners, so be very careful with your brakes.
    This is why you'll have wanted to beat Fortuna first: you'll need the added
    abilities of the parts you earned to get through here.
    You'll notice that there are two drift tracks here, and one Canyon Drift.  It's
    your choice on what to do with them.  But please take note that there is a
    Reward Card called Downtown Turf for beating all of Downtown, and that is a
    piece to the firetruck, so it may be worthwhile to try and beat them now.
    You'll probably be using NOS quite a bit, so getting Tier 2 Racing Nitrous is a
    big advantage.
    Otherwise, good luck beating Downtown Palmont...
    When you do beat every area, it's time to take on Kenji.  Be careful of him and
    his Mazda RX-7, because he is nearly PERFECT at taking the corners and does not
    make very many mistakes.  The one advantage you have is shear speed, because
    Kenji's car isn't very fast.  Endure the two laps and try to stay ahead of him
    the entire time.  Get up off of the corners as quick as you can to shave off
    time, too.
    At least the canyon duel is somewhat easy.  Just like with Wolf, you can
    probably take him at the first corner.  What's different is that Kenji's
    driving skill in a Tuner means that he can take you in a corner if you're not
    careful.  Hold on to the lead when you get it, at all means necessary.
    Conquering Kenji means you get 2 more reward cards.  You know how this works by
    Then you'll be called over to meet Yumi, former Bushido member and now a member
    of your crew.  She is a Scout, like Sal, as well as a Mechanic, meaning she
    gets you discounts at getting parts and stuff.  Check her abilities.
    Conquering Downtown means you have locked up everything and beaten all three
    major crews!  But wait, Career mode is not over?
    5d. Silverton (Stacked Deck)
    Sure enough, there's one more group to take out.  Start by going to Darius
    after you get his message.  You'll see a cutscene there, then unlock Nikki as a
    driver for your crew.  Be ready, because her Ford GT can own out there on the
    track, in addition to her skills as a Drafter and a Mechanic.  By the way, that
    Ford GT is an Exotic...
    Now be prepared to take on Darius and his monster crew by the name of Stacked
    Deck.  Why are they called Stacked Deck, you ask?  Because they use all types
    of cars.  You'll be up against all three types in mixed races.
    There are seven areas to Silverton, which looks vaguely like Las Vegas.  Those
    areas are:  Starlight Strip, Diamond Hills, Shady Pine, Infinity Park,
    Silverton Refinery, Canmor Downs, and Neon Mile.
    This is where it gets HARD and takes a lot of practice, as you'll be racing
    Tier 3's!  Just keep calm, you'll be getting your own soon enough.  Worse yet,
    check a look at the base police heat levels.  Several Heat 3's and 4's and...a
    5!  The sole base 5 in the game belongs to the Neon Mile area, so be ready for
    a cop chase to break out there at any time.
    Okay, now every area is difficult, but probably the easiest to start at in your
    Tier 2 is (gasp!) the Neon Mile.  The checkpoint takes a little practice, but
    it's not all that hard, and the speedtrap isn't that hard, either.
    Now, for the first time, I'm going to offer you a couple of Tier 3 cars as
    possibilities for playing through Silverton.  One option is the Dodge Viper
    that you unlock from beating the Neon Mile area.  Or, if that's just not your
    style, you can go to Canmor Downs (southern area of Silverton) after beating
    the Neon Mile area and unlock the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (which is what I
    drive).  Lastly, you could work hard enough to work your way to the Silverton
    Refinery (last area in Silverton to get races) and beat the Canyon Duel there
    to unlock the Dodge Challenger Concept.  Just remember that in order to get the
    car, you have to beat the car, which I believe is driven by none other than
    Angie from 21st Street.  The reward car from the overall Silverton Refinery is
    the Ford GT, which sadly made its way into the Exotic class.  Ignore the Shelby
    GT 500, as it is probably the saddest Tier 3 in the entire group (which is a
    shame, because this is a muscle car that defines the muscle car).  The Plymouth
    Hemi 'Cuda isn't much better, so ignore those cars and get one of the three I
    Once you get your car that you will use in Silverton, then upgrade it with
    every performance part possible.  You will need every advantage possible to get
    through this tough area.  Notice that every part now come in the new Racing
    setup, instead of just Nitrous.  Also note that the race that gives "Turbo-Tier
    3 Racing" is really the Racing Supercharger for Tier 3 Muscle Cars.
    Once you've beaten all seven areas of Silverton, you'll get called out by
    Kenji, Angie, and Wolf for a little revenge.  The first race is a Canyon
    Sprint.  Just be aware of where everyone is, especially Wolf as the race goes
    on, because he will be fast enough in his Lamborghini to take you down if
    you're not careful.  Make sure to maintain as much speed as possible around
    sharp corners, but not so much as to wreck yourself and destroy all hopes of
    These three aren't done yet after beating them in the Canyon.  You'll then be
    sent into a sprint race through Downtown, Fortuna, Kempton, and then a finish
    in Silverton.  This is a very long course, and each of your opponents has their
    own style of driving the course.  Wolf takes all the shortcuts, Kenji drives as
    perfectly around corners as possible, and Angie just runs as hard as she can
    all of the time.  All I can say is practice.
    Now, after beating these three, you finally get to take on Darius.  Notice his
    familiar car.  It is an Audi LeMans Quattro, meaning it is an Exotic.  Darius
    is very fast in this circuit race, and usually letting him in front of you is
    an automatic loss, just because of his speed.  This took me a while to do, so
    just keep practicing, and if you're about to lose, restart the race.
    If you beat Darius on the track, there's just one more score to settle.  The
    last Canyon Duel is up, against Darius, and I'm warning you that he's very
    fast.  However, he's not unbeatable.  The only way that I beat him was by
    passing him in the first corner and holding on for ten seconds.  In your Muscle
    Car, you can easily out-accelerate Darius's Exotic, but holding him off for ten
    seconds is another story.  It took me many tries to do.  Just be prepared to
    hang on.
    Congratulations on beating Career mode if you got this far.  You now have
    access to five new cars (none of which are Muscle), including the Audi that
    Darius drove.  But, if you're like me and haven't beaten every race yet, then
    you'll see that the formerly pestilent minor crews have invaded those races you
    didn't beat.  So next is a section on all of them.
    5e.  During and After Career Mode (Minor Crews)
    Okay, now there are six minor crews, but chances are you'll only see five of
    them as a Muscle driver.  That will be explained in a minute.  Anyway, each
    subsequent paragraph will cover a minor crew.
    Starting with Los Colibres, these guys use Muscle Cars, but aren't all that
    tough to beat if you've put some good stuff into your car.  They're scattered
    all around the city and shouldn't be that hard to beat.
    The Scorpios, using Tuners, are mostly in Downtown and Kempton.  They're not
    all that tough, though, and a good Muscle will easily run them over.
    The group Inferno, with their Muscle Cars, are a little better than Los
    Colibres.  If you're racing a Tier 3 car, be ready, because they might pull out
    a Chevrolet Corvette Z06! They're fast and one of the tougher groups to race
    against for a minor crew.
    The Black Hearts and their Exotics are easily annihilated by Muscles.  Use your
    acceleration to trump their speed.
    Rotor 4's Tuners are better than the Scorpios, but they're still creampuffs.
    Just be ready, because they drive with that same flawless style that Kenji
    mastered with Bushido.
    Lastly is the group you will never race, by the name of the Kings.  They start
    with one territory in Downtown and are annihilated before you ever even get
    there.  I'm not sure what they use, because I haven't ever started with a Tuner
    6.  Muscle Car Index
    Let's start with the Tier 1's and work our way up.
    Chevrolet Camaro SS-This classic is a good solid Muscle Car worth driving.
    It's basically the foundation of a good solid Muscle and drives worthy of my
    recognition, besides being your starting car.  It works well for driving in
    Chrysler 300C-Okay, admittedly I haven't tried the 300C yet, but as a Tier 1,
    is it really worth it to spend extra money to get this when you have your
    Chevrolet Camaro already?  I would say not.  On the the technical side, the
    300C is a newer Muscle car with some decent stats.
    Now, on to the Tier 2's.
    Ford Mustang GT-It's such a shame that this car was made as weak as it was.
    The Mustang just doesn't live up to its namesake with the weakest stats of the
    Tier 2 cars.  Don't even consider getting this unless it's for sentimental
    Vauxhall Monaro-Like the Ford Mustang GT, I would pass on this car.  It's just
    not well built enough for playability.  It's not even American, so I wouldn't
    even call this a Muscle Car. This car is an Australian remake of the Pontiac
    Dodge Charger SRT8-Another modern Muscle Car, this really isn't bad at all.
    It's very driveable and the best handling of the Tier 2 Muscles.  But, in my
    opinion, there's something better...
    Dodge Charger R/T-This is the absolute best Tier 2 Muscle there is.  It has
    some serious acceleration and speed, though its handling could use some work.
    It's perfect for outrunning your opponents in Fortuna, and, with a little bit
    of skill, in Downtown Palmont as well.  Get it free from Angie if you can, as
    the cost is $80k.
    And, finally, the Tier 3's.
    Shelby GT500-Once again, this car sadly does not live up to its namesake.  It's
    such a shame that a great car like the Shelby GT500 is by far the worst Tier 3
    Muscle in the game, and maybe even the worst Tier 3 overall.  However, I do
    keep one in my "My Cars" list for sentimental reasons.
    Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda-This car, while it is a little better than the Shelby
    GT500, is still living a life of shame because of its weakness.  Another sad
    error on the part of EA and Need for Speed Carbon.
    Dodge Viper-Oh, god, this car rocks!  Its acceleration is top-of-the-line and
    not bad in the other departments.  Good one, indeed!
    Chevrolet Corvette Z06-This one is even better, in my opinion.  In fact, this
    is the car that I race with in Career mode.  For just a little bit less
    acceleration than the Dodge Viper, you get higher Top Speed and Handling,
    making this an actually somewhat steerable Muscle.
    Dodge Challenger Concept-I haven't tried this car yet, but I've seen it in
    action, and it is FAST!  I'll update this when I try it.
    Police Interceptor (Bonus)-This police Corvette, while being a reward for
    beating quite a few tough tasks, is pretty fun for the Quick Race mode.  It
    shows its abilities and is just plain fun to drive.
    Chevrolet Chevelle SS (Bonus)-Now, this is a car that defines fun when you
    drive it.  If you want to try it before you unlock it (which I haven't unlocked
    it yet), then get to the gold level cop smashing Challenge Event.  For tips on
    how to do it, see Section 7 of this guide.  Try it for yourself, as it's
    indescribable to drive.
    Other challenge series events will have you using cars like the Plymouth Road
    Runner that you normally can't drive in the game.
    Well, that about wraps up the cars...Hey, wait a minute.  Where's the Pontiac
    GTO?  Shame on you, EA, for leaving it out!  You can't forget the awesome
    Pontiac GTO, and not the one from Most Wanted, I mean the oldschool one.  Like
    the Shelby GT500, that car defines Muscle!
    7.  Playing Tag with the Cops in a Muscle Car
    Ah, yes, a section all about muscle cars and the cops.
    Cops are normally behind you, so be careful not to spin yourself out in the
    Muscle car or you may be spinning right into a Busted and a fine.
    Remember that Pursuit Breakers are your friend, but your car will slide, so
    factor that in if you're trying to hit difficult breakers in the middle of a
    turn or such.
    As you get to higher heat levels, cops will begin to use roadblocks and spike
    strips against you.  Use your speedbreaker and hit the cars in the back side to
    get an easy kill and maintain most of your speed.  "Tag" them with your car.
    More tips will be coming soon if I get emails asking for tips.
    8.  Frequently Asked Questions about Muscle Cars
    Q: So why should I drive a Muscle anyway?
    A: In my opinion, they're pretty fun to drive and something unique.  Besides,
    they're American cars, so there's that, too.
    Q: How do all the car classes stack up in stats against each other?
    A: I think it's quite a bit like this...
    		Exotic:		Tuner:			Muscle:
    Top Speed	1st			3rd			2nd
    Acceleration	3rd			2nd			1st
    Handling	2nd			1st			3rd
    Q: Are Muscles really that good?
    A: You'll have to discover for yourself, but I'm pretty sure you'll like it if
    you can control the steering.
    Q: Okay, what does T.F.K. stand for?
    A: First off, that has nothing to do with Muscle Cars.  Secondly, I'm not sure
    Q: Uh...I don't like Muscles after starting the game.  Can I change what I
    drive without changing my game progress?
    A:  Yes, just buy a new car that is Exotic or Tuner.  You'll still get all the
    Muscle rewards, though.
    Q: What if I started with Exotic or Tuner and want to go to Muscle?
    A: Just go buy a Muscle car.
    Q: Wow...is it really that easy?
    A: Yes, it is.
    9. Copyright Information
    This FAQ is copyright (2007) by BandGeekOfFW.  Do not try to steal this
    information and post it on another site without giving me credit for it.
    And that is all for today.

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