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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Axel7174

    Version: 2.10 | Updated: 02/23/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       ______                     __   ________         ______ 
      / ____/________ _____  ____/ /  /_  __/ /_  ___  / __/ /_
     / / __/ ___/ __ `/ __ \/ __  /    / / / __ \/ _ \/ /_/ __/
    / /_/ / /  / /_/ / / / / /_/ /    / / / / / /  __/ __/ /_  
    \____/_/   \__,_/_/ /_/\__,_/    /_/ /_/ /_/\___/_/  \__/  
        ___         __           _____    __
       /   | __  __/ /_____     /  _/ |  / /
      / /| |/ / / / __/ __ \    / / | | / / 
     / ___ / /_/ / /_/ /_/ /  _/ /  | |/ /  
    /_/  |_\__,_/\__/\____/  /___/  |___/   
    | Grand Theft Auto IV Guide  |
    | Created by: Axel7174       |
    | FAQ and Walkthrough        |
    | Copyright 2008 Ryne Gardner|
    Version History
    Version .70 - 5/6/08 - 5/20/08
    --Guide Started. Walkthrough up to Undertaker mission done plus extras.
    Version .80 - 5/22/08
    --More missions added, up to Dining Out. I decided to remove the big choice
    questions from the FAQ since they had spoilers, even though I warned readers
    of them. I just felt it wasn't a good idea. Fixed a few errors here and there,
    etc. More to come soon. 
    Version .85 - 5/24/08
    --Added more missions to the walkthrough, up to Trespass. Added another FAQ
    question, and updated some sections a little. Somewhat of a small update I 
    guess. I was busy celebrating my liberation after finally completing my 4th 
    semester of college so I was only able to add a little bit. Chances are I'll 
    add more but both this update and the next one probably won't be added til
    after the holiday is my guess.
    Happy Memorial Day everyone!
    Version .95 - 5/26/08
    --This was supposed to be the first completed update, but I wasn't totally
    ready and I have some stuff to do so I can't get around to it. The finished
    walkthrough will be done next time. For now the walkthrough goes up to A Dish
    Served Cold, the first mission of the Revenge Branch. The rest as well as the
    walkthrough for the other branch will be added later. Also, I added three more
    Assassin Missions.
    Version 1.00 - 5/27/08
    --Big update this time, and the first completed version of the walkthrough!
    This means that I'll be accepting reader submissions now (for most things, but
    not everything as I'm still in the process of adding extra info). It feels good
    to be done with the walkthrough, but more is on the way.
    That said, here's what is new:
    -All Story missions done
    -All Assassin Missions done
    -All Random Characters covered in walkthrough
    -Sumbission section edited
    -More FAQ questions added
    -Other fixes, additions, edits, etc.
    Version 1.10 - 5/28/08
    --Small update. I'm still working on more sections that haven't been added yet,
    but I'm looking to be a bit busy with various things. I added the Random
    Character section for all the info in one spot, another FAQ question, and the
    usual little edits and fixes. 
    Version 1.30 - 5/29/08
    --Ok, let me be frank. I'm being a little swamped now, so the next update might
    not come for a couple of days. I'd like to avoid divulging the personal details
    but it's rather important. Just don't expect an update tomorrow, and maybe not
    the day after. It will come though, don't worry. Just hold tight. One other 
    distraction you can thank my friend for. He just beat Assassin's Creed for the
    first time and now thanks to him, I want to play through it again.
    Here's what's new:
    -Updated info
    -Finally added the Advanced Tips section 
    -Added Easter Eggs
    -Two new FAQ questions added
    -Most Wanted section started; Alderney Most Wanted complete
    -Other fixes
    Version 1.35 - 6/01/08
    --Alright, I managed to squeeze in a small update. I'm gonna be out tomorrow
    and most likely will be unable to do another update until Wednesday at the
    earliest. Added two reader submissions, plus I started the Broker/Dukes/Bohan
    Most Wanted.
    Version 1.50 - 6/07/08
    --Well, after a long and very exhausting week, I'm finally up to doing another
    update. With the clock counting down to the release of Metal Gear Solid 4, I'm
    aiming to fill all the missing gaps in the guide and continue to improve it.
    My e-mail inbox is also being flooded now. I just figured I would say that I
    may forget to respond to an e-mail right away so please understand. 
    Here's what's new today:
    -Finished Most Wanted section
    -Added an announcement to Flying Rats section
    -Added several new submissions
    -Changed some info for the final missions
    -Started Stevie's Cars section
    Version 1.60 - 6/10/08
    --I tried to add more but got a little sidetracked, hanging out with friends
    that I hadn't seen since highschool. I updated Stevie's Cars, as well as added
    some more submissions. I'm looking to add more, but this Thursday I'm going to
    a show to see a band named Catherine. Going to shows and seeing bands is just
    part of my year, every year. MGS4 also comes out tomorrow night so I'm going 
    to make sure I've updated the guide at least once more before then, then 
    updates will be a little more sparce after that. 
    Version 1.65 - 6/15/08
    --Well, I got good news and bad news, and worse news. The good news is that I
    added more reader submissions, and I'm still going to add more sections in the
    future. The bad news is that due to several factors (one of them being that I
    can't find a blank map to use), I will not be doing the Flying Rats section, so
    it will be shut down for now. It may still be done, but don't count on it. If
    you have a map, e-mail me and we can talk business. Also, I intended to include
    the Stunt Jumps section at a much later date, but I'm not even sure that will
    be included anymore. I still plan to work on the Vigilante section though. The
    worse news is that I'm in a really tight spot in my life right now. I don't
    want to sound overdramatic, but it's bad. I can't say when a new update will
    come and also if you e-mail me, do not be surprised at all if I don't answer
    for a few days. I'm sorry, but that's just how it is right now. 
    Version 1.70 - 6/25/08
    --Took me longer than I wanted to update, and all I have now are several new
    submissions. I had a lot of stuff to do the past week, plus I've been working
    on a new walkthrough. This was a bit overdue to say the least. I'm still hoping
    to add some of those last sections after I finish this other walkthrough, and
    I might be able to get the Flying Rats section up with some help from a reader,
    but nothing is guaranteed yet. Most of the submissions are more strategies, but
    CH1156 gave me something very nice to add to the Easter Eggs section. Also, if
    you're curious, the new walkthrough should be up soon.
    Version 1.75 - 7/11/08
    --Oh good Lord. I think I'm going to lose my sanity soon. Nah, just kidding. It
    has been a stressful few weeks with work, family, and the new guide I just made
    but, that's not really the entire excuse. I did have opportunities to update
    this so some of it is laziness and I apologize. I still regret to say that I
    have not made any more official updates and this is merely a ton of submissions
    and that I'm still working on trying to get more added. 
    Version 1.85 - 8/8/08
    --I made a few small additions. Added several new FAQ questions, added another
    tip, and some other information as well as a few submissions. Most importantly,
    I added information on Vigilante Missions. It's kinda where I wanted this guide
    to be now, but I'm still looking to add the final touches some time in the 
    future and wrap it with a nice pretty "Final" bow. Just in time too, 
    because--need I say it?--school is just around the corner (ugh), and I'm in for
    another semester of college. I hate how fast this summer flew by. Bleh. 
    Version 1.90 - 9/04/08
    --Again, small update. I really wanted to do more, but now I have college to
    juggle along with everything else in my life. Thankfully for once, I don't hate
    all of my classes, just one maybe. In any case, I changed some info, including
    adding a little bit on "Lolipop Girl" and why you should NEVER e-mail me about
    her. I added a couple tips and one more FAQ question and that about does it for 
    now. Soon, soon...
    Version 1.95 - 10/31/08
    --Well, it's been a while. I decided to make an update for the recent addition
    of Trophies for the PS3 version by making a Trophies/Achievements section. Not
    much but a list and a few tips for a few of the Trophies. They are of course,
    applicable to both the PS3 and 360 versions. I'm also considering finally
    making one of the bigger additions I had to hold back on due to lack of time
    and resources. Time will tell though. As for me, I'm just coming off a lot of
    school work, midterms, a show that I went to last Sunday to see Saosin, The
    Devil Wears Prada, and Underoath. Amazing show and I punched some dude in the
    kidney so it was a nice time. More to come when my ears stop ringing. Oh, and
    there's a holiday on today!
    Happy Halloween folks!
    Version 2.00 - 11/9/08
    --Not much this time around. I've made a lot of corrections and additions,
    including updating the info on Stevie's Cars so it's a bit more... specific. 
    There's also numerous other fixes and stuff. Several new tips and such have
    been added. Not much else to say really. A big update is potentially looming,
    can you guess what it is?
    Version 2.05 - 12/15/08
    --Small update, but way overdue. Had a lot of tips and things piling up so I'm
    sorry I wasn't able to add them after so long. I was extremely busy with 
    classes, plus there was Thanksgiving and then something happened in my family
    so I was really preoccupied for a while. Nevertheless, this update doesn't
    bring anything new except a few tips. Also keep in mind, I might start
    accepting a lot less from now on. Nothing personal, but it's getting to that
    point soon. As for those previously hinted "major" updates, I was making
    steady progress... and then I got re-addicted to COD4. Damn me. Well, the good
    news is that I'm almost done with my fall semester (only three more finals to
    go!) so I should have more time.
    Version 2.10 - 2/23/09
    --Bah. All I can say is I had a lot of plans but most of them were washed away.
    I wanted to make more additions to this guide, really "big" ones in fact, if
    you catch my drift, but it'll have to wait a long time if ever. Also, I got a
    lot of e-mails for tips and I have now added them, but it came after a long,
    long time. I apologize profusely for that. I did have a lot going on, 
    especially now that I'm back in college for yet another semester (hoorah....)
    but that's no excuse. Sorry for the delay. In any case, not much has changed
    besides that. 
                     |        _____     _    _            __       |  
                     |       |_   _|_ _| |__| |___   ___ / _|      |
                     |         | |/ _` | '_ \ / -_) / _ \  _|      |
                     |         |_|\__,_|_.__/_\___| \___/_|        |
                     |                                             | 
                     |         ___         _           _           |
                     |        / __|___ _ _| |_ ___ _ _| |_ ___     |
                     |       | (__/ _ \ ' \  _/ -_) ' \  _(_-<     |  
                     |        \___\___/_||_\__\___|_||_\__/__/     |
                     |                                             |
    If you need to jump somewhere quick, please make use of the ctrl+f function of
    most browsers. Use the various codes below to quickjump to a section. It is also
    useful for finding information relevant to user queries. Also, before asking a
    question, please refer to the FAQ section near the end of the guide, first. 
    1. Introduction.......................................... (intr)   
     * About the Author...................................... (abta)
     * About Grand Theft Auto................................ (abgta)
    2. The Basics............................................ (bscs)
     * Control Schemes....................................... (cntrls)
     * Controlling Niko...................................... (ctrlnk)
     * Car/Motorcycle/Boat Controls.......................... (carctrl)
     * Helicopter Controls................................... (helctrl)
     * Cell Phone............................................ (celph)
     * Friends/Dating/Places to Go........................... (frnslc)
     * Other Services........................................ (otsrv)
     * From Point A to Point B............................... (navgo)
     * Advanced Tips......................................... (advtp)
    3. Weapons............................................... (Wepns)
    4. Walkthrough........................................... (wlkth)
     * Using This Guide...................................... (iminf)
     * Mission Table......................................... (msta)
     * The Walkthrough....................................... (wlkin)
    5. Extras................................................ (exst)
     * Trophies/Achievements................................. (trph)
     * Random Characters..................................... (rndch)
     * Assassin Missions..................................... (As00) 
     * Stevie's Cars......................................... (St00)
     * Jacob's Delivery Missions............................. (Jd00)
     * Brucie's Car Missions................................. (Bc00)
     * Vigilante Missions.................................... (Vi00)
     * Most Wanted Missions.................................. (Mw00)
     * Hanging Out/Dating.................................... (hngot)
    6. Secrets............................................... (shhh)
     * Stunt Jumps........................................... (stnjm)
     * Easter Eggs........................................... (estg)
     * Cheats................................................ (chts)
    7. Miscellaneous......................................... (misc)
     * Frequently Asked Questions............................ (fak4rl)
     * Credit/Special Thanks
     * Contact Info
     * Reader Submissions
     * Legal Jargon
    |       INTRODUCTION       |
    |          (intr)          |
    Well, here we go. From here, we have a lot of introductory info for easing
    you into this guide and the game as well. The walkthrough is even further
    down (use the quickjumps if necessary). Second, if you want to e-mail me,
    PLEASE read the info first in the Misc section. PLEASE read that first. 
    About the Author (abta)
    Well, what can I say? I have always been interested in making guides. After a
    few failed attempts at it, I finally published my Devil May Cry 4 guide several
    weeks ago. I hinted at the end of that guide that I would definitely consider
    doing another one in the future. Wouldn't you know it that it would be GTAIV?
    Outside of gaming, all I can say about myself is I'm a resident New Yorker,
    born and living on Long Island, but I do go to NYC for college. So on that note
    I guess sometimes I find myself drawing parallels to NY and Liberty City. I'm a
    big fan of the Yankees and other than that just a nice person. If anyone
    actually cared, I'd probably put my biography down, haha. 
    About Grand Theft Auto (abgta)
    Rockstar's money cow, the wonderfully entertaining GTA series has finally
    conceived its latest installment. Grand Theft Auto. The very name makes
    politicians itchy, mothers cry, and gamers shake with anticipation. The only
    thing I can say about Grand Theft Auto is that it is thoroughly entertaining. 
    If adults have huge issues with the game they should just not let their kids
    buy it, instead of pointing fingers at the creators.
    |          Basics          |
    |          (bscs)          |
    Control Schemes (cntrls)
    Well, before we begin it is important to go over the two control schemes in the
    game. There's the new Standard Controls and also Classic Controls. Now, I've
    seen how many people have whined incessantly like babies about the new controls
    being unfamiliar. Well then, make them familiar. Do yourself a favor and pick
    the Standard Control scheme. Not only is it more advantageous than the Classic
    scheme, this guide will only follow the Standard controls. I couldn't get the
    hang of it either for about an hour or two. After that, it was second nature.
    Controlling Niko (ctrlnk)
    Even with the new Standard Controls, the most basic of all controls, that of
    controlling your character, have not changed much. We'll go through all of the
    controls for your new protaganist, Niko. I've arranged them in two categories,
    non-combat and combat. These are not two separate control schemes that are
    selectable or that alternate in different situations. They're intermingled.
    It's just that depending on what you're doing, the button will have a different
    effect, so I decided to organize them this way. For example, I list Square as
    jump in Non-Combat controls. It's in combat controls for kicking in melee
    combat. That does not mean that in the middle of a gunfight, you can't jump. 
    Keep that in  mind. 
    Non-Combat Controls
    L1: Pick up object/Stand up/Hail cab/Other*     R1: Enter/exit cover
    L2: Lock on                                     R2: n/a
    L3: Enter/exit crouch                           R3: Look behind
    X: Run (hold)/Sprint (tap)/Answer phone/        Square: Jump/Climb
    Confirm (phone)/Climb faster (ladder)           Triangle: Enter or exit car/
    Circle: Back (phone)/Hang up (phone)            climb ladder**
    D-Pad Up: Bring Up Phone Menu***                D-Pad Right: Next weapon
    D-Pad Down: Skip phone call/Put away cell       D-Pad Left: Previous weapon
    Left Analog Stick: Movement                     Right Analog Stick: Camera
    Start: Pause menu with map                      Select: Cycle camera
    *There are a few situations where you'll be sitting down. Pressing L1 will get
    you to stand up. Also, there are a few other uses for L1 that will come up
    during the course of the game. They will be displayed to you via in game
    **When exiting a car, hold triangle to turn off the engine. When hailing a cab,
    hold triangle to get in as a passenger. Otherwise you will jack the taxi as
    ***Press the D-Pad up twice to bring up the keypad. You can use this to dial
    numbers for various effects. 
    Combat Controls
    L1: Various                                  R1: Enter/exit cover
    L2: Lock on                                  R2: Fire/throw weapon
    L3: Enter/exit crouch                        R3: Zoom aim (targeting)
    X: Block/Dodge (melee)                       Square: Kick (melee)
    Circle: Reload/Punch (melee)                 Triangle: Alt. Punch (melee)
    D-Pad Right: Next weapon                     D-Pad Left: Previous weapon
    Left Analog Stick: Movement                  Right Analog Stick: Change target
    *****ABOUT MELEE COMBAT*****
    It may seem like Melee combat makes the control scheme a little confusing. It's
    not really that confounding though. Basically it's as simple as knowing when
    you're in melee mode or not. This is easy because to enter/exit it, it takes 
    the press of a simple button. L2. When you don't have a weapon equipped, 
    holding L2 to target someone officially puts you in melee mode. Here your 
    controls are changed. Keep this in mind. 
    In melee combat, you can punch with both Circle and Triangle. You can hold X to
    block and Square is a kick. As you progress forward slightly through the story,
    you learn a few more tricks. One is countering. If you can time it correctly,
    pressing X when an opponent attacks will allow you do dodge. After this, follow
    up with either Circle or Triangle. You can counter your opponent's attack
    swiftly for added damage. Eventually, as the story progresses even more, melee
    combat becomes less important when you acquire firearms. Still, when you're
    just looking to mess around, it's fun.
    Car/Motorcycle/Boat Controls (carctrl)
    These are the basic controls when in a vehicle. Almost all the controls are
    applicable to cars, motorcycles, and boats. There are just a few minute
    differences depending on which you're operating. For example, when in a boat,
    holding square will not do anything for headlights, that's for cars/bikes only.
    L1: Break window/fire weapon                 R1: Handbrake
    L2: Brake/reverse                            R2: Accelerate
    L3: Horn/Slow motion*                        R3: Look behind
    X: Answer phone/Confirm (phone)              Square: Headlights (hold)/Switch
    Circle: Cinematic camera/Back (phone)        weapon
    D-Pad Up: Bring up phone                     Triangle: Enter/exit vehicle
    D-Pad Down: Put phone away                   D-Pad Right: Next radio station
    Left Analog Stick: Steer                     D-Pad Left: Previous radio station
    Start: Pause                                 Right Analog Stick: Camera
                                                 Select: Cycle camera
    *To activate slow mo, you need to be holding circle to activate cinematic view.
    Hit L3 and you'll enter a state of slow motion. Cool for getting a sleek look
    at what's going on, or to just slow things down when driving.
    Helicopter Controls (helctrl)
    Helicopter controls are different from standard vehicle controls for obvious
    reasons. Also, you can't fire weapons when in a helicopter. 
    L1: Swing left                         R1: Swing right
    L2: Descend                            R2: Ascend
    L3: n/a                                R3: Look behind
    X: Answer phone/Confirm (phone)        Square: Miniguns (Annihilator only)
    Circle: Cinematic view                 Triangle: Enter/exit
    D-Pad Up: Bring up phone               D-Pad Right: Next radio station
    D-Pad Down: Put phone away             D-Pad Left: Previous radio station
    Left Analog Stick: Steer/Bank          Right Analog Stick: Camera
    Start: Pause                           Select: Cycle camera
    Cell Phone
    Your phone is an integral instrument for communication, and in this business,
    that inevitably makes it a tool for your success. At any time, you can bring up
    your phone with Up on the D-Pad. You have a few menus here. 
    Six-Axis Tutorial
    First is the Phonebook. This is where your contacts are stored. They will be 
    automatically added as you meet people and they give you their numbers or 
    numbers of their friends. When you scroll through contacts in the Phonebook, 
    you can hit X to call them. Eventually, as you progress through the game and 
    start earning more progress with your friends, you will unlock extra functions. 
    Instead of just calling friends, you can choose to call them with a proposition
    to do a particular activity. An example would be "Bowling". You pick your 
    contact's name in the Phonebook. A list of activities comes up. If you want to 
    call your friend to go bowling, you would select "Bowling" from the list. 
    Next is Messages. This is where you can check your text messages in game. You
    can only receive and read them, you can't send any. Text messages are ways for
    contacts to pass on information to you. Sometimes there will be just personal
    feelings on something. Other times it will contain important information about
    a meeting or something. Some friends may also text you to tell them they'd like
    to hang out soon. This is a reminder that if you don't hang out with them, they
    will get a little upset. More on that a little later. You can tell you have a
    text message by the little icon that appears toward the bottom left of the
    screen that looks like an envelope. 
    Below Messages is Organizer. This part doesn't have much relevance until later.
    When you set up certain meetings with dates or with certain important contacts,
    it will be added to your organizer. There will be reminders given 2 hours and 1
    hour before your appointments. You can't add appointments to this section 
    Next is the Camera, but you won't have this feature until you get your second
    phone. It is nonexistent on the first one you receive. With this feature, you
    enter camera mode and you can snap photos, just like on a real picture phone.
    You do this on certain missions to send them to contacts so they can look at
    them. You can't send pictures freely, it only works with contacts relevant to
    the mission where using it is a must. It's done by snapping the photo and then
    pressing X which will send it to the relevant person automatically.
    Multiplayer is next. This option will let you drop what you're doing in the
    singleplayer game and enter the multiplayer. Important to note that when you
    select this option, you are reminded that entering multiplayer will abandon
    any progress you've made since your last save. You may get friend invites from
    your PSN buddies to play. If you've been harvesting good hours into the game
    and haven't saved in a while, you may want to do so before joining them. Also
    note that if you view your invite but don't select to join, it disappears. From
    the multiplayer menu on the phone, you can select a variety of options which
    include joining games or creating one of your own with different modes. 
    Options is below Multiplayer. This has your phone settings, much like an actual
    cell phone. You can select to put your phone on the ring setting of your choice
    which includes vibration. There's really only one time that I know of in the
    game where changing this setting becomes relevant. I'll note it in the
    walkthrough but for now, you should keep it on ring. You can also change your
    ringtone. You have a small selection of various sounds. Pick one that you like.
    Note that you can purchase more later with in game money. You also have the
    option to turn off the sound effect the phone makes when pressing buttons, that
    beeping sound. I prefer to have this on, personally but it's up to you. Lastly,
    there is Sleep Mode. You can turn this on and if you choose to do so, you will
    not receive any calls or messages that would advance the plot. This gives you
    the freedom to do other things. 
    Cheats are opened when you decide to input one into your keypad. Once you dial
    a cheat and call the number for the first time, the Cheat menu will be added. 
    After that, your cheats are stored in this menu for quick use. No more dialing
    after that. Nice. 
    One important thing to note about your phone is how vital it is for receiving
    mission information. You will often talk on your phone while on foot. There is
    a risk of losing your call in this situation. It can happen by being on a ledge
    and falling off, even if it's just a short drop. Also, cars hitting you will
    cause your call to be dropped. God, what is this, the Sprint network? Whoops.
    Anyways, usually you can get that info back by calling the person back, if it
    wasn't already displayed on your radar. 
    Friends/Dating/Places to Go
    A big part of the game is hanging out with your in game friends and building
    good relations with them, as well as taking out girlfriends on dates. This part
    of the game is completely optional and in no way becomes obligatory. Ignoring
    it will prevent 100% completion however. Besides, it reaps some good rewards
    for assisting you in the game. Each friend has a special ability that you can
    call them for. It ranges from a free ride, to discounted weapons, to a posse
    that will back you up. More details on that in the Extra section (hngot). As
    far as I know, only five women can be dateable, one of which isn't long term. 
    Two of the other women will also give you special abilities to use at certain
    times to assist you, should you choose to build up to them. 
    The one detraction about this aspect is how distracting it can become. 
    Especially as you gain more friends, managing them can become tricky and can 
    easily keep you from the main missions for a while. Your friends will usually 
    notify you when they want to be taken out, and ignoring them too long will 
    cause their progress with you to decrease. This will in turn take away their
    special ability with enough of a drop. Getting it back will require even more
    work than it did the first time. So you can see, the problem becomes that
    friend A sends you a text to hang out, and you get done taking him out. After
    that, you drive back to your next mission, just to get a phone call from friend
    D who also wants to hang out. You could decline but it could cause the progress
    to decrease. If you're in the middle of a mission it becomes easier. Niko has a
    valid excuse. You can also agree to hang out with a friend, then call them back
    to cancel. This will usually prevent a decrease for you. 
    When it comes to taking friends/dates out, you have a variety of options at
    your disposal. We'll go more into what is best later in the Extras section. For
    now, I'll just list each activity and a brief description.
    Restaurants: Pretty simple. You go out with your friend to eat. There's various
    types, including diners and the two fast food places, Burger Shot and Cluckin'
    Bell. Going here will restore Niko's health. 
    Clubs: Go here to see a live performance. The quality of the performance is at
    the beginning of the game, quite poor. As you reach new areas, you can actually
    go to clubs that feature performances by real comedians like Katt Williams and
    Ricky Gervais. Definitely entertaining to say the least.
    Bowling: If you choose to go here, you can play the bowling minigame against
    your friend, controlled by the computer. It's fun and pretty easy. 
    Pool: Pool is only available at bars, so it's important to note that if you
    choose to go drinking with a friend, you can't shoot pool normally, as you will
    only have access to the drinking part. Playing pool is noticeably more
    difficult than bowling. It's still not extremely hard to defeat the computer
    Darts: Like pool, Darts is at the bar. I find darts to be the most fun out of
    the three minigames. Perhaps the easiest of the three as well.
    Drinking: If you go to a bar, you can get drunk with your friend/date. In an
    inebriated state, Niko will have difficulty walking. This is an entertaining
    choice because of the challenge in walking and then even driving if you choose
    to do so. Set a great example for the kids by getting behind the wheel. The
    bad part is that if you drive past any police they'll come after you. The other
    entertaining part of drinking is the dialogue. Depending on whom you take out to
    throw some down, you can get some interesting insight by what they say. A few
    friends can get angry easily, or will divulge secrets to you. One friend will
    actually tell Niko to shoot him! Don't do it though, of course.
    Strip Clubs: It may be a game, but even I'll admit the Strip Club is a nice
    feature. Go to the Strip Club with your male friends and even one of your
    girlfriends to see the girls in all their glory. Niko can pay for dances. There
    are only two Strip Clubs in the game, one in Bohan, and one in Alderney. It's
    interesting to note that in each club, the girls dance differently.
    Other Services (otsrv)
    There's a few other places you can go around the city. These are places you
    would go to by yourself for a certain service. 
    Pay n' Spray: A staple since GTA III, the Pay n' Spray serves it trademark
    purpose of changing your car's look so you can avoid the po-po. You probably
    won't use it as much as you would have in previous titles however, with the
    new police chase system. 
    Car Wash: A somewhat irrelevant service. You're required to go here once during
    the game. You can get any dirt washed off your car. As far as I know, dirt
    accumulates slowly on your car depending on the terrain you drive in and also
    when you leave it parked over time. Depending on your TV, it can be barely
    noticeable though. I'd only recommend going here if you have a really nice car
    that you want to save and take care of. 
    Clothes Shop: A returning feature from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, you can
    purchase various articles of clothing from stores to put on Niko. There's not
    quite as many choices as in the previous installment, but it's satisfying
    enough. There's a few different stores and each specializes in certain types of
    Internet Cafe: Cleverly named Tw@, the internet cafe will be introduced to you
    early. It is the main source of access you have to the game's internet. Going 
    on the computer becomes an integral part of completing the game and doing a lot
    of extra activities. You can surf the web and explore dozens of websites, find
    potential dates, and check your e-mail. The one in Broker is my personal
    favorite. The woman there, Alejandra becomes quite friendly with our man Niko.
    The other guy who mysteriously works at the other cafes is a bit annoying. He
    complains about you not leaving a tip (obviously just dialogue since you can't
    leave one). I eventually shot the guy for it though. Besides the cafe, other
    places you can access the internet from include Playboy's loft, the security 
    desk in that building (thanks to severe). 
    From Point A to Point B (navgo)
    Getting around is basically the meat of this game. You go to a certain place to
    meet people who give you missions, then to another location to start the 
    mission, and usually end up driving somewhere else when you finish it. Travel 
    is a huge part of the game. Cars will be your most often used mode of 
    transport. In the bottom left-hand corner, you can see the radar. This will show
    you your location and where the icons representing certain locations or people
    are. Often times, the radar will show you a route to take with a colored line.
    Driving this route will get you where you need to go. This form of navigation 
    follows the law however. It does not take into account driving into alleys, 
    across medians or into oncoming traffic. While realistic, it is not efficient.
    It will help you locate your target, but when you're in certain situations like
    in a chase, it will be in your best interest to find a quicker route. You can 
    also press start to see the full map, and press X to mark waypoints. This will
    create a route as well.
    One other thing worth mentioning is taking cabs. The taxi's are more advanced
    this time around. You can go basically anywhere as long as you can reach that
    place normally. It costs money though obviously. There's two reasons you should
    take cabs later on in the game. First is that early in the game, you have
    access to a small area, Broker and Dukes, then Bohan. You can drive anywhere
    in these areas with little time passed. However, when you begin to progress
    even farther and unlock more areas, taking a cab will save you time. You will
    also have much more money by this time, so it's a good choice. You may have
    a mission contact in point X. You drive there to meet him and start your
    mission. The mission forces you to drive all the way back to point C though.
    When you're done, your contact has another mission for you. Instead of driving
    all the way back, you can take a cab to get there quickly.
    ADVANCED TIPS (advtp)
    Here is a list of numerous extra information. They're not all necessarily 
    "advanced". These tips cater to many facets and types of players, from common
    knowledge tips, to lesser known ones, fitting newcomers and vets alike. 
    o--Driving/Racing Tips--o
    1. Slowing down before making turns is fundamental to mastering the new
    driving mechanics in this game.
    2. Ease up on the gas when skidding, as opposed to trying to drastically turn
    the vehicle to stop the skidding. You should find it a bit easier to regain
    3. When getting on any motorcycle, if you don't hit the gas for a few seconds,
    you'll secure a helmet which will reduce damage when thrown off. 
    4. Learning to properly use the handbrake is its own reward
    5. When dealing with toll booths, sometimes you can avoid the toll by pushing
    another car through (thanks to hiredgun45 for this).
    6. Alternatively, sometimes you can go to the far edge of the last booth (again
    thanks to hiredgun45 for this) you might be able to get by without paying by
    driving as soon as you see Niko's hand extend.
    7. To repair a car besides going to a Pay n' Spray, you can park it at a
    safehouse, go inside and save your game. Reload your save from that point and
    the car will be fixed. 
    8. You can get around paying tolls if you are on a bike. The toll is split into
    two booth "sections" for forward and oncoming. They are separated by a small
    gap that you can barely fit through with a bike. Drive in the middle and go
    through this gap to avoid the toll (thanks to paulp1988 for this). 
    9. When under the influence, you may find it a bit easier to handle a bike
    than a car (thanks to Johnno for this). 
    10. The health cheat still does wonders for cars. Input the cheat when driving
    around in a wrecked car and it will patch it right up. (thanks to Johnno for
    1. Use blind fire when taking cover near enemies that are really close. It
    will keep you protected.
    2. Let Grenades cook in your hand for a few seconds by holding onto the R2
    button. Enemies may often get out of the way when they see the grenade so if
    you time it right, you can make it exlpode before they have a chance to react.
    3. When enemies rush you and get really close, using R2 will let you hit them
    with the butt of your gun. This will stun them for a very brief moment,
    allowing you to finish them off.
    4. The RPG can be used in blind fire.
    5. When entering an area heavily populated by enemies, consider using the
    Sniper Rifle to thin the numbers.
    6. If enemies are using cover very well, making it difficult to get a shot,
    use a grenade. It's worth watching the bodies go flying across a room. 
    7. Remember the roll technique, by holding L2 and pressing Square along with a
    direction on the Left Analog Stick. This move is underrated. 
    8. Pay attention to the radar in correlation to your enemies. Solid red dots
    mean they're on the same level as you. Red dots with an up arrow mean they're
    above you, while down arrows indicate your enemies are below you.
    1. For many missions, there's more than one way to accomplish your goal.
    2. This is especially true for later missions, but coming prepared with body
    armor will help a lot.
    3. Always be on the look out during the missions in which big gunfights are
    involved; there are often first-aid kits or body armor tucked away somewhere.
    4. If darkness becomes an issue at night, consider changing your brightness
    and contrast settings.
    5. When evading police, especially under higher wanted levels, the use of 
    alleys can help you find shortcuts. 
    I might add more to this at a later time, but for now all of this comes from a
    man simply known as t. It's all him here.
    1. POOL
    -Don't overthink the Pool game.  90% of the time, the computer will default 
    Niko's aim to a very good shot.  For an easy Pool win, forget about aiming and
    take what the computer gives you.  Any shot the computer gives you is possible
    to sink, if you use the correct force, and you can set yourself up for the next
    shot by using the correct 'english'. 
    -Force is controlled by the right analog stick and pretty much 
    self-explanatory. The only tip here is to use only as much as you need, and not
    more. Which is probably the first thing a newbie pool player in real life needs
    to learn.
    -'English' is controlled by your aiming point on the cue ball and is controlled
    by the right analog stick while in POV aiming mode. Aim high, and the cue ball
    will tend to 'follow' the target ball upon impact.  Aim low, and the cue ball 
    will tend to 'bounce back' upon impact.
    -Anyways, my advice to anyone having trouble with the pool game is to let the 
    computer handle the aiming for Nico, and focus on the force (to correctly 
    pocket the ball) and the english (to set up the best situation for the next 
    shot). A really masterful real-life pool player and gamer can probably do even
    better, but for the most of us this is the path to easy pool wins.
    Thank you t.
    These first two were submitted by fatalyta 
    -"You can park any helicopter you've found in the yellow car-parking space 
    outside of the safehouses.  Even if you can plonk it roughly within the yellow
    square, when you return to that safehouse later it will have lined itself up 
    beautifully out of the way of passing cars - plus it will have healed any 
    damage it took during the tricky descent."
    -"Unfortunately you cannot impress girlfriends by turning up at their house to 
    pick them up in a flash 'copter. In fact, if you try to pick up anyone using 
    a heli it will miraculously disappear on landing. Shame!"
    -Easy cash. Steal a Securicar and park it at your safehouse. You might be lucky
    to see them driving around. 
    -More easy cash. Perhaps the best way to earn extra money is Stevie's car
    thefts. They do pay off well but the main investment is after you're done with
    them. After that, he'll accept any of the 30 cars again as many times as you
    want. Cars like the Turismo, Comet, and the Infernus pay off very well. 
    -Getting those cars? Well you can find a Turismo and sometimes a Super GT at
    the Grotti car dealership across from Perseus in Middle Park, Algonquin (thanks
    to Sotiris for this). 
    -Robbing Tw@'s. As perverse as that sounds, you can go around and open the
    register and pilfer the dough for yourself (thanks to Johnno for this). 
    -You can also rob Modo stores (again, Johnno). 
    |          Weapons         |
    |          (Wepns)         |
    Although the number of weapons has decreased since the last installment, they
    still are as fun as ever. As usual, you will only start out with your fists,
    but it won't take long before you have your hands on a knife, a bat, a pistol,
    and even an M4. Each gun has its own strengths and weaknesses. We'll go over
    that here and also I will strive to present when each gun becomes available.
    Basically we have guns, melee weapons, and explosives. 
    Here's a list of all the weapons, when they're available and how much they
    cost at the weapon shop. Note the prices reflect how much it costs to buy the
    weapon itself, not ammo. I may put in ammo prices later. Keep in mind, this is
    NOT a list of the earliest time you can get the weapons, it is merely a list of
    when they show up in the Weapon shop. 
    Pistol - Available: Beat Do You Have Protection?
    Cost: $600
    Combat Pistol - Available: Beat Museum Piece
    Cost: $1500
    Pump Shotgun - Available: Beat Do You Have Protection?
    Cost: $1200
    Combat Shotgun - Available: Beat Blow Your Cover
    Cost: $2500
    Micro-SMG - Available: Beat Do You Have Protection?
    Cost: $1200
    SMG - Available: Beat Luck of the Irish
    Cost: $2500
    Assault Rifle - Available: Beat Deconstruction For Beginners
    Cost: $3500
    Carbine Rifle - Available: Beat Three Leaf Clover
    Cost: $5000
    Sniper Rifle - Available: Beat Luck of the Irish
    Cost: $6000
    Combat Sniper - Available: Beat Luck of the Irish
    Cost: $8500
    RPG - Available: Beat Babysitting
    Cost: $15000
    Melee Weapons
    One confusing thing about melee weapons is that... they're melee weapons. At
    first you may think they are used in the same way as guns (R2 being the button
    you think you would have to press). They are just extensions of your melee 
    attack and with one equipped you would fight just as if you were unarmed. You 
    only have two, the knife and the bat. Not much to say really. The bat is the 
    more powerful choice.
    Bat - Available: Beat Do You Have Protection?
    Cost: $5
    Knife - Available: Beat Do You Have Protection?
    Cost: n/a
    Again, only two weapons here, but they're very efficient in tight spots. You
    have hand grenades, and molotovs. The grenades are difficult to place sometimes
    because they roll, but accuracy is only so important considering the explosion.
    Molotovs are great for crowds and in narrow spaces. Once again, accuracy is not
    a big requirement for these. Both are fine choices.
    Molotov - Available: Beat Master and The Molotov
    Cost: $500 
    Grenade - Available: Beat Deconstruction For Beginners
    Cost: $1000
    |        Walkthrough        |
    |          (wlkth)          |
    Using This Guide  (iminf)
    In this guide I will attempt to assist you in reaching your goal. That being
    the completion of the game. That said, I will not make it a point at any time
    that you should go out with in game friends or girlfriends. As for missions, I
    will cover every mission that comes from a major boss or employer in this
    guide. Extra missions from other bosses like the Assassin guy or Stevie, will
    be in the Extras section. 
    One other thing to keep in mind is that the course of the game is very
    dependant on what you do. I will follow a very simple order of missions and you
    can choose to follow it or not. I will make note of important missions that
    must be done in a certain order. Also, things like phone calls from certain
    contacts asking you to meet them at a location or things of that nature I can't
    predict when you'll receive them as compared to when they will become relevant
    in this guide. As such, if you get them earlier than in this guide or later,
    you can choose to pursue them as you see fit. For example, if I say I got a
    call right after a mission from a contact to meet him somewhere in Algonquin,
    but you don't get that call before the mission, you can go there if you want or
    do the mission like the guide says. Totally up to you. 
    Finally, when it comes to spoilers, this walkthrough will be devoid of spoilers
    at the relevant moments. I sometimes describe what a boss asks you to do during
    a cutscene or other times some little events that occur. I do not however spoil
    big twists that occur at the appropriate moments. I may mention those spoilers
    at a later time when you would have already learned them, but I will not reveal
    any spoiler info before you should know it. 
    Mission Table
    When subsequently returning to this guide for continued assistance, I have
    listed each mission in the order they are covered. To jump quickly to where you
    left off, use the ctrl+f function and search for the keyword in (parentheses).
    The Cousins Bellic............. (FM01)  The Holland Play................ (Px03)
    It's Your Call................. (Ro01)  Final Interview Cont'd.......... (Fr02)
    Three's A Crowd................ (Ro02)  Holland Nights.................. (Fr03)
    Bleed Out...................... (Ro03)  Paper Trail..................... (Ul04)
    First Date..................... (frdt)  Lure............................ (Fr04)
    Easy Fare...................... (Ro04)  Harboring a Grudge.............. (Pa01)
    Jamaican Heat.................. (Ro05)  Waste Not Want Knots............ (Pa02)
    Bull In A China Shop........... (Vl01)  Three Leaf Clover............... (Pa03)
    Hung Out to Dry................ (Vl02)  A Long Way To Fall.............. (Ra01)
    Clean Getaway.................. (Vl03)  Taking In the Trash............. (Ra02)
    Ivan the Not so Terrible....... (Vl04)  Meltdown........................ (Ra03)
    Concrete Jungle................ (Lj01)  Museum Piece.................... (Ra04)
    Uncle Vlad..................... (Ro06)  No Way on the Subway............ (Ra05)
    Crime and Punishment........... (Fa01)  Weekend at Florian’s............ (Ra06)
    Do You Have Protection?........ (Fa02)  Actions Speak Louder Than Words. (Ge01)
    Shadow......................... (Lj02)  I.N.Y.C.Y.B.A.Y.M............... (Ge02)
    Final Destination.............. (Fa03)  Smackdown....................... (De01)
    Logging On..................... (Ro07)  Babysitting..................... (De02)
    No Love Lost................... (Fa04)  Tunnel of Death................. (De03)
    Rigged To Blow................. (Fa05)  Blood Brothers.................. (Fr05)
    Search and Delete.............. (Br01)  Hating the Haters............... (Be01)
    Easy As Can Be................. (Br02)  Union Drive..................... (Be02)
    The Master And The Molotov..... (Fa06)  I'll Take Her................... (Ge03)
    Russian Revolution............. (Fa07)  Truck Hustle.................... (Pb01)
    Roman's Sorrow................. (rmsw)  Buoys Ahoy...................... (Be03)
    Coming Out of the Closet....... (Br03)  Pegorino's Pride................ (Jp01)
    No.1........................... (Br04)  She's a Keeper.................. (Ge04)
    Escuela of the Streets......... (Ma01)  Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend(Ge05)
    Street Sweeper................. (Ma02)  Payback......................... (Jp02)
    Luck of the Irish.............. (El01)  Entourage....................... (Ga01)
    Blow Your Cover................ (El02)  Dining Out...................... (Ga02)
    The Puerto Rican Connection.... (Ma03)  Liquidize the Assets............ (Ga03)
    The Snow Storm................. (El03)  Catch the Wave.................. (Pb02)
    Have a Heart................... (El04)  Trespass........................ (Pb03)
    Call and Collect............... (Fr01)  To Live and Die In Alderney..... (Pb04)
    Deconstruction For Beginners... (Px01)  Flatline........................ (Jp03)
    Photo Shoot.................... (Px02)  Pest Control.................... (Jp04)
    Wrong Is Right................. (Ul01)  That Special Someone............ (spsm)
    Ruff Rider..................... (Dw01)  One Last Thing.................. (Jp05)
    Hostile Negotiation............ (Hsng)  A Dish Served Cold.............. (Rv01)
    Undress To Kill................ (Dw02)  Out of Commission............... (Rv02)
    Final Interview................ (Fr02)  If The Price Is Right........... (Dl01)
    Portrait of a Killer........... (Ul02)  A Revenger's Tragedy............ (Dl02)
    Dust Off....................... (Ul03)  In Mourning..................... (aftw)
       (, /         
         /  he Cousins Bellic   (FM01)
      ) /   
    You'll start off at the docks after the opening scene. Drive with Roman to his
    apartment. To get there, check the radar in the bottom left. The yellow GPS line
    will guide you there. The dialogue in the car will be continuing by the time 
    you get there most likely so if you wish, wait nearby the goal marker to hear 
    the rest. Otherwise, park on the marker and you'll start up another scene. 
    After that, you have finished your first mission more or less. Doesn't get much
    easier eh?
    You now can see the safehouse from your radar and map. Come here to rest which
    will restore your health and to save. Do so now if you wish. You've got the
    freedom to explore now if you want. It wouldn't be a bad idea to get accustomed
    to the new driving controls and handling. You can do a bunch of stuff around
    the city but to progress the story, we have to go see Roman, so let's do that.
    As you exit the safehouse, you'll be told about a few things. If you want to
    save a car, park it in the yellow marker on the street. No garages this time
    around. When you're ready, grab a car and drive toward the big R on your radar.
    Stop on the yellow marker. 
      (, /   )                
        /__ / 
     ) /   \  oman's Missions   
    (_/     \        
                                        |o|It's Your Call      |Ro01|$30 |
                                        |o|Three's A Crowd     |Ro02|n/a |
                                        |o|Bleed Out           |Ro03|$50 |
                                        |o|Easy Fare           |Ro04|$100|
                                        |o|Jamaican Heat       |Ro05|$150|
                                        |o|Uncle Vlad          |Ro06|n/a |
                                        |o|Logging On          |Ro07|n/a |
    | It's Your Call |  (Ro01)
    Watch the scene. Niko is introduced to Mallorie and Vlad, the latter of which
    gains an instant dislike for our Serbian protaganist. After the scene, get in
    Roman's cab. Drive to the marked destination with Roman. You'll drop Roman off
    but not before he gives you a gift. You get a cell phone and Roman is added as
    your first contact. Not bad. You're instructed to wait while being on the look
    out for Roman's loansharks. Chill for a moment and look around. Eventually
    Roman will give you a call. Press X to answer. After that, you will be sitting
    around again for a few moments. Eventually, the loansharks will turn the corner
    ahead of you and park. Call Roman by bringing up your phone with Up on the
    D-Pad, then pressing X twice. Roman will come back and you will have to drive
    away. The red dot on your radar represents your enemy. Drive away and you'll be
    instructed to lose them which is pretty easy. Be quick about getting off that
    street because they have guns. Remember to use the GPS and follow the colored 
    route. You should lose the loansharks easily. Make it back to the depot to 
    finish the mission. You'll score $30. Can I retire yet?
    Drive around for a minute or so and you'll eventually receive a text message
    from Roman. The text message is indicated by the envelope icon that appears at
    the bottom left of the screen. Press X when it appears to read it at once.
    Sounds like there's trouble. To the depot! Away!
    | Three's A Crowd |  (Ro02)
    Trouble is right. Niko saves Roman in the nick of time. He then tells you to go
    pick up Mallorie and her friend. Take Roman's cab and drive to the subway
    station. You'll find the two ladies there. Stop near them and press L3 to honk
    the horn. Take Mallorie and her friend Michelle to Michelle's apartment. On the
    way, Niko will get criticized about his clothing. Roman will call and tell you
    to go get some new threads. The Russian Shop will appear on your map and radar.
    Drive there now. 
    Here you can browse for some new stuff. I personally didn't find any new tops I
    liked so I kept Niko's standard jacket for now but I bought the Black Flight 
    Jacket anyway. I also got a pair of jeans and Blue Sneakers. Get whatever you 
    want, take your time and see what looks good according to your tastes. When 
    you're done, Michelle will be added to your contacts. You can date her if you 
    like and although you won't reap any benefits you should go out with her at 
    least twice outside the first date. Roman will call you and you'll be done with
    the mission. No pay for this one.
    Not long after, you'll receive a call from Michelle. She wants to go out. Wow,
    that was fast. The in game tutorial will tell you about waypoints. Press Start
    and find the icon for Michelle. Hit X on it to create a GPS route. Using 
    waypoints is a good way to make routes for targets that aren't mission related.
    On the way there, you'll get a call from Roman. He's in trouble.... again.
    | Bleed Out |  (Ro03)
    Turn around and head toward his location. The date will have to wait. You'll 
    find Roman at a basketball court. Climb the fence with Square and go help him.
    You will get into a fight with the loansharks and it will introduce you to 
    melee fighting. Hold L2 to lock on and deliver an attack with Circle or 
    Triangle for punches, and Square for kicks. The tutorial won't tell you how to
    block until you've after you've already taken a hit or two. It's X. Use these 
    various maneuvers to take down the first guy. After he's down, target the guy
    who was beating up Roman. The tutorial will tell you about countering. Press X
    when the opponent is about to attack to dodge. Follow it up with Circle or 
    Triangle for a counterattack. 
    With the two idiots down, Dardan appears. Follow Roman to his car and chase
    after him. Be careful driving if you're not accustomed to the handling yet. 
    Chase Dardan by following the red dot on your radar. You may chase him on a 
    street that has some construction so be mindful of that. Hold Circle to keep
    him in sight. This works in any case where you have to chase or follow
    something. Only use it briefly to keep your goal in sight, it doesn't do well
    for driving.
    You'll chase Dardan a long way, near the docks. When a garbage truck blocks the
    way, he'll turn left. Follow him and you should eventually catch up to him at
    a factory. He'll get out and flee up the stairs on foot. Leave Roman and follow
    him. When you reach the top, head straight and then around the corner, you'll
    find Dardan. He's armed with a knife so be careful, especially if you took a
    beating in the previous fight. Use X to dodge when he attacks again, then press
    Circle to take his knife. Now fight back quickly with it to take him down. Once
    he's dead, head back down the stairs to Roman's car and get in. Drive him back
    to the depot and you'll be done with this ordeal. You'll score $50 for this
    one. Michelle will probably text you around this time saying what happened and
    asking if you got involved with any bad people. 
    Being that you're hurt, you should restore your health. It's night by now most
    likely, so try just going back to your safehouse to rest on the bed and save if
    you wish. 
    You also probably noticed that icon at the bottom left appear shortly after you
    dropped Roman off. No, it wasn't an envelope indicating a text message. It was
    a thumbs up. That means your friend (in this case, Roman) likes you more. I'll
    be referring to this later as your "progress" with him or other characters.
    While I'm not going to make it an order in this walkthrough to take your
    friends out to gain more progress with them (that's always up to you), I will
    definitely recommend it for the bonuses they yield. At certain points I'll make
    a suggestion like "Take (insert friend) out if you'd like." I won't and can't
    make you do it obviously, I'll just bring it up every once in a while. I also
    won't break the walkthrough with a description on where to go, what to do when
    you're hanging out. This walkthrough is about the missions. For details on the
    minigames and such, go to the Extras section. 
    Anyway, we're going to be taking Michelle out coincidentally enough. This is
    the only required date. Drive to her icon on the radar. Strangely enough, this
    date is considered a mission, but that's because it is, as described before,
    | First Date | (frdt)
    Niko suggests going to the "funfair", and Michelle doesn't seem as excited as
    she pretends to be. You'll get in Michelle's car and be off. Along the way she
    will ask what happened earlier and if Roman has or Niko had been in danger. 
    Anyway, drive to where the amusement park is only to find it's not running. 
    What a drag. Instead, you'll be going bowling. It's a long trek from there, 
    across the boardwalk to the bowling alley. You could just walk but if you 
    prefer, take the car up the ramp and across the boardwalk. Crazy? Yes. 
    Efficient? Yes. If there are any pedestrians, try not to run over too many, you
    don't want blood on your girlfriend's car, now do you?
    When you arrive at the alley, go up to the counter to pay for the game. This
    first time is on the house so pick a lane. The second lane is a good choice but
    it doesn't really matter much. Read the in game tutorial for tips or consult
    the Extras section. Play a game with Michelle; it really doesn't matter if you
    win or lose. When it's over get back to your car and take her home. On the way
    back, she'll ask Niko what she does. Boy, she asks a lot of questions, doesn't
    she? Drop her off, and you're done.
    Roman's icon will reappear on the radar. Head on over to the depot and you can
    start your next mission. Before we do that however, stop near the depot. Look
    at your radar. You should see a little green icon that looks like a man. It's
    right down the street. Go there and get out of the car and approach the man
    that the camera is focusing on.
    Random Character - Brian
    Watch the scene and you'll earn $100 after a few blatant insults. That ends
    that for now. That was a Random Character. You'll meet a few throughout the
    game after meeting certain criteria if you keep your eyes peeled. Most of them
    are required for 100% completion so take the time to seek them out.
    Alright, with that done, head back down the street to the depot and step into
    the marker. 
    | Easy Fare |  (Ro04)
    Another unpleasant moment with Vlad. After the scene, you'll be taking Roman's
    cab to pick up a guy named Jermaine. Follow your radar and GPS route to find
    him. After a bit of chat he wants you to take a detour. Follow the route and
    head into the alley and he'll get out to investigate something. The cops show
    up and you've got a two star wanted level suddenly. When Jermaine gets back in,
    put the pedal to the medal and drive outta there. Go straight and turn right to
    get out of that little area and then start driving away. 
    If this is your first run in with the law, you need to pay attention to the 
    radar. The bright circle flashing red and blue is the area the police are 
    searching. To escape them, you need to get outside that circle and remain
    outside for a few seconds without being spotted again. You'll notice smaller
    red and blue icons on radar on the streets. These are the units of police
    looking. You can use this to your advantage by seeing where they're coming
    from. If you're going straight down one street and you see on the radar a cop
    is coming down an adjacent street from the left, turn right to start getting
    out of there. If the cops see you, the search will be refocused and the circle
    will reposition itself around you. 
    Smart driving will be needed to escape. You should value caution over speed,
    especially at this early outset. Once you've gotten out of there, it's time to
    take Jermaine to his destination. Drive over to Gibson St. You'll drop him off
    in front of the Pay n' Spray. Come here if you really get in trouble with the
    po-po. With the mission done you've got another $100 in your pocket and another
    mission for Roman waiting. Before you get to the depot though, you'll receive a
    call from an Unknown Caller. Answer it and it will be Vlad, asking you to work
    for him. You get his number and his icon will appear. Before we go there, let's
    do what we can with Roman since we're here. 
    | Jamaican Heat |  (Ro05)
    Go ahead and take whatever car you want this time, you won't be required to
    drive the cab. You gotta pick up Little Jacob, who will become a key character
    in time. Find him and he'll tell you where to go. You might find yourself
    confused by his way of speaking so subtitles might help. Don't be fooled,
    Jacob is a smart guy. He has an inkling that something might go down with his
    deal. He gives you a pistol to be safe.
    Drive to the alley and escort Jacob inward. Take out your gun by cycling
    through your available arsenal with the D-Pad left or right. Take position at 
    the top of the stairs and stand on the marker. Crouch as the tutorial 
    instructs. This will make you more accurate. Eventually Jacob will come under 
    fire. Quickly lock on to the first enemy you can and start shooting with R2. 
    If you want, tilt the right stick up slightly to try and aim for the head. 
    It's a bit more of an advanced technique but it's not too tricky. If you can't
    get the hang of it though, don't waste time. The important thing is to shoot 
    these guys fast or else Jacob will get killed and you will of course fail. 
    When they're dead, Jacob commends your skills and asks to be taken to the
    cafe. Do so and you'll receive $150 and Jacob will be added to your contacts.
    Before we continue, let's find something nice. Look at your map. You should be
    somewhat close to a street that goes in a complete circle. It's in the area on
    your map called Outlook. Drive there. You'll know it by the big archway there 
    and how cars drive in a circle. To the east of this circle there is an alleyway
    on the left. Go inside up to some apartment building. On the right should be a
    gate that's open. Walk inside here. A red glow should be emanating from behind
    the stairwell. Investigate it to find some armor. There's armor and health 
    hidden all over Liberty City. These little hidden gems can be useful at times.
    This is the only one I'm going to mention in the walkthrough though. It's an 
    easy spot to go to early in the game for free armor.
    You'll get a call from Jacob. He's got work for you too. You now can take a
    job from him or Vlad. Since Vlad came first, let's go see him. Drive toward
    the V icon on your radar. 
     __    __)          
    (, )  /  
       | /   
       |/  lad's Missions           
                                  |o|Bull In A China Shop    |Vl01|$50 |          
                                  |o|Hung Out to Dry         |Vl02|$100|
                                  |o|Clean Getaway           |Vl03|$150|
                                  |o|Ivan the Not so Terrible|Vl04|$200|
    | Bull In A China Shop |  (Vl01)
    Vlad offers you a bat to scare some china shop owner into paying up his debt.
    Niko declines the offer to use it however. Get in your car and drive over to
    the store. The owner refuses to open up or to pay Vlad. Guess we'll have to 
    find a very poignant way to send the message. You're instructed to find
    something to break the glass. Somewhat vague, but luckily there's an item
    around the corner behind you, as indicated by your radar. Go to the green dot
    and you should find lying outside a big pile of garbage, a brick. Pick it up
    with L1 and bring it back with you to the shop. Hold L2 to target the big
    window left of the doors. Charge up your throw by holding R2 and then throw
    the brick through it. It may take two throws but you'll get it through and the
    message as well. When the owner pays up, head back to Vlad's. Watch the scene
    and you'll get your cut. $50. Woo. 
    Roman will probably call you, then Vlad will text you about more work. Funny,
    I can't imagine that guy texting. Anyways, Roman will call you again about
    doing cab work for him. Definitely consider it as it will get you extra cash,
    raise your progress further with Roman, and help fulfill your 100% completion
    requirements if you're seeking that. Let's head back to Vlad's.
    | Hung Out To Dry |  (Vl02)
    More debt collection. Head to the laundromat as indicated on your radar. Park
    out in front and walk inside for a scene. The owner makes a break for it when
    you mention Vlad's name. Chase him out the door and you'll see him escaping in
    a van. Quickly go to one of two cars parked outside and enter it. Niko will
    need to break the window and then hotwire it. As the tutorial says, tap L2 or
    R2 fast to make this go quicker. Hit the road and start chasing the guy. He's
    already got a bit of a headstart so don't let him get farther away. Keep
    following and start ramming his car when you get close enough. Be aggressive.
    Ramming from the back is a safe option, but if you ram from the side it can be
    more effective sometimes. The risk there however is oncoming traffic so be
    careful. When you eventually ram the van enough, the owner will stop and
    you'll get a short scene. The mission ends and you got yourself another $100.
    It's possible at this time that Roman may call you to hang out. This is the
    beginning of the option friend events. Even if you've decided to completely
    ignore this aspect of the game, you should at least consider taking Roman out
    once. Either way, when you're done, we're gonna go seek out Brian, the Random
    Character again. He's in Hove Beach near the hardware store. Keep an eye out
    for that icon, it's just south of the 69th Street Diner and your safehouse.
    Random Character - Brian Pt. 2
    Brian has changed obviously. He asks you to drive him to a deal. Do so and then
    watch the scene. When he gets back in the car drive him to his place and that's
    it. You make $200 for this. Not bad. 
    With that out of the way, go back to Vlad's for your next job.
    | Clean Getaway |  (Vl03)
    You walk with Vlad to his car, just so he can get his fix and instruct you on
    your next job. Incidentally, he kicks you out of his car right after that. So
    go grab another set of wheels and head over to the subway station. Go inside,
    up the stairs and go to the marker. Get on the subway train and you'll arrive
    at your destination in time. Get out and walk a short ways toward the blue
    dot to find the car Vlad wants. Two guys are guarding it. Use the Stun Punch
    as instructed to take one down, then melee or simply shoot the other guy. Just
    be careful of cops. I managed to somehow get a 3 star Wanted Level and that
    made things very annoying. Take the car and drive it to the lockup (yellow
    dot) on the map. Park it in the garage and you'll be done. Another $150 for
    this one. 
    We have been ignoring Little Jacob's missions, or you may not have. Again, I
    can't make it a requirement for you to follow the walkthrough verbatim. Let's
    just finish up Vlad's missions for now. Go back to the bar.
    |Ivan The Not So Terrible |  (Vl04)
    Head over to the depot fast. You'll see Ivan peeling away when you get there.
    Start following him. This is probably the hardest chase thus far, and even
    then, it's not frustratingly hard. Just keep on him and be sure not to go full
    throttle in case he turns or something. Keep following him and he'll stop at
    a construction site. Get out and climb the ladder with Triangle. Go up and
    turn right. Move forward and try to locate another ladder on a metal walkway.
    Climb up, then go up the stairs to the top floor. You should spy Ivan climbing
    up again on a crane. Go up the ramp and climb up after him. Ivan will leap
    from the end of the crane's walkway to the building. Follow suit and press
    Square to leap after him. Make sure you have running momentum before doing so.
    Jump to the next building, then climb up the barrier with Square. Jump again
    to another building, then chase Ivan across a ramp. He'll go to the left, up
    another walkway, and subsequently lose his footing and fall, just barely
    managing to grab the edge. 
    Approach him and you'll be presented with a choice. Do Vlad's bidding by 
    kicking him off. Help Ivan by pulling him up. The choice is up to you. Let me 
    emphasize that it has no huge impact on the story. In fact, it barely has an 
    impact at all. If you let him live however, you will get more to do later on 
    in the story. Killing him or letting him live will not affect your chances of
    getting 100% however. Choose what you wish, but this guide will follow the 
    decision of letting him live. You'll call Vlad to report on this and obviously
    lie about Ivan (though actually what Niko says technically can be construed as
    the truth). You'll get a nice $200 reward for this mission.
    At this point, Roman may call you to tell you about his service. You can get a
    free cab ride by calling him and selecting "Cab" on the phone menu. This is
    useful if you are trying to hail a taxi but they're occupied (although there's
    a way around that anyway). If you don't get this call now or any time soon, it
    may be because you didn't take Roman up on his offer to hang out. 
    Anyways, now you're done with Vlad. From where you left off on the roof, move
    left off the ramp where Ivan was (west) to the fire escape stairwell. Go down
    a few flights to another roof. Look to your left and you'll see a ladder.
    Climb down to get back to the street.
    Roman's icon has appeared again. However, we're not going to continue his
    missions just yet. Grab a car and go over to the L icon. It's time we paid
    that loveable Jamaican a visit. 
    (, /      
      /      ittle Jacob's Missions
                                            |o|Concrete Jungle|Lj01|$200|
                                            |o|Shadow         |Lj02|$250|
    | Concrete Jungle |  (Lj01)
    Go pick up Jacob. He'll tell you... something. No, seriously, he'll tell you
    about another deal for some mary jane he thinks might go bad. Drop him off at
    the target area and then go around to the alley (new yellow dot). Wait there
    and then when the guys come running out, go kill them. Obviously, the easiest
    way is to accelerate quickly and run them all over. You could easily get the
    first two guys this way. The third will probably escape from the alley. Chase
    after him and run him over as well. Your other option is to gun them all down.
    Just be careful as you might attract some police attention. After that, you've
    got one more place to go.
    Drive to the next target area with Jacob. Drive a ways north to a house. Jacob
    will get out. Follow him up to the front door with your pistol equipped. Here
    you will be taught about the cover system, a very awesome and important
    feature. Tap R1 to enter cover. This is any wall, dumpster, car, just about
    anything can be used. Hit R1 again to exit.
    A guy will come down the stairs when Jacob busts the door open. While in
    cover, hold L2 to target as usual. Hold R2 to jump out of cover temporarily
    so you can shoot. Plug the first guy full of lead then let go of R2 to go back
    into cover. The next guy has a shotgun, but neither you nor Jacob can get a
    shot. Move to the left a bit to the window. Stay in cover and go under the
    window. Target the guy with L2 then shoot him a bunch of times to quell the
    threat. Jacob will rush in now. Leave cover (R1 again) and follow him into the
    room where the shotgun guy was. Quickly take cover behind the couch there as
    there are two more guys right in front of you. Don't dare take them out in the
    open; they're too close to you. Just stay behind the couch and pop them both
    safely. When they're dead, you'll see a first aid kit on the table. Grab it as
    well as the ammo of your enemies. The first aid kits are hidden all over
    Liberty City like body armor. You'll also find some strewn about at the sites
    of your most vicious gunfights.
    With that over, take Jacob back to the cafe. You'll get a sweet $200 reward.
    At this point, Michelle called me for a date. I kinda didn't feel like it, but
    I went. I took her to the diner to make it go fast. If she does call you now
    or soon, consider it, but you don't have to. Anyways, we're gonna wait for
    Little Jacob to call us so let's do Roman's other missions for now. 
      (, /   )                
        /__ / 
     ) /   \  oman's Missions Cont'd  
    (_/     \   
                                      |X|It's Your Call      |Ro01|$30 |        
                                      |X|Three's A Crowd     |Ro02|n/a |
                                      |X|Bleed Out           |Ro03|$50 |
                                      |X|Easy Fare           |Ro04|$100|
                                      |X|Jamaican Heat       |Ro05|$150|
                                      |o|Uncle Vlad          |Ro06|n/a |
                                      |o|Logging On          |Ro07|n/a |
    | Uncle Vlad |  (Ro06)
    Roman is upset over the Vlad/Mallorie thing and Niko intends to stop it. Take
    Roman to Vlad's bar. You'll be confronted with two of his men after the scene.
    They come in with fists and you could melee fight them, but there's two at
    once so it makes things difficult. You could just easily shoot them. Once
    they're dead, go out the back door and get in the car with Roman. Chase after
    Vlad. You'll follow him through the dock area. Be very cautious of scripted
    obstacles to appear in the form of various cars. One is a big white truck that
    will turn in front of you from an adjacent street. Keep chasing Vlad up a
    little way more. Vlad will crash his car and flee on foot to the left. Stop
    the car and follow him to the shore. Watch the scene then lock on to Vlad.
    Pull the trigger to execute him. Another scene takes over. 
    Despite the fact that Roman took off, your car is still out there. Get back in
    and drive off. You're free to do what you wish for a minute or so. Replenish
    health if you lost some fighting Vlad's guards and save also if you're not
    using autosave. Otherwise, just wait til Roman calls you (or you can call him
    to expedite the process). He'll ask you to come to the club, Perestroika. Head
    over there and stop near the marker on the corner. A cutscene will ensue.
      (, /       
     ) /      austin's Missions
                                    |o|Crime and Punishment   |Fa01|$200|
                                    |o|Do You Have Protection?|Fa02|$400|
                                    |o|Final Destination      |Fa03|$500|
                                    |o|No Love Lost           |Fa04|$600|
                                    |o|Rigged To Blow         |Fa05|$700|
                                    |o|Master And The Molotov |Fa06|n/a |
                                    |o|Russian Revolution     |Fa07|n/a |
    | Crime And Punishment |  (Fa01)
    Unlike Dostoevsky’s great novel, you shouldn't be feeling much guilt after just
    completing the "crime" part with Vlad's execution.
    Although you begin this mission by going to the "R" icon, you're doing this for
    Faustin, and it will increase your Mission Progress % for Faustin upon
    completion (check your stats). Niko comes to Roman's aid but then Andrei, one 
    of Faustin's men shows up. After a number of events that unfold at his place, 
    you're suddenly working for Faustin. 
    You're ordered to find a van with some TVs to be taken to a lockup. You will
    need a police car though, as suggested by Dimitri, Faustin's other subordinate.
    Lucky for you, once you're outside, you hear the sound of a police siren. Run
    down the street a bit and you should see it approaching. The cop will stop just
    outside of a house and then he will run in and disappear behind the house. How
    convenient. Get in. You'll call Dimitri. Now head for one of the three blue
    dots on your radar. These are three vans that look identical. One of them has
    the contraband. It's always random so chalk it up to luck (or lack thereof)
    when you finally get it. 
    Using the police car, hit L3 to turn the siren on. When you find a van, 
    tailgate it or drive next to it to make it pull over. When the driver stops, 
    get out of the car and approach the window. You will either get the right van 
    or not. Either way, do this until you get the guy who actually has cargo in his
    van and a passenger. This passenger will start shooting. Fire back and kill 
    him, then jack the van. Your target route will appear via GPS on the radar.
    Follow it and take the van to the lockup. You'll get a sweet $200 reward. Joy.
    You will notice you have Faustin as a contact now too, as well as Dimitri from
    You'll call Dimitri to report on your success. Roman will call then and after
    that, Faustin's icon will appear on the radar. He's your only boss for the
    moment. Mess around for a while if you wish, but eventually, head on over to
    his place. 
    | Do You Have Protection? |  (Fa02)
    You get an interesting glimpse at Faustin's wide array of moods. You'll be
    heading to a porn shop with Dimitri to get money for Faustin. Drive over there
    and Dimitri will talk. When you arrive, get out and follow him inside. After a
    scene, you'll be told to target one guy. Do so and then target the next
    required guy. Dimitri orders you to shoot the middle guy in the leg. Do so by
    using the Right Analog Stick when you're locked on and aim for the leg. You can
    also free aim if you choose. Shoot the guy and you'll be done with the first
    part of this after a brief exchange. Get back in the car with Dimitri. 
    Your next destination is a secret weapon shop that Dimitri will explain to you.
    Drive over there and stop in the alley. Get out and enter through the side door
    there. Go buy the Micro-SMG as instructed. The price seems high but this one is
    on the house. You can buy more ammo for it or the Pistol if you'd like but that
    will come out of your own pocket. When you're done, head back and get in the
    car. Drop Dimitri off at Faustin's and you're done. Simple right? You'll net an
    easy $400 for this. Remember that the weapon shop you were at is just one of
    many around the city. The inventory will be updated periodically as you
    progress through the game so check back every once in a while.
    You'll notice Faustin's icon appear in a different location. He's at
    Perestroika. You could go there but Little Jacob has opened up with his second
    and last mission. Let's go check in with him first. 
    (, /      
      /      ittle Jacob's Missions Cont'd
                                            |X|Concrete Jungle|Lj01|$200|
                                            |o|Shadow         |Lj02|$250|
    | Shadow |  (Lj02)
    You'll be introduced to Badman and then meet up with Jacob. Badman will explain
    but he's even harder to understand so Little Jacob makes things clearer. You've
    got to go find the dealer who is selling the mary jane he shouldn't be. Start
    driving and you'll go toward the bridge. Yes, if you look at your map, you'll
    be heading to Bohan for the first time. Oh, one thing though. Go into you
    phone's Options menu and set the ring style to Vibrate. This will be important
    Drive across the bridge. You'll come up to a toll. Pay it if you want to avoid
    a 1 star wanted level. It's only $5 which even at your early financial
    endeavors, is not much. Pay it and continue on. Get on the off ramp and proceed
    through Bohan to your destination. After the short scene, start following the
    dealer. From where he starts, just stay near your car until he gets close to
    the alley, then start following him. The optimal distance is several car
    lengths behind him. Walk and run only to close distance if you get really
    far behind him. Keep following him through the alley to another street. At this
    point, Roman will call you. If you turned your phone to vibrate like I said,
    the dealer will not be alerted to your presence. Do not answer it however, this
    will still spook the dealer if you do. Just hit Circle and keep following him.
    After the next alley, you'll go through a house. Just walk straight through to
    the next street. The dealer will climb a fence. Give him some time to walk down
    the alley before climbing. When he turns the corner, climb over and follow him.
    He'll enter his apartment. Jump over the stone wall and turn left to enter the
    Start up the stairs until you see the dealer's red icon turn into a regular 
    dot. Enter the corridor and go down to the last door. The dealer and his
    friends are inside. Enter the room and shoot them all. You won't find any good
    cover in here so just walk in guns blazing. The Micro-SMG you just bought will
    really help you get the drop on them fast. Kill all three and you'll have won
    the mission with a $250 reward. 
    Alternatively, if you spook the dealer by accident (or on purpose), nothing
    changes about this except the dealer and his friends will be expecting you. You
    will have to chase the dealer as opposed to following him so losing him becomes
    a danger if you don't keep up. Once you get into the apartment, you'll be told
    they have locked the door. You can rectify this by aiming at the knob area.
    Fire a round into that area and you can open the door. Then just dispatch them
    like normal. This ends Little Jacob's standard missions.
    Once again, there's not a whole lot to do. If you want, do a Cab mission for
    Roman or just mess around. Either way, if you want to press forward, meet up
    with Faustin again. This time, he's at Perestroika. 
      (, /       
     ) /      austin's Missions Cont'd
                                    |X|Crime and Punishment   |Fa01|$200|          
                                    |X|Do You Have Protection?|Fa02|$400|
                                    |o|Final Destination      |Fa03|$500|
                                    |o|No Love Lost           |Fa04|$600|
                                    |o|Rigged To Blow         |Fa05|$700|
                                    |o|Master And The Molotov |Fa06|n/a |
                                    |o|Russian Revolution     |Fa07|n/a |
    | Final Destination |  (Fa03)
    On a whim of paranoia, Faustin orders you to kill an acquaintance of Dimitri. 
    Drive up to Bohan, again crossing the bridge and paying the toll. When you get
    to the off ramp, you'll automatically call Faustin and he will not change his
    mind about this decision. 
    Keep driving toward the red dot which is your target. When you get really
    close, turn left at the intersection (sets you north). You should see the
    stairs to the subway station platform on your left. Get out of your car and
    head up. Now be forewarned. The guy you're looking for Lenny, is with a friend.
    When Niko identifies himself as a hitman, his friend will start blasting with
    an SMG. Be ready with a shotgun or your own Micro-SMG. If you're not prepared,
    you might take a significant amount of damage. 
    Get to the top and confront Lenny. His friend will start shooting and Lenny
    will take off. Quickly eradicate his friend and then chase Lenny. He will have
    already fled across the train tracks. Be mindful of any subway trains coming
    and cross and then climb up to the other side. If you're quick, you can fill
    Lenny full of lead as he's escaping down the stairs. Otherwise, he will get in
    a car and drive off. Find some of your own wheels and give chase. For me, he
    drove particularly slow, though I think this might be because it was raining
    when I went through this mission. 
    Either way, you've got to take him out. Hit L1 to break the window. Then, while
    driving, hold it to aim your gun at his car. It might be difficult to get a 
    grip on but it's more efficient than the old style which abandoned your front 
    view. One tip I can give is to fire your gun when on straight roads, and not 
    when turning. When you go around corners, put your focus on driving and not 
    shooting. Keep firing at his vehicle (you can ram him too) until it catches 
    fire. He will get out and start fleeing on foot. If the ensuing explosion of 
    his vehicle doesn't kill him, what I like to do is gun him down with my pistol.
    For some reason, I find there's a certain dramatic flair in a pistol. I pop one
    in his leg, then come up on him quickly and go for the headshot while he's on 
    the ground. Do it how you see fit, and when he's dead, you'll have won. The
    reward this time around is a solid $500. Schwing!  
    Dimitri will call and explain the repercussions of your actions. It's possible
    there may be trouble on the horizon but he's gonna try and save you. After
    that, you should probably get a text from Roman. He says he wants you to meet
    someone. This opens up Roman's last mission, which we will get to in a moment.
    Little Jacob may also call you or have called you before or call you soon
    telling you that you can do jobs for him by being a dealer. This is again,
    something I'll suggest once in a while but won't make into an order. Again, it
    is something for 100% however. 
    Well, since I managed to take a bit too much damage in that last mission, I
    decided I would go visit the Strip Club, since we're in Bohan. If you're also
    hurting (or just hurting for some partially nude polygons), you can find the
    Triangle Club in the Industrial area of Bohan, right off Drill St. 
    Once you're ready, head back south to Broker. We'll head to the R icon to do
    this mission for Roman.
    When I got back to Broker, I got a call from Jacob. At this point he became my
    friend so if you get this call, you can start hanging out with him like Roman.
    Ironically, he asked me to take him to the strip club I was just at. I didn't
    feel like saying no though, so I took him.
    Regardless, when you're back in Broker, head to the depot to see Roman.
      (, /   )                
        /__ / 
     ) /   \  oman's Missions Cont'd    
    (_/     \   
                                      |X|It's Your Call      |Ro01|$30 |        
                                      |X|Three's A Crowd     |Ro02|n/a |
                                      |X|Bleed Out           |Ro03|$50 |
                                      |X|Easy Fare           |Ro04|$100|
                                      |X|Jamaican Heat       |Ro05|$150|
                                      |X|Uncle Vlad          |Ro06|n/a |
                                      |o|Logging On          |Ro07|n/a |
    | Logging On |  (Ro07)
    AS the mission title may or may not clue to you, the goal here is about access
    to the game's internet. At the depot you'll meet Roman's friend Brucie, who is
    a character to say the least. Roman then tells Niko to go to the internet cafe,
    Tw@ to register online. Tw@, what a clever, yet vulgar name. Anyways, head on
    over to the cafe; it's marked on your radar now. The receptionist, Alejandra
    will greet you. Every time you come back to this cafe throughout the course of
    the game, you'll notice how flirtatious she gets with Niko. I almost wish she
    was dateable. Oh well, c'est la vie. 
    Once you're there, you'll be set up with a computer after you speak to her. Go
    ahead and approach one of the computers and press L1 to interface with it. Your
    task here is so easy, even an ostrich could do it. Wait... what? Er, nevermind.
    Go onto the web by clicking the relevant icon and then look for the blue box
    with the envelope. Click check mail to go to your e-mail inbox. Click the one
    mail you have to read it. Then click Reply on the right to get your e-mail
    activated. Wonderful. Throughout the game, you'll receive e-mails from various
    people, some of which will be relevant to completing missions both optional and
    required. You also now have the ability to use the internet and surf many
    websites that have been created. Many are just for laughs, but you will often
    have to go on the web for certain mission criteria. Other than that, it's a fun
    way to kill time. 
    When you've activated your e-mail account, log out by hitting L1, then Circle.
    Leave the cafe and you'll get Brucie as a contact seemingly out of nowhere. You
    will call Roman and that will pretty much wrap this one up. No monetary reward.
    This wraps up Roman's missions. If you look at your stats, you'll see the
    Mission Progress stat is not 100%. That's because you haven't done all of the
    Cab missions. Do those to fulfill that requirement. 
    Well, now that's done. I have chosen at this point to call up Jacob and do one
    of his delivery missions. Doing these jobs offered by your friends will not
    only get you some cash, it will also increase your progress with them by 1%, as
    well as helping you in getting that 100% completion. If you want to do this,
    please go to Jacob's Delivery Missions (Jd00) in the Extras section. Whether 
    you choose to follow suit or not, you can just jump to the next part. We'll 
    tackle Faustin's next job.
    I'll note that on the way to Faustin's house, I got a call from Roman. Take
    note if you get this call soon as well. He tells you that Brucie is offering
    rewards if you hunt cars for him. You can take his offers by going online and
    reading e-mails sent by him. Brucie will ask for one car at a time and then
    when you get it, the next e-mail shows up. There's 10 total cars. This makes up
    the extra missions for Brucie which strangely have become available before his
    normal missions.
    Lots of distractions. Two more for you. Drive over to the weapon shop. You
    should notice that familiar green man icon. Go around the corner to check it
    Random Character - Brian Pt. 3
    It's Brian! And what the...? He's turned over a new leaf! Surprising. He
    wants you to drive him to his dealers so he can make amends. Drive him there
    and things will sour. The dealers will take bats to our poor friend Brian so
    save him by getting out of the car and pointing a gun at them. They'll run off
    and Brian will be rescued. After that, drive him back to his place and he'll
    reward you with $500. Thus ends the chapter for Brian.                      
    We got one more person to meet up with. Drive over to East Island City, which
    is around where the bar is that Darts is located on. Look at your map and see
    that long stretch of service road that is sort of going down on a slant. Get on
    that road and find the Pill Pharm. That's where your next encounter is.
    Random Character - Badman
    Badman, Jacob's good friend is having trouble with those Ruskies. Take him in
    your car and drive over to their location on the radar. Find the alley, get out
    and with Badman, sweep the alley clean of the enemies. There's a lot of them so
    be careful. The Micro-SMG is your best friend here. When they're all dead,
    Badman will thank you and award you with $500.
    Well that was profiting. Enough distractions though. Head over to Faustin's.
      (, /       
     ) /      austin's Missions Cont'd
                                    |X|Crime and Punishment   |Fa01|$200|
                                    |X|Do You Have Protection?|Fa02|$400|
                                    |X|Final Destination      |Fa03|$500|
                                    |o|No Love Lost           |Fa04|$600|
                                    |o|Rigged To Blow         |Fa05|$700|
                                    |o|Master And The Molotov |Fa06|n/a |
                                    |o|Russian Revolution     |Fa07|n/a |
    | No Love Lost | (Fa04)
    Another eccentric display of behavior from Faustin, another target. Seeing a
    pattern here? This time you're after his daughter's boyfriend, who so happens
    to be a member of a local biker gang, The Lost. 
    You'll find the two not far from Faustin's house. Drive over there and a scene
    will start. When you have control, you'll find a PCJ oh so conveniently placed
    before you. As you get on, you'll see the boyfriend drive in front of you. When
    you get on, do not press anything. Wait a moment and let Niko secure a helmet.
    This is important, especially if you haven't driven a motorcycle yet in the
    game or ever in GTA. If you already started chasing the guy, stop for a second,
    get off the bike, then get back on and don't press anything until the helmet is
    on. It might sound crazy, but you shouldn't lose the biker and you should be
    able to catch up. The helmet is important because if you collide with something
    and are launched off your bike, you'll take less damage. 
    Now, start driving after the guy. If you're new to the bike, it's not really
    that tough. Just be careful turning and going too fast. Even if you're only
    going a little more than half throttle, if you bump into something you'll go
    flying. Not only will this hurt Niko, but your target will get farther away.
    Again, as I urged you with car chases, value caution over speed here. Just
    don't go like a snail since this guy can drive somewhat quickly. 
    You can't kill this guy on the way to his gang (although I could be wrong).
    Just focus on following him. He'll take to the highway. Do your best to bob and
    weave around the cars. Eventually he'll make an abrupt left turn. Keep on him
    and he'll go make a right eventually. Just continue to follow until a scene
    takes over. His gang shows up and now you've got some trouble. Immediately
    start shooting. If your aim is good, you might be able to knock a few bikers
    off their rides and perhaps even kill them. The goal here is to reduce the
    amount of resistance you have once the bikers reach their ultimate destination,
    which is the park. The less you have there, the easier it will be for you.
    When you go from pavement to grass, ease up on the throttle. Follow the bikers
    into the park with the trees and they'll get off their rides. Keep shooting at
    them while driving to see if you can do some more damage. Get off your bike too
    though when you get a chance because circling around the park on a bike and
    trying to shoot is far too vexing. Get off the bike and take cover behind a
    large tree. Start shooting at the bikers with your pistol or SMG. Take them out
    one by one, but be wary of the biker with the shotgun. During all of this, be
    mindful of the radar. The red dots are the bikers. If there's any that were
    knocked off their rides on your way into the park, they may have followed you.
    Make sure your six is not being attacked. Once you're done with the first few,
    go back and mop up any survivors. When they're all dead finally, you get a 
    stipend of $600. 
    Turns out I was indeed wrong about not being able to kill the boyfriend before
    he gets to the gang. At least, that's what "Bob" seems to suggest. Here's a tip
    from Bob:
    o----Submitted Tip----o
    "Great GTA IV guide. It's been useful on a few of the trickier areas. Just 
    thought you might like to know, in the mission "No Love Lost"for Faustin, you 
    CAN take out the boyfriend before he meets up with the biker gang. You'll need
    the uzi-style gun. Just stick close to him, aiming and firing in bursts and 
    you'll get him. The mission is passed and you don't have to tackle the bikers."
    o----End Submission----o
    Alright, let's go back to Faustin's for the next job. On my way, I decided to
    head to Outlook, down that street with the big archway that I mentioned earlier
    with the body armor location. I still had the PCJ from the mission so I decided
    I would do something completely stupid and drive full throttle up that hill
    leading to the archway and see what happened. I only did so after putting on
    Niko's helmet of course. Safety first kids! Amazingly, I came out unscathed.
    Anyways, off to Faustin's for the next one.
    | Rigged To Blow |  (Fa05)
    Faustin has another deadbeat who isn't paying. This time, he tells you to go
    find a truck and bring it to him. What? Sounds pretty strange. Follow the GPS
    route to the truck. It's waiting in a lot situated right before the gas
    station. Get inside the truck and you'll call Faustin automatically. He'll give
    you more information, including the revelation that, surprise surprise, you're
    driving a mobile bomb.
    This mission is similar to ones done in past GTAs. Drive the wired vehicle to
    a certain location while trying not to bump into anything, lest you send
    yourself to an explosive end. The bad news is you have a long drive, that is,
    all the way across the bridge into Bohan. The good news is the truck is slow as
    hell so hitting stuff is hard unless you just really can't drive. Head across
    the bridge, being very careful with the traffic. A few nudges here and there at
    slow speeds won't kill you (literally), but be careful as numerous faster bumps
    will. When you start to get close to the off ramp, you'll receive a call from
    Roman. It might sound ludicrous, but answer it. He'll invite you to go drinking
    but Niko will quickly explain his situation. Good for a chuckle.
    When you get off the off ramp, you only have a couple blocks before you
    get to your location. Park the truck into the warehouse and before you get out
    of the cab, hit L1 to activate the bomb. You'll run out of there automatically
    as the whole place is lit up like the Fourth of July. 
    The cops will show up very soon. You're instructed to get out of the area so
    do that by running. Don't jack a car because the cops will arrive rather
    quickly. Just run about a block away from the disaster site and you'll pass the
    mission. The reward this time? $700 wing wangs. 
    On your way back, Roman may call you. He'll tell you that Brucie has work. Lo
    and behold, a B icon appears on your radar. Subsequently after that, you'll
    probably get a text from Dimitri that sounds urgent, going by the operative
    words "We need to talk."
    Despite the fact that this seems important, we're going to divert our full
    attention to Brucie's jobs. Head on over to the B icon. It's near the docks,
    not too far from where Niko first entered this city.
      (, /    )              
     ) /_____) rucie's Missions
                                 |o|Search and Delete       |Br01|$3500|          
                                 |o|Easy As Can Be          |Br02|$3500|
                                 |o|Coming Out of The Closet|Br03|$6750|
                                 |o|No. 1                   |Br04|n/a  |
    | Search and Delete |  (Br01)
    You'll get to see just how hilarious Brucie can be. He wants someone whacked as
    he puts it. Niko should just put his ad in the yellow pages or something. Seems
    like everyone comes to him to get someone killed. Anyways, you've got to find
    the person because they're hiding. You'll need the police computer so you've
    got to get a cop car. 
    You can go about this one of two ways. Either way will result in you getting
    a wanted level but you might find the second way easier. The first way is to
    find a cop just randomly driving through the city. Block their path and jack
    them right there. The other way is to use your phone and press up on the D-Pad
    twice which will bring up the keypad. Dial 911 and hit the Send button. Then
    when the operator answers, hit 1. You'll call over a cop to your location. You
    might want to drive away from Brucie's place before doing this. He might also
    text you with this information.
    Once you have the car, evade the cops and ditch your wanted level. You'll call
    Brucie, and he'll give you the name Lyle Rivas. You can use the car's computer
    when you're not in motion by hitting L1. At the screen, select Search Police
    Records, then Search By Name. Enter Lyle Rivas with your controller or with a
    USB Keyboard if you're impatient like me. The guy you're looking for will come
    up along with his location. Mark it on your radar by hitting X. Exit the
    computer screen and take your ride to his place. Looking at the radar, it might
    seem like he's in the alley, but don't go that way. On the side of the building
    is a stairwell. Park your cop car and go in that way to a door. Enter the
    complex for a scene.
    Rivas flees when Niko mentions Brucie. Get back in the cop car and chase him.
    Start shooting his ride. If you are indeed using the cop car still, it might
    seem like it would feel appropriate to try and do a PIT maneuver or just ram
    his car, but unfortunately he's pretty much impossible to catch up to. The
    faster you go, the faster he will go. Just stick to shooting. He'll probably go
    up a ramp and onto the highway and drive toward the airport. Keep shooting 
    until his car catches fire. Just like the guy Lenny, Rivas will flee on foot. 
    Run his ass over or just get out and shoot him. That ends the mission. For this
    job you receive $3500 which is by far your biggest payoff yet! O_O CHA-CHING!
    Alright, head to Brucie's for your next job.
    | Easy As Can Be |  (Br02)
    With Rivas dead, Brucie wants his car and asks Niko to get it. Niko has no
    problem as long as there's no big risks and the pay is the same as last time.
    Brucie ensures the pay will be good and as for risks? "Easy as can be" he says.
    Fair enough.
    Drive to the car's location as indicated on your radar. Park in the marker and
    you'll see the car is in the alley on the opposite side of the street. It's
    actually right near the bar that has Darts. Go inside and find the car and get
    in. As you would have probably expected, some company shows up. Now you've got
    to get the car to Brucie's place all while avoiding as many as three cars of
    This can be really tough. Start out by accelerating forward toward the wall
    with graffiti, then take a left onto the street. Try to go as fast as you can 
    without bumping into things and still being able to make turns. If you follow
    the GPS route for a while, you'll get on that really long road. You can put
    some distance between your attackers by speeding down for a while. Losing these
    guys is tough, so you're just gonna have to keep moving. If the car incurs 
    enough damage so that it catches fire, you've failed. The other thing to watch
    out for is your own health. Really only a concern if it's not full and you're 
    driving too slow or hitting too many things, letting your pursuers get in more
    shots. Don't bother slowing down to try and shoot these guys, your Micro-SMG 
    will run out of ammo. There's also three cars as I've said so you're way 
    outgunned. Just keep driving until you get to Brucie's place. Park it in the 
    lockup and you're home free. Whew. Another $3500 to line your pocket. 
    Alternatively, from the start, instead of driving off, you can stand your
    ground in the alley and try to take them all out with your guns. It may be
    risky but it might pay off with a less hectic drive to Brucie's (thanks to
    FaLCo NL and PATtheHAT for this). 
    After the call to Brucie to confirm the job's completion, I got a text from him
    talking about Vigilante missions. If you wish, you can do these to get some
    extra dough, and also fulfill a requirement for 100%. Check the section for
    these missions (Vi00) to get some more info.
    I also got a call from Roman who wanted to get drunk. I obliged him.
    Regardless, we're done with Brucie for now. You have only one option now and
    it is one of many turning points in the game. This one in particular sets Niko
    down the road that ultimately changes everything. Head to the Dr icon to meet
      (, /       
     ) /      austin's Missions Cont'd
                                    |X|Crime and Punishment   |Fa01|$200|          
                                    |X|Do You Have Protection?|Fa02|$400|
                                    |X|Final Destination      |Fa03|$500|
                                    |X|No Love Lost           |Fa04|$600|
                                    |X|Rigged To Blow         |Fa05|$700|
                                    |o|Master And The Molotov |Fa06|n/a |
                                    |o|Russian Revolution     |Fa07|n/a |
    | The Master And The Molotov |  (Fa06)
    Your last two jobs will be more so involved with Dimitri, but nevertheless,
    they fulfill the completion of Faustin's Mission Progress statistic.
    Dimitri explains that his life, as well as Niko's is in danger unless Faustin
    is killed. After the scene, head to Perestroika. Be sure to come equipped with
    at least a few Shotgun rounds and enough SMG ammo. Don't worry about armor.
    When you get there, you'll see Faustin arrive. Dimitri will text you, and say
    he left you something around the corner. Go straight ahead and turn left. 
    Behind the dumpster is some body armor. When you're ready, enter Perestroika.
    After the scene, you've got two of Faustin's guards right in front of you. They
    come at you with their fists but will soon take out their guns. Whip out your
    shotgun since they're at very close range and kill them both easily. There will
    be a few other guards to take of. Use your Micro-SMG to shoot them down. One is
    behind the bar so be sure to get him as well. Eventually, you'll see Faustin
    making a run for it. Head to the door to the left of the stage. Two guards will
    come out. Gun them down with the SMG. Backstage, there is another guard, kill
    him as well and head up the stairs to the alley.
    Outside, there's even more opposition, but this time you have an easier time
    finding cover. Use your SMG or pistol if you want to save ammo. Make use of the
    cover and kill all the guards in the alley. Walk forward and you'll see Faustin
    on the rooftop. He'll start running his mouth. One thing worth paying attention
    to is his mention of Dimitri's loyalty. 
    Take the stairs and head up to where he is. Faustin will fire on you with his
    SMG; just bear with it. Get up to the rooftop and he'll drop his gun. Take your
    pistol out if you don't already have it equipped and target him. You'll see
    the circle flashing red, meaning you can do an execution. Let Faustin talk for
    a moment, and then Niko will reply. After that, pull the trigger, to end the
    reign of Mikhail Faustin. 
    After that, you'll talk with Dimitri. He'll thank you for your work. You don't
    get a reward because Dimitri will be splitting it with you soon. You can call
    him up right away, or mess around, do some other missions, etc while waiting
    for him to call you. We'll just jump right ahead and call Dimitri.
    | Russian Revolution |  (Fa07)
    He says he has the money, and that he's waiting in a warehouse and that Niko 
    should come alone. Warehouse... come alone.... Ok.
    You'll notice the destination isn't marked on your radar yet. Just drive around
    until Little Jacob calls. Pick it up and he'll say he's going to meet you there
    at the warehouse. The destination will be marked by the blue dot. Head over
    there. You'll find Jacob at the back and then a scene will take over. 
    Things turn ugly when Niko meets an old friend. When it's over, you're stuck
    in the warehouse and you've got a lot of company. This will be your biggest
    gunfight thus far. Stay in cover and start shooting. A lot of your targets are
    distanced, so you might want to save your SMG and go instead with the pistol.
    Try and get headshots when you can. Move up to the next piece of cover. You'll
    find a piece of body armor off to the right. Some more guys will have shown up,
    so switch to the SMG and get the guys closer to you. There will be a guy on the
    walkway up on the left. Aim at him and take him down. Little Jacob will appear
    to back you up. Make sure he doesn't take too much damage. Keep using the SMG
    and pistol to keep the foes honest and move from one piece of cover to the next
    while making sure Jacob is alright. 
    Move up again. There's a guy on the right and another should come running out
    from the side. Take cover again and start firing. There will be others further
    ahead so just be careful. When you get to this point, take note of two more
    guys above you, in both of the little sheds with glass windows, one on the left
    and one on the right. 
    When everybody is dead, you'll see Dimitri and Bulgarin take off. The cops will
    also show up. Follow those two out the door and you'll see the police are ready
    for you. Shoot a few of them to make your life easier, but your priority is to
    get into the car that is on your right. Get inside and make sure Jacob gets in
    with you, then drive off. You've got two stars so get moving and evade the cops
    until you're safe.  
    When you've shaken the police, take Jacob to the cafe. Drop him off then call
    up Roman. 
    | Roman's Sorrow |  (rmsw)
    Go pick him up by heading to the yellow dot. After the scene, take Roman to his
    apartment; there's something there he needs to get. Listen to the whole 
    conversation before you get even remotely close to the apartment, that is, if 
    you want to. Anyways, when you get there, you'll find the apartment is on fire.
    Great. Drive off to the depot, only to find that, it too, has been razed to the
    ground. Son of a... 
    After a call to Mallorie, Roman says you can head to Bohan. Head there now,
    going across the bridge. Roman will talk and he'll get pretty worked up too.
    When you finally arrive, you'll get another scene and after that, you've got a
    new home in Bohan. The story however, is just beginning.
    Mallorie mentioned work, and you'll see the M icon on the radar, which isn't
    for Mallorie actually. However, you should get a text from Brucie. Read it and
    he'll say he wants you and Roman to come down. You don't have to pick Roman up
    obviously though, just head on down there. We'll finish Brucie's missions first
    before we get started in Bohan. Drive back across the bridge and head for his 
    place. The mission you're about to undertake is unlike any before it. 
      (, /    )              
     ) /_____) rucie's Missions Cont'd
                                 |X|Search and Delete       |Br01|$3500|          
                                 |X|Easy As Can Be          |Br02|$3500|
                                 |o|Coming Out of The Closet|Br03|$6750|
                                 |o|No. 1                   |Br04|n/a  |
    | Coming Out of The Closet |  (Br03)
    The cousin of Rivas owes Brucie money. In order to lure him out, Roman has made
    a profile on lovemeet.net for Niko. Yes, the guy plays on that team. Drive to
    the internet cafe. Brucie will call you when you get there. He'll mention that
    the guy's screen name is French Tom. Oh brother. Enter the cafe and log on.
    On the web, click the pink box to the right for lovemeet. Click Male. You'll
    see Niko's profile among the others. Click on it to see that what Roman wrote
    is there, among many other things. Jeez. Anyways, find French Tom and click 
    Date to send your request. After that, log off and leave. That will put the
    mission on hiatus for now, as you have to wait for the request to be received.
    You have time to kill. I recommend hanging out with Jacob or doing some jobs
    for him. You can also turn around and walk right back into the cafe and read
    your e-mail from Brucie to do his car jobs. Remember that none of this stuff is
    worthless; it all adds up to that 100% completion. If you do indeed decide to
    option with Jacob, try taking him out to three places and really raise your
    progress with him. He should hopefully call you later and you'll have earned
    his special ability: discounted guns. Just call him and he'll bring them to a
    nearby location for cheaper prices. 
    If you don't feel like doing any of these things though, you can always jump 
    ahead to the next missions. As far as this walkthrough is concerned however, 
    we're sticking with Brucie. Michelle actually called me to go out and I was 
    going to but I eventually called her back to cancel. When you've passed enough
    time, check back at the cafe. If not, keep doing stuff. Roman will text you and
    remind you to check it out when you've passed enough time. Head back to the
    cafe. Brucie might call you around this time. He'll mention to Niko that
    Roman's gambling habits are getting out of control and he's attracting a lot of
    bad attention.
    Log back on and check your mail. You should see the reply from French Tom to
    the date request you made. The date will be set for a certain time as indicated
    in the mail, a time that will probably be not too far off. If you actually take
    the time to read his mail, you get to see how much of a pompous dickhead he is.
    More of a reason to kill him. Anyways, this is your first appointment and it is
    added to your organizer. You'll be reminded of it two hours and one hour prior.
    Kill some more time doing more oddjobs if you wish or go ahead and sleep.
    You'll be woken up automatically before the date. You can be a little bit late
    and by that I mean, maybe a little more than 10 in game minutes but not much
    more. If you're too late, you'll get a text from French Tom saying he's going
    to meet you in 6 more hours. This will continue until you finally get there on
    When it's time, head to the diner that's right around the corner from Roman's 
    old apartment. Go inside the diner and you should see French Tom on the right.
    You'll sit down with him and start chatting. At any time you can get up with L1
    and then pull out your gun. You can also just sit and wait for the conversation
    to sour at which point you'll have to gun him down anyway. Once the gun is
    revealed, he'll try to run. Don't let him. Plant one in his brain and you'll
    earn 6750 smackers. Brucie will mention that you can date other people on the
    site. Not everyone is dateable but it's worth it to try it out.
    Anyways, head back to Brucie's for one last job. 
    | No. 1 |  (Br04)
    Take Brucie with you to go pick up a Comet. The Comet is, in one word, fast.
    Take it to the starting point where you will be racing. A racing mission has
    always been a staple of the GTA series but for some, it hasn't always been the
    most fun. This mission can be frustrating if you can't control your car. I can
    only give you tips, the rest will be up to you.
    For starters, watch out when you barrel out of the starting gate. Chances are
    one car will hit another and that could trap you right away. Avoid this at all
    costs. Being behind at the start won't kill you. Better to be behind at the
    start then during the middle of the race or later. Your Comet is fast, so use
    its speed to your advantage. Don't bother ramming other cars unless you've got
    some of that Burnout instinct and can see opportunities to ram nudge your
    opponents into obstacles. Just focus on driving. Despite the speed of the
    Comet, you'll want to take it easy on certain turns. Don't worry about slowing
    down because control is more important. Your opponents aren't exactly going to
    blow you away so take the time to make sure you're not going offroad or
    anything like that. When you're on straightaways, feel free to feed some speed
    to your ride, but always slow down at turns. 
    Like other races in the series, you gotta drive through the markers. One by one
    they will be marked on your radar so drive to them. When you get to each, they
    will also point in the direction of the next one. One other thing to keep in
    mind is this race is at night. If you're having trouble seeing things, turn up
    your brightness and contrast. It can make enough of a difference, believe me.
    The first turn to concern yourself with is right at the end of the road you
    start on. Take it easy and turn right without too much gas or else you'll be
    riding the wall or worse, going over it. The other is the last turn that brings
    you onto the final stretch. This is a left-hand turn and I have to really
    emphasize this: SLOW DOWN. This turn killed me many times when I did this
    mission. You'll see straight ahead of you before you turn there's like some
    little barricades up. If you go too fast and go more straight than left, you'll
    end up dropping off a cliff into an area that's really hard to get out of. This
    can almost guarantee you a loss in the race unless you blew your opponents away
    or they're stuck or something. Avoid this at all costs and take the final turn
    slowly, then speed up on the straightaway, avoid traffic and hit the finish
    After the race, you'll take Brucie back home. The dialogue is humorous as usual
    so listen if you want to. There's no reward money, but that's ok, because
    Brucie says you can keep the Comet. Schwing! Take this beauty to your safehouse
    right away, but repair it first if you want. Also take note that Brucie will
    probably call you soon, beginning your friendship with him like Roman and Jacob
    and will ask to go somewhere. Oblige him if you want. Either way, when you can,
    go to Bohan with your comet and store it in the parking spot. And, since we're
    in Bohan now, let's finally get on to the next set of missions. Consider
    getting some extra ammo or body armor, then head to the M icon at your leisure.
       __     __)               
      (, /|  /|                 
        / | / |       
     ) /  |/  |_ anny's Missions 
    (_/   '    
                               |o|Escuela of the Streets     |Ma01|$1000|         
                               |o|Street Sweeper             |Ma02|$1100|
                               |o|The Puerto Rican Connection|Ma03|$1500|
    | Escuela of the Streets |  (Ma01)
    Niko will meet up with Mallorie and her childhood friend Manny, who's a man on
    a mission. That mission is to clean up the streets to put it plainly. Although
    a lot of players don't particularly like Manny, and although I'm not a fan
    myself, I do admire his message. He just doesn't convey it very well. He says
    he will pay though, and that's like music to your ears. 
    Get in a car with Manny. The one you brought there (assuming you drove) should
    be just outside. The first part of this mission is a rather boring stalking
    session. You'll drive to find the dealer as he gets in his car. It's sort of 
    like Shadow where you had to follow that dealer, except now you're in a car. 
    The same rule applies though; don't get too close. Niko says two car lengths, 
    and that's about right, but honestly you shouldn't get that close. Hang back 
    and stay several car lengths behind him. You won't lose him as long as you just
    keep a steady speed. When he stops, don't pull up behind him. Stay back and
    wait for him to continue. Just keep following him until he stops and then the
    second part will begin.
    Manny is of course, all talk and ditches you to take care of all the dealers in
    the warehouse. He makes it sound so simple too, when in reality it's not. This
    is another big shootout, and it gave me problems at first but when you come
    prepared, it makes a big difference. Body armor can be a big help. Try to enter
    the warehouse, only to find it's locked. Hrm. You might have encountered this
    problem coincidentally in the similar Shadow mission, if you spooked the dealer
    that is. 
    You have a choice however. You can go in through the front shooting the door
    open, or take an alternate route. In the small alley to the right, you will be
    able to take some stairs to the roof. On the roof is some body armor and a 
    skylight. You can use the skylight to easily get inside and the good thing 
    about this is it will put you in a better position to attack than the front
    door (thanks to RurouniTJ for the alternate route tip). 
    Regardless of which way you go There might be one or two guys right in front of
    you. Since they're so close, favor your shotty or SMG here and they'll be 
    eating lead sandwiches.
    This is a great time to mention blind fire. While in cover, if you hold R2, you
    can shoot blindly from cover. The word blind isn't totally literal here because
    you can indeed see where you're shooting with the targeting reticle. This is
    great for guys who are close and not using cover very well and it will prevent
    Niko from getting hurt in most cases. The obvious drawback is that it is not
    very accurate. Try it out for some of the first guys, but go back to your
    standard tactics for the rest. Turn your attention to your right flank as there
    might be another guy near you there. Also be aware of two guys, one in the far
    left-hand corner, and one in the far right-hand corner. Target them both and try
    for headshots to dispatch them easily. Some of the last few guys should be
    hiding behind a row of boxes. Take them out and then look toward the guy with
    the shotgun who should be even farther down. Move up a bit to take cover
    somewhere closer so you can get a better shot at him. To get into cover easily
    and more efficiently, hold L2 and press Square along with a direction on the
    Left Analog Stick to roll in that direction. It might take some getting used to
    but it helps. Take out the shotgun guy and you should be done.
    Here are some alternate tips for this mission by Brendever:
    o----Submitted Tip----o
    "In "Escuela Of The Streets" there is an easier method to enter the warehouse.
    To do it, you have to shoot the right window and jump through it, but you need
    to be careful, so you won't waste the health box. Now shoot the door a few 
    times and take cover in the wall, you can shoot the first guys from there and 
    then run until you get in the boxes and crouch there, then your walkthrough 
    says the rest. It's important to note the Sprunk machine in the back of the 
    warehouse(inside) after you kill the last guy."
    o----End Submission----o
    Leave the warehouse for a scene. After that, you've got another $1000. Not bad,
    though not as great as Brucie's pay. Now, just head right on back to Manny's
    and we'll get going with the next job. 
    | Street Sweeper |  (Ma02)
    Watch the scene. You can relate Manny to Jean-Baptiste Clamence, the main
    character of Albert Camus' novel, The Fall, if you've read it. Basically, like
    Clamence, Manny doesn't seem eager to do good deeds unless he gets publicity.
    Case in point, you'll be introduced to Francis McCreary, the police detective
    in this scene. 
    Anyways, once it's over, head to your target destination like always. When you
    draw close, you'll see the yellow dot turn into several red ones, indicating
    enemies. Your targets are ahead of you and you've got to take them out. The
    game notifies you about using a gun from your car, but my preferred tactic is
    to back up, accelerate to get some speed and see if I can take out one or two
    of them just with the car. Try this out, although I'll admit it's not an easy
    technique. Try not to get stuck, then start shooting at the survivors. As soon
    as the action starts, one group will drive off. Quickly kill anybody there,
    then drive off to chase the others. You might find that you have a decent
    window, so don't fret if you can't get going right away. Still, don't dawdle
    for long or you will fail. Chase after the car and shoot it, ram it, etc until
    all the passengers have gone on to the great beyond. For this, you'll receive
    Here's a tip from Qwertitis:
    o----Submitted Tip----o
    "Instead of driving right into the garage, it's possible to drive up near the 
    garage (on the opposite side of the street) and not attract attention. From 
    there, I got out of my car, took cover behind it and shot both the driver and 
    passenger of the car before they could go anywhere. This causes all the other 
    gang members to simply take cover somewhere in the garage, making them very 
    easy to mop up.  It also helps to watch the car, also, as I've seen a gang 
    member try to get into it and make a run for it."
    o----End Submission----o
    Manny's last mission goes on hiatus. You should receive a call from Mallorie
    shortly. She'll tell you of another boss for you, Elizabeta. Head on over to
    the E icon pronto. 
     /       lizabeta's Missions    
                                         |o|Luck of the Irish|El01|$1500|
                                         |o|Blow Your Cover  |El02|$2000|
                                         |o|The Snow Storm   |El03|$2500|
                                         |o|Have a Heart     |El04|$3000|
    | Luck of the Irish |  (El01)
    This mission is pretty simple and the rewards are great. You'll meet Elizabeta
    and the friend she wants protected, Packie McReary, a name that should sound
    familiar. You'll be overlooking the deal with a sniper rifle and make sure
    Packie makes it out if things go sour. 
    Drive to the apartment as marked on your radar. Go inside and up the stairs to
    the roof. Right in front of you is the rifle. Pick it up, then walk to the
    opposite end of the roof to find the sniping point. Packie and his boys will
    pull up and meet with the other guys. Now, one thing I should mention is that
    if you're doing this mission at night like I did, make sure you can see. I had
    major trouble seeing through the dark with my settings and also because of some
    glare from the sun through my window. Turn up your brightness and contrast like
    I did to help you out.
    Anyways, keep an eye on one of the enemy guys as Packie is talking. Don't
    target the guy he's talking to, he'll die anyway once the **** hits the
    proverbial fan. Once the bullets start flying, get to shooting. With the sniper
    rifle, you obviously have a huge advantage. A head shot will take out anybody,
    and in some cases, a well placed bullet in the upper body will do the same. Try
    to get guys while they're hiding behind cover if their head is visible, but
    don't shoot when they're moving to and from cover; this makes it difficult.
    Take out each guy and you'll get a message saying Packie is in trouble. Scroll
    down and you should see him struggling with one combatant. Quickly snipe this
    guy or Packie is dead meat. 
    With that guy dead, more will come out from the alley. Try to shoot them as 
    they come running down, then just casually pop the rest of them. There might be
    one near the car at the very back of the alley so be aware of that. When 
    they're all dead, Packie and his associates will get in their car and drive 
    away. You'll receive $1500 for this mission. That's not all though. You also
    get to keep the Sniper Rifle, and now both rifles are available for purchase in
    the gun store. Oh but wait, there's more! (sounds like a TV ad) The standard
    SMG is also available. It comes at a hefty price but I strongly urge you to buy
    it. It will really come in handy very soon. You can also call Jacob and ask him
    to bring you the guns at a cheaper price but that's only if you've made enough
    progress with him. 
    Michelle might call you to ask you about Elizabeta. She also called me before
    that to go out and I figured why not? She asked Niko about his life, and what
    he was up to, etc. During the call about Elizabeta she asked about her being
    involved with drugs and such. Boy she asks a lot of questions, what's her deal?
    Anyways, when you're good to go, head on to Elizabeta's for more work. 
    | Blow Your Cover |  (El02)
    Another drug deal you're going to play bodyguard for. This time though you'll
    have help. Elizabeta will introduce you to Playboy X who will be riding shotgun
    with you on this one. Take him to the target location, which is all the way
    back in Broker. Along the way, Playboy will talk and Niko will offer his
    service for any future jobs that might come along. 
    When you arrive, enter the apartment and right away you should see a weapon on
    the far wall. It's a Combat Shotgun; go pick it up. Then head upstairs with
    playboy and find the contacts for the deal. You'll find out that they're really
    undercover cops and now you're in hot water.
    You'll start out behind cover with two guy in that little alcove in front of
    you. Playboy will be firing on them but it's really up to you. The first guy
    should be easily visible. Take him out with your new SMG or Micro-SMG if you
    still have it. Once he's dead, go inside that little room and take cover. The
    second guy should have his hands full with Playboy so quickly turn the corner
    with your shotgun drawn and kill him. 
    Playboy mentions that going back the way you came is probably not the smartest
    idea. Noted. Head out the door and immediately turn right. There will be two
    Swat guys (I know they're called NOOSE but I prefer Swat) waiting for you. Gun
    them down quickly before they can shoot; they have SMGs. Head upstairs and 
    Playboy will follow you. Before you reach the top of the first flight, another
    Swat guy will roll out of nowhere and block you off. Shoot him down and then
    when you get up to the next floor turn about face and shoot the one near the
    window. Go up with Playboy and two more will be waiting for you. Quickly
    neutralize them and go up one more flight to reach the roof.
    Unfortunately, they're waiting for you here too. Take cover and you should see
    a first-aid kid. Good. There will be two guys on this part of the roof. Cap
    them both and then move up with Playboy to the next section. Take cover near
    him and watch out for the next three guys. Carefully shoot them when you have 
    the chance. Again, be cautious as they have SMGs and this can be a problem if
    you don't have armor. When the three Swat guys are down, move down the stairs
    with Playboy. Another guy will burst out of the door there. Shoot him down
    and head down stairs. You've earned a 2 Star Wanted level so now it's time to
    get out of there. Be wary though, the danger isn't over just yet. There will be
    two more guys to watch out for as you climb down the stairs so be ready.
    Out the door, there should be a few cops waiting for you. Just hurry to the
    nearest car and get in. Sit tight and wait for Playboy, then drive. Or, you can
    also choose to steal one of the police cars and leave Playboy behind (credit
    for this goes to Brendever) and shake the heat first, then go back for him.
    Unfortunately, you might have earned another star killing those last two guys,
    which makes escape a little tougher. The use of the police helicopter makes it
    difficult to escape the search circle. Now wouldn't be a bad time to use the
    Pay n' Spray, especially since it's not too far. Whatever you choose, once you
    shake the cops, take Playboy back to his place, which, by the way, is in
    Algonquin. Alright, we've reached the next island!
    Drop off Playboy and you've got a reward of $2000. Playboy X will also be added
    as a contact. 
    A few things will happen as a result of your unlocking Algonquin. You should
    get a call or two, plus several texts from people, including Playboy who has
    work for you now. Also, the radio station Integrity 2.0 is up now and it stars
    Lazlow, a sort of fan favorite now. Manny's final mission will also open up. 
    We're gonna take care of that, but first, let's meet up with another random
    person, that is, if you feel like it. You gotta drive back to Broker and Hove
    Beach. Find the Russian Shop, you know that clothes shop you visited way back
    when? Go there. Just north of it you should see the icon. Check it out and find
    a guy near the bridge pillar.
    Random Character - Mel
    Mel is from Vlad's bar and remembers Niko. After a lot of nonsense he gets to
    the point. He needs help with some debt. Drive him to Outlook and find the
    marker. You'll jump to another area and his loansharks will open fire. Use your
    pistol or Micro-SMG to wipe them all out. After that, you might have some
    police attention, so drive down Outlook to the Pay n' Spray and ditch the heat.
    After that, drop Mel off where you found him. You'll make $500.
    With that out of the way, go back to Bohan and start up Manny's final mission.
       __     __)               
      (, /|  /|                 
        / | / |       
     ) /  |/  |_ anny's Missions Cont'd
    (_/   '    
                               |X|Escuela of the Streets     |Ma01|$1000|       
                               |X|Street Sweeper             |Ma02|$1100|
                               |o|The Puerto Rican Connection|Ma03|$1500|
    | The Puerto Rican Connection |  (Ma03)
    Manny wants you to take someone out again. This time the target is arriving on
    the subway train from Algonquin. You're gonna have to follow it and then snuff
    him when he gets off.
    This is of course, harder than it sounds. When you arrive at the target
    location, you'll see the train pulling up. I personally prefer to do this
    mission during the day but it doesn't really matter. The train has an advantage
    over you because of its course and you only have what you can drive on. Follow
    the train as best you can, lining up the correct streets and such. Try to keep
    up with it and not just stay behind following it. The reasons for this is you
    will lose some ground when you have to take big turns. You'll end up on that
    long road with the tracks overhead in Hove Beach. Yes, it's the street where
    your first safehouse used to be. At the end of this street, the train will go
    left and so should you. Then at the end of this street it will turn slightly
    left again but you'll have a left or right option. Turn left. Turning right 
    will take you up the onramp of the highway and that will be a failure for you.
    Keep following the train and keep in mind you don't always have to line up a 
    street that's on the exact path as the train. As long as you keep going in the
    general direction that it's going, you should be fine.
    When it stops, get out of your car and go to the stairwell. Wait for your
    targets to come down the stairs (yes, he has friends). There should be a car
    right there waiting for them. Before they get in, blast them with your shotgun
    or SMG. It sounds pretty easy and it actually is. If you wait on the adjacent
    wall of the stairwell and jump them, you can easily dispatch them all without
    incurring much if any damage. When you've got them, you'll earn $1500 and the
    end of Manny's missions. 
    Even more options will open up to you now if you give it enough time. You'll
    receive a text from an Unknown Caller, who says to meet you at the pier at
    Castle Gardens. A ? will be added to your radar. As intriguing as it sounds,
    we're gonna wait. You should also eventually receive a call from Elizabeta who
    sounds a little uptight. Head on over to her place ASAP.
     /       lizabeta's Missions Cont'd    
                                         |X|Luck of the Irish|El01|$1500|          
                                         |X|Blow Your Cover  |El02|$2000|
                                         |o|The Snow Storm   |El03|$2500|
                                         |o|Have a Heart     |El04|$3000|
    | The Snow Storm |  (El03)
    This is one of my favorite missions and is also one of the more challenging
    ones you'll have faced yet. I strongly urge you to go get some health (food),
    body armor, and get an SMG if you haven't already done so with enough ammo. The
    SMG will really earn its weight in this mission. 
    During the scene, Elizabeta and Jacob have a heated exchange and now Niko has
    to go get some stuff for her. Drive to the target location, yellow dot on your
    map like always, to an old abandoned hospital. Now, one thing to consider
    before you actually get on that little island is what car you're driving. You
    will be making a big getaway here and a good car can help. I'd say either go
    with something built for speed, or something big and durable but not terribly
    slow or with bad handling. For speed, a Feltzer or any other sports car will
    help. For something durable, the Cavalcade is a fine choice. Either way, drive
    up to the hospital and park in the marker. Despite the fact the marker is there
    and the hospital is a bit farther, drive your car up toward the building.
    Again, this is for the getaway. You want to get into your car right away after
    exiting this place. There is actually a car there you will see, but it's not a
    great choice for peeling away. Leave your car next to the side of the building,
    then get out.
    You'll see two guys right there on the other side. Pop them with your SMG and
    the battle will begin. With those two down, take cover in between the door and
    window. Peek into the door and you should see three guys. There's one on the
    far right taking cover, one on the rafters above you, and one on the far wall.
    Aim carefully with your SMG and go for headshots or just fill them up when you
    have a clear shot. When they're all dead, go inside and take cover where that
    one guy on the right was. Across from you there is an open doorway that leads
    to a hall filled with doors. Right away there is a guy on the other side of the
    immediate wall. Use your cover then fire on him when you get the chance. Move
    During this sequence, you'll be dealing with numerous enemies as you move up to
    each next doorway. Starting from the outside of the very first door, you should
    see one guy not too far. Shoot him down then move up to the second door. You'll
    probably see more guys farther down, including a shotgun guy. Not only that, if
    you look above, there should be one guy there. Aim for him and shoot him down.
    Before moving up to the third door, look to your left. There's a first-aid pack
    there. You probably shouldn't need it yet, but take note of its location. Move
    up to the next door, then take aim at the next guy. You should also be able to
    gun down the shotgun dude now so do that. Before moving up, use the Right
    Analog Stick and swivel the camera around so you can see inside the doorway and
    to the right and above. Yes, there's a guy waiting for you. Exit cover and hold
    L2, then slowly proceed in and start firing to take him out quickly. Take cover
    again and then look into the next area and above. Another guy, shoot him down,
    then enter. 
    You'll reach a large area at the end with another first-aid kit in front of you
    and a door to your right. Again, you shouldn't need the first-aid if you've
    done a good job of using cover. If you ran out of armor (or just didn't bring
    any to begin with), grab it. Go through the right door and then into the next
    door inside there. Take cover quickly on the right side of this door where the
    last two guys are waiting. Just stay in cover and pop them both when you see
    the opportunity. Another choice is if you brought any, a well placed molotov
    will take them both out. Walk inside and you'll find the cocaine on the table
    and also some body armor. Good. The next part of the mission has two different
    strategies to pick from, one submitted by lostlibrarian. Skip the next two
    paragraphs to read his strategy.
    Niko has what he came for, now it's time to get out, which, as it turns out, is
    another difficult task in itself. N.O.O.S.E (or as I prefer to call them, SWAT)
    has the place surrounded. Great. Hurry back the way you came, down the long
    hall of doors until you get to the last door, where the big yellow engine
    thing is. Take cover near the door and shoot the first guy you see. This will
    trigger some SWAT guys who will start infiltrating the area one by one. You'll
    have a hard time fending them off from where you are though, so back off to the
    previous doorway, or take cover behind the engine. If you stay where you are,
    you can't target them easily and they often come in and try to bash you with
    their guns before opening fire. Just back off to an easier distance and shoot
    them one by one as they come in and be aware of the first-aid nearby if you 
    need it. Also be very careful as there could be one guy coming down the hallway
    behind you. When it's all clear, head out to the first room you entered. Take 
    cover near the window and look out to the left. You should see some cops. Start
    firing on them and they should back off a bit. Make sure no other SWAT guys are
    sneaking up on you, and when the coast is clear, run out to your car that you 
    left waiting. Hop in and drive off. 
    Steamroll through the cops that try to block your path and get back on the road
    you took to get here. It's your only escape route really. Keep in mind you're
    on an island so running into a dead end is rather easy. Just go back the way
    you came and into Algonquin. This will make it easier to ditch the 3 Stars
    you've accumulated. Favor long straightaways, but always be mindful of cops
    coming down adjacent streets. The pigs can get really annoying, especially if
    you didn't pick a car with decent speed. Do your best to outrun them or use the
    Pay n' Spray if you really need it. Once you've lost them, you'll call Little
    Jacob and he'll tell you where to meet him. Drive back to Bohan and you'll find
    him in an alley. There, a rather revealing cutscene will take place.
    This is an alternate strategy submitted by lostlibrarian to use after you've
    gotten the drugs and are about to escape:
    o----Submitted Tip----o
    "As far as I can remember, after leaving the room with the package I sprinted 
    left down the corridor, right at the end and out the exit in front of me, then
    turned right and followed the fence until I saw the gap. Through there, I 
    jumped over the edge to the dock with the boat; actually, i fell in the water 
    but I could get back on the dock by jumping.
    Once in the boat, I went south out of the range of the radar an hung around 
    until the wanted level was gone: the great thing about using the boat was that
    I could just follow the river to the north island where the destination is: 
    This neatly avoids the annoying charge through three star police blockades. As
    an added bonus, if you follow my 'freakout an run away like a sissy' strategy
    as well, you dont have to fight the cops at all."
    o----End submission----o
    If you choose this method, get on to land when you can, then drive to the
    I have received another alternate strategy from the funkmeister:
    o----Submitted Tip----o
    First, use the sniper rifle from the edge of the brick wall in the hospital car
    park to take out the three guys facing you (two on the ground, one in the 
    window) then use the bobcat (car) to knock over all the  fences while you drive
    around to the front (not essential, unless you use the alternate exit strategy
    in your guide, in which case it makes it much easier to hit the boat when you 
    run and jump out the front door, as you only need to run forwards, not around 
    the fences first) -- you can then use the sniper to take  care of the guy in 
    the bottom-right window and the second-from-top left window.
    Now, switch over to the shotgun, run to your left and there'll be a ladder up 
    into the building, climb it and take cover behind the stone object in front of
    you and take out the guy in front of you, stand up and walk forward a pace or 
    two and use the shotgun (or the SMG) to take out the guy below you with a 
    headshot, drop down, take care of the guy in front of you (in the corridor) 
    with the sniper or the SMG, turn left and take out the two guys the same way.
    o----End Submission----o
    However you choose to do this mission, when you're behind the wheel, go find
    Jacob at the meetup location for a scene. 
    After the scene is over, you've ultimately lost the coke but you still get paid
    anyway. $2500 to be exact. You've got one more job for Elizabeta so head back
    to her place.
    | Have a Heart |  (El04)
    Elizabeta is paranoid that she'll be getting caught soon. Then comes a knock on
    the door and soon, things happen. After the scene, get into the car right in
    front of you and drive it to find a guy named The Doctor. This is actually a
    pretty simple mission, especially if you compare it to your last endeavor. Just
    drive carefully. Any hard bumps may open the trunk revealing the bodies. If
    that happens, any nearby pigs might start coming after you. Get out of the car
    if the trunk opens and go to the back to close it. Just keep driving and get to
    the yellow dot and then another scene will take over. The Doctor will drive off
    with the car and you'll have earned $3000. Wow. Easy. Not how I expected to end
    my involvement with Elizabeta. 
    With those missions done, you're officially finished with Bohan. It was
    fleeting, but now it's time to move on to bigger, better things in Algonquin.
    There's much to do, much to see. Take care of any friend's needs like hanging
    out with Brucie or Roman, etc. Otherwise, drive on over to Algonquin. You'll
    soon be opening a very wide array of bosses and potential missions. I prefer to
    be very linear and handle one boss at a time when possible, but I can
    understand a preference to go after certain missions, especially since a few of
    the future missions are pretty good. For that reason, if you're not following
    this guide to a T, that's understandable. For now, I'm still covering things on
    a boss to boss basis. Let's get started by heading to that ? icon to meet the
    mystery contact. He or she is at the pier at the very south side of Algonquin.
    Drive or take a cab over there. 
    | Call and Collect |  (Fr01)
    It turns out your contact is none other than Officer McCreary, whom you met
    with Manny. He reveals he's being blackmailed by someone for something bad he
    did, though he vehemently claims he's a good guy. By the sounds of things, the
    "good" officer will blackmail Niko by revealing his criminal record unless he
    After the scene, hurry to the target location. It's a ways north so take a cab
    if you need to. When you arrive, find the marker and go to it. You'll talk with
    Francis and he'll tell you the guy he was supposed to meet is somewhere in this
    park. Wait a moment and you'll receive a text with the guy's number. 
    This makes for an interesting mission. When you read the text, press X to bring
    up an option to just dial the number immediately. Do so and you should get the
    guy on the line. Start walking around, and pay close attention to all the
    people. You want to see who is talking on their phone. From what I've seen, the
    location of the guy is not set so you'll have to do some searching. Just walk
    around and get close to people. Obviously people who aren't talking on a phone
    are not your guy. Listen closely and you should hear the guy's voice echoing as
    he is talking to you on the phone and also his voice being heard nearby. Try
    to pinpoint where it’s coming from. When you get close to him, he'll realize
    what's up and run off. If you don't find him by the end of the first call, you
    can call him one more time to try and find him. After that though, the guy will
    leave and finding him at that point becomes tough and you'll mostly likely fail
    the mission.
    When you've found him, pull out your pistol and plant one in his leg, then
    another in his skull. He'll drop the evidence, photographs. Pick it up and
    then vacate the area immediately. You'll have 2 stars so get to your car and
    get going. Again, I found the cops were following me a bit too closely so I was
    lucky and had a Turismo. If this happens to you and you don't have speed on
    your side, do your best to shake the heat. Once you've gotten away, go to the
    new yellow dot on your radar to meet with McCreary and give him the stuff. For
    that, you'll receive a reward of $1000. 
    Francis McCreary has more work though, as you'll see the Fm icon appear. We're
    gonna hold off on that however. I feel obligated to start Playboy's missions,
    especially since we just so happen to be really close to his place. Before we
    even do that though, it's time for a few more random characters. I would have
    spaced them out, but we're just gonna tackle a bunch at once. First head back
    to Broker, Firefly Island. A ways west of the Bowling Alley, on the boardwalk,
    is another random character icon. Find it and there you will find...
    Random Character - Ilyena
    Mrs. Faustin. She's having a lot of trouble since Mikhail was killed. Niko is
    understandably uncomfortable talking with her. One of her gripes is that her
    daughter is involved with some "slimeball". Jeez, again? Time to go play dad.
    Follow the red GPS route and find the alley where the guy is standing. Get out
    and you two will chat for a while, then he'll take off. As Ilyena said, don't
    kill him. Chase him down and start flailing those arms and legs to beat him to
    a pulp. Just be careful not to overdo it. Refrain from doing any counters when
    he's low on health. When he's had enough, he'll flee and you'll be done. No
    reward sadly. 
    After this, drive back to Algonquin and go to the lower west side. He's on the
    corner of Frankfort and Garnet, near the really big building in Suffolk. Find
    him on the corner selling handbags.
    Random Character - Hossan
    It turns out it's Niko's old friend from the boat, waaaaay back at the start of
    the game. He asks you to take a ride with him to collect some money. Ok, sounds
    simple enough. Get a car and go with him to find the guy he has to meet. As the
    law of GTA deals goes, this one goes bad. Wait for Hossan to get back in the
    car and drive after the guy. Now he has a Banshee and he likes to go fast, but
    as long as you're not driving anything big and clunky you should be ok. Fire on
    his vehicle until he gets out. Just be aware that when he gets to a certain
    straightaway, he really puts the pedal to the metal so make sure you don't lose
    him. When he gets out, finish him off and then collect Hossan's money. When
    that's done, take him to a place to drop him off and you're done. Another $500
    in your pocket.
    We got one more to cover. This one can only be done at night so if it's day,
    considering skipping this for now and doing Playboy's missions. Don't forget it
    though. This contact will be near Hossan's location, just a block to the east.
    Find her and start this next one.
    Random Character - Sara
    Well besides having some obvious character flaws, Sara needs a favor. Drive her
    to her place. When you get there, her husband will come at you, fists bare. 
    Beat him down to end this and you'll be done with Sara for the time being.
    With that done, we've done enough to distract us from the story. Get to
    Playboy X's place. Drive on over to the X icon and we'll get started.
       (, /   )       
        _/__ /      
     ) /     layboy X's Missions  
                             |o|Deconstruction For Beginners|Px01|$6500 | 
                             |o|Photo Shoot                 |Px02|$6750 |
                             |o|The Holland Play            |Px03|$25000|
    | Deconstruction For Beginners |  (Px01)
    During the scene, you'll meet Playboy X's old mentor and partner in crime,
    Dwayne Forge who has unexpectedly gotten out of the joint. Playboy offers him
    home and security, but Dwayne doesn't seem pleased by what he sees. 
    After the scene, head with Playboy to a location to find a van. Get inside and
    you'll get some rifle ammo, an and grenades which is a new addition. Get out and
    then get on the lift with Playboy by hitting L1. Then use it get up to the top
    of the skyscraper. Your goal here will be to shoot three lookouts with the
    rifle, which will make things easier for you when you rush in. We have a tip
    provided by StooBush and it's a nice one, so find it at the end of this mission
    Looking through the scope, try to find the three targets. Use your radar to
    make sure you're lined up and looking in the general area. Carefully comb the
    area with your eyes and look for the red arrows indicating the enemies. Again,
    light can be an issue here so make sure you can see. The first one is on top
    of the red crane. There's a red light above him. Take aim and fire. For the
    next one, look just above the wall that is blocking Niko. The guy should be on
    a little catwalk, again near a red light. Shoot him and you've got one more. He
    is to the left, also on a crane like the first guy. Move the scope down a bit
    and you should see him. Take him out and Playboy will tell you the coast is
    clear. Now you're gonna head on in.
    Pull out your new Assault Rifle and get back on the lift. Take it down and then
    get in the Cavalcade. Drive on over to the site. Get out of the car and take
    cover. Take out the first guy then move up. There should be another to the left
    so take him down too. Keep moving up to the next piece of cover. There should
    be a guy on the scaffolding a ways ahead of you but you can reach him. Shoot
    him and also a guy on the right. Keep moving up and take out the guy straight
    ahead. Playboy should contact you telling you where to go. Immediately be aware
    of a guy to your left. Shoot him and then move in that direction toward the red
    dot. There will be a group of guys on the scaffolding ramps there. Take cover
    quickly. Some of them might run but gun any down who remain. Move forward but
    turn right and shoot a guy waiting for you. Look up and you might also see
    a guy trying to gun you down from above. Again, headshots help big time if you
    can get them.
    Hurry up the ramp and you should see a guy there. Gun him down and move forward
    and a short scene will take over. Niko will take cover automatically and pull
    out a grenade. Use one now but wait for your opposition to show itself. Aiming
    with grenades is tough because they can roll so don't overestimate the distance
    you have to throw it. Try taking out the guy ahead of you with a grenade but
    don't waste too many. You'll probably have trouble getting it behind the cover
    without actually hitting it. If nothing else, the guy will roll out of the way
    and then you can gun him down. For the others, just wait til they pop their
    heads out and shoot them with your Assault Rifle. Get closer and finish off any
    stragglers. Playboy will again tell you where to go next. Move up to the top
    left corner and go to the next rooftop.
    Two guys will be waiting. Try to gun down the one on the right first, then take
    cover behind the construction beams. Lob a grenade toward the other guy, using
    the wall to bounce it near him if you must. With him dead, there's another two
    guys at the end. Get closer and gun them down, then turn the corner. Here you
    will find a whole slew of enemies running out in the open looking for cover. 
    Just shoot them all when they're moving and you can easily kill them all. Don't
    worry too much about your own cover. As long as you fire off enough rounds you
    shouldn't take too much damage. Just be mindful if anyone farther away starts
    firing. Keep moving, using cover when you need to and shoot each guy that shows
    his face. Playboy will mention the guy you're after is probably escaping on a 
    chopper. Move down the end of this building and keep mowing guys down. When you
    reach the end, you'll see on the opposite building, the target climbing up the
    ladder. Quickly gun him down and you'll complete the mission. 6500 big ones
    for this job. Also, the Assault Rifle and Grenades are now available in weapon
    shops. Schwing! 
    Here's a strategy by StooBush for this one:
    o----Submitted Tip----o
    First, like in the walkthrough, you go to the roof and snipe the 3 lookouts. 
    Then, descend to the ground, and drive to the entrance to the construction 
    site. Using the sniper rifle, shoot the first Union Leader up on the scaffold.
    Then go back up to where Playboy X is watching, and shoot the second Union 
    Leader. Then go back down, and take the car around the back of the construction
    site and knock down the fence there. Straight ahead is a pile of steel girders.
    Climb up and to the front of the girders, and you can snipe the head of the 
    third union leader up and to the right.  Lastly, go back up to the roof a third
    time and you can see the final union leader on the roof near three milling 
    guards. Snipe away.
    Seven bullets, no damage, no muss, no fuss."
    o----End Submission----o
    From where you are, go over to that ladder the guy was climbing and get up
    there to that building. Head up and to the left. You should see some more
    wooden ramps. Use these to get back to the ground. Packie McCreary might call
    you if has not already done so. He has work too and he's back in Dukes. Well,
    that's a long ways. We're just gonna stick with Playboy X for now. He'll call
    you and tell you Dwayne also has work for you. You'll have him as a contact but
    again, we're sticking with Playboy, but we'll get to Dwayne soon. Drive over
    to his place and get to the next mission.
    | Photo Shoot |  (Px02)
    Playboy wants someone dead but he can't describe him accurately enough for
    Niko. So, Playboy gives him a new phone with camera functionality. Sweet. Take
    it and drive to your destination as indicated on the radar. Once there, you
    should see two groups of guys in the ball court. Enter and stand behind the
    seats. Use your phone's camera and aim it toward one group of guys and snap
    a photo. Press X to send it to Playboy. Wait a few moments and he should call
    you. If your target, Marlon is among them, he'll tell you to take him out. If
    he's not in that group, take a picture of the second group and send it. Either
    way, once Marlon is identified, pull out your SMG or Assault Rifle and kill
    If you get too close, they'll open fire. Try to get the jump on them and kill
    Marlon. All of the other guys (including the second group) will open fire. If
    your target escapes, he'll get in a car and drive away. If this happens, just
    chase him down and shoot his car.
    Greycap submitted this tip on the mission, give it a read:
    o----Submitted Tip----o
    "As soon as you have the photo, wait until you are outside the ball court to 
    send it. When Marlon is identified and Playboy X calls you back, all the 
    gangstas in the court will be alerted (I stood across the street by a fire 
    hydrant when the call came an all the ganstas turned to look at me). Then 
    position yourself where you can take out Marlon with a sniper rifle. You only 
    get one shot, so be sure it's a head shot. Also time your shot so you have a 
    clear line of sight between you and your mark, i.e. no passing car in between 
    you. Bang! Ca-ching!"
    o----End Submission----o
    Once he's dead, you'll have earned $6750 and more praise from Playboy. As for
    what to do next, Playboy won't have another job for you so the options are sort
    of open, really open.
    Now one thing to note is that by completing Photo Shoot, you should now or at 
    least soon, be getting a call from  Mallorie. She's worried because Roman 
    didn't come home last night. Hm.... Well, hopefully it's nothing as Niko says.
    There's a follow up call to this and since it's rather difficult to say when 
    you'll get it, I can't list the exact time. I can only describe as it happens 
    relevant to the course this guide is following. So, if you do get that call 
    jump ahead to (Hsng). 
    You should also get a call from Michelle who we discovered earlier was an 
    undercover. She wants Niko to meet her at a certain building, the United 
    Liberty Paper building. Go there now to see what the fuss is about.
    | Wrong Is Right |  (Ul01)
    Here you'll meet a guy who knows a lot about Niko, and like Francis McCreary,
    it seems that if there's no cooperation, everything about Niko's wrongdoings
    will be made public. This guy, who we'll refer to as Mr. Paper asks Niko to
    find out some info about a guy back in Hove Beach, to which Niko delivers what
    I see as the most wonderful piece of dialogue in the entire game. "Hooray."
    Hove Beach is a bit of a drive, going south then across the bridge. Take a cab
    if you prefer. You'll arrive at an apartment. Approach the door for a short
    scene. Mr. Paper will tell you to find the location of your target, Minkov by
    checking his e-mail. Walk into the room and press L1 to go on his computer. Use
    it just like you would the ones at the cafe. Log on and click Check Mail. Look
    at the very first e-mail and you'll learn the vital info. Logout and you'll
    call Mr. Paper back who says now you've got to kill Minkov. Drive to his
    location. Minkov will show up but get spooked and peel away. Follow him and
    start unloading with your SMG. 
    What starts here is a potentially long and annoying chase. He will get on the 
    onramp to the bridge and drive to Algonquin. He's very good at dodging traffic
    so you're gonna have to get your A game for driving out on this one. Keep on
    him and don't drag too far behind. One collision that turns your car around or
    gets you stuck may not fail you, but it will make it very tough. If you get
    stuck badly, you'll probably lose Minkov. Keep chasing him and firing on his
    car until he's toast. Ironically, I chased him for about 5 minutes until I
    somehow planted a bullet so precisely that it headshotted him through the
    window. Anyways, for this job you receive $6500.
    This opens up your jobs for Mr. Paper as indicated by the U icon on your radar
    now. However, we just wanted to get our foot in the door so to speak with him.
    I said we'd get to Dwayne, so that's what we're gonna do. Head north to the
    D icon on your radar.
      (, /    )                    
        /    /
      _/___ /  wayne's Missions 
    (_/___ /                 
                                      |o|Ruff Rider          |Dw01|$6000|  
                                      |o|Undress To Kill     |Dw02|$6250|
    | Ruff Rider |  (Dw01)
    Find Dwayne down in the dumps at his place. He gripes about his ex and how he
    got screwed over by her and his former friend Jayvon. Drive on over to the
    arcade to find them both. Jayvon ditches the girl, Cherise and drives off. You
    have the option to kill Cherise right there. I would advise to spare her
    because it opens up a random character mission later. It also doesn't feel
    right to me. Your vehicle will be on a corner opposite the arcade. Go run to it
    and get in, then start following Jayvon (red dot). He's on a motorcycle, which
    will make things sort of easy. Only bad part is he has a decent headstart. 
    Catch up to him and be very mindful of his route since he likes to go through
    areas with a lot of traffic. Keep following until you catch up and either shoot
    him off his bike, or do what I like to do and ram him to send his ass flying.
    If he's still alive, run him over or gun him down. Go pick up Dwayne's money
    once he's dead. You'll call Dwayne after
    that and agree to meet at a Cluckin' Bell. Go there and you'll watch a short
    scene. Dwayne will thank you for the money, and also for sparing Cherise. Your
    reward for this will be $6000 straight. 
    Mallorie calls and says Roman has been kidnapped. It's time to go rescue him.
    This begins....
    | Hostile Negotiation |  (Hsng)
    You should also receive a text picture message from Dimitri. Son of a.... Well
    there's no way he's getting away with this. Drive all the way over to Bohan's
    Industrial district. Make sure you come well prepared with Assault Rifle ammo,
    SMG ammo, and body armor. Call Little Jacob for his special ability if you can
    if you need some supplies.
    You should see the construction site. Approach it and turn left to swing around
    to the side. Leave your car on the sandy area, then walk in. You'll find the
    doorway with some Assault Rifle ammo. Take it out and enter the marker to
    begin. After the scene, you'll find you're in a really good position. You're
    behind a nice piece of cover with two guys in front of you, and one a bit
    further away. What better way to start raising hell than with a grenade? Pull
    one out and let it cook in your hand for a few moments while aiming sort of
    downward (so it looks like the reticle is just above the wall). Wait til the
    nade starts beeping then let it go. It should head toward the farthest guy and
    kill him with a quick explosion. The nearest guys will hopefully be knocked
    back by the blast. Quickly shoot them both while they're on the ground. 
    Now that we've started, use your cover and find the guys on your left and right
    sides. Aim and take them both out. One might hide in the doorway ahead of Niko
    and slightly to the left. A well placed grenade will do him in. Also take aim
    at the guys to the right and on the second floor. You should see their heads
    poking out an the muzzle flash of their gunfire. Shoot them both too. Move up
    (left) on your cover and you should be able to see one more guy to the far
    right. Take aim and fire on him or leave cover and enter the room first if you
    can't get a shot. Here in the open, you'll see even more enemies. There should
    be two on the east wall, two on the south wall, both on the second floor. Make
    good use of your cover and shoot all of them.
    There's still more up there unfortunately, and targeting them all will be tough
    so instead make a break for the stairs when you see the opportunity. You might
    take a few bullets but it shouldn't be a problem. Just hurry up and take cover
    in the dark corner there. You should have full view of the guys in front of you
    and along the adjacent wall. Kill them all with the Assault Rifle or try a
    grenade if you're feeling lucky. When the coast is clear, move along the second
    floor to the next stairwell. You should find a suit of body armor waiting for
    you on the floor next to the stairs. Just what the doctor ordered. Head up to
    the third floor now.
    Be careful heading up as there's more enemies waiting. Take cover as fast as
    possible behind the pillar there. On the other side is an enemy, as well as
    a second behind the next pillar. Great chance for blind fire here. Just hold R2
    and shoot from behind the cover at both of them. You shouldn't have a problem
    since they're so close. Take them both out and be aware of a guy on the
    adjacent wall shooting at you. Take him and the last two guys at the end of
    the current hall out. Move up to the next part and you should see one more guy
    hiding. Shoot him and take cover behind the machine he was using. You can see
    the next stairwell on the right, and Roman will call out to you. Don't go yet
    though. There's a trap waiting for you. On the rafters to the west will be a
    group of enemies waiting to ambush you. Get the jump on them and shoot them
    all down. A few bullets each should be enough to send them all plummeting to
    the ground below. When the coast is clear, head up the stairs. 
    There's more resistance here as well. There's two guys on the roof to your
    left. Focus on them first as they have more of a clear shot on you. When they
    are dead, shoot the guys in front of you, or let a grenade cook in your hand,
    then let it go to take them out easily. Move up to the next cover and take aim
    at a guy to the left. There might be one more straggler so be careful. When
    you've cleared the path, Roman will call out to you. Hurry across the walkway
    to the empty room.
    Only it's not empty. Get closer and one last enemy will appear with Roman as
    his hostage! Get a few steps closer, but not too close. Take out your pistol
    (you don't have to but I prefer it here) and aim at the attacker. You'll
    automatically free aim so place the reticle to the left of Roman and on the
    attacker's head. He goes through a pattern of motions which includes ducking
    his head out to his right (your left) before he fires a round or two of his
    pistol at you. His head will always go into this same position, so just keep
    the reticle in that spot and wait for him to do it again. Hold R2 half way to
    increase your aim, then fire. If successful, you'll have saved Roman and 
    quelled the threat for now. If not, you have two more chances, just don't hit
    Follow Roman out of the door and down all the stairs to get to a truck. Get in
    with him and drive off. Turn left immediately and ram one of the fences down to
    get out. Then drive Roman back to your safehouse. After the scene, you're done.
    Strangely enough, some time after you drop off Roman, he might call you letting
    you know there's a new safehouse for you in Algonquin, along the east side. 
    Funny thing is, it's actually a pretty ritzy place. Impressive. Most
    impressive. You can now save and park cars in Algonquin. We'll be getting a
    chance to get a second safehouse here soon.
    Well, that rat bastard Dimitri is still at large but Niko is intent on finding
    some other people first. Let's continue toward that goal and also toward the
    other one of collecting more money. Let's head back to Dwayne's. 
      (, /    )                    
        /    /
      _/___ /  wayne's Missions Cont'd
    (_/___ /                 
                                      |X|Ruff Rider          |Dw01|$6000|  
                                      |o|Undress To Kill     |Dw02|$6250|
    | Undress To Kill |  (Dw02)
    Dwayne is not doing so well still. He grieves over what he used to have before
    he did his stint in prison. One of those things is the Triangle Club which he
    used to own. Not bad. Well, we know that place right? Drive over there and
    walk in. You have three targets.
    Now there's two ways to do this. I guess it depends on if you want a challenge
    or just want to breeze through it. I will admit the challenging way can be bit
    annoying. They both begin the same way though. Walk into the club a bit and on
    the left will be two guys talking. Get close to listen in on their conversation
    and you'll learn one of the managers, Jose, is in the doorway right near the 
    entrance. Go inside that door to find him.
    Here's where you have to choose. You can walk in and pop him with a bullet, but
    that will put the entire club on alert. The bodyguards will take their guns out
    as will some patrons. Cover isn't readily available in the club either so it's
    kinda tough. Also, the other two managers will get out of there right away. So
    you have to get to following them quickly. After you've gotten rid of any
    resistance in the club, you can get in a car and chase after them, shooting
    their car until it explodes.
    The easier option is to take out the first guy silently with a few shanks of
    your knife. This won't alert anybody else in the club. What we're looking to do
    here is make it so the remaining two, when they hear the bullets raining out,
    won't get away from you. So head down the stairs and look to the large stage on
    your left. At the back end is a guy talking to one of the strippers. Get close
    and you'll learn he's Javier, the second guy. The third one is in the private
    dance room at the rear entrance. Get close and identify him as Jesus. Now that
    you know where the last two are, it's time to make some noise. 
    Get into position by getting Javier in your sights by standing in the doorway
    and using the sniper rifle to aim to your right. You should be in good position
    to pop him in the head, then turn around and nab Jesus when he starts to run.
    Do so and turn to try and gun Jesus down. If he gets out the back door, he'll
    get in the getaway car and you'll have to chase him. It can actually work to
    your advantage if he gets out the doorway because then it opens, just don't let
    him get any farther. If he doesn't get out the rear door, then you'll be stuck
    in the club with any of the bodyguards still around so be careful. When you've
    dealt with all three managers, you win $6250. Dwayne says Playboy won't be
    happy because as it turns out, he was a part of the ring that took the club
    away from Dwayne. 
    Here'a a little tip from MyCar
    o----Submitted Tip----o
    "When you get to the Triangle Club, go and block the back door with a car 
    (there's a car in the parking lot there if you need one). Go back around to 
    the front and enter. Go into the office and knife the first target. After 
    killing him, make some noise to alert the other targets (like firing a weapon).
    You can tell it's worked when you see the 2 red dots on your map. Immediately
    run outside and target the front door. When the 2 targets exit, take them out
    (and anyone else that may be a threat to you). By blocking the back door with 
    a car, it prevents them from escaping though it."
    o----End Submission----o
    This ends Dwayne's missions but the conflict here has only just begun. We're
    gonna wait for something to develop here so let's move on to the next boss. Now
    we're gonna handle Francis McCreary's missions. Head on over to the Fm icon on
    your radar, posthaste. 
      (, /           
     ) /      rancis McCreary's Missions
                                          |X|Call and Collect|Fr01|$1000|         
                                          |o|Final Interview |Fr02|$1000|
                                          |o|Holland Nights  |Fr03|$5000|
                                          |o|Lure            |Fr04|$5000|
                                          |o|Blood Brothers  |Fr05|n/a  |
                                          |o|Undertaker      |Fr06|n/a  |
    | Final Interview |  (Fr02)
    You already did the first mission for Francis when he was under the guise of
    the unknown contact. So this is your second job for him. He wants another guy
    with incriminating evidence taken out. Niko will have to get close to a lawyer
    named Goldberg and snuff him out. This is going to be similar to the mission,
    Coming Out of The Closet, where we'll start the first part, then kinda have to
    wait for the rest of it to pan out. 
    Start by heading to the internet cafe which is a ways uptown. Log on a computer
    there and on the first webpage, you should see the ad for the lawyer if you
    scroll down. Just click on it, or you can check your mail and McCreary will
    have already sent you an e-mail with the link. Once you're on the page, click
    Careers near the top. Scroll down and click Submit Resume. You'll see Niko's
    resume there so scroll down again and click to submit it. Log off and leave the
    cafe. You'll earn the Lawyers as a contact and also talk to Francis. That ends
    this part of the job. 
    Now unlike last time where we didn't have a whole lot to do necessarily to pass
    time except do little oddjobs, you still have plenty of bosses to work for. So
    what we're gonna do is go ahead and do another mission while we wait for this
    to pan out. For now, let's head back to the United Liberty Paper building and
    do another mission for that mysterious guy, Mr. Paper.
     __     __) 
    (, /   /    
      /   /     
     /   /      
    (___(_  . L. Paper's Missions    
                                      |X|Wrong Is Right      |Ul01|$6500|        
                                      |o|Portrait of a Killer|Ul02|$6750|
                                      |o|Dust Off            |Ul03|$7000|
                                      |o|Paper Trail         |Ul04|$7500|
    | Portrait of a Killer |  (Ul02)
    Again, the first mission we did already as a mystery contact. During the scene,
    we can see that Mr. Paper does indeed know much about Niko. Like McCreary, it
    seems he's going to use blackmail to make him play ball and do work. What makes
    it interesting for Niko is that Mr. Paper alludes that he might help Niko find
    the people he's looking for. 
    Your task begins by trying to find a cop car. Mr. Paper gives you a picture on
    your phone of who your target is. You'll be using it to find him once you get
    the car.  Use your phone to dial 911 and get a police cruiser to you. If it 
    doesn't work, try moving out of the area and dialing again. When a car shows 
    up, jack it, lose your wanted level, and then stop the car. Access the computer
    with L1. Search the criminal records and choose Search By Photo. You'll upload
    the picture off your phone and it will try to match it with the pictures stored
    in the records. The match comes up as Adam Dimayev. Press X to mark his
    location on your radar. Log off the computer and track him down by following
    the yellow GPS route. It's a long drive back to Broker. Once you arrive, you'll
    talk to Mr. Paper. There's a lot of guards there as you can see. 
    Instead of rushing in the front door, drive around to the north side of the
    building. Get out of the car and head along the building wall, turn the corner
    and take cover behind the blue storage container. the first two guys should be
    right around the corner. From here, only the enemies on this level can shoot
    you; the others are below and won't have a good shot. This gives you an
    advantage. Take out the first two guys, then lob a grenade down to the far
    container, that is, if you still have one. Otherwise, gun down any nearby guys.
    Get to some closer cover if you need a better shot. Move up to the overturned
    dumpster. If the coast is clear, move up to the next container. There should be
    a guy right there so shoot him quick. There should also be two or three other
    guys in that corner so use cover and take them out with blind and regular fire.
    If you still have a grenade or a molotov, this is a great chance to use them.
    Crouch and get near the ledge. You can see some guys down there below you using
    their cars as cover. Lob a grenade or molotov and watch everything light up.
    Otherwise you can either shoot one car until it catches fire, but it's sort of
    a waste. Just make sure all the guys down there are dead, then slide down the
    ladder. If there's any stragglers, shoot them down and you'll be finished. Take
    a sigh of relief and enjoy another $6750 to fill up your pocket. 
    Orpheum submits this tip for Portrait of a Killer:
    o----Submitted Tip----o
    "First off, as usual you must get the cruiser and use the computer to scan for 
    the target. Once you have arrived at the location in Broker, drive to the police
    station across the street. Use the dumpster near the wall and get onto the roof.
    Then start sniping, preferably taking out the guard inside the car first, the 
    rest will try to attack but be at a disadvantage due to your position. One of 
    the guards will likely run into the street to try and hit you, kill him and then
    the rest that can be spotted from that roof. If the others won't come out of 
    hiding, there's a small roof below the edge of the one you're on, jump down to 
    it and you should be able to eliminate the rest of the guards. Usually (at least
    for me), one last foe will remain out of sight and require you to actually go 
    over to him while he flashes red and blue *The kill/spare*, finish him with a 
    knife to finish the job."
    o----End Submission----o
    At this point, you might get that call from the lawyers office. Your meeting
    with Goldberg should be scheduled for some time the next day. In preparation,
    we need some "smart clothes" so head over to Perseus. 
    Also hopefully by now, you'll have received a call from Playboy X about the
    strip club. As Dwayne said, he's not happy. We're gonna have to wait for a few
    more calls before that situation progresses enough. Anyway, back to clothes
    In Perseus, you'll find suits and dress pants combinations. Approach any of
    the suit jackets on display to try on one of these combos. Any will do so pick
    one. You've got the right suit and pants for the interview, but you still need
    shoes. Go to the corner of the store and try on the shoes. Pick whichever pair
    you like, then you're done. You can keep this stuff on until the interview, or
    change though you'll have to change again before the time comes. Also keep in
    mind that you can't wear a hat or glasses to the interview. 
    We've still got time to kill for both the interview and the Playboy X - Dwayne
    situation. I suggest another mission for Mr. Paper. 
    | Dust Off |  (Ul03)
    After the scene, head to the yellow dot. Mr. Paper will call to inform you that
    a chopper will be leaving and you've got to follow it. Stop at the marker and
    indeed, you'll see the heli taking off. Following it is a bit tricky. The
    copter has an obvious terrain advantage over you and your car. Do you best to
    keep following it, using the red dot and the radar to judge your route. You'll
    go straight down the highway and the heli will eventually swoop over to the
    right. Just keep going straight. Eventually, you'll reach the end of the line,
    so turn right and don't crash. Keep following the helicopter, dodging traffic
    as you drive along the south side of Algonquin. Eventually you'll be going
    north along the other side of the island. Keep moving and eventually the heli
    will land off to the west.
    Get out of your car and approach the docks here. Don't get too close until the
    copter has actually landed. There will be a pair of bodyguards waiting. You can
    snipe these two or just go in guns blazing. When you reach the copter, there
    will be about four more guys waiting. Rush them and take cover behind one of
    the crates near them. Use blind fire to take most of them down. When the coast
    is clear, get into the helicopter. 
    You'll earn a 2 star wanted level but it won't really matter. Once you take to
    the air you can easily get out of their reach. Now unless you've flown with 
    Brucie, this is probably your first time in the heli. Make sure you are able to
    control it well. Ascend with R2 and turn with L1 or R1. Be careful flying over
    the city, you don't want to hit any building. Fly toward the yellow dot, which
    is all the way over at the airport on the first island. Along the way, Roman
    will call you, asking you to go to the strip joint, but Niko will explain his
    situation. Roman will even send you a pic message of a stripper's "assets". Oh
    how thoughtful.
    When you get near the airport, start descending with L2. Make sure you don't
    go too fast. Use the Left Analog Stick to back the heli up if you move too fast
    and use L1 and R1 to align it. Try and land on the tiny marker as best you can.
    It can be tricky but try and take it slow using the L2 and R2 buttons, as well
    as the Left Analog Stick. When you've got the bird down safely, some associates
    of Mr. Paper pick it up and you've got a sweet reward of 7000 clams. Mr. Paper
    will explain the heli will be necessary for a future mission, but he will have
    to call you at a later time. Thus ends his missions for a while. 
    To leave the airport, find a car that should be around the nearby building. If
    not, jack one of those big luggage carrier things. Once you're back onto public
    roads, find a cab and take it back to Algonquin. Or if you prefer, stay in
    Broker and Dukes and do some missions for Brucie or Jacob. Just keep in mind
    that your appointment with Goldberg should be coming up soon. 
    Also Playboy will hopefully call you soon to ask you to his place ASAP. If so,
    head to his place as long as you have time. Head on over for a scene.
    | The Holland Play |  (Px03)
    Watch the scene. Playboy seems to be speaking nonsense, but eventually gets to
    the point, presenting a very grave course of action to Niko. You also get an
    interesting glimpse into Playboy's true character. For now, you can't do
    anything quite yet, so technically this mission hasn't really started. So
    for now, we're gonna continue where we left off, but now this whole situation
    has lifted off at least.
    Do whatever you want to kill time until the interview comes up. The icon for
    the lawyers office will actually appear a couple hours prior. Either way, head
    down there and enter the marker. 
      (, /           
     ) /      rancis McCreary's Missions Cont'd
                                          |X|Call and Collect|Fr01|$1000|         
                                          |o|Final Interview |Fr02|$1000|
                                          |o|Holland Nights  |Fr03|$5000|
                                          |o|Lure            |Fr04|$5000|
                                          |o|Blood Brothers  |Fr05|n/a  |
                                          |o|Undertaker      |Fr06|n/a  |
    | Final Interview Cont'd |  (Fr02)
    You'll be buzzed into the building. Walk up to the receptionist and then she
    will walk you to Goldberg's office. She'll advise Niko not to be nervous, that
    Goldberg doesn't bite. Yeah he won't bite, but Niko might. 
    Walk inside and a similar situation to Coming Out of The Closet will unfold.
    Goldberg will go over Niko's resume and talk. You can stand up at any time with
    L1 and take out a weapon to do McCreary's bidding. You can also wait until the
    conversation sort of steers into that direction.
    One important thing I'll mention is that there's two ways you can do this
    mission. The easy schmeasy way, and the difficult challenging way. The latter
    involves gunfighting as you try to escape the building and a subsequent 3 star
    wanted level. To do this, just stand up, pull a gun and kill Goldberg. If you
    want to do it really easily, you can just pull a knife instead and stab him to
    death. If you choose this, grab the files off his desk and you can just walk 
    out of the building without any problems. I prefer this method personally, 
    although I've gone with the more challenging choices in the past.
    However, if you choose a gun, grab the files and leave the office after 
    Goldberg is dead and head down the hall. Out in the open, take cover and use 
    your Assault Rifle or SMG to kill the security guards. Watch for any coming up
    the stairs and then head for the doors when the coast is clear. Get in a car 
    and drive off. Trying to shake the 3 star wanted level can be tough so consult
    a Pay n' Spray if you must. 
    Burn * offers this tip for the more violent approach:
    o----Submitted Tip----o
    "On the mission Final Interview if you choose to shoot the guy, you can blow 
    out the left window, and jump out, you will roll off a flower bed taking no 
    damage, and an easy way to loose the stars is to run left around the corning
    and jump on the subway, next stop is pretty close to the cop station and you
    loose your stars on the trip.
    Its like a scene out of a low budget film right there."
    o----End Submission----o
    Whichever you choose, once you're out and in the clear, go to the yellow dot
    to meet Francis and give him the files. For this, you're rewarded with $1000
    which seems sort of measly by now. Ehh. 
    Curiously enough, you're right next to the police station and Francis has more
    work. Might as well since you're just feet away from the marker. Walk on over
    and start the next job. This one will pay more handsomely. '
    | Holland Nights |  (Fr03) 
    Francis wants another guy eliminated. His name is Clarence and he can be found
    at an apartment complex. Drive over there and Francis will call. Consider that
    there is one tough way to do this which is the standard strategy for this
    mission, as well as an extremely easy way. The latter was sumbitted. Read it
    after the main strategy.
    Walk all the way forward. There will be a fence before the street. To the right
    is a stairwell leading up, probably guarded by two guys. They will warn you as
    you head up. You can kill them but you don't have to. The guy you meet on the
    second floor however, won't be as kind. Kill him and we'll have started this
    battle. The two guys below will fire on you now too, so kill them or ignore
    them and move forward. I prefer the SMG here but use the Assault Rifle if you
    Move forward and be mindful of more guys on the ground level shooting at you.
    Best to take them out. Keep moving and turn the corner. Two guys should come
    rushing out from the right. Shoot them both and then take cover at the corner
    there. Look to your right and there should be a guy down the hallway. Shoot him
    and move up. At the next corner, peek over to see another two guys. Kill them
    both as well and be aware of a guy on the adjacent wall you can't see because
    of the tree. Shoot him by locking on or just move up to cover for a better
    view. After that, go up the stairs.
    An enemy will roll a trash bin down at you. It won't hurt much but it will both
    slow you down and aggravate you. Move up to the next floor and turn around
    immediately to gun down two guys. The coast should be clear now so turn the
    corners to find yourself at the next stairwell leading up. 
    On this roof, run forward, turn left, then take cover at the corner of the
    building. There should be a guy standing right out in the open to the right.
    Use blind fire to kill him, then move up. There should be a second guy hiding
    behind one of the machines. Get the jump on him and shoot him too. Move up to
    see the final rooftop above. Across the way are two more guys though. Kill
    them, then move toward the stairs leading up to the roof. Get up there and
    approach the red arrow to find Clarence. 
    Clarence will beg for his life and ask you to spare him. The choice is yours
    and it will not have any impact on the game at all really. If you spare him, he
    will return later with a random character mission which will inevitably end
    with you killing him anyway. I chose to spare him just because I don't agree
    with McCreary. Either way, once you've made your choice, you got a 2 star
    wanted level to deal with. Find the stairs by getting off that roof, turning
    left and then left again. Get back to ground level and find a car fast. Drive
    off and ditch the heat to earn $5000. 
    Here's an alternate tip (as mentioned before) to try without even having to go
    through all of that stuff. Submitted by sandyandskip, thank you:
    o----Submitted Tip----o
    Weapon: Sniper Rifle
    Method: Go to mission arrow and step in. Take the phone call. As soon as the 
    call is done (or you skip it) fire a shot to get everyone on the run, you don't
    even have to hit anyone, just get the gang members moving around. Now turn 
    around. On the building across the street is a "00:01" billboard, and behind 
    that is a crane. Run around behind the building, jump the fence, up the crane 
    you go. From the top, you can see Clarence on the second floor balcony. Poink. 
    Done. No stars, no cops, no running. Just an immediate conclusion to the 
    o----End Submission----o
    And another by Chaos303030
    o----Submitted Tip----o
    "In the mission Holland Nights, and this isnt really a strategy, I noticed that 
    an alternative, easier strategy was to just listen to the phone call and climb 
    the crane without first firing a shot to get the gangsters moving. After I was 
    up there, the guy was in plain sight and easy to blast.  I discovered this after
    I tried the alternative and the guy ran too far away for me to hit him with the
    sniper.  And I still got no stars.  Weapon Used:  Combat Sniper."  
    o----End Submission----o
    We're gonna take care of another Random Character mission at this point. Drive
    to the Burger Shot in Star Junction. Somewhere nearby should be an icon
    indicating the location of Pathos. He's on the sidewalk, dressed in blue. 
    Approach him for a little cutscene.
    Random Character - Pathos
    When it's over, hurry across the street to help him out. Use a bat or a knife 
    preferably to get rid of his attackers. A gun will attract police attention so
    be aware of that. Kill his enemies and you'll be done with Pathos for now.
    You should get a call from Mr. Paper soon. This automatically starts his next
     __     __) 
    (, /   /    
      /   /     
     /   /      
    (___(_  . L. Paper's Missions Cont'd
                                      |X|Wrong Is Right      |Ul01|$6500|        
                                      |X|Portrait of a Killer|Ul02|$6750|
                                      |X|Dust Off            |Ul03|$7000|
                                      |o|Paper Trail         |Ul04|$7500|
    | Paper Trail |  (Ul04)
    This is a fun mission. Mr. Paper tells you to meet Jacob at the helicopter.
    Go there and get inside the copter. You'll be chasing another helicopter and
    then taking it out with a rocket launcher. The latter sounds pretty fun but
    that will be Jacob's job. Your job is to steer.
    Take off and you'll see the red dot on your radar. Fly over to it and find the
    heli. This is a good time to use the chase camera (Circle) if you never really
    used it much like me, especially if you're doing this at night time, making it
    hard to see the other heli. 
    The tough part about this mission is your having to fly through the city,
    literally. You're gonna have to fly in between buildings and make sharp turns.
    Use L1 and R1 to make those quick turns and be very careful not to hit anything
    too hard. You can deal with a minor scrape or two but a big impact will fail
    you big time and probably even kill you. We don't want that. Keep following
    the other helicopter until it reaches the bridge. It will fly under it, then go
    south. Keep on it until it nears the Statue of Happiness. This is when Jacob
    will try to shoot it with the rocket launcher. You've got to line up your
    copter with the other one so he can get a clean shot. Easier said than done.
    Your first priority should be to catch up to it. When you're close enough, make
    sure you're at the same altitude. The last thing to do is move a little to the
    right so that the helicopter is a straight shot for Jacob who is leaning out
    the window to the left. He'll probably miss his first few shots, but if you can
    line up properly, he'll make his mark eventually.
    When the other helicopter goes down, take Jacob to the nearby helipad. Land it
    carefully and you'll be done. $7500 will come your way when it's all said and
    done. You now can take the heli with you if you want but there won't be a whole
    lot you can do with besides just having fun. You're also done with Mr. Paper's
    missions, though you might not have seen the last of him.
    Dwayne should call if he didn't already. Again, not spoiling anything yet,
    although you should know what this is about, Dwayne will ask you of something
    just like Playboy X. There's one more call to wait for, so until then, let do
    the next mission for Francis McCreary. It's one of my personal favorites. 
      (, /           
     ) /      rancis McCreary's Missions Cont'd
                                          |X|Call and Collect|Fr01|$1000|         
                                          |X|Final Interview |Fr02|$1000|
                                          |X|Holland Nights  |Fr03|$5000|
                                          |o|Lure            |Fr04|$5000|
                                          |o|Blood Brothers  |Fr05|n/a  |
                                          |o|Undertaker      |Fr06|n/a  |
    | Lure |  (Fr04)
    Francis is pissed. Boo hoo. He wants another guy whacked and as usual we're
    gonna do his damned dirty work. Francis has left a car of goods at a certain
    location. Go get it. Then drive it to the target's apartment. When you stop in
    the marker, you'll talk to Francis. After that, head across the street to the
    red door. Walk inside and head up the stairs all the way up to the rooftop.
    Once there, find the sniping point and take aim. Your target is inside the 4th
    Floor window, but unfortunately for you, he's not visible from your vantage
    point. You have two options here. You can see he has a phone with his number
    on it. For some reason I can't see it no matter how much I zoom in with the
    sniper scope, but the number is 545-555-0122. Call it and he'll go answer it.
    You can listen to him chat to nobody for a while, but take the open shot.
    The other option and my preferred choice simply for the degree of hilarity, is
    to shoot his TV. He'll go to the window and that will give you a very easy
    shot. If not the TV, you can just shoot the satellite dish on the outside of
    the apartment (thanks to shortspecialbus for this). The effect will be nearly
    the same. Once the deed is done, vacate the roof and when you're back on the
    ground, you'll call Francis. You're done with him... for now.
       (, /   )       
        _/__ /      
     ) /     layboy X's Missions Cont'd
                             |X|Deconstruction For Beginners|Px01|$6500 | 
                             |X|Photo Shoot                 |Px02|$6750 |
                             |o|The Holland Play            |Px03|$25000|
    | The Holland Play Cont'd |  (Px03)
    You should, in some manner of time, get a call from Playboy X. He's asking you
    for a decision. By now you should know what this is all about (and if you don't
    you must not pay enough attention). Two icons will appear on your map, one for
    Playboy, and one for Dwayne, both in red. You now have to choose, who are you
    going to kill? Playboy? Or Dwayne?
    This canonical answer for this guide is that you kill Playboy, but you can
    choose either one; I will outline either choice for you. I also strongly urge
    you to choose Playboy though. Before we get into the two strategies, I will
    give you a list of considerations for your choice. This includes the rewards
    for both choices.
    Killing Playboy X:
    -From personal experience of watching the story (literally), I got to see
    Playboy's true colors. It's quite clear he left his friend Dwayne, a man who
    taught him and mentored him, for dead and when he was released, was too caught
    up in a new world to care. Then he asks Niko to kill him. It makes it clear
    what kind of person he is. 
    -For killing Playboy, you get his apartment as a safehouse. Besides giving you
    another Algonquin safehouse, it's very nice looking and of course, you get one
    more parking spot. 
    -Inside the apartment is a new set of clothes. It's a set that is modeled after
    GTA III protaganist, Claude's outfit. You can only change into this outfit when
    at Playboy's and if you don't kill him you'll never be able to wear it.
    -Playboy's apartment also has a computer with internet access (thanks to severe
    for this). 
    -There's a pool table you can use to play Pool, though it appears to be a
    little buggy compared to those in bars (thanks to severe).
    Killing Dwayne:
    -You get $25000. However, if this is your main motivation for choosing to kill
    Dwayne, think it over. There will be a mission very soon on the horizon that
    will pay off HUGE. Think about it.
    -Playboy, unlike Dwayne, will NOT be your friend. In fact, it's quite the
    opposite. Despite the fact he obviously wanted Dwayne dead, Playboy will come
    to spite Niko as a cold hearted murderer and not want anything to do with him
    -And again, just talking personally, having done the Dwayne killing, I couldn't
    help but feel quite an inextricable wealth of guilt over it as I watched the
    scene. It just didn't feel right. 
    Once again, the choice is yours. We're going to cover the Playboy choice first.
    For this job, come equipped with some SMG rounds and a few molotovs. Body armor
    will also help, as always. 
    Choosing Playboy X
    Drive to his apartment. Watch the scene. Once again we see what an arrogant
    prick Playboy is. After the scene, you'll be taking cover in the elevator, and
    some of Playboy's homies will be firing on you. 
    The first guy you should turn your attention to is the one beyond the TV. He
    wields a shotgun and is apparently quite a moron when it comes to cover because
    he's right out in the open. Shoot him down first, then go for the other two to
    the left. You can probably headshot both of them even when they're ducking
    behind cover if their heads are poking out. When they're dead, move out but
    quickly turn your sights to the left. There's one more guy and he's hiding
    behind the pool table. Shoot him down fast and then you're clear for this room.
    Move out to the patio now.
    For the next part, Gunslingerzrw has submitted this tip:
    o----Submitted Tip----o
    I have, by accident, found that when you have to choose to kill playboy or 
    dwayne a very eaasy way to eliminate playboy.  Right after the cutscene while 
    taking cover in the elevator, lob a grenade onto the balcony, this will kill 
    playboy and end the mission.  I have done this twice now. 
    Note: you will still need to kill his crew in the loft.
    o----End Submission----o
    It's a very easy way to end the mission, but if you prefer to execute Playboy,
    keep reading. 
    Playboy will leap to the adjacent roof, turn the corner and disappear down the
    stairs. Follow him all the way down to the ground level. He's gone. Another
    group of his guys will show up in a patriot. Ignore them for a second and run
    toward the alley where the red dot (Playboy) is. Don't enter it. Wait for the
    patriot to come around. It should stop and you'll probably take a few bullets,
    but quickly arm yourself with a molotov. Throw it at the stopped patriot and
    that should do everyone in that's inside. With all the opposition down, turn
    your sights on Playboy X. Walk into the alley with your pistol drawn. 
    Cornered like a rat, Playboy X can't believe it's come to this. Aim for him and
    listen to he and Niko talk for a moment if you wish, then pull the trigger to
    execute Playboy.
    When it's all over, you'll call Dwayne and although he's sad to hear Playboy is
    dead, he seems to indicate he foresaw this in some way and grieves more for the
    Playboy he used to know. He still thanks Niko and then offers the deed to
    Playboy's loft, which Niko initially declines but accepts anyway. Dwayne will
    also become your friend now so you can hang out with him and gain another
    special ability if you so choose.
    Choosing Dwayne
    This is much simpler. If you picked to kill Dwayne, go to this place and just
    walk in the door where the marker usually was. Turn left, then right, and right
    again and you should see the opening for a small staircase. Walk up and enter
    the first immediate door. This cuts to a scene.
    Dwayne doesn't have much protection like Playboy. In fact, his only protection
    will appear rather fast from the woodworks. A somewhat stalky gentleman
    wielding a bat. Pop one in his dome and then proceed to the kitchen where
    Dwayne awaits you, unarmed. He tells Niko that he's fake like everyone else.
    Execute him when you wish and that will be the end for Dwayne. For this, you
    get $25000 and a very long and berating call from Playboy in which he pretty
    much says he doesn't want to see you ever again.
    Whatever you choose, you're done with Playboy X's missions. This guide will
    still continue as if Playboy had been killed, although there is no major impact
    on the story other than what just occurred. 
    Go ahead and check out Playboy's place now. It's really nice and you've got the
    new outfit that's modeled after Claude's. I thought it was a nice touch for a
    retro feel so I donned it immediately. Remember you can only change into it at
    At this point, you only have one boss. Head over to Dukes and drive to the Pa
    icon on your map. It's time to work with another McCreary.
       (, /   )        
        _/__ / 
     ) /      ackie's Missions                    
                                    |o|Harboring A Grudge  |Pa01|$7500  |
                                    |o|Waste Not Want Knots|Pa02|$8000  |
                                    |o|Three Leaf Clover   |Pa03|$250000|   
    | Harboring A Grudge |  (Pa01)   
    This mission can be tough. Come fully prepared with full health, armor, some
    Assault Rifle ammo, and sniper bullets too if you wish. Drive Packie over to
    a place in Algonquin. He's got info from a guy named Ray Boccino about a deal
    coming in off the docks. Drive on over there and stop at the marker. Packie will
    get out and tell you to follow him. Do so and go with him through the hole in
    the fence and then around the warehouse. Follow him as he climbs up the pile of
    wood, then grab onto the ledge and shimmy over to the other side. At the very
    end, press Triangle to let go, then climb onto the ventilation duct and finally
    onto the roof. Join Packie there for a scene.
    Now you've got a whole mess of guys waiting for you. You can go about this one
    of a few ways. You can just stay up there with Packie and snipe guys one by one
    but it leaves you a tad exposed. You can start the party with a sniper bullet
    or a well placed molotov or grenade, then jump down and take cover. Or you can
    just jump down and go in a bit more stealthily, then start shooting. I would
    choose one of the latter personally. Just remember when you climb down, go to
    your right, and jump down to that little deck area, then take the ramp down to
    a storage container where you can take cover.
    Once the bullets start flying, Packie will lay down a bit of cover for you. The
    best part (and maybe the only benefit) of this is that it distracts some of the
    enemies for you to kill easily. Use the storage container as cover and you
    should be able to get two enemies by the boat, and then some others by going to
    the left side. After that, move left to the yellow container and aim for the
    rest of them from the left side. If any are gathered together, try a grenade or
    molotov (I always find the latter more hysterical). Your Assault Rifle will be
    the best choice here.
    When all the visible enemies are dead, proceed cautiously toward the truck.
    You will probably see many more guys inside the warehouse. Target them one by
    one as you get closer. Don't get comfortable until you're totally sure they're
    all dead. Once the coast is clear, get in the truck, then wait patiently for
    Packie to get in. Drive out of the compound and take a right, following the
    GPS route.
    It won't be long before you have some uninvited guests. Some enemies in cars
    will start shooting on you. Unfortunately, you're not gonna be outrunning them
    with the big truck, and you don't want to do something dumb like flip it either
    so what can you do? Well, as Niko will discover, there's some grenades in the
    cab. Press Square to switch to them, and then hold L1 to let one cook for a bit
    then let go to throw it out the window. Now, there's one thing about this.
    You want to let the nade cook a bit so that your enemies won't simply drive
    past them just to have them explode a mile down the road. At the same time
    however, let it cook too long and you'll probably take yourself out as well
    which is of course, bad. Dropping the grenade when it starts beeping is not a
    good idea most likely, unless you let it go the very second it does start to
    beep and you're going at full speed in the truck. If you're going average to
    slow speed, just let it cook for about 2 seconds, then drop it. Hopefully, you
    will get one of the bastards following you.
    Honestly though, you can escape danger without having to resort to the grenades
    but it's damn satisfying if you get one to work. Regardless, when you reach
    the yellow dot, park the truck in the lockup for a job well done. Enjoy another
    7500 bones. You'll also meet Ray Boccino and gain him as a contact. He'll be
    calling you soon for work, but for now we're gonna keep going with Packie, as
    something very big is on its way.
    The Pa icon will appear again so head back over to Packie's house for the next
    | Waste Not Want Knots |  (Pa02)
    You'll need a four door car for this to carry yourself, Packie, and his two
    associates. Get one, then go back for them and get to driving. You'll be going
    to the same little island the old hospital in The Snow Storm was located. When
    you arrive, everybody gets out and heads for the fence. Climb on over to begin
    this shindig.
    Take cover behind anything. The container or the wood piles are good choices.
    You've got plenty of backup on this one so don't feel too exposed. There's a
    few enemies to the left, including one on a stairwell. A few more will be
    spread out to the right, behind trees and such. Take them out or let your
    allies do some of the work, move up, rinse, repeat. When the last one bites the
    dust, everyone will gather in front of the doors. Grab the first aid kid to the
    left first if needed, then rush in.
    Run in and shoot the guy right above and to the left immediately. Even if you
    take cover, this fellow has a pretty good shot on you so make sure you gun him
    down quickly. Then go for the enemy straight ahead. Be careful moving up cover
    with your allies because they can ignore some enemies that are hiding, luring
    you into a false sense of security. Always be sure the coast is clear. Take out
    the guys near the back end of the warehouse, then go up the stairs on to the
    walkway. One more will come out so hunt him down. Enter the office and find the
    money in the bag. Take it and a whole army of reinforcements will arrive. 
    Your goal is escape now. You've got enemies to your back and to the front. What
    you want to do is escape through the top left doorway, which will be a bit to
    your right when you get off the stairs. Ignore the enemies that are in the area
    where you came in. There's a group coming in from the door opposite that you
    want to exit. Gun them down but slowly make your way to the door. More will
    replace their fallen comrades so just shoot enough to make a hasty exit with
    Packie. Move down to the pier and give Packie some covering fire if any enemies
    follow you out. Then go with him and jump into the water. Swim on over to the
    boat and climb in. Get behind the driver's seat, wait for Packie to get in, and
    speed off. Pilot the boat a bit north to the next island and stop at the pier
    for a completed mission. Your cut in this will be $8000. 
    That's two down, one to go. Packie's last mission won't be available right away
    and seeing as how you have no other bosses, you'll have to find another way to
    kill time. For now, let's find another Random Character. If you spared Cherise
    in Ruff Rider, drive over to the Cluckin Bell in Northwood. On the corner you 
    should find her. If you killed her then this won't be an option for you. This
    does not affect 100%.
    Random Character - Cherise
    Cherise says she wants to turn over a new leaf after what happened. The
    unfortunate part is that she can't seem to stay away from bad boys. Her new
    boyfriend likes to hit her. Take Cherise over to his location and approach the
    scum. Target him and stun punch him, then lay a few good whacks until the fight
    ends. Be careful not to kill him. If he's low on health just give him another
    kick or punch. Do not resort to counter attacks which can hit up to three
    times. Doing so might kill him. When he flees, go back and talk to Cherise.
    Eventually, Francis might call. He'll warn you about working with his brothers,
    who, as you should know by now, includes Packie. Ironic considering Francis'
    You should also get a text and a call from Packie. He'll tell you about taking
    his sister, Kate out on a date, but not the romantic kind. Sounds tempting. Not
    really. Either way, the important thing is that the call opens up Packie's
    final mission which is perhaps the greatest in all of Grand Theft Auto IV, and
    argued by some to be the best in all of the franchise itself. It's hard for me
    to judge it but I definitely think it's one of the best. Load up all the way on
    Assault Rifle ammo. You'll be using the Carbine Rifle, but it's good to have 
    more ammo. Also have some SMG for back up, just in case. A few grenades would 
    be useful but not mandatory. Body armor and full health are a must for this 
    one. Packie will send you another text saying to dress nice for this job. Go
    to a safehouse and change into your suit and shoes from the Final Interview
    mission. After that, head to Packie's place when you're ready during the hours
    of 6AM to 7PM. Yes, you have to show up in that time frame or else you can't do
    the mission.
    | Three Leaf Clover |  (Pa03)
    You need a four car door for you, Packie, his brother Derrick, and their friend
    St. Michael. Get one and pick them up, then drive over to Algonquin and the
    indicated spot. 
    Watch the scene and all the drama unfold. After it's over, head down into the
    vault and find the money. Once that's done, head out the front door with Packie
    and Derrick. There's really no cover you can take here because the doors of the
    bank will get in your way if you try to take cover beside them. Just rush out
    and start firing with your Carbine Rifle. You shouldn't take many hits if any,
    as Packie and Derrick will be supporting you. Take out a few of the pigs and
    when the prompt appears, follow Packie and Derrick to the right.
    You'll turn down an alley. Run forward and take cover behind the little wall
    there. There should be one cop on your left. Take him out, then aim for the
    others at the end of the alley. One thing to keep in mind here is that you're
    using the Carbine which is a bit more powerful than the AK, albeit slightly
    less accurate. With Packie and Derrick also firing with rifles, you might get
    a few police cruisers to explode. Keep that in mind, it can help you in a few 
    of these gunfights. 
    When the coast is clear, go with Packie and Derrick down the alley and turn
    left. Be mindful of cops following you from behind and ahead of you. Shoot
    while still moving to lay down some cover fire, then run to catch up with
    Packie and Derrick. You'll turn down another alley. Take cover and again be
    mindful of the NOOSE guys (I called them NOOSE for once) around you. There will
    be a few up on the fire escapes of the buildings so keep an eye out. The thing
    with these guys is they have armor too so they'll take a lot of shots to go
    down. Conserve your Carbine ammo by going for headshots when possible. Crouch
    to make your shots more accurate when you're not behind cover. 
    In this alley, take out one cop on the left, then a few others down the way.
    You should see Packie and Derrick run past you down the road. Follow them and
    turn your attention to the cops on your left. As Packie and Derrick run
    straight ahead for the next alley, once again lay down a bit of cover fire to
    take out a pig or two while still moving in the direction they went. Take out
    a few enemies, then hurry and follow the McCreary brothers. A cutscene will
    take over.
    A chopper shows up and things seem bleak all of sudden, at least in Derrick's
    eyes. Packie suggests taking the subway. Run down the stairs and turn the
    corner. Carefully proceed down the corridor. There's more cops lying in wait
    for you. Two should be waiting for you at the end of the long hallway. Kill
    them, then turn left and go down the stairs. Take cover behind the pillar on
    the left or somewhere that gives you a better shot. There's a few cops hiding
    around there. Lock on to them and take them out one by one. When they're all
    dead, a bunch of NOOSE guys come charging up the stairs. You can just get out
    in the open and ambush them all with a steady spray of bullets. They shouldn't
    give much trouble because Packie and Derrick usually do a good job of leveling
    some of them. With the coast clear, hurry down the stairs they came up and grab
    any dropped ammo along the way.
    Run down to the end of the platform and take cover behind the farthest pillar.
    You'll be in a very dramatic shootout with the cops on the opposite platform,
    with subway trains whizzing by every few moments. Carefully aim at the cops
    that expose themselves and use the pillar to cover. It may not shield you from
    every bullet so hopefully you still got some armor. Another subway car will
    pass by and Packie and Derrick leap down onto the tracks and take off to the
    right. Follow them into the subway tunnel. nasty naes has a tip for this next
    part and you can find it after the general strategy. 
    A large group of cops will attack your six so turn around and with Packie and
    Derrick, shoot a bunch of them down while backing away. Just pop a couple of
    them; your priority is escaping. After you kill a few, turn around and escape
    with the two brothers down the tunnel. Stay on the left track as you reach the
    bend. Another subway car will come down on the right track. Keep moving until
    Packie spots a service tunnel. Take the small stairway on the right and turn
    about face to enter the corridor. Find the stairs and walk up a few flights,
    then across the walkway and up another dark stairway which finally leads to
    the ground level. You'll also notice by now that your 5 Star Wanted Level has
    been reduced to 3 stars. You've still got to get away though, so find a vehicle
    and fast. There should hopefully be a Huntley Sport on your left. Get in or get
    any other vehicle (preferably something like that) and drive away fast. If you
    want to take every single aspect of the challenge away in this next, exciting
    getaway, you could try calling Kiki if you're dating her to wipe those stars
    away. However, if you'd rather not take the easy way out, read on (thanks to
    Gavro for the Kiki tip). 
    Your pursuers aren't playing any games. There will be a few cars after you and
    even more resistance along the way. Drive the GPS route to swing around the
    block and get onto the bridge. When you get there, you'll discover a large road
    block. Barrel through by picking up speed and ramming through the space between
    the police patriots. Once on the bridge, you may escape the pursuit circle, but
    chances are, police cars coming down the other side of the bridge will see you.
    Keep driving until you get to the other end of the bridge where you will find
    yet another road block. Again barrel through so as to not incur too many shots.
    Gunfire will do more to destroy your car than a few collisions. Get through
    and immediately take the off ramp to the right. Turn left and continue along
    the route toward Packie's house. Hopefully you shouldn't have anybody on your
    tail. If you're really lucky, speeding down the long street should get you out
    of the circle and hopefully shaking the cops. If not, you've got to do
    something because you can't go to Packie's with the heat on you.
    Here's where you need to consider the damage your car has taken. If it's
    smoking badly your best bet is to be careful and drive all the way to the Pay
    n' Spray. Obviously the faster you guy the more likely you'll crash and bring
    your car closer to a fiery end. You'll have to find a balance between speed
    that allows you to dodge the cops, and balance that allows you to drive safely.
    If your car is doing well, you can afford to be a bit more reckless as you seek
    the Pay n' Spray or just attempt to outrun the cops normally, though personally
    I don't think the latter is the best idea when you've come this far. 
    Once you've lost the feds, drive Packie and Derrick back to their house and you
    will be done with this job. For all that hard work you will receive $250000,
    which is the largest reward you've received and will receive. To quote Borat,
    "Great success!"
    nasty naes has submitted a tip for this mission.
    o----Submitted Tip----o
    "When you've made it past the cops in the subway and you start to head down the
    tunnel, do not follow the directions telling you to go up to the street. Make 
    sure your buddies are still behind you and keep following the tunnel until it 
    leads you outside of the circle, it should lead you to a bridge where you can 
    easily access the street below. Call a cab so you dont attract any cops 
    attention, and voila mission done with (hopefully) 250 grand still in hand."
    o----End Submission----o
    ***However, as my friend Johnno points out, this above tip may not work as it
    should. Try it out for yourself and let me know (thanks Johnno). 
    Now you might be wondering what next? Well now that you've done all of Packie's
    missions, in addition to him becoming your friend soon, you've now unlocked
    the chance to do work for his other two brothers not named Francis. Oh, but
    this will also lead to another job for Francis as well. Joy. On top of that and
    perhaps the most important note is that you've unlocked Alderney island. Now
    all of Liberty City is yours to roam. Schwing! 
    Ray Boccino might also call if he didn't prior to Three Leaf Clover. He's your
    immediate boss for jobs right now but soon you'll be getting two more. Let's
    just go with Ray for now. Drive over to the restaurant in Little Italy on
      (, /   )       
        /__ /      
     ) /   \  ay's Missions 
    (_/     \    
                                     |o|A Long Way To Fall  |Ra01|$8500 |
                                     |o|Taking In The Trash |Ra02|$9000 |     
                                     |o|Meltdown            |Ra03|$9500 |     
                                     |o|Museum Piece        |Ra04|$9500 |
                                     |o|No Way On The Subway|Ra05|$9500 |
                                     |o|Weekend At Florian's|Ra06|n/a   |
                                     |o|Late Checkout       |Ra07|$11000|
    | A Long Way To Fall |  (Ra01)
    Ray wants some random fellow whacked. It seems odd at first but he says he will
    pay well and that's all we really care about. Some body armor will help big
    time in this job so grab some if you want.
    Drive over to the apartment complex, the yellow dot on your radar. On the way,
    Ray will send you a picture message showing you a guy named Alonzo who is an
    associate of your target. You can find his exact location by persuading Alonzo.
    Find him dead ahead when you get out of your car at the marker. He's wearing
    the baseball jersey. Talk to him and he'll deny knowing your target, Teddy.
    Make him remember by pointing a gun at his dome. He'll remember real fast and
    tell you where to find Teddy, then run off. Now you can make a quick decision
    here. These decisions were usually along the lines of easy mission vs. 
    challenging mission. It's not so much the case here. Here's the deal:
    Before Alonzo gets away, you can plant one in his brain and kill him. If you do
    not do this, after you enter the apartment complex, he'll call up Teddy and all
    of his men will be expecting you. By killing Alonzo you will at least be able
    to get the jump on the first two guys. After that though, it's the same exact
    Kill Alonzo then head into the complex and find the elevator. It will take you
    up to the 20th floor. Two of Teddy's goons will greet you, that is, if you did
    silence Alonzo. Otherwise you'll be coming out shooting. The two guys will talk
    but they'll pull their guns rather abruptly so don't let them yammer on too
    long. Shotty them both, then take cover near the entrance to the hallway and
    pull out your SMG. 
    In the open door to your left, one guy will appear with another around the
    corner. Shoot them both down, then head in the opposite direction, moving east.
    Turn the corner, then go down the hall and take cover at the next corner. One
    guy will be standing at the far end of the adjacent hallway. Shoot him down,
    then enter the opening to the stairs. Hold L2 to aim and carefully move up the
    stairs and quickly gun down the foe waiting for you. Move up and again be on
    guard as another one leaps out at you. Kill him, then take cover to the right.
    There's one guy on the right in an open doorway, and then another around the
    corner. Take the guy in the door first since he's closer and probably is quite
    exposed to your gunfire. Wait for the other guy to leap out or just toss a nade
    down there. I love watching the bodies fly. *Holds a sign that says 10* Now, in
    the doorway where the first guy was, walk in and you should find a first-aid
    kit on the wall. Grab it if you need it. Then take cover on the corner the
    second gentleman was hiding at. Peek over and see an enemy waiting at the far
    end of the corridor. Fill him full of lead, then scurry up to that corner and
    go into cover. Another guy will be waiting in the next stairway room. His cover
    is pretty good so wait for him to pop out, or toss a well placed grenade near
    the opening. After that, take corner beside the entrance; don't walk in. A guy
    is on the stairs and has a good shot at you with a shotgun. Use the cover and
    pop him before proceeding. At the top of the stairs you'll see a red door with
    a yellow marker. Before approaching, be very careful with a guy around the
    corner to the right. Kill him first, then step into the marker. Now be aware
    that a guy might sneak up on you from behind here so check to make sure it's
    safe and blast him if he shows up.
    Enter the door but quickly take cover near it. A few guys are inside. You can
    probably gun the first one down easily. A grenade would be great here though,
    but you want to make sure you get it in there as the door slowly closes. Use
    your SMG to fire and the door will fly open from the bullets. Quickly switch
    to your nades and fling one in there. If anybody is left, gun them down when
    you enter. Proceed down the hallway and don't worry about an ambush; the coast
    is clear. Inside the kitchen, you won't find anything but a first-aid kit on
    the counter and the source of the music you were hearing. Shoot it if you want.
    Either way, head back out for a scene. Teddy appears and makes a run for it.
    Follow him out the room and back to the stairwell. Move up a level, then turn
    right to find a stairway leading to the roof. There's an enemy there. Shoot him
    through the space in between the stairs to send him tumbling. Hurry up after
    Teddy. At the top, another guy will greet you. Waste him, then before exiting
    to the roof, peek out the door and shoot the other guy hiding behind cover. 
    That's the last of Teddy's cavalry. Head across the roof to find him. He'll
    curse you so just lodge a fat one into his dome and be done with it. Teddy will
    make a spectacular descent onto the concrete. *Holds a sign that says 11.5* For
    this mission's completion, you get $8500. 
    Alternatively, you can end this quickly and sort of cheaply. After you talk to
    Alonzo, go in the opposite direction and find the climable crane. Get to the
    very top and you'll be able to snipe Teddy. 
    After this, you should in time get calls from Packie and Gerry if you didn't
    already get them. Packie tells you his brother Derrick has work, and Gerry also
    offers some jobs for you. We'll keep it in mind but for now we'll keep helping
    Ray. Head back to the restaurant. The next job is pretty simple.
    | Taking In The Trash |  (Ra02)
    Ray needs some diamonds so that he can make a deal with them. They're scattered
    around the city in two locations, hidden in garbage bags. Go meet with Ray's
    men. They're right around the corner from the restaurant; you don't even need
    to get a car. Walk up to them for a scene. 
    You'll get into an outfit befitting a garbage man and get in the garbage truck
    to drive it to the two locations. At the first pick up, stop at the marker and
    press X to open the back of the truck. Tunafish and Johnny will grab the ice
    and load it up. Press X again to close the back, then drive off to the second
    location. Stop again and press X to open it, X to close it once the ice is on
    board. Seems pretty simple so far?
    Well after the second pick up, some company shows up. Put the pedal to the
    metal and drive off. Follow the GPS route and try not to bump too much stuff.
    The garbage truck is durable and also slow. Just keep driving and eventually
    you will lose the tail. Park the truck in the marker and you're done. After
    that, you've got $9000 and a call to Ray. Ray wants to know if Luca and his
    guys tried to pull anything. Strange that he doesn't trust them. Oh well.
    Go back to the restaurant icon once you're ready and you'll find out why, but
    maybe go back to a safehouse and change out of the garbage man’s outfit first.
    | Meltdown |  (Ra03)
    Watch the scene. Wouldn't you know it, Luca and his gang ran off with the ice.
    Tsk, tsk. Time to get it back. Drive off to the location in Castle Gardens to
    find them. They'll drive off and you'll get in a Banshee and drive after them.
    Now seeing as how they have the ice, the logical thing is that this isn't a 
    chase until you blow the other guy up routine. This is a chase until they crash
    one. So just keep following them and don't worry about shooting them (although
    they won't refrain from unloading on you). It will be a long chase and keeping
    up with them must be your main priority. They will weave in between oncoming
    traffic perfectly so you're gonna have to do your best to keep up and not hit
    anything. They'll whip through Star Junction and at the end will be a truck on
    the left whose cargo of lumber will spill out into the street (why on earth is
    a truck carrying trees in this city?). It's easy to avoid though so just keep
    driving. Eventually, a truck will block their path, forcing them to take a
    detour into the park where they will subsequently crash.
    Move up and then get out of the car. Watch the red dots on your radar. No,
    strangely enough, they're not Luca, Johnny, and Tuna. Out of the extreme blue,
    rival family members have shown up, apparently also to seize the ice. Shoot
    them down by sniping one from your current vantage point. Then drop down and
    take cover and pop the remaining two when safe. After that, you'll get a yellow
    dot showing you Luca's location. Go into the bathroom and approach the stalls.
    Luca is hiding behind one of them and you're gonna have to flush him out (heh,
    flush, bathroom joke).
    Erm, anyways. Start by pulling out a pistol and focusing only on the stalls
    that are occupied. You can tell by the red light on the little panel. Luca's
    location isn't random but I find it spoils the moment if you just go right to
    him. Shoot the occupied doors open until you find him, then let his head
    become occupied by a bullet. You'll call Ray afterwards and make a meeting spot
    in the park. Go back to where you jumped off and you should find your Banshee
    is still there. Back it up to the street or take the park roads (but be
    prepared to plow over pedestrians) until you reach the yellow dot. Stop in the
    marker for a scene. That promptly ends the mission and awards you with $9500.
    Ray's still got more work so head on over to keep the ball rolling.
    | Museum Piece |  (Ra04)
    Watch the scene. Now that the diamonds are safely in Ray's hands, he's ready to
    do the deal and he wants Niko to oversee it. However Niko gets upset and wants
    a promise that Ray will find some info on the man that he's after. Hopefully 
    you didn't forget this part of the tale after so long. Just to recap, Niko is 
    one of 3 survivors of an betrayal during the war that took the life of 12 
    comrades. One of the other two survivors is the traitor and it just so happens
    one is in Liberty City as Niko explains, Florian Cravic. Ray promises he will 
    be found. 
    Now it's pretty safe to assume at this point that just like all other previous
    deals, this one won't go smoothly. Come prepared with body armor and Carbine 
    (or Assault) Rifle ammo. A few nades or molotovs wouldn't hurt either. Once
    you're all ready, go to meet Johnny at the Museum.
    Watch the scene and then when you have control, turn your attention to a guy
    on your left. Fill him full of holes, then look down the hallway you're in. Try
    and see who you can shoot. Using the range the rifle has you can spot some foes
    farther down and on adjacent walls. Move up to the next piece of cover when
    safe, but be careful of two or more guys on the opposite balcony. Shoot them
    before taking the guys on in front of you. There should be one guy at the far
    end that might just hide behind cover all day. Get closer but again look to
    the left balcony for more enemies. Keep moving up and you'll see the last few
    guys huddled near the end of the hallway. There might also be one more guy on
    the adjacent hall so shoot him too. When the danger is over, take cover near
    the stairs. Some guys should come up to greet you so blast them all with the
    One thing to take note of is that these guys use the Combat Pistol. This is the
    first you've seen of it. Feel free to trade in your normal pistol for this one.
    Proceed down the stairs when safe.
    Gun down a few guys waiting at the base of the stairs, and also one guy on the
    balcony above. Run past the pillars and locate a little cubicle desk on the
    left. Take cover there and you'll be rewarded with a piece of body armor. Aim
    at the guys who are farther away and do away with them patiently. Getting your
    shots in may be difficult but don't stay out in the open too long unloading
    your clip. Move quickly up to the big dinosaur exhibit and take cover, giving
    you a better shot at some of the guys at the end. Beware of a foe to your left
    though. Take the other enemies out and then head for the doors.
    Turn left and peek around the corner. Trying to light up the guy there behind
    the wire fence is strangely difficult. Consider a nade or molotov instead. Just
    be careful of one of his friends trying to rush you at point blank. Take cover
    behind the big brown box and you'll see another foe in the nearby corridor. A
    perfectly placed grenade will work wonders. Head through there and then you'll
    find the exit, along with a first-aid kit on the far wall if needed. 
    Take cover near the door and you'll see the enemies waiting and using those
    cars as cover. Now, here you can make things really easy. Just let a nade cook
    for a few seconds then lob it at the cars and they'll all blow like dominoes,
    taking the enemies with them. Here's where things can get potentially annoying.
    Turn left when you leave the museum and move a little bit forward. Pull out a
    sniper rifle and peek across the street at the alley. You'll see some guys
    waiting for you in a car. Pick the driver off and then the passenger when he 
    gets out. This will trigger another car to come after you soon. Also, the 
    police are on their way responding to the alarm. Either wait for the second car
    to arrive and take it out with a grenade/molotov or some Carbine rounds at the
    two passengers or on the car itself. Either way, try not to waste too much time
    and get in a car and get out of there. If the cops catch you, you'll get a 2 
    Star Wanted Level. Get out of their sight and when you're home free, you'll 
    earn $9500. The bad news however, as Niko reports to Ray, is that the deal went
    sour and in the ensuing chaos, Johnny made off with the money. 
    Ray still has more work so head back when you're ready. This is another fun one
    but also a little tough. 
    | No Way On The Subway |  (Ra05)
    As expected, Ray wants something done about Johnny and The Lost. Go to the
    target location and find a pair of Lost bikers in the alley. They'll speed off,
    strangely enough leaving a third bike for you. Get on and take a second to
    fasten a helmet, then drive off after them. Just keep following them through
    the city. It won't be long before they go off the ledge above the subway
    tunnel. Find the marker and drive off as well. Turn around immediately and
    follow them into the tunnel.
    At this point, take aim at the biker closest to you. With a few well aimed
    rounds, you can nail him. The other however can't be killed yet. Just keep
    following him. On the subway tracks, going full throttle can make it easier to
    spin out. Try driving at below max speed in between the tracks. Also watch out
    for the subway cars. If you run into them, it will mean death. 
    Follow the second guy and watch out for a subway car on the right, then a
    second one a ways up. Keep following through the tunnel and watch out for a
    subway train on the left. Eventually you'll reach a more open area and the
    biker will take a tunnel to the left. Keep on him and you'll reach an outdoors
    area of the tracks. Watch out for an oncoming train but don't lose sight of
    your biker friend. You'll drive a ways down toward the end where there's many
    subway trains just sitting there. You should hopefully see the biker drift off
    to the left onto a walkway. Follow him there and ignore the prompts to enter
    the trains. Drive down the walkway, going as fast as you can. This will help
    you go over a jump that you would have otherwise gotten stuck on if you were
    going really slow.
    When you wheels hit the ground, find that biker and take aim. Keep shooting
    until he falls, then run him over or finish the job with a pistol round on
    foot. You can also just keep following him and he will crash eventually. You
    earn another $9500 for this. Good job.
    A call to Ray reports the good news. Do some oddjobs if you wish or just go
    back to Ray's for the next job. However by the time you get there, Ray should
    call you. He has good news. This begins the next mission automatically.
    | Weekend At Florians |  (Ra06)
    You get not the location of Florian Cravic, but a guy who knows where he is.
    First, go pick up Roman at the new apartment. You're going to need a four-door
    car eventually so get one now if you want. Either way, take Roman to the area
    where Talbot Daniels is. That's who you've got to find. Stop at the marker to
    start a scene.
    After it's over, go get that four-door car if you didn't already, then go back
    for Talbot and Roman. When they're in the car, Talbot will give directions, but
    it appears his memory is a tad fuzzy. Drive around and approach intersections
    slowly. Talbot will give (or guess) which way to turn and you should respond
    appropriately. Keep driving and going by his directions at each intersection.
    It might seem like you're not getting anywhere by the lack of certainty in his
    voice, but eventually you'll find the place and the marker will appear. Stop
    there and a scene will commence. Hold on tight.
    After the scene, you'll call Ray. For what to do next, well Ray has one last
    mission so let's finish it up.
    | Late Checkout |  (Ra07)
    It's time to ice the guys on the other end of the diamond deal. Isaac's crew
    that tried to kill you on the way out of the museum. Drive over to the Majestic
    Hotel where they're holed up. Come prepared with body armor, rifle ammo, SMG
    rounds, and some nades. Enter the marker at the hotel to get inside.
    The elevator might seem like your ticket up to Isaac's crew, but there's an
    alternate route. Instead, turn around and go back out the door, turn left and
    enter the alley. In the corner somewhere around there you should find that lift
    thing that you used in Destruction For Beginners with Playboy X. Get on and it
    will take you to the roof. Here, you'll see the next roof and a stairway that
    leads up. Crouch and carefully proceed up there. There's four guards just
    standing around. Use your Carbine Rifle and find the BBQ grill. Shoot the red
    gas tank next to it to make a very satisfying explosion. Take out the other guy
    and we have begun. 
    A suit of body armor is on the other side of the roof if you need it. It 
    regenerates if you get back on the lift so if you take too many hits, go back
    there, get on the lift, and the body armor will return. 
    Enter the little glass house there and there should be a guy on the stairs.
    Shoot him and then stop there. Take a grenade out and aim it so that it will
    bounce off the far wall and then land on the floor below. This should take out
    two guys waiting down there. After that, proceed down the stairs and shoot one
    more guy who should be hiding. When he's dead, enter the white door to find
    Isaac. Use your pistol to execute him and that will be one down. Go back out
    and take the rest of the stairs down. There should be one guy off to the right
    in the kitchen. Shoot him and then the last diamond dealer, Mori is inside,
    defenseless. You can choose to spare him but I often choose to kill him anyway.
    When he's dead, you've got a 2 Star Wanted Level. Also, a whole new group of
    foes will show up. Gun down about three of them in the dining room area. Then
    go up the stairs again and find a few more. On the roof, go back down the
    stairs and there should be about three guys waiting near the lift. Kill them
    and get back on to take it to ground level. Once you're down grab a car fast
    and ditch the cops. Once you've done that, you're home free.
    If you chose to go through the front door you'll have many more enemies to
    deal with. Just use cover and take advantage of the narrow hallway by using
    nades. Always be careful of enemies in the stairwell and then in the suite
    where Mori and Isaac are. 
    When you've completed the job, you've got $11000. That completes Ray's jobs.
    At this point you should have recieved a few calls or you will now. One will
    be from an unknown caller who turns out to be Bernie aka Florian Cravic. He's
    got some work for Niko. Mr. Paper will also call and report that he heard about
    the Florian thing and that as Niko figured out, Florian isn't the one who
    betrayed Niko and his unit ten years ago. That means that there's only one man
    it could be and Mr. Paper says he will be working on it. 
    Now that we're finally done with Ray you can take up work for one of the two
    McCreary brothers or Bernie if you so choose. This guide will cover the jobs
    for Gerry McCreary next. Take care of another Random Character first however if
    you haven't already. This one you could have started a while ago, but we're 
    doing it now so... yeah. He's at the corner of Bismark and Uranium, it's just 
    east of the projects. Find the guy there.
    Random Character - Jeff
    Jeff is furious over his wife cheating on him. He asks you to get some photos
    of her and her lover and to send them to his phone. The two will get out of the
    apartment and into a car. There should be a car right near you so hop in and
    start following them.
    They'll pull up to the Superstar Cafe and get out. Park behind them and follow
    them inside the cafe. Find them both on the second floor. Stand near the stairs
    and snap a photo of them both. That distance should be good enough to squeeze
    both of them in. Press X to send it to Jeff, then leave the cafe. You'll get
    a reward of $1000, which is twice as much as Jeff originally said. He'll also
    call you and still sound upset, even though if you listened to the conversation
    between his wife and the other man, they appear to be just friends. Oh boy.
    Either way, we're done with this for now. 
    Go back to Dukes, to the McCreary house. Go around the side to the backyard.
    Find the marker there to start up missions for your new boss.
      /   ___   
     /     / ) erry's Missions   
    (____ /     
      |o|Actions Speak Louder Than Words                     |Ge01|$9000|
      |o|I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle|Ge02|$9250|
      |o|I'll Take Her...                                    |Ge03|$9500|
      |o|She's A Keeper                                      |Ge04|$9750|
      |o|Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend                   |Ge05|n/a  |
    | Actions Speak Louder Than Words |  (Ge01)
    The longest mission title yet. Gerry wants to stir things up with the Italian
    families. He's placed a bomb in an alley somewhere. Go to the location and
    enter the alley to retrieve it. After that, drive to where the Ancelotti's are
    and find the car. Go around the back and press L1 to plant the bomb, then get
    in your car and park in the marker right across the street.
    The Ancelotti's will drive off in the wired car. Follow them but not too close.
    Stay several car lengths away and use the radar to help you if they get too
    far away. They will drive for a while so it gets kind of tedious after a while,
    but they'll eventually stop at a factory on north Algonquin. Park your car on
    the hill at the indicated spot and then call Gerry's number. This sets off the
    After the bomb goes off, take out your sniper rifle and take aim at all the
    remnants. Take them all out one by one but try to be quick. It won't be long
    before the police show up to spoil the party. When all the targets are down,
    get in your car and get out of there to ditch the heat. A successful mission
    means another $9000.
    I forgot to mention this earlier, but you probably have receive a text from Ray
    by now. He wants you to meet him and his friend Phil in Alderney. This opens up
    Phil's missions. We'll get to that later though. Go meet Gerry at the house for
    the next job.
    | I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle |  (Ge02)
    The last mission title was long. This one is just... wow. Anyways, after the
    scene, you'll be in a new garb. Find the motorcycle down the stairs, put the
    helmet on, and drive off. You'll eventually find your target in Algonquin. When
    the short scene is over, drive after him. 
    This chase is a bit more action packed than others. Right off the get go you'll
    be chasing Frankie through alleys and he'll be pretty nimble. Watch for an
    explosion as you pass between alleys, through it shouldn't pose a major threat.
    When you get back on the street and down a long straightaway, watch out for
    two trucks coming into the intersection from adjacent streets. The first one
    will stop but the second can block your path so tap on the brakes a bit. You
    can shoot Frankie at any time but since he is a bit faster on that bike, you
    should only take the shots when you're not surrounded by traffic. 
    Frankie will take the Booth Tunnel going toward Alderney. After you clear the
    tunnel, this is a good time to start taking shots if you haven't already. Get
    him off that motorcycle, then finish him off to end the mission and earn $9250.
    You'll call Gerry afterwards. This ends his missions for the time being. The
    rest will open up later so let's instead go tend to Gerry's brother Derrick.
    Coincidentally, if you chased Frankie to Alderney, you're not too far away from
    the De icon on your radar. Head over.
      (, /    ) 
        /    /  
      _/___ /_  
    (_/___ /   errick's Missions 
                                      |o|Smackdown           |De01|$6500| 
                                      |o|Babysitting         |De02|$7000|
                                      |o|Tunnel of Death     |De03|$7500|
    | Smackdown |  (De01)
    Derrick isn't doing so well since the bank job. He wants a guy named Bucky
    Sligo eliminated, but you'll need a police cruiser. Luckily, from your starting
    point after the scene, if you turn left out of the park, you'll find one just
    sitting there. Get in and use the computer. Search the police records by name
    and enter Bucky Sligo to search. Mark his location which is at Burger Shot and
    then drive over. 
    When you arrive, Bucky drives off. Give chase and he'll lead you back to his
    house where his thugs are waiting. Bucky isn't very fast in his truck, but he
    goes offroad with it. He'll take you through alleys and backyards until finally
    reaching his house. When you do, get out and take cover behind his car. There's
    two guys on the porch with guns. Shoot them both fast. Try not to waste too
    many of your own bullets out here because you'll attract police attention and
    that's very bad. Well, it is possible to turn this into a profitable situation.
    If the cops do show up, they may storm the place and start taking out your
    enemies for you. I like to take the initiative myself but if you want the
    backing of the boys in blue, be my guest. Just be ready for them to turn on you
    at any moment. 
    When they're dead, storm in with an SMG or rifle drawn and gun down Bucky's
    friends. Use the chair as cover and take them all out quickly. Go to the stairs
    but look up to the top quickly. Bucky is there with a shotgun waiting so just
    gun him down right away. After he's dead, the cops have already shown up. Rush
    out the front door and back to the police cruiser (don't take Bucky's car, the
    handling is poor) and jet out of there. Evading 2 stars shouldn't be too tough.
    When you're in the clear, you'll gain 6500 tacos. Muy bien!
    Derrick's next location is at a pier to the north. Head over there. On the way,
    you should receive a few more notices. One being a text from Ray saying you
    have a safehouse in Alderney now. Brucie may also call to tell you Stevie is
    looking for work. Subsequently after that Stevie will send you a picture
    message detailing a car he wants. At this point you can now do car missions for
    Stevie. Like Brucie he sends you one request a time so you have to find the
    first one to get another text. You can ignore it for now but keep it in mind as
    it's a part of 100% completion.
    Once you find the marker at the pier, step in to start the next mission.
    | Babysitting |  (De02)
    You'll be behind the wheel of a boat with Derrick riding shotgun. Drive (or
    sail if you prefer) over to the blue dot. As the name of the mission implies,
    you're gonna be protecting someone. The blue dot is another boat piloted by a
    man you need to guard.
    Start following him right away. It won't be very long before company shows and
    you've got to protect Kim. Keeping up with him and his pursuers can be
    difficult. If you have good aim you should be able to shoot the boats enough
    until they catch fire, but do not slow down at any time. These guys like to
    gangbang Kim's boat so just keep following him and don't get stuck anywhere.
    Eventually you'll pass under a bridge and Derrick spots a helicopter. He offers
    a rocket launcher to take it out. Press Triangle to get out of the driver's
    seat and you'll already be equipped with the RPG. Aim at the helicopter but
    make sure Kim's boat isn't blocking your view if you stopped the boat near him.
    Aim not at the helicopter but a little bit ahead of the helicotper's flight
    path. You know, that Space Invaders logic. Don't shoot at where they are, shoot
    at where they are going to be! When the heli is down, use the RPG to blow up
    any remaining enemy boats if there are any. When the coast is clear, get back
    behind the wheel and escort Kim's boat to the destination. After the scene, you
    win $7000. The RPG can also be purchased at weapon shops now. Scwhing!
    Derrick has one last job for us. However, by this time, Jeff should have called
    you. If he hasn't wait around a little. 
    Random Character - Jeff Pt. 2
    Jeff asks you to meet him in a certain location. Drive to the yellow dot, and
    you'll arrive at an alley. Go in, turn left, and find him outside his car.
    After the scene, take the car with Jeff's wife out of the car park and to the
    new yellow dot. With a dead body in the car, the difficulty is the police. It
    always seems like they're everywhere and when they spot you, you have to get
    out of the circle first before you can continue on your way. It might have just
    been weird luck, but I found it more difficult than usual to evade the cops
    here. A random cop on the streets always seemed to be near me when I got out of
    the search circle. Just do your best and try driving north to avoid them as
    well as get closer to your destination. When you arrive at the marker, drive 
    down the hill at full speed and locate the ramp. Before reaching the bottom of
    the hill, bail out. The timing has to be before you even get near the ramp. You
    want the car to go off the ramp and into the water. Worst case scenario you 
    don't bail out soon enough and land in the water too. Just a minor 
    inconvenience. That wraps it up for now.
    With that done, find Derrick for his next mission.
    | Tunnel of Death |  (De03)
    Packie will call you after the scene. He'll be offering support on this job.
    He's left a truck with a rocket launcher in it for you to pick up. Drive over
    to it and get in the truck. Once you have it, drive it to the next target, and
    into the Booth Tunnel, where the convoy carrying your guy is coming through.
    Drive the truck down the tunnel til you reach the open median. Turn it left
    and use it to block the other lane. 
    After the scene, a cop will come waltzing up to you. Jump from cover and fire
    a rifle round into his head. This will get the others firing. Now despite the
    fact that you have an RPG as Packie said, try to resist the urge to use it. In
    this narrow space, one explosion can make things go horribly awry. Just stick
    to your Carbine or Assault Rifle and gun down each cop that's taking cover.
    When they're all dead, get into the armored car with Packie, then drive off.
    You can barrel through the truck you used as a blockade by squeezing in on the
    right. If you go fast enough, you might even be able to ditch that 3-Star
    Wanted Level as you get out of the tunnel, but this is unlikely. If you need
    extra help for these parts, refer to a tip at the end of the strategy.
    It's very hard to ditch this heat because the armored car is neither fast nor
    maneuverable and the cops are very annoying on 3-Stars. This is a great time to
    call Kiki if you've been dating her. Otherwise, you're gonna have to grind this
    out and try a Pay n' Spray if you can shake the heat long enough. 
    When you're finally free, go to the yellow dot to find a car waiting. You'll
    ditch the armored car and then have to drive the new car to the cliffs. Go on
    that way and Aiden will be feeling quite overjoyed to be free. I actually feel
    bad for the guy, he has no idea what's coming. Drive tot he location, down the
    dirt hill and up to the cliff for a scene. When it's over, use your pistol and
    kill Aiden. While you're doing that, Packie will of course, drive off in the
    car, leaving you stranded. What the fu-?!
    EXCELLOR has an alternate strategy for this mission, starting right when you
    have eliminated all the cops in the tunnel:
    o----Submitted Tip----o
    "Hop in the van and drive backwards a few yards. Take the other lane of the 
    tunnel and drive towards ALGONQUIN (not alderney). Just before you have reached
    the tunnel entrance in algonquin and before having visual contact with the 
    police blockade, there is a small patch of to your right (right after the red 
    service tunnel) where you are outside the police wanted radius. You'll know 
    you've hit it once your stars start to blink, all you have to do is stop and 
    wait til the stars come off. This way you can escape the pursuit being inside 
    the tunnel, which is a huge relief taking into account that the pursuit with 
    that van is a pain in the ass." 
    o----End Submission---o
    Well anyways, you've got another mission completed and another $7500. Derrick
    is done with so it's time to move on to the next big thing. Find a way back up
    to the streets.
    Francis will text you and he needs something apparently. He's on the lower west
    side of Algonquin. Drive back over there. Before we go meet him however, let's
    check in on an old friend. Drive to Star Junction, north of the Burger Shot,
    near the statue. There you'll meet...
    Random Character - Pathos Pt. 2
    Pathos is still trying to make the dream. Unfortunately, more haters show up
    and one actually shoots him. Quickly pull out your SMG and waste them, then get
    a car and let Pathos get in. Drive south and take a turn to find the hospital
    (yellow dot). Get Pathos there fast and you'll be done. He'll be very grateful
    and the Pathos chapter will be complete. 
    Alright, let's go meet Francis now. Drive over to the Fm icon. 
      (, /           
     ) /      rancis McCreary's Missions Cont'd
                                          |X|Call and Collect|Fr01|$1000|         
                                          |X|Final Interview |Fr02|$1000|
                                          |X|Holland Nights  |Fr03|$5000|
                                          |X|Lure            |Fr04|$5000|
                                          |o|Blood Brothers  |Fr05|n/a  |
                                          |o|Undertaker      |Fr06|n/a  |
    | Blood Brothers |
    Watch the scene. Francis whines again about his reputation being smeared. Hey
    jackass, don't do bad stuff in the first place! Anyways, after the scene, drive
    to the yellow dot. Along the way, Derrick will call. You'll also call Francis
    after that. Get to the location and swing around the back to find the
    scaffolding. Climb on the wooden boards next to them and then climb onto that.
    The window washer lift will be waiting. Get on and ride it to the top.
    Walk over to the position and a scene will commence. Watch it and you'll be
    given a prompt. You know what's going on. You've got to choose, like Playboy
    and Dwayne, who you're going to kill. This time around there's really no huge
    benefits to either choice so you might base your choice more upon who you like
    or hate more. If you do kill Derrick though, Francis will reduce your wanted
    level when you call him. It's nice, but it really doesn't work often. Also, you
    can date Kiki who has this ability as well and can do it many more times. Given
    that, and the fact that I never liked Francis since he always wanted someone to
    clean up his messes, the choice was easy for me. Pop whoever you want, but this
    guide will choose Francis. In the long run, in doesn't make a huge difference.
    When it's over, get back to the lift and ride it down. Get off the scaffolding,
    then get in your car and drive away. When you get a block or so away from the
    area, the mission complete jingle will sound and the game will autosave (if you
    have that turned on) meaning you're done. Otherwise, you'll know it's over when
    a relieved Derrick calls you. 
    Another call is on it's way so kill some time. It's coming from Packie and for
    some reasons, it may take a while. I think it has to do with the time of day.
    If you did Blood Brothers during the day, you'll probably get this call right
    away. If it's at night, you'll have to wait til the next day. Also, if you're
    doing other missions or oddjobs, that will delay the call obviously. 
    One thing we can do, is go find someone new. Head to south Algonquin, and find
    the park. It's north of Calcium St. and there's a small park in the area with
    a vendor. Your target is on the bench there.
    Random Character - Marnie
    Marnie is hopelessly addicted it seems. She asks for a ride to get some junk.
    Drive her to Alderney and at the end, you'll give her $500. So much for that.
    If you're still running around at nighttime, particularly early in the morning,
    like around 4-5 am, go to fishmarket south in Algonquin. It's to the southeast.
    Look at your map and you should see that square shaped area with the
    criss-crossing design. That's Pier 45. Go to the northwest side of it. You will
    see the icon again and on the sidewalk, encounter another old friend.
    Random Character - Sara Pt. 2
    She's sober now and wants you to collect a package from Perseus and bring it
    back to her. Drive off and the route is shown on your radar. It's a long drive,
    but when you get there, walk into the store and approach the clerk for a scene.
    He has the package but is suddenly charging $500. Now you might feel inclined
    to whip out a firearm and waste him but its not a good idea at all. Just pay up
    for now, then drive back down south to find Sara at Pier 45. Park in the marker
    and another short scene will commence. She'll reward you with $1000 for the
    favor, so for those of you who are mathematically challenged (like me!), that's
    a net gain of $500. Not bad.
    Alright, if you still haven't gotten that call, just chill a while and you
    should in time, get a ring from Packie. 
    | Undertaker |  (Fr06)
    Packie says there's a funeral to be held for the McCreary that you killed. I'll
    be naming Francis since he was the one I chose but the mission is exactly the
    same either way, the cutscenes will just be a little different. Packie tells
    you to wear a suit. All of your safehouses and the clothing stores will appear
    on your radar. Well, we already have a suit, so just go back to a safehouse to
    change into it. Along the way, Kate will call also. 
    When changing, just remember to put the shoes on as well. I mention it because
    I've accidentally forgotten to do that as well. The suit outfit is meaningless
    if you're not wearing the dress shoes you bought with them way back when. Also
    remember no shades or hats if you're wearing either. 
    When you're ready, drive to the church (yellow dot), and a cutscene will begin.
    Immediately take cover and gun down the enemies taking cover at their car. You
    have the pistol equipped but if you prefer, switch to your SMG or rifle. When
    they fall, another car will pull up and more foes will get out. Shoot them all,
    then a third car will appear. While you're dealing with this third batch, you
    will see more enemies coming down the alley. Take care of them, then turn your
    guns back on the car enemies. When they finally fall, a short scene will show
    the rest of the family sans Packie driving off to the cemetary. That leaves you
    and Packie to drive the hearse with Francis' casket. And as you might expect,
    it will not be a quiet ride. If you want though, bizzzrak has submitted an
    alternate strategy for this part. The paragraph after the next one has his
    tip; read it for an easier way to do this part!
    Some more enemies will drive up in a car and shoot at you from behind, blowing
    the back door off the hearse. With each collision, the casket will slip toward
    the back of the car. If it falls out, you're in for a failure. Don't worry too
    much about the gunfire, just keep driving carefully. The top will come off the
    casket before it's about to fall off, so if that happens, make sure you don't
    bump into anything else. Eventually you'll lose your pursuers, so just keep
    driving off to the cemetary. You'll find everyone waiting and a scene will
    start. That will promptly end the mission. 
    Bizzzrak submitted this alternate strategy:
    o----Submitted Tip----o
    "On the Mission Undertaker after you take out all the men infront of the church
    and you're asked to drive the hurse. If you wait about 30 seconds instead of 
    getting into the hurse to drive, the car that will chase you pulls up, and from
    there you can terminate them with ease. Then the rest of the trip is driving 
    to the cemetary without anyone bothering you."
    o----End Submission----o
    Ok, now we have two bosses left at the moment. We're going to contend with
    Bernie aka Florian for now. You can only show up at his place before 10pm and
    after 4am. So if you're in between those two times, go kill some time. I
    decided to take both Packie and Dwayne out, but that led to being late for
    Bernie so I decided to just sleep. It's not a bad choice if you need to kill
    time to do Bernie's jobs. Go to a safehouse to not only sleep, but change out
    of the suit if you haven't done so already. 
    You also probably got a call from Gerry some time after the funeral. He calls
    from prison and opens up more missions. We'll deal with that later though.
    When it's time, drive to Bernie's.
      (, /    )   
     ) / ____) ernie's Missions
                                         |o|Hating the Haters|Be01|$6000|
                                         |o|Union Drive      |Be02|$6250|
                                         |o|Buoys Ahoy       |Be03|$6500|
    | Hating the Haters |  (Be01)
    Bernie is paranoid over some guy that threatens him in the park. Take him to
    the park by following the GPS route. Stop at the marker for a scene. Bernie
    will start jogging and you've got to keep an eye on him. This is just like any
    stalking mission in a car. Keep your distance, but keep him in your sights.
    When Bernie gets to the tunnel under the bridge, he'll be jumped. When Niko
    appears, the hater runs off. Follow him up the stairs and he'll get on a moped
    and drive off. Snatch one ahead of you and give chase. Or if you're quick
    enough, try this strategy performed and provided by 0X0_Ghost_0X0:
    o----Submitted Tip----o
    "An alternate strategy I used was to have a gun equipped while jogging with 
    Bernie, so that as the mugger begins to run away pop around and shoot him 
    instead of him chasing him on the scooter through the city."
    o----End Submission----o
    Sounds pretty solid, but I imagine you'd have to be pretty fast to pull it off.
    Let's continue. If you can't stop the guy, get on that scooter and give chase.
    The key thing here is to avoid accelerating to top speed at all times. It's
    very easy to fall off the scooter as there are many things blocking your path
    as you follow this guy through the park. Take it easy Jeff Gordon, and you
    should be fine. One other thing to be careful of is your shooting. You've got
    to kill this guy as he's driving around, but the park's routes don't have many
    straightaways so you'll have trouble. There's also a lot of pedestrians around
    and a few too many stray bullets can get the cops involved. One star won't be
    a problem, just be careful.
    The hater will take a lot of bullets so just keep shooting when you see the
    opportunities. If you fail to kill him before a certain point, you'll have to
    go find Bernie as prompted. He'll get on the moped with you and then you'll
    resume the chase through the city streets until he's finally killed. When he
    goes down and you've got Bernie with you, take him to Perseus. Drop him off
    there and you'll have finished the mission. Take another $6000 and be off on
    your merry way. 
    Bernie's next mission opens up right away so without wasting any time, head
    back to his place.
    | Union Drive |  (Be02)
    After the scene, take Bernie with you to the meeting place. A fast car is
    recommended. As if by some strange coincidence, if you look left down the
    street, you should see a Turismo just sitting there. Hop in, then follow the 
    route to the yellow dot and watch the scene. The subordinates of the man 
    blackmailing Bryce drop the name of their employer, a name Niko knows all too 
    well. After the scene is over, drive off after them. This has the potential to
    be one of the most annoying chases in the game thus far, depending on your 
    driving skills and of course, luck.
    These guys move very fast and whip in and out of traffic with no problem. They
    take the highway which goes through a tunnel where the pillars on the sides
    make it difficult to get around traffic. Do your best to balance caution, good
    reactions, and speed. Don't even bother shooting at this car because you can't
    kill them yet, although the game prompt said "eliminate". Just focus on driving
    for now.
    As you enter an underground tunnel, a cop might be chasing your enemies, but 
    the cop car will eventually flip over. Keep chasing them, and beware as you go
    through southwestern Algonquin. One intersection will have that scripted two 
    trucks roadblock so be careful. Eventually, the car will come to a rest in the
    park. Get out of your car and take cover near the stone wall. Pop both of the
    enemies and then get back in the car with Bernie. Drop him off at his place to
    finish this job and get your hands on $6250.
    Bernie's next job won't be open just yet. Also, you should consider keeping the
    Turismo. You can get an even more awesome car later, but if you want, keep this
    and park it at your safehouse. For now, we're gonna go do a Random Character
    and after that, get back to Gerry's missions. You'll probably get a call from
    none other than Dimitri himself as well. His will come soon enough. Anyways,
    before we run off, let's do yet another random character. This one is only 
    available if you spared Clarence at the end of the Holland Nights mission for
    Francis McCreary and only after the Blood Brothers mission. Drive to that 
    location (the site of The Holland Nights job) in Algonquin where the projects 
    were. It's just a short ways northeast of Middle Park if you forgot. You should
    see the icon in that area. Find him standing  outside a fenced area. 
    Random Character - Clarence
    Clarence has not reformed. In fact, to thank Niko for sparing his life he
    decides to pull a gun on him. Yikes! You'll be behind cover and Clarence will
    open fire. He's more durable than most enemies. A headshot probably won't kill
    him so just keep firing away until he does die. Your only reward for this is
    the money he drops. Oh well.
    With that out of the way, drive over to Alderney and head toward Gerry's new
    Arrive at the Alderney State Correctional Facility and enter the marker. 
      /   ___   
     /     / ) erry's Missions Cont'd  
    (____ /     
      |X|Actions Speak Louder Than Words                     |Ge01|$9000|
      |X|I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle|Ge02|$9250|
      |o|I'll Take Her...                                    |Ge03|$9500|
      |o|She's A Keeper                                      |Ge04|$9750|
      |o|Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend                   |Ge05|n/a  |
    | I'll Take Her... |  (Ge03)
    Your last few missions with Gerry will all be interrelated. After the scene, go
    to an internet cafe (there's one north in Alderney) and log on. The ad for 
    autoeroticars.com should be on the main page if you scroll down. Click it, then
    click View Cars, then scroll down a bit to find the pink Felzter. The contact
    number will be added to your phone automatically as Mob Daughter. As packie
    said prior to this, you're gonna call her, arrange a test drive for her car,
    then kidnap her. Sounds easy, but it sure ain't.
    The mission goes on a slight hiatus here since you have to call the girl to
    get it going again. She will only be there between 8:00 and 21:00. Call her
    when the time is right and she'll invite you over to the car. Go to her house
    for a scene. Get in the car with her and drive along the GPS route for a while.
    The girl, Gracie, will talk and make it quite obvious she finds Niko attractive
    (guess Packie was right). Eventually, your course will change and you'll be
    prompted to start taking the car and your captive to the safehouse. Niko will
    quickly identify himself as a kidnapper which will make Gracie change her tune
    very fast. 
    As you approach the onramp, things get very aggravating. Gracie will try and
    grab the wheel every few seconds which will make the car drift abruptly to the
    left or right. This will drive you up a wall... literally. As you pass on the
    bridge, her constant pulling of the wheel may send you up on two wheels on the
    median or the wall which is, to be frank, annoying. Be careful not to let her
    flip the car. Just keep driving down the bridge and when you get to the end,
    Niko will finally knock her lights out. You can then drive peacefully to the
    safehouse (yellow dot) and to the two markers for a scene and a completed 
    mission. You earn $9500 for this headache. Gerry will be sending another job
    your way soon, but that's it for now. 
    silentexistence submits a nice tip for this mission:
    o----Submitted Tip----o
    "When the game prompts you to drive south, do the exact opposite. Drive north 
    towards the safehouse you're meant to take Gracie to eventually, but drive 
    carefully so you won't damage the car and spook her early. Even though you're 
    driving the wrong way, she won't suspect a thing until Niko identifies himself
    as a kidnapper, and even then, you'll be so close to the safehouse that Niko 
    knocks her out almost instantly after that, so all that business about her 
    interfering with your driving is avoided.
    You may also wish to note that if you're doing the mission normally, i.e. 
    driving all the way to the safehouse with her pulling at the wheel every now 
    and then, Gracie will yell and alert any cops you happen to drive past, and 
    you'll get a wanted star each time this happens; all the more reason to use 
    the strategy I outlined above."
    o----End Submission----o
    MadmanC16 offers some relief to that headache. You can try this during this
    mission and see how you fare:
    o----Submitted Tip----o
    "was just doing the 3rd mission for Gerry(I'll Take Her...) and noticed on my 
    second play through that if when she pulls on the wheel and drives you into a 
    wall you are instead going in reverse then all she does is make the car do a 
    180 in place.  Made the mission a hell of a lot easier on the second 
    playthrough for me. First time through she pulled me into on coming traffic on
    the interstate and then got the cops chasing after me where as when I used this
    technique the second time through I would just drive a little ways then do a 
    180 and drive in reverse until she pulled the wheel. Then I just continued 
    driving normally for a little bit and rinse and repeat etc. Anyways just 
    noticed it helped me a lot so I figured I'd try to pass it along if I could.  
    Thanks again for making the guide."
    o----End Submission----o
    One more, this by KyUUbi01:
    o----Submitted Tip----o
    "I recomend that people start driving about the same speed as the other cars 
    once you get close to the bridge. When the girl grabs the steering wheel brake
    and stop until she stops. Also I sugest people avoid cops because the mission 
    gets really hard after the spot you."
    o----End Submission----o
    That leaves only one boss at the moment. Drive to the Pb icon on your radar. 
    This next mission is a very fun one. 
       (, /   ) 
        _/__ /  
     ) /      hil Bell's Missions            
                              |o|Truck Hustle               |Pb01|$11000|
                              |o|Catch the Wave             |Pb02|$7500 |
                              |o|Trespass                   |Pb03|$10500|
                              |o|To Live and Die In Alderney|Pb04|$12000|
    | Truck Hustle |  (Pb01)
    The Triads have a truck of stuff that Phil wants to acquire. Niko's his man.
    After the scene, Ray will drive off. Take the other car there and head out of
    the area. When you approach the gate, wait for them to open it, then proceed
    along the route to your destination. You'll turn in an alley and find the 
    marker ahead of you. Park your car there and walk up the stairs to the marker.
    The Triads will arrive with the truck and many guards. You'll be hiding behind
    a wall. You can pretty much take almost everyone out from this position. Start
    with an RPG, which you can surprisingly use with blind fire. Point it at the
    car where the Triads are standing around. That will shake things up real quick.
    Take out your Assault or Carbine rifle and gun down any others nearby. Don't
    let any get close and compromise your cover. More will show up in another car,
    so carefully shoot them all too. Use molotovs or grenades on any more nearby
    cars if there are any enemies standing near them. Just don't blow yourself up
    and don't hit the truck, even though it's farther down the alley. Use the
    sniper rifle to gun down any farther away enemies. Sometimes they congregate
    in a small alcove to the right.
    When the coast seems clear, proceed slowly toward the truck. Kill any remaining
    enemies if they show up. Otherwise, go to the truck, which will start peeling
    away when you get close. Move to its backside and you'll see the marker. Get
    close and you'll grab on. 
    Mash the X button to climb all the way up to the roof of the truck. Once you
    get to this point, Niko will lay flat on the roof. Here you have to be very
    mindful of which way the truck goes. When it's going straight, push up on the
    Left Analog Stick to move toward the roof of the cab. That's your goal. When
    the truck is turning however, it will send Niko sliding to one side. If he
    slips off the edge, he'll grab the ledge momentarily, in which case you have to
    mash X again to get back on. If you fall off, you have to chase the truck and
    grab on the back to start the whole thing over. To prevent yourself from
    sliding, watch which way the truck goes. If it's about to take a turn, hold
    down on the Left Analog Stick. Don't let go until the truck is going fully
    straight again. It's not just turns too, even little curves in the road can
    send Niko sliding so be careful and just be patient. 
    Eventually you'll make it up to the cab and Niko will finish his very epic 
    hijacking of the truck. When you've got control, you'll call Phil and he'll
    tell you where to bring it. Drive it a short ways to the yellow dot and drop it
    off for one of his associates (he says its his nephew Frankie but that seems
    like a cover) to pick up. That ends the mission and gives you a nice pay of 
    Completing this mission will also unlock the Assassin missions. Phil tells you
    about a payphone and it will be marked on your map as a reticle icon. Go there
    to take on missions for a mysterious employer. They're required for 100% so
    refer to the Extras section for details. Phil may also call you after that to
    tell you about Jimmy Pegorino. In the whole hierarchy of this syndicate, Ray is
    near the bottom, Phil above him, and at the top is Jimmy Pegorino. When you
    start doing work for him, you're getting really close to the end of the game!
    We'll do that later though. Jimmy will text you after that call to tell you to
    dress nice when you go to meet Jimmy P. 
    Take the nearby Sanchez back to the streets. As for what to do next, hopefully
    by this time you will have received a text from Bernie, that will open his next
    and last mission. That's what we're gonna do next. You can only meet him at
    Pier 45 after 5:45 am. If you need a distraction, here's one:
    Go to the area in south Algonquin, the corner of Feldspar and Denver. It's just
    southeast of Rotterdam Tower. Go there and you should see that icon. Approach
    the man sitting down.
    Random Character - Jeff Pt. 3
    Jeff is doing well, so it seems. He's remarried, but he obviously has problems
    because she suspects her of cheating as well, and we all know how the last one
    turned out. After the scene, Jeff will start down the street and promptly be
    run over. He drops a heap of cash. Go ahead and pick it up, then walk away. 
    Yeah, that's it for Jeffy boy. Oh well.
    With that done, get back to Bernie's missions. As long as it's after 5:45, go
    ahead and find him at Pier 45. 
      (, /    )   
     ) / ____) ernie's Missions Cont'd
                                         |X|Hating the Haters|Be01|$6000|
                                         |X|Union Drive      |Be02|$6250|
                                         |o|Buoys Ahoy       |Be03|$6500|
    | Buoys Ahoy |  (Be03)
    After the scene, head out to the yellow dot in your boat. You can pass under
    the pier through that little passage. It looks narrow, but try it, just don't
    veer to the left or right too much. When you reach the marker, you'll be
    attacked by some more of Dimitri's men. 
    Chase them back under the pier and then into the harbor. They'll pass under the
    bridge, then swiftly weave in between a line of freighters. Just stay on the
    left and do not follow them as they go back and forth. Just keep going forward
    and they'll cross in front of you and go toward a ramp ahead. Chase them there
    and keep going toward another freighter, and an alcove on the left with a bunch
    of pillars. Take it slow here and get in between one of the pillars to keep
    chasing them. Don't go too fast or you'll risk tipping the boat which will be
    a failure. 
    Dodge the boat ahead of you, then as you get back into open waters, another
    boat will come in from the left so swerve to the right a bit to avoid it. The
    enemy boat will keep going toward the bridge. Continue chasing them and the
    cops will get involved again. Amazingly though, they'll blow the police boat up
    in a fiery explosion. Shiver me timbers! o_O. 
    Keep chasing them and they'll stop at a dock at the north tip of Dukes. Head 
    there too and tap on the brakes to disembark. The enemies will climb up the 
    hill where the cemetary is. Do some climbing of you own and locate them.
    Finding each of them can be tricky. Just look out for those red arrows above
    their heads. One thing to note is that once the bullets start ringing out, the
    cops might come sticking their snouts into this affair. You might get a
    two-star Wanted Level but ignore it. Just focus on the enemies and when they're
    all found and eliminated, go back to the dock and the boat. There, a scene will
    take over.
    Bernie will thank you and then drive the boat away. That leaves you to climb up
    the hill yet again. The good news is the cops are gone though. You recieve a
    reward of $6500 for this one. 
    You will probably get a call from Packie about the Gracie situation. In order
    to coax her father into paying, we need a convincing picture of our captive. 
    The icon Ransom is put on your map in north Alderney. This isn't really a
    mission, but the precursor to the next one. Drive to the safehouse now and 
    enter the door there. Walk up the stairs and enter the white door. You'll hear
    Gracie's cries. Go up to her and press L1 to get her to look at you. Then pull
    out your phone and use the camera to snap a photo. Press X to send it to
    Ok, we can start Jimmy P's missions now, or if you want, you can kill a few
    minutes just driving around or something and wait til you get a call from Ray,
    then a text from Packie. The text will open the next mission for Gerry. In this
    guide, the next thing that will be covered will be the first job for Mr.
    Pergorino. Get dressed in your suit attire and head over to his place in north
         (, /   
     /   /  immy Pegorino's Missions   
    (__ /       
                                         |o|Pegorino's Pride|Jp01|$10500| 
                                         |o|Payback         |Jp02||
                                         |o|Flatline        |Jp03|$13000|
                                         |o|Pest Control    |Jp04|$14500|
                                         |o|One Last Thing  |Jp05|n/a   |
    | Pegorino's Pride |  (Jp01)
    This mission can be tough. Come prepared with body armor and ammo for whichever
    rifle you're using (Assault or Carbine). After the scene, get in Pegorino's car
    and wait for Pegorino himself to get out of the house and get in. Drive to the
    yellow dot and they'll all talk. When you arrive, Niko will get out and get a
    rifle (though you might already have one) and you'll be told to get to the
    sniper point in the dilapidated building next to you. Walk through the entrance
    with the broken door and then turn right. Near the base of the stairs is some
    ammo. Go up a few flights until you get to the walkway. Go down there to the
    alcove where the window and the marker is.
    Using the rifle watch over the deal between Pegorino and the Pavano family. As
    the law of GTA dictates, this deal, like all others before it, will go bad.
    Watch for an enemy sneaking up on Pegorino. This will start the shootout, so
    take him out, as well as all the other enemies. A car will pull up when Jimmy
    P. takes cover, so kill all the foes that come out. You'll be given a prompt to
    go save Pegorino. Hurry down the stairs and out of the building. Sprint as fast
    as you can to the stairway across from the exit. 
    Some enemies will fire down on you. Aim at them with your Assault or Carbine
    rifle and take them down. Most of the enemies on the stairs and beams above you
    will only take a few shots as they often fall down to their deaths. Go up the
    stairs and take out the enemies near the car and any others ahead of you. Don't
    waste too much time trying to get any stragglers. Hurry inside the small
    building. Now you can rush in and face the enemies, or you can skip the next
    paragraph and read a tip submitted by Tyler_5895 for an easier way to do this
    next part.
    Here's where you're gonna need to be a bit cautious but also quick. If you've
    got full armor and health, you can afford to be a bit reckless. As you enter
    the building, turn your sights left and fill the guy there full of holes. There
    are two more in each doorway ahead of you. Gun them down but they will use
    cover so don't waste time waiting for them to pop out. Every second counts here
    so if they disappear, rush them and take them out point blank. After that, stay
    on the left side and go down the hall to the next room. Another two guys should
    be waiting off to the right. Gun them both down quickly, then enter the final
    door to find Pegorino. If you take too long with this, he will die, so be sure
    to keep moving but also know where all the enemies lay in wait. 
    Here is Tyler_5895's alternate tip on that part Read it!:
    o----Submitted Tip----o
    "Instead of doing this. As you go up the stairs towards this building stay 
    outside of the building towards the right side. One guy will be waiting about 
    3/4 the way down. Take him out with the carbine and keep running. you will make
    it past where pegorino is but run down to the end of the building, make a left
    and left again, run a few short yards and there he is. The difference is 
    killing a handful of people to just one."
    o----End Submission----o
    After the scene, you'll be back in the car with Jimmy P. Follow your attackers
    but don't worry about shooting them. Just focus on following them and not
    crashing. You'll pass by several groups of foes trying to shoot your car but
    as long as you're not driving at a snail's pace you shouldn't worry about them.
    When you leave this warehouse yard, be careful crossing the street toward the
    factory. Two cars will come from opposite directions so be on the look out. You
    will then follow the car up two small jumps and make an abrupt right turn. A
    forklift will come in from the left so watch out for that too. Soon after that,
    the car will crash and the enemies will pile out. Stop the car and immediately
    use it for cover. These guys will unload on you big time and it will wash your
    armor clear off in a heartbeat if you're exposed. Pluck them all off and then
    find the guy with the gift and kill him to grab it. If you're not quick, this
    guy sometimes has tendencies to flee into the factory area with all the pipes
    and walkways. He will go upstairs and then downstairs and if he spots you, he
    will fire. Strangely enough, I had this happen it was actually a pretty epic
    shootout because I had just a small strand of health left. 
    Anyways, when the last guy is dead, find the backpack with Pegorino's offering
    and then get back in the car. Drive him back to his place and you'll be done
    with the first of his jobs. The reward is $10500. 
    Now recharge yourself with some food and armor, ammo, etc. When that's taken
    care of, you'll want to go back to Gerry's next mission with the whole Gracie
    situation. Before we go to the facility though, you might want to respond to
    a call from Bernie, should you get it. He offers you Bryce's car which is back
    in Algonquin. Go there (the Be icon) and find a lovely Infernus waiting for you
    in an alley. Scwhing! Preserve that baby and take it to a safehouse. Before you
    do, there's someone we should go meet. Just a little bit north of where the
    Infernus is, there should be another character icon. Drive up a block or so
    on that west side of Algonquin and you should see it. Approach the person that
    is leaning up against the lamp pole.
    Random Character - Marnie Pt. 2
    Marnie still isn't doing all that well, but she's trying. She asks for a ride
    to the station, so she can go back home. Go find your Infernus which should be
    just around the corner. Get it and pick her up in it and then drive to the
    yellow dot. Stop in the marker and Marnie will thank you and be off. You'll
    again end up giving her $500 which sucks but it's ok. 
    With that out of the way, put that Infernus in a safe place and then go all
    the way back to Alderney to find Gerry at the pen. 
      /   ___   
     /     / ) erry's Missions Cont'd
    (____ /     
      |X|Actions Speak Louder Than Words                     |Ge01|$9000|
      |X|I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle|Ge02|$9250|
      |X|I'll Take Her...                                    |Ge03|$9500|
      |o|She's A Keeper                                      |Ge04|$9750|
      |o|Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend                   |Ge05|n/a  |
    | She's a Keeper |  (Ge04)
    After the scene, head back to the safehouse where Gracie is being kept. One
    thing worth mentioning if you haven't already discovered this, is that if you
    took a cab to the facility, be careful taking a car as you leave. The place is
    guarded by cops so they'll see you and start coming after you. You won't need
    to worry if you drive here though.
    Anyways, go to the safehouse and when you approach the car, a cutscene will
    start automatically.
    Drive the car to the new destination but as soon as you leave the alley, the
    Ancelotti's attack. Just keep driving and focus on, as usual, not hitting too
    much stuff. Several little bumps into poles, garbage dumpsters, and the like
    won't really be a big deal, just avoid major collisions with other cars and
    walls. If you go overboard, Gracie will die making all this moot. It's not too
    tough to keep a good distance between you and your pursuers and hopefully the
    traffic will help you for once. When you get far enough, they'll back off. Just
    drive casually to the area near the Pay n' Spray to meet up with Packie and end
    this mission. Your pay is $9750. 
    Luckily this will also open up Gerry's last mission right away. So without
    wasting much time go to it. Just know this is a toughie, so I recommend you get
    full health, some armor, and as always, be sure to have ammo for your rifle,
    a sniper rifle, and your SMG just in case. An RPG round will also be a big
    help. Drive to the facility again when you're good and ready.
    | Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend |  (Ge05)
    It's time to trade Gracie for a nice payoff of Diamonds. Go meet Packie at the
    same location as before and get in the car with them. Drive to the new yellow
    dot. When you arrive at the gate, the marker will appear a little further
    inside. Stop there for a scene.
    After it's over, things are obviously not going so well. With Packie at your
    side, start aiming at all the enemies. They'll be using the enviornment to
    cover so pop all that reveal themselves. There's a lot, but you should focus on
    the guys to the right first as they can hit you from behind the car. After that
    just take out any of the others as Packie moves up, including enemies on the
    stairs and catwalks. Move up with Packie and take aim at some of the other foes
    and when you've cleared them all, go up the ramp. There's some body armor there
    for you if you need it. A few more enemies will appear when you near the top. 
    Shoot them and rejoin Packie on the catwalk. 
    Several more enemies will appear on the far catwalk to the left. Gun them down
    quickly (go for headshots) and keep moving. Go down the catwalk further and
    more enemies will appear on the ground. They can be difficult to hit with the
    railing and pipes blocking your view though. When the coast is clear, turn
    the corner and follow Packie. Two enemies will come charging up the ramp ahead
    of you. Kill them both. Packie will then suggest splitting up and he'll go left
    while you go in the direction the two enemies came. Soon your attention will
    be turned to the ground where three cars pull up with more enemies. Here's
    where that RPG comes in handy. Blow them all up or just gun them down manually.
    When that threat is quelled, a whole group of enemies will pin down Packie.
    From where you are, take your sniper rifle out. With some luck, you should be
    able to spot each enemy that is firing on him. If it's dark out, look for the
    muzzle flash to find them. If you can't get a shot on a few of them, move up
    or just get closer to Packie and resort to your other weaponry to dispose of
    them. Following that attack, the last thing to do is meet up with Packie and
    that will start a scene.
    Gun down the last few guys and then slide down the ladder. You probbaly won't
    have a vehicle if you blew up all those cars before. If you're lucky, a garbage
    truck may come by so jack that for now, but trade it in for something else when
    you get near the toll booth. Drive back to Packie's place and drop him off to
    finish the mission. No reward. 
    We still got a ways to go but we're nearing the end of the game. For now, head
    to Jimmy's place again and we'll continue his work. 
         (, /   
     /   /  immy Pegorino's Missions Cont'd
    (__ /       
                                         |X|Pegorino's Pride|Jp01|$10500| 
                                         |o|Payback         |Jp02|n/a   |
                                         |o|Flatline        |Jp03|$13000|
                                         |o|Pest Control    |Jp04|$14500|
                                         |o|One Last Thing  |Jp05|n/a   |
    | Payback |  (Jp02)
    It's time to hit the Pavanos back. Hard. Find the target location and the
    marker. You'll probably find it as you're going southwest. Don't stop on the
    marker facing in this direction, because you'll have to turn around when the
    chase starts which will waste precious time. Stop in the marker with your car
    facing northeast.
    The car will take off so follow them. Try to avoid following too closely 
    because the passenger will shoot at you. You don't want to be too far behind
    though. As usual, there wil be a few scripted roadblocks, like a motorcycle
    that cuts in front of you as you enter an alley. Also watch out for other
    traffic too. It seems that other cars that are hit by the guy you're chasing
    are thrown away or tumble in a way that defies the law of physics, so watch
    out for any spills. 
    The chase won't last long and the car will stop at the autoeroticar autoshop
    where a bunch more guys are waiting. Park your car on the other side of the
    street and take cover. Hopefully if you still have some RPG ammo, you can
    easily make things really easy by blind firing one into the group of cars.
    After that, rush in and take out any others. Just be quick about it, because
    the police will be drawn to the area. Some guys are off to the left of the shop
    so make sure you get them too. With all the smoke and fire it can be tough to
    target the right guy, and if you plant some on the cops, you'll only compound
    the problem. 
    When you got them all, drive off and lose the cops. There's a lot of alleys so
    ditching them shouldn't be too troublesome. There's also a Pay n' Spray nearby
    so use it if you have to. When they're gone, you'll be done with the mission.
    Unfortunately, there's no pay for this one either. 
    Phil's icon appears at the Strip Club, and you should get a call shortly from
    our old friend Mr. Paper. He says that the head of the Gambetti family, a man
    named Gravelli is in the hospital back in Broker and he has work. Not only
    that, doing this work can lead to tips on the man Niko is searching for. And
    now that Niko knows it's not Florian he's after, that means this guy is the one
    he wants. Sounds very tempting but before we go let's take care of something
    else first.
    Go back to that Auto Eroticar from the last mission. Go at around midnight.
    You can find it at northwestern Alderney. Near there, you should see that icon
    again. Enter the alley across from the Auto Eroticar and you'll find...
    Random Character - Eddie
    This guy is very, very strange. He's like a kid trapped in an adult's body. He
    wants a lift, so take him to the yellow dot on your radar. A short scene will
    take over as he dumps a bag into the water for some strange reason. He'll get
    back in and ask you to take him to another place in Algonquin. Follow the new
    route, through the Booth Tunnel. When you exit the tunnel, the marker is just
    around the corner. Drop him off and that will be that. No pay. 
    When you're done, you can get back to the story now. So drive to Broker/Dukes.
    Find the G icon and head over. The marker is outside the hospital. On your way,
    you might get another call from Dimitri. He doesn't seem so coy now. 
      /   ___   
     /     / ) ambetti's Missions 
    (____ /     
                                     |o|Entourage           |Ga01|$12000|
                                     |o|Dining Out          |Ga02|$13250|
                                     |o|Liquidize The Assets|Ga03|$14500|
    | Entourage |  (Ga01)
    The old man Gravelli wants you to escort and protect a politician friend of his
    from Dimitri's men. Go to the station and approach the guy with the blue arrow
    above his head for a short scene. Get in the middle car and then wait for the
    guy, Bobby Jefferson, to get in. Follow the car in front of you through the
    city. Mr. Jefferson will yammer away on his phone. By the time the call ends,
    the convoy has had to take a detour and then is blocked off by construction.
    That's when they discover it's a trap.
    From the alley, take cover and with your Carbine Rifle (or Assault), start
    finding enemies and picking them off. There's a few to your left, but most of
    them are on the right. As you take them down, more will come from the alley in
    front of you, and then from the right as well. Kill them all and remember there
    is a first-aid kit behind you if you need it. When they're dead, leave the
    alley and look to the roof of the building on your left. There should be two
    guys there. Kill them both and then that should end the threat. Mr. Jefferson
    will get out and you should find a car fast. Hopefully one of the car's will
    have survived the attack. Get in and drive off.
    Unfortunately it's not over just yet. Several red dots will appear all around
    you and more cars will show up. Start driving faster and try to ditch them. Do
    your best and take alleyways and drive into oncoming traffic (but be careful)
    to lose them. It shouldn't be too tough. When the dots disappear, a yellow one
    will show up. Take Jefferson there and stop in the marker. That will end the
    job. You'll earn a very nice reward of $12000. 
    Gravelli still has more work. Go back to the hospital for the next mission.
    | Dining Out |  (Ga02)
    Gravelli has good news, but in return for the favor he wants us to take out a
    Korean guy named Kim who's been selling counterfeit money. He's located at a
    restaurant in Alderney. Hm... Korean guy named Kim. Counterfeits? Sounds an
    awful lot like the guy we protected for Derrick a while back in the Babysitting
    mission. I wonder...
    Anyways. Drive all the way over to Alderney (take a cab) and stop at the
    restaurant. Walk inside and talk to the receptionist. Niko will mention that he
    and Kim are "old friends", confirming that it is indeed the same fellow. Oh
    well, Niko will do what he has to. Fire a round into the receptionist's dome as
    he will eventually pull a gun on you. A second guy might appear from around the
    corner to the right so gun him down.
    Enter the main room and try to take cover behind the pillar. It's not the best
    cover spot because there are a lot of guys above you that can still shoot you.
    Unfortunately it's the best you've got. Quickly take aim at some of these guys
    and fill them full of SMG or rifle rounds. Take out all the foes you can see
    above you, then rush up the stairs and turn right. Two more guys should be
    there, ready to gun you down. Take the initiative and blow their brains out.
    Kill any more enemies shooting at you, then find the red door that leads to the
    manager's office. He'll tell you Kim is in the kitchen. Pop the manager and
    grab the body armor on the table. Don't bother with the computer and just
    Several more enemies will show up so that new suit of armor might get put to
    good use. Kill them all, then go near the two blue doors. Two more enemies will
    probably lunge out but may retreat back inside for cover. Pepper them both with
    a few bullets, then enter the kitchen. Kim will flee out the back door, then
    down some stairs to the cars. He will probably hop in one car and leave you
    with a motorcycle. If so, get on, put the helmet on and chase him. 
    At first the motorcycle may seem like a bad choice since it leaves you exposed
    and in the car with Kim is a guy with a gun. However, you may find that
    shooting from the bike makes it easier to pop the tires on the car, which will
    in turn, make it easier for you to keep up with. Keep firing on the car until
    it catches fire and both passengers get out. Blast Kim's friend, then turn your
    sights on him. Kill him to successfully end this ordeal and earn yourself a
    stipend of $13250.
    We have an alternate strategy given to us by Johnno:
    o----Submitted Tip----o
    "For this to work, Packie will have to like you enough for you to be able to 
    take advantage of his special ability. Before the mission, or on your way to 
    the restaurant, you need to call him up for one of his bombs. At Mr Fuk’s you 
    go inside and talk with the concierge. When he’s said his piece, you go outside
    and around to the back of the building. There you will find a car and a 
    motorcycle. Attach the bomb to the car with L1 (you will have to drive the car
    forwards a bit to be able to fit the bomb under the boot, the car is unlocked 
    and therefore easy to move). Then go back inside, fight your way to the manager
    and have a word with him. Fight some more to get to the kitchen. Kim 
    what’s-his-name will now scarper out the back door and down the fire escape, 
    jump into the car and take off like Michael Schumacher at the start of a race.
    Follow him to the fire escape, whip out your mobile, look up Packie in the 
    phonebook and choose *detonate*. If the car hasn’t gotten too far, you will 
    hear a satisfying explosion in the distance and the sound of money adding to 
    your savings. Ta-daah!"
    o----End Submission----o
    We also have something to take care of before we do our next mission. Go to the
    internet cafe. Log on the computer and scroll down at the main page. There is
    always that banner for something there. News, Auto Eroticar, Law firm etc. Just
    keep clicking and going back until it has the newspaper. Click that and then
    find the story about the Serial Killer. Read this story and then log out. That
    will be important soon.
    After that is done, go back to the hospital again for Gravelli's last mission.
    | Liquidize the Assets |  (Ga03)
    When you go to meet Gravelli, Mr. Paper is there as well. He says he'll have
    a good surprise for Niko when this job is done.
    You've got to take out a shipment of drugs, as well as everyone guarding it.
    It's a long drive to Alderney, so take a cab if you prefer. Try to come
    equipped with the usuals, but also some RPG ammo if you can get it. You'll get
    a short cutscene when you approach the gate. That's your way in. However you 
    can make things much easier on yourself by not charging in up the slope into 
    the lion's den. 
    There's a much easier way, climb the fence to the right of that gate instead.
    Head to the far right, passing the building. On a rooftop far down the alley,
    you'll see a sniper. He won't notice you so just hurry to the right and toward
    the shed there. Climb on top of that, then onto the wall to the right. From
    there you can start climbing up all the ventilation ducts. Here you'll reach
    the roof. Creep across the roof toward the far wall where a ladder awaits.
    Climb up that to reach the sniper. Sneak up on him and plant a pistol round in
    the back of his head. 
    That begins the festivities in a big way. All the guns in the area start aiming
    for you. Unfortunately you're a big exposed too. Take out your sniper rifle and
    immediately start aiming for the guns on the roofs. There's a few on the roof
    below and to the left of you, as well as a few more on the roof to the right.
    Know that there's body armor near you if you need it. Take aim and gun each of
    these guys down as they are your first big threat.
    The second threat will actually come from behind. Various enemies will take the
    stairway through the building up to the roof to find you and attack you from
    behind. As many as three or four enemies may do this, if not more. So be very
    careful and mindful of your six. 
    Take out every enemy on the ground and when they're all dead, take the stairs
    down to the ground level. The first truck will be right there, but it's a bit
    too close to blow it up, so head down the alley. Chances are, an enemy that you
    didn't see because of your view being obstructed will notice you, probably a
    guy on the roof. Kill him, and then a few other survivors will probably come
    running at you (literally). Gun them down as well and then all the enemies
    should finally be dead.
    Start aiming at all the trucks (red dots) with your RPG. If you think that's
    too expensive to waste, use grenades. Either way, just get the job done and
    blow each truck, including the one behind you that we skipped. When they're all
    blown sky high, you get $14500. Not bad.
    This leaves Phil as your lone boss for the time being (not counting the
    Assassin jobs). Before we go to him though, let's take a little detour. You can
    only do this if you spared Ivan at the end of Ivan the Not So Terrible, a
    mission we did for Vlad a long, long time ago. Drive to Acter. The location you
    want is just a very tiny ways north and then east of the internet cafe in 
    Alderney. There, on the corner of Farnsworth and Mueri, you should see the 
    icon. Find the guy standing at that corner and approach him.
    Random Character - Ivan
    Well look who we have here. It's old Ivan. He's doing very well for himself,
    but asks for Niko's help in going to get some money that he lent out earlier.
    Get a car and drive him a short ways west to the location. As if there was any
    doubt, things get ugly. After the scene, turn your sights on the guy standing
    on the rooftop to your right, then the enemy on the fire escape to the left.
    There's an enemy on the right wall hiding between the dumpsters, and he likes
    to use that cover well. Just lob a molotov or grenade in there to do away with
    him, then gun down the last guys. Approach Ivan when it's all over. He'll thank
    you and reward you with $1000. 
    We have one more to take care of now that you're back in Alderney. Check the
    time and wait for it to be around 3am. Go to the area in Alderney called 
    Berchem. The street is Cockerell ave. There you should see the icon again. In
    the alley is a familiar face. If it's not there and you're in the right area,
    at the right time, you need to read the story about the serial killer on the
    Random Character - Eddie Pt. 2
    Eddie is back and he's even more deranged than before. He starts to piss Niko
    off and then eventually draws a knife. Back away quickly. Eddie swings that
    knife fast and several times. Back away until you can get a shot on him, then
    fire away until he's dead. Your only reward is whatever cash he drops. 
    You're done with that. Head to Phil's icon now and we can continue the story.
       (, /   ) 
        _/__ /  
     ) /      hil Bell's Missions Cont'd        
                              |X|Truck Hustle               |Pb01|$11000|
                              |o|Catch the Wave             |Pb02|$7500 |
                              |o|Trespass                   |Pb03|$10500|
                              |o|To Live and Die In Alderney|Pb04|$12000|
    | Catch the Wave |  (Pb02)
    After the scene, drive Phil to a truck. When you get there, get inside with him
    and drive the truck all the way to Algonquin, then to the bridge. When you get
    on the bridge, veer right to the off ramp, and then after the toll booth, take
    the next ramp as well. Eventually you'll wind up at the warehouse, and you'll
    inevitably be drawn into a gunfight with Phil at your side.
    Your big priority is to make sure Phil doesn't die. He'll charge in when he
    sees the coast is clear, so try to make sure the enemies that are farther away
    from you are dead first. You can use the explosive red barrels to speed things
    up. Near one of them is a first-aid kit. Watch out for numerous enemies on the
    catwalks above you and some that will charge down the stairs on the right. 
    More enemies will be near the docks and will use cover well so get closer to
    kill them too.
    When the coast is finally clear, Phil will get in one boat. You go down the
    dock to the left and get in the other, but grab the body armor laying there
    first. Follow Phil in his boat as he rides off. As you would expect, some other
    boats show up to stop you. At first they'll be a ways behind but should catch
    up. One boat may never catch up though. Aim at them with your gun when they get
    close enough and try to take them out. If you're lucky you'll get the driver.
    If not, just keep shooting. If one boat was lagging behind, chances are, it
    won't ever catch up to you. Just keep following Phil and eventually you'll lose
    the boat all together. At that point, just continue down the river and you'll
    stop at a dock. Get off and step into the marker to finish this job with a 
    scene. After that, you'll get your hands on 7500 bones. 
    The next mission for Phil opens up, as well as a new mission for Jimmy P. Feel
    free to do some other jobs, take out friends, etc. Otherwise, let's keep going,
    we're getting closer.
    | Trespass |  (Pb03)
    Drive Phil to an old Sprunk factory. Find the marker and stop there for a
    scene. A guy named Chubby Charlie is in there and he's your target for blabbing
    about the coke thing. There's two ways you can take. You can charge in from the
    front, or you can take the tunnel. I prefer the tunnel. Go down into that
    tunnel and walk down until you find an opening on the left. Walk inside and
    you'll see the first two enemies. When starting this party off, I like to
    interject an RPG missile right in between them.
    Once your presence has been made known, enter and go up the slope of debris,
    then find the stairs and ascend to the next floor. Immediately take out the
    enemy on the left, then take cover behind the couch. Take out the other foes
    across the room. Turn around at this point, as two enemies that you would have
    had to deal with if you took the other route should show up to attack you.
    Gun them both down. Move up and you can see a piece of body armor laying next
    to a stone slab. It's somewhat of a trap though, as its location gives two
    enemies an opportunity to shoot you. The first is to the east, from the second
    floor. Gun him down. The other is right above the body armor. You should be
    able to see his head. Kill him too, then proceed to the next floor by climbing
    up the debris.
    Turn around immediately when you near the top. There's another foe against the
    wall there, and a second one in the northeast corner. Kill them both and you
    might see Charlie fleeing up the stairs. Follow him. On the next floor, take
    cover behind the broken door. Toss a few molotovs or grenades to clear the room
    out a little, then gun down the survivors. Enter the far room and Charlie will
    shoot out a window and escape. Take cover behind the brick wall and kill his
    men in this room first. When they're dead, follow Charlie through that window.
    Take cover behind one of the ventilation units. Two guys should be behind the
    one in front of you. Gun them both down. Take out the guy that's even farther
    down as well. When you proceed forward, one more foe should pop out and ambush
    you. Take care of him, then proceed across the bridge. When you get there, aim
    up at the rooftop of the building you just departed from. You should see a
    couple guys there. Kill them all and you will probably see Charlie going up
    that way. Move to the right and watch out for another enemy with an Assault
    Rifle. As long as there are no more enemies on the opposite roof trying to
    shoot you, head across the other bridge. Climb the ladder there to reach the
    roof with the two smokestack pillars. Run past these and find yet one more
    ladder. Climb up here for a scene.
    When it's over, Charlie will be fleeing by helicopter. As it slowly floats
    away, you'll take some gunfire. Looking up at the heli hovering overhead, it
    just screams "RPG" to me. Pull it out and fire at the copter. If you don't have
    one, just pepper it with rifle rounds. Eventually it will go down and crash,
    killing Chubby Charlie in the process. That will end the mission with a bang,
    literally. You get $10500 for it. 
    Phil has one last mission, and it's a doozy. 
    | To Live and Die In Alderney |  (Pb04)
    It's time to go pick up the heroin from Frankie (who actually seems to be 
    Phil's nephew after all). Of course when you go get it, a giant ambush of cops
    in the FIB Buffalos show up. Ohh... crap. 
    Phil will drive off in one car, and you and Frankie will get in the other. 
    Take off and your immediate concern for this part of the mission will be 
    protecting and staying close to Phil. At first, the FIB Buffalos will chase his
    car. Just unload on them with the SMG while keeping pace and eventually you
    should get the first one to explode. Just be careful if it's in front of you
    that you drive past it before it actually blows. The Buffalos will only be a
    factor for a little while. The police cruisers come into play for the rest of
    the ride. 
    Chase them and Phil through the city and keep shooting at the police cruisers.
    The sad part is that another will always come in out of nowhere to replace them
    but just keep doing it. Don't worry a whole lot about speed. You can keep up
    with Phil, keep good steering, and still shoot the cops without hitting max
    throttle. You don't want to go to slow and let Phil too far out of your sight
    though, because that will mean trouble.
    As always, there will be a few scripted events. Of note are two trucks that
    come in from both directions to try and block you near Vitullo Ave. There may
    also be a lot of buses in the city at this time so be careful of that too. When
    you near the warehouse, there will be a forklift that can block you but it's
    easy to avoid.
    After that, Phil will call you and tell you he's gonna ditch the car. Follow
    him to an alley and pull up behind him for a brief scene. The cops will show
    up to stop you. Pull out your Carbine (or Assault) Rifle and waste them. When
    they go down, another couple cruisers will pull up at the opposite alley. Shoot
    any of the pigs that show themselves. Eventually a NOOSE truck will also show
    up. Just so you know, you can try using an RPG here on that truck, but just be
    careful of the explosions. Chances are it will cause at least one of the 
    cruisers to blow up as well. When the coast is clear though, Phil will run off,
    and if that car explodes when he's running by, it could be trouble. Also note
    that you might want to save the RPG missile if you only have one. It might be
    more useful in a minute than wasting it on the truck. 
    When the coast is clear, follow Phil across the street and up to the right to
    the escape van. A helicopter will swoop in on you. Use that RPG again or if you
    saved it from before. That will take it down nice and easily. If not, use the
    rifle and shoot it down together with Phil and Frankie. It will eventually blow
    up and that will be your cue to get in the van and drive off. 
    This is the last part of the mission, the getaway, and surprisingly, it's not
    hard at all. Somehow your wanted level has been reduced to a simple two stars.
    It doesn't make the police much less annoying, so drive off and evade that
    search circle. When you've shaken them, take Phil and Frankie to the safehouse
    up north. Just take it easy and then park in the marker when you get there for
    a completed mission and $12000.
    Now you're finished with Phil.
    Feel free to start shoring up some of those loose ends. It may not feel very
    tempting if you're playing through for the first time, as most folks like to
    finish the main story first and I can't blame you. Just keep things like the
    Assassin missions, Brucie's cars, Stevie's cars, and others in mind if you want
    to reach 100% or just want some extra stuff to do. 
    On that note, let's go take care of another little loose end. From the strip
    club in Alderney, go north, turn right, then left. You should see that all too
    familiar icon. Get out of your car and approach the woman who is standing on
    the porch. 
    Random Character - Gracie
    It's old Gracie, and she sure as hell recognizes Niko and sics a bunch of her
    mob friends on him. Immediately take cover behind the car you drove here. You
    are totally exposed otherwise. If you're lucky, somebody will drive by and then
    get out of their car when they hear the gunfire, providing you with some cover.
    Find and lock on to each enemy and gun them down. There's one to the left, one
    on the balcony above, and the other three are ahead of you, slightly to the
    right. Your only reward of this will be the cash they drop, and they do drop a
    decent profit so pick it up. 
    Alright now, your last boss is Jimmy. He is in fact, your last and final boss.
    Head back to his house when you're ready. Again, we're nearing the end of the
    game. If you want to, take care of other things first, but keep in mind you
    don't have to. You can just do them after the final mission, or never. Go
    ahead and go to Jimmy P's. Oh, and don't worry about a suit, you don't need one
         (, /   
     /   /  immy Pegorino's Missions Cont'd
    (__ /       
                                         |X|Pegorino's Pride|Jp01|$10500| 
                                         |o|Payback         |Jp02|n/a   |
                                         |o|Flatline        |Jp03|$13000|
                                         |o|Pest Control    |Jp04|$14500|
                                         |o|One Last Thing  |Jp05|n/a   |
    | Flatline |  (Jp03)
    Turns out Anthony, Jimmy P's subordinate was wearing a wire. He had a heart
    attack though which leaves him in the hospital. Jimmy P. wants you go finish 
    the job to not only save him, but save Niko as well who was also recorded on 
    the wire.
    Get in your car and take a very short drive to the hospital. Leave your car in
    a position to get out fast. As you enter, don't have your weapons drawn; the
    police are guarding it very tightly.
    Now here you can make a choice, once again of the easy vs. challenging variety.
    If you prefer the harder route, turn right when you enter the hospital, go past
    the two people talking, and then turn left. Go down the hall until you find the
    police. They'll pull their firearms on you but will only shoot if you get
    closer. Cap them both and then turn left and find Anthony on the bed. Fire a
    pistol round into his head to end his misery. Now the cops will be swarming you
    so get ready. Two should come at you into the room so gun them down. Make your
    way down the hall back to where you were, and gun a bunch more pigs down. As
    you leave the hospital, even more police will be waiting. Shoot them all and
    get to your car. Drive off and then lose the heat to be done.
    That's the hard way and I actually personally prefer it for some reason. I
    don't totally recommend it though.
    Here's the easy way. When you enter the hospital turn right, then right again
    to find a locker room. Approach the marker to change into the hospital worker
    uniform. Now you can go down the hall and pass by the cops without them being
    suspicious. Just remember that you MUST get this uniform before getting near
    the end of the hallway. If the cops spot you the first time, they'll be able
    to recognize you easily with the uniform on (which, to be honest, makes sense).
    When you get inside Anthony's room, Niko will tell the guy inside to take a
    walk. Approach the machine on the right side of the bed and press L1 to turn it
    off, which will cut Anthony's life support. The game prompt then tells you to
    get out quickly but discreetly. No matter what though, the cops will figure out
    what happened and start opening fire. Run past the first two, but then take out
    your gun for the others that bar your path. Shoot them down as you make it back
    to your car. Get in, drive off and get out of there. You can shake the two-star
    wanted level easily, or use the nearby Pay n' Spray. When you're in the clear,
    you get $13000.
    You might as well go change out of that uniform (if you chose the easy way)
    before you go do Peg's next job. This one is kind of tough, and it gave me
    personally a lot of headaches. It turns out it was easier than I thought 
    | Pest Control |  (Jp04)
    Watch the scene. Afterwards, get in your car and just drive around for about a
    minute. Jimmy P. should give you a ring and he'll tell you to go find Ray.
    Find his location (yellow dot) and you'll find a marker which is around the
    corner from two cars. Here's where you can again make a decision. First we'll
    go through the tougher way which is the way I did it (frustratingly) about five
    Stop in the marker, then after the brief scene, follow Ray and his bodyguards.
    They'll soon stop at a gas station. Stop your car outside and take out an RPG.
    Fire it at the white car. This should send the whole place blowing up because
    of the gas pumps. It will knock most of Ray's bodyguards out, and if you're
    lucky, take him out as well. It never did for me though, and Ray got in his car
    and peeled away. Shoot any guys who are immediately shooting at you, but don't
    waste more than like a few seconds. Quickly get in your car and chase Ray. He
    takes the bridge to Broker, and he takes a different route than I originally
    thought, which is why I could never catch him. Pay attention to which way he
    goes so you can catch him. If you follow him straight out of the gas station,
    there is a slight possibility (and I think slight is the right word) that Ray
    may get stuck in traffic (thanks to hagrid007) for this. If that's the case,
    use whatever you want, from explosives, etc to kill him. Otherwise, fire on his
    car until you've got him dead. If he gets to the safehouse in Broker, you'll 
    When he's dead, go back to Algonquin and mop up any remaining guards. Another 
    reason I failed this mission so many times was because I put too much priority
    on the bodyguards which made catching Ray too difficult. Ignore them at first 
    and just chase him. When I got back to them, I found his remaining bodyguards
    just laying on the ground, too hurt from the explosion. I just very casually
    walked by and popped them all in the head with the pistol. That ended the
    However. There is a much, much easier way to do this. I totally prefer it now
    and recommend it. Starting from when you get the call from Peg, go to Ray's
    location but do NOT stop at the marker. Instead, call up Packie now. Ask him
    for a bomb (if you don't have any progress with him this point is moot). From
    this position, he should leave one up in Northwood. Go up there and get it,
    then come back. Again, avoid the marker. Go to the two cars. The white one is
    Ray's. Go to the back of the car and press L1 to plant the bomb. Now get back
    in your car and go to the marker.
    Follow Ray like usual, but when he gets to the gas station, call Packie and
    select Detonate. For some reason, selecting Detonate might get you Packie's
    voice mail thing. Just hang up and call and select Detonate again fast. If you
    don't move quick enough, Ray will start moving again. You want him in the
    station because of the massive explosion. Alternatively, you can pull up to the
    gas station and use an RPG to blow up all the pumps which usually kills most of
    Ray's bodyguards. Ray will hit the gas and drive off. Just select "Detonate" at
    this point and you'll be done (thanks to alakaboom1 for this). Once again, when
    Ray is gone, take care of any bodyguards. That will end the mission nice and 
    easily. You'll score $14500 for this. Schwing!
    F4tal Zephyr submits this tip:
    o-----Submitted Tip----o
    "On the mission Pest Control, when you are following ray, they will not speed 
    up or run away when you are following them, so follow right behind them. If you
    are lucky, on the way to the gas station they will stop at a red light. Get out
    quickly and fire you rocket launcher at Ray's car, then the body guards car. 
    The second car my run away so get back into your car and give chase. They will
    eventually stop and try to shoot at you. Use the rocket launcher again or take
    them down manually.
    I did this on my first try and i had no problem at all."
    o----End Submission----o
    You've got basically one last mission (though technically there's one more after
    but it's not really a mission at all) before the final two missions. Take a
    deep breath and look at how far you've come. Seems like ages since you were
    doing jobs for Vlad, killing people for Faustin, getting into huge shootouts
    to help Elizabeta. It's been some ride, but now it's almost over.
    The phone will ring. Answer it.
    | That Special Someone | (spsm)
    Mr. Paper will call you. Dark Brevic is in the country at last. You'll call
    Roman to let him now and he'll ask you to pick him up. Go get him at Firefly
    Island, then go to the airport. Stop at the marker for an intense cutscene.
    When it's over, you're given a choice. Kill Darko, or walk away. Let me
    emphasize now that there is no major impact. It will just change a few strands
    of dialogue. Personally, I felt it was more appropriate to let him live. It
    felt to me like Niko needed to discover something else other than revenge, even
    after all this time. It felt weird but it seemed right. If you choose to kill
    him, you get to see just how much frustration Niko has toward Darko.
    Whichever you choose, take Roman to Brucie's place. That ends the mission.
    Shortly after this, Pegorino will give you a buzz. Go find him at the strip
    club back in Alderney. Find the marker outside.
    | One Last Thing... |  (Jp05)
    This isn't even a mission at all. It's basically just a cutscene. Watch it and
    get a grip for what's about to happen. In short, you'll be asked to work with
    Dimitri, which as we all know, is a tough choice given what's happened.
    After the scene is over, the mission ends and the game will autosave (if that
    setting is on). This is the time to go to a safehouse and save the game that
    way if you haven't in a while. Basically from here on out, you'll be going down
    two branching paths, each taking you to a different mission and a different 
    outcome. It's most important to have your save file start here, that way you 
    can reload at this point and make the choice you didn't go with the first time.
    Don't worry about autosave, that's a different slot. Just keep one hard save
    file before you make your choice.  
    Soon Niko will call both Roman and Kate and they'll each weigh in on what they
    think Niko should do. After that Roman will text you and two blips will appear
    on the radar. One nearby... Deal. The other back in Broker... Revenge. Going to
    one will set you down the unmitigable path to a certain finale. We'll be
    covering each choice, starting with Revenge. If you want to choose Deal, jump
    ahead to the section (Dl01) for the Deal path. If you choose Revenge, start by
    going to the red blip in Broker, then read this next section.
      (, /   ) 
        /__ /  
     ) /   \  evenge Path  (Rv00)
    (_/     \                          
                                          |o|A Dish Served Cold|Rv01|n/a|
                                          |o|Out of Commission |Rv02|n/a|
    | A Dish Served Cold |  (Rv01)
    Before you officially begin this mission, let me note that there is a very nice
    tip submitted to me and it really starts at the beginning. The following is the
    standard strategy, but if you want, read the tip found at the end.
    At the area where the boat is located, a scene will take over, outlining your
    objectives here. When it's over, take aim at the guys near the truck with your
    Carbine Rifle and take them all out. When they're dead, head up the ramp to
    the boat itself. 
    Immediately take out the first guy there and take cover behind the box. Another
    enemy will be behind the wall to your right. Shoot him. A few more will be a
    few yards in front of you. A well placed grenade will clear the path, leaving
    only a few further down. As you move up, watch for a guy on the platform to
    your right that will shoot down on you. Kill him quickly, then keep moving.
    Go from box to box, until you can get a shot on the other foes. If they use the
    cover too much, get much closer and then just blast them from cover when you
    see the chance. Keep moving and watch for a guy on the walkway above. After he
    is dead, look for an enemy down near the far corner. Try to shoot him from
    where you are. If you can't, go get him but turn right when you're near the
    door to blast another enemy. When both of them are dead, go to that door and
    take cover near it.
    There's a guy right there. Use blind fire to kill him easily. A few more are
    waiting inside but you can't get a good angle most likely. Using a grenade can
    make things easier, but it's hard to place it the right way. Give it a try if
    you want, otherwise just go in guns blazing and kill anybody in your way. There
    is a first-aid kit on the counter right across from the entrance. Go to the
    stairs, but not too far. A guy should be waiting. You can easily see him from
    the counter so try and pick him off first. With him dead, move up to the next
    Take cover near the door. There's three guys in this hall. The first one is
    easily disposed of with blind fire. The other two can be taken out with a well
    placed grenade. Otherwise just gun them down when they come out from cover. In
    the first door on your left in this hall is some Carbine ammo. In the second
    door on the right is some body armor. At the end of the hall, you can choose
    to go left or right. It really doesn't make a difference. Both lead to guys
    with guns that you'll eventually kill either way. For the sake of this guide,
    go left.
    Upon exiting the door, turn left and an enemy should pop out from the corner
    there. Kill him, then proceed cautiously to that corner. A bunch of guys will
    probably have their sights on you, and unfortunately, a few of them will be
    able to hit you probably. There will be one on the catwalk above and to your
    left, one in front of you behind a box, and probably one below deck unless you
    were meticulous enough to sweep that area too. Take them all out fast. Turn
    left here to reach the back end of this deck, then turn around to the other
    walkway (the one you would have been on if you turned right at that corridor).
    There will be one guy at the corner here, a second down at the end, and one on
    a platform straight ahead and above you. If you stand near the corner here and
    move away a bit, you can probably see another enemy's head on the deck above
    you. Aim at him and kill him too.
    Go back to the stairs you passed and head up. Go to the other side and climb
    up those stairs. All the enemies are already dead (or should be). Just climb up
    all the stairs to reach the bridge. One lone enemy should be waiting inside so
    just pop him and then approach the controls. Press L1 to activate them and that
    will open up the cargo hold. Getting there will not be easy however.
    As you leave, more groups of enemies show up. Head down the stairs and 
    immediately prepare to gun down one enemy before you, and another you can
    probably see on the deck below that. Turn right at the bottom of the stairs and
    look down to the next deck, off to the right. You should see another enemy 
    waiting to ambush you when you get down there, hiding behind a box. Kill him,
    then head down the stairs to the next deck. Turn left, and kill one more guy,
    then head down the walkway to the hall where we made that left or right choice.
    Peer down the hall, ignoring the gunfire from below. One enemy will be at the
    opposite end. Cap him first. Now turn your attention to the guys down below who
    are hiding amongst all the boxes you passed when we started. Use your Carbine
    or just use the Sniper Rifle to get two of them. Also look across the way to
    the far red platform for another enemy. Kill them all then enter the hallway,
    and take cover before turning left. A few guys are waiting, including at least
    one more coming up the stairs. Another well placed grenade will solve all your
    problems. Just be careful of the guy with the shotgun. When they're all dead,
    go down the stairs. Two more guys will be waiting in the kitchen. Shoot them
    and then go out the door.
    If anybody else you missed is waiting, kill them, then walk north to the open
    cargo hatch. Get into the little walkway in between, and jump in on the east
    side hatch. Land on the ground safely and take cover. One guy should be visible
    from the right. Another might be seen between the crack of two cargo boxes on
    the left side. Move up on the right side and watch for another guy hiding
    behind the big crate. Kill him, then move up and you should get a scene.
    Dimitri will call more guards. Stay behind cover and gun down the enemy on the
    left with the shotgun. After killing him, get any of the visible enemies near
    the right side. The red arrow is Dimitri. Focus on his guards first though.
    There should be two more in the far left corner. Kill them with your rifle or
    a well placed grenade. The grenade is risky though because there's so much
    stuff in this room. An improper bounce could mean an abrupt end for you. If you
    do opt to go with grenades, just don't let them cook too long. 
    When it comes down to Dimitri, he will hide behind that box, but like any other
    foe you've met, he'll pop out every so often. Use that golden opportunity and
    fill him full of carbine rounds. He'll go down easily enough, initiating a
    short scene. At this point, pull out your pistol and then execute Dimitri at
    your leisure. 
    Now you've got to get out, which believe it or not, is really easy. There will
    be no more enemies at this point. Enter the door on the left side and go
    through the corridor, where it would seem like enemies would be waiting, but
    none are. Head up the stairs to reach the kitchen again, then go out the door.
    Right when you walk out, there should be a gap in the railing. Just jump off
    and Niko should roll, safely landing off the boat. This ends the mission, but
    things are just getting started. What Niko said to Dimitri just before his
    last moments, that "All actions have consequences." Niko's about to learn the
    truth of his own words. 
    This tip comes from jonesy773 and it's applicable at the start of the mission:
    o----Submitted Tip----o
    "I found that in the mission 'A Dish Served Cold', if you turn right from your
    starting point, you'll see that big crane. Climb up the ladders until you get 
    to the little top level, where you will find a sniper rifle. You should be able
    to pick most of the guys on the boat off. As a warning, the guy that starts on
    the dock and maybe one or two other guys will climb the ladders and start 
    filling you with lead. This happened when I was looking down the scope, and I 
    took some damage. Pop them in the head and then continue sniping. Then once all
    the guys you can see are dead, go to the boat with the assault rifle and clean
    up whoever is left before continuing the mission."
    o----End Submission----o
    Go ahead and kill time. Do some side missions, Vigilante, Most Wanted, whatever
    you want. Roman will call to remind you the wedding is tomorrow at 10am. You
    have to wear a suit (including proper shoes as always) so go ahead and change
    now. Just do whatever you want until the next day. You can also sleep it off
    if you prefer. At about 8am, you'll get a call from Kate. Answer it.
    | Mr. and Mrs. Bellic |
    She needs a lift so drive out to Dukes and pick her up at her family's house, 
    then drive back to Algonquin and to the church. If you're dressed for success,
    then sit back and watch the events unfold as a cutscene takes over. That ends
    this "mission".
    After it's all over, you'll be back in your Bohan safehouse, dressed in Niko's
    original outfit. Go ahead and change back if you want. Now just go out for a 
    drive until Jacob calls you. That will begin the final mission. Before you go,
    you can still go to your safehouse to change. You can also get supplies at the
    weapon shop. Come prepared with just about anything you can bring. SMG ammo,
    Carbine (Assault) ammo, Sniper Rifle rounds, body armor, RPG missiles, grenades
    | Out of Commission |  (Rv02)
    Find Jacob and Roman at the car in Alderney. When you get in, a car driven by
    Pegorino's men will peel away and open fire. Turn around and follow them as
    they get on the highway. This is where the majority of the chase will take
    place. Your biggest concern is not hitting anything. At first this is pretty
    simple. Avoid the other cars while going fast enough to keep up with Pegorino's
    guys but also slow down when going around bends and such. You can lose these
    guys so don't go too slow. You can't catch up to them completely though either.
    No matter how fast you go, they'll go faster. Just focus on careful driving.
    Eventually the car will turn into the oncoming lane. You will have to get into
    the oncoming lane eventually, but you might want to wait a minute. Dodging cars
    becomes much harder obviously, and if your car takes too many oncoming impacts,
    the mission will fail. So just wait a little while, then find an opening to get
    into the oncoming lane. Try to stay lined up with Pegorino's men in their car
    so you can also avoid the oncoming cars, but always be ready no matter what.
    The car will turn down the oncoming ramp, and then head into the suburbs. Keep
    following them and chase them through the neighborhood. It won't be long before
    they smash through a gate and go down a hill. At the bottom of the hill they'll
    take a sharp left turn and then jet. Follow them down a grassy embankment,
    which will cause a scene to take over.
    After the scene, you'll be behind the car with more than a dozen guys shooting
    at you. Start the party off with a bang by firing a couple RPGs at the cars.
    This should wipe out a few guys. Now use your Carbine to take care of the guys
    on the roof to your right. Leave cover but stay behind the car and stay in a
    crouch. Take out your Sniper Rifle and use the scope to find any other enemies.
    You should be able to see several enemies and their heads visible. Snipe them
    all from here, and also look for any others on that rooftop to the right. When
    the enemies you can see are dead, start moving forward.
    Keep using that lock on to find other foes and blast them with the Carbine.
    There's two guys with shotguns who tend to be tucked away to the right behind
    cars and stuff. Make sure you kill them. Also look for the guys hiding in a
    sort of "bunker" behind the construction guard fences. Kill all of these guys.
    When the damage is done, find the door on the side of the mansion and take
    cover there. There's two guys on the right side, each behind piles of debris,
    one closer than the other. There's two guys that you can't see on the far left,
    and one guy in the way back on the staircase. There's also one guy on the
    stairs that lead up to that kind of white shed to the left. That guy should be
    on the stairs although he might be on the ground. You can go about this one of
    two ways:
    You can try your luck with some grenades, but it's hard to get these guys with
    them. Just try to pick off a few from the entrance with your Sniper Rifle. Then
    proceed in, aiming to the left to get the guy near the shed. After killing him,
    watch the guys coming out from the left. Get them and anybody else, including
    the guy on the broken staircase. When they're all dead, enter the opening in
    the far left.
    This is a tip submitted by GTAChennai. If you want a little bit of an easier 
    way, instead of going through the door, instead go right and then turn the 
    corner and run around the perimeter of the casino until you find a staircase. 
    Walk up, then find the ladder which will give you roof access. Once here, 
    you'll see several openings in the roof. From here you have a little better 
    protection (though you can still be hit). The best advantage is that you can 
    drop some grenades (aim carefully though) in from above or snipe the guys 
    below. It's an easier way than charging in from the front.
    After the scene, chase Pegorino up the stairs, turning left at the fork. Out
    the door, kill the two guys there as Jimmy P. escaped down the ladder. Go after
    him. Slide down the ladder and take cover near the big pipe right there. There
    are three guys taking cover in front of you. A well placed grenade will solve
    your problems. Otherwise the Carbine will see you through just as well. I like
    the grenade here because if you're lucky, the explosion will send some foes
    into the drink for water sports. *holds sign that says 12* 
    Move up and target the next guy behind cover. Kill him, then when you near the
    bend, another guy should be visible. Shoot him, then continue around that
    corner. A car will pull up in a second so quickly get your RPG out. When it
    appears, a bunch of guys will start shooting. Fire the RPG at it to end this
    threat quickly. If you don't have it, use grenades or the Carbine. With that
    taken care of, go down the ramp at the end of the platform. You have to hurry
    here because Pegorino will escape on boat. If you let him get too far, you'll
    fail and have to do all the gunfights over again. As soon as you get passed the
    car, start sprinting down the ramp, to the boat. As Pegorino pulls away, find
    the Sanchez and get on. Take the coast and start chasing him. 
    Pegorino has the water, so the best you can do is stick close to the coast and
    follow him. Even though the Sanchez is built for off road, be very careful not
    to take any sudden turns or let the bike swerve. You don't have to worry about
    a helmet because taking one spill can mean a failure. Stick to the coast,
    watching out for pedestrians and other obstructions. 
    Eventually you'll reach a large jump. Hit it and land safely on the other side.
    You'll see a helicopter fly by overhead. Jacob and Roman are inside. I have no
    idea how they got that thing, but let's not think about it now. From here, keep
    driving until you see the large structure ahead of you. There's a slope on the 
    right side, but do NOT go that way. It's guarded by cars of Pegorino's men. Go
    to the left of it instead. Here you'll find a ramp. Be sure to hit the ramp at 
    the right angle and launch off it. 
    You'll just barely grab onto the helicopter. Mash X to get inside the
    Annihilator. When you're behind the wheel, chase Pegorino in his boat. You can
    fire the miniguns with Square, but it really doesn't help you out that much.
    Just follow him and be sure not to get too close to the water. As you're going,
    one of Pegorino's men on the boat will start firing RPGs. One will eventually
    hit the helicopter. Just keep flying until a cutscene takes over.
    When you've landed, start running toward the red dot. One or two of Pegorino's
    men will be waiting at the end of the boardwalk. Kill them and then enter the
    brush. You won't be able to see at first, but keep moving. When you get into
    the clearing, find Pegorino (red arrow) and start unloading your rifle on him.
    Just keep firing and eventually a scene will take over. When it's over, the
    credits will roll.
    Congratulations! You've beaten Grand Theft Auto IV!
      (, /    ) 
        /    /  
      _/___ /_  
    (_/___ /   eal Branch
                                   |o|If The Price Is Right|Dl01|$250000|
                                   |o|A Revenger's Tragedy |Dl02|n/a    |
    | If The Price Is Right |  (Dl01)
    Go to the green blip and meet with Phil. Drive with him to the place where the
    money is. When you're in the compound, stop at the marker. Dimitri will call
    and that will bring bad news. Get out of the car and catch up to Phil. Follow
    him as he goes around the factory. Climb up the ladder, then onto the roof.
    Phil will shoot one of the windows open and jump in. Draw your Carbine and
    jump in too.
    There will be a lot, and I mean a lot of enemies here. Most of them are below
    you which gives you somewhat of an advantage, but it also makes aiming for some
    of them difficult due to the railing. Luckily Phil is backing you up. Be on the
    lookout for guys coming up either side of the walkway. When you've gotten most
    of the enemies, head right to the stairway. When you get down to the next
    level, several more enemies will appear out of the woodworks, including a few
    coming down this next walkway. Gun them down, and use you Carbine, Sniper
    Rifle, and even grenades to shake things up for the guys down below. When it's
    safe, head down the next flight of stairs and you'll reach the ground floor.
    More enemies appear, seemingly from nowhere. They like to scurry around the
    floor looking for cover. Kill as many as you can while they're running around.
    For the others, start toward the big support pillars to get cover. Be mindful
    of a few enemies off to the far left of the area near the wall. They're often
    obstructed by things lying around. From behind the pillar, use some grenades
    to get the enemies also hiding behind the pillars in front of you. When the
    coast is clear, move up toward the stairs where the big pile of wood boards
    is. From behind that, use your Sniper Rifle and see how many enemies you can
    scope on the catwalks. Hopefully you can get at least two of them. After that,
    move down to the base of the stairs. There's a few enemies around, including
    one in front of you behind the big box. Gun them down as Phil goes up the
    stairs, asking for cover.
    Follow Phil up and you'll start seeing a lot more enemies. There's some on the
    current walkway, some on the right walkway (east), and some on the connecting
    walkways. The guys on the right side like to use those crates as cover. They
    can be a little tough to hit. Use your Sniper Rifle if you want. Make sure Phil
    isn't taking too much heavy fire. When most of the enemies are down, go to the
    office at the north side. There's a few more taking shelter in here. Gun them
    down from the walkway, then when Phil goes to the door, follow him for a scene.
    The buyer runs off with the money. Head down the stairs, shooting any enemies
    below as you move. On the ground level, go left through the opening. The buyer
    hops in the truck and leaves. There will be a Sanchez and a Rancher there. Get
    in the Rancher with Phil and drive off after the truck. It goes down the train
    tracks first. 
    This chase has scripted events. The first will be at the right turn at the end
    of the tracks. The water tower structure will fall down, turn sharply to avoid
    it. After that, some cars will pass by, but they're easy to avoid. The truck
    itself, also has a way of slowing you down. There's a ton of metal drums on it
    that will fall out the back. Try not to hit them. You'll turn down an alley
    behind some buildings. The truck will knock over the scaffolding there. It may
    not look bad, but try to avoid the ruined scaffolding because it can slow you
    down bad. After this, the truck turns right, goes across the street toward the
    next building. Another truck will zip by the street as you approach so be
    careful. The truck will then lead you through the lot for a while, with other
    rigs coming toward you but if you stay aligned with the truck, you won't hit
    them. It will eventually barrel through a big pile of green pipes, then turn
    left. Next, it turns right down an alley after blowing down another 
    scaffolding. The driver then cuts across the tracks and busts down a gate,
    which will lead you onto the streets.
    Now one of two things may happen. Either the chase will continue for a while,
    until the driver hits the highway, at which time you can pull up next to the
    driver and Phil will knock him out. In some other scenarios, due to the 
    randomness of the traffic and other factors, the driver may start hitting
    things and getting stuck. Eventually if he gets too stuck, the driver will get
    out and start opening fire. Don't stop your car in a position that leaves you
    very vulnerable here. Get out so you're shielded, then take him out. When he's
    dead, grab the bag with the money, then get back in a car with Phil. Drive him
    back to the place you picked him up and that will end the mission. Your cut of
    the money comes out to $250000. Very nice, but the sad part is there's not a
    whole lot you can do with it at this point. Anyway, it's over for now.
    Now you can go ahead and do some other jobs or missions. Spend your time as you
    see fit. You'll talk to Roman, Pegorino, and Kate. Roman will call again to
    remind you the wedding is 10am the following day. Go ahead and spend your time
    wisely, or just sleep it off. You have to dress appropriately though, so get in
    your suit and good shoes. 
    Roman will call you at about 10am. That starts this very brief mission.
    | Mr. and Mrs. Bellic |
    Everybody is waiting at the church. If you're in the right clothes, go ahead
    and drive there to the yellow dot. Pull up behind the cars and stop in the
    marker. This will give way to a cutscene. After it's over the mission is over.
    You'll awake in your Bohan safehouse, dressed in Niko's original garments. You
    can change into something else if you prefer. Take a walk outside and Jacob
    will call. He's found some of Pegorino's men and wants you to meet him. First,
    you should go get some stuff to prepare. You've got plenty of money, so buy up
    any ammo you can get your grubby little hands on. SMG ammo, Carbine ammo,
    Sniper Rifle rounds, Grenades, RPG missiles, and of course, body armor. 
    | A Revenger's Tragedy |  (Dl02)
    Find Jacob in Alderney in a car (blue dot). Get in and some of Pegorino's men
    will drive off. Follow them as they turn onto the bridge highway structure. You
    will chase them here for a while. Just avoid traffic and keep up with the men.
    Catching them is impossible since they will always go faster than your top 
    speed if you go that fast. Shooting their car is also fruitless so don't bother
    and just focus on driving. Eventually they'll go into oncoming lane. Wait a
    little while then swerve into that lane too. Keep aligned with the car to avoid
    the other cars, but always watch them. For some reason when these guys barrel
    into cars the people they hit have their vehicles go flying. You don't want
    anything to impede your path for long.
    They'll go down a ramp and then into the suburbs where the chase continues. 
    Don't let them out of your sight and keep following. Eventually, Pegorino's men
    turn down a hill by busting through a fence. At the bottom of the hill they
    turn left and speed off. Follow them down a grassy slope to start up a scene.
    This effectively ends this part of the mission.
    After the scene, use the car for cover. There are numerous foes firing on you.
    Use anything in your arsenal to make this simpler. First focus on the guys on
    the rooftop to the right. Carbine will work here. Also note all the cars they
    have. Some RPG missiles work wonders there. When you've knocked a few off, go
    ahead and creep forward. More guys will still be shooting, so use that lock on
    feature to find them and blast them. Some enemies on the right like to hide so
    don't let them jump you. There's also an enemy in the ditch to the far left.
    When everyone is dead, go to the door in the side of the abandoned casino. If
    you want, just go in through the door which is the hard way. If you want an
    easier strategy, jump ahead to the next paragraph for a tip by GTAChennai.
    There are a few enemies here but they're all well hidden. Two on the right,
    two in the middle, one in the far back on the stairs, and one on the stairs to
    your left near that white shed thing. Grenades could help but they're too hard
    to place here. Just walk in and immediately get the guy on the left. After that
    start picking them off one by one, using cover when needed. Most of them should
    go down without too much trouble. The guy on the stairs in the back of the room
    can be a nuisance though so make sure you take him out early. When the dust has
    settled, enter the opening on the far left. 
    If you prefer not to go through the door, head around the perimeter of the
    casino until you find a staircase. Go up and find a ladder. This will lead you
    to the roof which you can climb onto to find all the holes. These openings give
    you the freedom to drop grenades or snipe your enemies from a better vantage
    point. From there you can drop into the room on top of that cabin. Again, this
    was a tip provided by GTAChennai. Once you've gotten all the enemies, head for
    the next area.
    After the scene, hurry up the stairs and turn left at the next staircase. On
    the roof, two of Dimitri's men will spot you. Immediately fire enough rounds
    at each of them. Quickly turn to your right as several more enemies are on the
    roof also firing at you. Kill them, then climb up the roof as you saw Dimitri
    do. Go down the other side of the roof and a scene will start. Niko tries to
    board the helicopter but falls into the water. Get inside the boat that is on
    the right-hand side of the dock. Once you're in, drive off after Dimitri's
    This part is pretty simple. Just follow Dimitri, using the chase camera to help
    if needed. Nothing will really obstruct your path, except two giant rocks in
    the water that you can very easily slip through. Make sure you're going as fast
    as you can when you get near the bridge, because if you're going too slow, you
    will probably be guaranteed to fail this mission. Failing means having to do
    all the gun fighting again. If you're going full throttle before the bridge, you
    should be ok. 
    Jacob flies by overhead with the Annihilator. He'll eventually descend to the
    water, letting Niko get close. The marker will appear under it, so move toward
    it and Niko will get on. Mash X to climb inside. 
    When you have control, start flying after Dimitri's helicopter. It will enter
    the city and his men will start firing RPG missiles at you but they'll always
    miss. You've flown in the city before, but still, be careful. Too many
    collisions into buildings will end this ride prematurely. Carefully navigate
    in between the skyscrapers as Dimitri flees to Broker, then flies back around
    the shore to Happiness Island. Here Jacob will get his heli to catch fire, but
    unfortunately, his men have landed a successful hit on your copter with the
    RPG. Both of them go down and land on Happiness Island. The final showdown is
    about to begin.
    After the scene, hurry forward and to the right. Dimitri's men are everywhere,
    and if the weather is poor, it makes it hard to see. Add that many like to hide
    in the brush, and that cops will also come after you here, you've got a task
    on your hands. Oh, and did I forget to mention that if you don't hurry, Dimitri
    gets away and then you have to do the casino, boat, and helicopter parts all
    over again? Yeah, so messing up here is practically not an option.
    When you get into the open plaza, some of Dimitri's men will hide underneath
    the little gazebo there. Fire on them, but at the same time, keep moving toward
    the red dot, which is Dimitri. Do not, and I repeat, do not waste too much time
    firing on his lackeys. Kill a few, but always be moving toward Dimitri. You'll
    enter the brush, which will make it hard to see and more of Dimitri's men will
    fire on you. Just keep running and you should find the base of the statue.
    Go around the base of the statue until you finally locate Dimitri. He'll
    probably be stupid and stand right out in the open. Use a tree for cover if you
    need to, then just fill him up with Carbine rounds and he'll go down very
    easily. That starts up the final scene, as well as the credits.
    Congratulations! You've beaten Grand Theft Auto IV! 
      (, /  |  
     ) /    | fterwards...
    (_/     |_   
    | In Mourning |  (aftw)                                          
    Well you're done with the game. All the main storyline missions are completed.
    It's been some ride hasn't it? There's not a whole lot to do after it's all
    done, except anything you didn't do before. There's the Assassin Missions,
    Brucie and Stevie's cars, Vigilante and Most Wanted Missions, the Flying Rats,
    Stunt Jumps. All these are pivotal toward 100%. Check out the Extras section
    which is next for help with some of this stuff.
    Some folks will call you, depending on what path you chose. As for getting off
    the island, go to the southeast part to find a boat. Ride it to the mainland 
    and then you can continue from there, taking care of any other jobs or missions
    you want to do. 
    |          Extras          |
    |          (exst)          |
      Trophies/Achievements  (trph)
    A recent patch means that for the PS3 owners of GTA IV, there are Trophies to
    earn. There are the same as the Achivements for the 360 version, which were
    available for a much longer time. So why the update now? A few reasons I guess.
    One being that it was originally intended for a PS3 and I had no access to the
    360 and therefore, the Achievements. Also, I'm just not a huge 360 fan, so
    shoot me.
    First off. Here's the full list of Trophies/Achievements. By default, I'll be
    organizing them as Trophies. 
    One thing to note is that in both versions (but it obviously became more well
    known first on the 360 version) you will end up blocking some of your
    Trophies/Achievements by using some of the cheats. These include the weapons
    cheats, Wanted Level cheat, and several others. They will block things like
    One Man Army, Walk Free, and others. So if you cheat early on, try to make sure
    you don't save. 
    Bronze Trophies
    Trophy: Off The Boat
    Unlocked: You have completed the first mission
    Trophy: One Hundred And Eighty
    Unlocked: You scored 180 with 3 darts
    Trophy: Pool Shark
    Unlocked: You beat a friend at pool
    Trophy: King of QUB3D
    Unlocked: You beat the high score in QUB3D
    Trophy: Finish Him
    Unlocked: You completed 10 melee counters in 4 minutes
    Trophy: Genetically Superior
    Unlocked: You came first in 20 singleplayer street races
    Trophy: Wheelie Rider
    Unlocked: You completed a 500 foot wheelie on a motorbike
    Trophy: Gobble Gobble
    Unlocked: You got a turkey in 10-pin bowling
    Trophy: Driving Mr. Bellic
    Unlocked: You unlocked the special ability of Roman’s taxi
    Trophy: Rolled Over
    Unlocked: You managed 5 car rolls in a row from one crash
    Trophy: Walk Free
    Unlocked: You successfully lost a 4 star wanted rating
    Trophy: Courier Service
    Unlocked: You completed all 10 package delivery jobs
    Trophy: Retail Therapy
    Unlocked: You unlocked the special ability of buying guns from Little Jacob
    Trophy: Chain Reaction
    Unlocked: You exploded 10 vehicles in 10 seconds
    Trophy: Lowest Point
    Unlocked: You completed the mission "Roman’s Sorrow"
    Trophy: Order Fulfilled
    Unlocked: You completed all 10 Exotic Export orders
    Trophy: Manhunt
    Unlocked: You completed the most wanted side mission
    Trophy: Cleaned The Mean Streets
    Unlocked: You caught 20 criminals through the police computer
    Trophy: Fed The Fish
    Unlocked: You completed the mission "Uncle Vlad"
    Trophy: It’ll Cost Ya
    Unlocked: You made a taxi trip from one island to another without skipping
    Trophy: Sightseer
    Unlocked: You have taken all variations of the helicopter tours of Liberty City
    Trophy: Warm Coffee
    Unlocked: You were invited into your girlfriend’s house
    Trophy: That’s How We Roll!
    Unlocked: You unlocked the special ability of Brucie’s helicopter ride
    Trophy: Half Million
    Unlocked: You have amassed a fortune of $500,000
    Trophy: Impossible Trinity
    Unlocked: You completed the mission "Museum Piece"
    Trophy: Full Exploration
    Unlocked: You unlocked all the islands.
    Trophy: You Got The Message
    Unlocked: You delivered all 30 cars ordered through text message
    Trophy: Assassin’s Greed
    Unlocked: You completed all 9 assassin missions.
    Trophy: Under The Radar
    Unlocked: You flew under all the main bridges in the game
    Trophy: Dial B For Bomb
    Unlocked: You unlocked the special ability of Packie’s car bomb placement
    Trophy: Gracefully Taken
    Unlocked: You completed the mission "I’ll Take Her"
    Trophy: No More Strangers
    Unlocked: You’ve met all the random characters
    Trophy: That Special Someone
    Unlocked: You completed the mission "That Special Someone"
    Trophy: Teamplayer
    Unlocked: You killed 5 opposing team members
    Trophy: Cut Your Teeth
    Unlocked: You were successfully promoted up a rank in multiplayer
    Trophy: Join The Midnight Club
    Unlocked: You won a multiplayer race without damaging your vehicle too much
    Trophy: Fly The Co-op
    Unlocked: You completed "Deal Breaker", "Hangman’s NOOSE" and "Bomb da Base II"
    in time
    Trophy: Taking It For The Team
    Unlocked: You were on the winning team in all multiplayer team games
    Trophy: Top Of The Food Chain
    Unlocked: You successfully killed 20 players with a pistol in a deathmatch
    Trophy: Top The Midnight Club
    Unlocked: You won 20 different multiplayer standard races
    Trophy: Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic
    Unlocked: You won in all variations of multiplayer games
    Trophy: Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie
    Unlocked: You killed a Rockstar in multiplayer
    Silver Trophies
    Trophy: One Man Army
    Unlocked: You survived a 6 star wanted level for a full 5 minutes
    Trophy: Dare Devil
    Unlocked: You completed all the unique stunt jumps
    Trophy: Endangered Species
    Unlocked: You collected every hidden package in the game
    Trophy: Liberty City (5)
    Unlocked: Your friends all like you above 90%
    Trophy: You Won!
    Unlocked: You have completed the story
    Gold Trophies
    Trophy: Wanted
    Unlocked: You achieved the highest personal rank possible in multiplayer
    Trophy: Liberty City Minute
    Unlocked: You finished the story in less than 30 hours
    Trophy: Key To The City
    Unlocked: You completed GTA IV to 100%
    Trophy: Taking A Liberty
    Unlocked: Sorry for taking liberties with your time!
    In-Depth Tips
    A list of the Trophies/Achievements is all well and good, but getting them is
    another story. There are a few here that are a bit tricky and may require some
    more thinking and more work. I'll elaborate on a few of them and try to provide
    some help. I won't be covering all of them because a lot are unlocked through
    natural progression or are just too easy to warrant any strategy. 
    x-One Hundred And Eighty-x
    Pretty easy. Once you can start taking friends out (the earliest being Roman),
    you can nab this one. I think Roman actually does call explicitly to go play
    Darts early on in the game (though maybe I'm wrong and it's random). Remember
    that the outer band doubles your points and the inner one triples them. There
    is one part of the board that is 20 points. Simply hit the triple band three
    times and you'll get this one. Remember to steady your aim if you can and then
    hit it. Easy. 
    x-Finish Him-x
    This one can be tough. Numerous problems arise in attempting to unlock it. The
    most pertinent one is the cops, and they always seem to show up at the worst
    times. Then again, what can you expect if you're starting to beat up random
    passerby? You may get lucky, depending on where you are, but the best is to
    just stay back alleys and in less busy areas (some areas in Dukes and Bohan may
    suit you). If you start where there are no cops, even if there's only a few
    NPCs, you can at least get a good start. You've got four minutes to get 10
    The next biggest problem is dying. If you suck at countering, you have to worry
    about your health. And hey, I'll admit it's not easy. Some NPCs seem to have
    different attack patterns and there is only a few punches that they advertise,
    giving you an ample moment to dodge. Others, it will come down to timing and
    luck. Stay in the back alleys and try to deal with one at a time. All NPCs will
    go down in just two counter combos. So ideally, you only need to kill 5 people.
    Once the back alleys are clear, move onto the streets to get the last few you
    need, and hope that no cops are watching. Obviously, if you're in a good area,
    you won't have to deal with this at all.
    The good news however, is that even if you die, your chain is still active. As
    long as the four minutes don't go by you can keep going. This is how I got it
    actually. I died and thought I had to start over. Started being up a few random
    people and then I got it. So just make sure you get them quick and if you die,
    don't fret!
    x-Wheelie Rider-x
    Not particularly difficult but it can take a few tries. Obviously, if you're
    good at wheelies, this will come a bit more naturally for you. The first thing
    you need to do is find the right road or lack of road if you catch my drift.
    The best areas are long straightaways. There are a few roads around Libery City
    and if you're looking for a place early in the game, you are a little more
    limited. The long piece of road near the archway circle is a decent change, and
    traffic is (at least at night) sparse, but it's still there so be careful. The
    most ideal spot is at the airport, because the strip is longer and more open.
    The problem is that early in the game, you'll be hit with a 4-Star Wanted Level
    and on a bike, this is extremely annoying. 
    Once you have the location, the challenge is maintaining the wheelie long
    enough. It's easy to pull back too far and kill it. You need to find a balance
    between throttle and the amount of pull. Holding off on the throttle a bit once
    you get the front wheel in the air and then not pulling too far back will help.
    It's still tough though, so here's an idea for you. Hold Circle to enter the
    cinematic mode, then hit L3. This activates slo-mo and will make things a bit
    easier. Although the camera angle may be tough to deal with, you will be able
    to balance your bike much easier. Start off full throttle (in slo-mo) and pull
    back. Once the wheel starts to go up, ease up partly on the throttle but keep
    your finger on it enough to keep the front wheel elevated. Also make sure you
    are not pulling back too much on the stick. 
    Now, while still in slow-mo (you have to keep holding circle too), balance the 
    front wheel by keeping the throttle up a bit every so often so the front wheel 
    doesn't dip too far down. Just hold this for several moments (remember, you're 
    in slo-mo!) and then let go and you should get it. 
    Finding a good stretch of road can be difficult. Instead, you can try the
    six-axis tutorial (accessed from your phone) and you'll have a nice stretch
    of road to work on (thanks to TheMightyImp2 for this). 
    x-Gobble Gobble-x
    Another somewhat tricky one. You have to score three consecutive Strikes and
    that is no easy feat, unless again, you are particularly skilled at the bowling
    mini-game. The "Strike" trick might help you though. I find it's an easy way to
    get this one. To do this, pick the first lane. Then make two full steps to the
    left. Set your position and to get the Strike, hold the stick back for a full
    second, then push it forward. This almost always gets you a Strike, assuming
    you get this all correct. Now, if you time the 1 second by yourself, you'll
    probably be met with poor results and think this idea is just bull. Do it
    properly though. Get a stopwatch and start holding back after a second ends and
    then push forward after the next second ends. Do this three times in a row to
    get this one. 
    x-Rolled Over-x
    Getting this one can be extremely frustrating because the requirements seem a
    little iffy. Rolling over your car in very ordinary circumstances probably will
    never happen. This is something you'll have to aggressively try to initiate.
    The first method to try is the Swingset Glitch. Find the swing set, and back up
    into it (do this to prevent being ejected 90% of the time) and then watch the
    fun ensue. This might not work and the game might only register a few of the
    rolls. For the Swingset method, it will really come down to luck.
    The other thing to try is to go to the airport. Obviously again, the strip will
    net you some stars unless you get further in the game. However, on the grass
    parts of the landing strip are these small yellow ramps. If you pick up some
    speed and then hit the handbrake before launching off these ramps, you should
    be able to do a few rolls. This method was discovered by a few people so I do
    not claim credit for it. The problem with this though is the game still refuses
    to get all of the rolls sometimes so one try may not work. Strangely enough,
    even though the requirement explicitly says "in one crash" you can turn around
    and go off the ramps again and keep doing more rolls and they'll accumulate
    into the required number for you. Weird, yes, but it might work. 
    x-One Man Army-x
    Surviving a 6-Star Wanted level for five minutes may sound intimidating, but
    it's really easy if you brainstorm a few ideas beforehand. If you come up with
    a good hiding spot or if you're just good at fleeing, you will have no problem
    with this. Using cheats will not work either so be wary of that. So knowing
    where to find some quick health/armor pickups may help. One thing you can do is
    to flee to the towers in Dukes and just climb all the way up there, where 
    you'll only be pestered by the helicopters. You can camp up here for a few 
    minutes and just stand your ground until you get it. There are really numerous
    other strategies like fleeing by boat or helicopter, the subway or just 
    anything else. Be creative. 
    Some spots are obviously easier than others, and when you start to get to 5
    stars, things get kind of dicey. You might find the best solution is not to
    flee in any of these previously mentioned methods, but to find a spot and hold
    your own for a while. Many indoor areas provide a good narrow space for you
    to take out oncoming foes in a more reasonable fashion. One good spot is the
    hospital. The narrow hallways near the entrance provide good cover and you
    will always be taking on enemies from one direction so it's easy to dispatch
    them. You can hole up in here or other similar places for 5 minutes and get
    this one without too much trouble. There are many other ways so the choice is
    Here's a tip for this trophy from MWil896215
    "It can only be done early in the game, before the second island is unlocked. 
    What you need to do is get a motorbike, go to hove beach station and drive the
    bike up on to the tracks, make sure you are following the line that runs 
    across the water with the southern most bridge.
    Halfway across you get your six stars, however the cops will not be able to 
    track you compleatly, carry on driving untill you are underground and then 
    stop between stations, with a bit of luck it will take the cops more than 5 
    minutes to get you."
      Random Characters  (rndch)
    The Random Characters are labeled as "Friend" on your map. They only appear
    when you get somewhat close to their location, and only after you've met
    certain criteria (usually reaching a certain point in the game). Most of them
    are required for 100%. The ones that aren't are Cherise, Clarence, Ivan, and
    Jeff. A Random Character will appear as a green "man" icon on your radar.
    1st Encounter
    Location: Near Roman's Cab Company
    When: Some time after Roman's "It's Your Call" mission
    Mission: Brian gives you $100
    Reward/Loss: + $100
    2nd Encounter
    Location: South of the 69th St. Diner on Crockett Ave
    When: Some time after 1st encounter
    Mission: Drive him to his dealer, then to his home
    Reward/Loss: + $200
    3rd Encounter
    Location: Around the corner from the weapon shop in Broker/Dukes
    When: Some time after 2nd encounter
    Mission: Drive him to his dealers and point a gun at them when they attack to
    make them run away. Drive him home after that
    Reward/Loss: + $500
    Only Encounter
    Location: On the service road near East Island City in Dukes, sitting on a
    bench in front of the Pill Pharm
    When: Some time after completing Little Jacob's "Shadow" mission.
    Mission: Drive him to find the Russians up north. Use cover and gun down all
    the enemies in the alley with Badman.
    Reward/Loss: + $500
    Only Encounter
    Location: In Hove Beach, just north of the Russian Shop, standing at a pillar
    When: Some time after meeting Manny
    Mission: Drive him to meet his loansharks. When the open fire, kill them all.
    Drive Mel back to where you found him
    Reward/Loss: + $500
    Only Encounter
    Location: Firefly Island, on the boardwalk, far west of Memory Lanes
    When: After completing Manny's "The Puerto Rican Connection" mission
    Mission: Find her daughter's boyfriend. Chase him down and beat him up but do
    not kill him
    Reward/Loss: None
    1st Encounter
    Location: Right next to the Burger Shot in Star Junction, just north of it
    When: After unlocking Algonquin and starting some missions for Playboy X
    Mission: Hurry across the street and beat up the haters using a bat or knife
    before they kill Pathos
    Reward/Loss: None
    2nd Encounter
    Location: A littler further north from his first location, near the big statue
    When: Some time after his 1st encounter
    Mission: Kill the two haters, then get a car and drive Pathos to the hospital
    before he dies
    Reward/Loss: None
    Only Encounter
    Location: On the corner of Wardite and Exeter in Northwood, near the condemned
    Cluckin' Bell
    When: Only if you spared her in Dwayne's "Ruff Rider" mission, some time after
    beating both of Dwayne's missions
    Mission: Drive her to find her new boyfriend. Beat him up but don't kill him
    Reward/Loss: None
    1st Encounter
    Location: Northeast Algonquin, corner of Bismarck and Uranium
    When: After completing Playboy X's "Photo Shoot" mission
    Mission: Follow his wife to the cafe, find her and her friend upstairs and take
    a photo of them together to send it to Jeff
    Reward/Loss: + $1000
    2nd Encounter
    Location: A car park near Middle Park, his location is shown on radar (yellow)
    When: He will call you some time after the 1st encounter to meet him
    Mission: Drive the car with his dead wife to the marker north, avoiding cops.
    Drive it down the hill and bail out, sending the car into the water
    Reward/Loss: + $5000
    3rd Encounter
    Location: Corner of Feldspar and Denver in Algonquin, sitting on the bench
    When: Some time after his 2nd encounter, after starting Ray's missions
    Mission: Jeff is run over. Pick up his money and walk away
    Reward/Loss: Dropped cash
    Only Encounter
    Location: Corner of Frankfort and Garnet, southwest of Rotterdam Tower
    When: After unlocking Algonquin, during the daytime before sunset
    Mission: Drive Hossan to pick up his money, then chase the guy who drives away.
    Fire at his car or try to ram him into a stop and kill him when he gets out.
    Drive Hossan back
    Reward/Loss: + $500
    1st Encounter
    Location: A block east of Hossan's location
    When: After starting some of Ray's missions. Only at nightime around 1-2am
    Mission: Drive her to her house, then beat up her husband
    Reward/Loss: None
    2nd Encounter
    Location: Northwest corner of Pier 45 in Fishmarket South, Algonquin
    When: Some time after 1st encounter, early morning around 4-5am
    Mission: Get a gift from Perseus for her by paying $500 for it
    Reward/Loss: + $1000
    Only Encounter
    Location: Slightly northeast of Middle Park in Algonquin
    When: After completing Francis McCreary's "Blood Brothers" mission, and only if
    you spared Clarence in Francis' "Holland Nights" mission
    Mission: Use the pillar for cover and kill Clarence
    Reward/Loss: Dropped cash
    1st Encounter
    Location: Far south Algonguin, north of Calcium St. in a small park
    When: After unlocking Alderney
    Mission: Drive her to her dealer's place which is in Alderney
    Reward/Loss: - $500
    2nd Encounter
    Location: Western Algonquin, Quartz St. Just north of where Bryce's Infernus is
    When: Some time after her 1st encounter
    Mission: Drive her to the station in Algonquin
    Reward/Loss: - $500
    1st Encounter
    Location: On Lockowski Ave. in Alderney, across from the Auto Eroticar shop
    When: After unlocking Alderney
    Mission: Drive him to two locations, ending in Algonquin
    Reward/Loss: None
    2nd Encounter
    Location: Area called Berchem in Alderney, on Cockerell Ave.
    When: After 1st encounter and going on the internet to read Serial Killer story
    Mission: Avoid Eddie's knife and kill him
    Reward/Loss: Dropped cash
    Only Encounter
    Location: Just north of the strip club in Alderney
    When: After completing Gerry's "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" mission
    Mission: Using cover, kill all the gangsters
    Reward/Loss: Droped cash
    Only Encounter
    Location: Corner of Farnsworth and Mueri near Acter in Alderney
    When: After unlocking Alderney, only if you spared Ivan in Vlad's "Ivan The Not
    So Terrible" mission.
    Mission: Drive to the location with Ivan and kill all the enemies
    Reward/Loss: + $1000
      Assassin Missions  (As00)
    These missions are accessed from the payphone in Acter. Look for the crosshairs
    icon after you've completed Truck Hustle for Phil. For each mission your
    employer leaves you weapons and ammo on the other side of the fence. The order
    you get them is random, much like many of these side jobs.
    | Derelict Target |
    This is tough. The reason it is tough is because of the cops. Drive to the
    building and you'll see the three red dots on your radar. One guy is below the
    ground level floor, and the others are upstairs. They have numerous bodyguards,
    so you'll have to fight through them as well. Get the bottom guy first, then
    go up for the rest.
    The cops will be quickly drawn to all the gunfire, and while some will actually
    shoot out with the enemies, most of them will be focused on you. You'll have
    little choice but to gun them down as well, but luckily, it won't raise your
    wanted level higher than three stars. 
    As you proceed up each floor, always be ready to turn quickly to aim at an
    enemy who is waiting for you. Keep going up each floor, relying mainly on your
    rifle as you mow down each enemy. You'll find the second guy eventually, the 
    red arrow indicating as such. The final guy will be a few floors above him.
    When you've capped them all, your priority is to escape, so flee down the
    stairs, killing any police you encounter. When you get onto the ground level,
    get out or jump through a window and start running. Find a car, drive off and
    get to the Pay n' Spray which is only a short ride away. Use it to shake the
    heat and you'll be done.
    JimmyG also offers these tips for that mission:
    o----Submitted tip----o
    "I'd like to reciprocate with a tip on a mission that gave me a hard time, 
    until I figured out the correct way to approach it. The mission is "Derelict 
    Target", one of the Assassin Missions (As00). I found that if, before firing a
    single shot, you cross to the small park on the building across the street from
    where your targets are, you can take out the target that's in the basement. 
    Afterwards, you can run back to the front entrance of the building (where the 
    cab drops you off if you select "destination"), and from there you can take out
    the guy on the second floor (one floor above you) who hangs out by the window.
    The last guy was the one that always gave me the worst trouble, as you have to
    fight all the way up the 7 or 8 floors to kill him, and then fight off the 
    cops... until I saw a fire escape ladder on the building right beside the one 
    with the targets. If you haven't destroyed the car and the van that the thugs 
    leave by the entrance, you can arrange both of these to make a makeshift 
    stairway up to the base of the fire escape (you only have to kill the goons on
    the ground floor - possibly without even getting a wanted star), then just 
    climb the fire escape to the top of this building, and climb on top of one of 
    the air conditioner units on the roof, and you'll be looking straight at your 
    third and last target, where you can easily snipe him."
    o----End Submission----o
    Whew, that was a long one. Nragd Nzym has another tip that's just as long!
    o----Submitted Tip----o
    "If you follow the GPS from the pay phone exactly, you should end up behind the 
    building you have to go into. There should be a food stand near by. Pull out a
    sniper. Find a place where you can see the first target on the ground floor, 
    and snipe him. You should also be able to spot the second target on the third 
    floor looking out the leftmost window. If you can't, move more towards the food
    stand and look again. Now proceed as normal (i.e., without sniping from the 
    street so as to avoid early police attention), but note that there's a building
    with a stairway to the left of the building where your target is. Take out 
    everyone on the ground floor, but don't go up any higher. Take the van that was
    parked outside the building and park it under the stairway leading up to the 
    building on the left, so that you can climb onto van, then on the stairway and 
    make your way to the roof. If you go to the soutwesternmost corner and climb on
    the white box that's there, you should be on level with the third target, and 
    you can spot him through one of the windows. Snipe him and the mission's over, 
    no cops, no wasted ammo, no risk of death."
    o----End Submission----o
    Alright then, not bad. On to the next mission.
    | Industrial Action |
    There's a sniper rifle on the other side of the pay phone, along with the body
    armor. Get them, then drive off to the target area (red dot). When you approach
    the industrial area, the targets will all appear. They're up in that area, but
    instead of bursting through the front door, take a little ride to the back. Go
    right when you reach the fenced in area (drive west) to find the road that
    leads further in. Keep going right and find an opening in between the
    structures to get into the back, then turn left and drive forward to find the
    long yellow staircase.
    Get out of your car and start up this thing. At the very top is your first
    target. Just snipe him from the bottom of the stairs. Proceed up after that to
    the top and take cover near the venting unit. All the other guys will be firing
    at you now most likely. Find each of them on the various walkways and stairs to
    gun them all down with your Carbine. Most should die easily so no need to
    really use your Sniper Rifle here. Many of the enemies will be in movement,
    rushing down the stairs and such. Track their movements and get into a better
    position to kill them, or if they're too well hidden, climb the stairs up the
    structure, then cross the bridge to find them. When they're all dead, you'll
    receive $7500.
    | Water Hazard |
    This one is pretty easy. Drive south to the waterfront at south Alderney. Your
    target is on a boat. Get out of your car and go to the railing and aim out at
    the water with your Sniper Rifle to find it. There should be three people on
    the boat; two talking and one behind the wheel although it isn't moving. The
    sail might block your view of the red target arrow, but your man should be the
    one closest to the front of the boat. 
    The difficulty in this assassination is the way the boat bobs up and down. Just
    keep your targeting reticle near where his head is and wait for it to line into
    position, then fire. This will most likely get the cops involved, so get back
    in your car and drive off. For killing the guy you earn $3000. Just shake the
    cops and you're home free. 
    | Bailing Out For Good |
    There's a Carbine along with the body armor this time. Drive to the red dot.
    Your target is leaving the police station under police protection. When you
    arrive, you can either take out the car he's getting into with an RPG, or you
    can snipe him from a distance. If neither plan works or can be executed quick
    enough, make sure that car doesn't go anywhere. Open fire and all the cops will
    come after you. There's only like four of them so it's not a problem. You can
    either waste them, or just focus solely on your target (red arrow). Kill him
    and you earn $3000. Now just shake the wanted level you have by getting out of
    | Dead End |
    Drive to the target's location. They'll pull out in a Patriot and drive off.
    Follow them a short way until they turn down an alley. Don't follow, swing
    around the block and find the entrance that is opposite that one. Not the next
    one around the corner, but further down from there. Enter and approach the
    targets until they start coming after you. A car will pull in down the adjacent
    alley. Use an RPG or just rifle them all down. Turn your attention to all the
    guys below next. Some of them will come up after you so use your Carbine Rifle
    first. Grenades and RPG missiles work wonders here though, especially since the
    enemies appear to be using armor. Kill them all and you'll get your hands on
    | Taken Out |
    There will be an SMG waiting for you with the body armor this time. Drive off
    to the red dot as always. The target is being driven by limo. It's very easy
    to just get out of your car down the road and wait for it. Then quickly fire
    an RPG to end the mission. If that can't be done, you'll have to find another
    way. Any bumps to the limo will let the target onto what you're doing. The limo
    will drive off and then some cars with hired goons will try to find you. If
    the limo gets away, it might get on the highway and make a complete stop. Find
    a way to get there but keep your distance. The cars will probably locate you,
    so just gun down the occupants. Use your Sniper Rifle if the limo is stopped
    and snipe the guy in the back. That's your target. If the limo isn't stopping
    at all, just follow it and pepper it with continuous gunfire until it blows. You
    get $3000 for this job well done.
    | Migration Control |
    This was the first one I did on my first playthrough, and probably one of my
    favorites. There's a Sniper Rifle on the other side of the phone with the usual
    suit of body armor. Your target is on top of the Booth Tunnel. Drive there, but
    instead of going in the tunnel like usual, go to the left and up the slope to
    get on top of it. Drive down a ways until you near the end. There will be a car
    there that your target has gotten out of. A chopper is waiting on the platform
    and your target (red arrow) is walking toward it. Wait for the target to get
    really close to the helicopter and from behind the car, fire an RPG at it to
    end the mission handily. Otherwise use a Sniper Rifle before the target gets
    too close, just in case you miss. The pay is $3000. 
    | R.U.B. Down |
    The stash is a SMG with the usual armor. The target is in the Industrial park
    which is a short drive from your current location. As always, when you get
    closer, more detailed instructions are given and each target shown on the
    radar. Keep your distance. You'll notice they're on motorcycles and are all
    huddled together. Just fire an RPG into the group and that will wipe out nearly
    all of them. Get back in your car and run over any survivors. If anybody gets
    on their bike and flees, run them down and finish the job. The reward is $4000.
    | Hook, Line, and Sinker |
    This is the last one. The stash again includes an SMG. Go to the target's
    location at the shore. He's on a boat which is stationary at the moment. If
    you get in the boat and get a little closer, you might be able to snipe him.
    Get too close and the guy will get spooked and speed off. He'll take you for a
    chase down the river and you'll have to shoot his boat while doing so. He has
    someone on board who will fire at you along the way. Hopefully you can take him
    out first, then keep chasing the boat. If you're lucky, the guy will get stuck
    eventually. Use this opportunity to use an RPG or Sniper Rifle from a distance.
    If not, just keep shooting up his craft until it's history. For this, you'll
    receive $3000.
      Stevie's Car Missions  (St00)
    To start working for Stevie, there is one simple requirement. Basically, all
    you need to do is complete the first mission for Derrick, Smackdown. 
    Immediately after that, Brucie will call you to tell you that his friend Stevie
    is looking for work. You'll receive a text message from Stevie at a later time.
    He gives you a name of a car and its location, as well as a picture. If you go
    and find it, you can bring it to his garage and receive a nice sum for it. Like
    Brucie's, the pay is determined by the condition. After dropping a car off, you
    have to wait for the next text message. Like other missions of this sort, the 
    order is random.
    Since there are a lot of cars to gather and because it can take some time in
    between texts, it is recommended you try and get Stevie's jobs early on and
    try to do them early on. Generally if you deliver one car, it will take a
    little more than your next completed story mission for your next text, more or
    less. It's better to spread it out as you proceed towards the end of the game,
    rather than saving all the deliveries for later. 
    To drop off a car, drive it to Bohan. Look at your map and find the Garage icon
    in that area and drive the car to this location and park it in the garage.
    Lastly, one more thing I think is worth mentioning. All the cars with the
    obvious exception of motorcycles have to be broken into, and that counts as
    damage to the car. So even if you drive it to the garage without a scratch it
    will not be in perfect condition. If you're aiming to get the exact top dollar
    for each of them, be sure to bring them to a Pay N' Spray first. 
    1. Contender: Find this in BOABO in Dukes, parked outside the sugar factory.
    You can identify the building as the big grey factory with the gate out front,
    located on Creek St.
    2. Coquette: Suffolk in Algonguin. It's parked in front of the church on Libery
    Lane, the same church you went to for Roman's wedding. Find the sleek looking
    sports car.
    3. DF8-90: Firefly Island, Broker. Just north of the that little dead end road
    that leads to the boardwalk where the amusement park is. It's under the bridge
    across the street, parked near the big support pillar. 
    4. Buccaneer: Bohan, on the southeast side, near the shore. It's basically just
    laying there on the side of the only street that is in this corner of Bohan,
    near a construction site and a Burger Shot. 
    5. Manana: On Camden ave, in between Huntington and Thornton. Car will be
    near the corner of the intersection in a small dirt lot. Two blocks east of
    the Cluckin' Bell. 
    6. Intruder: Rotterdam Hill in Broker, on Asparagus Ave. One block south and
    then west of the weapon shop, near a little park section and a hotdog vendor.
    7. Infernus: North of the circle square in Outlook, on Montauk Ave in Broker.
    8. Washington: On Franklin St. on the northwest part of Dukes. Just a bit north
    of the bridge. 
    9. Voodoo: In dukes, just north of the hospital and right near the police
    station on Dukes Boulevard (that long, slanted street). If you take the bridge
    from Charge Island to Harrison Street, you'll almost definitely run into it. 
    10. Sabre GT: Go to the corner of Tudor and Stillwater in Dukes, just south of
    Meadows Park. At this street corner is a house with a very long driveway with
    some grass on it. The car is parked right in front of the garage.
    11. Dilettante: The northeast part of Dukes. Find this on Carrollton St. close
    to the corner of Carrollton and Saratoga. 
    12. Freeway: This is one of the biker type motorcycles. Find it on the curb
    near the Car Wash in Dukes. 
    13. Bobcat: Top floor of the airport car park, in Francis International.
    14. Moonbeam: Northeast part of Charge Island. It'll be sitting in the parking
    lot of a small facility. 
    15. Huntley: The parking lot of the police station at the north part of Bohan.
    16. Dukes: Corner of Vauxite and Exeter in Algonguin. It's the corner that's
    opposite of the one that the Modo shop is on. 
    17. NRG 900: Corner of Bismarck and Topaz, just north of the car park where you
    meet Jeff for the second time.
    18. Banshee: Near the southwest corner of Middle Park, on Galveston ave and
    near the corner of Obsidian. It's sitting across from a big plaza area with
    some cool buildings. 
    19. Comet: In a parking lot in front of the docks at southwestern Algonguin. 
    Go to the bowling alley and go north, then turn left into the back area to find
    the parking lot. 
    20. Rebla: Corner of Hernatite and Columbus, three blocks east of Rotterdam
    21. Faggio: Corner of Diamond and Bismarck in southern Algonguin. Find the 
    weapon shop and go south. It is right around the corner from the shop. 
    22. SuperGT: Near the corner of Calcium and Columbus, south Algonguin.
    23. PMP 600: An alley off Bismarck, southern Algonguin in The Exchange. Find
    the Perseus shop and go north from there. Turn right as soon as you can and 
    in the alley next to the bank, you'll find it. 
    24. Patriot: The very southern part of Algonquin, near the corner of South
    Parkway and Denver. It's parked in front of two large towers connected by a
    small overpass. 
    25. Rancher: On the docks on the east side of Alderney, near where Phil's
    mission marker is. This car is sitting in front of a big blue warehouse marked
    with the letter "B". 
    26. Sentinel: North of Phil Bell's mission location, in that parking lot in
    the little industrial area near the docks. The car is sitting next to a large
    stack of yellow pipes, surrounded by large gas tanks and such.
    27. Cognoscenti: In an alley off Lyndon ave, just south of Mr. Fuks Rice Box.
    28. Cavalcade: Parked outside a house off Long John ave, north of the hospital
    in Alderney. Just north of where Long John and Manzano intersect. 
    29. Turismo: On Own Creek in Alderney, almost directly south of the Car Wash
    is a very extravagant house with a big lawn and stone fences. Sitting within
    the area is this car.
    30. Sultan: Off Kemeny st, just west of the Internet Cafe in Alderney.
      Little Jacob's Delivery Missions  (Jd00)
    To do these missions, you have to call Little Jacob and select "Job". Jacob
    will direct you to the cafe where you have to get in either the Emperor or the
    Sabre with the drugs. You also drive the Huntley Sport for the last delivery.
    You then take it to a location and meet the criteria necessary. There are 10
    locations and they're randomly ordered. In additon, you can take a cab once you
    get in the delivery vehicle. You are never required to actually drive it there,
    but to just pick up the contents which you do as long as you at least enter it
    once. So if you want to speed things up you can take a cab, although to be
    honest, it's never a long drive to your destination (thanks to CJF for this). 
    1. Willis: Take Jacob's car to the indicated area. The buyers will meet you but
    when you arrive, so do the cops. Luckily, your buyers will help keep them
    distracted. Hop in your car and get out of there. You've got a 2 star wanted
    level so get moving. The tough part about this is you're near the highway, and
    if you choose to go there, you might find shaking the cops a bit tough. Get on
    some standard roads, preferably long ones where you can outrun that circle. Do
    so to nab $250. 
    2. Meadows Park: Get in the car and drive it to the yellow dot. Get out and go
    to the marker which is right beside a house. You'll be hiding the stuff for
    someone else to pick up later I assume, but unfortunately, a rival gang is in
    on it and wants to collect. You'll be surrounded on both sides. Turn around
    immediately and shotgun the two guys there. One has a shotgun of his own so
    make sure you gun them down fast. The other two are in the other direction,
    near the corner of the building. Take cover behind the dumpster and shoot them
    when they pop their heads out. When it's all over, you've got another $250.
    3. Festival Towers - Meadows Park: Take the car over to the Festival Towers in
    Meadows Park. They are those two towers with the disk like things on the top.
    Drive over to there and park your car. At the base of the tower are your
    contacts. The cops are in on this one, so get out of there fast. They should be
    a little too preoccupied with the others to shoot at you so get in your car and
    go speed racer go! Get out of the park immediately, even if it means cutting
    across the grass. Then just keep driving south until you evade the cops for
    another $250. 
    4. Cerveza Heights: I'm not sure, but I think this is the same alley you too
    Jermaine on Easy Fare. Get there and find the marker. You'll be ambushed by a
    group of guys on the roof above you, and a car that swing in from behind. The
    best cover is the dumpster. The guys above can't shoot you and the others near
    the car can't hit you if you're behind there. Pop them first, then take cover
    somewhere else (behind your car) and then get the guys on the roof to be done
    with it. As you expected, the reward is $250.
    5. Outlook Park: Go to the park next to the big arch in Outlook. Take the drugs
    under the bridge there and into the marker. A rival gang shows up and you're
    suddenly surrounded by two guys on each side. Pick a side and quickly shotty
    both enemies on that side. Take cover there and pick off the other two on the
    remaining side. When they're dead, you'll have pocketed another $250.
    6. Beechwood City: The catch with this one is time. You have to get to the
    dealer in about a half hour in-game time. That's not much as you should realize
    so put the pedal to the metal. Luckily, it's just down the street from the cafe
    so it's not a long drive. Get there, get out and approach the marker for the
    $250 reward. Huzzah.
    7. East Island City Tunnel: This one is also timed but it can get confusing.
    When you drive there and find the yellow dot on your radar, you might not see
    the marker. That's because it's below you. Get out of the car and quickly run
    to the tunnel entrance below. Enter and find the buyer to do the deal and make
    another whopping $250.
    8. Steinway: Again, this one is timed. Drive over to the apartment complex and
    when you reach the end of the street, swing your car around to the backside.
    Get out and approach the buyer standing near the marker and you'll be done. The
    reward, as always, is $250. 
    9. Meadow Hills: Drive off to the area near the park and find an alley
    in between the houses. The marker is there so get out of the car and drop the
    stuff off. Wouldn't you know it, there's a rival gang waiting to cap your ass
    for the drugs. Shoot the guys who came out of the car first, then use it or
    your own car as cover and take out whoever is left. When it's over, you get...
    yes, another $250.
    10. Schottler: Get to the location on time. This one can be a little tougher
    than the other timed jobs. Find the warehouse, swing around the back, get out,
    and give the stuff to the guy waiting there for your wonderful $250 reward.
      Brucie's Car Missions  (Bc00)
    To access these missions, go to an internet cafe and check your e-mail. Look
    for mail from Brucie and then reply to it positively to start the hunt. You'll
    be given a location of the vehicle (blue dot) and the name of the area it is
    in. Like Jacob's Delivery Missions, there's some randomization here. The order
    in which Brucie asks for the cars is random. Also, you will not always find a
    specific car in the same place each time through the game. By that logic, I
    can't say that every time Brucie says to get the Banshee, you have to go to 
    Cerveza Heights and there will be two guys guarding it. This will not always be
    true. Each area has a certain scripted event, regardless of what vehicle is
    there. Look at the mail and see where you have to go, then look for it down
    here and know what's going to happen.
    1. Beechwood City: Go here to find the car you're looking for near the carwash.
    There should be two guys near it. Neither should put up any armed resistance
    but they'll try to melee you. Just shoot them both and get out of there with
    the car. If you attracted police attention, just head to the pay and spray.
    This will ditch the cops and also repair the car so you can get top price for
    2. Schottler: This will be in an alley. One guy will be fiddling around in the
    trunk, the other just standing around. Don't fool around and blast both of them
    fast. They have guns so don't let these guys use them. When it's done, get the
    car out of there and on to Brucie's. 
    3. Cerveza Heights: When you arrive, someone will be pulling out of the alley
    with the car. Just block him off with a nudge and he should get out. He will
    then either approach you with his fists, or get back in and try to drive away.
    For me it was choice B so I headshotted him through the windshield using free
    aim. Just shoot him and then take the car. If it takes any damage, make sure to
    get it repaired before delivering it for the top dollar. 
    4. Chase Point: This is up in Bohan so you gotta go across the bridge. When you
    get to the location you'll find the guy in the car working his magic with a
    nearby hooker. You can pull him out by force, but then he'll open fire. The
    easiest method is to enter free aim (hold L2 lightly) and aim for his head
    through the window and fire. Niko will pull his dead body out (with a funny
    line as well) and now you've got the car. Take it all the way back to Brucie's
    and repair it first if needed. 
    5. BOABO: Weird name but it's the general area near the docks which is luckily,
    right near Brucie's place. Get the car/bike by getting the jump on the hoods
    guarding it with a few shotty blasts. Grab it and drive it a very short
    distance to Brucie's lockup.
    6. Firefly Projects: Again there should be about three guys guarding this car/
    motorcycle. Approach them and they should only confront you but not draw their
    weapons. Use this to your advantage and whip a few quick shotgun blasts at all
    of them. When they're dead, snatch the ride and drive it back to Brucie's. 
    7. Outlook: This car should be getting driven around by a guy or girl. For me
    it was a woman. You can probably get away with approaching the car door when it
    stops at a light and just pulling him/her out. If they start dodging red lights
    and speeding off though, then you'll need to bump or block them off. A bullet
    to the head also does the trick. When you have it, get any necessary repairs
    and bring it to the lockup.
    8. Meadow Hills: Drive up northeast to find it. The car is stationary, nobody
    is behind the wheel. Seems like a piece of cake. When you get in it though, you
    attract the sudden attention of law enforcement, in the form of a 2 Star Wanted
    Level. Drive off and evade the police by heading back south. If you damage the
    car along the way, you might as well go to the Pay n' Spray and kill two birds
    with one stone and lose the cops as well. Drive it to Brucie's when done.
    9. Outlook: This is usually for a motorcycle I think so it's a tad different
    than the last one. Go ahead and drive to the location. The guy who owns the
    motorcycle will have been pulled over by the cops and is being patted down. Hop
    on and drive off quickly. The cops will chase you but this is really not a
    problem. Just drive a ways south down the street, turn right and the Pay n'
    Spray is right there. After that, take it to the lockup. 
    10. Meadows Park: This one is being driven around. Do what you usually do in
    these situations. Bump the guy, box him in, etc. Then pull him out and kill him
    (or don't if you'd rather not risk any police attention) and take the car. Get
    any repairs, then take it to Brucie's. 
      Vigilante Missions  (Vi00)
    To become a vigilante you'll need to be armed, daring, and a little crazy. The
    criminals of Liberty City are on the loose and you can hunt them down if you so
    choose. It's required for 100% so let's get started. 
    The Vigilante missions are not too hard to beat. You need 20 of them completed,
    and they can be done in any area of the map. You don't even have to change
    islands; you can do all 20 in the same place if you desire. The missions are
    divided into three types. They typically occur on the same preset streets in
    each area, so expect to be seeing the same locations a few times. I previously
    though that these missions were "fail sensitive" and that some weird glitch
    was causing them to fail for no reason. After so much time I now realize that
    there is a timer for these missions and it can be seen at the top right. Make
    sure you get to the target in time to stop the timer and then from there, you
    have the leisure to take them out. 
    There are three types of missions and you need to conquer 20 of them. You'll
    need a Police cruiser to begin with. Use whatever means you want to secure one.
    I personally prefer to call 911 because it's simple. However, if you want, find
    a police station like the one in Bohan or the one in Algonquin and go back when
    you need a cruiser. Once you have one, lose any heat if necessary, then use the
    computer. Go to View Current Crimes and a list of 3 random crimes will appear in
    nearby locations. This list will not change unless you exit and re-enter the
    computer (thanks to CJF for this).
    Gang Violence
    Respond to this call and you will usually find a group of armed men in a certain
    location. The number of men can vary, but usually is only 4-5.They'll be armed 
    with SMGs and Carbine Rifles typically. Some will have shotguns though, and in
    some rare occasions, one of the members may be wielding grenades. Most of the 
    time you can end this easily by just running over each suspect a few times. It 
    saves you some effort but if you prefer, just get out and use your cruiser as 
    cover and gun them all down. If there is a grenade enemy, get out of the car 
    immediately, and get away from it, then gun him down first. Other than this, use
    general tactics and you can win these types of missions.
    Criminal On Foot
    Really easy. Again, like the previous mission type, you can do this one without
    even getting out of your car. Find the suspect (always just one guy). When you 
    get close, he'll open fire, but he's rarely armed with more than a pistol. Just
    run him over a few times and you will be done quick and easily. On some 
    occasions, you may run into guys with shotguns and other weapons, but if you use
    your car, you really don't have to concern yourself too much. You can also just
    stay far back and snipe the criminals. This works just as well. 
    Vehicle Theft
    My personal favorite, simply because of the challenge; the criminals put up more
    of a fight. You'll follow the GPS to find a vehicle already in transit. It will
    usually have 3-4 occupants and they will open fire immediately. This one is 
    tough because you'll lose health and armor very fast so it's advised to come 
    prepared with both. If you're a fan of cheats, the Health and Armor cheat comes
    in handy here. If you prefer not to use them, the best tactic is to get the car
    to stop as fast as possible. Hang back, but not too far and fire with the SMG.
    Aim for the tires first. Continue firing until the car stops or explodes.
    Alternatively, you can try getting really close, and if your aim is good, 
    attempt to shoot the driver, which will get the car to stop. At which point, you
    can stay back and blow the car up with an RPG or Grenade. If you can't get the 
    driver, getting any other occupant is just as good; so long as you reduce the 
    amount of damage you will inevitabaly be taking. 
    Now, all these mission types have one common irritation. That is the real
    police. Yes, despite the fact that you're taking justice into your own hands and
    killing the badguys, Liberty City's finest do not take kindly to Niko's methods.
    The police can and probably will become a factor on any of these missions and
    the chances are more likely the longer the shootouts last. One star will not be
    a huge problem, but if they become a vexation and you fire on them, suddenly you
    have both criminals and police shooting at you, and that makes for a very
    dangerous sandwich, don't you agree? The best thing to do is to clear each area
    quickly. You can make things easy on yourself by trying to do the Gang Violence
    and Criminal On Foot missions by just using your car as a moving battering ram.
    If you have to, abandon the mission and try again. 
    Again, you only need to complete 20 of these, so you sometimes have the liberty
    to pick from the three available missions which one you want. So if you have too
    much trouble with Vehicle Theft, go with something else. Sometimes however the
    choices may not be as varied and you might be forced to pick something. Once you
    have completed 20, it will say "You are now a Vigilante." You're done. 
      Most Wanted Missions  (Mw00)
    These missions do not offer any monetary rewards, at least not in the form of
    stipends you receive upon completion. There's still at least a little cash to
    be had. Whatever your targets drop is yours to keep, but it's not really the
    motivation for doing this. It's just a fun diversion and it's also required for
    100%. Are you ready to take on Liberty City's most hardened criminals?
    As you would expect, you need a police cruiser to view the computer. View the
    Most Wanted list and it will bring up a list of criminals depending on what
    area you're in. There are three lists total, so you're gonna be going all over
    the city to kill them all. We'll begin with the first islands. Start hunting
    them by viewing a profile and marking their location with X. 
    1. Maxwell Caughlin: This one is pretty easy. You'll find him in Bohan, not
    very far from your safehouse. When you get close, he'll pull away in a car
    with an accomplice. Just fire on their car until they stop and bail out. They
    will typically split up so go after one and either gun him down or just run
    him over a few times. After that, go back for the other and you'll be done.
    2. Scott Guzowski: Go to the park in Dukes, near the bridge to find him. You
    can easily get in good position to snipe two of his guys if you go to the east
    side of the park and hop over the wall. When you've got them, drop down to
    ground level and find the last two guys, including Guzowski. Plug them both to
    end this.
    3. Antonio Rivette: Find him and his gang in South Slopes, Broker. Find the
    northern staircase leading up to the subway platforms. The first guy will be
    at the top of the stairs. Shotty him, then whip out your SMG and you should
    be able to gun the others down with relative ease. For some reason, a lot of
    them like to run around, probably trying to get cover. Don't give them the
    chance and just blast them all.
    4. Rodrigo Stavenes: This guy also has a group of badguys at his command. Only
    thing is, once you show up, they all scurry away like rats. You'll be forced
    to hunt them all down. The easiest way is to just find them and fire on them
    with the SMG while moving in the car. Find each of them and either cap them or
    run them over. 
    5. Fernando Tisdel: Hove Beach, Broker. When you get close, he'll pull away in
    a car. You can shoot their car until it blows up like you usually would in
    these situations. His car is not gifted with speed though, so you can also try
    to ram him and box him in somewhere, then back your car up and fire an RPG at
    them for an easy finish. Otherwise, just do it the old fashioned way.
    6. Tyler Pickrel: Probably the easiest job of them all. Go to Pickrel's
    location in Meadows Park. He'll be there all by himself. If you want, you can
    keep your distance and just try to snipe him. If he starts to run, you might
    be better off following him on foot and gunning him down. The park, with all
    the grass and trees and so forth doesn't make it easy to try and drive after
    him in hopes of running him over. Pop him and move on to the next one.
    7. Preston Pecinovsky: He's up in Bohan with his crew, east of the strip club.
    You can can try to get a jump on them by going in the parking lot of the club
    and then chuck some grenades over the east wall or climbing over and gunning
    them down close up, but it's kinda risky. It's honestly probably better to
    pull up to them on the eastern side on that street where they're all visible.
    Turn your car and get out and use it as cover. Shoot down any enemies in the
    open. After you've capped a few, the others will try to get in their cars and
    get away. Use an RPG from blind fire and try to take the cars out before they
    get in and you can take them all out easily. If one car gets away, just chase
    it. They drive at a snail's pace so catching up is not even a problem. Finish
    off all the targets and you're done.
    8. Alonso Goralski: This guy is at Francis International Airport, which is a
    bit of a drive if you're coming off the previous job. Get to the airport and
    you'll see your target pull away in a car as soon as you get within range.
    There will also be a guy standing there at the gate but ignore him for now.
    Chase the car and fill it full of SMG rounds. It should hopefully not take much
    to flush Alonso out. Either hit him at a good speed or just shoot him. Go back
    to the gate and find the friend who has a shotgun. Just gun him down from the
    window and that's that.
    9. Bert Reker: Find him in BOABO back in Broker. He and his men are in a
    junkyard. You can rush in, guns blazing, and try to use their cars as bombs to
    kill them easily. However, if you prefer something easier, find the building
    slightly to the southwest of their location. It's hard to pinpoint exactly but
    it's a big warehouse like building, red and yellow with a long yellow staircase
    along the side. It's just beyond that really big grafitti wall. Find those
    stairs and get up to the roof. There's some body armor there if you need it.
    From here you can easily snipe your targets one by one without any fear of
    being hit. The first few guys are in the junkyard itself, hiding behind their
    cars and such. The others are just northwest of there, behind some concrete
    walls. Pick them all off to finish the job.
    10. Freddy Paparo: This last one is pretty simple. Once you get to his location
    in Steinway, there's not much you can do except chase him as he flees by car.
    He and his hoods will make their way to the bridge leading to Bohan. Try to
    stop them before that by shooting up their car until they pile out. Just keep
    your distance and fire an RPG at their car and that will end things nice and
    easily. If any survive, just shoot them with your SMG or Carbine.  
    1. Shon Kikuchi: He's in North Holland, driving around in a Banshee. If you
    get near, he'll start moving, but not so much that he's getting away. He's not
    spooked, but he will just continue to drive and blow lights, but never at the
    Banshee's full speed. You can either just open fire which will prompt him to
    speed up, or you can follow him to a long stretch of road and try to wait for
    him ahead of his destination and try RPGing his car. Sounds kinda complicated
    but it's your choice.
    2. Jimmy Kand: Northwood. He's in the same exact apartment complex that Dwayne
    lives in, same floor too. Go up to the 2nd floor and at the big red door (the
    door to Dwayne's place), turn right. Go down the hall all the way to the end
    to find Kand. He's passed out on the floor near his bed. Well, this is easy.
    Just pop a cap in his dome and that's that.
    3. Simon Nashly: Find him and his crew in Fishmarker which is far away from the
    last one. The actual specific location is Pier 45. They're spread out on
    different levels. Seek each enemy out by going up the stairs and paying
    attention to the red dots. On the third floor there will be three enemies. The
    one in the middle is in the picnic area, while the other two on the outer
    walkways. Use the soda machines to replenish lost health if needed.
    4. Tommy Francovic: This guy will be in Castle Garden City. When you get near,
    he'll pull out of the street on a bike. Hopefully you're thinking what I'm
    thinking. Don't let him get too far and just ram his bike to send him flying.
    Finish the job by running him over a few times.
    5. Barry Lamora: Colony Island is your destination. When you get near your
    suspects, one will flee and the others will open fire. Take them out but beware
    the one with the shotgun. When they're dead, chase down the other and shoot him
    to be done with this one.
    6. Lino Friddell: These guys will be near Middle Park. The target dots will
    point you to an alley and sure enough, there are three fugitives there. Drive
    down the alley and try to run them down. If any survive, they'll make their way
    to the car at the other end of an adjacent alley. If they escape, follow their
    vehicle and shoot it until it catches fire. Kill off the remnants. 
    7. Juan Haimo: Star Junction. There are three targets and they'll flee by way
    of motorcycle if you get close. You can try gunning them down before they take
    off or just try the favored ramming tactic. Don't get stuck in one place though
    if one or two manage to get away. They'll easily get far enough away for you to
    fail this job. So when you show up, you might want to try and be as efficient
    as you can by quickly gunning at least two of them to get them off their bikes,
    then chasing the last one. If you do end up on a chase, it may be a bit vexing
    if they get a good headstart. They'll take you down southern Algonguin for a
    while until you catch up. By that time you can knock the guy right off his
    motorcycle, or just shoot him off. As long as the job is done.
    8. Darren Covey: This guy and his accomplices are in Purgatory, the west side.
    They are in an upper level parking garage of sorts that may be hard to find.
    You should see those elevating roads. Find a way to get up to one and you can
    find the entrance. They're all the way in the back, standing near their cars.
    The easiest solution is to fire an RPG at the vehicles, then use your Sniper
    Rifle to gun down any who survive.
    9. Lea Brodell: Follow the GPS to East Holland. The targets are holed up in an
    apartment. You don't have much room for innovation here. The only real way to
    go about it is through the front door. There is another doorway down the alley
    that leads to another apartment and from the roof you can see one enemy on the
    adjacent roof but that's about it. You can't (easily) jump over to the
    suspect's roof so really the front door is best. Right from the get go, shoot
    the first two guys at the stairs. Go up a flight and get the guy with the
    shotgun. Keep going up until you reach a corridor with a window you can see
    around the corner at the end. Try using a grenade from afar and bounce it off
    the wall ahead of you so it lands to the right. Reason being is that there's a
    guy to the right that will ambush you when you turn. Kill him, then go up the
    stairs behind him to reach the roof. To the right of the door will be another
    enemy lying in wait. Kill him, then target the last enemy on the other side of
    the roof to finish this one.
    10. Christov Mahonvic: Back at Fishmarket, these guys are hiding in the big
    white building near where you finished the Diamond pickup on the garbage truck
    for Ray. Find the doorway on the west side to enter and take cover there. Fire
    at any enemies that have a clear shot at you first. Use the garbage truck in
    the back to your advantage by blowing it up with an RPG or grenade. Next target
    any foes to your right. Getting a shot may be difficult with the pillars and
    all, but you shouldn't have too much trouble finishing these guys off.
    1. Marty Boldenow: He's in Acter. Arrive on Mueri St. and you should be on the
    west side of the area. This is a good spot to go in from. The first enemy will
    see you. Gun him down. The next few will take cover behind a car. Just chuck a
    grenade at it to make this easy. When the dust settles, move in and use the
    walls, dumpsters, etc. for cover and gun down the remaining enemies, including
    2. Noel Katsuda: In Tudor, very west, southwest on the map. Pull your car up
    to the entrance (preferably facing north) and get out to use it as cover. Using
    a grenade on the nearby car (or RPG) is again a good tactic. Otherwise, use
    your SMG/Carbine to gun down the various enemies. There are two off to the left
    on the other side of the wall. Make sure you get them as well. 
    3. Rodney McEniry: Find him in Berchem. He and his men are in an alley there.
    Just use the walls as cover and you can easily gun them down with the SMG. Move
    up and take cover at the right side. From here you can see the last few guys.
    The right most enemy might need to be killed using blind fire, but the others
    are easy picking. 
    4. Glenn Lushbaugh: He's in Alderney City. This guy is annoying because he'll
    take you on a chase, but to make matters worse, his accomplices in the car will
    throw grenades out the window. They're hard to see but make sure you avoid them
    and for the most part, you can easily. Just be careful still, even a proximity
    blast could total your car even if it doesn't blow it up. Chase this guy down
    and fill his ride full of holes til it catches fire and he gets out. Then run
    his ass over to be done with it.
    5. Phil Bacerra: Also in Alderney City. When you get close, he and his men will
    drive off in two trucks. Get close to the Booth Tunnel, because that's where
    these guys go. You can try to block the entrance, giving you time to RPG both
    trucks, but that will cost you your cruiser most likely. Otherwise, chase them
    through the tunnel to Algonquin. The trucks are easy to keep up but they're
    durable so they'll take a lot of SMG rounds to bring down. Destroy them both,
    killing all the occupants to finish this one.
    6. Sergi Szerbin: He's in Leftwood with his cronies. It's right near the Pay n'
    Spray. Go there and get out of your cruiser. Use the big bridge support pillar
    as your initial cover. Kill anybody who is visible or tries to rush you. Use
    an RPG or Grenade on the car to take at least one or two guys out. Move up to
    the wall near the dumpster and use that as cover to gun down the last couple
    7. Danny Hatmaker: He and his men are in Normandy. Going here through the front
    gate is probably the quickest way, but if you prefer, you can try to sneak in,
    starting from the adjacent road, climbing over walls, and gates. Look at your
    map. Those big grey circles are your target. Find a way to them. They're gas
    containers; don't worry, they don't blow up. They all have ladders on them. Try
    to find a way to one that will give you some decent shots at the enemies. Most
    of them don't provide a good view though, except some of the ones that make you
    visible to other enemies. Try it out though. Otherwise just hunt them down
    manually. Keep in mind there is body armor on top of the bottom right big 
    container. There's smaller cirles nearby indicating other containers, but it's
    the last big one on the bottom right that has body armor on top of it. 
    8. Mervin Eskuchen: You'll find him and his men in Berchem. When you approach,
    they'll pull away in two Patriots. Try and immediately block one of them by
    ramming it from the front. Now quickly use your SMG to try and take out the
    driver through the windshield. That will get the other guy out too so kill him
    as well. Now just go chase down the other one. Firing on it will take a while
    since it's a big car. Either just keep shooting or try to block it in and use
    an RPG or something.
    9. Frederick Harrison: This one is hard to do merely because it's all about
    finding the way to get up to these guys. You'll notice they're on that bridge
    structure on your map. Drive there and get under the bridge. There's all those
    support columns and stuff. Underneath will be your first target. Pop him, then
    move further north. You should eventually see a staircase, leading up. Climb
    it. As you move up various walkways and staircases, you will find more foes to
    shoot. Kill them, and beware of a group of enemies that will find you when you
    reach a certain walkway. They'll be behind you, so watch your six. Keep moving
    up until you get to the final platform. The last few enemies are hiding behind
    the small buildings here. Use cover and gun them all down. The last guy will
    actually try gunning you with a Sniper Rifle at point blank. Kill him and any
    others to finish this.
    10. Keenan Burdett: The car park in Leftwood. It's a vertical multi level car
    park. Enemies are on about each level. There's not much strategy involved here.
    Just pay attention to the radar, looking for those red dots with arrows to turn
    into solid dots. Use cover and gun down each enemy. If you run low on health,
    there's a few levels where you can find soda machines. Just be careful on the
    top level. That's where most of the enemies are. A few on the ramp to the right
    including one near a car. Just use your rifle to smoke them all. One warning
    though. I'm not totally sure of this, but I believe there's an enemy up here
    who uses grenades. Again, I'm not totally sure but I kept hearing grenades go
    off, and I wasn't using them. Kill all the enemies here to finish Alderney's
    Most Wanted. 
      Hanging Out/Dating  (hngot)
    You have many choices of entertainment in Liberty City when you're out with
    your in-game friends. Raising progress with each friend brings you closer to
    unlocking their special ability. They are as follows:
    Roman - You can get a free cab ride
    Little Jacob - Jacob will appear at a nearby place to sell discount guns
    Brucie - Brucie will pick you up in his helicopter
    Packie - He will plant a bomb on a car that can be activated via phone
    Dwayne - Will send two gang members to back you up
    Kiki - Call her to have her drop your wanted level
    Carmen - Giving her a call will restore your health
    Alex - You get a 24 hour clothing discount
    I'm pretty sure all of these abilities are unlocked when you raise the Like
    stat to 75%. One very important thing to note is that when you gain an ability,
    it can be lost if you ignore your friends. If it is lost, you have to build the
    Like % stat to a much higher level than originally to regain it. Keep that in
    More juicy info. You can take a friend to as many as three activities per
    "date". I did notice once that a friend complained when I had them out for too
    long. I'm not sure if this can result in a loss in progress if you stay out too
    long. Each friend has a number of activities they enjoy going to. Also, there
    seems to be one activity in particular that each friend enjoys the most. This
    is noticed by the amount that the Like % increases.
    Normally, the stat increases by 4% for each activity you go to. It increases
    up to 6% for a certain activity however, their favorite. I've only identified
    a few at this time and am currently looking into adding more. I have to play 
    around with it some more, but I'll also take some submissions. 
    Roman: Drinking, Strip Club, Darts, Bowling, Eating, Pool, Shows
    -Favorite: Strip Club
    Little Jacob: Darts, Pool, Shows, Strip Club, Eating, Drinking
    -Favorite: Eating at Cluckin' Bell
    Brucie: Strip Club, Bowling, Drinking, Eating, Shows, Heli rides, Boat rides
    -Favorite: Eating at Superstar Cafe
    Packie: Drinking, Strip Club, Darts, Pool, Bowling
    -Favorite: Darts
    Dwayne: Drinking, Eating, Strip Club, Shows, Bowling
    -Favorite: Burger Shot, Diner (thanks to cin576 for this)
    As for girlfriends. Not including Kate, there are three women you can date. And
    yes, you can date them all simultaneously (just not on the same date!). You can
    find two of them on lovemeet.net. They are Kiki (Lawchick) and Carmen 
    (SoboHoe). The third is Alex, and you can find her on craplist.net. Go to the
    dating section and find the "Party Girl" ad. Like friends, you can take them
    on a variety of activities and they will pay off with certain bonuses. Kiki's
    is very useful sometimes and Carmen's is good too although it sometimes doesn't
    work. You are not required to date girlfriends for 100%. 
    |          Secrets         |
    |          (shhh)          |
      Easter Eggs  (estg)
    Heart of Liberty City
    Take a helicopter, either by finding one at a helipad or spawning one using a
    cheat, to the Island of Happiness. Fly it so that you can land at the ledge
    right below the statue's feet. Find the doorway with a sign that says "No
    Hidden Content This Way." It appears the door is impassable, but if you move
    forward, you'll discover you can walk right through it. Inside is a ladder.
    Climb it to find a living, beating heart!
    The Mural
    In Dukes, right near where Harrison St. and Dukes Boulevard almost collide,
    there is a wall with a painted mural on it. The mural depicts various
    characters from previous GTA games. It's just south and a little east of the
    Steinway bar. 
    Graffiti Names
    In various places around Liberty City, mostly in interior areas, you may find
    a whole lot of graffiti. It may at first glance seem like a lot of scribble,
    but a closer look will reveal something rather interesting. Your first
    safehouse in Hove Beach has the names Claude, Victor, and Tommy written on
    the wall near the stairs. You will also see some names during one of the
    cutscenes in Dwayne's apartment for his missions. 
    Instant 5-star wanted level
    When surfing the internet, type in the url www.littlelacysurprisepageant.com,
    leading you to a site that is under heavy surveillance by the police to catch
    pedophiles. When you log off, you'll have earned a 5-star wanted level. Good
    Also, if you type this url into your own computer, it will bring you to the
    official GTA IV website. 
    Niko Steals Boats Too 
    If you opt to go boating with Brucie and finish the trip, you may notice that
    on your stats, the statistic that counts for stolen boats will go up by 1. Wait
    a minute... Brucie did what? Wait... wow. This won't work for Brucie's heli
    rides though. (thanks to Johnno for this)
    Swing Glitch
    This is a well known glitch that surfaced a while ago and really flew with many
    players. Basically, there is a small playground near the southeastern side of
    Broker. In there is a swing set. You can maneuver it so that you can get your
    car in there. If you let the car hit the swing set and then let it stay still
    for a moment, you may get the car to be launched violently through the air. I
    mean, the car will just take off and spin and flip and so on and so forth, and
    it makes for quite a show. This is most popular and most recommended for online
    play because in single player, it has a chance of launching Niko out the window
    and this will, more often than not, result in death. To avoid being ejected in
    singleplayer, back into the swingset instead of driving in from the front. This
    will prevent it usually, but not always. 
    See Inside Niko's Head
    This trick is provided by RDenn
    "Ok, go to Liberty State Pavilion Towers in Meadows Park (NE part of Dukes 
    just west of Francis International Airport). I discovered this while bird 
    hunting by the way. Ok the Pavilion Towers are those huge round towers from 
    Men in Black 1 that look like spaceships. I started climbing the ladders, do 
    not stop, climb and climb and climb all the way to the top.  Ok, I am not sure
    if this will work anywhere on the top floor, so far I have only gotten it to 
    work in 1 spot. I stood by the ladder (at the very top) on the South side of 
    the circle (there are two ladders, I stood by the south one). I was facing 
    north.  I had moved the camera directly above Niko so it was close to his head
    (I was trying to see the ladder so I could climb down) and the camera pushed 
    in a little and to my surprise went INSIDE his head.  Not a ton, but I was 
    like wtf.  There is no brain (I would have cracked up), but you can clearly 
    see the inside of his eyeballs (well, like the backs of his eyeballs) AND his 
    teeth...basically it is completely empty except for those, it looked like the 
    inside of a skeleton or something."
    Car Cloning Trick
    I can't take credit for this, but someone discovered this so the credit goes to
    them. Basically if you have a car that you'd like more of, drive it from the
    northern tip of Algonquin, across the bridge toward Bohan. As soon as you get
    off the bridge, make the immediate right. If you go down this street you will
    see your vehicle cloned several times over, in various colors. The problem of
    course is, getting more than one back to your safehouse!
    Random Signs
    Much of this part is thanks to CH1156 who e-mailed me most of these pretty cool
    findings around Liberty City. They consist of random signs and writing in
    strange places across the city. Most of them are from CH1156 unless otherwise
    notes, in his words.
    1. LOCATION: At any TW@ and on every big copy machine.
    -You have to use a sniper to view it, but its in the center on the blue window
    thing. It says:
    "error unleash ninja guru"
    2. LOCATION: In Algonquin next to TW@ is a building with signs that say Dairy,
    Fruit, Guns, next to that is the building with the message. 
    -The building has a brown door, go inside and wait until the door closes then 
    look behind the door on the wall, there is a poster that has a picture of a cat
    that says:
    "Have you seen my adorable pussy"
    3. LOCATION: Random newspapers laying around the city
    -You have to use a sniper to see the messages on newspapers laying on the 
    ground. Here is what one said:
    "My exploding hooters ruined our honeymoon"
    4. Another newspaper I found says:
    -"Aliens ate my prize pussy"
    5. LOCATION: A sign around a homeless persons neck
    -This is only one of the signs around a homeless persons neck that I have seen,
    there may be more but I didn't check yet. This one says:
    "Pull my finger $1"
    6. LOCATION: At the Hospital in Schottler
    -This sign may be at all Hospitals but I didn't look yet. When you enter the 
    Hospital, go behind the front desk, then head to the back wall, next to the 
    corq board are some papers that appear to be tacked to the wall, one says:
    "Health and safety visits how to hide bad practices and unsafe procedures"
    7. Another newspaper one. this one says:
    -"Local bum in bid for heavy weight title"
    8. In Alderney, at Acter Industrial Park on Nougat ST at the old DUDE Chemicals
    factory, there are two signs that are at the beginning of the road that leads 
    into the factory, they say:
    "Trespassers will be shot in the face"
    9. On Forklifts, if you look on the side of the lift part, you will see a 
    sticker that says:
    "Caution do not touch you will die"
    10. GTA 3 mission reference.
    Get on a computer and go to the LCPD website, then go down to the bottom and 
    click on the database, then click on A-E and scroll down untill you see the 
    name D'Avanzo, Rudy, click on the name and scroll down to the notes part, 
    you'll see that one of the notes says:
    "-Hates the Triads after his father was killed in a fish factory explosion - 
    suspected to have been caused by the Triads."
    This is a reference to the mission "Blow Fish" from GTA 3 where you must drive
    a Trashmaster into the Bellyup Triad fish factory and blow it up.
    11. Another funny message
    Go to the police database on the LCPD website and then go to A-E and find 
    Austin, Luther, click on his name and scroll down to the notes part, it says:
    "-Assaulted a police officer with a fishing pole in 2003."
    "-If you see him, beat him."
    12. Helicopter Message
    When flying in Brucie's helicopter, a message on the chopper's side reads 
    "Warning: This helicopter may blow up, but we don't really care if it does."
    (thanks to LKeefe for this)
    The Site
    As many know, you can access a multitude of websites on the game's internet.
    One of them is called whattheydonotwantyoutoknow.com. Put this in the address
    bar and you'll be whisked away to a secret site that reveals all the game's
    inner secrets with detailed maps as to the locations of things like health and
    armor drops, the Flying Rats, and other things. Unfortunately, you can't keep
    these maps so you'd have to continually refer to them or take a picture somehow
    but that's a bit of a stretch.
    Lola Del Rio aka "Lolipop Girl
    I want to put a bullet in my head for even making this section. First and 
    foremost, she DOES NOT EXIST. I repeat, SHE DOES NOT EXIST IN THE GAME. There is
    only her police record on file which you can find in the database. THAT'S IT. 
    You will never ever find her in the game as an NPC. Anyways, if you go to her
    file in the database it will reveal some interesting info. I get some e-mails
    about her supposed "location" but it's all bullshit. Do not e-mail me about this
    because I will not respond. I'm not saying it's impossible for her to be in the
    game, I just say it's a 99.9% chance that she's not so unless you have some
    really substantial evidence, do not e-mail me about this. 
      Cheats  (chts)
    As always, cheat codes are in some way a part of the GTA series. You can make
    the impossible possible or just have a little extra fun. The way in which you
    enter codes is much more innovative and efficient than ever before. When you
    have your phone, press up on the D-pad twice to bring up the keypad. Dial one
    of the cheats in by pushing the correct number sequences. Then hit the send
    button as if you were going to call it. This activates the cheat (if entered
    correctly) and adds it to a new Cheat area in your phone menu. Whenever you
    wish to use it again, just go there and select the cheat manually. Schwing!
    Here are the following cheats. All provided by our own gamefaqs.com so credit
    goes to the submitters. 
    |Change weather                 | 468-555-0100 |	
    |Weapons Tier 1                 | 486-555-0100 |
    |Weapons Tier 2                 | 486-555-0150 |
    |Raise wanted level             | 267-555-0150 |
    |Remove wanted level            | 267-555-0100 |
    |Restore armor                  | 362-555-0100 |
    |Restore health, armor, and ammo| 482-555-0100 |
    |Spawn a Cognoscenti            | 227-555-0142 |
    |Spawn a Comet                  | 227-555-0175 |
    |Spawn a Jetmax                 | 938-555-0100 |
    |Spawn a Sanchez                | 625-555-0150 |
    |Spawn a SuperGT                | 227-555-0168 |
    |Spawn a Turismo                | 227-555-0147 |
    |Spawn an Annihilator           | 359-555-0100 |
    |Spawn an FIB Buffalo           | 227-555-0100 |
    |Spawn an NRG-900               | 625-555-0100 |
    |       Miscellaneous      |
    |          (misc)          |
    Frequently Asked Questions     [fak4rl]
    Previously, I fabricated questions (and let's face it, just about everybody
    does) to answer what could be questions and also because I thought I would try
    to inject some more humor around. All of these are real, commonly asked 
    questions, and at least four of them, I've been reading in my e-mails. The rest
    come from very common questions on the message board. Please read the following
    questions first, before e-mailing me. If your question is not answered, or you
    need more information, please feel free to drop me a line.
    1) What do I need to get 100% completion?
    A) To earn 100% completion you will have to meet all of the following criteria.
    This is EVERYTHING required to get 100%:
    Missions: Complete every possible mission in the game
    Friends: Obtain Brucie's, Packie's, and Little Jacob's special abilities and do
    each activity with each of them at least once*
    Games: Beat the computer at each minigame at least once. Darts, Pool, and
    Bowling. You also have to get the high score at QUB3D arcade game**
    Random Characters: Find all random characters and complete events (if any)***
    Vigilante Missions: Complete all 20
    Most Wanted: Kill all 30 criminals
    Stevie: Get all 30 cars for him (text messages)
    Flying Rats - Find/Kill all 200 pigeons
    Unique Stunt Jumps: Find and complete all 50 jumps
    *Roman and Dwayne do not count. You have to earn Packie's, Jacobs, and Brucie's
    special abilities by raising your progress with each enough. You also have to
    take all of them to each activity at least once. This means you have to take
    Packie drinking, Brucie drinking, Jacob drinking. Take Packie to play darts,
    Brucie for darts, etc, etc. 
    **The QUB3D game is located at the Strip Club, in Modo (thanks to OC for this),
    the 8 Ball bar, and Perestroika club (thanks to CH1156 for the last two!)
    ***The exceptions are Cherise, Clarence, Jeff, and Ivan
    2) Does using cheats affect my getting 100%?
    A) NO! I repeat, no! This has been confirmed many times over. Using cheats will
    not prevent you from getting 100%
    3) How do I get the Annihilator helicopter?
    A) Find and kill all 200 flying rats
    4) Are the army/tank back?
    A) Sadly, no.
    5) How do I save cars? Where the **** are the garages?
    A) There are no garages this time around. You save cars by parking them in the
    yellow parking spaces in front of your safehouses. You can also park more than
    one there. 
    6) How can I listen to the Integrity 2.0 station?
    A) Integrity 2.0 with DJ Lazlow can be heard starting once you've unlocked
    7) I lost Little Jacob (or other)'s special ability? Is it gone forever?!
    A) No, it's not. Don't fret. Some people tend to think this because if you lose
    it, and then build up your progress with that friend back to where it was, the
    ability does not come back. This is because when you lose it, you have to raise
    the progress much higher than you originally had to. 
    8) Can I save pictures on my phone?
    A) Nope
    9) Are there flyable planes in the game?
    A) NO! NO! NO! Sorry, but I have to emphasize this. There are NO flyable planes
    in the game. I see this question literally like 10 times a day and it's driving
    me up a wall. 
    10) Is the chick with the lolipop in the game?
    A) No. No. A thousand times no. Do NOT e-mail me about this. 
    11) When can I do Roman's taxi missions again and does it affect 100%?
    A) After the depot is gone the first time, you can't do the missions again. It
    doesn't affect 100% though.
    12) When do I unlock Algonquin? Alderney?
    A) You unlock Algonquin after you beat Elizabeta's Blow Your Cover mission. You
    get to Alderney when you beat Packie's Three Leaf Clover job. 
    13) How can I do the Stun Punch after Vlad's mission? How?! I've been beating
    up pedestrians for an hour!!!!
    A) I'm starting to get this question a lot. I'll admit the Stun Punch is a
    little strange. From testing it out personally a few times, I've found the Stun
    Punch can be performed more often if your opponent is facing you (no back
    attacks), and also if you don't move the Left Analog Stick when you hit Circle.
    I'm not sure if it will work 100% of the time, but when meeting these two
    criteria, I noticed the Stun Punch working much more often.
    14) What is the point of the garage icon on the map? Can I store cars there?
    A) Nope, no dice chief. That is for Stevie's cars. If you decide to hunt the
    cars for him, that's where they go. 
    15) Where are the gloves? Niko's wearing gloves in the ad!
    A) Yeah, but there are no gloves in the game that you can wear. Unfortunate,
    16) I found a car for Stevie. What the hell do I do with it?
    A) I am literally astounded and profoundly aggravated by the number of people
    who ask this question on the board. Only one person has e-mailed me about it
    and that was cool, but on the board it's a ****ing joke how many people have
    asked this. Good God. Anyways, sorry about that. When you have a car that
    Stevie wants, drive it to Bohan. Looking at the map you can see an icon that
    says Garage. Take it there. 
    17) What are "Smart" clothes? 
    A) Smart clothing is anything you buy from the store, Perseus. It is required
    for a few missions. Go to Perseus and buy shoes and a suit. Wear them without
    any glasses or hats and you are officially in a "smart suit". 
    18) I have literally NOWHERE to go! My last mission was ______ and nobody has
    called me since! WHAT DO I DO?!
    A) This happens a lot, strangely enough. My first recommendation is to just wait
    it out. Pass time in a general way by driving around, maybe look for a nice car
    or go buy ammunition, etc. I find that contacts call you quicker if you pass
    time in a general way, as opposed to doing a mission or sidejob. If nothing goes
    on for a while, then consider going to the area where you might have your next
    mission. Sometimes a glitch occurs where the mission icon does not appear, but
    the marker is still there. If that doesn't work, try reloading a previous save,
    and if you don't have one, well, you might be SOL, friend.
    19) When do I get the second phone?
    A) You'll receive the camera phone at the start of Playbox X's mission, "Photo
    20) If I fail a date with/get dumped by a girlfriend, can I date them again?
    A) Yes, you get as many "redos" as you want with girls. Too bad that doesn't
    always work in real life. 
    21) I want to date ______ because I'm trying to get 100% and...
    A) Whoa! Stop right there! It really amazes me as to why so many people think
    that you need to date the women for 100%. YOU DON'T. YOU NEVER HAVE TO DATE ANY
    about that. 
    22) *SPOILERS* I chose to spare Dwayne but I can't hang out with him? I tried
    calling him and nothing happens. Why?
    A) You can't hang out with Dwayne until you go to the internet cafe and reply
    to his e-mail. After that, he'll start calling you. 
    23) *SPOILERS* What the hell? I chose Revenge and Kate is alive?! She asked me
    on a date?! WHAT THE HELL MAN?!
    A) An extremely well known glitch. That's all. 
    Credit/Special Thanks
    Well let's see where do I begin? I guess first I'd like to thank most of the
    folks on the gamefaqs.com GTA IV PS3 board. I haven't posted a lot of threads
    but the boards are always reliable when I do.
    Big thanks to Wikicheats for helping me learn a couple alternate strategies for
    some missions. They also helped me find a few Random Characters that I didn't
    find on my own. 
    Rockstar of course, for always pushing the envelope both with content and with
    innovation in its games. Anticipating GTA IV has been one of those long
    struggles, and it only feels satisfying when you're finally playing it. 
    rootsecure.net for the ASCII art help, as usual. 
    Robbie B for helping with some info on Brucie's e-mailed car missions
    tnman and Dogmatican for submitting the cheats to gamefaqs.com
    DP for tipping me on Brucie's favorite activity being Superstar Cafe
    shortspecialbus for the extra tip on "Lure"
    fatalyta for some extra zany tips to add to my Advanced Tips section
    severe for several tips on alternate internet access locations 
    CH1156 aka Johnno for some awesome submissions for the Easter Eggs section, 
    finding a lot of funny signs, a mission tip, and Vigilante mission tips. 
    t for the pool tips (see Advanced Tips)
    CJF for a few helpful corrections
    Contact Info
    I will primarily suggest e-mails and that will be the main gateway to
    contact me. I also have AIM and MSN but I won't be publically listing them this
    time. It's a quicker way to get to me and is more efficient in some cases. If
    you want it (I don't want to inflate my ego by expecting people will want it),
    request it through an e-mail and I'll give you my AIM or MSN. That said, e-mail
    is still preferred. 
    E-mail: veritas7ax@gmail.com
    I listed my PSN before, but I'll be removing it from all of my guides, simply
    because now I have more PSN friends than I could ever want. So, in an effort
    to reduce the amount of requests I get, I'm going to remove it. If you want to
    add me, send me an e-mail and I will tell you my PSN. It's just something so I
    can play more online games with people. I have a few games like Rock Band, Call
    of Duty 4 (which I'm playing a lot less lately). I also have GTA of course, but
    for some reason I'm having trouble playing it online. I can never connect to my
    friend's invites and they rarely can to mine. If anyone knows the problem you'd
    be my hero. 
    Reader Submissions  ****READ THIS****
    I've put off some of this guide's final additions for a while, and for that,
    I apologize. Regardless, I'm preparing to "finish" this guide very soon, with
    or without those additions. So at this point, let me say here and now (are you
    paying attention?), that I do NOT want any more tips or strategies submitted
    to me. DO NOT E-MAIL ME ANY MORE TIPS. I will be rejecting 99% of all tips
    that are sent my way. If you want to submit, your tip had better be the most
    amazing strategy ever conceived, and it better be well written (no grammar or
    spelling mistakes) and be clear and concise in detail. If your tip fails to
    meet any of these prerequisites, it will be thoroughly ignored. Even if it
    does, there is STILL a good chance I will NOT use it. It's nothing personal,
    but this guide is already full of tips. The things I get now via e-mail are
    very lackluster and point out the blatantly obvious most of the time. So once
    again, DO NOT e-mail me tips or strategies. 
    I have basically two rules. This one is a new rule given that the guide is now
    a few months old. I will no longer accept a strategy for a mission where two
    tips/strategies have already been submitted. I made an exception with "I'll
    Take Her..." but that's it. If a mission has two tips, I'm sorry, chances are I
    will not use it, although there can be exceptions, but I wouldn't get your
    hopes up. If you just random little tips and not necessarily full blown mission
    strategies, then there's a possibility. The other rule is just below. 
    The second rule and I really, really, really need to stress this, is the most
    important. I've been letting it slide and I really don't want to. When you
    e-mail me a tip DO NOT do so without leaving me some sort of screenname or
    alias. This is not used to anonymize (that's not even a word!) you or disregard
    your tip. It is just my policy not to disclose e-mails or real names in my
    guides. Therefore, if you have foolishly ignored reading this section, and
    e-mailed me a tip WITHOUT a name to use, I WILL NOT USE IT. I don't care if it
    is the greatest strategy ever made, I will NOT use it. I will sometimes do you
    the favor of asking you for one, but if you don't reply to me after that, your
    tip goes in the garbage. Sorry, that's just the way it is. Two easy rules to
    If you do decide to e-mail me about the guide, please put something in the
    title that would allow me to identify it. "GTA IV guide" or "Walkthrough" will
    do fine. 
    Legal Jargon
    This FAQ is made solely by me, Ryne Gardner, and is my own creation, etc, etc.
    As of this moment, these sites have permission to host this guide:
    I will also review requests to host this guide on other sites but I will not 
    approve of all of them. If a request to host this guide is accepted, all of 
    this info including the legal information must remain intact and unchanged. 
    Anybody has the right to print this guide and even if I cared about that, 
    I couldn't stop you anyway. Please do not alter this guide and try to pass it
    off as your own work. 
    That's all folks. Good night. Schwing!

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