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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Gaming_Sorcerer

    Version: 0.5 | Updated: 06/19/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      .oooooo.                                         .o8  
     d8P'  `Y8b                                       "888  
    888           oooo d8b  .oooo.   ooo. .oo.    .oooo888  
    888           `888""8P `P  )88b  `888P"Y88b  d88' `888  
    888     ooooo  888      .oP"888   888   888  888   888  
    `88.    .88'   888     d8(  888   888   888  888   888  
     `Y8bood8P'   d888b    `Y888""8o o888o o888o `Y8bod88P" 
    ooooooooooooo oooo                   .o88o.     .   
    8'   888   `8 `888                   888 `"   .o8   
         888       888 .oo.    .ooooo.  o888oo  .o888oo 
         888       888P"Y88b  d88' `88b  888      888   
         888       888   888  888ooo888  888      888   
         888       888   888  888    .o  888      888 . 
        o888o     o888o o888o `Y8bod8P' o888o     "888" 
          .o.                       .                ooooo oooooo     oooo 
         .888.                    .o8                `888'  `888.     .8'  
        .8"888.     oooo  oooo  .o888oo  .ooooo.      888    `888.   .8'   
       .8' `888.    `888  `888    888   d88' `88b     888     `888. .8'    
      .88ooo8888.    888   888    888   888   888     888      `888.8'     
     .8'     `888.   888   888    888 . 888   888     888       `888'      
    o88o     o8888o  `V88V"V8P'   "888" `Y8bod8P'    o888o       `8'  
                           FAQ/Walkthrough by Gaming_Sorcerer
    some great ASCII Art from networkscience.de/ascii. It's called "Roman" which
    I thought was quite apt.
    Any questions/comments? Feel free to drop me a line at the following address:
                                    Version History
              08 June 2008     First Version sumitted to gamefaqs. All 
                               basics and story missions upto Algonquin.
              10 June 2008     Altered the contents page so it is more
                               useful for finding things. Also added the
                               rest of the story missions upto Alderney.
                               I expect to have them all finished off in
                               the next update.
              16th June 2008   Ok, RL is very busy at the moment and the
                               story missions are now complete upto and 
                               including "Blood Brothers". The rest WILL
                               follow next update I promise!
              17th June 2008   After an entire evening of typing I finally got
                               all the story missions complete. Now I can start 
                               on the side jobs.
              18th June 2008   Have begun on the side jobs. Girlfriends and 
                               friends are up as well as the Decisions. Flying
                               Rats will come shortly along with Random Characters.
     NOTE: As there are many many many many story missions and side jobs to do I
     have made a little index. To jump to a specific mission/job simply press
     CTRL+F and then enter the relevant code.
                                    Getting Started
             1.      Hello!                                          [HI]
             2.      Legal Junk                                      [LJ]
             3.      Niko Bellic                                     [NB]
             4.      Meelee Combat                                   [MC]
             5.      Guns! Guns! Guns!                               [GN]
                             Liberty City - Useful Information
             1.      Getting Around                                  [GA]
             2.      Liberty City's Finest - The Law                 [TC]
             3.      Staying Alive                                   [SA]
                                  Broker Story Missions
             The Cousins Bellic     [TCB]      Uncle Vlad             [UV]
             It's Your Call         [IYC]      Crime and Punishment   [CP]
             Three's A Crowd        [TAC]      Do You have Protection [DYP]
             First Date             [FD]       Logging On             [LO]
             Bleed Out              [BO]       No Love Lost           [NLL]
             Easy Fare              [EF]       Rigged to Blow         [RB]
             Jamaican Heat          [JH]       Master and the Molotov [MAM]
             Bull in a China Shop   [BCS]      Russian Revolution     [RR]
             Hung out to Dry        [HTD]      Search and Delete      [SD]
             Clean Getaway          [CG]       Easy as Can Be         [ECB]
             Ivan                   [INT]      Roman's Sorrow         [RS]
             Concrete Jungle        [CJ]
             Shadow                 [SH]
                                    Bohan Story Missions
             Escuela of the Streets [ETS]      Puerto Rican Connection[PRC]
             Street Sweeper         [SS]       Snow Storm             [SS]
             Luck of the Irish      [LI]       Have a Heart           [HAH]
             Blow Your Cover        [BYC]
                                   Algonquin Story Missions
             Out of the Closet      [OOC]      Harbouring a Grudge    [HAG]
             No. 1                  [N1]       Waste Knot want Knots  [WKW]
             Deconstruction         [DFB]      Three Leaf Clover      [TLC]
             Photo Shoot            [PS]       A Long Way to Fall     [AWF]
             Ruff Rider             [RR]       Dust Off               [DO]
             Undress to Kill        [UTK]      Paper Trail            [PT]
             Call and Collect       [CAC]      Taking in the Trash    [TIT]
             Final Interview 1      [FI1]      Meltdown               [MD]
             Final Interview 2      [FI2]      Museum Piece           [MP]
             Holland Nights         [HN]       No Way on the Subway   [NWS]
             Lure                   [LRE]      Weekend at Florians    [WAF]
             Wrong is Right         [WR]       I Need Your......      [INY] 
             Portrait of a Killer   [PAK]      Smackdown              [SD]
             Hostile Negotiation    [HN]
             The Holland Play       [THP]
                                    Alderney Story Missions
             Babysitting            [BS]          Truck Hustle        [TH]
             Tunnel of Death        [TOD]         Pegorino's Pride    [PP]
             Hating the Haters      [HTH]         Payback             [PB]
             Union Drive            [UD]          Catch the Wave      [CTW]
             Late Checkout          [LC]          Trespass            [TP]
             Buoys Ahoy             [BA]          To Live and Die.... [TLA]
             Bryce's Infernus       [BI]          Flat Line           [FL]
             Blood Brothers         [BB]          Pest Control        [PC]
             Undertaker             [UT]          Entourage           [ENT]
             I'll Take Her 1        [IH1]         Dining Out          [DO]
             I'll Take Her 2        [IH2]         She's A Keeper      [SAK]
             Ransom                 [RNS]         Liquidize the Assets[LTA]
                                                  Diamonds Are......  [DGB]
                                                  That Special Someone[TSS]
                                      Finale - Deal
             If the Price is Right  [IPR] 
             Mr & Mrs Bellic        [MMB]
             A Revenger's Tragedy   [ART]
                                    Finale - No Deal
              A Dish Served Cold     [DSC]
              Mr & Mrs Bellic        [MMB]
              Out of Commission      [OOC]
                                    Side Job's/Miscellaneous           [MSC]
            Friends                [FRN]      Girlfriends               [GFR]  
                     Roman Bellic  [RB]                   Michelle      [MCL]
                     Little Jacob  [LJ]                   Carmen        [CRM]
                     Brucie        [BRC]                  Kik           [KIK]
                     Packie McReary[PMC]                  Alex          [ALX]
            Decisions!             [DDD]
                     Decision 1
                     Decision 2
                     Decision 3
                     Decision 4
                     Decision 5                    
                                         Getting Started
    <i. Hello!>
    Hello and welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for Grand Theft Auto IV. Having 
    used gamefaqs for many a gaming problem over the years I finally decided to
    contribute an FAQ myself. The type of FAQ I like best is the ones which are
    accessible and can be skipped through to a particular part or mission. 
    Amongst other things, my FAQ will contain just that. Both of which are
    essential for an easy life in GTA: IV. I will also not be including any major
    When it comes to choosing a character's fate (as does happen occcasionally)
    I will offer hints about which to choose but I will not include 
    spoilers as to what happens if you choose one over the other. I 
    believe that everyone should experience everything in GTA IV unspoiled and it
    should be an entirely unique experience for each player. I have added a 
    seperate section for decisions which can be read at the readers risk!
    <ii. Legal Junk>
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    The Grand Theft Auto series is copyright 1998-2008 Rockstar Games with whom
    I am in no way affiliated.
                                       Niko Bellic
    <i. Niko Bellic>
    Niko Bellic is the latest playable character in the Grand Theft Auto series
    and, with the possible exception of Tommy Vercetti (who, in my opinion is
    unbeatable) is the most promising character yet. He is an eastern-european
    (I ain't getting into the whole russian or not debate) imigrant who was drawn
    to Liberty City largely because of his cousin Roman. According to Roman, life
    in Liberty City was one long big dream with mansions, girls and a thriving
    business empire. This, combined with some other issues (which we later find
    out about) persuaded Niko to move to Liberty City in pursuit of a new life.
    Upon arrival however, Niko discovered things were not all as Roman said and
    a whole new set of problems unfold. Welcome to Grand Theft Auto IV.
    <ii. Meelee Combat>
    Niko is highly skilled in hand to hand combat and is able to execute a number
    of moves in order to escape a tricky situation. I thought a brief tutorial
    on these would be useful as they do come in handy when firearms are not an
    <Locking onto a Target>
    Pressing L2 with cause a circle to appear around your target. The inside of 
    this circle is red which is your target's health. The more damage they take,
    the smaller this red circle will become until it becomes empty and they fall.
    When a gun is equipped this is very handy as it means you lock on to your
    target and thus the risk of missing them is reduced. When in hand to hand
    combat though it is even more useful as, by using the L3 stick you can switch
    to different parts of your target's body. Depending on which bit of them you
    hit, you can do varying amounts of damage. For instance, a good right hook
    to their head will do a lot of damage and can knock them out. Whereas a blow
    to their chest area will do some damage but not quite as much.
    Pressing square will cause Niko to deal an ordinary blow to his opponent 
    whilst locked on. This, depending on where you hit, will do varying damage.
    Pressing circle however deals a more powerful punch to your opponent and is
    very useful in a combat situation for flooring an opponent quickly. Also,
    by pressing them as a combination (i.e. circle, square or square, circle)
    makes Niko do a small routine of punches which will cause even more damage.
    Pushing triangle will cause Niko to kick his opponent. One kick on its own
    will do a little damage but, combine it with a punch and it will often knock
    them down, thus allowing you to deal more damage. Also, if you are up 
    against a particularly nasty opponent who is kicking the hell out of you,
    a simply kick will knock him backwards which will allow you to give him a 
    few right hooks and kick his ass instead.
    Pushing and holding X will allow Niko to block an opponents attack. This is
    very useful as it means you can keep blocking your opponent's attacks until
    he stops at which point you can go in with a few right and left hooks of 
    your own. Also, if an opponent has a knife/pistol, pressing x to block
    folowed swiftly by circle will cause Niko to disarm the opponent and turn
    the tables. Very handy.
    <iii. Guns! Guns! Guns!>
    Naturally, hand to hand combat isn't the only means of self defence at Niko's
    disposal. Sometimes in Liberty City there will be times when civilised
    discussion goes to hell and a more direct approach is necessary. For just
    such an occasion Rockstar has provided a whole array of weapons. These cam
    be bought from any gun retailer in Liberty and also, at a certain point, from
    a local jamaican arms dealer. Also they can be found at certain locations
    throughout the city. Each weapon has been given a power rating by me. 1 being
    all right for one or two people and ten being let's start a world war!
    <Baseball Bat> 2
    Not a bad little weapon for taking on three or four unarmed opponents. One
    powerful swing can knock three or four people to the floor at once allowing
    a pounding to ensue. If they are armed however, even if it's just a pistol,
    a more reliable source of protection is needed.
    <Pistol>  4
    Carrying an illegal 17 rounds of ammo this is a gun you can trust. Using L2
    you can target specific people and then, using L3 move the target to a 
    different part of their body. One shot to the head will kill instantly. Very
    useful for taking out similarly armed enemies.
    <Micro SMG> 4
    Like the pistol, this is very useful when facing similarly armed enemies. By
    holding L2 you can target and then fire by pressing R2. Holding R2 will 
    increase the blast radius and thus hit more enemies. However, this does mean
    that the gun becomes less accurate so often it is best to just focus on one
    foe to conserve ammo.
    <SMG>  4
    The micro-SMG's bigger brother and your best friend in a drive-by situation.
    More powerful than the Micro SMG and carrying more ammo, the SMG can be very
    useful during drive bys as it can deal alot of damage to a vehicle in a 
    short space of time. Additionally, using the aiming feature you can aim at
    any part of the car you like. Consider aiming at the tires in order to slow
    down your opponent.
    Assault Rifle 5
    When taking out large amounts of cops or alot of enemies at once, this is the
    only gun you'll need. Holding down L2 to focus on a target, this baby can
    take down an enemy before they've even reached for their guns. Very nice.
    Carbine Rifle 5
    A similar model of fire-arm to the Assault Rifle. This is better when used at
    a distance as its bullets have a longer firing range.
    Pump Shotgun 4
    If you're low on ammo and need to take out foes quickly at close range, this
    weapon is ideal. Carrying a maximum of 8 shells (after which Niko will
    automatically reload) this can blow an enemy off his feet very quickly. Also,
    fire this into a group of enemies and watch all of them hit the deck! Fun!
    The only thing that lets this one down is the lack of zoom function.
    Combat Shotgun 5
    Exactly the same as the pump shotgun expect you get 10 shells instead of 8.
    Also has a little more power.
    Sniper Rifle 5
    This can only be used at a distance and cannot be used when walking or 
    running. Press L2 to enter scope mode and scan your terrain. Use L3 to zoom
    in or out and push L3 left or right to aim the crosshair and then R2 to fire.
    Headshots will kill in 1 and a shot on any other body section will kill in 2.
    Combat Sniper 5
    If you can get it, preferable to the Sniper Rifle. It can fire more bullets
    without having to reload and will usually kill in one shot regardless of 
    where you hit your opponent.
    RPG    8
    Woah baby! This thing is the business! Firing rockets around the place is the
    quickest way to take out multiple targets in one go and the only way to take
    out the NOOSE guys when you get a six star wanted level. You can even 
    bounce them off buildings and whatnot to increase their power. Woohoo!
    Molotov 7
    Burn bay burn disco inferno! Throw one of these into a crowd and watch them
    run! When launched they will explode upon impact and set fire to whatever 
    they hit as well as the surrounding area and anyone in it. Great for taking
    out groups of people at once. Holding R2 for a bit and then releasing will
    make Niko throw it further. This is always reccomended as it can back fire
    and burn you if you're not careful.
    Grenade 7
    Aim with L2, throw with R2 and watch the targets limbs go flying. This is
    extremely effective for taking out large groups of enemies in one go. As with
    molotovs, the longer yu hold R2, the further Niko will throw it and decrease
    the risk of it backfiring and hitting you instead.
                             Liberty City - Useful Information
    <i. Getting Around>
    Liberty City provides gamers with a virtual environment that emulates all the
    sights and sounds of a real life city and with that comes a variety of ways
    to get from A to B.
    As with previous GTAs cars are a good way of getting around. Simply press
    triangle to jack a car and then L2 to drive off. Be warned though stealing
    a car isn't as simple as it used to be. If a car is stationary you need to
    hotwire it before you can use it. Niko does this automatically but pushing
    L2 and R2 simultaneously can speed this up. Also, in order to get into the 
    car, Niko will smash the window which will attract police attention when out
    on the main roads. A much better method of transportation is ......
    The best addition to GTA IV is the taxi. Simply stand on the sidewalk and
    when one comes passt press L1 and Niko will whistle and hail the taxi. Now
    simply press and old triangle to enter the taxi as a passenger and select
    your destination. You must hold triangle however as if you don't Niko will
    jack the car which will attract attention from the law. You can also jack
    a passenegr from a taxi and use it yourself without getting a wanted level.
    By far the best method of getting around town.
    At the start of the game, you probably won't use boats much as only a certain
    part of the city is open to you. Later on however, boats are a fantastic way
    to get from one borough to the next. Simply press triangle to enter one and
    then L2 to set off. Like cars, they require hotwiring before use.
    Like taxis, trains provide an excellent and quick way to get around Liberty
    City. Simply go to one of the many train stations and wait for a train to
    arrive. When it does, press triangle to board it and travel to your
    These don't come into play right away but once they do they are a very
    quick method of getting around. To enter one simply press triangle and Niko
    will hotwire the helicopter (as with cars and boats this process can be sped
    up by pressing L2 and R2 simultaneously). Then hold L2 to ascend and R2 to
    slow down and descend slightly. L3, like any other vehicle, is used for
    <ii. Liberty's Finest - The Law>
    Liberty City comes complete with its own system of law enforcement which 
    ranges from your average cop roaming the streets with his baton and pistol
    to whole squads of NOOSE helicopters that will take you down. The following
    is a low down of what police attention comes from getting a certain number
    of stars:
     * and **              A couple of police cruisers will pursue you. Each
                           cruiser will have around two to three cops in it
                           who each have a baton and pistol. At one star,
                           they will only try and arrest you but at two stars
                           they will pursue and kill you.
     *** and ****          Roadblocks will appear and more cruisers as the cops
                           try and corner you. Helicopters now come into play
                           complete with a shooter who is a crack shot from the
                           air and a spotlight that tracks you at night. Four
                           stars also brings the Annihilator which is a gun
                           ship designed to take you down pretty damn quickly
     ***** and ******      Now things really turn nasty! The FBI now join in and
                           bar all bridges off the island in order to fence you
                           in. At six stars NOOSE gets involved. Those who have
                           played GTA before will know these have replaced the
                           army. They have their own helicopters and enforcers
                           which are pretty nasty. Also their AKS do some serious
    Losing the cops is a little different than before. Previously, a visit to a
    pay n' spray was all that was needed. However, though Pay N' Sprays are still
    available, they will only work if the cops don't see you enter it. If they do
    then nothing will happen. Naturally, it becomes harder to avoid them seeing
    you the more stars you have.
    When you get a wanted level a red circle appears on your radar. In order to
    reduce your wanted level, you must successfully escape this red circle 
    without the cops seeing you doing it. At one star it is a piece of cake but 
    it gradually gets harder as you progress and at six stars it is damn near
    impossible. To make things easier dots also appear on your radar. Blue dots
    are cops who are pursuing on foot and red dots are the vehicles that are
    chasing you. One of the best ways to escape is to go off road. Through parks,
    down alleyways are good routes to take where the cops won't necessarily know
    where you are. Main roads are a bad idea.
    <iii. Staying Alive>
    Your health bar has also changed. In the left corner of the screen is a 
    large circle. The interior is your radar but around the edge is your health
    and armour. The left side is red which is your health and the right side, if
    you have armour, will be blue and this is your armour. The more damage you 
    take, the more these two will decrease until they reach nothing and you are
    wasted and admitted to hospital.
    As you progress through the game you will find health packs dotted around the
    place. These are green packs with a cross on them and can be walked into to
    use them. Also, armour can be found either dotted around the city (it is a 
    grey object with a red circle around it) or bought from gun retailers. Also,
    at many street corners are venders who sell hot dogs and other fast foods 
    which can also replenish your health. Also, there are restaurants such as
    Cluckin' Bells which sell food.
    Also, when you meet a prostitute they will regenerate your health in their
    own special way (ahem). 
                                 The Walkthrough Begins
                                        Roman Bellic
    <The Cousin's Bellic> [TCB]
    Tasks to do: Drive Roman back to his apartment
    Upon arrival in Liberty City, Niko is met by Roman, his cousin who it would
    seem, has exxagerated slightly about his wealth and prosperity. He is a
    little too "happy" to drive back home so Niko has to take the wheel. Enter
    Roman's car by pressing triangle and hold down L2 to accelerate. You will
    notice the yellow line on your radar. This is your GPS navigation device
    which almost every car has in GTA 4. This is extremely if you're going
    somewhere new so use it well. Follow the yellow GPS line to Roman's 
    apartment and park up in the yellow "Reserved" space out the front. This
    space is your "garage". If you park any vehicle in this space it will stay
    there for future use. Now enter the apartment to trigger the cutscene.
    Mission Complete!
    After the cutscene, your are free to explore Liberty City and in doing so,
    you will see this game was well worth the wait. For now though, head over to
    the bed and follow the on screen prompts to save your game. Note that this
    isn't necessary as the game has an auto-save feature but it's a useful thing
    to learn. Now, head through the door and downstairs onto the street.
    <It's Your Call> [IYC]
    The "R" on your radar is where Roman's taxi depot is and it is presently
    your only source for missions so head on over there to trigger this mission.
    Tasks to do: Drive Roman to the store
                 Hang around outside and warn him when the loan sharks arrive
                 Lose the loan sharks and get Roman safely back to the taxi depot
    Grab the highlighted and follow your yellow GPS tracker to the Hardware Store
    just off Shottler Avenue. It seems that Roman is playing with some money he
    owes to some Albanian Loan Sharks and you need to be on the look out in case
    they arrive. Park up in the yellow marker and Roman will enter the store and
    begin playing. Remain in the designated spot and use R3 to look around the
    surrounding area. Pretty soon a beige car will pull up and two guys get out.
    It's them! Push up on the d-pad and select CONTACTS. Highlight Roman and push
    X to call him and warn him of the Albanian's presence. Roman will come out
    of the store and get in. Quickly, accelerate off as the loan sharks will fire
    at you. Ignore this and cocnentrate on getting back to the taxi depot. Once
    there, park up in the yellow marker.
    Mission Complete!
    <Three's a Crowd> [TAC]
    Tasks to do:  Go meet Mallorie and Michelle at the station
                  Drive them both back to Michelle's apartment
                  Visit the clothes shop in Mohawk and buy some new threads
    As a favour, Roman asks Niko to go pick up Mallorie and Michelle from the
    subway station and take them home. Hop into the taxi and drive on over to the
    subway station. Press L3 to sound the horn and attract the girl's attention.
    Once both are in the car, follow the yellow GPS route to Michelle's apartment
    and listen to the two girls talking about you and Mallorie trying to set you
    up with Michelle. Once you've dropped them both off Mallorie suggests you get
    some new threads. A new clothes icon will appear on your radar so follow the
    GPS route to it. Enter the shop and buy some new threads. It doesn't really
    matter what you buy but check out Michelle's section in the Girlfriend's 
    section to see what she likes. Once you're done, exit the shop.
    Mission Complete!
    After buying some new clothes call Michelle on your cell phone and arrange a
    date with her. Grab a car and head on over to her place. When you get close 
    to it, Roman will call and asks you to come and help him out of a bit of 
    trouble he's in. You can either date Michelle now or go save Roman. If you
    choose Roman the skip ahead to "Bleed Out" and come back here. If you choose
    Michelle then proceed to the following mission.
    <First Date> [FD]
    Tasks to do: Drive Michelle to the Carnival
                 Do some bowling at Memory Lanes Bowling Alley
                 Drive Michelle back to her apartment
    Is it me or does Niko not have a clue what he's doing around women? Anyways,
    get into Michelle's car and enjoy the conversation as you drive to the
    carnival. When you get there, you discover it is closed so Michelle suggests
    a spot of bowling. Head on over to the bowling alley and press L1 to talk to
    the clerk and begin a game. Head left to the vacant bowling lane to begin
    play. The on screen tutorial will tell you how to bowl but basically, move
    Niko into position with L3 and then pull L3 back and release it to bowl the 
    ball. It doesn't really matter whether you win or lose to be honest but it's
    still good fun. After the game is over, Michelle will ask you if you would 
    mind taking her home. Being a gentleman, Niko agrees so head back to the car
    and follow the yellow GPS route home.
    Mission Complete!
    NOTE: If you chose to date Michelle when Roman called he will now call again
    and is a little pissed off that you let him down and ends up in hospital.
                                       Roman Bellic
    <Bleed Out> [BO]
    If you didn't choose Michelle then simply proceed to the Basketball Courts
    to trigger this mission. If you dated Michelle first then you will get a text
    message, after an angry call from Roman, inviting you to try this mission 
    again. Push X to do so and then proceed to the Basketball Courts in the 
    Firefly Projects.
    Tasks to Do:      Rescue Roman
                      Pound the hell out of Bledar and Kalem
                      Chase and dispose of Dardan
    At the basketball courts, Roman is being menaced by two loan sharks from the
    "It's Your Call" mission and needs your help. When you get there you will
    see them giving Roman a pounding. Approach them and one will break off and
    start on you. Using L2 to target him land a few punches on him and he will
    go down. Then his mate will turn on you so do the same to him, and this time
    add a few headbutts in (pressing circle and triangle will do this) to knock 
    him down quickly. Once they're both out cold go over to Roman to check he's
    all right and you'll see a third dealer making a run for it. Quickly run
    back to Roman's car and give chase. Be careful on corners as it is quite easy
    to spin out of control so use your brake (R2) to avoid this. After a little
    chase through the city he will stop at a set of stairs so get out and follow
    him up them. At the top he will finally confront you with a knife which can
    do some surprising damage. Target him and then press X to block and circle to
    disarm him. Now commence hacking with your new found weapon until he goes
    down. Then return to Roman and drive him back to the taxi depot.
    Mission Complete!
    <Easy Fare> [EF]
    Tasks to Do:     Pick up Jermaine
                     Drive to Jermaine's garage on Masterson Street
                     Evade the Cops
                     Drive over to the pay n' spray on Gibson Street
    Grab the taxi inside the depot's garage and head on over to Jermaine's house
    on Rotterdam Hill. He explains that his stash is located in Masterson Street
    in his lockup. When you get there things all go to pot as the police come
    squealing into the lot. As Jermaine suggests, lose the heat! As its only a 
    couple of stars it's not too difficult to shake off. Simply take a detour
    through some back streets and alleys. Avoid the main roads though as the cops
    will be swarming all over them. You'll know when you're beginning to lose 
    them since the red circle will begin flashing. After you've lost them, 
    Jermaine wants to be taken to Native Engines which is a pay n' spray shop.
    Head on over there and park up inside it to get a free re-spraying.
    Mission Complete!
    <Jamaican Heat> [JH]
    Tasks to Do:      Go pick up Little Jacob
                      Drive to the meeting point and watch over Little Jacob
                      When it all turns nasty, pop some heads
                      Drive Little Jacob back home when you're done
    This mission will be the first time (story-wise) you use a gun. Follow your
    GPS tracker to Little Jacob and wait for him to get in. He says he has some
    business that needs taking care of (God know what he actually says but that's
    the jist of it) and that he wants you to take him over to Schottler. On the 
    way, he gives you a pistol and asks you to watch his back. Drive into the
    alleyway and go up the stairs to your vantage point. After a few moments, the
    dealers will turn up and start talking with Jacob. Using L2, aim at the back
    of one dealer's head and wait for it all to turn nasty. When it does, take 
    him and his companions down. Once they're all down the scene will cut to the
    door just behind you where one other gangster bursts through and start firing
    so quickly cap him and then head down to Little Jacob. Jacob thanks you for
    helping him and says he wants to go home so hop back into your car and drive
    the friendly rasta home.
    Mission Complete!
    Once you're done with "Jamaican Heat", we are done with Roman's mission for
    the time being so on over to Comrades Bar (the V on your radar) and we'll 
    take care of Vlad's missions.
    It seems that Roman owes Vlad alot of money and, as a way of keeping Vlad
    sweet and making some quick cash, Niko has agreed to do some work for Vlad.
    Step into the yellow arrow marker to trigger the first mission for the 
    Russian hardman.
    <Bull in a China Shop> [BCS]
    Tasks to Do:      Drive over to the china shop
                      "Persuade" the owner to cough up
                      Report the successful deal with Vlad then give him the cash
    Head on over to the china shop highlighted on your map. I would reccomend a
    taxi for a swift ride (just stand on the pavement and press L1 to flag one 
    down as it passes) or just jack a car and drive there. Either way, when you
    get there the chinese man is a little reluctant to pay up and requires a 
    little reminder. In the yard opposite is a few bricks. Go there and grab one
    then, lob one at his window so that it breaks. When it breaks he will cough
    up and Niko phones Vlad to tell him. After this, grab a car or taxi and head
    back to Comrades Bar and stand in the yellow marker to return the protection
    money to Vlad.
    Mission Complete!
    <Hung Out to Dry> [HTD]
    Tasks to Do:      Drive over to the launderette
                      Chase the owner and ram him till he pays up
    A similar kind of thing to the last mission except this time it's a laundry
    who won't pay up. Head on over there and go inside. A cutscene ensues where
    the owner runs off so high tail it after him and grab the car in the lot.
    Contually press L2 and R2 to hotwire the car quicker and chase the van.
    Continually ram him and he will eventually stop and surrender the money.
    Niko will then call Vlad to report a successful transaction.
    <Clean Getaway> [CG]
    Tasks to Do:     Take the train over to South Bohan
                     Jack the Silver Blista and get it cleaned up
                     Take the car and park it in Vlad's lockup
    Someone else isn't paying up and Vlad wants you to go take his car as a 
    payment method. But, because he's an ass he refuses to give you a lift and
    tells you to take the train. Head down the road and up the stairs in the
    nearby station and stand on the platform waiting for the train. When it 
    arrives press triangle to get on board and travel to your destination. Upon
    arrival, exit the station and follow your radar over to where the Blista is
    parked and, ignoring the guy polishing it, jack it and drive off. The guy
    will offer a small amount of resistance but there's no need to waste him as
    he doesn't follow you and it just attracts unnecessary legal heat. Niko calls
    Vlad who refuses to accept the car as it is too dirty so follow the new
    target on your radar to the car wash and drive inside. Once the car has been
    cleaned up Vlad tells you to take the car to his lockup. Follow the GPS there
    and park it inside to complete the mission.
    Mission Complete!
    <Ivan the not so terrible> [INT]
    Tasks to Do:      Drive over to Roman's Taxi Depot
                      Chase Ivan to the top of the construction site
                      Choose: Kill or Save?
    This mission is the first mission where you get to choose what happens. Drive
    over to Roman's taxi depot and you will see Ivan come haring out of the exit.
    Follow him. Be warned if you're not used to driving at high speeds this can
    be a bit tricky bt not overly so. Just tap L2 to break around corners and you
    will be fine. After a bit, Ivan runs into a construction site so abandon your
    car and pursue on foot. Climb the many ladders in the construction site by
    using triangle and X to speed up. After a while of chasing Ivan he has 
    no where else to run and Niko confront him atop the highest roof. You now get
    a choice to either kill Ivan or save him. This will happen more as the story
    progresses and some have more consequences than others. In this case the
    consequences aren't that serious so either save him or throw him off the roof
    (the latter provides a better cinematic) to complete the mission.
    Mission Complete!
    This concludes the missions for Vlad. Remember that friendly rasta we helped
    out back in "Jamaican Heat"? Well Little Jacob now admires Niko and has some
    more work for him. He can be found at his place just off Schottler Avenue so
    head on over there (the LJ icon on your radar) and step into the yellow icon
    to trigger his first mission.
                                      Little Jacob
    <Concrete Jungle> [CJ]
    Tasks to Do:      Drive Jacob to the first meeting
                      Waste the thugs who try to escape on foot
                      Drive on over to the second meeting
                      Waste the gang members inside the house
                      Lose your wanted level (if you have one)
                      Drive Little Jacob back home
    It seems Little Jacob has some business to attend to in town and he wants
    Niko to help him out as he has proven he can handle himself when things get
    rough. His first meeting is in an alleyway on Saratoga Avenue so drive over
    there and park in the marker. A cut scene will ensue during which the deal
    goes bad and the thugs attempt to escape on foot.You now need to waste them.
    The quickest way is to simple accelerate and mow them down, or you can blast
    them with your pistol. Squashing them is a better method because gun fire is
    liable to attract some legal attention. Either way, once they're dead, return
    to Little Jacob who has another errand to run in Meadows Park. Drive on over
    there and Jacob ushers you towards the front door as the thugs are inside. 
    Press R1 to take cover behind the door and shoot the door open. You'll
    immediatley see one thug on the stairs so shoot him and Jacob will then
    indicate a second thug just inside the kitchen to the left which he can't
    get a shot at. Press L3 and crawl along the house to the window of the 
    kitchen. The thug should now be in plain view so blow him away and then
    quickly follow Little Jacob inside the house. There are now a couple more
    thugs to be disposed of. Using R1, take cover behind the sofa and blast the
    two in front of you. Note that the pillars behind which one will hide can be
    brought down with gun fire if they won't come out so feel free to try this
    technique if necessary. Once both are down, grab the green first aid kit
    on the table in the kitchen and then exit the house with Little Jacob. All 
    this gun fire may have attracted some police attention. If it has then it 
    won't be more than one or two stars at most so just speed around up some 
    back alleys to lose them. Then drive Little Jacob back to the Homebrew Cafe.
    Mission Complete!
    <Shadow> [S]
    Tasks to Do:      Locate the dealer in South Bohan 
                      Follow him back to the gang's hideout
                      Wipe them all out
    A local gang on drug dealers is mustling in on Jacob's business and he wants
    them removed from circulation. He knows of one dealer who is currently doing
    business in an alleyway in South Bohan and he wants you to follow him back
    to the gang's hideout and then take them all out.
    As Jacob said the dealer in question is doing some business in South Bohan
    so follow the GPS signal to him. Wait across the road from the alleyway and
    wait for him to finish dealing. When he does he will walk off so, making sure
    to stay as far away from him as possible without actually losing him follow
    him. Keep on following him through the back alleys and be sure to stay a bit
    behind him. The reason being that a) you don't want to spook him and b)
    at a certain point Roman will call and if you're too close he will hear the
    phone go off and start running. If he does see you following him it's not 
    immediatley a mission failure but it does make the end gun fight a little
    harder as they will know you're coming. Anyway, he will eventually enter an
    apartment complex so continue following him up the many stairs until he
    enters the gang;s apartment. Now, equip your gun and push R1 to take cover
    on the wall. Shoot the door out (the dealer locks it) and immediatley shoot
    the dealer hiding in the alcove to the right. Now push R1 and the left stick
    left to swap to the other side of the wall. You will see two more dealers
    in the back room so cap them and then enter the room. You should now be able
    to take out the remaining dealers without much hassle, use the walls for
    cover and be sure to pick up the ammo and guns that they drop once they're
    When they've all been wasted Niko will call Little Jacob to report that he 
    has nothing to worry about as the gang have been disposed of.
    Mission Complete!
    After completing this mission, Little Jacob will call you to offer you some
    more work. This work is the drug delivery side missions so check out the
    appropriate section for more details if you wish to do them now. Right now
    though, we need to go attend to Roman who has just re-opened as a contact on
    your radar. So head to his taxi depot in Broker when you're ready.
                                       Roman Bellic
    <Uncle Vlad> [UV]
    Tasks to Do:     Get some armour and weapons from the local gun shop
                     Kill Vlad
    Niko arrives at the taxt depot to find his cousin a broken man. Mallorie, it
    seems, has been seeing alot more of Vlad than is acceptable and Vlad has been
    taking a few more liberties with Mallorie than Niko is prepared to tolerate.
    So, ignoring his cousin's repeated requests not to do anything stupid Niko
    sets off to kill Vlad.
    Comrades Bar where Vlad is currently hanging out will appear on your radar
    but ignore that for a moment as having plenty of ammo and full armour is
    highly reccomended for the mission. Pause the game and look on your map for
    the nearest gun shop (marked by a gun icon) and highlight it and press X to
    set a way point. Now follow the new green line on your radar to the gun shop
    and buy some pistol ammo and armour (some shotgun shell would also help but
    funds may not allow and is not essential). Now follow the yellow GPS marker
    to Comrades Bar and enter to trigger a cut scene during which Niko confronts
    Vlad and his cronies appear to defend him. Vlad is at the bar so keep blowing
    heads off until you reach him and he runs out the front door. Follow him. 
    Don't waste time killing the others inside the bar. It's Vlad we're after.
    Grab a car and high tail it after Vlad. Vlad takes quite a random route 
    through the town so be alert and be sure to brake before turning a corner to
    avoid spinning out of control. After a while Vlad will abandon his car and
    run off on foot so follow him until he eventually gives up and you can waste
    the bugger. Simply aim at Vlad and shoot him in the head to get rid of him
    once and for all.
    Mission Complete!
    After completing "Uncle Vlad", Roman calls you and tells you to come and meet
    him. Follow the marker and you'll arrive at the Perestroika club. Step into 
    the marker to trigger a lengthy cutscne in which both you and Roman wind up
    in the basement of Faustin's mansion. It seems that the Russian mob are quite
    annoyed that Vlad is dead and, in exchange for not killing you they require
    your services. For most of the missions involving these guys your contact
    will be Fuastin (indicated by an "F" on your radar). Occasionally however, it
    will be Dimitri, Faustin's associate, who will be indicated by a "DR" on your
    <Crime and Punishment> [CP]
    Tasks to Do:      Acquire a Police Car
                      Start pulling vans over until you get the right one
                      Drive the correct van to Faustin's lockup
    For your first assignment, Faustin wants you to hijack a shipment of TVs that
    is coming in by van and take them to his lockup. There are three vans and you
    will need to be in a police car so that you can pull them over. There are
    several ways to get a police car in GTA 4 but, fortunatley, on this occasion
    you'll need none of them. Simply proceed down the street and a police cruiser
    will come down the street and stop outside a house. Wait for the two officers
    to get out and then grab the police car. Zoom down the street and around the
    corner to get rid of the one star wanted level you may have acquired. Now
    three red dots will have appeared on your radar which indicate the three vans
    that are driving around. 
    Only one has the TVs in them but there is no way of telling which one
    it is so you're going to have to pull them all over. Head towards one of
    the red dots and turn on your police sirens once you get near it. 
    Keep following it to pull it over. Now get out and talk to the van driver
    and he will open the van. The first one more than likely won't be the one you
    want so get back in the cruiser and head on towards another van and repeat
    the procedure. Occasionally this second van maybe the one you want but more
    than likely it won't be so, once the driver has opened the back get back in
    the police cruiser and proceed to the final van. Pull this one over and the
    driver will get out and start shooting at you so cap him and then get into 
    the van. Now simply drive the van to Faustin's lockup and park it inside.
    Mission Complete!
    <Do you have protection?> [DYP]
    Tasks to do:      Head over to the porn shop
                      Intimidate the owner 
                      Shoot Brett in the leg
                      Take Dimitri to the gun store
                      Buy a Micro-SMG
                      Take Dimitri back home
    It seems that a local porn shop owner has expanded his business and "forgot"
    to tell Faustin about it so Dimitri wants you to help him get the money he's
    In the nearby driveway is a sleek red sports car. Grab it and follow the 
    yellow GPS route to the porn shop in Hove Beach. Enter the shop and a cut
    scene will ensue during which Dimitri tells the owner of his debt. When the
    action recommences aim your pistol at the owner and he offers you a film
    deal if you forget the whole thing. It seems a little persuasion is required 
    so switch to Brett (the guy standing to the right) and aim at his leg. Fire
    at it and the owner quickly comes around to your way of thinking. Having
    got the money owed Dimitri wants you to take him to the gun shop so exit the
    porn shop and drive on over to the gun shop higlighted. Enter it and buy a
    Micro-SMG. Now return to the car and drive Dimitri home to complete the 
    Mission Complete!
    <Final Destination> [FD]
    Tasks to Do:      Drive over to the Train Station
                      Kill Lenny when he gets off the train
    Faustin tells Niko that there is a rat within their operations who is leaking
    information to the authorities who needs to be eliminated. Faustin has located
    the rat in question and his name is Lenny and he's due in at the nearby train
    station shortly. When he gets off, Niko is to assasinate him.
    Grab a car or a taxi and drive over to the train station in South Bohan. If you
    choose to drive then be sure to pay the toll on the freeway to avoid getting a
    wanted level. When you get there, draw your gun and head on up the stairs onto
    the main platform and wait for the train to arrive. When it does Lenny and his
    friend see you and quickly run off. To make things easier, cap his friend. You
    can't kill Lenny since a train always blocks your line of fire before you can
    get a shot at him. When the train passes quickly race after him and take him
    down before he reaches his car. If you don't then he zooms off and you must
    chase him in a car and take him down. Either way, once he's dead, Niko will
    phone Faustin to report the successful hit.
    Mission Complete!
    After completing "Final Destination" the "F" icon reappears on your radar and
    you can go on with Faustin's missions. However, Roman also phones you and asks
    you to come and meet him at his taxi depot. This won't take long so it's time
    to take a quick detour from Faustin and sort Roman out.
                                       Roman Bellic
    <Logging On> [LO]
    Tasks to do:      Drive to the Tw@ internet cafe
                      Log onto a computer
                      Register your email account
    This isn't really a mission, more a tutorial on using the in game internet
    services. Grab the taxi inside Roman's depot and drive on over to the
    highlighted tw@ internet cafe. Enter it and approach a vacant terminal and
    press L1 in order to log onto it. Using the L3 stick highlight the internet
    icon and press x to log onto the net. On the right of the screen is an envelope
    icon which is your email account so select that and open your email from 
    "EYE FINDER". Select the "reply" button to send them a positive reply. Now
    exit the cafe.
    Mission Complete!
    You can now go online any time you wish by simply visitting one of the tw@
    internet cafes dotted around Liberty City. Now, let's return to Faustin as we
    only have a couple more missions for him now.
    <No Love Lost> [NLL]
    Tasks to Do:      Locate the Biker
                      Chase him on the bike
                      Chase him and his friends to the park and take them all out
    Niko walks in on a little domestic between Faustin and his wife. It seems their
    daughter is dating a biker whom Faustin does not approve of and wants Niko to
    take out. Before you start this mission be sure to have some armour and full
    health as many new players find chasing on a bike a little tricky as it is very
    easy to fall off and take some damage. Drive on over to the spot indicated on 
    the radar and the biker will drive off to gather his friends so grab the nearby
    bike and give chase. The trick to this is to not bother trying to shoot him but
    concentrate on following him. Go easy on the corners and be sure to release the
    R2 button to avoid spinning out of control. After a bit of chasing he will meet
    up with his friends and you now have 6 targets to follow. Again, don't bother
    trying to wipe them out just follow them until they dismount at the park. Now,
    quickly take cover behind a nearby tree and pick them off one by one. They 
    aren't that heavily armed except for one who has a shotgun so watch out for him
    and be sure to pick up any ammo and weapons they leave behind once they're
    Mission Complete!
    <Rigged to Blow> [RTB]
    Tasks to Do:      Go pick up the van filled with explosives
                      Drive to the Auto garage
                      Blow the garage up by activating the explosives
    This mission is a piece of cake provided you're a careful driver and don't piss
    the cops off. An auto parts garage in Chase Point owes Faustin some money so
    he wants you to go teach them a lesson. Either drive or take a taxi to the old
    factory marked on your radar and get in the truck. Now drive carefully and I 
    mean carefully over to the Auto Parts garage. The explosives in the truck are
    extremely sensitive so drive sanely and make sure to stop at the toll booth on
    the freeway as even a one star wanted level can be a lethal thing in this
    situation. Along the way you will get a couple of phone calls which demonstrate
    just how on edge Niko is but apart from that it's a fairly simple drive over.
    Once you're at the Auto Parts garage park up inside and arm the explosives.
    A rather cool cinema will now begin where Niko runs like hell as the garage is
    blown sky high.
    Mission Complete!
    <The Master and the Molotov> [MAM]
    Tasks to Do:      Grab some weapons from the local gun shop
                      Head on over to Perestroika where Faustin is hanging out
                      Kill him!
    This mission is technically for Dimitri as he is your contact. However he is
    part of Faustin's clan so I figured it wouldn't make much difference either
    way. This mission is similar to "Uncle Vlad" except that the goons are heavily
    armed this time. Before making your way to the Club as the on screen prompts
    suggest, set a way point on the nearest gun shop and head on over there. Get
    as many pistol/Micro SMG rounds as you can afford. Don't worry about armour
    as Dimitri gives you that in a minute. Now head on over to the club. When you
    get there, Dimitri informs you he has left you some protection around the back
    so head to the green dumpsters behind the club and grab the armour he has left
    for you. Now enter the club to trigger the confrontation with Faustin. You
    gain control as Faustin calls for backup and alot of russians come shooting
    at you. Faustin is behind the bar and is your primary target. It is not 
    necessary to wipe them all out but you will need to wipe out a few in order to
    clear you're passage to the bar. Using the tables and booths as cover, make 
    your way over to the bar where Faustin is. When you get near him he legs it
    out of the back door so follow him but be wary of some more goons who are  
    waiting inside the passage way. Follow Faustin up some more stairs, watching
    out for the goon lurking just near the top of the stairs and on to the roof
    where he finally gives up running. Now kill him using your pistol to get an
    execution style killing.
    Mission Complete!
    NOTE: After this mission is completed call Dimitri and he will tell you to
    come to the warehouse in Downtown to collect your money. Before doing this,
    pay another visit to the gun shop and get some more armour (as the previous
    gun fight may have depleted it somewhat) and make sure to have a decent amount
    of ammo for both the pistol and Micro-SMG. Some shotgun shells are also handy
    but not essential. Once you are fully tooled up head over to the warehouse.
    On the way there, Little Jacob will phone you and tell you that "dem russians
    is seriously vexed with you" and offers his support which is handy.
    <Russian Revolution> [RR]
    Tasks to Do:      Rendezvous with Little Jacob at the Warehouse
                      Battle the Russians and escape the warehouse with Jacob
                      Lose your wanted level and get Little Jacob safely home
    When you arrive at the warehouse you will find Little Jacob all ready waiting
    for you around the side. Meet up with him and then enter the warehouse to
    trigger a long cut scene where some more is revealed about Niko's past and a
    figure emerges whom Niko presumed had long since vanished. Then the battle
    It would appear that Dimitri is not a man of his word. You now have twenty odd
    heavily armed russians mobsters to take care of with only Little Jacob to 
    back you up. Your first objective is to annihilate the mobsters and get to the
    front entrance of the warehouse which is your only means of escape. During the
    ensuing battle, bear in mind the following things:
    i  Little Jacob ain't bullet proof - You have to be on your toes as Little
                                         Jacob takes damage quicker than you do and
                                         if he dies it's mission failed.
    ii  Blind Fire is useful           - Whilst behind cover simply aim the cross
                                         hair at an enemy and press R2 to fire. 
                                         This makes Niko fire without having to 
                                         emerge from cover. It is less accurate 
                                         but better for conserving health.
    iii Avoiding long bursts of firing - The longer you fire a weapon, the bigger
                                         the recoil becomes and the less accurate
                                         your aim is. Keep tapping R2 rather than
                                         holding it on to maximise accuracy.
    iv  Finders Keepers!                 Dead Russians will drop items such as gun
                                         ammo. If it is safe to do so then nab it
                                         as you will probably use a hell of alot of
                                         ammo during this mission. 
    The above tips will make the gun battle much easier. When you finally get to
    the front of the warehouse the cops make an appearance and Little Jacob tells
    you to take him back home. Before proceeding, look up at the beam over the door
    and take out the russian there. Now leg it outside and grab the nearest car
    (this will probably be one of the cruisers) and drive drive drive! Avoid main
    roads at all costs and focus instead for back alleys and side roads to make
    losing the heat that much easier. Pay N' Sprays are no use as they won't touch
    a cop car so focus on driving through back streets to lose your wanted level.
    Once the cops are gone it is a simple matter of driving Little Jacob back home
    so follow your GPS navigator back to his house.
    Mission Complete!
    This concludes dealings with the Russian Mob, for now. Next on the list is that
    steroid dependant body builder named Brucie that Roman introduce you to. 
    He is indicated by the "B" icon on your radar so head on over there when you're
    NOTE: After this mission, assuming all the other Faustin missions have been
    completed, Roman will call you and ask you to meet him in an alleway off Hopper
    Street. Ignore it for now and proceed to Brucie.
    <Search and Delete> [SD]
    Tasks to Do:      Obtain a Police Cruiser
                      Locate Lyle Rivas
                      Chase him down and kill him
    Your first mission for Brucie is actually quite an enjoyable as it allows you
    to try out a number of new features in the game. Rivas is a witness to a crime
    Brucie committed and Niko is sent to silence him. First we need to find out
    where Rivas is as Brucie's directions aren't much good. Whip out your cell 
    phone and dial 911 and then select police when the woman asks you which service
    you want. Shortly a police cruiser will appear so wait till the officers exit
    the vehicle before getting inside yourself. Now simply drive up the road and 
    keep going until you lose your one star wanted level. Pull up somewhere and
    press L1 to access the police computer. Select "SEARCH POLICE RECORDS" and then
    "SEARCH BY NAME". Type in Lyle Rivas and his profile will come up. Select
    "LOCATE CRIMINAL" to add his hideout to your radar and then follow your GPS
    navigator to his apartment. Enter the building to trigger a cutscene during
    which Rivas legs it and drives off in his car. Grab your police cruiser and
    chase after him and proceed to ram him off the road. Continue chasing and 
    ramming until he gets out of his car at which point simply accelerate and
    squash him under your wheels.
    Mission Complete!
    NOTE: Before activating the next mission, be sure to stock up on both Micro-SMG
    rounds and armour
    <Easy as can be> [ECB]
    Tasks to Do:      Head on over to Yorktown Avenue and grab the car
                      Eliminate the enemies
                      Lose your wanted level
                      Get the car back to Brucie's garage
    Head on over to Yorktown avenue and pick up the highlighted blue oracle. When
    you do, a cutscene shows some rival gang members appearing in their cars who
    are hell bent on you not getting that car. You can try and outrun them but it
    is close to impossible as you have three cars each with four members in them
    firing at you and the car will probably be destroyed before you get to the 
    garage. So, best take them out first. Using L3, swivel the cross hair around 
    behind you and blast the car there. Aim at the windsreen to take out the two
    front enemies quickly. Now swivel it to your left and take out the car there.
    Finally, drive forward and follow the alley around, drive out of it and then
    quickly reverse as the third car makes itself known to you. Continue blasting 
    and take them out as well. There is a possibility that all this shooting will
    have earned you a one or two star wanted level. If so then drive through the
    nearby alleyways to lose it. Once all the heat is gone it is a simple drive
    over to Brucie's garage and drive it inside.
    Mission Complete!
    We will be coming back to Brucie in a little while but Roman is still waiting
    in that alleyway off Hopper Street and requires some attention so head on over
    there to trigger the final story mission of Broker.
                                       Roman Bellic
    <Roman's Sorrow> [RS]
    Tasks to Do:      Rendevous with Roman in the alley
                      Drive to Roman's Apartment
                      Drive to Roman's Taxi Rank
                      Escape Broker to Bohan
    When you get to the alleyway, Niko explains the new developments to Roman and
    both cousins decide that they should get out of Broker for a bit. Roman says
    that Mallorie has a place that they could use and he gives her a call. She
    agrees but Roman needs to pick something up from his apartment first. Hop into
    the car and drive over to Roman's apartment. Upon arrival it has been set on
    fire and Roman urges Niko to get to the cab firm to see if that's ok. Drive
    over there and you'll see that it too has been burned to cinders. Now Roman is
    really pissed off as is Niko and the two cousins need to get off Broker now and
    go to Mallorie's place in Bohan to start a new life. I would reccomend taking a
    taxi as it is a long haul over to Bohan but driving allows you some good sight
    seeing. Either way, simply drive on over to Mallorie's place in South Bohan and
    step into the yellow marker.
    Mission Complete and welcome to Bohan!
    NOTE: Before starting mission one be sure to have full health and armour as 
    well as plenty of ammo for your pistol and Micro-SMG.
    After a lengthy cut scene, you materialise outside of your new safe house in
    Bohan. Having lost both his business and home in one go, Roman suggests that
    they set up home here now and forget about returning to Broker till the heat is
    off them. Feel free to do a spot of sight seeing as Bohan is a little bigger
    than Broker and has another gun shop with better weapons, as well as numerous
    club, bars and restaurants to check out. Once you're done sight seeing, head
    on over to the M icon on your radar and enter the yellow marker to trigger the
    first story mission of Bohan.
    The M icon leads you to the community centre in South Bohan which is Manny's
    base of operations. He is a former gangster/drug dealer who is out to clean up
    the streets and boost his TV career. It should be noted that although Manny's
    intentions are noble, it is seldom him who actually does the cleaning up. Guess
    who does?
    <Escuela of the Streets> [ETS]
    Tasks to Do:      Head on over to Grand Boulevard
                      Follow the dealer to the warehouse
                      Wipe them all out.
    Manny has heard of some local drug dealers doing some business and wants them
    off the streets. Grab a car and follow the GPS guide over to the dealers place
    on Grand Boulevard. Park up in the yellow marker and wait for the dealer to
    set off in his car. Now follow him, making sure to stay a good distance behind
    him, two car lengths is sufficient as Niko tells Manny. After a bit of driving
    around the dealer will stop outside a warehouse and go inside to meet his 
    friends. Manny tells you to go in there after him and put them out of
    business for good. There are two ways you can do this. First simply blow the
    lock off the door and enter the warehouse blowing heads off left and right.
    However, doing this makes the missions harder than necessary as they are 
    waiting just inside the door and will likely kill you before you can do much
    A much better way of doing it is this. Head right around the back of
    the building and climb up onto the roof. Go along the roof and you will find,
    along with another gun to add to your arsenal, an open skylight. Crouch down
    next to it and you will see the back of one dealer. Nail him with one quick
    headshot and then get a good look at the warehouse below and see if there are
    any more you can pick off while you're up here. There should be a couple but
    you will eventually have to jump down into the warehouse to finish off the
    majority of them. Just remember the tricks from "Russian Revolution" and use
    anything you can see for cover. Also, if you get low on health there is a 
    drinks machine at the back of the warehouse which will replenish your health as
    often as necessary. When all the dealers are dead, head to the front and go 
    through the front door (you may need to shoot the lock off if you followed the
    roof top strategy) and meet Manny.
    Mission Complete!
    <Street Sweeper> [SS]
    Tasks to Do:      Head over to the Windmill Street Garage
                      Waste the gang members 
                      Chase down the escaping gang member in a car and kill them
    A bunch of gang members currently residing at a garage in Windmill Street need
    to be smoked out and cleaned up. Niko seems to be the man for the job. Grab a
    car and head on over to the garage. Don't grab a tai as you can use the car as
    cover during the next fire fight. When you arrive two of the gang members are
    chatting outside so mow them down quickly. If you don't manage to kill them you
    will at least weaken them somewhat. Now quickly take cover, either behind the
    car or the pillars of the garage and quickly waste the three gang members.
    Now grab a car and chase after the other two in the car. Once you catch up with
    them commence firing at their car and particularly at the back windscreen to do
    maximum damage. Once they're down, Niko phones Manny to report a successfull
    clean up operation.
    Mission Complete!
    After this, Mallorie will call and say that she has another friend who needs
    some work doing. Always happy to help, Niko says he'll pay her a visit and an E
    icon appears on your radar. Follow it to meet Elizabeta.
    Niko arrives at Elizabeta's apartment where she is having a chat with Packie
    McReary who is planning a little deal and wants some protection. Elizabeta
    knows just the man. You.
    <Luck of the Irish> [LI]
    Tasks to Do:      Drive over to the apartment block in South Bohan
                      Get the sniper rifle from the roof
                      Watch over the deal
                      Kill all the dealers
                      Help Packie out when he gets into trouble
    Packie says the deal is going on in South Bohan and that Niko should watch over
    the deal from the roof of the apartment block opposite. Grab a car or taxi and
    head on over there. Enter and go up the stairs to the roof. Grab the sniper 
    rifle and head right to the spot overlooking the deal. Press L3 and crouch down
    (it makes your aim more accurate) and press L2 to look through the scope. To 
    zoom in press L3 forward and to zoom out press it back. Zoom in just enough to
    get all the dealers in the scope so you can switch from one to the next when it
    kicks off. After a while, the deal goes bad so quickly shoot all the men and 
    you will get a notice saying that Packie is in trouble. Zoom out and you'll see
    him in the left corner of the screen near the front of the area grappling with
    one guy. Shoot him in the head to complete the mission.
    Mission Complete!
    NOTE: Be sure to stock up on health and armour before activating the next 
    mission. A few grenades would also be quite useful if money allows.
    <Blow Your Cover> [BYC]
    Tasks to Do:      Drive you and Playboy X to the apartment block
                      Get up to the third floor where the deal is going on
                      Blast your way through the cops to the roof
                      Fight the cops on the roof and get back down to street level
                      Lose the heat and take Playboy X back to his crib
    Another deal is going down and this time Playboy X needs your help. Grab a car
    and head on over to the marked apartment block on your radar. Step into the 
    yellow marker and follow Playboy inside. Instead of following him directly go
    forwards and nab the shotgun from under the stairs to add to your arsenal and 
    then follow him upto the third floor. During the cutscene it becomes apparent
    that this deal is in fact a set up and you now have to fight your way through
    the cops in order to escape. If you have some grenades then lob a couple 
    through the hole in the wall and blow the two cops there to smithereens. If not
    then simply use R1 to take cover behind the wall and use the auto-aim feature
    to shoot them through the hole in the wall. Now follow Playboy over to the door
    but don't go through it yet. Take cover on the left side of the door and look
    around the door using R3. There are two cops waiting for you. One at the end by
    the window and one is taking cover just next to the railings on the stairs.
    The one by the window is easy to nail with a couple of shots with your gun so
    get rid of him and this should draw his colleague out. If it doesn't then 
    simply go out into the hall and he will jump out and start firing so take cover
    again before he deals you too much damage. Once both have been dispatched, Niko
    will tell Playboy it is sage to come out so proceed out of the first room and
    go to the foot of the stairs. Proceed up the stairs slowly and a NOOSE guy will
    roll out and block your path. Dispose of him and continue up the stairs to find
    a couple more NOOSE guys waiting for you. Shoot them and continue on up the 
    next set of stairs to the roof where yet more cops are waiting for you. Head
    onto the roof and take cover behind the nearby block (also grab the first aid
    kit if you need it) and shoot the two cops waiting for you here. Making sure to
    remain covered as often as possible, head across the roof to find three more
    NOOSE guys waiting for you. Kill them and then proceed carefully down the 
    stairs. Be wary of the two NOOSE guys that are waiting for you on the stairs.
    The best way to do it is to use R3 to look around corners when you reach the
    bottom of each set of stairs. This way you will see them first so take cover
    behind the wall and use auto aim to shoot them before they can get a shot in.
    Once you reach street level you have a two star wanted level and Playboy asks
    you to take him back to his crib. Grab the nearby vehicle and floor it. Take a
    few turns through alleys and back passages and you should be able to lose two
    stars with minimum difficulty. Once the heat is off simply follow the yellow
    GPS route back to Playboy's place to complete the mission.
    Mission Complete!
    Following this mission, Playboy X will call you and now opens up as a contact
    for business. First though, we have one more mission for Manny to attend to so
    head back to his place in Bohan and step into the yellow marker.
    <The Puerto Rican Connection> [PRC]
    Boy this mission is a pain in the ass as you have to follow a train to the
    El Burro train station. Sounds easy? Wrong? The train has the tracks to follow
    whereas we only have the roads and the roads don't always go where the track
    does. Once the cutscene ends, grab a car and head on over to the highlighted
    location on your radar to see the train begin to pull away. Follow it and note
    that you can use circle to zoom in on it if you get a little bit behind. The 
    trick to this mission is not to worry too much about following the train 
    directly. Just going in the same direction will suffice and as long as you
    don't either lose it completely or going in the opposite direction then you
    will be fine. Once you get there, you learn that the targets (he has friends)
    have just disembarked. Quickly run up the stairs and wait for them on this 
    level of the station. When they appear simply blast them all to complete the 
    mission. If you don't nail them at the station then a car chase ensues. In this
    instance, grab a car and follow them whilst firing as many bullets into their
    car as you can. A Mirco SMG is good for this sort of thing.
    Mission Complete!
    After this mission, Elizabeta calls and she sounds a bit uptight so we'd better
    go see whats up with her. Before you activate her next mission though be sure
    to have full health, full armour and a shed load of ammo for either your pistol
    or Micro SMG, preferably both and a few grenades to make things easier.
    NOTE: Around this time you will get a call from somebody asking you to go meet
    them at Castle Gardens Pier and a ? will appear on your radar. Ignore it for 
    now though and go sort out Elizabeta.
    <Snow Storm> [SS]
    Tasks to Do:      Head on over to the old hospital
                      Fight your way through the gang members and the coke
                      Escape the hospital and lose the heat
                      Rendevous with Little Jacob in an alleway
    Alot of people say this mission is hard but it really isn't provided you know
    how to deal with cops at the end. Essentially, Elizabeta has lost her coke in
    an abandoned hospital on the outskirts of Algonquin and wants Niko to go 
    retrieve it. The problem is a local gang have got the stuff guarded pretty well
    so getting it back is going to involve quite a heavy gun fight. Grab a taxi or
    car (I prefer a taxi since it's a long trek over to the hospital and a
    getaway car really isn't necessary for this one) and head on over to the
    hospital and stop in the yellow marker. After the cutscene showing you exactly
    how many gang members are guarding the coke proceed to the edge of the car park
    and look across at the wire fence. Behind here are two gang members have a chat
    so lob a couple of grenades at them and blow them away. Now take out your 
    Micro-SMG and look right and use auto aim to aim at another guy on the window
    ledge to the right. Blast him and the proceed over the wire fence. Follow the
    path round to the front door of the hospital and immediatley take cover behind
    the window to the right as you will be met with alot of fire from the members
    Lob a couple of grenades through the window which should take care of
    some of the members on the floor and then look up at the top left of the area
    and take care of the member up there. Now head inside and finish off any
    remaining gang members in this area. Now proceed to the far right of the area 
    and hide behind the block here. Look across and you will see a number of gang
    members positioned in the opposite hallway. Two of them you can take care of
    from your current hiding place so wait till they come out to fire and then 
    shoot them. Now run to the door leading to the hallway and take cover on the 
    left side. Lob a couple of grenades down the hallway which should take out
    some of the guys here. Now proceed down the hallway and take out the remainder
    of the guys being careful to look up as you enter a new section as there are 
    two who are hiding on the top levels. Now follow the hallway around until you
    come to the back room with two more guys in it. Take cover behind the right
    wall and blast the one directly in front of the entrance. Now switch to the 
    left side and take care of the one hiding behind the table (careful though he
    can do so damage with his weapon) and then enter the room. Before collecting
    the coke grab the first aid kit just in case your health is a bit low and then
    walk to the table to collect Elizabeta's coke.
    Now this is where it gets fun and a little tricky. NOOSE guys storm the place
    and will endeavour to stop you escaping with the coke. Contrary to popular 
    belief it is not a good idea to wait till the wave of NOOSE guys dies down as 
    it won't and the longer you wait, the harder it is to escape as there are more
    NOOSE guys to fight. Exit the room and follow the hallway back to the front
    door of the hospital. Don't stop to fight the cops as it will only increase
    your wanted level and be sure to sprint to minimise the damage you take. Now,
    many walkthroughs tell you to go left and grab a car. This does work but trying
    to lose a three star wanted level is very hard particularly as there are alot
    of dead ends which can mislead you and get you busted/wasted. Instead, from
    the front door of the hospital don't go left to the car park but go right and
    head for the wall. Jump over it. Hopefully you will land on a jetty with a 
    speed boat parked there. If you miss it and land in the water simply swim over
    to it (don't worry about the cops as the boats they use won't be there yet).
    Start up the boat and speed forwards into the open water. You will encounter
    some police boats now but don't worry as you're too fast for them so keep
    driving until you lose the wanted level. Once the heat is off, Niko calls
    Little Jacob who tells Niko where to meet him. Head on over to the indicated
    alley and step into the yellow marker to trigger a rather revealing cut scene.
    Mission Complete!
    NOTE: Shortly after completing this mission, Michelle will call and a ? will
    appear on your radar. Ignore it for now as we will come to it in good time.
    We now have one more mission to do for Elizabeta before proceeding to Algonquin
    so head back over to her place and step into the yellow marker.
    <Have a Heart> [HH]
    Tasks to Do:     Drive the bodies over to The Doctore
    After the hellish nature of the last mission this mission is a cinch provided
    you're a careful driver. Grab the car with the two bodies inside the trunk and
    follow the yellow GPS route over to "The Doctor" in Algonquin. Be careful as
    the trunk can pop open if you drive too recklessly so be as careful as you can
    and be sure to pay the toll to avoid any unwanted legal attention. Once you get
    there simply park inside the blue marker to complete the mission. Easy eh?
    Mission Complete!
    NOTE: Story-wise we are now done in Bohan. However there is still a ton of 
    things to do which you can checkout the other sections for. Right now though
    we have bigger and better things to do in Algonquin.
    Our first set of missions in a new city actually comes from an old friend. 
    Brucie has some more work for you and tells him to come see him so follow the
    yellow GPS route to his place and begin the first half of a two part mission.
    <Out of the Closet> [OOC]
    Tasks to Do:      Arrange a date with French Tom
                      Attend the Date and waste French Tom
    Remember Rivas from "Search and Delete"? Well it seems his cousin is causing
    Brucie a bit of trouble and Brucie wants Niko to go take him out. Grab a car/
    taxi and head for any one of the tw@ internet cafes marked on your radar. Once
    there, head inside and press L1 to log onto a computer and then press "WEB".
    Click on the Love-Meet ad (it should be on the right of your screen) and then
    select "MALE". Search for French Tom and then select his profile. Scroll down
    to the bottom of his profile and then select "DATE".  You have now completed
    the first part of this mission and you have to wait till Tom emails you back
    confirming a date and time. The quickest way to pass the time is to return to
    a safehouse and save your game to advance time. Save a couple of times just to
    be on the safe side and then return to a tw@ internet cafe and check your email
    by which time he should have replied. Respond positively to his email and a 
    reminder will now be set in your organiser in your phone telling you when the
    date is. When it gets to an hour before the date your phone will remind you so
    kill time until then. I would advise against doing another mission simply 
    because you don't want to be late for this appointment. 
    When the agreed time comes around, nab a car and head on over to the restaurant
    marked on your radar. Upon entering, head right to the back to meet up with
    French Tom. After a little talking, you will be told you can whack him so press
    L1 to stand up and then aim your weapon at him. Be quick because he runs so put
    a couple of bullets in him to successfully complete the mission.
    Mission Complete!
    NOTE: You may gain a one star wanted level if any cops happen to be passing so
    just run outside and down the nearby alley to lose it.
    NOTE: Brucie calls about Roman and then Dimitri calls to remind you that you 
    are a dead man. Nice!
    <No. 1> [NO1]
    Tasks to Do:      Drive you and Brucie over to the racing car
                      Compete in and win the race
    After successfully icing French Tom, return to Brucie's place for his next
    mission. It seems that Brucie is getting into some illegal street racing and
    wants Niko to drive for him. Grab a car (or a taxi as it is quite a trek to
    where the racing car is) and Brucie will call his friend Stevie on the way to
    tell him they need to borrow his car for a bit. Once you get to the yellow
    infernus, get into it and drive on over to the race starting point. Drive 
    carefully though because this car needs to remain driveable. There isn't an
    awful lot a walkthrough can help you with on missions like this because it
    relies solely on your skill as a driver. However I can give you a couple of
    useful pointers which will help you. First off, take it steady. There are no
    bonuses for wrecking the other cars or any other tomfoolery. When the other 
    cars try and ram each other off the road ignore them and carry on as anything
    other than first place means you fail the mission and must start it over again.
    Secondly, take it easy on the corners. Sports cars such as the infernus are
    very easy to flip or to lose control of so just tap R2 when accelerating around
    corners in order to maintain control of the vehicle.
    Once you win the race, Brucie congratulates you and even gives you the car as a
    present! Drive the car back to a safe house and park it in the reserved spot.
    You may also need a quick visit to a pay n' spray as the car may possibly have
    taken a battering during the race.
    Now let us turn our attention to the "PX" icon on your radar. Before going 
    there though, be sure to have full armour and health. Weapons will be provided
                                          Playboy X
    In his head he rules Liberty City and is large and in charge. In reality he is
    a small time gangster with very little going for him. Still, he pays well so 
    that's a plus.
    <Deconstruction for Beginners>  [DFB]
    Tasks to Do:      Collect the weapons from the car
                      Take care of the three sniper lookouts
                      Take out the four union workers located inside the site
    This is a fun mission but it does involve a little bit of prep before we
    actually get to the meat of it. Grab a car (or taxi as it is a long(ish)
    trip and get over to the van parked in Cadtle Gardens. Once there, clamber
    into it and collect all the weapons Playboy has left for you. He now fills you
    in on what he wants you to do which is to get rid of the Mafia goons currently
    terrorising the opposite construction site. He also points out the three look
    outs who are posted up high that you need to get rid of before proceeding into
    the site. So, from the car, exit the car and go to the window cleaning lift on
    the left. Press L1 to board it and then use the L3 stick to get up onto the 
    roof top.
    From here, you have a perfect birds eye view of the construction site and can
    clear a few enemies on ground level from here but concentrate on the three
    lookouts for a moment. Equip your newly acquired sniper rifle and look to the
    far right of the construction site at the crane. Target number one is posted
    here so shoot him (once is sufficient) to dispose of him. The second one is 
    located a little to the left of the previous target near the middle of the
    construction site also on a crane platform. The the third is on the far left
    of the construction site on a third crane platform. Once all three are gone you
    are done with the rooftop and Playboy will tell you to get down and clear out
    the construction. From here however you may be able to see some enemies 
    patrolling the site so pick them off if you can as you are too high to be 
    damaged. You can only pick off a few foes at this point though as most are
    inside the construction site which you can't get at from this vantage point.
    Leave Playboy on the roof and use the cleaning lift to get back down to street
    level. Instead of going into the construction site as he suggests put a way
    point on the nearest gun retailer and go get some armour as it will make things
    ten times easier if you have both full health and armour. Now, fully armed,
    return to the construction site's entrance. Don't go in fully yet though and
    take out your sniper rifle again. As Playboy indicates the first Union Leader
    is located in the scaffolding east of the yeard you're currently in. Position
    yourself to the left of the main entrance and snipe him from a safe position.
    This will likely attract the attention of some mafia goons (or if that doesn't
    then you entering the site fully will) so run for cover and start picking them
    off as they come. Be warned, they come from all directions and particularly
    watch out for a couple in the scaffolding who are particularly heavily armed.
    Once a lull appears in the fighting head for the scaffolding and check behind
    the pillar near the ramp on ground level for a first aid kit if you need it.
    Now proceed carefully up the ramps to the top storey picking off goons as you 
    go. You will no doubt spot a wooden ramp leading up to the roof but be careful
    as there is a shed load of goons on the roof (assuming you didn't get them from
    the roof top earlier) so lob a couple of grenades up there to clear a few and
    then emerge onto the rooftop and start blasting heads off with your Assault
    Rifle making sure to take advantage of the cover available in this area. A cut-
    scene will now occur and Niko will take cover and get out a grenade. Lob it at
    the nearby goons and blow them away now take out your assault rifle and dispose
    of any survivors. Now proceed to the far left corner and eliminate Union Leader
    number 2.
    Playboy will now indicate the third Union Leader in the south west corner by 
    the water ducts. He is surrounded by yet more mafia goons however so proceed to
    the ramp but instead of crossing it, head over to the stack of beams and use
    your sniper rifle to pick off not only the Union Leader but his goons as well.
    Three down! One to go!
    The last one is to the right of where you are now and yet more mafia goons 
    appear as well as a helicopter to help him escape. Ignore the chopper though
    and thin out the ranks with a couple of well placed grenades and assault rifle
    fire. Now continue firing and ducking until you reach the final Union Leader.
    Blow him away to complete the mission.
    Mission Complete!
    NG: You will likely have many of the weapons left which means you get a pretty
    heavy arsenal for free to  save your game so that, should you get busted, you
    don't lose all the weapons again.
    <Photo Shoot> [PS]
    Tasks to Do:      Locate the two gangs at the basketball courts down in Exeter
                      Photograph them both and send both photos to Playboy
                      Once he points out Marlon, whack him.
    Provided you have a bit of patience and good firing skills this mission is 
    pretty straight forward compared with the last one. Grab a car and head on
    over to the basketball courts down in Exeter. Park across the street from the
    courts and you will see two gangs, one of which contains your target. The one
    you want is the gang stood in the centre of the courts chatting. One of the 
    members has a yellow coat on with a dark red stripe on it. Stand in the middle
    of the road (getting much closer gives the game away) and get a good, clear
    photograph of them. Then send it to Playboy X who will then contact you and
    point out who Marlon is. If he texts you it usually means the photo is either
    of the wrong gang or not clear enough so in that case simply redo it. Normally,
    he will ring you if it's good enough and tell you which is Marlon. Once he does
    either blast Marlon from the edge of the courts or go inside the courts and
    whack him. Either way, mission passed!
    Mission Complete!
    This concludes our business with Playboy X for the moment so now go get some
    armour and ammo (if you need it) and head on over to the "D" icon on your
    radar to begin dealings with Dwayne whom we met a short while ago.
                                       Dwayne Forbes 
    Fresh out of prison after a long stretch, Dwayne is finding adjusting to life
    on the outside a little difficult and is losing the will to carry on. As he
    feels a little sorry for him and because any money is good money, Niko agrees
    to help him out a little.
    <Ruff Rider> [RR]
    Tasks to Do:      Go find Cherise and Jayvon downtown
                      Deal with Cherise
                      Waste Jayvon
    Dwayne wants you to go pay Cherise, his ex girlfriend, a little visit as she's
    been carrying on with a local biker while he's been inside. Grab a car and
    head on down to the restaurant marked on your radar where Cherise is talking
    with Jayvon the biker. After the cutscene you have a choice. Kill Cherise, or
    let her live. See the appropriate section for more details but choose fast as
    Jayvon is swiftly getting away. Once you've dealt with her grab a fast vehicle
    (preferably a bike if one is going) and give chase. Jayvon will weave in and
    out of traffic and generally take a somewhat unorthodox route through town but
    do your best to nail him and keep on his tail. The best place to do it is on
    the straight stretch of road that he turns onto soon after the chase begins
    but anywhere will do really. Once he's down, you're done!
    Mission Complete!
    <Undress to Kill> [UTK]
    Tasks to Do:      Get suitably equipped
                      Drive on over to the Triangle Club
                      Kill the three managers
    It seems that gangsters have taken over the Triangle Club and Dwayned wants it
    back now he's free. Before proceeding to the club as the mission instructions
    suggest,flag down a cab and get to the nearest gun shop. Here, stock up on ammo
    if you need it but get some armour and a baseball bat. Now head back outside
    and go to the club as directed. Before you enter the club make sure to disarm
    yourself as weapons are not permitted inside and the merest sight of a gun in
    there will cause all hell to break loose which you don't want to happen yet.
    Once inside the club go over to the balcony where the two guys are talking and
    you will hear one mention that Jose (the first manager) is counting his takings
    in the back office and doesn't want to be disturbed. Turn round and head 
    through the door on the right to the back office. You'll notice that Jose's
    back is to you so get out your baseball bat and whack him quickly before he has
    a chance to fire back. Don't use a gun because that will alert the bodyguards
    which you don't need right now so kill him quietly and then exit the office.
    Having not used a weapon, nobody in the club is any the wiser which means you
    can proceed with ease. Head onto the dance floor and around to the other side
    by the stairs and you will hear "Javiar" (manager two) trying to teach a dancer
    how to pronounce his name. Ignore him for the moment and proceed up the stairs
    into the back corridor. Walk to the bodyguard and he will tell you that Jesus
    (manager 3) is currently test driving a new dancer and you'll have to wait if
    you want a private showing. It now doesn't matter which you take out first as
    both will result in the place erupting so kill both and kill them swiftly.
    The easiest way is to stand at the entrance to the corridor you're in now
    and position the camera so that you can clearly see Javiar. Now waste him and
    quickly about turn and take out the bodyguard and Jesus. Once both are dead,
    run like hell back to the entrance of the club and into the car park to 
    complete the mission.
    Mission Complete!
                                    Francis McReary
    Francis McReary is the Deputy Police Commissioner who wants Niko to help him
    take care of some business in exchange for him not revealing Niko's past to   
    the whole world. His first mission can be found at the end of the pier in
    Castle Gardens so proceed there when you're ready.
    <Call and Collect> [CAC]
    Tasks to Do:      Locate the Blackmailer
                      Rub him out
                      Lose the cops
                      Give the USB stick to Francis
    It seems somebody is blackmailing Francis and he wants Niko to put a stop to it
    by getting rid of him. Head over to the spot marked on your radar to get a call
    from Francis who tells you the Blackmailers number. The idea is to call him and
    then see who answers their phone on the water front below. Before you do this
    however, nip down the stairs and stand by the hot dog stand so that you're
    facing the benches. Now call the blackmailer and you'll see one person stood by
    one of the benches answer their phone. This is your man. Quickly chase him down
    and cap him before he gets away. When he's down, grab the USB pen he dropped
    containing the photographs.
    Unfortunatley this attracts a two star wanted level so proceed back up to 
    street level, grab a car and drive like hell out of the surrounding area. Nip
    down the nearby alleyways to shake the heat quickly. Now simply go to the way
    point marked on your radar and give the USB pen to Francis to complete the
    Mission Complete!
    Shortly after completing this mission Francis calls and invites you down to the
    police station. He says it might be nice for Niko to enter it as an honest
    citizen for once. Head on over to the F icon when you're ready to activate the
    first part of another two part mission.
    <Final Interview 1> [FI1]
    Tasks to Do:      Go to a tw@ internet cafe
                      Log onto a computer and visit "Ligner and Schyster" website 
                      Send in your CV to them via the "careers" section
                      Exit the cafe
    This isn't a mission per se but is more preparation for the next mission. Tom
    Goldberg, a lawyer at the "Ligner and Schyster" law firm has some files on
    McReary that Francis wants disposed of. The plan is for Niko to kill him and
    then take the files to Francis.
    From where the cut scene ends, grab a vehicle and get over to a tw@ internet
    cafe. The nearest is in North Holland but it doesn't matter which one and log
    onto a computer. Scroll the home page for the advert for "Ligner and Schyster"
    and click it to go to their homepage. Click on careers and then upload your CV
    to them. Once that's done their number will automatically be added to your
    phone book so log off and exit the cafe.
    Mission Complete!
    Well wasn't that hard? Now you need to wait for the firm to call you back to
    arrange an interview time. You will need to look the part so head to Perseus
    and buy a nice suit and black shoes (no loafers) to kill time.
    NOTE: Around this time Mallorie will call you. Ignore her call as it triggers
    a mission which you don't have time to do yet. We will get to it in due course
    however. Exactly when she calls appears to be random but whenever she does,
    ignore her for the time being. 
    Once you have a suit and smart shoes there is nothing to do but wait for a 
    call from the lawyers. When they have arranged an interview time you will have
    some time to kill. I would reccomend taking some friends out and raising your
    status with them while you wait. When the time comes, grab a cab and head on
    over to the law firm marked on your radar to trigger part 2 of this mission.
    <Final Interview 2> [FI2]
    Tasks to Do:      Enter the lawyer's building
                      Follow the lady on reception to Goldberg's office
                      Kill Goldberg and grab the files
                      Lose the heat and get the files to McReary
    NOTE: Before commencing this mission be sure to have full health, armour and
    some weapons including a knife.
    The interview and Niko's best shot at Goldberg has arrived. Walk up the front
    steps and to the intercom. If you're correctly attired the lady on reception
    will buzz you through. If it won't let you in and you can't see why it won't
    it is usually your shoes that are unsuitable.In this case, nip back to Perseus
    and be sure to buy a pair of plan black shoes. Nothing fancy. Now return to
    the lawyer's firm to continue with the mission.
    Once inside, don't draw a gun and follow the lady to Goldberg's office. Once
    inside the interview will start. After a brief dialogue you get control again
    so equip your knife and whack Goldberg then collect the files. The first
    time I did this nobody came into the office. If this happens then simply walk
    out with the files. However, the second time I did it the lady from reception
    came in and saw Goldberg dead. Should this happen, shoot the glass out of the
    window and jump out of it to the street below. You will now have a two star
    wanted level so grab the nearest car and drive away and lose the heat. Once
    they're gone, follow the yellow GPS route to McReary and give him the files to
    complete the mission.
    Mission Complete!
    <Holland Nights> [HN]
    Tasks to Do:      Head on over to the Projects in East Holland
                      Fight your way through Clarence's men and eliminate Clarence
                      Lose the Heat
    Seems like Mcreary has another "bad guy" for you to wipe out. This one is 
    located in the apartment block at East Holland. Before going to deal with him
    though make sure you have plenty of assault rifle/heavy weapon ammo and full
    health and armour. Now follow the yellow GPS marker over to the projects in
    East Holland where Francis will give you a brief tutorial of the projects. The
    layout isn't that complicated but it is useful as it shows you where the gang
    members are based. NOTE: At this point you can bypass the following gun fight
    and kill Clarence from outside the projects. Follow the wire fence past the
    low wall and then the playground equipment. Quickly equip your snifer rifle
    and shoot Clarence in the window facing you. This method has only worked once
    for me and I find the proper way easier as not only do you need to be lightning
    fast on the trigger but also a cracking good shot. You only get one chance at
    it before he sees you and runs off.
    Assuming you didn't bother with this harder method and want to see Clarence beg
    for his life, here is how to do it the other way. Enter the yard
    and put your weapons away. You won't need them before you get to the higher
    floors and the gang members outside will attack you if they see them. When you
    get to the door leading inside the block a gang member will block your path.
    Quickly blow him away and take cover on the inside of the door as this will
    trigger some reprisal from surrounding gang members. Once the opposition has
    been eliminated outside proceed to the stairs leading upstairs. Proceed 
    cautiously up the first flight and blow away the gang members there. Now 
    proceed up the stairs, blowing away gang members and making sure to get the
    first aid kits dotted next to the staircases on two of the floors until you
    come to the outside area and you see Clarence leg it to the roof. Follow him,
    blasting the goons and you will come to the roof where Clarence finally has
    nowhere else to run.
    Time to make another decision. Kill or spare Clarence. Check out the
    appropriate section for more details. Regardless of whether you kill him or not
    you now have a two star wanted level so it's time to go. Leg it back down the
    stairs to ground level and grab a car. Drive around the block and down some
    alleys to lose the heat and complete the mission.
    Mission Complete!
    <Lure> [LRE]
    Tasks to Do:      Grab the sniper rifle from the car in Hatton Gardens
                      Proceed to the roof of the building opposite the dealers pad
                      Shoot the dealer
    It seems Clarence lived long enough to cause one more headache for Francis. One
    of his goons is about to rat on Francis to the feds and must be dealt with. For
    once, having full health and armour is not essential as this isn't much of a
    fight. Grab a car and ehad on over to Hatton Gardens where Francis has left a
    sniper rifle in the trunk of a Feltzer for you. Grab it and then drive over to
    the building marked on your radar which is opposite the dealer's apartment. 
    Ascend the stairs to the roof and assume a position whereby you have the guy's
    front window clearly in your sights. Now you are supposed to zoom in at the 
    phone to find out his number. This is tricky however as the type isn't too big
    or clear. So, whip out your phone and dial 545-555-0122 to get the dealer to 
    his window. Now simply take out your sniper rifle again and put a bullet in his
    head. Now exit the apartment block and return to street level.
    Mission Complete!
    NOTE: This completes our business with Francis for a bit. We can now turn our
    attention to the other ? icon on your radar.
                                         UL Paper
    As Niko adequatley puts it "the feds have got me by the balls!" which means he
    must do a couple of favours for his ex girlfriend and her boss in order to 
    keep his ass out of jail. The first of these missions can be found in mid-town
    Algonquin so head there and step into the yellow marker.
    <Wrong is Right> [WIR]
    Tasks to Do:      Go to Minhov's house and find out where his meeting is
                      Go to where the meeting is
                      Chase and kill Minhov
    This mission contains one of the coolest car chase yet, in my opinion and also
    provides great practice for driving like a maniac through oncoming traffic
    without screwing your car up too much.
    When the mission begins, grab a car and head on over to Minhov's house marked
    on your radar. Upon entering, the place is empty and your contact suggests you
    read his emails. Enter the living room and press L1 to use his laptop. Click
    web and then emails to bring up his email inbox. Click on the one with the
    subject "Meet Me" to find out where the meeting is going to be. Now exit the
    house. Be warned that Minhov's car is fast so be sure to jack a sports car or
    other vehicle that can go very fast. There is usually a sports car nearby or
    driving past so you should be fine. Don't for the love of god get a taxi! When
    you are driving some suitably hot wheels, drive on over to the meeting place at
    which point Minhov, seeing Niko pull up, speeds off. Let's Go! Speed off after
    Minhov. Focus on keeping up with him, a time for shooting him will come in a 
    minute. He takes a very winding route down alleys and across junctions and so
    on but it's not too difficult to keep up, provided you take it easy around the
    corners and don't spin too much. After a while he will go down an alley and
    knock over some beams that block your path. Do a u-turn and commence chasing
    again. Now begin bombarding him with Micro-SMG fire and be sure to keep on his
    tail. After a little firing he will either blow up (in which case you're done)
    or get out and run off as his car catches fire. If this happens, simply floor 
    it and squish him. Either way:
    Mission Passed!
    NOTE: Now stock up on armour, health, grenades and sniper rifle rounds.
    <Portrait of a Killer> [POK]
    Tasks to Do:      Nab a cop car
                      Upload the photo to the police database to find your man
                      Proceed to his location and eliminate both him and his men
    After the cutscene, wait fora few seconds and you will recieve a text which
    contains a photograph of the guy you need to take out. Now nab yourself a cop
    car by either jacking one as it passes by or dialling 911 and waiting for one 
    to come to you. Either way, speed down the street to lose the heat (!) and then
    pull over. Press L1 to access the police computer and select search databse and
    then search by photo. Upload the photo you just got into the database to bring
    up the profile of Adam Dimayev so press X to plot a course on your radar. Drive
    over to his hidout and park on the other side of the street, next to the low 
    wall. Get out and jump over the wall to use it as cover. Look at the building
    opposite and you will see the goons are on three levels with Dimayev on the
    third level. From your safe perch, pick off as many as you can with your
    sniper rifle and then lob a couple of grenades into the compound to get rid of
    a few more that you can't quite see from here. Once you have eliminated all you
    can, draw another weapon and proceed into the compund and climb upto the first
    level and then upto the third. Be wary of foes who are hidden behind containers
    and such like because these won't have been accessible from your earlier
    position. Hopefully though the sniper rifle and grenades did the trick and 
    wiped out the majority of them. Once at the third level, approach Dimayev and
    put a bullet in him to complete this mission.
    Mission Complete!
    We have now done with UL Paper for a little while. Remember that phone call 
    from Mallorie I told you to ignore back in "Final Interview?" Well now is the
    time to answer it so when she calls again (which she will) answer it to learn
    that Roman has got himself kidnapped by the Russians and needs his hide saving
    yet again.
    It could be argued that this mission is for Roman since thats who it is about.
    But, Mallorie is the one that phones you and its her call that activates the
    mission so I figured it'd be better to put it under her rather than Roman.
    <Hostile Negotiation> [HN]
    Tasks to Do:      Fight your way through the warehouse to Roman
                      Kill the Russian holding him hostage
                      Drive Roman Home
    This mission is triggered automatically when you answer Mallorie's phonecall.
    The reason I reccomend leaving it till now is that you have got more experience
    with massive gunfights having completed missions such as "Deconstruction for
    Beginners" and "Portrait of a Killer" and thus are better equipped for the 
    mammoth gun fight that will shortly ensue.
    Before going to the destination indicated on your map, visit the local gun shop
    and stock up on armour, assault rifle ammo, grenades and SMG ammo. Also ensure
    you have full health. Now proceed to the warehouse where Roman is being held 
    and enter it to trigger a cutscene. During the cutscene it appears that Roman
    is being held upon the top floor and the other floors are crawling with 
    russians. One against 80. Bring it on!
    You start undercover of a low wall with the russians entirely unaware of your
    presence. Keep it that way for a moment. Crawl slowly to the other end of the
    wall (not the very end but near it so the russians on the stairs don't see you)
    and look at the stairs which have two cannister by them. These will explode if
    hit so take out your Micro-SMG and fire a bullet or two into them. The 
    explosion will take out the two by the stairs and a couple of others but, there
    are still many more to deal with and they now all know you're here. The best 
    way to do this is to clean out each floor systematically so that's what we're
    gonna do. Look right and you'll see two russians there so blow them away and
    now look up and take out the two firing at you from floor 2 just to make it a
    little easier. 
    Now look left and take out the two by the stairs (some times the
    explosion kills them, others it just knocks them flying so finish them off now
    if they aren't dead yet). When you're sure the ground area is clear, 
    sprint up the stairs and jump over the small ledge and use it as cover. Take 
    out the guy in front of you and then wheel around and shoot the two guys just 
    around the corner. Now, kill the guy to the left of your covering position and
    look forward. The are in front of you has alot of Russians hiding behind the
    pillars. Some will reveal themselves often as they start blasting away so shoot
    them when they appear but others are more intelligent than that and won't 
    actually come out until you get close enough. Lob a couple of grenades (it's
    a little far to throw but it is possible) to draw them out. If they aren't
    dead just blast them away as you proceed along the floor. Your sniper rifle is
    also pretty useful here but not essential.
    Proceed cautiously along this floor using the pillars and boxes as cover (there
    maybe a couple of Russians you didn't quite get) and proceed up the stairs.
    On this floor it's a similar situation whereby the Russians won't show 
    themselves directly so proceed with caution and work your way from pillar to
    pillar till you reach the stairs leading to floor 4. Tilt the camera up and
    slowly walk up the stairs till you see 4 men ontop of the wooden beam near the
    roof. Take them out first as they can do you mega damage if you're not careful
    and then go up onto the fourth floor. Sprint right and blast those who get in
    your way. Fight your way to the back room where Roman is being held.
    When you finally get there, there is one more Russian to deal with. The problem
    is he has Roman with a gun to his head and is going to kill him unless you
    quickly take him out. You have three shots to do it in or Roman dies. Aim the
    cross hair at the Russians head and fire to trigger a cutscene where Roman gets
    free and the two of you exit the back room. Roman says he wants to go home so
    grab the truck parked in the yard outside and drive Roman back to his apartment
    in Bohan to complete the missions. Phew!
    Mission Complete!
    NOTE: Shortly after this epic battle is over you will get a call from Roman who
    tells you that he's bought a new apartment (how the hell did he afford that? I
    thought he was skint!) and you will have acquired a new safehouse.
    Having completed "Undress to Kill" and "Photo Shoot" you will now get a call 
    from Playboy. He reminds you not to clean the streets when it involves screwing
    him over. Secondly he insists Niko comes to his apartment immediatley. 
                                            Playboy X
    [The Holland Play] [THP]
    Tasks to Do:      Go see Playboy
                      Talk to Dwayne
                      Choose: Playboy X or Dwayne
    After a lengthy cutscene you emerge back on the street outside Playboy's
    apartment having been told to take out Dwayne. Soon Dwayne will call and Niko
    is forced to choose between killing Playboy X or Dwayne. Check out the
    appropriate section for more details on the consequences of choosing either.
    Whoever you choose, proceed to their marker to take them out.
    If you choose Dwayne then head on over to his place and step into the yellow
    marker to enter his apartment and trigger a cutscene. After the confrontation,
    Dwayne flees to the kitchen and his goon blocks your path. He offers little
    resistance so pop a couple of bullets in him and then go into the kitchen and
    cap Dwayne.
    Mission Passed!
    <Playboy X>
    If you choose to kill Playboy X then make sure to have full health, armour and
    some grenades and Assault Rifle rounds. Then head on over to his apartment and
    enter it. When the confrontation scene ends you are outside the apartment with
    Playboy's goons firing at you. Keep using the door as cover and lob a few
    grenades into the room to get rid of most of them. Now enter and finish the
    goons off being careful of the one hiding behind the snooker table. Now run out
    onto the roof and chase Playboy. Keep chasing him from roof to roof and then 
    down the stairs to street level. Keep chasing him (ignore the patriot full of
    goons just fire at it and it will zoom off) until you corner Playboy in an 
    alley where he finds he is out of ammo. Now simply shoot him to end the mission
    or go one step further and use a pistol for a cinematic killing.
    Mission Passed!
    Your decision here does have some consequences later on and there is definetly
    a preferred option. Check out the appropriate section for more details however.
    We now have a "P" on the radar which represents a very exciting strand of 
    missions for Packie Mcreary whose brother Francis we all ready know. Let's
    go see him shall we....
                                      Packie McReary
    Packie's missions are without question some of the most fun missions in the
    entire game. I would highly reccomend having full health and armour before
    beginning any of his missions as you will take a hammering on one occasion or
    <Harbouring a Grudge> [HAG]
    Tasks to Do:      Get to the Docks in Algonquin
                      Climb with Packie upto the roof of the factory
                      Clear the area of Triads
                      Steal the van and take it to Ray's lockup
    Packie has learned of a shipment coming into the Algonquin docks which the
    Triads have loaded onto a van and are planning to make a handsome profit out
    of it. Naturally Packie feels this handsom profit should go to a worthier cause
    and he wants Niko's help. Grab a car and drive on over to the Algonquin Docks
    whilst enjoying the amusing conversation along the way. Once you're there 
    follow Packie as he climbs over the gates and onto the roof of the factory.
    From here you get a good look at the shipment coming in and Packie changes his
    mind and decides to steal the truck instead. The thing is the area is crawling
    with Triads so a little clean up operation is needed first. When you gain
    control equip a weapon and look down at where the ship came in. Take out the
    three triads there (one is on the far left and a little tricky to spot) and
    then the one on the far right. Now you can concentrate on the guys on the main
    floor. Go right a little so you can get a good shot at the main area and lob 
    about three grenades down there to thin the ranks a bit. Now take out a rifle
    and take out any triad you see making sure not to forget the two around the
    entrance to the warehouse at the back.
    Once all seems clear proceed down to the ground level with caution as there may
    be a couple left that you couldn't reach before. Take those out and head to the
    left side of the warehouse door and take cover here. Look into the right of the
    warehouse and you'll see two gunmen here. Cap them and then change to the other
    side of the door to see two more so cap them and then head into the warehouse.
    Ignore the truck for a second and head left to the office. Take out the triad
    here and grab the health if you need it from the wall near the desk. Now get 
    into the van and drive out of the warehouse a bit and wait for Packie to come
    join you. Follow the yellow GPS route and proceed to Ray's lockup. It is a 
    fairly straight forward drive over there but one Triad car will follow you so
    either let Packie shoot them or lob a couple of grenades out the window at
    them. If you do this though, make sure to get far enough away not to blow your
    truck up. Also, it is possible to simply lose them in the traffic so by all 
    means do this. Whichever way you do it, when you get to Ray's lockup drive in
    to successfully complete the mission.
    Mission Complete!
    <Waste Knot, Want Knots> [WWK]
    Tasks to Do:      Drive Packie and co. to Coney Island's waste depot
                      Fight through the mafia goons and get the cash
                      Escape with Packie by boat
    Another fun mission involving lots of action. This time, Packie and his boys
    are going to hit a waste disposal plant on Coney Island and steal the money
    being processed there by the Mafia. As with "Harbouring a Grudge" full health
    and armour is highly reccomended. From Packie's house get a 4 door car (there
    are plenty running up and down the street so simply jack one) and drive on
    over to the waste depot on Coney Island. It is quite a trek so nab a taxi if
    you happen to see one to half the travelling time. Once you get there Packie
    wishes the team good luck as they head into the plant so follow them in and 
    take cover behind the nearest object as the mafia offer some resistance to 
    being robbed. Commence firing and ducking behind cover and clear the area. 
    Grenades work well here just be sure not to hit Packie or his team as if one 
    dies it mission over. Proceed through the yard until you reach the warehouse
    door making sure to nab the first aid kit to the left if you need it. Once you
    get inside the warehouse duck down as more mafia goons start firing at you and
    Niko tells Packie he'll go get the money. Before proceeding upstairs however,
    look above you and nail the two goons up on the stairs while you're covered as
    the stairs off little cover and then proceed to the stairs, killing mafia
    goons as you go. On the stairs be careful of the goon just at the office door
    as he has a shotgun so blow him away and then enter the office. Nab the bag 
    containing the money and then head out the office. Sprint down the stairs and
    down to the back of the warehouse (the oppposite side to where you came in) and
    out the back doors to join Packie. Jump into the water and swim over to the 
    nearby boat. Once Packie is in the boat start her up and speed along the ocean
    and under the bridge to the safe point in Steinway. Once you arrive there, park
    up in the yellow arrow to successfully complete the mission.
    Mission Complete!
    NOTE: Soon after this Packie will call you and tell you get a nice suit and
    shoes for his next job.
    NOTE: Be sure to replenish all health, armour and weapons before going to start
    the mission.
    NOTE: This mission can only be done between 8 and 6.
    <Three Leaf Clover> [TLC]
    Packie says that they are headed for the Bank of Liberty so grab a four door 
    car (there is usually a taxi or similar vehicle coming down the road by 
    Packie's house. But do NOT, I repeat do NOT nick a cop car. You get enough 
    legal heat in this mission without adding to it.
    Upon arrival at the Bamk of Liberty, Packie runs through the plan one more time
    before all of you burst into the bank. The following cutscene shows the robbery
    not going quite to plan and Packie tells you to go get the money from the vault
    below. Proceed down the stairs and nab the money from inside the vault and 
    return to Packie. This is where the fun begins. For some reason NOOSE objects 
    to the Bank being robbed and have surrounded the place meaning you gotta fight
    your way out. Take cover behind the main doors and lob about three or four
    grenades at the police cars to the right which should clear a good enough path
    for you to run through and follow Packie into the next alley with the guys.
    In the alley some more cops come from behind so cap them and then concentrate
    on clearing the alley as Packie won't move till you do. Lob a grenade at the
    police cruiser at the end of the alley which should hopefully knock down the
    cops waiting for you there. Now take out your Assault Rifle and blast the cops
    on the right of the alley (watch out for the one hiding in the alcove near
    Packie) and then proceed when Packie moves out.
    That grenade you threw should have taken out a couple of the cops here but 
    there are still enough here to cause you some problems. A couple of grenades
    will attend to them so once they're gone follow Packie and co. out of the alley
    and down the road. NOTE: It is not necessary to take out the cops on the road
    here just keep up with Packie and don't worry about them. After a little
    while a police helicopter joins the fray and Packie legs it down to the 
    underground. Follow him keeping your assault rifle out as there are a good many
    cops waiting for you down here. Watch out for the ones hiding just around the
    corner on the stairs and use free aim to take them out quickly. In the main
    area of the subway (with the ticket barriers) about 8 cops wait for you. I
    don't reccomend using grenades here as the likelihood of you hitting Packie or
    one of the others in the confusion is high so stick to either your assault
    rifle or shotgun and use the ticket barriers as useful cover. Follow Packie
    and co. down onto the tracks and stick to the middle as a train may come
    down the tracks side shortly. I reccomend taking a moment to blast the three 
    cops following you down the tracks but you can out run them. Climb off the 
    tracks when indicated and watch out for yet more NOOSE guys on the stairs.
    No doubt you're health will need replenishing so instead of heading straight to
    street level, head right and nab the first aid kit by the lockers. Now follow
    the stairs and you will come back upto street level. Sprint to the nearby car,
    get in and drive drive drive! You got a three star wanted level which is tricky
    but not impossible to lose. I highly reccomend a Pay N' Spray so set a way 
    point and drive down some back alleys to get to it without the cops seeing you
    and preventing it from working. When you finally shake the heat Packie laments
    the loss of Michael and asks you to take them all back to the McReary house so
    return to Packie's house to successfuly complete the mission.
    Mission Complete!
    We are now done with Packie's missions but we can now work for Ray who is based
    at the Italian Restaurant down in the centre of Algonquin. I reccomend getting
    full health and armour before you do however.
                                        Ray Boccino
    Ray is a slightly volatile boss to work for and, as you'll quickly see, is
    very easy to rattle. But he pays well and that's what counts eh?
    <A Long way to Fall> [AWF]
    Tasks to Do:      Head over to the apartment block
                      Find out from Alonzo where Teddy is 
                      Silence Alonzo
                      Fight your way up to Teddy
                      Chase him onto the roof 
                      Whack Teddy
    Some guy based in the apartment complex in Algonquin is giving Ray a hard time
    and needs to be dealt with. Grab a car/taxi and drive on over to the apartment
    complex. Our first target is a chap named Alonzo who Ray says knows where Teddy
    is. He can be found directly ahead of the yellow marker you just parked in. To
    be sure, consult the picture Ray just sent you but that's where he is usually.
    Talk to him and he says he has no idea who you mean so get your trusty bat and
    clarify who you're talking about. Suddenly Alonzo knows exactly who you mean 
    and says that he is probably in his apartment on the fourth floor of the 
    apartment block. Before he gets away plant a couple of bullets in him. This may
    seem random but by doing this you make sure he can't warn Teddy of your 
    approach which does make things slightly easier for you. Once inside the block,
    take out your assault rifle and enter the lifts. Unfortunatley they will only
    go up so far and you need to take the stairs the rest of the way. When the
    doors open two of Teddy's goons are there so hammer them before they get a 
    chance to draw their guns and then proceed down the corridor carefully as one
    more goon comes bursting out of the door on your left and another is waiting
    just around the corner. Take cover behind the wall and look down the corridor
    this guy was waiting on. There are at least three guys waiting for you at the
    other end so lob a few grenades down there to clear them out and then proceed
    with your assault rifle ready in case they didn't all go down as planned.
    Proceed carefully and go up the stairs backwards with your gun drawn. This will
    enable you to see the guy standing on the stairs before he sees you so cap him
    and the continue up the stairs making sure to blow the guy who leaps out at you
    away. When you reach the next doorway, take cover on the right and lob a couple
    of grenades down the hallway to dispose of the two goons waiting for you and
    then proceed down this hallway. If you're a little low on health at this point
    nip into the door on the right and grab the first aid kit there. At the far end
    of this corridor will be yet another goon so blast him and enter the next block
    of stairs (there's another first aid kit here too) and cap the guy near the
    bottom of the stairs. Now duck down and look up at the stairs. You'll see 
    another goon but this guy has a shotgun and will do some damage so blow him
    away before proceeding up the stairs. Don't enter the red door yet and go right
    to find another goon blast him and then return to the red door.
    Shoot the door to open it and then lob about three grenades inside the room
    before the door closes again as there are four guys waiting for you inside.
    Now enter the room and waste anyone still standing (there shouldn't be too many
    after three grenade blasts). Now proceed through this room and down the next
    hallway to the kitchen where there is another first-aid kit. Head out the
    kitchen to trigger a cinema where Teddy appears and runs off to the roof. 
    Follow him back to the stairs and cap the goon waiting for you on the second
    level. Proceed to the door to the roof and waste the guy waiting for you. Go
    through the door and along the roof to where Teddy finally has nowhere left to
    run to. Blast him to successfully complete the mission.
    Mission Complete!
    NOTE: At this point Packie calls and asks you to go see his brother Derrick who
    has fallen on hard times. Gerry McReary will also call and offer you work but
    we'll stick with Ray for the time being.
    <Taking in the Trash> [TIT]
    Tasks to Do:      Get to the garbage truck and meet up with Ray's boys
                      Get the first lot of diamonds
                      Get the second lots of diamomnds
                      Lose the attackers and get the stuff to the drop off point
    Time for a little diamond collection. Head down the street and around the 
    corner to meet up with two of Ray's guys who have a garbage truck for the
    occasion. Follow your yellow GPS marker to the first collection point and use
    X to open the truck. Now proceed to the second pick up point and wait for the
    diamonds to be loaded onto the truck. Time to head to the drop off point but
    we now got company. It seems the diamonds are sought after property so floor it
    and get to the drop off point as fast as you can. I know the truck isn't that
    fast but it can take a surprising amount of fire from the guns so just focus on
    getting to the drop off point. Once you're there, park the truck in the yellow
    marker to complete the mission.
    Mission Complete!
    <Meltdown> [MD
    Tasks to Do:      Head on over to Castle Gardens when Luca is
                      Chase Luca til he crashes
                      Gun down his backup
                      Find the stall he's in and blast Luca
                      Meet Ray on the bridge in the park and give him the diamonds
    It seems that Luca has decided to take the ice for himself. Naturally Ray wants
    Niko to go point out to Luca that this is not acceptable and to teach him a 
    lesson. Having full health and armour does help for this mission also some
    Assault Rifle or Micro-SMG ammo. When you're ready proceed to the meeting in
    Castle Gardens where Niko confronts Luca. Rather than make it easy for you and
    hand over the ice now Luca hares off up the road making a chase necessary.
    Fortunatley for Niko there just happens to be a banshee parked nearby which he
    has no hesitation in borrowing. The chase is on. Luca will drive like a crazy
    son of a bitch to try and lose you but keep on his tail. Remember he has the
    diamonds so don't try and blow his car up. He will also zip through oncoming
    traffic and the banshee is very easy to either flip or spin so take it easy 
    round the corners.
    After a shortwhile he will turn into the park and promptly crash. 
    Now it's time to get him so equip a suitable weapon and note the red
    dots that just appeared which are a combination of Lucas' guys and other gangs
    wanting their piece of the action. Gun them all down using the trees for cover
    and then follow Lucas into the mens toilets where he hides in one of the stalls
    and locks the door. Look at each of the doors and shoot all of them who have a
    red bar on them. In one of these is Luca who makes one last plea for his life
    which Niko is deaf to. Blast him then collect the diamonds. Niko then calls Ray
    and tells him to come meet on the bridge in the park if he wants the diamonds
    back so proceed through the park and on to the bridge to wrap up the mission.
    Mission Complete!
    NOTE: Before beginning the next mission head on over to the local gun shop and
    get full armour, the maximum amount of assault rifle ammo, some grenades and
    also some Micro-SMG ammo.
    <Museum Piece> [MP]
    Tasks to Do:      Fight your way to the stairs
                      Clear out the ground floor 
                      Exit the museum
                      Dispose of the pursuing black cars
                      Lose the Heat
    Having obtained the diamonds Ray wants you to take them to the museum where a
    deal will be taking place. You will be working with Johnny again (remember the
    last deal with him?) so chances are all won't be going to plan. Before heading
    to the museum pop over to the local gun shop and stock up on armour, grenades
    and any heavy weapons you can afford (preferably an assault rifle but any will 
    do). Now head on over to the museum marked on your radar and step into the 
    yellow marker to begin the mission. After the cutscene (during which everything
    does indeed go to pot) you are thrust into the middle of a fire fight. Equip
    your assault rifle and swivel left. Take out the guy across the balcony and if
    you can get the one a little further along the same balcony do but its not an
    easy shot. Now swivel back to your starting position and toss a few grenades
    down the corridor. These may not kill the guys here but it will blow them out
    of their hiding places which leaves you free to clean up with your assault
    When all seems clear along the first section, proceed carefully along
    to near the end of the corridor. By this I mean so you can clearly see the end
    but not actually be there as a couple more guys are waiting for you there. Take
    cover and then lob a couple of grenades to clear them out. Now proceed along to
    the stairs and take cover behind the left side. Toss a couple of grenades down
    at the desk on the ground floor to eliminate a couple of guys there then get to
    the desk and grab the armour there if you need it. Take cover behind the desk 
    and proceed to blast any further enemies you see (note that it is not necessary
    to kill all of them but it does make things easier). Once you have got rid of
    most of the enemies here run across the hallway (make sure to kill the guy 
    hiding in the alcove to the left of the door) and through the door. Quickly
    take out the guy hiding behindd the boxes here and continue through to the 
    front of the museum. Instead of going outside directly, hide behind the door on
    its left side, shoot it to make it spring open and toss a couple of grenades at
    the row of parked cars. This should set them all off and blow at least 3 of 
    them up. 
    Take out your assault rifle and proceed outside where you will be
    greeted by yet more goons so take them out and take cover behind one of the car
    wrecks. Take out your sniper rifle and look left at the alley right across the
    street and you will see a black car with a couple of goons in it. Aim at the
    driver and take him out. The passenger will then get out so quickly pop him to
    trigger the police arrival and another black car with goons. Get out your 
    assault rifle and unload some bullets into it and it will explode. Next, grab a
    car and get the hell out of there. You now have a two star wanted level so 
    start zooming down some back roads and alleys to lose it. Once the heat is off
    you're done!
    Mission Complete!
    After the mission, Niko will call Ray and tell him that Johnny made off with 
    the ice. He is less than impressed. Before going to see him again, make sure 
    you have full health, armour and alot of ammo for weapons you can do drive-bys
    with (I used a Micro-SMG but any will do). Now head on back to his place and
    step into the yellow marker.
    <No Way on the Subway> [NWS]
    Tasks to Do:      Find the Lost Biker Gang 
                      Follow them through the city and down onto the subway tracks
                      Eliminate them!
    Ray is less than happy with the Lost Biker Gang and wants you to go teach them
    a lesson. Grab a car and head on over to their hide out. Upon arrival they all
    grab their bikes and take off so quickly grab the spare bike and give chase.
    Concentrate on following them and they will shortly enter the subway. Follow
    them and do a u-turn and follow them down the tracks. Now take out your weapon
    and start blasting the one nearest to you and he will go down relatively 
    quickly. Unfortuantley, you can't kill the other one yet so keep following him
    down the tracks. Watch out for two subway trains along the way. One on the 
    right and then a second a little further on. Keep on his tail and he will 
    eventually head left so follow him onto the walkway and keep the speed up to
    clear the ramp. Once you land commence blasting and, after a couple of hits he
    will fall off his bike so simply run him over to successfully complete the
    Mission Complete!
    After the next mission you get a call from Ray who reports he has some good 
    news. He has found who you're looking for which triggers the next mission.
    <Weekend at Florians> [WAF]
    Tasks to Do:      Go pick up Roman
                      Go find Talbot
                      Follow Talbot's directions to Florian's place
    Niko will call Roman who insists on accompanying his cousin so grab a four door
    car (you'll need one in a minute anyway) and go pick up Roman. Now follow the
    GPS signal over to where Talbot is located. Stop in the marker and watch the
    scene during which Niko will "persuade" Talbot to come with them. Wait for him
    to get into the car and follow Talbot's directions. At first he doesn't seem 
    too certain but, after a bit he will get you there. When you arrive, park in
    the marker to activate the cutscene.
    After the mission, Ray has one last job for you but we'll leave that one for a
    moment and turn our attention to the "G" icon on your radar. This represents
    Gerry McReary, Packie's brother who you will have met during the course of 
    Packie's missions. 
                                      Gerry McReary
    He can be found around the back of the McReary's house in Meadows Park. Like
    Packie, Gerry offers work which pays well but can be challenging on occasions.
    Having shown a certain mistrust of Niko to begin with, Gerry slowly becomes 
    more impressed with Niko's work and offers him more.
    <Actions Speak Louder than Words> [ALW]
    Tasks to Do:      Grab the bomb from an alley off Anchon Avenue
                      Plant it on Ancelloti's car
                      Follow him to the meeting in the Northwood factory
                      Detonate the bomb
                      Clean up!
    Gerry has someone he needs taking care of and Niko seems to be the man for the
    job. He wants him to go plant a bomb underneath the guy's car, follow him to
    his hideout and activate it. As I said before, make sure to have enough ammo/
    health/armour for this mission.
    The first part is pretty straight forward. Follow the yellow GPS route over to
    the alley and pick up the bomb. After the phone conversation during which Gerry
    tells you to "make sure no-one walks away" follow the blue GPS route to Tony's
    car and plant the bomb using L1. Now grab a car and park it in the nearby 
    yellow marker and watch the cutscene. After it's over, let Tony get a safe
    distance away from you and begin following him. It's easier to spook him than 
    you'd think so be sure to stay about two car lengths behind him. Keep on his 
    tail and he will lead you to the factory in Northwood where the meeting is 
    going on. Follow your GPS to the activation point and then get out. Get a safe
    distance away and then phone Gerry who will activate the bomb and cause some
    fireworks. Now take out your sniper rifle and take care of any survivors from a
    nice, safe vantage point. Alternatively, just hop down and start blasting 
    anything that moves with an assault rifle. Either works!
    Mission Complete!
    Having completed "Actions Speak Louder than Words" you unlock a number of
    random characters (including Ivan if you spared him) so check out the 
    appropriate section for those. Packie will also call you and ask you to pop in
    on Derek, his brother, who has fallen on some hard times. For now though, let's
    return to Gerry as he has some more work for us.
    NOTE: Be sure to stock up on Mirco-SMG ammo and armour for this mission.
    <I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle> [INY]
    Tasks to Do:      Find Frankie using the motorcycle
                      Chase down and kill Frankie
    Gerry is keen to stir up some more bad blood between the Ancellotis and 
    Albanians but is under too much surveillance to do this himself. He wants Niko
    to pose as an Albanian and take out Frankie who is a long time member of the
    From the McReary house, head down the road and grab the motorbike (the blue dot
    on your radar) and follow the GPS route to the meeting on Star Junciton. Park
    in the yellow marker and watch the cut scene during which Frankie takes off.
    Get after him and make sure to  stay on his tail. Whenever you get a chance to
    shoot at him take it as they are few and far between so pepper him with bullets
    when you can. After a short time, he will head straight up Frankfort which is a
    perfect time so commence blasting. After a good few shots like this he will go
    down so simply run him over with your motorcycle to finish the mission.
    Mission Completed!
    This concludes business for Gerry McReary (for now). It is now time to go check
    on Dereck McReary. He can be found in Acter Park in Alderney so, after stocking
    up on grenades and shotgun ammo as well as armour, head on over there and step
    into the yellow marker.
                                      Dereck McReary
    As Packie all ready mention, Dereck has fallen on some tough times and is hold
    up in Alder Park. Like Niko, it seems he is haunted by his past mistakes and
    needs help removing them.
    <Smackdown> [SD]
    Tasks to Do:      Get a police cruiser
                      Locate Bucky's whereabouts on the police computer
                      Drive on over to him
                      Chase him back to his hideout and wipe out him and his gang
    One of his past associates, Bucky Slingo, is causing Dereck some problems and, 
    like most people in Liberty City, the ideal way to rectify this is to remove
    When the mission starts your first objective is to obtain a police cruiser. If
    one happens to be driving past then jack it. An easier thing to do is to simply
    call 911 and ask for the police and a cruiser will come right to you. Jack it
    then drive a couple of hundred metres round the block to lose the one star 
    wanted level. 
    Now pull over and press L1 to activate the police computer. Click
    "SEARCH DATABASE" and then "SEARCH BY NAME" and type in Bucky's name. Once you
    have his location marked on your radar, drive on over there. On the way, Dereck
    suggests a new course of action. Turn up in your police cruiser and Bucky will
    run back to his gang so that you can take them all out. Pull up outside the
    Burger Shot and reverse into the marker so that you're in the right position 
    for the chase that's about to ensue. After the short cinema, hare after Bucky
    and be sure to keep on his tail as he takes a somewhat random route through 
    back alleys and through fences. Don't shoot him yet as he needs to lead you to
    his gang first. After a short, yet wild, chase he will stop outside his hideout
    in Caribo Avenue. Do not pull into the driveway, instead park by the wall 
    opposite the house and use it as cover. Bucky's gang now appear as red dots on
    your radar. Some are inside but most are inside so pick off those that you can
    with a few shotgun rounds and then proceed over the road and take cover on the
    left side of the door. Shoot the door to open it and then toss a few grenades
    into the house to clear the room of gangsters. Be sure to toss them far into 
    the room to avoid getting hit by the blast yourself. After three have been 
    tossed in, proceed inside and take out any survivors (use the nearby furniture
    as cover). Bucky is now upstairs but be warned, he does have a shotgun which 
    can do alot of damage. So, equip your shotgun and hide behind the wall of the
    stair case. Toss a grenade up there to blast Bucky off his feet then quickly
    run up and blast him with your shotgun before he has a chance to get up and 
    fire back.
    Now you have got rid of Bucky and his gang but it isn't over yet as all this
    shooting has attracted some legal attention. Two stars to be exact. Run out
    the house (don't shoot any cops, it just makes it worse) and grab the nearest
    vehicle (probably a police cruiser) and drive like a bat out of hell out of 
    there. There is a pay n' spray nearby but if you're in a police cruiser they
    won't spray it so drive down a few alleys and side roads to lose the heat.
    Mission Complete!
    Shortly after completing this mission, you get a call from Brucie who says his
    friend Stevie will be in touch with some cars he wants collecting. More 
    importantly, Ray gets in touch and says he's got a new apartment for you and
    Roman in Alderney!
    Welcome to Alderney! The most prosperous town in the whole of Liberty City and
    flooded with good business opportunities. As Dereck is still open for business,
    we'll carry on with him for a bit.
    NOTE: Be sure to stock up on Mirco-SMG or other suitable drive-by weapon ammo
    and armour before starting this mission.
    <Babysitting> [BB]
    Tasks to Do:      Get to Kim's boat and follow it
                      Get rid of the attackers
                      Blow the enemy helicopter away
                      Get Kim to his destination safely
    Players of Vice City will remember a mission for Diaz where you had to get the
    drugs back to him before the enemy wiped you out. This mission is kind of 
    similar to that. From your starting point, drive out to open waters where Kim
    is waiting in his boat. When he sets off, follow him and make sure to stay 
    close by him. After a short while, some enemy boats will appear so, whilst
    making sure not to lose Kim, start blasting them (automatic targetting makes 
    this easier) and make sure they don't take out Kim or his boat. Shortly, an
    enemy helicopter appears but fortunatley, Dereck has a rocket launcher on the
    boat and tells you to blow the chopper away. Stand on the deck and aim the
    rocket launcher at the chopper and fire at it. If you're having trouble hitting
    it, aim a little way off the chopper so that it flies into the path of the 
    rocket. Either way, once it blows up finish off the remaining enemy boats and 
    then simply drive with Kim to his destination to successfully complete the 
    Mission Complete!
    NOTE: Before activating the next mission be sure to get full health, armour and
    some heavy weaponry (something like an assault rifle will do the trick).
    <Tunnel of Death> [TOD]
    Tasks to Do:      Collect the truck from Applewhite Street
                      Get to the Booth Tunnel and block it using the truck
                      Take out the police escort
                      Lose the Heat
                      Collect the escape car and drive to the cliffs
                      Take out Aiden
    This mission is fun! Make sure you have all the above items and then enter the
    yellow marker. After cutscene, follow the yellow GPS route over to the truck in
    Applewhite Street and drive it to the Booth Tunnel. Park the truck across both
    yellow markers to trigger a cutscene during which the police blockade is
    stopped by your van and a gunfight ensues. There are a couple of points to bear
    in mind during this gun fight:
    i  Don't use rockets - Though it would be easier to blow the police to hell and
                           back, don't. Not only is Packie among the police but
                           also there is a high risk of blowing Aiden up as well
                           which triggers a mission failure.
    ii Use wrecks        - There are a lot of cops to face in this mission (not as
                           many as in "Three LeaF Clover" but alot nevertheless. A 
                           tunnel provides few opportunities for cover but the 
                           wrecks of destroyed vehicles are very useful for this 
    Once all the police have been taken care of, get into the secuity van with 
    Aiden in the back and wait for Packie to join you. You now have a wanted level
    (somewhat unsurprising after all that shooting) so floor it and barge through
    the blockade and out the other side of the tunnel. If you're quick this will be
    sufficient to lose the cops, if not just do a few corners and floor it down a
    side road or two. Once the heat has been lost you need to get all three of you
    to the escape car. Follow the yellow GPS signal to the parking lot in Port 
    Tudor and drive you, Packie and Aiden to the cliff edge. Upon arrival, a cut
    scene ensues and you finally get to kill Aiden. Put a bullet in his head to
    successfully complete the mission.
    Mission Complete!
    This concludes business with Dereck McReary. Remember Florian from "Weekend at
    Florians" well he now has some work for you so head over to the "BC" icon to
    begin his first mission.
                                     Bernie Crane aka Florian
    Since meeting Florian during "Weekend at Florians", Niko acquires him as a
    business contact. The campest thing since tents and one of the least enjoyable
    bosses of the game has some work for you so head over to his place and step 
    into the yellow marker to begin his first mission.
    <Hating the Haters> [HTH]
    Tasks to Do:      Follow Bernie as he jogs through Middle Park
                      Rub out the homophobe who attacks him
                      Drive Bernie back home
    Fairly straight forward this one. Grab a car and drive Bernie over to Middle
    Park where he wants to go for a jog. Follow him as he jogs through the park but
    not too close (he will tell you if you're too close in which case just let him
    get a little way ahead of you and then start jogging after him again) until he
    reaches a bridge where he is attacked by a homophobe. Quickly, sprint after 
    Bernie's attacker and hop on the second moped to begin the chase. When you can,
    pelt him with gun fire and he will eventually drop. There is a chance that this
    will attract a one star wanted level. If this happens then simply zoom off 
    quickly to lose the heat. Now return to Bernie and drive him back home.
    Mission Passed!
    NOTE: Be sure to get some armour and full health before starting this mission.
    I imagine you'll have plenty of ammo by now but if not get some of that as well
    for any weapon apart from a pistol.
    <Union Drive> [UD]
    Tasks to Do:      Drive Bernie to the Russian messengers 
                      Chase and kill the messengers
    This mission is quite a simple one in terms of what you have to do but a pain
    in the ass in terms of doing it. Grab a fast car (there is a sports car parked
    just down the road) and drive on over to the meeting point. Pretty soon all 
    does not go to plan and a car chase ensues. Get back to your car and floor it
    after them. The idea is to shoot them whilst driving but that is hard as they
    break every road safety reg in the manual and even send other cars careering
    into you so the first priority is staying on their tail. The trick is to stay
    far enough away so that you can see what is coming but not so far away that you
    lose them. After a period of wild chasing they will crash which present the 
    perfect opportunity for you to go in there and clean up with whatever heavy
    weaponry you have. Do so. After all are dead, Bernie wants to go home so take
    him back to his apartment to successfully complete the mission.
    Mission Complete!
    NOTE: Dimitri now rings and offers Niko a cut of some profits of some business
    he has going down. Naturally, Niko being Niko, he tells him exactly what he 
    can do with it.
    Brucie has no more work for the moment so let us now turn our attention to Ray
    and his last mission. Be sure to have full health/armour, some grenades and
    assault rifle ammo before you start.
                                          Ray Boccino
    <Late Checkout> [LC]
    Tasks to Do:      Get to the penthouse of the Majestic Hotel
                      Kill Isaac, his bodyguards and anyone else who gets in the 
                      Escape the Hotel
                      Lose the Heat
    There are two ways to do this particular mission. The fun way or the easy way.
    Let's assume you are a daring individual and love a good gun fight.
    |              |
    | The Fun Way  |
    From Ray's hideout, follow your GPS to the Majestic hotel and enter the hotel
    to trigger a cutscene. Aftet that's done, get in the elevator and be ready for
    a gunfight when the doors open. When you arrive on the 30th floor, immediatley
    get out of the elevator and take cover behind the wall to the right. Equip some
    grenades and lob them around the corner to knock down most of the guards and 
    kill a few. Now take out your assault rifle and use free aim to eliminate those
    closest to you and then auto-aim to dispose of the others posted along the 
    corridor. Proceed with caution in case any are left and get to the stairs. 
    Climb up the stairs to the next floor where two of the three required targets 
    are holed up. Lob some grenades into the room and then enter blasting anything
    that moves. The target in question is located in the kitchen located in the 
    back of the room so carefully approach the door, take cover and lob two 
    grenades in. One down, two to go! Turn around and go up the stairs to the 
    bedroom where Isaac is with his girl. Gun them both down and then proceed up
    the stairs to the roof. Don't go right to the top however, just far enough so
    that you can see the roof. At the back is a red gas cannister. Get out either a
    sniper rifle or assault rifle and blast it. The explosion will send the guards
    on the roof flying and also eliminate the final target. If, as occasionaly
    happens the target only gets knocked over then simply pump a few rifle rounds
    into him.
    Now all the targets are eliminated you need to escape the hotel and lose the
    heat. The easiest way of escaping is the cleaning lift. On the roof near the 
    water cannisters is a cleaning lift. Press L1 to get onto it and then use L3
    to ride it down to the ground. Now grab a car and zoom out of there to lose 
    your two star wanted level.
    Mission Complete!
    However, some people prefer to do things the easy way with minimum hassle. If
    this is the way you like to do things then here is the easy way:
    |          |
    | Easy Way |
    Grab a car and head for the Majestic Hotel and inside to trigger the cutscene.
    Instead of going up in the lift, exit the hotel and go round the back to find
    the cleaning lift. Ride this upto the roof and blow the guards waiting for
    you to hell using the red gas cannisters. Now go into the penthouse and lob a
    couple of grenades down the stairs to get rid of any waiting guards. Proceed
    into the kitchen and kill both guards and diamond dealer number 1. Now go up
    the stairs into the bedroom and waste Isaac. Now use the cleaning lift to go
    down to street level and speed out of there to lose the heat.
    Mission Complete!
    Whichever way you choose to do it, the mission concludes business dealings with
    Ray. After completing this mission you will get a text message from Ray asking
    you to meet him and Phil Bell down at Phil's truck depot in Normandy. Shortly
    following this you will get a call from Bernie asking you to go meet him at
    Pier 45. As Bernie is the easiest to do we'll attend to him first so grab some
    Assault Rifle ammo and armour before heading to the "BC" icon on your radar 
    that has appeared once more.
    <Buoys Ahoy> [BA]
    Bernie wants to have some "fun" and suggest a picnic. Given that a) this is 
    GTA  and b) Niko Bellic you can safely assume that it will be anything but fun.
    Bernie has a boat for the occasion so get into it and drive out to Bernie's 
    chosen spot. When you get there, a cutscene will start during which Dimitri's
    men show up. When you regain control, speed after them. Be warned, this boat
    handles like crap and is very easy to either tip or crash both of which result
    in mission failure. As is common in chases, concentrate on keeping up with your
    targets and a chance to wipe them out will present itself. Besides which it is
    hard to get close enough to shoot them because their boat can go considerably
    faster than yours. After a little while, they will abandon their boat and 
    proceed on foot. Follow them and use the trees for cover whilst annihiliating
    them. Once they're all down, return to Bernie to successfully complete the 
    Mission Complete!
    Shortly after completing "Buoys Ahoy", Bernie will get in touch again and say
    that him and Bryce have a present for you to collect as a thankyou for your 
    help. This triggers the following mission:
    <Bryce's Infernus> [BI]
    Grab a car and head on over to the parking lot behind Bernie's apartment 
    (marked as a "BC" icon on your radar) and get in the Infernus parked here. Now
    simply drive this shiny new car over to any of your safehouses and park it in
    the yellow "RESERVED" parking space to successfully complete the mission.
    Mission Complete!
    We are now done with Bernie. You will now have recieved a phone call from 
    Francis who asks to see you urgently (assuming you have successfully completed
    "Lure", "Tunnel of Death" and "I need your clothes, your boots and your
    motorcycle" that is. Once all these have been complete, head on over to the
    "FM" icon on your radar to trigger this dramatic mission.
    <Blood Brothers> [BB]
    After the cutscene, Francis tells you to go to the roof of a building over 
    looking Meadows Park by using the cleaning lift. Head on over there and use
    the nearby cleaning lift to get to the roof. Get out your sniper rifle and 
    look down at the park to see Francis and Derek chatting. You must now choose 
    one McReary brother to wipe out. See the appropriate section for more details 
    on this choice.
    Once one has been wiped out, take the lift back down to street level and zoom
    out of the area. Once you are clear, the mission is successfully completed and
    Niko phones the surviving McReary brother.
    Mission Complete!
    NOTE: A new random character has been unlocked, if he is still alive that is.
    Check the "random characters" section for more details.
    A short while after (for me it was around 3 game hours which is roughly 3 
    minutes) you complete "Blood Brothers", Packie will call and ask you to attend
    the funeral of the McReary brother who has just died. So go grab a suit (you
    should have one from the "Final Interview" missions so go back to your safe
    house and put it on along with some black shoes which you should also have.
    Having done this, be sure to have some weapons as well as full health and 
    armour. Then proceed to the church over in Middle Park.
    Tasks to Do:      Drive to the funeral at the church in Algonquin
                      Wipe out the waves of attacking Albanians 
                      Drive Packie and the hearse to the cemetry
    When you arrive, park in the yellow marker and watch the service unfold. 
    Afterwards, the friends and family all congregate outside for a chat. All seems
    to be going swimmingly (given it's a funeral) when the Albanians drop by and
    start shooting in a bid to disrupt the funeral. Understandably, Packie is very
    annoyed at this and Niko is right behind him.
    By now you should have had alot of practice on gun fights so this one shouldn't
    be too tricky. Just keep using the cars as cover and keep knocking down the
    attacking Albanians. A neat trick is to nail the cars as they approach with
    an RPG which can be obtained from any of the gun shops. However, you may not
    have one yet in which case plain old firing with an Assault Rifle is just as
    effective. Once they're all down, Packie jumps into the hearse and urges Niko
    to follow him. So get in an proceed to the cemetry highlighted on your radar.
    At the beginning some more Albanians will attack and you will lose the back
    doors. When this happens, concentrate on taking it steady round the corners and
    not losing the hearse as this is a guaranteed mission failure. After a short
    while the Albanians give up and this gives you a steady drive to the cemetry.
    Mission Complete!
    After completing this mission, Gerry McReary opens for business once more. He
    is now on the inside however in the Penetentiary in Alderney.
                                       Gerry McReary
    <I'll Take Her 1> [IH1]
    Tasks to Do:      Head to any tw@ internet cafe
                      Obtain the info regarding the car
                      Arrange a test drive with Gracie
    As with the "Final Interview" mission, this one comes in two parts. After 
    visitting Gerry in the pen, Niko will automatically call Packie who explains 
    what Gerry was talking about. Grab a car and head on over to any tw@ internet
    cafe. Approach any vacant computer and press L1 to log on then click "WEB".
    Now scan this page and there should be an ad for "AUTO-EROTICA" so click on it
    and then click on "VIEW CARS". Scroll down a touch and you will see the car you
    want. It's a pink sports car so click on it for more information and Gracie's
    number will be added to your phonebook. Now log off the computer and exit the
    tw@ internet cafe.
    If it is between 8am and 9pm then call Gracie to arrange a time with her. If it
    is not then wait till it is and then do it (duh!). If you don't then Packie 
    will call and remind you to do so.
    Mission Complete!
    <I'll Take Her 2> [IH2]
    Tasks to Do:      Attend the meeting at Gracie's house
                      Take the Feltzer for a spin
                      Kidnap Gracie and deliver her to the designated safe house
    Grab a car/taxi and head on over to Gracie's house at the agreed time. She will
    be there waiting for you so get into the car and begin the test drive. Don't go
    apeshit with the driving, this has to look like a legitimate test drive. After
    a short while of following the designated GPS route, another one will appear
    which takes you to the kidnap location so do a u-turn and proceed to drive over
    there instead. After a short while, Niko will tell Gracie that this is actually
    a kidnap and she will start to freak out. This wouldn't be a problem but she
    will start to grab the steering wheel and cause the car to jerk all over the 
    road. As it's a sports car it is very easy to flip so be sure to ease off on 
    the gas when she does this to avoid destroying the car. It is also possible 
    that her screaming will attract some police attention. If this happens then
    ignore them (it won't be more than two stars) and zoom on to your kidnap
    location. Eventually Niko will knock her out so that makes things a tad easier.
    When you do get to the kidnap location, park inside the yellow marker to
    successfully complete the mission.
    Mission Complete!
    The next mission won't start right away. It takes a couple of game hours for
    Packie to phone you. When he does, proceed to the kidnap location highlighted
    on the radar to begin the next mission.
    <Ransom> [RNS]
    Tasks to Do:      Go back to where Gracie is being held
                      Take a photo of her
                      Exit the building
    Once you're back at the apartment block, enter it and climb the stairs then go
    into the room to your right to find Gracie tied to a chair. Get Gracie to look
    up at you and then use the camera on your phone to take a picture of her. Now
    go back down the stairs and outside again.
    Mission Complete!
    <She's a Keeper]   [SAK]
    Tasks to Do:      Collect Gracie
                      Drive Gracie to the new safehouse
    Head back to the apartment block once again and collect Gracie. Remembering 
    what a pleasure she was to have in the car last time, Niko locks her in the
    trunk. This would be a good idea except this means that you need to avoid
    driving insanely which is easier said than done. When you begin, the GPS will
    plot a route for you. Ignore it for a moment however and head past the garages
    and down the dirt path leading off to the left. Go down the hill and then onto
    another path. Follow this path on to the freeway and then continue with the GPS
    route as normal. Doing this means that you avoid three enemy cars that would 
    have been waiting for you and ensures you have only two cars to deal with.
    NOTE: It is very easy to kill Gracie without knowing it in this mission. The
    trunk has no seat belts and any high speed turns/collisions will kill her and
    you won't know until the end. One way to tell is to listen out for her protests
    because, if she's still shouting then she's still ok.
    Once you get her to the new safehouse, park in the yellow marker. If you drove
    too wildly then Gracie will be dead but if you were easy enough on the gas then
    she will be her usual charming self.
    Mission Complete!
    NOTE: Before activating the next mission for Gerry, be sure to have full health
    full armour and plenty of grenades/other heavy weapons.
    <Diamonds are a Girl's best friend> [DGB]
    Tasks to Do:      Drive on over to the exchange on Charge Island
                      Fight your way through Bulgarin's men
                      Find the diamonds
                      Drive Packie back home
    Grab a car and drive Packie and Gracie on over to the exhange at the plant on
    Charge Island. It is a fairly long journey so get some sight seeing in while 
    you got the chance.  When you arrive, park in the yellow marker to trigger a
    cutscene where the exchange appears to be going swimmingly. All of a sudden, a
    face from Niko's past turns up and all hell breaks loose. Time for another gun
    From where you start off, lob a couple of grenades to dispose of the first lot
    of gunmen. Now look up at the upper walkway and take out as many of the gun men
    located up here as you can and then focus your fire on those on the ground. 
    Once the coast is clear, follow Packie up the ramp and onto the upper walkway
    (be sure to nab the armour on the ramp if you need it) where yet more russians
    await your arrival. Blast a couple of them and then look down to see more 
    arriving in cars. Lob a few grenades down at them to take them out and then
    continue along the walkway with Packie, blowing Russian heads off as you go. 
    Continue along the walkway and be prepared for a fresh wave of russians as you
    and Packie round the corner. I reccomend not using grenades to clear them as
    there is a chance you or Packie will get caught in the blast which might not
    kill you but it will kill Packie so best stick to assault rifles and such like.
    Once the area is clear, continue on to trigger a cutscene during which the
    diamonds make an unexpected escape from the plant. Chase down the last of 
    Bulgarin's thugs and then return to your car. Packie, thoroughly pissed off,
    asks you to take him home so follow the yellow GPS route back to Packie's house
    to successfully complete the mission.
    Mission Complete!
    This concludes business for Gerry. We can now turn our attention to Phil Bell
    who Ray asked you to meet some time ago. Get some sniper rifle/assault rifle
    ammo and head on over to the truck depot in Normandy marked by the "PB" on your
                                           Phil Bell
    Phil Bell owns the truck depot down in Normandy and provides some very fun and
    very rewarding missions. His first one is not too challenging so, after getting
    the above items, go and start it.
    <Truck Hustle> [TH]
    Tasks to Do:      Locate the truck and dispose of the guards
                      Jump onto the truck as it leaves
                      Climb to the front cab and knock out the driver
                      Deliver the truck to the house at Westdyke
    Grab a car and head over to where the truck is located. Upon arrival, you will
    notice that the truck is very heavily guarded. From where you begin, take out
    some grenades and lob a few over the wall at the guards there. This should take
    care of some of them then take out your sniper rifle and clean up the rest from
    your safe position. Now take out your Assault Rifle and be sure to wipe out any
    more survivors. Proceed with caution along the pathway and watch out for more
    guards from the alley on the right. As you approach the truck, it seems that 
    one last driver is trying to salvage the drugs shipment and Niko makes a 
    spectacular attempt to prevent this. Once you regain control you will be 
    hanging off the back of the truck so repeatedly tap the button indicated to 
    climb up onto the trucks roof. You must now climb along the roof and get to the
    cab at the front. This can be somewhat precarious since the driver is doing
    everything he can to get rid of you so proceed with caution. When he turns 
    sharply, make sure you turn the opposite way so that you don't fall off. When
    you reach the front of the cab, Niko offers a polite suggestion regarding the
    shipment before disposing of the last guard. The only thing that remains to be
    done now is driving the truck back to a safehouse in Beaverhead so follow your
    GPS route to the old mansion and park in the yellow marker.
    Mission Complete!
    Shortly after completing this mission, Phill will call and invite you to meet
    Jimmy Pegorino who is the head of the Pegorino Family. He has a mansion up in
    Alderney so make sure to have full health/armour and some assault rifle rounds.
    Now proceed to the  "J" icon on your radar.
                                       Jimmy Pegorino
    The Pegorino family is yet another family who is trying to be recognised as a
    major crime family but, despite Jummy's best efforts, is still seen as
    something of a joke. Nevertheless, Jimmy still maintains the persona of someone
    not to be messed with.
    <Pegorino's Pride> [PP]
    Tasks to Do:      Drive Jimmy and his men to the deal
                      Watch over the deal 
                      Fight your way to Jimmy
                      Pursue the Parvanos and retrieve the money
    Pegorino has a deal going down with the Parvanos and he wants you to provide
    some protection in case it kicks off.
    When the mission starts, enter Jimmy;s car and wait for him and his boys to 
    join you. Follow the yellow GPS route to the abandoned warehouse where the deal
    is going down whilst listening to the amusing banter between the family. "Would
    you do me a favour, just shoot yourself right now save me the trouble of doing 
    it!". Anyways, when you get there Jimmy gives you a piece then tells you to go
    get a good vantage point over the deal. Enter the building behind you and grab
    the shotgun from under the stairs (you may not need it now but every little bit
    helps right?) and then go up the stairs to the vantage point. Equip your sniper
    rifle and observe what is going on through its scope. Eventually, as deals 
    involving Niko usually do, the deal goes bad so start blasting Parvano heads 
    off left right and centre. There will be three more car loads arriving so snipe
    all you can and then exit the building and start knocking them down with your
    assault rifle. Your goal is the blue dot on your radar which represents a 
    wounded Jimmy who is slowly dying so make getting to him your priority. It is
    not necessary to wipe out all the Parvanos but kill just enough to get to Jimmy
    When you get to Jimmy, Niko helps him back to his car just in time to see a car
    of Parvanos making off with Jimmy's cash. Naturally, Jimmy gets even more angry
    at this and demands you get the money back. Floor it after them, peppering them
    with gun fire whenever you get the chance. After a short chase they will enter
    a parking lot and get out. Now simply zoom right at them and run them all over
    or get out and blast heads off if you're feeling particularly violent. Either 
    way, once the last Parvano goes down grab the money and get back to Jimmy's car
    where he is still seething about the deal. Now all that remains is to take
    Jimmy back home so follow the yellow GPS route back to his mansion to 
    successfully complete the mission.
    Mission Complete!
    Shortly after completing this mission, Jimmy will phone you and ask to see you
    again for some more work. Stock up on armour, grenades and shotgun rounds 
    before going back to his place.
    <Payback>      [PB]
    Tasks to Do:      Get to the diner where the Parvanos are
                      Follow them to the meeting place
                      Wipe them out
                      Lose the Heat
    Jimmy wants you to take revenge on the Pavanos for screwing him over in the
    Grab a car (there's two conveniently parked in the driveway most times) and 
    head on over to the diner where the Pavanos are. When they pull away, follow
    them and don't worry about being stealthy since they know you're there. There's
    also no need to start firing at them since you need them to lead you to the 
    rest of the gang first. After a somewhat random route down alleys, across roads
    and even through fences they will arrive at the Auto Erotica car dealership.
    Now is your chance. Take cover behind your car and proceed to lob grenades at
    the cars parked in the forecourt. The blasts caused will wipe out a large 
    number of them. Once all the cars have been blown up go in there with your 
    assault rifle and clean up the rest.
    Unsurprisingly, all this gunfire has attracted the attention of the law so you
    now need to lose the heat. Grab a car and zoom out of there down a few side
    roads and back streets to lose the heat and successfully complete the mission.
    Mission Complete!
    Shortly following this mission, UL Paper will get in touch and ask you to go 
    meet John Gravelli who runs the Gambetti family down at the Medical Centre in
    Schottler. Now though, let's go back to Phil and continue his missions. Be
    sure to stock up on assault rifle ammo and health/armour before doing so though
    and some other weapons wouldn't be a bad idea either.
                                          Phil Bell
    <Catch the Wave>      [CTW]
    Tasks to Do:      Drive the truck to the boatyard
                      Fight the Russians and drive off with the boats
                      Head to the drop off point and wipe out any pursuing Russians
    Grab a car and follow the yellow GPS route to the Ancellotis truck. Once you're
    there, enter it and drive it to the boatyard on Charge Island. Upon arrival, 
    Phil has a chat with one of the guards who gets suspicious and so Phil calms
    his suspicions by planting a bullet in his head. Show time! Floor the truck 
    into the warehouse and squash as many Russians as you can. Be warned, they are
    packing heat and the truck isn't that tough so don't be long doing this. Now
    get out and hide behind some boxes and lob a couple of grenades at the ones
    nearest to you. Once they're down, take out your assault rifle and join Phil in
    shooting anything that moves. There are alot but it shouldn't be too difficult
    as long as you take cover when they start hammering you with bullets. Once the
    warehouse floor is clear, head to the left side and grab the armour as chances
    are you'll need it. Now head out of the warehouse and blast the russians there
    to gain access to the two boats. Phil takes the one on the right so grab the 
    one on the left and follow Phil out into open waters. Your target safe point is
    a bridge just off Northwood Heights so keep on his tail. Before long, the 
    russians (who appear to dislike being ripped off) are back on your tail so send
    a few rounds their way, being sure not to lose Phil. Once all the attackers are
    down, escrot Phil to the drop off point and pull up at the dock side. Park up,
    disembark and then walk into the yellow marker to complete the mission.
    Mission Complete!
    <Trespass>      [TP]
    Tasks to Do:      Break into the Sprunk Factory
                      Fight your way to the top roof 
                      Take down Charlie's helicopter and Charlie
    Grab a car and follow the yelow GPS route to the Sprunk Factory near Port Tudor
    where "Chubby Charlie" is currently hanging out. When you arrive, you have two
    options. Either enter the front door or sneak in the back way (I love the way
    Phil describes this method!) and either way will work. I would highly reccomend
    using the latter method as you can be the russians won't be laying out the 
    welcome mat for you. Enter the dark tunnel on the right and hug the left wall.
    Near the entrance will be a hole just big enough to get through so go through
    and then take cover behind the wall on the left side. Look into the room and 
    you will see some russians talking on the upper balcony. Lob some grenades at
    them to trigger the gun fight and blow three of them to kingdom come. Now
    change to the right and, if you can, take out some more. If not then simply
    enter the room and blast them from there. Go slowly up the ramp and lob a 
    grenade onto the floor above to wipe out the goon who is hiding just behind the
    ramp, then get onto the next floor and gun down the russians as they come at 
    you. As you approach Charlie he will run so chase him up the collapsed ceiling
    and onto the next floor where more cronies lie in wait for you. Take them down
    using an assault rifle and grenades and proceed into the back room. Charlie
    boasts that the chopper will still take the message to the Commissioner and 
    runs off. 
    Before following him, take out the goons in this room and then take cover 
    behind one of the window frames and look down onto the roof tops below. You 
    will notice that several more goons are waiting for you. Most you have to get
    down there to take out but there are a few that can be wiped out from up here.
    Take out some grenades and throw them at the roof tops below to wipe out some 
    of the goons. Now jump down and take out the goons hiding behind the boxes. Now
    head to the right and climb upto the look out post and equip either a sniper 
    rifle or assault rifle. From here, you have a good overview of the goons below
    so take out as many as you can from this relatively safe post. Once you've
    thinned their ranks a bit, head back down and past the boxes the goons were
    hiding behind and across to the next section of roof tops. Take out the men
    waiting for you here and then (watch it as there are some above you on the
    smoke stacks) and then follow the walkway around to a ladder. Climb up the 
    ladder and blast the russians along here. A good tactic is to throw grenades up
    onto the roof before you climb the ladder which will reduce the number of men
    waiting for you. Once they're gone, equip your assault rifle or rocket launcher
    if you have one and climb up the second ladder to see Charlie taking off. Fire
    a rocket at the chopper or nail it with assault rifle rounds and it will go 
    down. Ignore the men firing at you and just focus on the chopper. Once that is
    down you are done!
    Mission Complete!
    NOTE: Before beginning the next mission grab some health, armour, alot of
    Assault Rifle rounds and some rockets if you can afford them.
    <To Live and Die in Alderney>      [TLA]
    Tasks to Do:      Drive you and Phil over to the old mansion
                      Follow Phil as he speeds away from the Feds
                      Fight the Feds and get to the getaway truck
                      Lose the heat and get Phil home
    NOTE: Frankie is expendable, Phil and the stuff ain't!
    During the following shoot out with the Feds, Frankie can die but neither Phil
    or the stuff can be lost so be sure to keep an eye on both.
    From your starting point, grab a vehicle and follow the yellow GPS route back 
    to the old mansion where the stuff is being kept. Upon arrival, everything goes
    pear shaped as the Feds arrive and all hell breaks loose. When the scene ends,
    zoom out of the garage, through the Feds and after Phil. At this stage, your
    main priority is staying on Phil's tale as neither you or Frankie knows where 
    he's going so ignore the Feds for now and follow your colleague. After a while,
    he will lead you through a warehouse (watch out for the forklift!) at which
    point he will phone you and tell you that he is ditching the car as the Feds
    are all over the three of you. Follow him into the alley and equip your Assault
    Rifle. Blast your way through the police blocking the alleyway and watch out
    for the NOOSE boys who show up in their armoured van. Once these are down you
    are told to get to the escape van. Before doing that however, get out your
    rocket launcher and take down the police helicopter that is tracking you. This
    make losing your wanted level a little easier. Get in the escape van and drive
    like a bat out of hell out of the car park and lose that wanted level! Once the
    heat if off you, it is a simple matter of driving Phill (and Frankie if he's
    still alive) back to Phil's safehouse on Mill Street. Once you arrive there,
    park inside the yellow marker to successfully complete the mission.
    Mission Complete!
    NOTE: After completing "To Live and Die in Alderney", we have done with Phil.
    The "J" icon has once again appeared on the radar however so grab a car and
    head on over to Jimmy Pegorino's mansion to continue business with him.
    <Flatline>      [FL]
    Tasks to Do:      Get to the Medical Centre
                      Grab the surgeon's outfit
                      Take out Antony
                      Escape the hospital and lose the heat
    Grab a car and head over to the Medical Centre where Antony is currently in
    intensive care. Make sure you are completely disarmed before entering the
    hospital or you will attract attention. Follow the signs to the ER department
    and enter the locker room opposite the desk where the Dr. and Nurse are 
    chatting to change into some surgeon's clothes. Now head down the corridor and
    follow it round to where Antony is currently being kept under observation. 
    Enter his room and wait till the guard leaves. When the coast is clear, 
    approach his life support machine and turn it off to end his miserable life. 
    Now leg it out of the room, back down the hall and out of the hospital. Don't
    hang around as the police can and will do you some serious damage if give the
    chance. Once you're out of the hospital, grab a car and get the hell out of 
    there to lose the heat and successfully complete the mission.
    Mission Complete!
    Following "Flatline", you get another call from Jimmy Pegorino telling you to
    get back to his place for a "war council".
    NOTE: Before beginning this mission I highly reccomend some armour, assault
    rifle ammo and rockets.
    <Pest Control>      [PC]
    Tasks to Do:      Await Jimmy's phone call
                      Get to where Ray and his convoy are parked
                      Follow them and take them all out
    After the cutscene, grab a car and drive around for a moment or two. After a 
    short while, Jimmy will call and tell you he wants Ray rubbed out. Follow the
    yellow GPS route to where Ray and his convoy are parked and wait for them to
    move off. Follow them but don't fire, Ray's boys are packing alot of heat and
    can wipe you out very quickly. After a short time they will pull into a gas
    station. Quickly, get out and fire about three rockets into the gas pumps. The
    resulting explosion will wipe out Ray and his boys in one fell swoop.
    Mission Complete!
    Completing "Pest Control" concludes business with Pegorino for a little while.
    Remember that guy UL Paper told you to go see? Well now is the time for it so,
    after stocking up on armour and weapons, head over to the "G" icon on your 
    radar to begin Gravelli's first mission.
    The aging mafia boss and head of the Gambetti family is having treatment at the
    Medical Centre in Schottler. Despite his frail condition, he still commands a
    huge amount of respect from his friends and family.
    <Entourage>      [ENT]
    Tasks to Do:      Pick up Bobby Jefferson from Grand Easton Terminal
                      Drive in the entourage
                      Kill all the ambushers
                      Lose or kill the pursuing ambushers
                      Get Jefferson to City Hall
    Grab a car and follow the yellow GPS route over to Grand Easton Terminal where
    Jefferson is waiting. Upon arrival, approach the guard and he will tell you to
    stay with the convoy as they escort Jefferson to City Hall. Enter the
    highlighted car and follow the convoy. Pretty soon the convoy finds itself
    ambushed and it is up to you to teach the ambushers a lesson or two. Get out of
    your car and start taking out the ambushers. Watch out for the ones posted on 
    the roof on the left (I find a couple of well placed grenades take care of them
    nicely) and be sure to use cover whenever you can as there are quite alot of 
    them. Once they have been eliminated, grab a car and wait for Jefferson to get
    in before setting off for City Hall once more. Within seconds however the 
    ambushers are back on your tail. Now, you could just shoot them all but is much
    easier to lose them. From your starting point, head south and do a hard right
    onto Emerald. Now accelerate full speed down Emerald and you should lose them.
    If not then simply carry on at full speed, doing a few more sharp turns until 
    you lose them. Having got rid of the attackers, it is now a simple case of
    driving Jefferson to City Hall so follow the yellow GPS signal and park in the
    yellow marker.
    Mission Complete!
    <Dining Out>      [DO]
    Tasks to Do:      Head on over to Mr. Fuk's Rice Box
                      Destroy all the cars around the back
                      Enter the restaurant and fight your way upstairs
                      Make the manager tell you where Kim is
                      Kill Kim!
    Gravelli has heard of some counterfeit cash arriving in Liberty City and he 
    wants Niko to take out the cause of this outrage. It seems that Kim (remember
    him?) is the mastermind of this operation and is currently at Mr Fuk's rice
    Grab a car and follow the yellow GPS route over to Mr. Fuks. Before entering,
    head around the back and destroy all the cars/bikes in the car park. The reason
    for this will become apparent shortly. Now enter the restaurant and Niko will
    ask the waiter where Kim is with all his usual tact and diplomacy. Head right
    and climb the stairs where a number of Kim's associates are standing guard.
    Wipe them out, using the walls and alcoves for cover and enter the door to the
    manager's office at the top of the stairs. Aim your gun at the manager who will
    tell you that Kim has ran out through the kitchens. Grab the armour from his
    desk and pursue Kim through the kitchens and out the back door. As you blew up
    all the cars, Kim has no choice but to pursue on foot so chase him down and 
    shoot him to successfully complete the mission.
    Mission Complete!
    NOTE: Before beginning the next mission, be sure to have plenty of rockets,
    assault rifle ammo, grenades, armour and full health.
    <Liquidize the Assets>      [LTA]
    Tasks to Do:      Get to the Grocery Depot in Alderney City
                      Climb on to the roof and wipe out all the guards
                      Destroy all five vans
    Upon arrival at the Medical Centre, Niko finds Gravelli talking to his UL Paper
    contact. Both men are concerned that the Ancellotis new alliance with the 
    Russians is giving them too much influence within the city. Gravelli wants Niko
    to get rid of their means of shipping which are a series of vans parked at 
    their depot in Alderney City.
    Grab a car and follow the yellow GPS route to the Grocery Depot in Alderney
    City. The warehouse is very heavily guarded so a little stealth is is order 
    here. From the wire fence, head right and climb over the wooden fence. Head 
    around the path and climb on to the green dumpster and then on to the roof of
    the shed. From here, you can climb on to the lowest air duct and then up the
    remaining air ducts to the roof of a building overlooking the compound. When 
    you're at the top, take out the guard at the top to trigger the gun fight as 
    the whole compound turns its attention to you. Take out the guards on the roof
    top first and then position yourself so that you have a good view of the ground
    below. Using your sniper rifle, take out all the guards you can being wary of
    those coming up through the door behind you. Once all the ones you can see have
    been taken out, go around all for edges of the roof and make sure that none are
    still around hiding among the boxes/crates. If they are then take them out and
    then climb back down the ducts and into the compound (don't jump off the roof,
    it hurts!) and proceed to blow up all the vans with your rocket launcher.
    It is a good idea to do one final sweep of the compound before starting this as
    enemies you miss may try to drive the vans out of the compound which is a
    mission failure. Once all the vans have been destroyed, Niko will call Gravelli
    to report another job well done.
    Mission Complete!
    Following the successful completion of "Liquidize the Assets", Gravelli calls
    Niko to report that Darko Brevic has just flow into Liberty City. This phone 
    call triggers the mission where Niko finally finds that special someone he has
    been seeking since arriving in Liberty City. 
    <That Special Someone>
    Tasks to Do:      Pick up Roman from Firefly Island
                      Drive to Francis International Airport
                      Deal with Darko Brevic
    Niko calls Roman to report the news of Brevic's arrival and Roman refuses to 
    let Niko go there alone so Niko agrees to come pick him up. Grab a car and head
    on over to Roman's place on Firefly Island. Once he's in, follow the yellow
    GPS route over to the cargo area of Francis International Airport where Brevic
    has just arrived.
    Once you arrive, a long cut scene follows during which Niko confronts Darko 
    about what he did and he finally has him at his mercy. The choice is now yours.
    Either shoot Darko and kill him or simply walk away. See the appropriate 
    section for more details on this choice. Once you have chosen simply get back
    into your car and drive Roman back home to successfully complete the mission.
    Mission Complete!
    Completing "That Special Someone" means that the storyline now splits. Niko 
    will now get a call from Pegorino who asks to see him. Go see him and he gives
    you orders to do a deal with Dimitri from which Niko will profit greatly. It is
    now your choice whether you take the deal with your arch enemy or stick to your
    principals and do not take the deal. To take the deal, head for the $ icon. To
    refuse the deal, head to the cross shaped icon. The endings will differ
    depending on which ending you choose. I will cover both endings however, 
    starting with the "Deal" option.
                                       Finale - Deal
    If you choose to take the deal then head on over to the $ icon on your radar to
    trigger the first mission of the Deal finale. Before doing so however, be sure
    to be packing lots of heat.
    <If the Price is Right>      [IPR]
    Tasks to Do:      Pick up Phil and attend the meeting at Port Tudor
                      Go with Phil to the sky lights
                      Fight your way through the warehouse to the main office
                      Chase and kill the buyer and retrieve the money
                      Get back to Phil and return to Tudor
    Follow the $ icon to meet up with Phil Bell. Grab a car and follow the yellow
    GPS route over to Port Tudor where Dimitri is waiting with the stuff. Upon 
    arrival, Dimitri will hand over the heroine and the guard sends Niko and Phil
    into the compound to await word of the heroine's delivery.  Follow the path
    round a short way to the marker at which time Dimitri informs Niko that he has
    killed the buyer and intends to keep the heroine. Did you honestly think 
    anything else was going to happen? Phil takes the view that, as they're going
    to have to fight their way out anyway they might as well do it with the money.
    Follow Phil around the back of the warehouse and up onto the roof of the 
    warehouse where he stops by a skylight and shoots the glass through. Equip 
    your assault rifle, follow Phil through the hole and proceed to blast anything
    that moves. The first set of guys are up on the walkway so shoot them first and
    then drop some grenades down below and follow that up with some rifle fire to
    clear the floor below where several more are waiting. Proceed around all 
    corners of the walkway and make sure to kill all you can from up here. Now head
    down the stairs and clean up the middle walkway. Then descend to the main floor
    where yet more goons wait for you. Blast them and then descend to the lower 
    level where Phil leads the way to the main office where the money is.
    Keep close to Phil and nail any goons who attempt to block your way. Follow
    Phil and he will run upto the office door and shouts for some help getting in.
    Simply run upto him and he will smash down the office door. After the cutscene
    during which another goon runs off with the money, nab the first aid kit from
    the wall near the notice board and follow the thieving git downstairs. Gun down
    the final new goons and follow the money-grabber outside. Get into the van (the
    Sanchex makes things harder as its easy to fall off it in the approaching 
    chase) and take off after the van that the thief is getting away in. Chase
    the buyer, opening fire whenever you can and making sure not to get caught in
    the many obstacles that fall in your way as they will slow you down alot. Once
    the truck is on fire, the buyer will run off on foot so run him over and grab 
    the money.
    All this firing and action has probably attracted some legal attention so drive
    as quick as you can out of the nearby area and down some alleys and side roads
    to lose the heat. Now simply follow your yellow GPS route back to Tudor where
    you began the mission.
    Mission Complete!
    Following this, Niko calls Roman who is ecstatic about their new found riches.
    Niko also phones Kate who says she is disappointed with him and refuses to 
    attend the wedding with him.
    Now head back to your safehouse and put on a nice suit and black shoes. When
    it gets to a couple of hours before the wedding, Roman will text you which
    triggers the penultimate story mission of GTA IV.
    <Mr and Mrs. Bellic>      [MMB]
    Tasks to Do:      Get to the Church on Time
    This is a simple mission in terms of what you need to do but a highly dramatic
    one. Get a nice suit and shoes and then drive on over to the wedding at the 
    church in Algonquin. Watch the cutscene and the chilling aftermath of the 
    <A Revenger's Tragedy>      [ART]
    Before proceeding with the final story mission you will need to be packing 
    every kind of heat imaginable. Funds shouldn't be a problem now so spend spend
    spend and buy every weapon the gun shops posess. Taking down Dimitri and
    Pegorino is going to need some serious fire power so don't be stingy!
    Tasks to Do:      Meet up with Little Jacob 
                      Follow Pegorino's goons
                      Fight your way through the casino
                      Chase Dimitri's helicopter 
                      Kill Dimitri on Happiness Island
    After arming yourself with every weapon you can lay your hands on, grab a car
    and follow the GPS route to Little Jacob who is watching Pegorino's men. Enter
    his car and watch Pegorino's men speed off in an attempt to lose you and Jacob.
    Speed off after them and keep on their tail until they reach the old casino 
    where Niko and Jacob are met with a barrage of gun fire from Pegorino's men. 
    While Jacob goes off to find a means of escape, Niko goes after Pegorino and
    Dimitri. Move out from behind the car wreck and take cover behind the rubble 
    pile to the right where you have a better shot at the men firing at you. Launch
    some rockets into the cars which will take out most of then men and then use
    your assault rifle to mop up the remaining survivors. Be wary of two hiding in
    the ditch on the left just past the area and two who are posted up on the roof
    who can do some serious damage if you're not careful.
    Once the exterior is clear, it's time to clean up inside. Approach the front 
    door and shoot it once to get it to open. Toss a few grenades inside then go
    in yourself. Immediatley look left and take out the guy on the stairs. Now take
    out your sniper rifle and shoot the guy on the far end at the other staircase.
    Work your way through the warehouse systematically gunning down Russians until
    you get to the back room where Dimitri shows the utmost loyalty to Pegorino
    before taking off onto the back patio. Follow him up the stairs and toss a 
    couple of grenades through the door then gun down the remaining foes on the
    first section. Fight your way along the roof to the end and trigger a cutscene
    where Dimitri takes off in a helicopter. Swim over to the boat and floor it
    after Dimitri's helicopter. After a while chasing him by boat, Jacob turns up
    again in a helicopter. Quickly speed into the green marker to trigger a 
    cutscene and quickly press the button indicated to climb into the chopper.
    Ignore the on screen tip to stay low and keep above Dimitri to avoid the
    skyscrapers. There's no need to try and hit Dimitri as you can't kill him yet
    so continue chasing him until you reach Happiness Island where Jacob will nail
    him a couple of times with some rockets and Dimitri responds in kind. Both
    Helicopters crash on Happiness Island and Dimitri runs off on foot. Pursue
    the treacherous swine and nail him with Assault Rifle rounds until he drops.
    Congratulations! You have just completed GTA IV! Sit back, relax and watch the
    ending cinemas. You may have completed the story but there is a whole other
    bunch of side quests to do and there is also that great 100% to achieve.
                                      Finale - No Deal
    If you choose to go with your principals and take the moral high ground head on
    over to the cross shaped icon on your radar. This will activate the first 
    mission of the Revenge finale.
    <A Dish Served Cold>      [DSC]
    Tasks to Do:      Fight your way to the bridge
                      Open the cargo hold
                      Enter the cargo hold and kill Dimitri
    Dimitri is in the cargo hold which is currently locked and the controls are in
    the control room on the bridge. The Platypus is currently very heavily guarded
    however so thinning the russian ranks is advisable before proceeding. From
    where you begin, nail the two men standing talking by the gang plank as they
    will shoot you when you do eventually board the ship. Head right and climb the
    ladder by the "CAUTION: HARD HAT AREA" sign to get to a platform that gives you
    a good view of the ship below. Take out your sniper rifle and blast off any 
    Russian's head you can see and fire down a few rockets for good measure. Make
    sure you cover every area of the ship in order to kill as many as you can from
    this safe perch. Once all the russians you can see area dead, proceed up the
    gang plank of the Platypus. Head right and climb up the crates to find some
    spare body armour and grenades. Now head back to the gang plank and head left
    towards the big structure with the "NO SMOKING" notice on it. Approach the door
    and lob a few grenades through before entering and gunning down the goons in 
    Head up the stairs and throw a couple of grenades down the corridor to clear
    the Russians from here (gun down any survivors). Head into the bunk rooms
    for some rather useful items such as body armour, health and some spare ammo
    before proceeding through the other door in the corridor. Gun down the Russians
    and climb up two more sets of stairs to the control room. A couple more Russian
    mobsters are waiting in here for you so gun them down and then press the switch
    to open up the cargo holds. Exit this room and head back down to the main level
    beware of the  next set of russians that have appeared on the ship. When you
    reach the hole, throw about four grenades down the hole and then jump down and 
    take cover behind some crates. Look around the crates and you'll see some red
    cannisters. Shoot them. They will not only take out some enemies but save you
    the annoyance of having to redo the whole mission again because an enemy shot
    them and blew you up (like I had to do!). Fight your way through the cargo
    hold until you reach Dimitri and a confrontation sequence. After the scene is
    over, unload Assault Rifle rounds into Dimitri until he dies.
    Once the rat is dead, exit the cargo hold and get off the ship to successfully
    complete the mission.
    Mission Complete!
    Niko will now call Roman who is slightly disappointed but is too preoccupied
    with the wedding right now. He reminds you to get to the church on time next
    day wearing a nice suit and tie. Niko also calls Kate who is pleased with your
    decision and says she will go to Roman's wedding with you. Phil also gets in
    touch and says he udnerstands why you did what you did because he never trusted
    Dimitri either.
    Now head back to your safehouse and put on a nice suit and black shoes. When
    it gets to a couple of hours before the wedding, Roman will text you which
    triggers the penultimate story mission of GTA IV.
    <Mr and Mrs. Bellic>      [MMB]
    Tasks to Do:      Pick up Kate from the McReary house in Meadows Park
                      Drive both of you to the Church in Alderney
    Grab a car (why not take Bryce's Infernus and go there in style?) and follow
    your yellow GPS marker to the McReary household to pick up Kate. Now follow
    the GPS marker to the church in Alderney and park in the yellow marker to view
    Roman's wedding and the dramatic consequences.
    <Out of Comission>      [OOC]
    Tasks to Do:      Meet up with Jacob and Roman
                      Follow Pegorino's goons to Pegorino
                      Fight your way through the casino to Pegorino
                      Chase him through the roof
                      Grab the bike and follow him along the shore line
                      Follow Pegorino to Happiness Island in Jacob's chopper 
                      Kill Dimitri
    Seething about the unjust killing of Kate, Niko goes after Pegorino. Roman and
    Jacob insist on helping him and so the two of them go to stake out some of
    Pegorino's goons who they hope will lead them to Pegorino.
    When you gain control, go to the gun shop and buy every single gun you can lay
    your hands on. The ending battle is one hell of a fight and you will need to be
    packing every kind of heat imaginable. Once you are seriously tooled up, head
    on over to the alley marked on your radar where Roman is waiting with Little
    Jacob ready to help you take down "dis bumbaclot". Get into the car and wait
    for Pegorino's goons to drive off having noticed your tailing them. Follow them
    and don't fire at them as they need to be alive to lead you to Pegorino. After
    a wild chase along roads, through alleys and even down the wrong side of the 
    freeway, the goons veer of on to a dirt track to the left which comes out at
    an old casino. Unsurprisingly, Pegorino's goons aren't too happy to see you  
    and greet you with a barrage og gun fire which destroys your car. Niko says he
    is going after Pegorino while Roman and Jacob find an escape route. When you
    gain control, head right and take cover behind the mound of rubble. From here,
    fire a couple of rockets into the parked cars which should take down at least
    some of the goons. Step out from your cover and quickly take down the two men
    posted on the roof. Now use your assault rifle to clean up the remaining goons
    being careful to pick off the two hiding in the ditch to the left. Once the
    outside is clear, it's time to go in.
    Approach the door and Little Jacob will send you a text telling you to "watch
    the skies" for the escape plan. Take cover behind the door and shoot it to get
    it to open. Throw a couple of grenades inside then switch to the other side of
    the door and throw a couple more in. Now take out your assault rifle and start
    blasting heads off left and right. Look left and take out the guy on the stairs
    as he can do some damage if you're not careful. Also use your sniper rifle to
    take down the guy posted on the stairs at the far end of the warehouse. If you
    need it there is a first aid kit on the stairs to the left of the entrance 
    where that goon was. Work your way to the back of the warehouse and climb the
    stairs to trigger a cutscene with Pegorino where he runs off out the back door.
    Run after him and throw some grenades through the door to take down the goons
    waiting on the immediate patio. Now exit the casino and fight your way to 
    Pegorino. Be carful as there are few opportunities for cover out here and watch
    out for the car that comes zooming at you filled with yet more goons. Once you
    approach Pegorino at the docks he jumps into a boat with one more goon and 
    speeds off. Quickly, grab the bike and follow him along the coastline being
    careful not to fall off as that will cost you time. After a short while of
    chasing Little Jacob and Roman show up again in a helicopter. Zoom at the ramp
    and watch the spectacular jump Niko makes to grab onto the chopper. Quickly
    press the button indicated to climb up and take the wheel. Pegorino has a
    rocket launcher so I highly reccomend that you stay far enough away so that you
    can see the rockets before they hit you but not so far that you lose him. 
    Keeping high is also a good idea, that way you remain harder for him to hit.
    After a dramatic chase, both helicopters crash on Happiness Island. Take out
    your Assault Rifle and chase after Pegorino who runs off on foot. When you get
    the chance, empty some more rounds into him to finish him off.
    Congratulations, you have just completed Grand Theft Auto IV. Watch the ending
    cutscene and make sure to listen after the credits. It is not over yet though,
    there is a whole city out there waiting to be explored.
                                  Side Jobs/Miscellaneous           [MSC]
    Completion of the story missions is only the tip of the iceberg in GTA IV. 
    Long time players of GTA will know that there are typically lots of other side
    jobs/missions to do that all contribute to that sought after 100% completion
                                       Friends                      [FRM]
    A new feature in GTA IV is the friends aspect. After completing a certain 
    mission for a character, that character will become your friend. This means 
    that when you are not on a mission, you can call them and hang out with them.
    There are a whole range of activities ranging from drinking to bowling which
    differ depending on the friend. On the pause menu, you can view your 
    "friendship status" with each of your friends which is an indication of how 
    much they like you. Once this status reaches a certain point there are special
    services that that friend will do for you when you need their help. If a
    friend's status gets low enough though it will "drop off" and they will be
    increasingly harder to get hold of.
    <Roman Bellic>                                                   [RB]
    Biography:       Roman is the first friend you acquire and is something of a 
                     party animal. 
    Available:       Any time
    Activities:      Bowling, Darts, Drinking, Eat, Pool, Show and Strip Club
    Special Ability: When your friendship status with Roman reaches 60 he will call
                     you up and tell that, if you ever need a cab to call him and 
                     will send one out to you to save you paying a taxi fare every
                     time. NOTE: This feature is not available after completing 
                     "Roman's Sorrow".
    Dining Out:      Roman's favourite diner is any burger shot although, when you
                     get further on in the game (around the time you unlock 
                     Alderney, he prefers higher class restaurants.
    Night Spots:     As I said, Roman is something of a party animal and so he will
                     happily go to any bar or nightspot with you.
    Hanging out with Roman does not count towards 100% completion of the game. At
    15% he will "drop off".
    <Little Jacob>                                                   [LJ]
    Biography:       This friendly rasta becomes your friend after the completion
                     of "Shadow".
    Available:       1pm-4am
    Activities:      Darts, Drinking, Eating, Pool, Show & Strip Club
    Special Ability: When your friendship status with Jacob reaches 75% you can 
                     call him and he will drive out to you and offer weapons from
                     his boot at knock down prices. Cheaper than the gun retailers.
    Dining Out:      Any fast food restaurant but particularly Cluckin' Bell
    Night Spots:     Club Liberty at Northwood
    Hanging out with Little Jacob does count towards 100% completion and at 40% he
    will "drop off".
    <Brucie>                                                         [BRC]
    Biography:       The steroid pumping body builder becomes your friend after
                     completing "NO.1".
    Available:       7am - 1am
    Activities:      Boating, Bowling, Drinking, Eating, Show, Strip Club and 
    Special Ability: When your friendship status with Brucie reaches 75% you can 
                     call him up and he will pick you up in his helicopter and fly
                     you to certain locations around the city.
    Dining Out:      Any high class restaurant but certainly no fast food 
    Night Spots:     Any high class night clubs
    Hanging out with Brucie does count towards 100% completion and at 40% he will
    "drop off".
    <Packie McReary>                                                 [PMC]
    Biography:       The Irish tough guy becomes your friend after the completion
                     of "Three Leaf Clover".
    Available:       3pm to 6am
    Activities:      Bowling, Darts, Drinking, Pool, Show & Strip Club
    Special Ability: Once your friendship status with Packie reaches 75%, you can
                     phone him up and ask him to rig a car bomb up which you can
                     then use for destroying specific targets. Very useful during
                     chase missions.
    Dining Out:      Burger Shot, Pizza Stack or Pang 
    Night Spots:     Donnie's Bar is his favourite bar
    Hanging out with Packie does count towards 100% completion and at 30% he will
    drop off.
                                       Girlfriends                   [GFR]
    Players of San Andreas will remember the dating mini game that popped up every
    so often. Well, it's back but much improved. Before I get to the five 
    girls available for dating, here are a few handy tips on dating in general.
    1. Making Contact - To get a date with a girl you first need to meet her. Two
                        of the girls (Michelle and Kate) you will meet during the
                        course of the story but the other three (Carmen, Alex and
                        Kiki) can be located on love-meet.net after "Logging On".
                        Once Niko has met a girl, their number will appear in the
                        phone book. If it is within a girl's available hours (see
                        below) then you can call her and arrange a date. If she is
                        not available then you will get her answer phone in which
                        case try again later.
    2. Look Good      - Each girl has specific likes or dislikes with regard to how
                        Niko is dressed, what car he his driving and where he takes
                        them. For specifics, see each girl's bio but, as a rule,
                        they don't like a smashed up car, dirty clothes or strip
                        clubs. Wearing clean clothes and driving a nice motor is
                        half the battle when dating.
    3. Be Punctual!   - No girl likes being stood up so make sure to arrive on time
                        for a date. Once you have arranged a date, the girl will
                        appear on your radar as a blue dot. You now have 60 game
                        minutes to get over to her place to pick her up. If you're
                        late then she will cancel the date and your Like meter will
                        go down. After this you will need to wait 10 real minutes
                        before she'll try again.
    4. Initiative     - If Niko doesn't take the initiative and phone the girl 
                        after meeting her, she will phone him and ask him out so
                        make sure to get in there first.
    Of course, these tips are just general advice for all the girlfriends. If you
    want to really get somewhere with the girls you need to know what they like and
    dislike. For that purpose, here are five profiles for the girls detailing what
    to wear, what car to drive and even where to take them.
    <Michelle>                                                       [MCL]
    Biography: Michelle is the first girl you meet during the "Three's A Crowd"
               story mission. Your first date with her is also part of the story
               mission but after that it's upto you to arrange individual dates
               with her.
    Available: 6:00am to 11.00pm
    Cars     : Michelle is pretty easy to please when it comes to cars. She likes
               Roman's cab (available from Roman's taxi depot until 
               "Roman's Sorrow" as well as the Banshee, Blista, Merit and Voodoo.
               Never turn up in a Furto, Primo, Uranus, Solair or a Futo as these
               are her least favourite cars.
    Clothes  : Michelle is also pretty easy to please with clothes. She likes 
               Russian clothes (the store you visit during "Three's A Crowd") and
               any hats or glasses. She's not the sort that likes high class 
               clothes so don't buy anything from Perseus. Clothes from the Mod 
               store are also not a good choice.
    Food     : For eating there is pretty much no going wrong. She likes the diners
               and even doesn't mind a fast food outlet such as Cluckin'Bells. Be
               warned though that the more often you visit a particular place, the
               less she will like it in the future.
    Drink    : The Steinway Beer Garden is a definite favourite for Michelle, as is
               the Lucky Winkles bar. Places like Comrades Bar (where Vlad hung
               out) or Club Liberty are also wise choices.
    Activity : Darts and Pool are her favourites so take her there whenever you can
               (just remember to vary the locations) and Bowling is also a good one
               to pick. Never ever take her to a strip club though. If you're near
               either the Split Sides Comedy Club or Perestovika Cabaret Club then
               these are also good choices. Don't go to the same activity over and
               over again otherwise she will come to dislike the venue and refuse
               to go there.
                                        Carmen                      [CRM]
    After being introduced to the internet in "Logging On" you can access the
    website love-meet.com where you can arrange to date three girls. To do 
    this, simply click on their picture on love-meet and then click "ARRANGE A 
    DATE". Wait a bit (save at a safehouse) then check your email where there
    will be an email from the girl. Reply positively to arrange a date and time 
    for your date which will be added to your phone's organiser.
    Biography: Registered as "SoBoHoe" on love-meet.net, Carmen is open for dating
               following the "Out of the Closet" mission for Brucie. The advantage
               with Carmen is that she will give you more health when injured. Only
               if you keep her happy that is.
    Available: 1.00pm to G.00am
    Cars     : Carmen is a bit more particular than Michelle. A good car to arrive
               in is a Stallion or Dukes. An FXT is also a great choice if you can
               find one as they are quite rare. Avoid cars like Merits or Minivans
               though as she doesn't like them.
    Clothes  : Clothes from Modo clothes shop or Perseus are her favourites. 
               Russian stores are not reccomended neither are hats or glasses.
               As a general rule, if it's expensive it's good.
    Food     : Diner's or Pizza's This are among her favourites as are Cluckin' 
               Bells. I wouldn't reccomend taking her to Mr. Fuk's Rice Box or
               a burger shot.
    Drinking : Drinking is Carmen's favourite activity so you can't go wrong here.
               Pick a bar and she'll like it.
    Activity : Again, there is not much that you can go wrong with here. Darts and
               Pool are particular favourites as is bowling. She is also the only
               girlfriend who likes the strip clubs.
    Shows    : Either the Perestroika Cabaret Club or Split Sides comedy club will
               do but she does prefer comedy to cabaret so bear that in mind.
    After your progress with Alex reaches 60, her special ability is unlocked where
    she will regenerate your health when you're injured.
                                         Kiki                      [KKI]
    Biography: Registered as "LawChick" on love-meet.net, Kiki is open for dating
               following the "Out of the Closet" mission for Brucie. The advantage
               with Kiki is that she will get rid of three stars for you. Only
               if you keep her happy that is and do as this is a very useful thing
               to have.
    Available: 6.00am to 2.00am
    Cars     : Her favourite car is a Washington and this is a very good way to get
               the date off to a good start. On the other hand never show up in a
               Sabre GT or Turismo as she dislikes those.
    Clothes  : Wearing anything from Russian is a good thing as she likes those but
               never wear anything from Modo or Perseus. She does like glasses and
               hats though.
    Food     : As with Michelle there is really nothing much you can do wrong when
               taking Kiki out for dinner. Just keep it varied and don't go to one
               place too frequently.
    Drinking : Jerkov's or Club Liberty are the best venues for going drinking with
               Kiki as is Steinways. Don't go to Comrades alot though since she
               isn't too keen on that although once or twice is perfectly 
    Activity : Kiki is pretty easy to please on the activities front as well. Any
               available activity will do fine as long as it's not a strip club.
               Just remember to keep it varied.
    Shows    : Her favourite venue for a show is the Perestroika Cabaret Club in
               Broker. Split Sides is also all right but she seems to tire of that
               place quicker than the Cabaret Club.
                                         Alex                     [ALX]
    Biography: Registered as "Liberated Woman" on crap-list.net, Alex is open for 
               dating following the "Out of the Closet" mission for Brucie. The 
               advantage with Alex is that she will give you a 50% discount in all
               clothes stores for 24 hours after a successful date.
    Available: 6.00am to 2.00am
    Cars     : Alex's favourite car is the Huntley or Infernus. She is also quite 
               keen on the Stretch Limo (quite rare) but never show up in a 
               Dukes or Bobcat.
    Clothes  : Alex is extremely picky when it comes to clothes and will only like
               stuff from Perseus. Any other store is not good enough for her.
    Food     : The Superstar Cafe is one of her favourites along with the Pizza 
               This diner. She will go to a Cluckin' Bells or Burger Shot but only
               for a limitted number of times.
    Drinking : The two best places to take her drinking are the Steinway Beer 
               Garden or Lucky Winkles. Comrades Bar is fairly good but I wouldn't
               go there too often. There is actually no bar that you should avoid
               so take your pick!
    Activity : You can't go wrong with any activity with Alex (she even likes going
               to the strip clubs!) so any activity is fine as long as you keep it
    Shows    : Again, either the Cabaret Club or Splitting Sides is good as long as
               you keep it varied.
    Before I start I would just like to say this "THIS SECTION WILL CONTAIN 
    SPOILERS!". I just thought I'd make that one clear before beginning as alot of
    people may not want to know certain spoilers.
    Also new to GTA 4 is the ability to choose what happens at a particular time in
    the story. Depending on the choice, there may be big consequences later on in
    the game. There is no right or wrong choice but the following section will give
    details of all the choices to help you make up your mind.
    [Choice 1 - Roman or Michelle]
    After you make your first date with Michelle, Roman will call you when you're
    near Michelle's apartment and ask you to come down to the basketball courts to
    help him deal with three loan sharks who have cornered him.
    Decision to be Made : Choose to either help Roman or Date Michelle
    Consequences : As it's fairly on in the game this choice has no serious 
                   consequences. If you choose Michelle then, after "First Date"
                   Roman calls you from the hospital and is mighty cheesed off. You
                   then get to do the mission "Bleed Out" again. If you choose 
                   Roman then Michelle will text you and the date is re-arranged.
                   She will also ask why you didn't show up the first time on the
    My Thoughts :  As I said, this decision has no serious consequences so it makes
                   little difference which one you pick. Simply out of loyalty I
                   picked Roman but it really doesn't matter who you choose.
    [Choice 2 - Kill or Spare Ivan]
    Decision to Be Made: Kill or Spare Ivan in  "Ivan the Not So Terrible"
    Consequences : With Ivan hanging on by his fingertips you are presented with 
                   the first real choice of the game. Either one successfully 
                   completes the mission but letting Ivan live has a financial
                   advantage later on. Following the completion of Gerry McReary's
                   "Actions Speak Louder than Words", Ivan will reappear as a 
                   random character and will reward you for your kindess.
    My Thoughts  : Although he rewards you later, his encounter is not part of  
                   100% completion and funds won't be running low at that point
                   in the game so I killed him. However, if you want to take the
                   moral high ground and spare him then the money may also come in
    [Choice 3 - Kill or Spare Cherise]
    Decision to Be Made: Kill or spare Dwayne's ex-girlfriend Cherise
    Consequences : During Dwayne's "Ruff Rider" mission, you encounter Dwayne's
                   ex girlfriend Cherise who is hanging out with some biker dude.
                   Although it's the biker dude you want you do get a chance to 
                   kill Cherise before hunting him down. In this case, if you spare
                   her she will appear as a random character later on and is 
                   grateful for your mercy. If you kill her then it's not a huge
                   deal as she isn't part of 100% completion. 
    My thoughts:   If you kill her then it's not a huge deal as she isn't part of 
                   100% completion. Whichever you choose though be quick as all the
                   time you're dealing with Cherise, that biker dude is getting 
                   away and it's him you're really after!
    [Choice 4 - Kill or Spare Clarence]
    Decision to Be Made: Kill or spare Clarence during "Holland Nights"
    Consequences : During "Holland Nights" for Playboy X you get to choose to kill
                   or spare Clarence whom Playboy wants wiped out. If you spare him
                   then he comes back as a Random Character later on in the game 
                   and he ain't too please to see you.
    My Thoughts  : Clarence's Random Character isn't part of 100% completion and if
                   I tell you that you finish up killing him when you meet him 
                   again anyway this should be a help in deciding his fate.
    [Choice 5 -  Kill Dwayne or Playboy X]
    Decision to Be Made : Kill Dwayne Forbes or Playboy X
    Consequences : If you kill Playboy X then Dwayne will let you have his 
                   apartment as a thank you for not wiping him out. Also you will 
                   get 100 grand. If you kill Dwayne then Playboy will refuse to 
                   have anything more to do with you for whacking Dwayne (despite
                   the fact that he told you to!)
    My Thoughts  : As I said in the walkthrough for this mission, there is 
                   definitley a preferred choice here. Killing Playboy. Not only do
                   you get his apartment (which is very swanky) but also 100 grand,
                   the GTA 3 outfit in the wardrobe of that safehouse and also some
                   backup. If you're ever in need of backup in a firefight just 
                   call Dwayne up and he will send over three of his boys to help
                   you. Very useful! But, it's your choice so stick to what you 
                   wanna do.
    [Choice 6 - Kill Francis or Derek McReary]
    Decision to Be Made : Assasinate either Francis or Derek McReary from the roof
    Consequences : Killing Derek earns you Francis' thanks and also means you get
                   some dirt on him. Whenever you're trying to shake some heat, 
                   give him a buzz to remind him of this fact and he will take any
                   heat you may have off you. Killing Francis gains you Derek's 
                   respect and 50 grand.
    My Thoughts  : If you kill Francis then it does make the subsequent mission 
                   easier as it is a shorter drive to Francis' grave than it is to 
                   Dereks. Francis' grave than it is to Dereks. Furthermore, the 
                   McRearys seem to be less bothered about losing Francis than they
                   do Derek.
    [Choice 7 - Kill or Spare Bulgarin]
    Decision to be Made : Kill or Spare Bulgarin
    Consequences : The subsequent cutscene is different on the way home
    My Thoughts  : That "special someone" whom Niko has gone through hell to find 
                   is finally at his mercy in the cargo area of Francis 
                   International Airport. To me this choice seems like a no brainer
                   because I can't see Niko going to so much trouble to find this
                   man and then spare him. The choice is yours however.
    [Choice 8 - Deal or No Deal]
    Decision to be Made : Take the Deal or Get your Revenge
    Consequences : This is the most important decision in the game which is 
                   understandable given that it is the finale. Following Bulgarin's
                   fate, Pegorino tells Niko to go do a deal with Dimitri from 
                   which he will earn and earn well if only he can puts his 
                   principals and beliefs on the back burner. If you take the deal
                   then Roman will die on his wedding day and you and Little Jacob
                   will go after Dimitri together. If you take the revenge option 
                   then Kate will die and you, Roman and Little Jacob will go hunt
                   down Pegorino.
    My Thoughts  : The deal option definetly provides the harder finale to the game
                   as well as a bleaker ending to the story. However, taking the
                   revenge option provides just as much of a challenge and is just
                   as dramatic as a game finale. So the choice is really upto you.

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